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2 moms are blackmailed by sons headteacher
Disclaimer – Everyone involved in sex is of a legal age, this story contains a lot of anal blackmail and coercion if you do not like these scenarios this story is probably not for you.

“So here we are again, but this time it’s a lot more serious,” I found myself saying. Sat in front of me was Liam Brown and Alfie Slate, Liam is the son of Kate and Tom Brown. Tom is an MP and one of the elected Councillors in our city, Kate is a housewife who does voluntary work with a few local charities. Both are well respected in the community and lead a very privileged life. Alfie is the son of Emma and Graham Slate, Graham is the local Pastor, Emma is also a housewife and helps with the day to day running of the church, again both are well respected in the community.

They had both been in my office on a few occasions, my office was a decent size with my desk and a few chairs, it also has a 2-seater sofa in front of the window, used for less informal chats. As the head of the most prestige secondary school in the county it was rare that I would see children more than once for the wrong type of reasons. A warning to them or their parents usually ensures behaviour improves.

Liam and Alfie though at age thirteen thought they were an exception to the usual rules seeing as they were spoilt by their parents, on their previous visit to my office they were both warned exclusion or expulsion is on the horizon should they not improve, a phone call to their parents was made and I had hoped to see an improvement. Both their mothers had expressed they would ensure this.

This occasion was not like previous acts though, it was much more serious, so their parents had to come in. The added concern for the boys is they both are on the football team and probably the best talents we have ever had at the school. An exclusion would see them dropped from the squad and with rumours of potential premier league academy scouts attending the next competitive match this had them worried.

“Your mothers are on their way and should be in here any minute, I can’t emphasise how disappointed I am in you both.” The two of them sat there with looks of concern and tears building in their eyes.

“We’re really sorry sir, we promise we won’t do anything like this again, we didn’t know what it meant,” said Alfie.

Before I could reply a knock came at my door, it was my secretary bringing in their mothers. I knew both their fathers due to their jobs but had never really seen their mums before. We had spoken on the phone seen at a distance with their husbands at events, but this was the first face to face conversation.

Welcoming them into the room I was immediately struck by their beauty. Both looked younger than their husbands who were around fifty they looked mid to late thirties or forty at most.

Kate was about 5ft 4” medium length straight light brown hair and blue eyes, she was slim with long smooth legs, and I could see a curved waist and ass squeezed tightly into the light blue midi sweater dress she was wearing,

Emma was around 5ft 2”, long curly chestnut brown hair and brown eyes, also quite slim but with more of a curved waist and rear than Kate. Her long red bodycon dress showed her figure in all its glory.

“Come in and have a seat please,” I invited them, and let them settle for a moment. Then began the task of explaining how I was going to have to suspend the boys and that they would miss the scouts visit. The boys were getting quite upset, I allowed them to leave to settle themselves and then asked them to wait at reception while I talked things through further with their mothers.

“Please reconsider Sir,” said Kate as soon as the boys had gone. I could see the sun light from the window was shining in her eyes. I closed the blinds; the door had no window, so the room darkened softly. We continued with our conversation.

Both mothers pleaded not to suspend their children repeatedly. I stood up and paced around the room, I often do this when I am thinking. I began to try to wrap things up, “I understand both your predicaments. You want the best for your sons, this scout would provide that. You also do not want yours or your husbands’ reputations being damaged. Imagine the gossip spreading The Councillor and Pastors sons suspended for racist behaviour. It would not be long before the Chinese whispers take effect and suddenly, you’re a family of racists.”

“Our boys aren’t racist, they were just being dumb kids, copying something they saw on TV,” they both blurted out.

“I can’t let something like this go unpunished though, I don’t want to drag anyone’s name through the mud, and this would end any chance of their footballing dreams happening.”

“Who has seen the tape of them doing the graffiti?” asked Emma.

“Just us and your boys as it was caught on my cars dashcam, so far I haven’t told anyone else but after this I will need to hand it over to the police as it’s been reported as a hate crime,” I replied.

“We can’t involve the police, what would it take for that to disappear and never be spoken of again?” came her follow up question.

“I would happily pay you aswell,” Kate added, “If we can make the tape disappear.”

I paced back and forward some more; I was shocked to hear this from them based on their reputations. “I cannot be bought off, I do not need your money, and someone must be punished for this. How do I explain to the pupils of the school it has been unpunished.”

The room fell silent for a moment then Emma spoke up, “punish us and tell everyone else its unsolved.”

“What the hell,” replied Kate.

They then engaged in a conversation with each other, I sat back down and listened. Emma then made it clear she was not willing to be known as the parent of a racist, she also did not want to see her husband kicked out of the church, who wants a racist pastor. She has a good life here and does not want to lose that. Kate had similar concerns a racist councillor would soon be ousted, and they would live in shame and probably need to move. There is no way a professional team would ever take on their boys either.

I watched as their faces showed immense worry about the future. As the room fell silent again, I intervened, “I just don’t see where this is going so let’s just move on and you’ll need to accept what’s coming, I’ll bring the boys back in.”

As I walked past them Emma grabbed my arm, “wait, I noticed you staring at me as I walked in, how about you can have my body to do whatever you want.”

I paused and looked over at Kate, her head dropped “you can have mine also,” she mumbled.

“Wow, I was not expecting that, I need to think about this for a moment as it is tempting. Why don’t you go and check on your sons, I will call you back in shortly.”

