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A stranger breaking and entering...
In the darkness he silently climbed up the tree to get a vantage of the second floor window. He gasped when he saw her laying there in bed, her form silvery curves under the silky moonlit sheets. Cascades of strawberry blond hair spread out on the pillows beneath her head.

He watched for a few more minutes; she was completely unmoving under the blankets, enjoying a peaceful slumber. The window appeared to be open, he just had to slide the screen aside...

This he did carefully and silently while leaning in from his tree branch. It all happened so fast - in an instant he was there in her room, a foot away from her bed, and she was still as of yet unaware of his presence.

He admired her beautiful mounds of tits rising and falling with her sweet breaths, the silky fabric clinging to them, clinging to her hips. She looked so tender, so ripe for the picking.

His prick began to harden in his jeans. He reached into his pocket for the roll of duct tape, and as quietly as possible began to tear off a piece.

The beautiful girl slept so peacefully that he was able to tear one length of tape and began another long strip before her breathing started to change and he knew she was waking.

In another instant he was on top of her, strong thighs pinning her down.

In a groggy haze, she tried to scream but he simultaneously slapped the smaller piece of duct tape on her mouth, then the next long pieces he used to her bind first her wrists and then ankles to the bed posts.

Her tits were shaking now in fear, her big blue eyes wide open, staring at him with tears beginning to spill down flushed cheeks.

He raised a finger to his lips.


Carefully he peeled the blankets off her and she whimpered into the duct tape, uselessly begging her attacker to leave her alone.

She stared up at him, her body trembling as he took it all in. Hard nipples stood at attention, they looked to be sitting atop firm B cup tits.

He bent down and lifted her nightgown up over her hips and she shrieked again.

His head in between her legs, he paused a moment and took a deep breath of her aroma.

She sobbed, feeling him tug her panties down as if in slow motion. He pulled them as far as he could down her bound, outstretched legs, then ripped the thin fabric right off her to free her cunt for his taking. She cried out again.

His pulse quickened at the sight of such ripe, supple meat spread open before him like a meal.

His cock throbbed at the exquisite smell of her sex, at her gloriously shaved pubic mound, and the hint of glistening lips he just had to taste.

He positioned his face inches from her pussy, breathing it in through his mouth and nose, ignoring her soft cries and quivering body beneath him.

Suddenly he lapped up her pussy slit and began kissing it, slathering it with saliva, then probing her hole with his tongue.

The girl screamed into her gag in shock. She writhed around on the bed, trying to throw him off. He was wearing a ski mask but pulled it up to allow his mouth free access to her bald pussy - she could feel his abrasive chin stubble or beard now prickling her thighs and pussy mound.

Savagely he ate her pussy, his slurping sounds and her muffled cries filling the room. He ran his tongue over all the folds and ripples of her cunt lips, then parted them with his fingers and delved his tongue deeper inside her.

She shrieked again. Onward he flicked his tongue, up, down, all around in circles over her entire gash and into her hole, occasionally glimpsing eye contact with her. Beneath his ski mask she could see blue-green eyes, and she knew he had facial hair of some kind.

He continued tongueing her mercilessly for what seemed like an eternity. His fingers began sliding in and out of her hole while he flicked his tongue at her clit.

He could hear her whimpers get louder, her tits shaking now. His fingers continued a steady pace in and out of her cunt, his tongue licking quicker and greedier against her clit.

She moaned into the duct tape, writhing on the bed, twisting against her restraints, against her assailant. He went on undeterred, hungrier than he'd ever been for pussy meat.

She involuntarily grinded her pubic mound at his face, her body beginning to betray her, pussy muscles relaxing, building a powerful orgasm forced upon her by this stranger.

Her screams sounded like moans and he suspected she was climaxing. He kept going, lapping her gently, her pussy mound writhing in his mouth.

He let her catch her breath, pulling his wet face back for a moment, then as soon as she quieted down he dove back on her, eating her pussy with wild abandon.

She cried out again and shrieked, tears flowing, her body tired now from fighting, and from the strong orgasm that had been ripped from her without her consent.

His tongue slurped up and down her super sensitive gash, then once more settled against her hard little clit button, kissing and licking it again to another orgasm.

The girl screamed, trying to crush him with her thighs but he just pushed them apart effortlessly with his strong hands. He lapped up and down steadily through her climax, not stopping, making her shake wildly beneath him. Her cries became whimpers, tears wetting her hair.

He decided to give her a rest for a few minutes. But as soon as she quieted down again he moved in to force one more orgasm from her pussy - this time with his cock! He had rendered her a quaking puddle of flesh on the bed, weak and unable to fight him much longer.

Her pussy was sopping wet, ready for him now. He reached into his pants and her eyes widened as she heard the zipper come down now. She shook her head hard, begging him one last time. He could hear her muffled cries, no, no, no, no...

She watched as he took his shirt off and revealed a smooth, chiseled chest and abdomen, clearly fit from his experience breaking and entering and dominating random victims. He kept his jeans and ski mask on.

She saw him take the base of his dick in hand - under normal circumstances she might have admired it, 8 or 9 inches, veins covering it, huge purple mushroom cockhead already dripping pre-cum. He straddled her petite body, forcing her legs wide open now. In the moonlight she could see him take aim at her little pussy hole. Now she closed her eyes hard, knowing what was coming.

