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Hey everyone... this is my very first story here. Hoping that by sharing my experiences, i could help to others understanding their deepest kinks and desires... and hopefully fulfilling them
For some time i was kinda embarrassed with one of my deepest kinks. Which is... pretty dark in itself, but as a really imaginitive girl, it gets even darker in my thoughts. I always wanted to share it with people to relieve the vast amount of stress i have built up over the years fantasizing about it, but... unfortunately this is not the kind of kink that is easy to express and to reveal in front of your boyfriends or girlfriends. To this day I still havent got the courage to come up with it to any of my boyfriends, not in person, not even in text.

I just kept fantasizing about it, watching lots of videos i could never even imagine i would, let alone finding it deeply arousing.

And i mean arousied like nothing else could get me.

I thought about sharing my stories here and tell how i actually found about this kink of mine to... maybe relieve a bit of stress i feel, and share my thoughts so maybe... people would understand better the "why"s and "how"s.

This is how i found out that i am... actually deeply aroused and get soaking wet for bestiality.

It relates to an event that happened when i just crossed the line of 18. Like it happened just a few days after my 18th birthday.

I had a really fun boyfriend back then, who helped me a lot to discover some of my kinks and... kinda sent me down the road im still on to this day. I wasnt the kind of girl who could talk openly about sex, or anything related to it, at least not without getting embarrassed and my face turning bright pink or dark red in embarrassment. I could get really uncomfortable just by hearing other people talking about it, and when they did, it was me who did the blushing instead of them. He was the longest relationship i had still to this day, and it took me some time to get used to being relaxed around him and have sex for the first time. I guess it didnt really help either to have parents who... never really told me anything about sex themselves, being too conservative to have some decdent talks with me, even when... you know, that first time happens when a young girl shows the signs of... fertility.

Once i was brave enough though, i started to find out that there is nothing embarrassing about it, and having a boyfriend who never pushed me, or rushed me into anything was the best i could wish for. Ive became comfortable after some time to have sex regulary. Because dont get me wrong - i loved it. I really enjoyed the sensation like nothing else when i came the first time in my life, and ... you wouldnt guess how young i was when that happened, and i dont even dare sharing it. It happened when i first heard my parents having sex, and even though i never knew how it was supposed to be done, and what was happening exactly, i felt turned on. So much that i had to rub my girly pussy in my bedroom with my head buried in my pillow. I loved it so much, i just got hooked on it. Sharing it with someone else was the first real hurdle for me, and once ive gotten through it, it was... kinda the years of my life i enjoyed the most, still to this day.

He was the forst guy i dressed up for, the first guy i did roleplaying with, the first guy who... just kinda made me comfortable to even talk about sex, and not just the dirty texting part.

I was ever so curious about why we feel certain things and how oour kinks and instincts work... and after all these years, i think i can share some thoughts that might help understanding it.

It was a weekend in january some 9 years ago. I was raised in a middle western european country, in the suburbs of the capital city. I was with my first boyfriend, and we stayed for a night at one of his more distant relatives house in a small town while the parents were away. I had to lie to my parents that we will have adult company, as they would never let me stay somewhere without being watched over, but... we were all past 18 at that point - we were adults, albeit on the raw and green side of adultness.

It is a two story house, my boyfriend's second cousin lived there with her parents (if i remember correctly, it was the only occasion ive seen her, we were never really keen on visiting each others families often, as we had much more fun together, just the 2 of us).

We had some drinks, i am not really into drinking, but since it was just days after my 18th birthday, we drank wine, and it was kind of what i expected - we were kinda bored as we didnt really know each other, so just decided to go to bed and have sleep. We were in the guest room on the ground floor, my bf's cousin was up in her own room on the first storey.

And i think i have to mention here that... they had a dog.

A large, monstrous, fit great dane they named Thor, and his name kinda fit his buildup. He was really friendly once he sniffed around us and been told that we were friends. He should have been outside the house, but since it was january and cold as hell (and parents away), he was inside for the night, he had pillows lain on the floor in the hallway.

We didnt plan to have sex there, even though we both felt like it, i was too afraid of being caught and being embarrassed, or even being heard. I was still years away from my first public place experience, back then i was only comfortable with having sex when it was just the two of us anywhere.

Weve gone to bed around 11 pm, and probably kissed for a full hour with my boyfriend, touching each other, but i wasnt comfortable with anything more, and my sweet spouse (god bless him) wasnt pushy at all, he would have never wanted me to do anything i wasnt comfortable with. Other guys probably would have gone crazy by then. So... we were kissing passionately for like an hour, and kinda fell asleep, but i could only sleep well either in my bed, or my boyfriends bed, but nowhere else.

And since i couldnt sleep, my instincts woke me up again and again, and i felt the need to go to the bathroom well after midnight, it was probably past 2 a.m. at that point.

I got out of our room and had to climb the stairs to the first floor, thankfully not in full darkness, as they had some dim blue night lights on the corridor. My eyes were like glued together, i was kinda between being awake and dreaming, so i didnt even notice Thor wasnt sleeping downstairs.

I went past our hosts bedroom, but i didnt recognize anything extraordinary... yet.