The devoted wives and mothers left the room and sat with their sons, they explained that they were trying to sort things out for them, but they must improve and no more stupidity if they are able to put this behind them.

After I had had some time to think I called the boys in first, I told their moms I needed to speak with them first before making a final decision, all four of them looked very scared for carrying reasons. As soon as the boys came in, they started apologising again and pleading for another chance, a final chance to prove themselves.

I made it clear to them that they could never talk about this to anyone not even their best friends as it would ruin their chances of being professional footballers and their family’s reputation if anyone ever found out, if anyone was to ask them about this meeting to tell them it was a warning for repeated mobile phone usage on school grounds.

They again said they did not understand the meaning of the symbol and swore they were not racists. I generally did believe them but was not letting their moms off the hook so easily for the poor upbringing they had clearly provided. As a teacher I feel they should be in full control of what their kids watch and explain certain issues. We would cover the Nazis during the great wars lessons the following year so from a school point of view we hadn’t had the chance yet.

I made them promise their attitudes would change in school and that this would be kept quite forever, after all I do not want to see two thirteen-year-olds throw their lives away before they have had a chance to live them. I then sent them back to their classes, they looked incredibly scared as I explained again what the symbol meant and how they could end up in a juvenile prison if anyone knew.

I invited their mothers back in. “Before we go any further, I need you to bend over my desk raise your skirts and drop your panties,” I told them once they were in and the door closed.

“Then what?” Emma asked.

I stayed silent and eventually Kate did as she was asked, Emma then followed suit. They had fantastic asses. Perfect curvature no sign of any cellulite if I did not know who they belonged to I would of put them on ladies in their twenties. I gave both their cheeks a squeeze then told them they could pull up their panties again.

I sat in the middle of the sofa and invited them to sit next to me. It was a tight fit, but I certainly had no complaints about having the two of them pressed against me. They had stayed silent waiting for my decision.

“Most people know my wife left me, but don’t know why,” I started to explain to them as I put my arms around their shoulders. “She left as she didn’t like my needs in the bedroom, as long as you can do that for me, I will ensure your boys are not caught.”

“I’ll do anything to protect Alfie and Graham,” said Emma.

“I’ll protect my family whatever it takes also,” added Kate.

“Good,” I said as I pushed their heads down to my crotch. “I will need a blow job from you now, but to cover up this story I need you both for 1 night at my house.”

Taking the hint Kate pulled my cock out and started to wank me off, “when? And what will we need to do?” she then asked.

“My wife left as I persistently tried to satisfy my needs not hers, basically she would not take it in her ass, so you will both be my anal toys for the evening,” I said with a smile, still not convinced this was actually going to happen, but I had to take my chance.

Emma jumped up, “No way, I’ve never even let Graham do that to me.”

“These are my terms, and there’s more.” I said sternly. “I thought you would do anything for them.”

“Emma, we need to do this,” Kate said as she was still wanking me off.

Emma sat back down, and I guided her head back down to my lap and started to edge my cock into her mouth. “Good girl, now as I was saying, you will both be my anal slaves for the evening. You will speak only when spoken to and I will expect your assholes to be clean and hairless, some work will need to be done.”

“You want us to shave our bumholes,” said Emma?

“It’s probably easier to get them waxed,” I replied with a small laugh.

“People do that,” she then added.

“Yes, they do, and now so do you. I will also require you to have an enema when you get to mine. These will be ones you can do by yourself. I will make sure I have some in for you.”

“I’m not sure about this,” Emma then added.

I took a moment, then guided my cock back into her mouth, “You’re talking too much for someone who’s supposed to be sucking dick.”

“I can do it, I’ve never done anal, waxing there or enemas before but if it’s what I need to do to save Liam and Tom then I will,” said Kate.

“Excellent decision, finally I will also be filming it for my own personal needs, my ex would never let me film us together. If you can do these small requests, I will do what needs to be done to help you.” I said as I pulled Emma off my cock and guided it into Kates mouth.

This mistakenly allowed Emma to start asking questions again. “Why film us? What will you do with the tape? How do we know you will keep it to yourself?”

“The film is for me, I will not be sharing it and you will need to trust me on that,” I said casually. “These are my terms, you can accept them finish sucking me off and we can arrange a date and time that’s option A, or option B you can leave and take your chances with the police and community.”

Kate started to really suck on my cock harder, her head bobbing up and down like a buoy in rough seas. Emma had a look of contemplation on her face, she then pulled my cock away from Kate and started to suck hard on it aswell.

“Looks like we have an agreement,” I smiled and let the two loving wives and mothers work my cock as best they could. I started to move my cock between them, and they both took their turns. As I still had my trousers on, I reached into my pocket pulling out my phone and a coin.

As Emma’s mouth was full, Kate asked “what are you going to do with that.”

“Just snap a couple of pictures, that way If you do not come to my house as agreed I will send them to your husbands. The coin is to see who swallows, call it Kate!”

Without thinking she called out, “Head.”

“That’s seems appropriate,” I chuckled, flipped the coin and it came up tails. “Emma you will be swallowing my load today.”

Emma never responded just kept on sucking, I swapped their mouths round a few more times before I stood up and pushed Emma onto her knees, I took a tight hold of her head, her curls weaving between my fingers, I guided my cock into her mouth and started to face fuck her hard. My cock was sliding nicely into her throat, and she was making a fantastic “ugh ugh uhck,” sound.

