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All characters in the story are 18+

This story is about a white girl that cheats on her boyfriend and gets pregnant by a BBC.

Cheryl is a 31-year-old white woman, and has been dating her white boyfriend, Mike, for 5 years. She’s a skinny, tall, blonde hipster type woman that looks way younger than her age. Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, pale white skin, and perky little 34 B cup tits with pink nipples. She always shaves her pussy, and when she’s turned on and wet, her puffy fat labia lips spread open and show off her pink tender flesh in her pussy, while her clit sticks out erect like a little button. She’s about 5’7, with a skinny, tone body at 125lbs. She has long, skinny, slender legs, and big sexy size 10 feet. Also, a plump, but perky pale white ass that has a slight jiggle when she walks.

When she was younger, she was a rebellious punk rocker chick. She’s always been more of a tomboy girl her whole life, but with a sexy body and cute, gorgeous face. And she started getting tattoos when she was 18. She has a tattoo of a fox on her right forearm, flowers on her right shoulder, her entire right side of her body has a tattoo of a pin up girl, a bird in a cage on her back, a cute little snail on her lower waist, and her favorite tattoo is a skull on the top of her right foot.

Her boyfriend Mike is 35 years old and is a short white guy. He is a rich doctor, but he’s also very gullible and naive, and Cheryl’s narcissistic side of her takes advantage of Mike. She’s lied to him about stuff a lot, like how many guys she’s slept with in her life, and she even cheated on him a few times years ago.

Her and Mike got in a fight and she had to go to work. Her co-worker John always flirted with her, and that night Cheryl told John that she didn’t care about Mike or their relationship anymore. That night after work, Cheryl followed John into his car and flirted with him until, with a smirk on her face, she leaned down in his seat and took his cock out of his pants. She sucked on John’s big cock for an hour, hearing her phone buzzing the whole time, knowing it was Mike trying to call her. She didn’t care at all, and sucked that big hard cock until John put his hand on her head, and held her mouth down on him while he blew his entire load into her mouth. He felt how she kept sucking his dick while he was nutting, and she swallowed all his cum and ate it. When he was finished, she just sat up, wiped some cum off her lips, and looked at her phone.

She texted her boyfriend, “Hey! Stuck in traffic. Be home in a bit!”

John looked at Cheryl and said, “Why are you still with that guy?”

Cheryl said, “Because he’s got money! And because he’s dumb and won’t even realize when I go home that I just ate some other guys cum tonight”

She went back to Mike’s apartment and just watched tv with him like nothing happened. He never found out about it.

Another time she cheated on Mike was when she was pissed off at him, and she wanted to mess around with John again after work. In the back of his car in the dark parking lot, Cheryl found out about John’s ass fetish. He told her exactly what he wanted to do to her, and she did it submissively and loved it. John had her in the backseat with her pants pulled down around her ankles, and had her face down and ass up. He got behind her, spread her perky tight ass cheeks, and went down and licked her entire ass crack with his tongue. He loved the musky scent of her sweaty asshole as he pressed his nose on her puckered up butthole and sniffed it so hard as he was jerking off his cock. ## this sexual attention and felt like such a dirty girl. She pressed her ass back on John’s face because she knew he liked it. That cheating episode with John ended with him licking her ass until he jacked onto her butthole. Cheryl knew all she had to do was pull her panties back up her legs, and Mike would never even find out what she did that night.

The biggest lie that Cheryl’s told Mike is how she doesn’t want to have any .. The truth is, just not with him. It has been a big fight between the couple in the past year. Mike really wants to have . and start a family with Cheryl. She always makes excuses like she doesn’t want to yet.

Cheryl’s boyfriends and hook ups in her life have only ever been white guys. She likes to be very submissive during sex, and has lets many guys use her hard in the past. Right after she turned 18, she went to a college party with her friend. She got really drunk, and this older guy at the party took her upstairs with him. She remembers losing her anal virginity that night as he fucked her in the ass. Then he laid her on her back, and she let him pull her head off the side of the bed, and fuck her mouth until he blew his load down her throat. But she is very turned on by race play fantasies that she keeps a secret to herself. When Mikes gone on trips for work, she will watch BLACKED RAW videos and masturbate. It brings out that rebellious girl in her, where she feels like it’s naughty, bad, and so risky to fuck a black guy like that. Just thinking about it when she masturbates turns her on, and she gets a sexual rush through her body thinking about having unprotected sex with a big black cock.

Cheryl was able to get a substitute teacher job for the very last day of the year at the local high school. One of the teachers was sick, so they called Cheryl and asked her to come in. She’s never done it before but was super excited to try it. That same Friday, Mike was leaving for a business trip, and was going to be gone for a few days. He was going to drop Cheryl off at the school in the morning, so he could go in and introduce himself and say hi to some of the teachers. Their apartment was right next to the school, so Cheryl could just walk home at the end of the day.

She wanted to look cute, but not too sexy at her job. She wore black skinny jeans that were tight on her long legs, and wrapped around her firm plump ass cheeks, showing off her big thigh gap between her legs. A white button up shirt to look professional, and black open toed high heels. Cheryl has always loved getting attention from men, and loves when guys stare at her feet when she wears her high heel shoes. That’s why she got her foot tattoo, to bring more attention to her feet.

Cheryl and Mike go into the school in the morning and introduce themselves to some of the other teachers they see. All the teachers love Cheryl, saying how she’s so pretty and sweet, and they say how Cheryl and Mike make such a cute couple.

Mike is about to leave for his trip and he says, “Bye babe. I love you! I’ll call you tonight.”

Cheryl is standing by the front door of the school, just staring down at her phone, not even caring what he says to her. She says, “Yeah I have to go.”

Cheryl arrives in her class that she’s about to teach. It’s the last day so she’s only going to make the students watch a video. The bell rings and the students come in and sit down and they see this young looking, tatted up white girl writing her name on the board.

