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After fucking my cousin and her friends, my cousin told me how the incest started in her familly. I thought the story was done when she continued...
The cousin – part4 – her mother

When ever our parents weren't home, me and sis were sexslaves to our brother. Every night, we sneaked to his room downstairs to take care of his cock. He called us his slavesluts.

Also, we pleased 5 or 6 of his friends and one of his teachers, who had a preference toward young girls. He didn't mind just watching us having sex while masturbating.

Eventually, our mother lost her job, and she was home all the time. That frustrated my brother. Nightsex wasn't enough for him. Monday night was my night alone with my brother. Tuesdays were my sister's night, Wednesday, it was girls' night, and we did threesomes during the other days. I remember clearly that one Monday night, he was fucking my ass, when he said:

- I have a plan! We have to seduce mom! Then, we could fuck in daytime!

- Are... you humpf ... fucking crazy?

- Shut up bitch, you, and your cunt sister will help!

He then slapped me on my ass!

- No way... we will succeed! She is … humpf.... too straight.... humpf, and too religious!

- Even at 38, she is very attractive! She would be a great new addition to our group! Wouldn't you like to lick her pussy?

I kinda agreed with him. Once, I accidentally saw her naked after taking a shower. Her body is still sexy and beautiful. The night after that view, I fantasized about her when fucking my sister with a strap on. Doing my brother's teacher was the best. I even went to her place, by myself, in a Saturday afternoon, and we had a great afternoon. Next time, she promised me, she would invite a girlfriend. She and mom are about the same age, but mom is much prettier. I found out that I was mostly attracted to older women. But seducing mom seemed like an impossible task. She could blow our thing, if we failed. But, I agreed with my brother, if we succeed, then we would have much more fun together. I couldn't believe that I was thinking that. Now, because he put that idea in my mind, I will get sexually aroused whenever I see her.

- Well, yeah, but humpf!

Then he cummed in my ass. I loved to please a cock with my ass. Sometimes, it hurt, but it is so dirty. He then asked me to clean his cock while he explained his plan. After listening to him, I thought that it might work, and I promised to assist him. Like I have a choice. When my sis was informed about his project, I wasn't surprised that she loved the idea.

During the week that followed, we had a mission to tease her. I invited her to my room to helped me dress, and she got a good look at my breasts. Then I pretended to fell on my bed and took her with me, she got a feel of my breast. Sis pretended to have fallen on the floor after a shower, and mom went to help her. She saw her fully naked. Bro teased her by slapping his hand on her butt a few times. He also put something in his pants to pretend that he had a big chunk in there, and made sure she noticed. I felt it was kinda ridiculous, but he thought it was a good idea.

On Friday, our dad was leaving for 3 days for his work. So, that's the time my brother ***********ed to get our mother into bed with us. During the evening, he did the first step. Mother was taking pills to sleep. So, like in the movie, he turned two pills in powder, and put it in a drink that he offered her. She drank it all without suspecting anything. A few minutes later, she told us she was tired, and went to bed. We waited 15 minutes before we went to her room. My brother tested if she was asleep, and she was deeply. We undressed her. Yes, she truly has a beautiful body. After she was naked, my sister couldn't wait, and licked her pussy. My brother sucked one of her tits, and I just watched them because I didn't think it was right to use her while sleeping. Mom moaned a little and sometimes smiled, and her sleeping body seemed to enjoyed it. Then, bro dropped his pants with a huge hard on. He ordered my sister aside to fuck her pussy till he cum in her. During the fucking, she woke up for a moment. I think she was lost and tried to realize what was going on, but she had no strength to stay awake. If we stopped now, she would just remember that it was a dream. That was just the beginning of my brother's plan.

