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For those of you that have read my previous stories Game of Inches, My Sister in Law Beth, and Hobo understand that I am long winded. My stories are all very long and are not strictly about sex. While they all have sex in them it’s more about the story. If you want pure sex there are a lot of great short stories that you would probably prefer. I apologize for any errors in grammar but those who know my medical history understand. Hope you enjoy it.


I was born the youngest of five children and the only male child. But I survived and had turned eighteen years of age Yes, I had four sisters who were older than me and who tormented me to no end. After my mother had the third of five children it made no sense for her to work. The childcare was more than she was bringing home after taxes. My father owned a construction business which specialized in upper scaled homes in the area. He did quite well and always had a waiting list of clients to fall back on.

My father was known as Big Jim Johnson in the business. I never understood how he got that name because he was not a large man. But he had an infinitive relationship with the letter J and it showed up big in his family. My sisters were Jennifer, Julie, Julia, Jessica and I was Jace. My mother was the only one with a first name without a J, she was Robin.

As it was in those days, my parents had started to see the family unit fall apart in this country. We would always hear how children had become disrespectful, devious and selfish. That was not tolerated in our home. You said “Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir” at all times. If you didn’t you were slapped. Not hard, but hard enough to prove a point. Manners were essential in our home otherwise would not be tolerated.

We all had weekly chores to do but being the youngest and last child sometimes I was spared. But during the summers and on weekends my dad would bring me to the construction sites to work. Early on, I would go around the home and pick up the trash and small scraps of wood that had been cut and throw them in the dumpster. I would sweep the slab and eventually even help the workers out somewhat.

Jennifer and Julie had finished college locally and were both working in the medical profession. Julia was twenty and Jessica was nineteen both attending the same local college. I had just turned eighteen and the three of us were still living at home with our parents.

Now growing up with four sisters and a mom around the house was not easy. My mother was still an attractive woman, and my sisters took after her for the most part. Julie was the most beautiful of the bunch, but Julia and Jessica were right behind her. As my parents aged so did the tight grip, they had on us fade somewhat. Things that never happened in the past were tolerated. Not that we were out of line, manners were a must. But the girls were allowed to have boys over and sometimes would walk around the house in a t-shirt and panties which my older sisters never did.

I think my dad was burned out from forty years in the construction business and would just enjoy his down time. My mother corrected them a few times but eventually backed off as well. My entire time in high school I had used the school gym every day after school. I was a solid two hundred pounds but had a twenty-eight-inch waist. In addition to working out daily I was constantly hauling lumber for my dad’s workers being the youngest on the crew. My legs were not large enough for my upper body but if they were I would have trouble finding pants that fit so I just maintained what I had.

It was late on a Friday night when I got up to go to the bathroom. I looked at the clock on my dresser and it was after one in the morning. I walked quietly to the bathroom as to not wake anyone up. Going back to my bedroom I heard a muffled sound coming from my sister Jessica’s room. I stopped in the hallway for a moment and noticed that her door was not completely closed. I leaned in to shut her door completely but couldn’t help but notice slight movement on the mattress. I peered in for a second then realized what was going on.

Jessica was flat on her bed with her right hand moving inside of her panties. She was looking up at the ceiling moving her hips in unison with her hand. I instantly knew what I was doing was wrong, but I just couldn’t look away. I had never seen a female masturbate before and I instantly felt aroused. I looked over my shoulder quickly to make sure all the other doors were still closed. Seeing them all still shut I slipped my hand into my boxers and grabbed my throbbing dick. My eyes once again went back to the sight of my sister pleasuring herself. I watched for several minutes until I witnessed my first ever female orgasm. My sister tensed up and arched her back while her finger was rubbing herself furiously. I was ready to explode myself but thought better of it being in the hallway.

I checked over my shoulder one more time then looked back and noticed that Jessica was looking at the crack in the door with her hand still in her panties. I quickly moved away wondering if she had saw me watching her. I walked quickly to my room and closed the door behind me. I got in bed and quickly reached inside my boxers and began to stroke myself up and down. I was already rock hard after witnessing my sister pleasure herself.