Cheryl says, “Hello class. I kind of have a weird last name, so you can just call me Ms. D. Your teacher’s sick today so I’m the substitute, but don’t worry, you’re just watching a video!”

Trey is 18 years old, a senior, and the tallest black guy on the basketball team. Even though he’s 18, he looks older than that because of his well built body. He walks in the room and can’t believe how sexy this sub is. He is about 6’3, muscular with a toned body, and has a cock bigger than most porn stars. When his penis is soft, it hangs down 10 inches between his legs, always swinging and showing through when he wears basketball shorts or thin sweatpants. But when he’s horny and his cock gets fully erect, it's 11 inches, thick, veiny, slightly curved up, a fat mushroom tip head at the end, and a big hanging ball sack. He looks Cheryl up and down and checks her out. That sexy face, skinny tone body, that wide thigh gap showing between her legs, and those big sexy white feet in her high heels. He sees how she’s all tatted up, and it gives him the impression that she’s a bad girl and likes a little bit of pain.

He leans over to his friend next to him and says, “God damn….I wanna fuck that chick so bad bro. She looks like she’s 20 too. How the hell is she a teacher?”

His buddy Jamal, who is a 18 year old senior also, says back, “Bro I know. Young, pretty pale white girl. God damn. Ask her how old she is, I dare you.”

When Cheryl’s done giving her introduction, she asks if there’s any questions. She sees one of the black boys in the back of the class raise his hand.

She says, “I’m sorry, I don’t know any of you. What’s your name, and what’s your question?”

Trey says, “Hey Ms. D, my name's Trey. I was just wondering how old you are…”

The class laughs because it’s obvious to everyone Trey’s flirting with the new substitute. Cheryl couldn’t help but check out Trey when he stood up. He was so tall with a sexy muscular body for a boy in high school. She can tell how Trey’s staring at her that he likes her. She smiles and likes the attention, making her feel sexy in front of the whole class.

Cheryl says, “Well Trey, I am 31. I don’t feel that old, but I am”

The video starts and Trey and Jamal text on their phones back and forth during class.

Trey texts, “Damn she looks like she’s fucking 20 or something bro”

Jamal texts back later, “Bro…her numbers posted in a contact list on the school’s website.”

He texts Trey her name and the cell number that’s listed on the site. Trey quickly searches her name on Instagram and finds her open profile. He looks through all of Cheryl’s photos in the back of the class, while she’s at the teacher’s desk watching the video.

He can tell she’s a little attention whore by the photos she posts. Tons of seductive, sexy looking selfies, and he finds a pic of her in her bathing suit, and sees even more tattoos on her body, including the full side tattoo of the pin up girl on Cheryl’s right side.

Trey texts Jamal the pic and says, “Bro, I wanna fuck this bitch so bad. Look at this shit….Tonight I’m gonna text her cell and send a video of my dick. I wanna see what she says.”

Jamal texts back, “FUCKING DO IT! haha. Do you know if she has a boyfriend?”

Trey texts, “Yeah there’s a few recent pics of her with some white guy. How much do you wanna bet though that this chick is a slut?”

The class was over and the bell rings. As Trey is getting up to walk out of the class, he’s checking out Cheryl the whole time.

He walks up to her and says, “Hey Ms. D., I gotta say you look damn good for being 31. Sexy tats too.”

Cheryl is sitting on the teachers chair with her legs crossed, and her right foot dangling in the air in front of her in her high heel shoe. She notices Trey looking down at her foot when he talks about her tattoos. She can tell by the look in his eyes that this boy is turned on by her feet, and she kinda likes it. She smirks up at him, knowing she’s teasing this boy now, all alone with just him in the classroom. She sticks her foot out a little higher and shows off her foot tattoo to him.

She says, “Yeah this is my latest one. Hurt like hell, but the pain is part of the experience.”

Cheryl gets a big grin and smile on her face showing her pearly white teeth.

She says, “I’m guessing you’re on the basketball team, since you’re like 6 '5. How old are you?”

Trey says, “I’m legal. I’m 18, but I’m way bigger than my age. I’ll see you later Ms. D.”

He makes Cheryl blush and have a big grin on her face because she likes getting hit on like that. He sees her blue eyes and cute smile, and can’t stop thinking about how bad he wants to see those blue eyes look up at him while he lays his big black cock on her face.

Before Cheryl walks home, she stops in the teachers’ lounge and gets a water. There’s an older white male teacher alone in there with her, and he checks Cheryl out. He was not attractive at all, and she did not want anything to do with him.

He walks up to her and says, “Hey….you the new substitute? I’m Mark. Hi.”

Cheryl looks at this guy with her bitch face, and just ignores him like he’s nothing. She can tell he’s some loser old white guy and doesn’t even wanna pretend to be interested in him.

Mark says, “Hey I saw you today, and was wondering if I can take you out to dinner? You’re gorgeous.”

Cheryl looks at this guy again, and kind of laughs under her breath.

She says, “Um no. I have a boyfriend. And you’re totally not my type anyways. See ya.”

Cheryl walks out of the room feeling so powerful with how she just turned down that older white guy. She thinks to herself how 5 minutes ago she was just flirting with a black boy in her class, and she wouldn’t even give that white guy a minute of her time. She laughs and walks down the hall.

Once she’s gone, Mark says to himself, “Fucking bitch…”

Cheryl leaves the school and has a smirk on her face, thinking about how she felt so young again like she was in high school when she was flirting with Trey at the end of the class. She knew if she had the chance she’d probably fuck him. She thinks about his tall muscular body, and how he’s in shape and could probably fuck for hours without getting tired. It makes her think about the BLACKED RAW videos. She always imagined herself in those videos when she masterbates to them, and she can totally imagine Trey being one of those big sexy black guys.

