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Every character in this story is 18+ (even in the flashback). The main character's cock is exaggeratedly large.
Eric was trying to listen to the car dealership lady explain the features of his new car, but it was hard to concentrate. At every opportunity, she would lean over his lap to point out buttons situated on the driver's side. She kept touching his shoulder, his arm, even put a hand on his thigh for an awkward amount of time. There was giggles and lip-biting whenever he returned her longing eye contact. She made an effort earlier to bend over while installing his license plate in a way that showcased her long slender legs and the cute round butt in thin white jeans they joined into.

She was pretty, no doubt about it. She must have been the one usually on the receiving end of such pathetic flirting from customers. Yet today this beautiful woman was the sad, desperate one, attempting to get attention from an average-looking young man anyone would say is not in the same league. Eric knew better, every girl in the world was in his league.

"Do you want me to show you the back seat?" she said.

Eric sighed. There it was… the inevitable culmination of all the needless flirting and the fateful moment when he has to decide wheter to break her heart or destroy her ass. Of course, decisions like this were heavily influenced by his current level of horniness and with a good-looking woman like that, his dick usually chose for him. For a brief moment before and after sex, he felt like a piece of shit.

Nobody knew his terrible secret. Oh, he blurted it out dozens of time to strangers while drunk off limitless free drinks, but still, no one really knew because no sane person would ever believe him. They admired his talents as a ‘player’ without buying into the whole Egyptian curse nonsense. Eric didn’t believe it himself when he managed to drown his memories in enough alcohol. The facts remained that he turned the head of every woman he passed by and always left with the hottest one in the bar, even if she happened to be a waitress or the barmaid or even the DJ one time. And now today this unemployed high-school dropout who just got his driver’s license was about to bang the hot rep in the back seat of this new car he shouldn’t be able to afford.

Eric sighed a second time. The dealership girl, whom he didn't remember the name of, looked nervous but still awaited his response to her backseat request with bated breath.

"Yeah, let’s do it,” he said with no excitement whatsoever. Her face brightened and her smile beamed. The slim brunette crawled to the back seat and struggled to peel the tight pants from her bubbly behind while Eric left the driver's seat to open the back passenger door. She was waiting for him on her back, lust in her eyes looking at him from behind her long legs pointed straight up at the ceiling. She was breathing heavily like they had already started and she was getting pleasured by his gaze. Her heels were anchored on the roof and her pants and panties were bundled up around her knees so he had the perfect view of her shaven pussy. So far so good; when the girls you bang had no idea they were going to have spontaneous stranger-sex that day, the landscaping was sometimes not up to Eric’s extremely high standards. At least the self-confidence necessary to ask a stranger to ravage you in semi-public locations filtered out most of the unattractive women and bad surprises.

Before cramming himself in the tight space on top of her, Eric used the doorframe for cover to unzip his pants. The reveal, specifically the face of the girl witnessing the reveal, was always a treat. No matter how many times the curse had been put to the test, he always expected the next girl to be the first one to change her mind after seeing the size of his cock. Today was not that day. Dealership girl, eyes and mouth opened wide, was in awe of the magnitude of his sex. Even knowing it would split her open, she was as horny and willing as ever in the presence of what she perceived as a god. "Oh fuck," she said, for the first of many times in the next 20 minutes.

Eric had somewhat of a code. Maybe having sex with a customer would get that girl fired, maybe her relationship with whoever gave her that engagement ring would fall apart… he could live with that guilt; people had bounced back from worse. His promise to himself was not to cause yet another unwanted pregnancy. He would fuck her pussy, dripping wet in anticipation, but that was just to lubricate his dick. If the load was internal (and it had to be, today, to not ruin the new leather) it had to be squirted deep in the ass.And she would be happy to take it any way he wanted it, they always did.

The soundproofing of the car was thoroughly tested as Eric ruined yet another woman for any other man out there. There was nothing in the world she wanted more than the full length of his dick plowing her guts and she screamed in ecstasy just as loudly when he left her pussy gaping to push his wet dick up her ass and take over her entire rectum with the forceful thrusts of someone who is just bored of typical intercourse. After dumping his third load of the day (he thought the hostess at the breakfast restaurant this morning looked cute enough to fuck twice) he took a breather on top of the panting girl folded in half. Every fucking time, in that post-coitus moment his mind wandered to the past. He thought so frequently about that damn senior school trip 5 years ago that every detail was still fresh like it happened yesterday.

"Even if you don’t love me back, I'm going to love you forever," he had told Andrea, the girl he had been obsessed with for no reason other than being young and stupid. It took years of building courage for this awkward and pathetic declaration of love to happen. She had boyfriends and breakups in all that time, of course, because she wasn’t a self-hating loser like him. But that didn’t matter; someday she would realize how cool and handsome this random guy who never dared talk to her was. Seeing her alone, recently single, reading the museum card for an ancient-looking urn, young Eric put it all on the line.

Andrea didn’t say no or laugh but her uneasiness said enough. Eric had used up all his remaining courage and just bolted. He couldn’t even bolt right and knocked over a display case the second he turned around. The sound of breaking glass drowned the simultaneous sound of breaking clay. Then nothing. Complete silence. He looked back at Andrea with double the shame now that he'd proven himself clumsy on top of pathetic, but she wasn't even looking at him; she was staring blankly at nothing, her neck braced as if interrupted mid-startle. She was frozen in time.

A shadow (that’s as good as he ever managed to describe it) spoke to him in his mind. It wasn't talking in full sentences, just putting random thoughts into his head, each accompanied by a searing headache.

"Gratitude. Powerful. Reward. Choose."

Eric would have asked for world peace, or something, given the time to articulate his thoughts. But Aladdin didn’t get it right; Ghostbusters did. Without warning, his underwear nearly ripped from his giant new dick and time thawed. He was staring at the broken artifact among the glass shards of its display with no trace of the mysterious shadow. His wish had been taken straight from his mind and his adolescent brain was always thinking about sex. Specifically, at that moment, about how every girl would want to have it with him if he had the biggest cock in the world.

"Are you OK?" Andrea asked, helping him up. “This place is so boring... Do you want to get out of here?"

Dealership girl's lips wrapping around his presumable world record-holding penis snapped Eric out of his daydream before he got to the part where he ruined the life of the girl he loved, cheated on her with her best friend, and got his first threesome out of it as "punishment". His ejaculation was not a magic off-switch; that poor woman with the bruised anus lusted for him now as much if not more than before. He could tell she was used to giving blowjobs and that she usually throated. She was failing miserably at it now, of course (throating a cock this size took a lot of experience), but the potential was there. He had half a mind to let her practice for the rest of the day.

“Is your husband home?” he said, embracing his inner asshole.

“He’s out of town this week.”

“Do you have any kids?”

“She’s not going to bother us, I promise.”

Eric sighed a third time. He felt like a piece of shit again. With a mouth around its head and lipstick on its shaft, his cock was still calling the shots, and his car’s first test drive was to the address the lips’ owner entered on his GPS. He tried to sleep in other people’s houses whenever he could. His mother and sister were not spared from his charms and life at home had been... challenging. And, now in this stranger’s beautiful home, he spotted a bikini-clad young girl sunbathing by the underground pool while her mom was busy underdressing. He should leave before she saw him, become a Tibetan monk, or move to a cabin in the woods, or…

“Mom, who’s your friend?"


2023-01-30 14:59:40
@FruitNinja94 There are 3 more chapters for this story on my Subscribestar but be warned that it gets very incesty. It's what my subscribers voted for; I take zero responsibility :)


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do you plan on writing any more of this? or if you have already where can i find it please :)

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