First, me and sis shaved her pussy. She was enjoying putting all the cream on it, while I was scared using the razor and was careful not to hurt her. It ended up fine. What a beautiful pussy, she has. Why was she hiding it under those hairs? I couldn't help myself, but to lick it. Since everyone was playing with her body, why should I restrain myself? As my bro said, she won't remember. Then we tied her up on a chair with her legs tied openly in order for us to have full access to her pussy. Her wrist were also tied on the arm's chair, and we gagged her mouth with my sister's panty that bro put in her cunt in order to juice it up. We got undressed ourselves, and waited for her to wake up. Sis had lots of fun playing with her tits while she slept. Sucking, twisting, licking, pinching.

After two hours of waiting, I hoped she wouldn't sleep all night. I was giving a slow blow job to my bro when he noticed that she was starting to wake up. That's when we started our special presentation of a threesome. He fucked sis while she licked my cunt. Soon after, we heard her mumbling through her gag. We kinda guessed what it could be, but the plan was to ignored it and show her how much we enjoyed ourselves. Our goal was to teased her to the max. We had three days, but the sooner she broke, the more fun we will have. We were supposed to moan as hard as we can. He winked at me, and I went to mom from behind. She probably thought I was freeing her, but it was to kiss her neck while playing with her tits. They were hard. I pinched and twisted them to get her in the mood. Her body was liking it, but her mind wasn't ready yet. Secretly, I hoped she wouldn't break soon. Playing with her body tied up like this was exciting. Having free access to her boobs and cunt was too hot. My hand slowly went down to her pussy. Oh yes, it was wet! She was full horny. We were getting to her. I whispered:

- I'm glad you are enjoying our show, mom! We will free you when you will be ready! We love you!

I rubbed her clit, and fingered her. With her legs tied up, I sensed that she tried unsuccessfully to close them. I can't wait to watch sis putting her whole fist in her pussy. She will go crazy. Then we switched. My sis took my place, and I went on the bed to lick my sister's juice on my brother's cock. I smiled, showing mom how much I liked it, and commented on how big and beautiful bro's cock was. Then, he pushed me on my back to fuck my pussy. I screamed of joy.

- Yes! Fuck me, bro! Fuck me hard!

- Oh yes, my little cunt! I will show you!

While he rocked my world, I watched my sis, and my mom. My sister was enjoying playing with mom more than me. She kissed her all over and talked to her dirty. She restrained herself, she's not supposed to give her an orgasm yet. Because of the chair, she couldn't lick her pussy, but that doesn't stop her fingers to play with her cunt and clit. Soon, we would untie our mom, and our tongues would have full access to it when my brother's cock won't be in it.

My brother looked at my sis, and moved his head toward the drawer. She left mom, and retrieved from the drawer a vibrator. First, she teased mom's clit with the maximum setting, Then she set it to low before inserting it into mom's pussy. Who would have thought that mom was using one. Maybe dad wasn't giving her full satisfaction. That was a plus for our plan.

My brother invited my sister to get on the bed with us. She kneeled on the bed to suck my brother's cock while I was lapping her cunt.

- Yes baby! Yes! He screamed.

Her cunt was full of juice, and dropping. Truly, playing with our mom's body exited my sis. After he came in her mouth, me and sis did a 69, with me at the bottom.

At the same time, bro teased my mom with his cock. First, he rubbed it on her arms and masturbated just in front of her. Then he stood on the chair and put his cock as close as he could in front of her eyes. I was unsure if she opened her eyes or not. He even touched her cheeks with it. And then, he went lower and rub his tool against her tits and rub her boobs around his dick.

Now, I hoped she will be ready soon. We tried different positions for an hour or so.

At 1 am, my brother made us stop. He felt she was ready.

- Mom! I know you are mad at us. We are sorry that we had to tie you up like this. We did it because we knew you would object or resist, but as you saw, we have lots of fun together, and we would really like you to join us!

He then removed her gag. We didn't know how she would react. Her tits were hard, she was definitely wet. The vibrator was still running in her hole.

- Please kids, untie me!

- So, you had time to think about it, what do you say?