It’s late on that Friday night, and Cheryl’s alone in her boyfriend’s apartment. She knows Mike will probably call her to talk before he goes to sleep in his hotel room. She thinks it’s kind of funny how he still tries to call her when he’s gone on his trips. Most of the time she never answers his calls, and just makes up some lie about how she was busy and forgot. She watches tv on the sofa, and is dressed in short red booty shorts, and a black tank top that she wears to bed. Suddenly, her phone buzzes and she thinks it’s probably a text from Mike telling her good night. She opens the text and it’s an unknown number.

The text says, “Hey Ms. D. It’s Trey from school. This is what was hanging between my legs during class while I was checking you out today…”

He texts Cheryl a video of him in his room. He’s holding his hard black cock and smacking it in the palm of his hand, making loud smacking sounds with it. Cheryl can’t believe this video. She’s kind of in shock, but once the video ends, she restarts it and watches it again.

She says to herself, “Holy shit….”

She sees Trey’s long, thick black dick. Veins popping out on the shaft, thick mushroom head at the end of it, and how his cock curves up a little bit. She imagines what that would feel like, that curve, just rubbing her pussy walls deep in her.

She sits there thinking about what to do. She knows she shouldn’t be texting this boy from school, but that narcissistic, selfish side of her takes over. She thinks that Mike won’t find out. She just wants to have some fun and flirt a little bit.

Cheryl texts back, “First of all Trey, how did you get my number haha? Second, why are you sending me videos of your Big Black Cock haha?”

Trey reads Cheryl’s text and when he sees how she said Big Black Cock, he knows for sure she watches interracial porn and is probably a huge slut.

He texts back, “Don’t worry how I got your number haha. I think you’re a fucking sexy little snowbunny, and I gotta show you what I’m packing.”

He sends Cheryl another video of him swinging his big cock around while he has her Instagram photos on his computer screen.

Cheryl sees his big, long dick swinging around like it’s a black bat between his legs, smacking his thighs and chest. She sees her photos in the background and thinks how this boy went to the trouble of searching for her number and Instagram page, and that turns her on.

Wanting to flirt more with him, Cheryl texts, “Not gonna lie, that things fucking huge haha. Way bigger than my boyfriends…”

She wonders if by dropping the hint that she has a boyfriend it will make him back off. She hopes he doesn’t care. It would be a huge turn on for her if Trey wanted her to cheat. Her pussy starts to get wet in her tight booty shorts as she feels the adrenaline rush from the thought of cheating.

Trey texts, “I saw those pics of you and your white boyfriend. I bet he’s got a tiny dick haha. Nothing compared to my 11 inches.”

Cheryl read 11 inches and is impressed, but she acts like a tease to Trey and and says, “No way you’re 11 inches haha”

Trey texts back, “Oh yeah haha? I bet it's bigger than that cute white face of yours Ms. D. I bet if I lay my cock on your face, my balls would be on your chin, and the tip of my dick would be above your hair haha”

Cheryl reads how he described laying his big black cock on her face, and it turns her on imaging that. She bites her lower lip because she’s so turned on right now.

She still likes being a little tease to him, and texts, “Yeah right haha. It ain’t that big hehe”

Trey can tell by how she’s still flirting with him and texting back and forth like this that he can break this bitch down and fuck her.

He texts back, “Let me prove it to you. What’s you doing tonight…?”

Things are getting a little more serious now, but Cheryl still wants more. She’s biting her lip, smiling, while she’s flirting with this black boy from school.

She texts, “I’m just chilling alone tonight at my boyfriend’s apartment watching tv….”

Trey is stroking his cock while looking at her pics, and texting back and forth. Looking at a pic of her from her Instagram where she’s in a short dress and high heels. He’s slowly working his cock head, staring at her, and thinking about how bad he wants to get her pregnant. That horny animalistic instinct in him takes over, and makes him want to breed this sexy pale white teacher so bad.

He texts back, “Give me your address Ms. D. Let me come over and prove it to you…. Do it.”

Cheryl reads that text and sits there for a few minutes just thinking. She is so turned on right now flirting with this black boy, and wants to just say fuck it and do this. She also thinks about what if she gets caught. What if Mike finds out somehow, or people at the school find out. She bites her lower lip, smiling, and just says fuck it. She texts Trey her address.

Trey texts back, “I’m leaving right now.”

Once Cheryl reads that text, she can’t believe this is really happening. She has so much adrenaline running through her body, but she’s so turned on right now too. She runs to the bedroom and strips naked, and just puts on a short yellow dress that comes to her upper thighs. No panties, no bra, and she’s barefoot. She checks out herself in the mirror, and puts some eyeliner on. She sees how sexy she looks in her short dress, and she knows when she doesn’t put any panties on that she’s gonna fuck this boy.

She looks at herself in the mirror and smirks, and she says, “You bad girl.”

She has thoughts of BLACKED RAW videos when she looks at herself in the mirror, thinking about what she’s gonna do tonight.

A short amount of time goes by, and Cheryl opens the door when Trey arrives. They look at each other with a little smirk on each other’s faces.

Trey says, “Hey Ms. D.”

Cheryl responds with just, “Hey…”, but she’s got a big grin on her face as Trey walks in her boyfriend’s apartment and she locks the door.

She’s almost twice this boy's age, but now that she’s not in her high heels, she’s so short compared to this huge, tall black boy. Trey came over wearing thin sweat pants and a tank top. He’s not even wearing boxers because he knew there’s no point, he was probably going to fuck this chick. And he didn’t bother to bring a condom either.

Now that Trey is actually here for real, Cheryl gets a little nervous, and part of her is thinking to herself if she should really do this.

She says, “So, do you wanna like sit and watch tv or something?”

She sits on the sofa in the living room, but Trey doesn’t sit. He slowly walks up to Cheryl as she’s sitting there, and he stands in front of her, looking down at her. He loves that she’s barefoot. He looks at her big, skinny white sexy feet and knows that they would give him an amazing foot job. That gorgeous sexy white face looking up makes him think about how bad he wants to fuck her brains out.