In less than a minute of jerking off my cock erupted in a fountain of cum. There was no doubt this was the biggest load I had ever produced. I got up and grabbed a towel and cleaned myself off. I got back into bed and fell asleep quickly sleeping a little later than normal. I got to the table for breakfast about the same time that Jessica and Julia did. It was apparent right away that Jessica knew I was there watching her last night. Her eyes were riveted to mine although she did have a pleasant look on her face. I looked away and avoided all eye contact with her. Fortunately, I was working with my dad that morning and was able to get away quickly.

After a week or so, I was convinced that Jessica saw me watching her by the way she looked at me. Oddly, her tone of voice toward me had changed. It was a bit deeper almost husky with a sense of urgency. It was hard to describe but I knew never to repeat what I had done again. Two things happened about that time in my office both having significant impact of me.

The first had to do with real estate something my father was astute at. The bank that my father had his corporate accounts set up at came into possession of a home that had been foreclosed on. Since this bank had little to no real estate dealings, they reached out to my father to see what it could cost to renovate it. It was in a nice part of town so my father felt that it would be worth fixing it up for resale. I went with my father on the way home to look at the property.

The house was situated in the middle of the block in a very well-kept subdivision. You could tell immediately that the house had been vacant a very long time. We got out of my dad’s truck and walked around the outside of the property. It would need a new roof, soffit and fascia changed along with all new gutters. The brick outside could be pressure washed which was no big deal. A new wooden fence would have to be installed in the rear yard.

We used the key the bank had given my dad and went inside. The inside was worse than the outside. About the only thing could be salvaged was the sheet rock. Everything needed to come out including the kitchen and both bathrooms. All the doors and molding would have to be replaced as well as the windows. Then an entire new floor had to be installed throughout. We still needed a plumbing inspection and an electrical inspection done as well.

Over the next week my father met the plumber and electrician and finalized the renovation of the home. It would cost close to one hundred seventy-five thousand dollars to rehab this project. That of course would put the home in like new condition. My father met with the bank and told them to budget two hundred thousand dollars for the repair, but he could come in under that number.

The banker informed him there was still a one hundred sixty-thousand-dollar lien against the home, so the two numbers put it above the market value for that area. Most homes in that area sold for around three hundred thousand. My father suggested maybe try to sell the house as is to someone who flipped homes for a living. I am not sure what went on after that, but my father came home with a look that I had not seen in a while. I was sitting on the sofa when he walked in and tossed a set of keys to me. My mother looked up startled.

“Jim, what are you doing?”, she asked.

“Giving my son the keys to his new home.”, Jim replied.

“What…… how. Jim what have you done now?”, she asked.

“I got a deal that we couldn’t pass up. I got a house that we just looked at for one hundred twenty-five thousand. If Jace here does the work himself and I get the material at my price we can clean up.”, he exclaimed.

“Jim, one thing to forgot to mention.”, my mother stated.

“First, does Jace want the house, and second does it want to kill himself fixing it up?”, my mother argued.

“Son if you want the house, it’s yours. If not, I will run it through the company and flip it. I can send a crew when we’re slow and work on it slowly. Either way, we make money.”, he explained.

“I don’t know what to say, Dad. Of course, I want the house. But I want to pay you back.”, I assured him.

“Look, you have money saved. In fact, quite a bit. Use the money to start fixing it up. Work on it in your spare time. With free labor and contractors pricing on material you will be surprised at what we can do.”, he said.

That Friday afternoon, we had a dumpster delivered to the house and placed in the driveway. First thing Saturday morning I was there with the lawn equipment. It took all day to cut the grass and weed eat the property. Then pull up vines and pick up debris from everywhere. By Saturday evening I had the yard in shape. Sunday morning, I arrived early and pulled the gutters off and began measuring to replace the soffit and facias boards. I wanted to get the outside done first while the weather was still good. That way the rest would be working indoors when the winter came.

For the next two months I spent every waking minute working for my dad then cross town to work on my house. I was working fourteen hours a day six days a week but making good progress. My dad negotiated with a roofer he knew to do some work at his home in exchange for roofing my new house. In less than three months the exterior of the home was done. It looked amazing and several of the neighbors had come by and told me how great it was that it was finally getting renovated.

I decided to take a break for about a week or two before starting the demo on the inside of the home. I was tired and sore, so I needed a few days off. That Friday night I was sitting on the sofa watching television when my sister Jessica came in the room. I had been so busy with the house that I had barely seen Jessica in the last three months.

