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Every character in this story is 18+. Be aware that thinking with portals leads to some unusual penetration angles.
Like every guy he knew, Korbin had long wished to touch the bare skin of the school hottie, Marissa, or smell her long, strawberry blonde hair. She was known as a slut in the most popular social circle but, to the common people, she was an angel of unattainable perfection and had earned the nickname The Queen among those who could only touch themselves while looking at the one public, bikini-picture of her online profile.

It was worse for Korbin; Marissa was his step-sister. She hated him, he hated her, yet couldn’thelp masturbating to the sound of running water whenever The Queen was in the shower adjacent to his room.

In sex or in death, today should bring great change, he mused before asking Marissa to come down into his make-shift basement laboratory to be his assistant.

Standing a glowing platform, The Queen was wearing one of her school outfits that often got her sent home. Her skirt was too skimpy, her belly-shirt too tight around her grapefruit-size breasts, yet so loose at the bottom that they teased a full view of the underside to anyone looking up while tying their shoes. It was obvious she was never wearing a bra either; you could see the swooping curves pulling on the thin fabric and the nipples trying to break through. And Korbin’s sweaty face was centimeters away from biting range.

Though the experiment was dangerous and meticulous, Korbin was in a constant battle against his hand that wanted to drop the screwdriver to look up the skirt and shirt and answer the most-asked question of any gathering he attended: does The Queen wear underwear? If this is a success, I’ll have the answer anyway.

“Are you almost done? You said it would take ten minutes.”

“Yes, and it’s only been five. Just be still.”

So much talking and fidgeting. He wouldn’t want anyone else for this particular experiment, but Marissa had proven to be a terrible assistant. The metal band he was adjusting was like a miniature stargate around Marissa’s waist. It was the last of the six he wanted on her. There was already one around her neck, two around the base of the arms, and two mid-thighs. A loose screw or a miscalculation would mean a gory mess and probably an earful from his step-father.

“That’s it. Time’s up, you perv. Takes that weird sci-fi junk off and gimme my 20 bucks,” Marissa said, stepping off the platform and walking to the nearby workbench to grab her phone just as Korbin gave the final twist of his screwdriver. He wondered if her premature exit had messed up his boson field alignment. Only one way to find out… Korbin flipped a switch and the six rings illuminated in neon blue light.

Marissa looked like a rave attendee and, for a fleeting moment, before her default bitchiness returned, she gazed smiling in amazement at her glowing limbs. “Wow, that’s really cool…20 years ago. Don’t think I’m going to let you take pictures of me in this tacky shit.”

Though he sighed with relief at Marissa’s unexploded organs, her attitude toward this scientific breakthrough made him wish she had crumbled into 7 bloody pieces. “It’s not a costume. I’ve created quantum bonds that allow seamless molecular exchanges between…” Korbin noticed Marissa’s interest rapidly fading, her attention turning almost entirely to her phone as if she was in class. “Look, close your eyes for a minute, it’s the last thing I’ll ask of you.”

“Tsk. When I open my eyes, there better be a 20$ bill in front of my face.” Marissa puton a childish pout but did close her eyes. She tapped the passing seconds with her foot like a constant, annoying reminder for Korbin to hurry regardless of the potentially deadly consequences.

“I’m going to touch your arms. Don’t jump, don’t move. It’s very important.”

“Watch where you put those sticky fingers of yours, perv,” Marissa said, fidgeting dangerously.

“I’m going to touch your head now, just above the ears, don’t open your eyes and please, please stop moving.”

Marissa rolled her eyes under her eyelids and shrugged her shoulders just as Korbin was about to perform his delicate operation. He aborted just in time, the results could have been catastrophic but he steadied himself and pulled it off the second time. “OK, last one, I swear. Going to touch your sides. And it won’t be weird! And I’m not aperv!” he quickly interrupted whatever condescending objection Marissa was about to throw at him. Her impatience reaching the breaking point, the preppy girl kept tilting her head from side to side but, at this stage, the movement of her head was irrelevant.

Korbin allowed himself a final sigh of relief. He checked that the door to his science basement was closed. It was lined with spiky insulating foam (not the perfect soundproofing but no one else was home today). This was mostly for the neighbors because he did expect some pretty loud screaming.

“OK, you can open your eyes now.”

“What the fuck, Korbin! How did you build a wall right against my face? Is it real? I can’ttouch it. What the fuck! What the fuck is that a whole table around my neck? What the fuck did you do, you little fucking psycho?” Marissa’s head was on the workbench, facing the wall.

“Calm down, Marissa. I’m going to turn you around now. And what you see might upset you. But understand that since you’re alive, that means everything went pretty smooth.”

“Since I’m alive?!” Marissa felt her step-brother lift her by the hair with much less pain than she anticipated, and turn her head 180 degrees. At first, all she could see was just more wood under her chin and a close-up of her step-brother’s nerdy little lab coat. Then he backed away and life like severed arms came into view. They were writhing on an office chair, reaching out for Korbin’s neck with clenched fingers, exactly what she thought her arms were doing under the table. Korbin backed up farther and stopped to stand between two sections of a headless, armless mannequin. The mannequin had glowing blue rings around the thighs, exactly like the rings she still felt around her thighs… “Is that mannequin wearing my clothes? That’s creepy even for you, Korbin. Joke’s over now; let me go.”