I turned on the lights in the bedroom and it felt like an ice pick got stabbed into my brains, it woke me up in an instant. I had to pee, the floor was cold as ice, the whole bathroom felt like freezing, so i got out as quickly as i could. And once i was on my way back to our bedroom, ive seen some light coming out of our hosts bedroom... and since i was awake now, i could clearly hear her moaning. It was the same moaning i heard when i first found out my parents were having sex as a young girl.

I knew in an instant what she was doing - or so i thought. My curiousity was already reaching its peak years ago, i watched tons of porn videos and read many stories, read an unhealthy amount of hentai, and even had a few toys by then - and i was already fantasizing about maybe kissing a girl in my wet dreams. I wanted to take a peak and see her masturbating for a few seconds maybe... so i approached her door, her voice sounded distant, so i felt safe to at least take a peek through the keyhole.

I was in the deepest shock of my life.

Our host was in her bed, on all fours, facing sideways, and Thor, their monstrous canine dog was mounting her, hugging her tiny waist as tight as he could.

And no, they werent having sex.

They were fucking like wild animals.

I thought i was hearing her moaning, but i couldnt be more wrong. Her head was buried into her pillow and she was actually screaming so loudly into it that it couldnt keep her voice back enough from me to hear it on the corridor.

I could tell they werent doing it for the first time. She was rubbing her clit, Thor was humping her so forcefully that he got her sliding further and further forward on her bed with ever thrust. And oh god, she was soaking wet. I could clearly see her pussy drooling crazy amounts of her juices, i could guess she came all over his cock many times by then, her brains were melting, and she was just squirting it all out in ecstasy. Ive never seen a woman like this in my entire life, not even in videos or in any hentai ive read. Her soaking pussy literally made a puddle on her bed sheets, and i could see that fluid sloshing around, Thor was literally fucking her into her own pussy juices. She was screaming crazily loud, i guess she couldnt even think straight anymore, she was cumming constantly, and Thor just never stopped. He kept humping her melting pussy, he literally fucked her into submission. It was so crazily intense, i couldnt compare that to anything ive seen before. Not like i was such a fan of hardcore porn where men just done their thing "really hard", so i havent seen much of things like girls using their throat, or getting double penetrated, as i was always loving passionate, intimate lovemaking and slow buildups... but i could clearly tell this was much, much more intense than any hardcore stuff out there. She was gripping her sheets with both hands trying to hold onto something, screaming deeply from the back of her guts, and Thor was mercilessly fucking the soul out of her.

She was his toy. And he used her like one. They were like friends with benefits, they just wanted something from each other, and took it. No strings attached.

She was cumming, her thighs were shaking, as they were just a tiny bit chunky, i could see her flesh swaying and wobbling as Thor kept pounding her, his paws were hooked into her thin pajama top, and i think ive clearly seen signs of the fabric tearing from his paws. She clearly wasnt thinking straight - imagine having to explain that to your mom. And that probably wasnt the only top of hers that got torn into shreds by Thor. Later on i found out girls usually make their dog wear something on their paws to avoid the scratch marks and tearing their clothes, but in that moment i couldnt think either.

I explained this in all the details i could remember, but it happened really fast. If people see something that gets the in deep shock, either in a good or bad way, time feels like slowing down. I could clearly feel my body pumping so high amounts of adrenaline into my bloodstream that i was afraid of getting a heart attack right there. The adrenaline helped me think, and my first thought was that Thor might hear the floor cracking under me and find out about my presence, so i left in a moment, i was afraid of being caught there.

My second thought was that this was the most arousing, nastiest, perviest, the fucking hottest thing ive seen in my life - and it still is. Ive even felt my ovaries twitching like they sometimes do before im going to be on my period.

I was hurrying back to our bedroom and on my way i felt my thighs rubbing together under my pajama shorts and i was soaked like crazy. My burning hot juices made my thighs literally slimey. I had deep dark stains on my light blue shorts.

I knew i just had to run back, so i did as fast i could down the stairs, tried to close the door behind me as quietly as possible, and i saw my boyfriend trying to roll from one side to the other as he was probably looking for me, beacuse we used to sleep hugging each other, cuddling up.

It was the very first night that i knew it wouldnt be like this.

I woke him up by throwing the blanket off of him, drawn down his shorts and got his half erect cock in my hands, gripped him tight and kissed him as deep as i could. He couldnt say a word, i didnt let him, i didnt want to hear a word, i just wanted to fuck like our host did with Thor, and make myself cum.

I was in so much heat like never before, i got so excited i soaked my boyfriends cock in like 15 seconds and just came immediately. I didnt even have the composure to turn on my belly and let him mount me like i needed it.

It was kinda the craziest night for me, and it still is.

Unfortunately i was still a coward back then, and i never had the courage to talk about to this to anyone. Not even to my boyfriend, let alone to his distant cousin.

I just kept it for myself, and soon enough i was fantasizing about it way too much without being able to relieve my built up stress and play out my deepest, darkest kink. Soon my mind started to open up slowly though. But thats for the next story.


2023-01-26 23:09:16
Hot story - would benefit from being edited. There are a good few typo's otherwise - nice.


2023-01-22 20:39:14
AWESOME!!!! I hope you are able to have Thor mount you and you share with us your experience ;-)


2023-01-20 15:55:48
Hannan I be gad to chat with you about your desires of beastia sex


2023-01-19 22:21:24
So hot Hannah , Can't wait to hear more your sweet kinky fun mmmmm


2023-01-13 20:00:53
Enjoyed your story, very arousing

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