“Hey Jace, how’s the house coming along?”, she asked.

“The outside is done. I’m going to start tearing out the inside in a few weeks. I’m taking a little break but not for long.”, I replied.

“Yea, you’re hardly here anymore.”, she stated.

A little later my mom and dad came from the back of the house telling me they were going to the casino in Mississippi and stay until Sunday morning when they would drive back. I went to bed about eleven, but less than ten minutes later there was a knock on my door. The door swung open and in walked Jessica. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing a long white t-shirt that came down to mid-thigh. I sat up slightly in the bed as she sat down on the closest corner to where I was laying.

“Um Jace, I need to talk to you.”, Jessica stated.

“About what?”, I asked.

“You know what about. I know you watched me that night.” she said accusingly.

“I don’t know what…….”, I started.

“Jace, don’t lie to me. Don’t tell me you did not like it either because I sure did. In fact, I did it again after you snuck back here.”, she admitted.

“You did?”, I asked, stunned that we were having this conversation.

“Yes, I did. And what about you……... did you come back in here and jerk off?”, she asked in a low tone.

This conversation was so wrong on so many levels, but I could not help myself. My dick was rock hard under the covers aching to be touched. I could not believe my beautiful sister was talking to me like this.

“Yes, I did……”, I admitted embarrassed.

“Did you like watching me play with myself?’’, Jessica asked.

“Of course, I did but you’re my sister. We shouldn’t be talking like this.”, I protested.

“Would you like to watch me again?”, she asked.

“Jessica, if mom and dad find out they will kill us.”, I answered.

“If we are careful, they will never know. They are gone for the weekend and Julia is sleeping over at Stephanie’s house. We’re the only ones here.”, she suggested.

“Jess, I think it’s a bad idea.”, I reiterated.

“Come on Jace, I’ll start…...”, Jessica said standing and sliding her shorts down her long legs.

Jessica was wearing a pair of pink laced panties that were very low cut. She sat back down on my bed facing me opening her legs. She began to softly rub herself through the thin material of her panties. She was staring straight at me trying to gauge my reaction. My eyes were glued to her fingers, and she gently touched herself.

“Would you like to see more?”, Jess asked.

By this time, I was too far gone to care anymore. I simply nodded yes not looking up from her right hand as she touched herself. Jessica reached down with her left hand and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side giving the first glimpse of her pussy. She gently inserted a finger inside of herself and pulled a thick bead of moisture from inside her. She quickly rubbed the wet fluid over the top of her slit closing her eyes for a few seconds. She opened her eyes and looked into mine.

“Pull out your dick, Jace. Let me see it.”, Jess demanded.

I pulled the covers back and pushed my boxers down my leg with my dick springing to life against my stomach.

“Nice Jace………. Play with it for me.”, Jess asked.

I was very nervous but very excited at the same time. I reached down and wrapped my hand around my cock and slowly began to stroke it up and down. I saw Jess lick her lips then increase the speed on her hand that was now rubbing her wet pussy.

“I don’t want you to cum too fast okay. I want to cum more than once.”, Jess pleaded.

“Uh…... ok.”, I mumbled.

Jessica stood up and removed her panties completely and got back on the bed only this time much closer to me. In fact, our legs were touching each other as she once again took charge.

“Give me your hand.”, she demanded.

I released my dick and extended my right hand to her which she grabbed quickly. She pulled my hand down and I touched a pussy for the first time. Jessica’s hair was trimmed very close, and it felt very soft and silky. She pushed my hand down a little further until my middle finger found the wet crease between her puffy lips. She softly moaned as my fingertip went inside of her. She lifted my hand slightly and took my finger and placed it on the top of her pussy.

“Do you feel that bump right there?”, she whispered.

“Yes, it’s kind of hard.”, I answered.

“Yep, that my clit. That’s what I rub to make myself cum. Rub it for me.”, Jessica begged.

I began to softly rub it as she directed. She whispered to rub it in small circles which I immediately began to do. She was so wet that sometimes she would make a sloshing sound as I rubbed the wetness around. After about thirty seconds she whispered that I was doing it right and wrapped her arms around my neck. I continued stroking her as directed as I felt her hot breath on my neck.

“Fuck, you’re going to make me cum.”, she panted.

“Go ahead and cum.”, I replied.

