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The story continues
0001 - Tempro

0003 - Conner- Thomas

0097 - Ace - Zimmel

0098 - Lucy

0101 - Shelby (mother ship)

0125 - Lars

0130 - Gillese

0200 - Ellen

0250 - Tendra

0301 - Rodrick

0403 - Johnathon

0505 - Craig

0660 - Realla

0778 - Jan

0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human)

0805 - Toran

0808 - Radella

0881 - Handrax

0908 - Tara - Mara

1000 - Sherry


Ungrown - unnumbered


0100 - Derry (father ship)

Rescued from Tendraxians

so far


2 on Shelby both in re-gen

8 on Lucy


Known and OR numbered


0501 - Thaddeus

???? - Lena


missing - 0667 - Marco

0999 - Zan - still lost


Damn it! Gunther could hear his wife and daughter calling to him from somewhere. Try as hard as he could, he couldn't seem to zero in on just where they were.

A short Asian woman was frantically going back and forth between the bio-beds of a man and a ten-year-old girl.

"Mary, what in the hell did Shelly do that the charges weren't completely effective?" Mita asked.

"I am analyzing her and her nanomites now." Mary said, going hmmmm a moment later.

"A little more information than hmmm, Mary." Mita said.

"It appears that your daughter was able to somehow manipulate the nanomites within her body. If I didn't know better she is in almost complete control of all of them. Astounding, it is this that apparently caused the malfunction. It was also apparently arrested as soon as your husband spoke to her," Mary said.

Mita stopped suddenly, staring at her husband. Then she got closer to him, staring even more intensely at his face. She was just now starting to recognize a few of the readouts he was showing.

A shake of her head she looked at Mary, "I need you to do a level 1, micro-cellular scan of my husband."

"Commencing scan now, are we looking for anything specific?" Mary asked, slightly perplexed.

"I'm not sure," Mita said. "I'll know as soon as I see the scan. So far I am not seeing anything unusal."

Over on a third bio-bed, a half-conscious Derrick groaned as his eyes slowly opened. As soon as he tried to sit up, he groaned even louder.

"Mary, I and the empire do not have time for me to be a prisoner of a bio-bed. If you hadn't noticed? We are currently at war." A still groggy Derrick said.

"Yes Sire, you are only here to confirm that you are still functioning at full capacity. How can you lead the empire if your mind is still confused?" Mary asked.

This, of course, had Derrick's eyes snapping open. "So, you are saying that I really have no say in this?"

"Partly yes," came a familiar voice from the med-bay door. "Really Derrick, we can't have you riking yourself like this before you produce an heir."

Derrick shook his head slightly, "no point in doing that if we are destroyed now, is it, Shelby?"

"To a point that is true, still, you are the absolute last male of your line, the Imperial line. Plus, Mary is barely able to allow both of us access. Now, shut up, lay back and get better." Shelby said.

Derrick smirked at her as he tried to salute, "Sir! Yes Sir!"

Shelby shook her head, "now you're just trying to placate me." She shook a finger at him. "It's not going to work this time."

Derrick sighed, then laid back. She was starting to match him wit for wit.

"Sire," Mary said, "you should be released within the hour. This was an excellent exercise in DIMT living matter trasnsfer."

Derrick thought a moment, then nodded. "Up until now it had been thought that a transfer of this distance was impossible. I can see that you are trying to find a way to reduce the amount of static charge. I assume it is a result of having to use as much power as you did?"

The holo-gram of Mary nodded, "that statement is almost entirely true. I am still trying to derive where the rest of the static was from."

Derrick nodded as he felt his mind clear more. A sudden thought occurred to Derrick. "Have you thought that the extra energy might have been collected during the long transfer?"

Mary's holo - gram shook its head, "not as of yet. I am now analyzing data related to the event."

"Mary?" came the slightly confused voice of Mita. "Do you still have the last micro-cellular scan done on the Emperor?"

"Of course, Dr. Mita." Replied Mary.

"Please display them, along with my husband's and my daughter's," Mita said.

As each came up Mita nodded her head 'til the end. "Astonishing, according to the readings, they all have components of the same nanomites, within their bodies," Mary said.

Mita was nodding again. "The Emperor is first generation, it appears that my husband is fourth. Our daughter appears to be of the sixth and last."

A groan between Derrick and Shelly drew their attention. "Could the three of you hold it down? My head feels as if it is splitting in two."

"Serves you right trying to pull off a long distance transfer without proper preparation," Mita said with a hint of gratitude in her voice. "So, when were you a patient of my father's?"