I made Kate stand up and started to kiss her forcing my tongue into her mouth. She followed suit and I was surprised to find her kissing me back. It only took a few minutes of this before I blasted my load deep into Emma’s throat. “Swallow it all,” I said. She did and as I released her head, I instructed Kate, “Go down and clean me up.” Kate then did as she was told, and I took another photo of them both on their knees with my cock between them.

I put my cock back into my trousers, zipped up and returned to my desk. The two of them came back to the chairs in front of my desk, looking flustered and a little out of breath, especially Emma. I checked my schedule. “How about Saturday 17th 8pm?”

“I can’t,” said Emma, “we are away but if we still have to do it, I can do the 24th.” Reluctantly Kate agreed to the date as well.

“Of course, you still have to do it unless you want to move to option B? which will now include losing your husbands when I send them those photos.”

“We’ll be there,” they both said sheepishly.

“Excellent and wear what you are wearing now, you both look fantastic in tight clothing. You have just over two weeks to get those pretty little rosebuds exactly right for me. Regarding this meeting, the boys have been told to say it was about mobile phone usage in school grounds, you might want to make sure they stick to that,” came my final warning before they excited my office.

In the weeks that followed, the graffiti was cleaned over leaving no trace, tensions settled, and the students started to move on. Having found no evidence, the police moved on and the school board made a recommendation of putting in more cameras.

The boys had stuck to the mobile phone story, as part of their punishment at home their mothers had confiscated them, so it fit in with the story. They never told anyone not even their fathers for fear of further punishments.

I did not see either Emma or Kate during that time, but my dick tingled every time I thought of them or looked at my photos. The quality on them was not particularly good so I decided I would make sure my movie was in excellent condition.

I was visiting a friend up north and while there I visited an audio-visual store, as they did not know me, I explained I was starting an amateur porn site and wanted some good equipment to help me out, bearing in mind I would be on my own filming and acting. The guy was great and explained he had done some of his own with his partner. He sorted me out a top of the range camcorder that was easily mountable on a tripod and could be used freehand quickly due to its lightweight, it had better battery and memory than the others. It set me back more than expected but I knew it would be worth it.

I also decided to pop into an adult store to pick up some toys, the ***********ion was crazy I did not know where to begin. I had seen a lot of these used on porn sites but the size of some of them baffled me. I picked up a few items, I did not want to spend too much as the camera had set me back quite a bit already.

Saturday the 24th finally arrived, both the wives had told their husbands they were going out with each other for a meal and drinks and would not be back till late. I think they may have had a few drinks as they were a little tipsy when the taxi dropped them off at mine.

I lived in a small hamlet about thirty minutes out of the main City not too many people here would know the housewives to look at but might by name. I liked to live away from the school, avoids bumping into parents unexpectedly.

I welcomed them in patting them both on the ass as they walked past me. “Would you like a drink?” I have some prosecco or something stronger if you would like.” They both wanted a glass of prosecco which I added a flavoured gin to. I wanted them relaxed, not drunk but enough that they would be easier to coerce.

We initially made small talk and they explained how they had stuck to the story and ensured their boys had. I gave them a bag each with the easy enema kits inside and sent them to the bathroom to prepare.

Whilst they were sorting themselves out, I set up the camcorder on the tripod, aiming towards a sheepskin rug I had laid out, this would be perfect. About 45 minutes later they both returned and had another drink before I decided it was time to move onto the main event.

“Now that the enemas have been done let’s get this started, both of you down there on your elbows and knees facing the wall,” I instructed them pointing to the old sheepskin rug on the floor. I watched as the two housewives kneeled as instructed.

“Remember we need to do this for our husbands and sons, no backing out now,” Emma whispered to Kate. Kate nodded in agreement.

“Silence,” I ordered. “You only speak when spoken to by me,” I reminded them both. “It’s inspection time and I expect my orders to have been carried out or the agreement is off.” I knelt behind Kate first, slowly raised her dress over her rear and let it rest on her lower back, pulled her thong down past her cheeks and let it rest on her thighs. Pulled her cheeks apart to reveal her anus, “Perfect, clean and freshly waxed.”

I then moved over to Emma and followed the same routine, “fantastic just as I requested. Tell me Emma what did the salon think when the pastor’s wife showed up for an anal waxing?”

“I went out of our city where no one knows me, and it hurt a lot,” she replied.

“I did the same,” said Kate.

“Silence, I never spoke to you did I Kate?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll stay quite now,” she replied.

I then made my first move, parting Emma’s cheeks I leaned forward and started to lick her anus. Her instincts kicked in and she pulled away. I was having none of that though and grabbed her waist holding her in place while I continued to lick at her rosebud. After a minute she was loosening so I started to work a finger into her. “Reach back and hold your ass open,” I told her, and she complied. I sucked on my fingers then spat at her rear entrance before sliding two fingers in.

“Oooh,” she moaned out. I was unsure, neither cared if this was in pleasure or pain, I was there for me.

Happy with my progress I moved to Kate and instructed her straight away to open her ass for me, I then followed the same routine prepping her for her first anal fucking. After a few minutes I moved back to Emma to check she was still open. I went back and forward a few times pushing my fingers in to the knuckles on them both. Licking and spitting in between I was in heaven already.