She pulled back slightly and looked into my eyes whispering for me to increase the speed of my finger. Once again, I followed her directions but this time her breathing had become erratic, and her face was flushed. She leaned over and gently kissed my cheek then whispered softly.

“Don’t you dare stop Jace, make me cum.”, she demanded.

I once again went a little faster as Jessica leaned in and put her head on my shoulder. She was so wet that my finger found little resistance. Maybe a half minute past before she lifted her head in looked me in the eyes.

“Look into my eyes and watch me cum.”, she whispered.

I did exactly that. I watched her brown eyes glaze over with lust then roll back into her head as she wailed in pleasure. Jessica’s orgasm was very intense, and she held on to me tightly as her body spasmed on my fingers. It took jess a couple of minutes to recover before she opened her eyes and looked at me. She seemed a bit embarrassed at first not knowing perhaps what to say. After the two of us looking awkwardly at each for about thirty seconds, Jessica finally spoke.

“Thank you Jace, that was an awesome cum. Give me a minute or so and I’m sure I can cum again.”, she promised.

Jessica reached out and wrapped her soft hand around my dick and slowly began to stroke me up and down. The feeling was absolutely incredible, and my dick was rock hard.

“Ever thought your big sister would ever jack you off?’, Jessica giggled.

“Definitely not…...”, I responded.

“Look, that last cum was so good I’m not sure I can cum again right now. Let me get you off and we can go at it again tomorrow, ok?”, she offered.

“Okay……” was all I could mumble.

Two things were immediate obvious. First this was not the first dick Jessica had in her hand. Second, she knew exactly how to stroke a cock. I was doing my best to hold back and enjoy the feeling, but I knew it was futile. Less than a minute later my dick erupted with blast after blast of hot white cum. Jess completely milked me dry and stood up leaving my room. I cleaned up with my boxer shorts and threw them in the laundry hamper. I then went into the bathroom and took a shower then got into bed. Jessica’s bedroom door was shut, and I was beginning to have second thoughts about what we had just done. Things would never be the same between Jess and I, how could they be?


I slept late the following morning and got up around nine o’clock in the morning. I went into the kitchen to get something to drink and found Julia at the kitchen sink. I mumbled good morning scanning the front rooms of the house for Jessica.

“Wow, you finally woke up huh?”, Julia laughed.

“Yes, I guess I was tired.”, I explained.

“Uh huh……... or wore out.”, she giggled.

I looked at her strangely and she just smiled and went back to washing the dishes. I walked through the front of the house looking for Jessica then noticed that the one of the cars was not in the driveway. I went back to my room and laid back in bed turning on the television. About an hour later, I heard Jessica come through the front door saying hello to Julia. I heard her come down the hall and open the door to her bedroom. I couldn’t help but think about how our relationship was going to be awkward from this point on.

I was thinking about possibly driving over to my house and put a game plan together for remodeling the inside of the home. After all this would be my home for many years to come. I got up and slipped a t-shirt on over my shorts then reached down to grab my sneakers. There was a soft knock on my door then it opened, and Jessica slipped in.

“Hey Jace, um……. We need to talk.”, she stated, rather urgently.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me on the bed next to her. I did not like the look I saw in her eyes at that moment.

“Um, Julia and I were talking just now, and one thing led to another. We get each other off all the time but I slipped up. She knows what you and I did, and she wants in on it.”, Jessica said cringing.

“Fuck, I knew someone was going to find out.”, I replied.

“Well, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Julia and I have been getting off together for a long time. She’s not going to say anything to anyone.”, Jessica said, trying to reassure me.

“If mom and dad find out, we are dead.”, I replied.

“They haven’t caught Julia and I yet and it’s been five years now.”, Jessica giggled.

“I think you need to end this now……. You two can do whatever you want.”, I stated.

“No, what you need to do is come with me now.”, Jessica giggled grabbing me by the hand.

As much as I knew better that this was wrong in so many ways, I allowed Jessica to pull me into her room. There was Julia sitting on the bed in a very short nightie. Jessica had on a t-shirt and white panties. Both Jessica and Julia were very attractive and never once had a lack of suitors always hanging around. But now finding out that they had been playing with each other for years made perfect sense. Perhaps, they were more comfortable with each other than a young man.

“So, now we know each other’s secrets huh Jace?”, Julia laughed.