Korbin realized his step-sister’s lack of smarts or imagination necessitated an extreme demonstration. He gave in to years of pent-up lust and picked the torso off the floor by the underside of the breasts. He unleashed a violent squeeze like each individual finger wanted its lion’s share of the soft flesh under the thin sweater.

“Ow! Who’s under there!? One of your pervy friends?” Marissa’s lower half was giving knee kicks to a groin that wasn’t there.

“Jesus Christ, Marissa. This is your chest!” Korbin squeezed his heart out while walking to the whining head on his workbench. Korbin’s previous warning about being upset turned out to be the understatement of the century. Marissa’s screams, cries, and pleas filled the basement like a Halloween playlist on repeat. He should have been taking readings and measurements but the teenage boy in him could only think of celebrating his accomplishment by striping the shirt off of the Queen’s chest and admiring the soft texture and bouncy physics as he shook, twisted, and pressed his face against the magnificent pair.

Once that got boring, he carefully detached the abdomen at the upper-thigh junctionsand let the legs thrash themselves to exhaustion on the carpet. Though it mattered little now, he finally had the answer to the question on the mind of every boy at St-James: The Queen did wear panties under her skirts. They were sensual lacy things, not much widerthan a string, but Cole owed him 5 bucks none-the-less.

With a quick yank made easy without legs, the panties were off and Korbin held in his hands the most realistic masturbatory device ever made. He had told his friends to come over for a surprise at noon, which left him two hours to do something about the uncomfortable bulge in his pants.

Seeing her step-brother walk up the stairs for a bit of privacy, her crotch under his arm, Marissa changed her tone: “Korbin, I’m sorry. I’ll do anything you want if you put me back together. And… And I won’t tell anyone, I swear.” Her step-brother’s conscience had been eroded to a sliver over the tormented years. He also knew when she was lying. The ship had sailed and soon he would be able to split the little guilt he had between a dozen other people, eventually hundreds. For now, he figured he might as well be the first.

Marissa heard the slam of the bathroom door upstairs, and as if it was happening right under the table, she felt her step-brother’s hands on her hips and a moist knob rubbing on her hairless pussy lips.

The doorbell rang and Korbin gave his step-sister’s pussy and ass a quick rinse in the sink. He had violated both holes countless times, forgetting on occasion that a real person received his slimy seed. He shook the crotch dry and answered the door. The gang was all here and they were in for a treat.

“You… you… How could you do this to me? I felt everything…” Marissa said when the basement door opened, the fight drained out of her along with the runny semen. Even her arms and legs lay inert but they still twitched when she heard too many steps for only one person.

“Wow, these animatronics body parts are next level! They look so real,” one of Korbin’s friends exclaimed, making sure every word was loud and annunciated.

“I’m not a robot! That psycho split me apart! I can feel… I can hmmmmpf…” Marissa yelled before a dirty sock was shoved into her mouth then covered in duct tape.

“Sorry, the head is malfunctioning,” Korbin said, making sure the hole was sealed tight.

“It’s too bad about the head,” his friend Cole said. “I would have wanted to…inspect it. See if the mouth was realistic. Like with saliva and stuff.”

Korbin had slipped a few words about his research these last few weeks so everyone knew they were dealing with Marissa’s real bodyparts. The charade of plausible deniability simply unlocked their impunity.

“It’s probably for the best,” said Korbin, “the head might have bitten off one of your fingers or worse… but I’ll tell you this,” he leaned in close, “when science closes a door... it opens a window.”

“Ohhh. So… you don’t mind if I…”

“Just let her breathe once in a while so we can keep enjoying the rest of her alright?”

Marissa’s breasts felt the gentle caress of unseen hands and the hateful pinches of others. Loads of sperm from unfamiliar cocks joined her step-brother’s residues in her womb and bowels. But all of this was happening in the background, like a dull pain that you learn to live with. The main event had a chubby grinning face staring straight into her eyes from a meter above. The sock in Marissa’s mouth, wet with spit, stopped vibrating in inaudible protest. The unendurable sensation of a slimy worm penetrating her throat from the neck’s end was a hundred times more uncomfortable than an invasive dental procedure. She had been traumatized for life and the stranger was just getting started. She could close her eyes to Cole’s orgasm face but not her ears to the wet shlicks and gullet farts.

“Nnngh, Marissa, your throat is so tight,” the boy said as jets of cum filled his throat-pussy’s mouth.

She couldn’t spit; she couldn’t swallow; Marissa was forced to familiarize herself with the nuances of the salty cream pooling in her mouth until Cole had squirted his last rope against her cum-dripping uvula.

An advantage of the quantum links was that there was no mess; when Marissa finally had room to swallow, thecumoozed down her throat through the portal and into the stomach across the room. The boys waiting in line to dick her pussy had watched the bizarre reverse throat-fuck and were illuminated by the possibilities. Marissa’s neck on the torso side was also primereal estate for eager cocks pumping brogurt in her digestive system from multiple pathways.

Marissa’s bodyparts were a great hit at school the next day. With the gagged head safely tucked under his bed, no one ever suspected Korbin had brought anything but a warm and scented, hyper-realistic set of boobs modeled after the beautiful Queen and a worn-out pelvis that still had some mileage on the gaping holes. When Marissa’s head asked him where her bodyparts were that evening, he admitted he had kind of lost track of them and couldn’t say whose cocks were gangbanging her right now.

“Oh, I think I left your torso in a urinal. It’s probably not warm water that you’re feeling on your breasts right now…”


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