"Your father's patient? Oh shit! You weren't supposed to know, ever. Your father made me promise to never tell you." Gunther Shiloh said to his wife, who had a shocked, then slightly angry look on her face.

"You thought this was a good idea!!" Mita said as her voice started to rise in volume.

"Yes," Gunther said as he started to cringe. "As he said, it was to keep you from a reaction such as this."

Mita growled as she took a deep breath, visibly calming, she pointed a finger at him. "We will talk later, you will tell me everything, understand?!"

Gunther again cringed as Derrick and Shelby started to chuckle.


Johnathon Hartwell was pacing the deck. So far, Johnathon hadn't been able to do anything but stabilize Bee. Hartwell had contacted Mary, though that was an hour ago.

"Have you been able to get anywhere?" Hartwell asked.

"I am sorry, Prime, I have not. I am able to keep her in her present state, though as of yet, nothing else has worked." Johnathon said. "I also have to inform you that Admiral Shiloh is on the Imperial Planet."

"What!? How in the hell is that even possible? I thought that the DIMT couldn't transfer living matter safely."

"Apparently mother was able to, though as he found out, it caused a great deal of static energy. As I was told, it was an emergency involving the Admiral's daughter," Johnathon said.

"Has Mary been able to deduce a way to help Bee?" A near desperate sounding Hartwell said.

"I am sure that they are doing all they can to help her." A female voice said behind Hartwell. "So, you are that worried about her."

Hartwell turned to face his sister Lucie, a look of pain on his face. No matter how or where he looked at the situation, he had to admit he was falling for Bee hard.

"I... yes I am, don't start, I have never felt like this, so it is taking a long time to process it." Hartwell said.

"No, I am not here to belittle you brother, I am just glad that you haven't completely given up. You are more like the man that left home all those years ago," Lucie said.

"More like I was? I am still the same man who..." Hartwell started, then stopped when Lucie shook her head no.

"You are a solider, war has turned you cold and hard inside. I can see it. I guess you had to though, with all the killing that occurred. To say that you are almost emotionless wouldn't be too far off the mark," Lucie said sadly.

Hartwell could only stare at his sister, the demure girl he knew wasn't the same either. She had grown into an independent, strong, opinionated woman that was equal if not more than he was. This revelation shocked, then made him smile. It was good for her.

Lucie could only suspiciously stare at her brother when she saw him start to smile slightly.

She then reached over, punching her brother in the arm. "Alright, what the hell are you so happy about?"

Hartwell again was staring at Lucie as he rubbed his arm. "For your information, I am glad that you are as strong as you are. Both of us have been through hell, it's about time things started to go our way."

"Oh," Lucie said as she looked deep into her brother's eyes. A shake of her head had her saying, "I'm sorry brother. I'd forgotten just how bad it was for you also." With a turn she looked over past the empty bio-beds to the one that Bee was on. "So, the Emperor and the girl's father are OK. Shelly is stable, what of Bee?"

Hartwell sighed as he looked at the unconscious form of Bee. He was about to speak when Mary's holo-gram appeared. "It appears that we have a way to help Bee and the others. The others haven't started to show signs, though we suspect it won't be long now. I have given all the information that Johnathon needs to effect a cure."

Johnathon appeared a moment later with a pneumatic injection on the hand of a robotic arm. "How long will it take..." Hartwell asked as soon as the needle hissed.

He stopped as Bee took a deep breath, then sat up. A look at Hartwell caused her a slight smile, then she lowered her eyes, then her head. "I am sorry my Lord. I did not mean to sleep in your presence."

Hartwell shook his head as he reached for her face. Lifting it up, he stared deep into her eyes, "it is more than allowed when you are not well. I do believe that you will never have to be afraid of what the males on your planet did to you."

Shocked, Bee stared back into Hartwell's eyes, seeing something there she'd not seen before. Then it occurred to her what he had said. Her eyes flew wide, she did not feel any of the compulsions that she had felt most of her adult life.

"You... you have cured me?" A truly shocked Bee asked.

"I believe that we have Bee, we just might be able to cure almost all the females on your planet." Hartwell said, then had to struggle to stay on his feet. Bee pulled him full force as she threw her arms around him.

"Thank you, thank you, lord sir! The females on my planet have been enslaved their whole lives by this." Bee said excitedly, then backed away, shrinking herself as small as she could on the bio-bed. "Please forgive me Lord Sir, I did not mean to disrespect you. Please sir, punish me, not the others."

Hartwell could only stare in horror at what Bee had said. He got level with her face as he quietly asked her to look at him.

"I told you Bee, I would never do that to you or any of the females from your planet." Hartwell said.