“This was a bad idea with Jessie and now it’s twice as bad.”, I stated.

“Oh, shut the fuck up and come here and help your sisters cum.”, Julia giggled.

I walked to the bed with Jessica and sat down on one of the corners near the footboard. Jessica pulled off and t-shirt revealing a very firm set of breasts with large nipples that were already erect. Julia removed her nightie exposing a jade green pair of panties. Julia’s tits were smaller than Jessica’s and she had very small nipples. They fell into each other’s arms and began to passionately kiss each other. They laid down in each other’s arm their mouths open and their tongues entwined. Almost simultaneously, they each slid a hand in the other one’s panties and began to masturbate the other.

They kissed for a very long time and my dick was rock hard as I eagerly watched what they were doing. Finally, Jessica pulled away from Julia and looked in my direction.

“So little brother let us show you how to make a woman feel really good.”, Jessie stated.

Julia reached down to her waist and pushed her green panties down her legs. Jessica moved down and took them the rest of the way off tossing them to the floor. Jessica slowly moved between Julia’s leg and faced her completely shaved pussy. Jessica then looked over her right shoulder at me and smiled.

“Come here and let your big sister teach you how to eat pussy.”, Jessie said in a low tone.

I was fascinated and mesmerized as I moved next to Jessie and laid down across from her. Jessie reached up with her right hand eased a finger into her older sister. Julia let out a small gasp as Jessie’s finger penetrated her. Jessie then leaned forward extending her tongue and slowly licked Julia’s pussy from bottom to top. Julia shuddered in pleasure her right hand going to Jessie’s head softly stroking her hair.

Within several minutes Jessie had her sister softly moaning balanced on the end of her tongue. Jessie paid special attention to her clit which she had already instructed me on. A minute or so later, Jessie removed her mouth from her sister wet pussy and motioned for me to take over. I took Jessie’s place between Julia’s leg and lowered my mouth tasting a pussy for the first time.

Julia was extremely wet, and my tongue moved effortlessly across her puffy lips. Jessica moved up the bed and looked down at her sister who was now being eaten out by her younger brother.

“How’s Jace doing baby.”, Jessie asked.

“Oh, he has potential Jessie.”, Julia giggled.

Jessie leaned down and kissed Julia which aroused her even more. Julia hands were now clutching the sheets as their tongues were dancing in each other’s mouth. Suddenly, Julia pushed me off her pussy gasping for breath.

“Stop Jace, I don’t want to cum yet.”, she panted.

Jessie rolled over to her back and removed her panties as Julia got between her legs. Jessie summoned me towards her, so I moved up the bed. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards her mouth. I softly placed my lips on hers and she immediately forced her tongue into my mouth. It felt like a jolt on electricity shot up my spine as I tasted my sister’s tongue.

We had been kissing for about a minute when Julia’s hand went inside of my boxers grabbed my dick. The feeling was incredible as I kissed Jessie knowing Julia was softly jerking me off. I could tell Julia’s talented tongue was quickly getting to Jessie. I removed my lips from Jessie’s mouth and looked down at her. I could see a storm brewing in her eyes, and it was about to erupt.

“Julia, stop for a minute……... please.”, Jessie begged.

Julia did as she was told and moved toward me getting up on her knees, she pulled my boxers off and toss them down on the end of the bed. Before I could even protest, Julia’s mouth swallowed the head of my dick. Never in my life had I ever experienced something that felt so good but was so wrong. Jessie moved over me looking into my eyes.

“First time you have had your dick sucked?”, she asked, smiling.

“Oh yea…….”, I mumbled, my head spinning.

Jessie quickly got between Julia’s legs and resumed tongue bathing her pussy. The more aroused Julia became the better her sucking skill got. After a minute or so, Julia pulled her mouth off on my dick as she exploded in her first orgasm. Julia’s body was shaking as Jessie’s face was buried in her pussy. She collapsed on the bed trying to regain her breathe as she recovered from her orgasm.

Jessie moved up towards me and grabbed my dick taking it into her wet, warm mouth. After several minutes Julia moved up the bed and placed her lips on mine. It took Jessica less than a minute to send me over the edge.

“Jess, I’m coming………”, I warned.