Standing back up I told them, “I want you to use both hands and spread your cheeks for me.” They both complied, I stood behind the camera, “Looking good girls,” I said as I zoomed in on their wedding rings and slightly open rear passages. I then returned it to normal setting and headed back to them grabbing the Vaseline on my way.

Removing my trousers and underwear I knelt in between them, so I was facing the camera, coated three fingers from each hand in the lube, slid the palms of my hands down their lower backs and started to work three fingers into both anuses at the same time.

“You can release with one hand and start wanking me off now,” they again complied with no resistance, there mild moans continued which had my cock throbbing and I already felt ready to release but I wanted to hold on longer, I’m not a young man anymore and needed to pace myself, I’ll maybe be able cum 2 or 3 times if I’m lucky this evening.

As soon as I felt their holes were ready, I stood up and grabbed the camcorder. “Now it is time for the serious fun to begin, there will be ATM, ATOGM and DAP tonight and I don’t want to hear any complaints, any arguments, or any rejection. If you do not do what I want, I will send the photos to your husbands and the boy’s video to the police. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” said Kate with a defeated tone.

“Yes, but I don’t understand what the acronyms are,” replied Emma.

“You really have led a protected life in that church haven’t you,” I chuckled. “Do not worry you will soon find out. Now face down, ass up and spread those cheeks again.” Looking at the two glorious sights in front of me it was hard to pick where to start. Emma for me had the sexier figure so she was first.

I knelt behind her and with my spare hand took a small dollop of Vaseline, spread it over her anal entrance then spread the remaining lube on to my cock. I started to push my way in, it was easy for me, but Emma grimaced at the intrusion.

“Owe owe, too big,” she whimpered aloud.

Kate let go of her cheeks with one hand and stroked Emma’s face, mouthed the words “please, be strong.”

“I assume that’s not a complaint and more of a statement Emma?” I questioned.

“Yes, but please be gentle,” she begged.

Her answer came swiftly as I started to push further into her anal canal. Her moans turned from pain to partial pleasure as she adjusted to my guest in her rear. “Time for you to learn what ATM is. Turn around and face me Emma.”

Kate looked worried she knew what it meant and knew Emma would not be happy to do it. This could all be wasted effort if she did not comply. She looked at me and I knew she wanted to say something. On this occasion I allowed her to speak.

“Emma, it means Ass to Mouth, he’s putting his penis straight from your bum into your mouth and you need to let him, don’t mess this up now, please Emma, you need to do this,” she pleaded.

Emma looked up at me with those deep brown eyes and a sad puppy dog look on her face, “Open your mouth!” she took a moment but then did as she was told and I slid my cock in, grabbing the back of her head with my free hand. I pumped a few times and held her as she tried to pull back. After a minute I released her, “now back into position.”

I then shifted over to Kate, “I expect a better performance from you,” I said as I again took a dollop of Vaseline and followed the same pattern as I had done with Emma.

“Ahhh,” she moaned then bit her lip and changed to more of growling sound as I pushed my length deep into her, she did take it better and with less resistance than Emma. Emma watched on wondering what the other acronyms meant trying to work them out.

After a few minutes I slapped Kates ass and told her, “Suck it now.” She quickly turned round and took my dick into her mouth sucking like she was a pro. “Have you done this before, are you a little butt slut Kate?” I asked with a laugh.

Taking my cock out her mouth and returning to position automatically she replied, “No, I’ve never done anything like this, but I have too much to lose and will do whatever it takes.”

“That’s a great attitude, Emma that’s how you need to approach the rest of the evening.” Emma just looked at me with angry eyes as I made the comment. I shifted back over and slid my cock back into her ass, her moans sounded more like pleasure with the occasional owe as I went deeper. “Suck it,” I commanded. This time Emma spun round and did as she was told without hesitation. “Much better,” I said as I patted her on her head.

I went back and forward doing this for a while, catching it all up close on my camcorder. “Next position now,” I said as I pulled out of Kates mouth, I put the camera back on its stand and lay down “Right panties off, Emma get on top and ride me reverse cowgirl.”

She looked confused at the request, “Christ have you only done missionary before, just make sure you are facing the camera. Kate guide my cock into her ass and lick my balls while you are there.”

Emma slowly slid herself down onto my cock, Kate watched on as it disappeared into the depth of her rectum. Kate then started to lick my balls as she had been instructed. I lay back and left them to run things for a few minutes.

Then I lifted Emma and let my cock fall out of her, then I ordered “suck it Kate.” Listening to Emma whimper in relief at her ass being unused for a moment was nice but the lack of sucking was not. “I’ll assume you never heard me Kate or do I need to send some pictures out?”

“I’m sorry I was not expecting this, I don’t” she said in shock and paused before finishing her sentence contemplating the repercussions.

I was worried I had pushed them too far, would she back out if I released those pics and video, I would certainly have a lot to answer for myself I started to panic. That panic soon eased as I felt a warm mouth around my cock. “Good girl, I hope you will be prompter on your turn Emma. Now you know what ATOGM is, put my cock back in her Kate,” I ordered as I lowered Emma back onto me.

I decided to keep a hold of her hips this time and thrust upwards deep into her for a few minutes, Emma was moaning out loudly sounded like she was building to an orgasm, I had to stop promptly though as I felt myself getting close to erupting.