She paused for a moment. The wait was stressful for us. Did we succeed?

- I think you are enjoying sex with each other, and you seem happy. I won't stop you from doing it! I won't tell your dad! I promise!

- Thanks! Will you join us?

- No, I don't think so! It is bad! I don't want to get involve! I will keep your secret! Please, untie me!

- Sis, can you do some magic with your hand? asked my brother.

She jumped out of the bed, and went to our mom. She removed the vibrator, and started fingering her till she gets her fist in. My brother was clear with us. The goal is for her to join us, not just allow us.

- Please don't! I love you, baby! Don't do that to me!

- Go ahead, sis!

Then, mom started to moan!

-No! That's wrong! Stop! Please! Oh, my! What are you doing to me, baby! Mmm! Ohhhh!

I went behind her, and played with her tits. My brother tried to kiss her, and she moved her head away.

- Let it go, mom! Enjoy sex! It will be fun for all of us! I encouraged her.

Then, I think that's the moment we broke her.

- Yes...mmm yes! Like that! Push it in, baby! You are good there! Yes! She encouraged her daughter.

- Will you join us now, mom? Insisted my brother.

He put his hand on my sister's shoulder, and she stopped fisting but kept her fist in.

Mom took her breath.

- Yes son! I would like to have sex with you all!

We were all happy. My brother gave her a good french kiss. She didn't resist anymore. She was ours. Then he pressed my sister to continue to fist her slowly, this time.

- Will you also be my sexslave, mom?

- Your what? Oh, no! I can't! Oh, my... Oh, no! You are asking too much!

She was overwhelmed with orgasms that my sis was giving her! My bro kissed her, and I noticed that she kissed him back. She was almost ready. He moved his hand for sis to stop.

- No, please continue! Don't stop!

- For her to continue and us to untie you, you have to agree to be my slave!

I kept twisting her tits, and blew into her ear to help her get convinced. I thought my brother went too far. Just accepting to play with us was enough.

- Please, I will do anything! Yes! I will be your sexslave!

- Repeat it, mom!

- I WANT TO BE YOUR SEXSLAVE! I will obey you! Please, continue to fist mommy's cunt, baby!

Sis did it happily. Quickly, I untied her completely. Once free, the first thing she did was taking her son's cock in her hand, and put it in her mouth. Sis and I taught her how to please a girl, and to become very naughty. She shared with us her curiosity about sex with other women, and never thought about acting upon her secret fantasy. She was surprised to find her pussy shaven. She never did such thing before. Her first reaction was wondering how she would explain this to our dad. I reassured her that he won't mind. They barely had sex in the last few years, and she desperately needs us. We will provide her plenty of it now.

- We had a great weekend, and we are now all subs to my brother, mostly mom! I never thought my mom could act as such a whore. And dad never knew about it. Eventually, I brought her to the teacher's home and with her friend and did a great lesbian foursome. So that's how it all began, dear cousin!

- Wow! I would never suspect!

She giggles.

- We have fun all day! And when my father arrives, we are all dressed up like nothing happened! Everyone is happy!

- Since then, sis, Mom and I shave each other's cunt to please my brother! It is so fun! Mom also learned that she love to have sex all tied up! She also likes us to use her body with sleeping pills!

- I know you for a long time, and it looks like I never knew you!

- Surprise! Surprise!

- Since you were so open about incest, why did you set the rules about cousins having sex with each other?

- Well, I didn't want to reveal everything at once, and I wanted to move slowly with you! I knew you were a very straight guy. But Sarah kinda accelerated things up and messed up my plan! I think it is a good thing now that she did! And you guys are very open when it comes to sex!

- Now, I want to discover the new you! The real you!

- I want you to!

Then we kissed. This invitation wasn't such a bad thing after all.

- And your story end there?

- Well, as you know, my family live in a farm, but I won't give you more details about this part of my life! Let's fuck again, cousin! My cunt claims your cock!

The end.
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