Hartwell slowly forced her head up to look at him. When she saw his smile, she again started to shake. "Please Lord Sir, I will do anything, I..."

"Bee, I will never punish you. I really don't think that there are many males in our kingdom that will either. Please, look up, look into my eyes, things are not like here, as they are in your world." Hartwell said.

Bee's eyes very slowly rose, her body still cringing, 'til Hartwell pulled her to him, holding her tight. Bee's eyes flew wide when he realized that there was no pain or ridicule.

"This is truly strange, Lord Sir, it might take a very long time to grow used to this everyday." Bee said.

"I told you I would answer you after all this is done. I don't think that I can wait that long." This had Bee staring up at Hartwell, her eyes wide in wonder. Hartwell looked deep into her eyes, "I am finding that the thought of being without you is starting to terrify me."

Bee's face held shock, her mouth having dropped open, unable to speak. "You... you wish to bond with me?"

"Yes Bee, bond with me, be my partner," Hartwell said.

A still shocked Bee could only stare, then started to nod her head, yes, vigorously.

Nearby Lucie had tears falling from her eyes. Finally, her brother had found someone.


Jimison and Difina were both panting, sweat pouring off their bodies. Both stood almost vanishing as they attacked their master Dempsy again.

The sound of two thuds were heard as both of them hit the wall again. The two of them were shocked when Dempsy appeared next to them. The thing is neither had felt nor seen him move.

Kimon shook his head, had they not learned anything? "So both of you wish to remain worthless. All that you have learned 'til now is more than important and, yes, it is that simple. Forget what you see, reach out as you learned, use the other senses, remember the eyes can lie."

Jimison was panting hard as he went through what he'd learned before, simple?

It was then that Kimon noticed a slight smile come to Jimison's lips. This time Jimison seemed to vanish, as did Kimon. There was the sound of several blows, then they both appeared in the middle of the room.

"The worthless one is finally showing that I might have to spare him. Much better, you need to show your mate, remember everything, no motion or action, is taught for no reason." Kimon said, then bowed leaving the room.

Jimison looked at Difina, amazed at what had just happened. He had been able to feel where his master was going to be, and his strikes.

"I am amazed that I was able to do that," Jimison told Difina.

"You were moving more like master, the both of you vanished. I am ashamed that I was not able to follow either of you," Difina said, hanging her head.

"It is as master said, remember all that we have learned before. Reach out, feel where I am, where I will be." Jimison said, trying to explain. "Concentrate, feel me."

Difina thought a moment, then something seemed to click in her mind. Difina slowly closed her eyes, then reached out. Jimison smiled slightly, then vanished.

Less than a second later, Difina also vanished. There were the sounds of hits and thuds for a few minutes, then both appeared with smiles on their faces.

Kimon smiled. They were finally moving in the right direction. Now, at least they had a chance. There weren't many out there that weren't masters that could defeat them.

Kimon reached up, tapped a comm. "Another hour, then cool down meditation."

Kimon turned as he went to the room that was his. He stepped into the extremely sparse room, opening a small com.

"I have need of my mate, they have finally reached the first level. You have a much finer touch when it comes to teaching. I am afraid I won't get them much past level two without your help." Kimon told his mate.

Onai bowed to the image of her mate, "You honor me mate. I will be there soon. I will bring your first student if you wish."

"If you have passed him to active duty. You, I am afraid, are the only one that can. Mother hasn't much in that field. Has she cleared him of any brain damage?" Kimon asked.

"She has, though I am afraid that I need another time with him. He has cleared almost all of the malady. Soon mate, then I will depart to you." Onai said.

"Very good mate, please come soon," Kimon said as he cut the comm. off.

It was good that his two students were finally progressing toward where they needed to be. He then stepped out, heading to where the Delcron had a semblance of a dining hall.

As soon as he stepped into the room, he felt that there was going to be trouble. As many times he had shown that they could not touch him, he'd have thought they had learned.

Kimon stopped in the middle of the room, "before you begin, be aware that I am a master. That means, I have mastered my art, an art that encompasses more than one form. Now, I wish to eat, please all come to me so that I might relax."

He heard several scoff at his statement, causing him to sigh and shake his head. He estimated that the room held over 150 places to sit. They were all full.

Right before everyone there, Kimon seemed to vanish, only to appear near the back wall. The front of the room gasped as those in the back of the room seemed frozen, then fell. There were a few growls as Kimon asked, "do you still wish to continue?" There were more than a few growls as Kimon nodded, "Do not say I didn't warn you."

Those still awake smirked feeling they were ready, that was 'til Kimon again vanished. All those in the front of the room fell except for one.