“Time to switch my little butt sluts,” came my next order

Emma climbed off looking shocked and a little disappointed, I heard her whisper to Kate as she passed, “I almost had an orgasm.” I let that talking slide again.

Kate then mounted me and guided my cock into her rear without instruction. She started riding me with vigour, Emma started licking my balls also unprompted. “Take it out and suck it,” I commanded Emma with a newfound power in my voice. I knew they were mine now. She did as she was told, and I knew I would be able to get them to do whatever I wanted.

Holding Kate, I thrust up hard into her and started to pound hard, “Lick her clit,” I ordered Emma, and she complied even though she had never been with a woman before.

It only took a few minutes and Kate was soon at boiling point, “ooh, stop, please, I’m going to cum.” Emma knew not to stop, I continued to thrust powerfully into Kate. “a ah, mmmm mmmmm,” was the next moaning sound as she came on my cock.

I let her settle for a moment my cock still inside her then, “Keep licking and start finger blasting her,” I barked at Emma as I started to pump ferociously into Kate again.

It did not take long, “Please, ahh, stop, mmm, I can’t, ahh, I’m, oh my god, I’m going ahh, I’m going to, mmm, cum again,” Kate was close to a multiple orgasm. Emma and I kept going, Emma was starting to get into this as she slid another finger into Kate’s soaked pussy. “Aaargh, fuck aaargh,” screamed Kate as she came for the second time.

I pulled my cock out and told Emma to suck it, as soon as her mouth was on me, “uurrgh hurrrgh,” I moaned as I exploded in her mouth. She instantly swallowed remembering back to the time in my office.

I realised at this point Emma had not orgasmed yet, I pushed Kate of me and told her to lay flat on her back, “Sit on her face Emma, Kate make her cum.” The view I had was amazing, two loving housewives, proud mothers naked with gaped asses. One sat on the others face being licked and fingered.

It did not take Emma long to climax like this, “mmmm, oh yeh, mmm,” she moaned before climbing off Kate.

I stood up and watched as the girls stood up, found their underwear put it on and rolled their dresses down. “That was fun huh? Not as bad as you expected?” I asked them both.

“I’ve never had a multiple orgasm before, that was crazy,” Kate said getting her breath back and wiping her mouth clean of pussy juice.

“Can we go now?” asked Emma

“No,” was my instant reply as I stopped the camcorder. “The night isn’t over yet, its only 10pm, how about another drink?”

“If I’m having to stay then yes,” Emma replied, and Kate nodded.

“In fact, as it is only ten, we can go down the pub and have a drink there. It is only a five-minute walk.” I suggested.

“Do we have to? What if we are recognised,” asked Kate.

“That is unlikely, I am one of the few in the hamlet that work in the city. So yes, we must, and you will be fine, but before we go, I have something we need to do.” I instructed them to kneel in front of the sofa and bend over as I grabbed a bag from behind it. “I need to see those nice ass holes again please.”

The devoted mothers knew what that meant and rolled up their dresses, lowered their panties and pulled their cheeks apart. From the bag I pulled out two butt plugs, coated them both in Vaseline and worked them into there still partially opened rear entrances.

“What the hell!” stated Kate.

“We cannot be having all my hard work undone while we are out. You can stand back up and sort yourselves, we are ready to go. Also, I will relax the talking rule, but I expect you to stick to the other rules still.” They freshened themselves up in the mirror then we left.

It was funny watching them walk with the plugs in, but they adjusted quickly to the uninvited guests being present. As we walked into the pub all eyes turned to see the two stunning ladies that had just walked in. As expected, it was all the usual locals, so no one knew who they were.

The ladies took a seat at a table near the corner, feeling uncomfortable, not just from the plugs but the number of lecherous eyes staring at them. I went straight to the bar, “Some new friends there then,” said Jack the landlord.

“Just some friends from work,” I said with a wink.

“Oh, those kinds of friends, surely not both of them?” he questioned.

“A gentleman never tells,” I replied before making an order, doubling up on the girls’ spirits seemed a promising idea to get them back to the tipsy mode and more relaxed. To try and steady their nerves they drank quickly, and I got a second round quickly after. I was still on my first pint when they were on their third double vodka and coke.

Every time I went to the bar Jack would call bull shit that I was anything more than a friend to the two stunners, he referenced them both having wedding rings on. in the end it annoyed me, so I returned to the table and whispered to them both remember to protect your families. I then started to snog Emma and casually feel her up, I then turned to Kate and did the same. They were pretty drunk by this stage so did not even think about where they were anymore.

Enjoying having some eye candy in his pub Jack decided it was a good night for a lock in, there were not many patrons left, a group of young lads and a few farmers. We kept drinking, Emma had started to doze a little in the corner when Kate got up and headed to the toilet, I noticed one of the young lads from a group that had been looking over follow her into the toilet.

As I headed to the toilet to make sure she was ok, I was stopped by one of the other members of the group. “If her names Kate I’d be careful what you say when you go in there,” he said.

“How do you know who she is?”

“I don’t but Mike reckons he knows her from a job he had a few years ago, and reckons she’s married but not to you,” he laughed.

I turned and ran into the toilets, Kate looked terrified as I entered. “What’s going on here?” I asked trying to sound powerful.