Trey looks down at Cheryl and says, “So what? You think I’m lying about my size Ms. D?”

Trey is grabbing his cock through his sweatpants while looking at her.

Cheryl’s whole body is buzzing with adrenaline, and she knows if she does this, there’s no going back.

That rebellious girl in her makes her think to herself, *Fuck it. Just do it. I bet I can get away with it haha*

She leans her head back and stares at the ceiling, biting her lower lip. Trey watches her and knows he’s breaking this slut down. Cheryl looks back up at Trey with a smirk on her face and looks down at his hand grabbing his cock through his shorts in front of her.

She leans forward on the sofa and says in a teasing way, “Yea Trey, I don’t think it’s really that big.”

Seeing that sexy little smirk on Cheryl’s face when she says that turns him on so much. It makes Trey’s cock throb, making a tent in his sweatpants with an outline of his huge cock.

He says, “Pull those pants down then Cheryl…I know you wanna be a bad girl with me tonight. Do it.”

Trey grabs his phone out of his pocket, and Cheryl slowly and seductively tugs on his sweatpants, pulling them down, until they fall to the floor. She sits on the edge of the sofa while Trey stands in front of her face, and his hard black cock springs up in the air, free out of his pants. Cheryl’s so close to him, his dick hits her chin when it flips up. She leans her head back a little and sees his big black cock throbbing and bouncing in the air all by itself because he’s so horny.

Cheryl stares at that big black penis right in her face, then looks up and Trey with a face like *Oh Shit….*

Trey reach’s out and runs his fingers through Cheryl’s blonde hair. She feels him grab her hair and pulls her head back to look up at the ceiling.

He says, “I’m about to prove I’m fucking right, Cheryl.”

He pulls Cheryl’s head to him and lays his big heavy black cock on her face. His long ball sack hangs under her chin, and his black meat lays on top of her mouth and nose, going up between her eyes. She looks up at Trey with his black cock on her face. She feels the warmth from his penis on her skin, how it flexes, and throbs on her face. And that sweaty, musky smell of his cock and balls fills her nose.

Trey points his phone down at Cheryl and snaps a photo. The photo shows his dick laying on her face. His balls on her chin, and the tip of his cock hanging over top of her forehead. Her blue eyes looked up at the camera when he took it, and it even shows her tattoos showing on her shoulder, arm, and foot in the photo.

Cheryl pulls her face back and says, “Hey, I didn’t say you could take that pic, mister.”

She says it playfully, but she’s kind of serious too because she doesn’t want to get caught. She knows that if anyone saw it at the school, they’d be able to recognize it’s her from her tattoos.

She says, “Don’t show that to anyone, ok? I’m serious.”

Trey just says, “Mmmhmmm.”

He reaches and pulls her head back to his cock. He grabs the base of his penis, and gently smacks that heavy black cock on her face playfully. It’s so big and heavy, Cheryl closes her eyes as she gets her face smacked by that cock.

Trey says, “I told you I was fucking right. I knew my cock was bigger than your cute fucking face.”

Cheryl pulls her head away again, looks up at him with a smirk and says, “I knew it was this big from your videos you bad boy. Maybe I was just teasing you, and wanted to get this beautiful black penis over to my place.”

Trey grabs her head and pulls it back to his cock and says, “Get that face over here.”

Trey holds her head and starts rubbing his cock up and down on her face, and then he pushes her nose and mouth down to his big ball sack. Cheryl feels a little humiliated right now, being treated like she’s his bitch, but at the same time she’s so turned on by this. Mike is nothing like this. His skinny little white dick is 3 inches hard. He doesn’t have the cock to pleasure her, and he doesn’t take control during sex like she needs and wants as a woman.

While Trey is rubbing his big sweaty cock on her face, he feels the cold hair from Cheryl’s nostrils sniff his ball sack. He hears her do it too.

He says, “Oh you nasty little hoe. Sniff those fucking balls.”

That sweaty, musky cock smell is so manly and turns Cheryl on, and she hears how horny he sounds when he says that. She smirks knowing she’s turning him on. Trey grabs the end of his dick and rubs his cock head above her head, as Cheryl is under his big cock, sniffing his balls. She opens her mouth and Trey feels Cheryl put one of his balls in her mouth and starts sucking on it. He works his cock head in his hand while looking down at her sucking on his nut. She gently pulls her head back until his nut pops out of her mouth. She looks up at with that cute smile of hers.

Trey says, “Wash those fucking balls with your mouth, hoe.”

Cheryl is so turned on by being submissive like this, and she licks all over his hanging ball sack. She puts the other nut in her mouth and sucks on it. Cheryl is tasting his sweaty, salty balls, and is not disgusted by it at all.

Trey wants to see her cute face with his cock in her mouth, so he says, “Open your mouth”.

Cheryl looks up at him and opens her mouth ready to suck on his big beautiful black penis. He bends his dick down and puts the head of his cock in Cheryl’s mouth, and she closes those lips around it and starts sucking. She loves the feeling of sucking on a big hard cock. It is like a stress reliever for Cheryl to feel a big hard penis in her mouth, and suck on it like a baby sucking her bottle. That’s why she cheated on Mike a few years ago and sucked her coworkers dick in his car.

Trey takes his shirt off, while she grabs his thick penis with both of her little white hands, all while keeping the cock head in her mouth. It’s so long and thick she can grab it with both of her hands and stroke the shaft as she sucks on the tip. Trey just stands there looking down at this sexy white hoe twisting her hands on his shaft as she’s sucking hard on the cock head. She’s good at sucking cock, and even sticks the tip of her tongue in his slit on his cock head. She can taste his precum from his hole as she teasingly flicks her tongue.

