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I peeked through my parents bedroom window and saw them fucking (again!) but this time Benji had joined in.
It was day 2 of the holiday. My friend hadn't been able to come but that had actually worked out quite nicely. Of course I didn't let my parents know I was happy about the situation and kept up my moody teenage angst act, all the better to escape them and then spy on them fucking.

My morning had started off quite nicely, I was awakened by Benjis rough tongue in my pussy and happily lay there with my legs spread while he worked his magic, lapping away at my juices. It never failed to amaze me that the more he licked, the wetter it made my little pussy and of course this made him lick me more. It was a very sexy series of events. He would go mad shoving his tongue in my hole to lap up my juices so of course I would pull my knees up to my chest, spreading my bald cunt wider for him to get his reward for being a good pussy licker. When I got the angle right his wet nose would bump off my swollen clit, I'd be laying there hugging my knees, dog tongue deep inside me, the sound of that sloppy licking, my eyes rolling in my head with sheer pleasure as his nose repeatedly bumped my clit! When I lowered my legs though, he knew that was when I needed all the doggy tongue attention on my little swollen clit, he would lick and lick and lick with that big raspy tongue right where I needed it until my whole body tensed and my silent orgasm ripped through me. Benji was clearly keen for a repeat of yesterday's activities in the woods but I was too scared to wank him off in the house partly because I didn't want to get caught but mostly because I had no idea what to do with all of his cum. At least if it was outside he could just shoot his load all over the grass and I didn't need to worry about the clean up process. So I apologised to him as he sat there with his lipstick expectantly poking out but promised to relieve him later.

I had breakfast, showered and dressed. All very boring in the grand scheme of things and decided to make the most of the beautiful sunny day and the mountain bikes provided by the holiday home. As I got ready my mother was lecturing me on the importantance of wearing a helmet "blah blah blah" was all I really heard, I'm not a dumb kid, I know you're supposed to wear a fucking helmet but I managed to not scream at her and just nodded sweetly. I got annoyed at my step father though when he suggested Benji didn't go with me on my exploration mission, of course he didn't know he was imposing on our special alone time but I was furious! I made all manner of arguments as to why Benji should be with me but in the end, dad was right. It was unfamiliar territory and I would feel awful if Benji got lost or injured or any of the other horrible things he suggested to make his point and put the fear into me. So Benji stayed with the parentals and off I headed in a big teenage huff to see what I could discover on this deserted hillside. Between the dog discussion and huffing off, I had forgotten my bottle of water which I'd left on the front step. Of course I only realised this when I was thirsty so I must have only been about 10 minutes into my bike ride in the summers heat when I doubled back to fetch my refreshments.

When I arrived back to the holiday home I had every intention of grabbing my water and avoiding anymore lectures but if you have read any of my other stories, you will know by now that I was a little pervert, so of course when I didn't see any parents lurking about I made a quick detour passed their bedroom window to see what kinky fuckery they were up to today. What I saw left me feeling really horny and super pissed off.

My dad was sat on the edge of the bed, half leaning back on his elbows and completely naked with his fat cock standing proud. He was looking down at my mother who was also stark naked, on her knees sucking his engorged cock with her fat arse in the air. Behind my slut of a mother was my beloved Benji, with his snout buried in her cunt as he lapped away with his big treacherous tongue. My little pussy was instantly flooded but I was mad as hell. Was this their plan all along? Bastards! Not so mad of course that I didn't stay and watch.

As I stood there spying on them from my secret hiding spot, I slipped my hand down my shorts and panties to rub my increasing swelling clit. The window was ajar so I could hear the sloppy lapping of Benjis course tongue as he enjoyed mums flowing juices, the sound of this was mixed in with her moaning and gagging on daddys massive cock. My bald pussy was dripping wet already from the sight before me and I was on the brink of my first orgasm when dad stood up and interrupted the oral session. He pulled my mother up from her kneeling position and sat her on his cock facing away from him, her baggy cunt must have been well prepared by Benji as it accommodated dad's girthy penis in one motion until he was balls deep inside her with her legs spread wide.

As they were both now facing me I had to adjust my position slightly to avoid being caught or breaking up this kinky scenario I had discovered. When I felt brave enough again to peek, I saw Benji had resumed his pussy licking as mum slid up and down dad's stiff pole which meant in the process he was also licking dad's cock and full balls. This vision combined with 2 fingers inside my wet hole, my orgams tore through my body and I nearly fell over from going weak in the legs. As I regained my composure I could make out some of what dad was saying "you love that dog tongue don't you?" mumble mumble "your cunt is dripping" mumble mumble "you're ready to get fucked bitch". This last comment confused me as she was clearly already impaled on his dick. Then they changed position again but they were so engrossed in what they were doing I didn't bother hiding again.

Dad directed mum back onto the floor so she was on all fours, he propped some pillows under her stomach and resumed his position on the edge of the bed. Benji was pacing about with his red cock hanging out, clearly ready for some action. Dad leaned forward and shoved his cock in her mouth which he greedily took and as he did this he reached over and spanked her fat arse, this caught Benjis attention and he resumed his licking for a few moments as dad patted and spread her arse cheeks. "C'mon boy, you've earned this" He said as he slapped her butt again. Benji took the hint and mounted her, wrapping his front paws around her waist. I could see him thrusting wildly as he tried to hit his mark which he missed quite a few times. Eventually dad said "help the boy out love" and mum reached down, spread her sopping slit and guided his throbbing cock to her hole. BANG! He was in and fucking her like there was no tomorrow, she yelped and I thought she was in pain but she was loving it and swallowed dad's cock as he just smiled and enjoyed the show. I thought for sure if Benji fucked my virgin cunt like that he would kill me, he was relentless! He pounded away fast and furious making her head bob about on dad's cock while he called her his "cum slut" and said "Benji is going to fill you right up, you better hope Lou doesn't come home anytime soon". Oh if only they knew Lou was about to have her next orgasm outside the window any moment now.

This was my first time learning about the knot and what happens, after Benji coated my mother's womb with his doggy cum, he tried to move away but just stood there butt to butt for a long time. All the while my mother continued worshipping daddy's cock with her expert mouth. Eventually Benjis cock popped out and I saw cum running out of her pussy and down her legs before dad pulled her up onto the bed and spread her legs "my turn" He grinned. He slammed his cock deep inside her splayed, used cunt. She just lay there smiling while he used her, his dick coated in dog cum as he thrust hard and fast in her willing cunt. Her big tits bounced with each thrust and she just lay there smiling as he pounded her. God I loved watching his arse muscles tense with each thrust! He said "you enjoyed that didn't you baby?" Her reply was "yes daddy" and this was enough to make us all cum nearly at the same time.

I managed to sort myself and hot tail it out of their before getting caught. After all the orgasms I was too tired for a bike run so I didn't go far and just went and lay in the shade of a tree enjoying listening to the birds singing. When I returned later of course everyone behaved as though everything was perfectly normal and Benji was keen to resume his nightly pussy licking service.

Now I had seen his cock in action I was more keen to get fucked and a little scared too. Only one way to get over that fear though I guess.


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Enjoying your stories , well written and very arousing .

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