His cockhead rubbed against her pussy gash, against the opening of her sex. She gasped, whimpering, her eyes open again. He stared back at her while forcing the head of his prick into her hole. She screamed, muffled again moaning no, no, no...

He nodded. Yes.

And then thrust his hips hard, sinking nearly all of his inches inside her to the hilt. She screamed again, shaking her head hard. He continued nodding and began building up a rhythmic pace, in and out, the bed shaking with each firm thrust into her juicy hole.

He kept up his steady hammering, sliding easily in and out of her lubricated hole. He couldn't help but moan at the exquisite tightness of her pussy flesh around his shaft, tugging it, squeezing it, begging it to deposit seed to its furthest depths whether she wanted him to or not.

In the heat of the moment he tore off his mask and pulled her nightgown up to expose her perfect tits for more oral assault. She felt his tongue encircle her nipples gently, flicking and coaxing them to hardness.

In the darkness she could see a chiseled jaw, supple lips, white teeth, sandy hair - she might have thought him to be ruggedly handsome if she'd seen him out in public. Surely this man had no problem getting consensual dates - his kink was forcing himself on women, forcing them to orgasm under his power!

He looked up, noticing her staring at him, and she felt his cock come to a stop inside of her. Then she jumped when he spoke in a deep voice that cut through the silence of the room.

"You are the most beautiful fucking girl I've ever seen."

And with that he groaned, then hammered his cock back inside her. She screamed another muffled scream.

Underneath him her cries became moans and they both knew another orgasm was being forced from her body.

He kept thrusting rhythmically, feeling her hole pulse around his meat. She writhed breathlessly, squirming under the stranger's assault, her orgasm splitting her apart, shaking her head no, no, no the whole time.

He slowed down to let her catch her breath once again.

His prick had never been this hard, he knew it was going to explode and he knew he needed to deposit it as deep inside her as possible, there was no pulling out now.

He forced her thighs wide open, slamming his entire length into her one last time. She screamed again, her eyes on his. He stared back at her and gasped, his balls tightened, shooting ropes of sperm into her cervix. She closed her eyes, crying again, feeling the stranger inseminating her womb.

Flooding it with cum, it seemed his prick throbbed and spurted for a full minute. She cried quietly while the last throbs of cum oozed into her. Surely she'd just been impregnated, she'd never before been filled so full, so deeply.

He gasped again, his cock still inside her, and tried to steady his breath.

She hoped now it would be over.

But in a few minutes his prick was hard again and ready to go, he was so aroused it never really deflated while inside her. He began softly thrusting into her juicy, sperm-filled pussy until his cock was just as hard as it was before. She closed her eyes, pussy tingling again, knowing he was going to force another orgasm from her while she was filled with his seed.

The bed began squeaking wildly as he built up a faster and faster pace. The first time he was somewhat gentle but now he was hammering her like a machine. She couldn't deny how good it felt being so full of his cum, being fucked with it, the cum being fucked deeper into her.

Squelching sounds filled the room. His body weight crushed down hard onto her, forcing her to take him, all of him, his pubic bone grinding against hers, making her shriek out again and shake violently in a breathless climax that seemed to surge from head to toe.

She passed out after that, nearly hyperventilating into the gag. He came a second time. The cum was so deep inside her it hadn't worked its way out yet but he knew she would be leaking a huge puddle of evidence soon.

His prick finally deflating inside her, he thought hard on what to do next and then decided he'd get the water started for a shower to clean them both up. Her limp body was petite and he was able to easily carry her to the bathroom. He pulled the duct tape off her wrists and ankles as gently as possible and tucked the wad of it into his pocket.

She was coming in and out of consciousness at this point but was too weak to fight him back now. Seeing her naked body bent over next to the big walk-in shower made him hard again. He lifted her into the shower and positioned her on hands and knees with a warm stream of water from the shower pointed down onto her back and her ass.

Her cunt meat glistened between her legs, white globs of cum finally oozing out of her. He grabbed her hips firmly and had to thrust his prick back inside her while she was bent over on her hands and knees.

The warm water splashed off his back, feeling so good while his cockhead sank back inside her juicy cum-soaked pussy walls. This time he resisted the powerful urge to deposit seed into her again and tried to fuck her maniacally instead, forcing the previous cum load out of her pussy with each savage thrust.

She groaned, half-conscious, her body feeling so heavy and tired, feeling the stranger dominating her. Each hard thrust forced her elbows and knees painfully into the hard tile under her. She felt the steel hard prick ram as far inside her pussy as it could go, then come almost all the way out, then slam back inside her as hard and deep as possible.

She was too weak to peel the duct tape from her mouth. The hard fucking made her lose her breath and pass out again, face planted against the tile floor of the shower. She had been fucked to delirium, too tired to move.

He pulled out and cleaned her up as best as he possibly could one last time before cutting off the shower and leaving her there, nightgown still hiked up over her back, a sopping, well-fucked puddle.

Before he left her bedroom he grabbed a pair of panties from a pile of laundry, nutted in them extremely hard, then tucked them in his pocket and slipped back out the window.

Climbing down the tree, a wicked smile begin to spread on his face.

He was satisfied with his endeavors tonight, and was looking forward to the next already.
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