He leans his head back, staring at the ceiling, and says, “Ooooohhh shiiiiiiiiitttt. Fuuuuck yeeaaa bitch. Good girl.”

His cock is rock hard and fully erected after her teasing his slit like that. It drove him wild, and he wants to fuck her mouth so bad, and see how much she can swallow.

Trey says, “Hands down…”.

Cheryl puts her hands down by her side on the sofa, still with the tip of his penis in her mouth. Trey runs both of his hands through her silky blonde hair and grips it tight. Then he pulls her mouth down as he pushes his cock in her mouth. It’s so thick and big, it fills her mouth up and hits the back of her tongue, trying to go into her throat. He hits her gag reflex, and she coughs, gagging on his cock that’s trying to go down her throat. Cheryl instinctively reaches her hands up to his cock to try to pull it out of her mouth.

Trey just says, “Hands down, bitch.”

Cheryl puts her hands back down to her side like she’s his slave.

He gets a tighter grip on her hair and starts fucking her mouth with his big dick. Pulling her mouth down on his cock while he’s thrusting his hips into her head. His black dick is so long, when it’s hitting her throat and can’t go down, his cock is bending as he’s trying to push it further. He knows his cock is too big for her throat, but he loves how wet and tight her mouth feels, and he just does it a little longer. Hearing the wet gurgling noises Cheryl makes, when he goes just a little bit too far, and she coughs with his dick in her mouth. He pulls his cock out and it’s covered in spit and drool. A string of spit is connecting her lips to his cock, as it's throbbing in the air in front of her face. She looks up at Trey and her eyes are watery from her gag reflex.

Trey is so horny now with his wet cock twitching in the air, he says, “Take that dress off. Show me that white pussy.”

Cheryl wipes the spit off her lips and chin. She is so horny she doesn’t even think about Mike at all as she lifts her dress up and pulls it off her. She sits back on the sofa and puts both of her feet up on the edge of the seat. She spreads her feet apart and opens her legs, showing Trey her bald wet pussy.

Trey sees more tattoos she has on her pale skin, and it turns him on even more. That huge pin up girl tattoo on her side, and he sees her perky, tiny little titties on her chest. Her tits are so cute and not saggy at all. She has hard pink nipples poking out on her tits like little pink erasers. Cheryl sits on the sofa, biting her lower lip in anticipation, looking up at Trey. He stands there, looking at her body as he strokes his big cock.

Trey gets down on his knees on the floor in front of her and sees her pussy up close. Cheryl’s so horny and aroused that her pussy lips are so thick and puffy. Her body is making her labia lips get big like that to protect her vagina during sex. Cheryl has her legs spread apart, and it makes her pussy spread open like a flower, exposing the wet, pink tender flesh inside her white pussy. Her clit sticking out at the top, and her vaginal hole so small and exposed to Trey. He can tell her pussy is gonna be a tight grip on his cock.

Trey leans down and puts his big wet lips on her pussy. He licks it from her vaginal hole, all the way up to her clit in one big wet lick with his tongue. That one big wet lick makes Cheryl moan. He loves the smell and taste of this white pussy, and does sloppy wet licks all over it. Then he puts his big lips over her clit, slurping on that erected little sensitive button of hers.

When Trey sucks on her clit like that, Cheryl’s head falls back in the seat. She stares at the ceiling, moaning, and breathing heavy. His wet mouth is sucking on her entire pussy and it’s driving her wild. Then suddenly Trey pulls her ass out to the very edge of the sofa and pushes her legs back onto her. Cheryl’s legs are bent at the knees, with her feet over her head. She reaches up and grabs her toes to hold her legs back. This makes her stick her ass out even more. Trey goes lower and presses his big wet tongue on her asshole and swirls all around it, then presses his lips on her butthole, kissing it. Cheryl looks down between her legs, and just sees Trey’s upper head.

She says, “Ohhhh shiiiiitt…”

She holds onto her feet above her head and her toes curl up in her fingers. Cheryl hasn’t gotten her ass eaten out like this since she let her coworker do it to her that one night. Mike thinks ass play is gross, but Cheryl loves it.

Trey does another big wet lick from her asshole, all the way to her clit. Then gets back down to make out with that tight, puckered up little butthole. He knows she’s a dirty girl that likes her ass eaten.

Trey pulls his head away and they’re both so horny now.

Trey looks right into Cheryl’s eyes and says, “I wanna cum in this white pussy so bad. You’re so fucking sexy Cheryl. Are you on birth control?”

Cheryl wants to fuck so bad now, even with all the consequences that could happen from it. She thinks that even if she did get pregnant from tonight, the fuck session that she’s about to receive from that huge cock will be worth it.

She feels so submissive and sexy with him, she smiles and says, “No I’m not…”

Trey stands up and lifts Cheryl to her feet. He picks her up and puts her over his shoulder. Her head hangs off the back of him, and her ass and legs are in front of him. She’s so petite and light he picks her up easily. He carries her like she’s a trophy that he won, and now he gets to do whatever he wants with her. He starts walking down the hallway to the bedroom he sees. Cheryl’s feelings and thoughts about Mike and any consequences are all out of her head now. She’s so turned on by this dominant masculine black boy that she wants to fuck him so bad. She doesn’t care about getting fucked on the same bed that her boyfriend is gonna sleep in when he comes back.

Trey drops her on the bed, and she bounces on it. Cheryl is laying on her back, while Trey stands next to the edge of the bed. He grabs her hips and pulls her ass to the edge. He grabs under her knees and pushes her legs back on her, and tells her to hold them. He sees that fat wet pussy spread open between her legs under him, and he spits on his hand and rubs it on the head of his black cock.

Cheryl’s gonna learn that dirty talk turns Trey a lot during sex. He rubs the tip of his thick cock between her fat wet pussy lips, teasing her.