Mike replied calmly, “well that’s Kate Brown, she is the wife of Tom Brown not you. The way I see it is she is having an affair,” he paused for a moment then his voice changed, “Thats something I fantasised about her doing with me until she got me fired from my job at the council offices. She complained about me as I made a drunken move on her at the Christmas party, I had a decent career path ahead of me until she ruined it. Now I can ruin her life!” he snarled.

“Look mate, what would it take for you to leave here tonight and never mention any of this again?” I asked.

“Please, I’m so sorry for what I did but you can’t tell my husband about this, please,” she slurred out holding herself up against the sink.

“Well, me and the guys have had a pretty shitty day and could do with some stress relief if you get what I’m saying,” Mike said in hope rather than expectation.

“Fine, what is there about 4 or 5 of you, I’ll suck you all off one at a time,” she slurred her words again.

“We will want to fuck your face, so will need to tie your hands behind your back, you will need to be blindfolded as well so you cannot identify my mates, some of them have wives or girlfriends.

“Fine, whatever it takes for Tom not to find out,” she drunkenly agreed, panicked and prepared to do whatever it took.

I was worried as this could have repercussions on me but relieved when she agreed so easily. “Is that a deal then Mike, but there can be no photos, videos or mention of this ever again. I want your mates to leave there phones outside before coming in.”

“I don’t see that being a problem, as long as they don’t go missing,” Mike said as he headed out to tell his mates the plan.

Kate looked at me, extremely angry and drunkenly stated “you better make sure this doesn’t go any further after tonight.”

“It won’t, now I suggest you get ready for what you just agreed to,” I said emphasizing the ‘you’ part. She just frowned at me as I exited the toilets.

As I returned to our table, I found Emma fast asleep on the bench, her phone was unlocked on the table, she was in the middle of messaging Graham, he had asked what time she would be back tonight. I sent a reply saying she bumped into an old friend from college so her and Kate went back to her house to catch up and have some more drinks and would sleep there. He replied saying she works so hard for him and Alfie that she deserves to let her hair down and have some fun, said he loved her and sent a kiss emoji. I sent him one back assuming that is what she would have done.

Kates phone was there also, I picked it up and swiped across the screen and it unlocked, who these days does not have a screen lock. I decided to send the same message to Tom, and he replied with a similar message to Graham. I could not believe how easy it was to keep them in the dark. They both trusted their wives without question. I now had them till tomorrow due to Kate delaying my plans to get them both back to mine.

I looked up and saw Mike and his crew, shit I thought as I realised there were about twelve of them. I left Emma sleeping and walked over to them, knowing she would be blindfolded I had to ask, “I know I said no pics or filming, but do you mind if I film her doing this, I’ll keep your faces out of it?” None of them seemed to care.

Then Mike said, “if you’re filming and want us to stay quiet about it, we want to fuck her.”

“I can’t promise you that but won’t stop you from trying and will help if I can, that’s the best I can do,” they were happy with this.

I had to let Jack know what was happening to make sure he did not stop it and asked him to keep an eye on Emma for me while I rushed home for my camcorder. He agreed and loaned me some scarves that were sat behind the bar. When I returned, he made a great suggestion “Why don’t you use the old function room, there isn’t enough room in the toilet for them all.”

I had forgotten about the old function room, it never got used anymore except for storage. I went into the toilet first and found Kate almost sleeping leaning against the sinks still. “Are you ready,” I said loudly to wake her up a bit.

“Just get on with it,” she said.

I tied her hands behind her back, tightly and added the blindfold. “I need to move you to the back function room, it’s more private, clean and spacious.”

“What ever can we just get on with this quickly, I also need another drink if I’m going to do this,” she demanded.

“If you’re sure,” it sounded like she was sobering up so I grabbed a bottle of vodka and told Jack I would square up with him later. I untied her hands and passed her the bottle and shot glass, she left the blindfold on and downed the equivalent of a few shots straight from the bottle. “You good now?”

“I’m ready now,” she stated. I tightly tied her hands back up and guided her through to the back room. As she entered the wolf whistles began and I felt her shake as the nerves kicked in. I noticed as I entered the room one of the locals had seen us and started making his way to the bar. I thought no further of it and closed the door behind me.

“Walk forward 10 steps then await further instructions,” Mike told her, and she did as she was told. Standing still in her light blue midi sweater dress with her hands tied and eyes covered, she looked amazing and had no idea how many eyes were watching her

I gave Mike the vodka bottle and shot glass, making sure she could not here me I advised him, “keep her topped up if you want to fuck her would be my suggestion.” His response was a simple smile.

I grabbed my camcorder and started to film, Mike stood next to Kate and started to make a speech. “Right lads I know it was a shit day today losing that match, but poor Mr Brown could be having a worse one if he finds out his wife here is cheating on him. In order to prevent Mr brown having a shit day like us she has agreed to do as we please to keep her secret, Isn’t that correct Mrs Brown?”

“Yes,” was all she said.

“So, I feel it would be unfair to make poor old Mr Brown have a bad day, so I present to you all Mrs Slut Brown,” he said and started to role her dress up her thighs, over her ass up to her lower back, then gently spinning her round for the room to get a good look at her ass.

“Is that a butt plug?” a random voice from the room shouted.

“Full of surprises tonight aren’t you Mrs Slut Brown,” Mike added as he continued to spin her, one of his mates poured her a shot, Mike opened her mouth and poured it in then told her, “Swallow that then drop to your knees.”