Jessica pulled her mouth off me and began to jerk me off as fast as she could. Cum exploded from the end of my cock landing on my chest and my stomach. Julia continued to kiss me her soft tongue deep in my mouth.

Minutes later, Julia lips were on Jessie’s pussy as I left the room to go get cleaned up. I took a quick shower and then laid down on my bed thinking of what had just happened. I must have fell asleep because the next thing I knew my mother was shaking me.

“Jace, you need to get up. Your father and I must talk to all of you.”, she commanded.

I got up and put on a t-shirt and shorts and walked down the hallway to the family room. Julia and Jessica were already seated on the sofa when I got there. They both looked at me strangely suggesting that maybe somehow my parents knew what we had done. But that was not the case. My father immediately took control of the situation.

My mother, your grandmother Emily died earlier today. We’re not sure what happened but the next-door neighbor went over and saw her on the kitchen floor. She was dead before the paramedics got there.”, he stated with his head hanging down.

“Jennifer and Julie are already on their way here so we all can go to Florida and set up the services. Unfortunately, Jace you will have to stay behind. I need someone to keep the jobs on schedule and make payroll next Friday. I don’t see us being back home by then. Tomorrow, I will take you to the bank and add your signature to the account so you can sign checks when you must. I’m only a phone call away if you need any advice. I’m sorry to have to lean on you but I know you can handle it.”, he stated.

“Yes sir.”, I replied.

“Ok, we all have a lot to do so let’s get busy packing. Jace come with me to the office, and I will show you what needs to get dome this week.”, he instructed.

My father and I spent several hours going over what had been planned out for the upcoming week. I was going to have to get everyone started Monday then go pick up materials that would be needed for that week.

We woke up early the next morning so that my father and I could go to the bank. My father had me fill out a signature card for his business account and had a power of attorney form completed in case anyone disputed my ability to handle his business. He also handed me the spare credit card for his business that he had in his safety deposit box.

Several hours later, my entire family left for the airport to board a plane. I went straight to the job site to see if the foreman needed anything for the remainder of the day. The week went by slowly and I had to admit it was lonely at night in the house all by myself. I spoke to my mom and dad every day on the phone and everything was running smoothly as could be.

The weekend arrived and the plane was due to leave Florida at six o’clock Sunday evening. It had been a long week for me, and I decided to lay down on the sofa and wait for everyone to get home. I must have been in a deep sleep because before I was completely awake, I know I had heard the doorbell ring several times. I got up and looked at the clock and it was one thirty-eight in the morning. I rushed to the door and looked out the middle class to see two police officers standing there. I opened the door still trying to gather myself having just woke up.

“I’m Sergeant Wilson from the State Police and this is my partner Corporal Thompson. Can you please identify yourself for me?”, he asked.

“I’m Jace Johnson, I live here.”, I answered, confused.

“Who lives here with you?’, he asked.

“My parents and two of my sisters.”, I replied.

“Can we please come in?”, he asked.

“Yes sir.”, I responded opening the door for them.

I led them into the living room and offered them a seat on the sofa. They both sat down holding their hats in their hands. Something inside of me told me this was not good news.

“This is extremely hard for us to say but we believe that your family and perhaps two others were killed in a car accident several hours ago. We established that the Honda Odyssey Van was registered to a Jim Johnson.”, he stated.

“That’s my dad. My entire family went to Florida for a funeral they were supposed to come home earlier this evening.”, I stated.

“How many people went to the funeral?”, he asked.

“My mom, dad and four sisters.”, I replied.

The one officer looked at the other and then back to me. It took a minute to register in my mind, but I knew my entire life was about to change.

“Well, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but at this time we believe that your entire family were killed in a collision with an eighteen-wheeler. At this time, we are sure the driver of the tractor trailer ran a red light and struck the van into the driver’s side. The vehicle burst into flames, and it appears that no one made it out.”, he stated.

“Everyone died……”, I mumbled.

“Yes, it appears that way right now. We have the driver in custody, and he is being tested at the local police station now. Someone will be in touch with you later this morning. By the way son, how old are you?”, he asked.

“I’m eighteen, sir.”, I answered.

“Good then, I don’t have to call child protective services. Is there anything we can do for you?”, he asked.

“No sir, I guess not.”, I responded.

“Once again, we’re so sorry to have to be here to give you this news.”, he said sadly.

“Thank you, sir.”, I stated.
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