Trey says, “You want me to fuck this white pussy? Huh? You want me to beat this pussy up with my big dick?”

Cheryl holds her legs back as she lays on the bed. There’s no hesitation now in her response. She’s horny and she’s had race play fantasies for so long, and she’s wanted to say this for years.

She says, “I want you to fuck me with your big black cock and cum inside me.”

Hearing her say that in her cute little voice drives Trey wild. He thinks how this slut doesn’t care if she gets pregnant, and how that’s so fucking hot. He pushes the fat tip of his penis in her vaginal hole, and he feels it stretch around his thick cock. His dick slides in her wet tight pussy, and Cheryl lays her head back on the bed, staring straight up.

She says, “Oooooohhhh yesssssss. I wanna feel it deep inside me.”

Now that his cocks in her pussy, he grabs both of her ankles and holds her legs open in the air. Feeling that tight pussy grip on his dick, he just overpowers her and makes her pussy keep stretching out. Working his hips back and forth, he fucks her and his black cock is already getting soaked in her pussy juice.

He loves seeing her big white feet up in the air as she gets fucked. He finally sees the soles of her feet and they’re so sexy. She has long, skinny feet with a big sexy arch on them. Long skinny toes, and the soles of her feet are clean, with pink and pale skin tones on her soles. He holds her ankles and brings one of her feet up to his face as he fucks her. He presses her toes on his nose and sniffs her toes, then licks all over the soft, smooth sole and arch of her foot. Then he puts those toes in his mouth and sucks on them as he looks down at her as she gets fucked. He gets so turned on by her feet it makes his cock rock hard. It feels like a thick pole is fucking her pussy.

He says, “Sexy fucking feet, MMMMMmmmm”.

He switches legs and pulls the other foot up to his face. He’s so horny now he buries his nose underneath her long skinny white toes, and he starts sniffing her foot so hard while he fucks her. He sniffs her foot and feels her toes curling up on his face. It turns him so much he almost nuts, and has to stop for a few seconds.

He pulls her foot away and holds her legs open, and leans down over top of her as he fucks her. Bucking his hips, doing a nice hard rhythm with his cock strokes. Her pussy is deeper than her mouth, and he’s going balls deep. Feeling how much looser her pussy feels now, he knows he’s working it out. Her pussy is so wet, and he’s stuffing it full of dick, and it’s making loud, wet queef sounds because his cocks pushes all the air out of her pussy. He’s leaning over her, looking down at her gorgeous face, watching it contort as she gets fucked by him. She screams and he feels her pussy clamp down on his dick as he makes her cum. Her hands push on his chest, trying to signal him to slow down after her orgasm, but he fucks right through her orgasm and keeps making her take that dick.

He hears Cheryl’s cute little whimpers as he’s smashing her pussy, and seeing her face and those noises she’s making almost makes him cum again.

He pulls his cock out and stops and says, “Fuck, you almost made me nut”

Trey is leaning down over top of Cheryl, and she pulls his face to hers and starts making out with him. They shove their tongues in each other’s mouths, and kiss passionately. Cheryl uses one of her hands and grabs his big wet cock that’s throbbing in the air above her pussy.

She slowly strokes it and says, “You want to get me pregnant, don’t you bad boy?”

Hearing this older white teacher say that drives Trey wild.

Trey says, “Fuck yes, you sexy little bitch. You want me to fuck a baby in you? What would your boyfriend think about that?”

Cheryl has an evil little grin on her face and says, “I’ll just lie to him for 9 months and say it’s his. I bet I could make up some lie and tell him I was r*ped by a black guy and don’t remember anything.”

Trey gets so turned on by how naughty this white girl is. She knows that she’s sexy and she can manipulate men and get whatever she wants. From rich guys giving her money, to alpha male men with big cocks giving her the sex that she needs. Trey wants to use and abuse this white slut and make her have his black baby.

He flips her over on the bed. She’s lying flat on her stomach in the prone position, and Trey sees that big pale white ass, and her bird tattoo on her upper back. This is the breeding position because he can fuck her hard and make himself nut.

Cheryl lays on the bed, her body shiny wet from the sweat on her. She’s never had sex like this, and she loves it. Trey looks down at her and sees this vulnerable white slut, and his cock is throbbing. He climbs on her back and uses his feet to push her legs apart on the bed and keep them spread open. He grabs Mike's pillow on the bed and puts it under Cheryl’s stomach so her back arches a little and her ass sticks up.

Trey rubs his cock on her pussy again, leans down by Cheryl’s head and says, “I’m gonna cum in this white pussy.”

Cheryl’s only thought is fucking him, and nothing else.

She says, “I want your cum in me, Trey…”

Hearing her say that drives him wild, and he slides his cock back in her fuck hole and puts his hands on the bed like he’s in a push up position. He combines thrusting his hips with his cock, and slamming his body weight down on her that makes this position a deeper, harder fuck. Slamming his cock in her pussy, smashing her, so his balls are smacking her clit. She grips the bed sheets and whimpers as she takes his 11 inch penis deep in her pussy.

In this new position, Cheryl can feel the curve in his penis digging in and rubbing her wet, ribbed vaginal walls deep inside of her. It makes her toes curl up in the bed sheets, and she bites the pillow by her head.

Trey is making horny animalistic groans and grunts as he fucks, because it feels so good for him when he can pound her deep and hard like he wants.

He keeps slamming his body weight down into her ass, and says, “Take that dick, you fucking bitch. Take that dick.”

He feels his big hot load getting built up, and he grabs Cheryl’s hair into a ponytail in one hand, and he pulls her head back. Cheryl’s head gets yanked back and he rides her hard. Trey looks next to the bed and sees a photo of her and Mike. Trey thinks about how he’s fucking this white guy’s girl behind his back and he’s gonna get her pregnant probably. That gets him so close to cumming, thinking about what he’s doing to her.