Kate did as she was told, Mike pulled his joggers and pants down, took his cock out and pushed it into her mouth. “Suck it Mrs Brown,” he kept emphasising the ‘Mrs’ every time he said her name. She did as she was told, “right guys line up.”

I had my camcorder aimed at Kate the whole time till now, I decided to pan the room never going above chest height, as they all started to take their trousers off and line up, I counted them properly this time, Including Mike there was fifteen of them. I felt sorry for Kate having to go through them all, but then again if she had raised her kid right, this would not be happening.

I watched as Mike got tired of her slow sucking and gripped either side of her head then started to fuck her face wildly. He showed no sign of sympathy as he drilled his cock into her throat repeatedly while she gagged. After a few minutes he released her and waved the next guy in.

He stepped up, took a hold of her head, and continued from where Mike left off. Kate was chocking and spluttering all over his cock, he then stepped aside for the next guy. He gave her another vodka shot before he started his assault on her mouth and throat. This continued down the line, every 2nd or 3rd guy would pour a shot down her throat before his turn started.

As it got to the fifteenth man, I noticed it was now 1am, I thought I should go check on Emma as I heard Mike setting off assaulting Kates throat again, she must have been quite drunk by that stage but was soldiering on.

As I got back to the bar, it was just Jack and the man I had seen approaching him earlier. Then Jack scared the hell out of me, “this is Melvin, or PC McCallister if you meet him during the working day.”

I panicked, surely this was going to end everything. “Oh, Hi Melvin, how’s you?” I asked nervously.

“All good, but I could be better,” he replied.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine about things, do you think I would have a lock in and let this happen knowing he was here otherwise,” said Jack to my relief.

“I might be fine about this, but I will be honest, the noise coming from the back room is getting me hard, do you think your girl over there would relieve the pressure build up for me?” he said pointing at Emma.

“I’m sure I can sort something out for you,” I replied I had to do something, I wasn’t risking upsetting him as it could get very messy very quickly if he phones this in.

“And I think she should sort Jack out as well for being such a good host,” he added.

I sat next to Emma and gently woke her up, “Emma you need to do something for us, I need you to suck these two gents off.”

Waking up groggy and still drunk, “why would I do that?” she questioned with a slur.

“Well, that one,” I said pointing at Melvin, “knows your husband and will tell him about this evening and that you are having an affair if you do not.” I lied to her; Melvin had no idea who she was, but she never knew that.

After a few more questions she reluctantly agreed, I motioned them both over. Emma slid off the bench onto her knees, Jack and Melvin sat in front of her and pulled their cocks out. She went straight to work on them sucking one while wanking the other then switching round. I stood watching, camcorder in hand I decided to capture this aswell. Just filming Emma, Jack and Melvin gave me that stare that said keep our faces out of it.

“You need to take them deeper,” I told her.

“Does she spit or swallow,” asked Melvin.

“Whatever you want,” I answered.

“I want to coat her pretty little face then,” he replied. Emma had heard this and although she had never had her face cum on, she thought it would be better than having to swallow another load. Melvin then stood up and started to shag her mouth, he was close. He pulled out her mouth, rubbed his cock against the side of her face then erupted all over her, it was in her eye, hair, and ear. Once he stopped pumping, he put it back in her mouth to be cleaned.

Seeing this Jack stood up and followed suit. Furiously pumping his cock, he soon erupted on the other side of her face giving her an all over coating. “Wow that was excellent,” he said as his cock was cleaned off by the helpful housewife.

“Yes, it was,” I said as I got a close up off her freshly cum covered face.

The two men stood up and put their cocks away, Melvin called it a night and headed off. Emma crawled back onto the bench and fell asleep, not even trying to clean herself up.

There was only Emma, Jack and I left in the bar area. Kate with Mike and his mates in the back. It was almost 2am and Jack was wanting to close properly which meant everyone had to leave.

I headed to the back room, stopped, and starred open mouthed as I opened the door. Kate was still tied and blindfolded on her knees, but she now had one guy underneath her riding her pussy, another knelt behind fucking her ass, her body was drooping down but being held up by a third guy deep throating her. “Like what you see?” Mike asked.

I just nodded, listened to the noise of balls slapping skin and Kates muffled moans. I lifted my camcorder and started to film again. I then remembered the reason I came in. “Mike, you need to start finishing as Jack wants to lock everything up for the night.”

“We’re nowhere near finished yet, ask Jack to take all the phones on the bar as collateral and see if he will leave us in here.”

I gave him my camcorder to film a bit more while I spoke to Jack. It took some convincing but with around £5000s worth of phones he agreed, I had to agree to stay also, and he would be back around eight in the morning to start tidying up. I let Mike know they had a bit longer, I noticed Kate still in a similar position but with different guys fucking her ass and mouth now.

Jack left and I locked the door and turned all the main lights off, only the lights in the function room were on. I sat next to Emma on the bench for a moment but due to the time and my tiredness I accidently fell asleep.

I was woken by a random car horn outside; I could see light creeping through the cracks in the curtains. Looking at my watch I couldn’t believe it was 7am! Emma was still passed out next to me I noticed her hair all stuck up where the cum had dried in. I then heard Kate moaning in the backroom so headed there.