Trey’s fucking Cheryl hard and says in a loud voice, “You want me to breed this white pussy, hoe? Huh? Say it! Say you want to be a baby mama!”

Cheryl is so caught up in the moment too and doesn’t hesitate at all and says, “MMMMmmmm fuuuuck yessss Trey…. Mmmm cum in my pussy. I wanna have your babies!”

Trey’s load is built up in the tip of his cock, and he was edging himself while she said that. He pounds Cheryl’s pussy a few more times, then feels his hot cum about to explode.

He says, “I’m gonna fucking cum!”

Trey grunts and moans like an animal as his black cock starts squirting out heavy thick wads of his nut into Cheryl’s pussy. He keeps his dick balls deep, and she can feel it inside of her body as it is squirting out and splashing against her cervix at the end of her pussy. Trey had a pent up load, and it’s about 10 big squirts until he milked it all out of his cock. He keeps his cock inside of Cheryl as he’s over top of her, holding her down on the bed. Letting the orgasmic tingling rush run through his body from head to toe.

Cheryl lays there exhausted, with her head laying on the bed. She’s out of breath too, laying there looking at the pictures of her and Mike on the dresser.

She breathes heavily and says, “Oh my god…. wow…. You fucked my brains out, Trey.”

Trey pulls out of her and his dicks getting soft, but it’s still a big, long cock that swings between his legs. His black penis is covered in white creamy cum from both of them. He stands up next to the bed and Cheryl rolls over on her back, still trying to catch her breath. He just looks her over head to toe, thinking about how sexy she looks. She’s hot and sweaty laying on the bed, and he can see all of her tattoos all over her body. He looks at her long skinny legs laying on the bed, her big feet hanging off the side, and he looks at her flat stomach and imagines her with a big pregnant belly.

He says, “That felt so fucking good. I blew so hard in you.”

Cheryl lifts her head up off the bed and looks at Trey and says, “Yeah I know, I could fucking feel your cum hitting my cervix.”

She gets up off the bed and slowly stands up, because her legs are still weak and wobbly.

She says, “I’m gonna take a quick shower. You can get something to drink and watch tv if you want.”

Cheryl walks by Trey on her way to the bathroom, and when she’s next to him, Trey spanks her big white ass with his hand.

Trey says, “Sexy fucking ass.”

Cheryl’s pale white booty jiggles, and she looks back over her shoulder to Trey and smirks at him as she walks to the bathroom.

She gets in the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. Her hair is messed up, and she has the typical look of a girl that just got fucked. Her body is still buzzing with adrenaline as she thinks again about what she did tonight. It was the best sex of her life. She was so turned on, finally acting out her race play fantasies in bed. It turned her on so much to say to him while he fucked her that she wanted to have his babies. But now that the rush is gone, she gets a little worried about actually getting pregnant.

She just tells herself in her head, *Ok…I’m gonna get my period in 2 weeks, it’ll be fine. It’ll be ok.*

She gets out of the shower and walks out in her towel to the living room, but doesn’t see Trey anywhere.

She looks around, then grabs her cell phone and texts Trey, “Hey…Thanks for saying goodbye I guess….”

She realizes that he just left and ghosted her.

Trey knew he was leaving to go to an out of state college in one week. He knew when he left the apartment that he would never see her again, and he doesn’t even care if she gets pregnant. He won’t have to worry about it. To him, Cheryl was just a sexy white bitch that he wanted to fuck and cum in her like he marked his territory, and he knows he’s going to do the same thing with tons of younger girls at the college he’s going to.

Cheryl sits on the same sofa from earlier and is a little depressed. She feels so used right now, and it pisses her off that she was the one that got taken advantage of. Her phone buzzes, and she picks it up to look at what Trey responded back with. It’s a message from Mike.

He says, “Hey baby! Just wanted to say goodnight and I love you!”

Cheryl just ignores his text and doesn’t even respond. Mike is the last thing on her mind right now.

One month goes by.

Cheryl missed her period by two weeks. She’s sitting on the toilet in the bathroom by herself, and she looks at the pregnancy test that she just took. It’s positive. She starts to cry, trying not to be too loud where Mike could hear her. She is freaking out and wondering what she is gonna say. She has no idea what to do, so she just decides to lie to Mike about it. She’s gonna tell him it’s his, and then she will just try to think of some big lie to tell him in 9 months.

Cheryl wipes the tears off her face and walks out to the living room, where Mike is playing video games.

She sits next to him, and says, “Baby…guess what…. You’re gonna be a Daddy! I’m pregnant!”

Mike is shocked and confused.

He says, “Wait…what? Are you serious? How?! I’ve worn a condom every single time we had sex since we started dating. Are you sure?”

Cheryl is a very good liar and convinces Mike that it’s his baby.

She shows him the pregnancy test and says, “I guess one of your condoms broke one night. I don’t know! But yeah, I’m sure. I’m pregnant!”

They both hug each other on the same sofa where Cheryl sucked her first black cock, and got her ass eaten out on. Her face is showing happiness and excitement to Mike, but in her head she’s still nervous of getting caught, and what she will say when she’s at the hospital and Mike sees her push out a black baby.

Nine months go by.

The months go by quickly, and she’s never confessed anything to Mike. She’s just hoping that Mike will believe the story that she made up.

The day of the ., Cheryl and Mike are at the hospital. She has her feet up on the hospital bed.

The doctor is saying, “Ok Cheryl, now it’s time to push and get this baby out of you. Push! Come on! Push!”

Even feeling the most intense pain of her life while giving birth, her mind is still racing about what she’s going to say. Mike is behind the doctor in the room waiting to see his new son arrive in the world. Cheryl closes her eyes and screams, and pushes as hard as she can. Then she hears the baby crying. She opens her eyes and looks at Mike, and he has just a look of shock and confusion on his face. There’s no excitement, happiness or smile from Mike. He stares at this black baby that just came out of his girlfriend, and he’s just in shock. He looks at Cheryl with her long legs spread open on the hospital bed. He can’t help but think about how she probably spread her legs like that for some black guy while they were dating. The doctors clean the baby off and give it to Cheryl. She holds it and kisses her new baby. She sees Mike walk out of the hospital room, and Cheryl knows it’s going to be hard to convince him of her story. She’s always gotten away with cheating, and is good at getting whatever she wants. Deep down she knows she will get away with this.

Mike doesn’t make a scene or anything at the hospital. He just leaves and doesn’t say anything to his girlfriend. The next day at the hospital, Cheryl is recovering and about to be sent home.

She texts Mike, “Hey…Will you come pick me up? I can explain.”

They drive back in his car, but don’t say a word to each other. Once Cheryl walks in the apartment and sits down with her baby, Mike slams the door shut.

He says, “What the fuck is going on, Cheryl? You better fucking tell me what you did right now, and don’t fucking lie to me!”

Cheryl’s thought about this for a while, about what to say to Mike. She thought of some made up story that he would believe, and she could get away with this.

She says, “Mike, I swear I thought it was yours. I never told you what happened to me last summer when you were gone on one of our trips. I went out to a bar with some of my friends, and I don’t remember what happened. I think some black guy that was trying to hit on me put something in my drink. I remember being in his car, then him being on top of me and hurting me. I’m sorry I never told you. I never wanted to think about that night again, so I never told you. I swear, I have no idea what happened…”

For once, Cheryl can’t be the narcissistic little brat that she’s been her entire life. Mike doesn’t believe a single word of her story. He call’s her bluff.

Mike says, “You know what I think? I think you’re fucking liar, and that you’re a fucking whore! I don’t believe any of that bullshit story you just made up. I think you’re a fucking cheater! So, what really happened, Cheryl? Huh?! Did you wait until I was gone on a trip, and just invite some black guy you met into my fucking apartment, and you fucked him raw? You fucking whore! I never want to see your white, trashy ass ever again in my life! Get your shit out of my apartment by tomorrow, we’re fucking done! You’re going to be nothing more than a white trash piece of shit, single mom with a black baby! Bye bitch!”

Mike walks out the door and slams it shut. Cheryl sits on the sofa in shock, holding her black baby. He’s crying and she’s trying to calm him down. She’s sitting on the edge of the sofa, the same spot where 9 months ago this whole thing started. She wishes she never texted Trey back and flirted with him. It ruined her life. But she looks at her new baby and kisses it. She knows she’s stuck with this black baby, and there’s nothing that can get her out of this situation. She sits there just thinking about stuff. How she feels so stupid thinking she could have gotten away with it. She felt stupid thinking how she thought that it was going to be ok, and she would just get her period after fucking Trey. She remembers how powerful Trey’s cumshot was inside her pussy. She remembers feeling every powerful squirt of his sperm splashing all over her vaginal walls inside of her. There was no way that she would have just gotten her period after that, but it was the only hope that she had.

The next day Cheryl gets a text from one of her coworkers at the school.

It reads, “Hey! I remember you said your delivery day was last week! Congratulations! Will you bring in your new baby to the school? We all wanna see you and him!”

Cheryl knows she can’t hide it forever, and just decides to go to the school and bring her baby. She walks into the teachers’ lounge with her baby in its carriage, and waits for the other teachers in the school to come in and congratulate her. She sits at the table and watches each teacher that walks into the room, and sees the look on their faces. They all remember 9 months ago when Cheryl worked there, and how her boyfriend came in the morning with her and talked to everyone. They all liked Mike just as much as they liked Cheryl. So, when they see Cheryl alone at the table, and with a black baby, they all try to be nice and smile, but it’s obvious what they’re really thinking.

The teacher that texted Cheryl to come in goes up to her and says, “Where’s Mike?”

Cheryl leans next to her and just whispers, “We broke up.”

The older male teacher that tried asking Cheryl out for dinner on her first day walked in and saw her. She sees him give her a fake smile, then he laughs and walks out of the room. She doesn’t want to run out of the room and make a scene, but she feels so humiliated right now, sitting at the table and watching everyone gossip about her behind her back. After all the fake smiles and fake congratulations, the teachers walk out and Cheryl’s alone in the room with her baby. She’s so depressed, she’s about to break down and cry from being humiliated like that. She gets herself together and grabs her baby and walks out.

As she’s walking down the hall, pushing her black baby in its carriage, there’s two tall black students by the lockers. She thinks they must be new seniors, because she doesn’t remember seeing them last year.

As she’s walking in the hall next to them, one of the boys says, “Hey Ms. D. That’s a cute baby. I can’t wait to see you when you come back and teach here again.”

Cheryl just smiles and says, “Thanks guys. He’s my cute little baby boy. His name is Trevor. I’m coming back to teach here full-time next month. I’ll see you guys around.”

Cheryl walks down the hall with her new black baby, about to start a new chapter in her life.

What Cheryl doesn’t know is that the black senior boy that talked to her in the hall was Jamal. He was with Trey in the back of her class last year. She didn’t even recognize him, but he remembers her. That sexy white substitute teacher that he and Trey were trying to find out her information so they could text her. After Trey left Mike’s apartment 9 months ago, he texted Jamal and told him how he just fucked the substitute teacher. Jamal didn’t believe him, so Trey sent him the photo that he took of his cock laying on Cheryl’s face. Jamal saw the tattoos on her body and knew it really was her. Now that Trey is gone at college, Jamal is going to try to fuck her now, and he’s gonna bring his friend with him.

Cheryl doesn’t realize it yet, but her inner slut is going to - again. When she comes back to class next month, by the end of the first week she’s going to be broken down and have those two black students over at her new apartment, getting double teamed by both of them. She’s going to turn into the new whore at the high school.


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