As I walked in the first thing that hit me was the smell, sweat and sex, it filled the air. I then noticed a few of the guys sleeping on tables, boxes or in chairs. There was a tally table on the side of one of the boxes, I never thought anything of it as it could have been from before, it was at a high number.

I then looked at Kate, she was stood upright pressed facing a wall, still blindfolded, still had her hands tied behind her back. One guy thrusting his manhood powerfully into her anus with another five guys lined up waiting to take their turn. I was happy to see my camcorder still being used to capture everything, very glad I paid that bit extra for it now.

Suddenly the guy ploughing Kate let out a large moan “aaargh, fuck yeh,” he shouted as he erupted in her back passage. “Thats me done I can’t cum again,” he then said as he walked over and added a tally mark to the table. “Next load is fifty,” he then proudly announced.

Fifty loads no wonder her dress was soaked, the mixture of sweat and cum was also probably adding to the room’s aroma. I heard a moan from Kate, I turned round and the next guy in line was already ploughing into her ass. “Times up guys, you need to start getting ready to leave,” I shouted to the room.

Thankfully Mike backed me up, “Come on guys, if you’ve got one more nut in you now is the time to use it.” He took Kate back to the middle of the room and guided her to her knees. Six guys surrounded her and started to jack off. It only took a few minutes before shots were fired. She was being blasted from all directions, one guy managed to get into her mouth and made her swallow his load, but the rest coated her face and hair. “That’s fifty-five I believe,” he then said with a laugh.

“We’ll beat that next time,” another one of them said also laughing.

As they all got dressed and started gathering their things, I asked Kate, “are you ok?”

“Fuck you,” came back her sharp response.

“Just remember, this was your idea,” I replied as she fell silent. I went to remove her binds but was stopped by Mike.

“Not until we’ve left,” he said. The agreement was she wasn’t allowed to see his mates, so I had to comply. Once they were all heading out, I handed them back their devices and most of them thanked me for a great evening of entertainment. Mike told me, “Your dirty little secret is safe, none of my boys will say anything.”

I quickly went back to Kate; on my way I noticed Emma had woken up looking a little worse for wear. “Get ready we’re heading back to mine.” I then went and untied Kate, everything was soaked, I helped her up and let her eyes adjust back to the light. She rolled her dress back down with a look of disgust and shame on her face.

I quickly guided them out of the pub grabbed our things and locked up. We headed back to mine, they looked atrocious, Emma covered in dry cum hair sticking up all over, Kate soaked in a mixture of dried and fresh cum. They moved quickly up the street in order to not be seen. Back at mine all 3 of us were knackered, a few hours’ sleep on a pub bench is not great.

I guided them up to my room and told them to strip. “Please no more,” begged Kate.

“It’s ok, I just don’t want your filthy clothes in my bed. You can both go and have a shower then we can have some sleep.” They both stripped down and headed for the ensuite, “Oh my god Emma, you can take the plug out now, I forgot you had that in,” I said in shock and surprise I had no idea where Kates had ended up.

Kate went in to shower first, while Emma waited, I couldn’t resist. The sight of them both naked, I hadn’t seen it before now, had my fellow standing to attention. Then Emma removed her plug and her anus stayed open I had to get in there again. I grabbed some Vaseline from my bedside and told Emma, “Touch your toes without bending your knees.”

She saw the lube and in a pleading tone, “you said we could go to sleep.”

“That was aimed more at Kate, she was worked hard last night.”

“But my bum hurts from having that thing in all night.”

“That’s what the lube is for, now be a good girl and this will be over quickly, I want to get to bed as well.” Emma did as she was asked and I began to rub the lube in and around her anus whilst coating my cock, I then pushed my cock head in, and she let out a groan. “You love this don’t you?” I asked.

“Just hurry up please,” she gasped out in-between thrusts.

At this point Kate came out the ensuite, she looked over at me and Emma and bent over instinctively in expectation, “Its ok Kate you can go to bed, I’ll be done in a, uurgh fuck,” I said as I ejaculated deep into Emma’s rectum. Patting her backside, I then told her she could go have a shower then join us in bed.

Kate fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. While Emma was in the shower, I thought about the events of the night and that I wanted more. With all the footage I had I started to plan how I could make this a more permanent arrangement, my two little fuck friends no fuck slaves I would make them.

So I could track them I linked there find my phone app to my phone then decided to send their husbands a text message, “Hi honey, going out to a spa for the day with Jane and a few of her friends, they have some spare clothes I can borrow, will be home late. Hope you don’t mind x”

Both husbands replied with similar messages saying along the lines of they deserve a treat day and not to worry about them or the kids and to put the cost of everything on their credit cards. I now knew I had the defeated housewives for the day, I then took all their clothes and put them in the washing machine before heading to bed. I spooned Kate and soon Emma climbed in with us, and we all were asleep pretty quickly.

I was first to was first to wake up around 1pm. They were still fast asleep, after I grabbed something to eat, I checked their phones, no messages of importance a few social media updates but nothing directed at them specifically. I thought more about my day ahead and further afield, checking my phone to see if the find my phone was set up properly, it was.

If I wanted this to work, I had to be clever and careful, ensure their families never find out, don’t push them too much as there is always a chance, they could confess all themselves to end things. After all I have now withheld evidence from the police and committed blackmail, yes, I would have to think about this a lot.
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