The one still standing started to applaud, "very good warrior, though I think not a master."

"One does not need to use advanced moves to defeat the untrained. Though I am sure you noticed that I removed the arm of your shirt," Kimon said, a small smile on his face.

The one still standing looked at his arm, shocked for a moment, then covered it up. He wasn't as good as he thought, Kimon thought, as he had noticed the quick shocked look on the other's face.

"We will have to take this up at a later time. Ah, so you know he who ends you. I am Vilox, third master of the Rilcon order." Vilox said as he started to turn.

Kimon had vanished as Vilox had turned. Vilox stopped short when Kimon appeared in front of him. "I think not, I know that you are after the princess, probably her mate. As of today, I think that you will have a much more difficult time defeating them. They have after all reached the first level."

Vilox growled, he hadn't felt Kimon move, he tried to slip out as he vanished. He then, found his self propelled toward the wall at an accelerated rate. With a bounce back, he smiled this Kimon had no power, that was 'til Kimon hit him far harder than he had as of yet.

Kimon watched as Vilox hit the wall three times faster than before. This time, the Delcron was unable to stop as he smashed into the wall hard. Sliding down the wall, Vilox's eyes were wide, before he lost consciousness.

Kimon went through Delcron's clothes, then his body, removing vials and capsules of poison, acid, sleeping potions among several other chemicals. Kimon could only shake his head. They truly were far below his clan in the art.

Then Kimon was pulling out a great number of weapons, far many more than Kimnon felt that the Delcron needed. This was more the mark of an assassin, than one of the art. So he thought, I am dealing more with a clan of semi-amature assassins. Well, he thought, things just got even more interesting.

A moment later, more than twenty guards appeared, "are you in need of help, Master Kimon?" The leader of the squad asked.

"No, not me, though I think that the rest of those here might. This one," Kimon pointed to the one on the floor at his feet. "I need to take to the Emperor.

The squad looked at all the bodies on the floor, then at Kimon. They quickly moved out of the way when Kimon lifted the Delcron off the floor as if he weighed nothing.

A few minutes later, Kimon walked onto the bridge carrying the still unconscious male. Unceremoniously. Kimon threw the male at Kandra's feet. "This one claims to be a third master of the Rilcon order. I take it, you as Emperor know who and what they are?"

Kandra's were wide in surprise, a third master? "They are a band of secret assassins. It is said that once hired, that they will not stop. Even if the one who hired them is killed. Do you...?" Kandra started.

"I suspect your daughter, possibly her mate. That makes it my concern, one that, if needed, will involve the death of the order," Kimon said.

Kandra smiled. This was a good thing, they didn't realize that they had thoroughly pissed off the wrong person. "So, what do you plan to do?" Kandra asked.

"I will need to go to where they are, convince them to stop, or destroy them. At the moment, I need to complete as much of your daughter's and the Lt. Colonel's training as much as I can. They are deadly now, though with this new threat they will need more," Kimon said.

"I can not say that this is a bad thing, this order has given the Empire trouble for a long time. You, of course, have my permission to deal with them as you see fit," Kandra said, trying to hide his smile.

The fact that the Emperor was slightly smiling was not lost on Kimon. So he thought, I need to make sure if I kill a Delcron that they are the right one. As friendly as the Emperor is, I'm not sure he'd be if I killed the wrong one.


Ex-Duke Risen held a low orbit as he watched the Vortlons collect the equipment that he'd left. Finally, he thought as he rose to a stationary orbit around the planet.

He went split screen as he watched what was going on, on the planet of the Cregons and the Vorlons.

Hmmm he thought the Cregons already had the synthesizing process started. The Vorlons are already assembling the machinery.

"Computer," Risen said.

"Working," came the monotone voice.

"At the present rate of both worlds ship building operations, which will be finished first?" Risen asked.

"Analysing," the monotone voice stated. A moment later, the voice said, "The Vorlons should finish first, though both should reach space at almost the same time."

Risen nodded. He had figured that out. While the Vorlon built fast, they were meticulous about having all of the ship perfect. The Cregons were slower building, though as soon as it was done they were ready to go.

"Alright, monitor them, I am sure that they will be calling me very soon. I hope it will take a while, though I know that they are building fast, they should be ready in over a week." Risen said with a sigh.

"I concur with your estimation of their preparedness," the computer said.

"Alright, we have time to make another stop," Risen said as he started to type in a set of coordinates. These coordinates were further out past the new boundaries that Mary had established.

Risen smiled evilly, this next race was particularly nasty. They were called the Xetherans. The violence that they participated in put both the other two to shame. That plus it had taken his grandfather years to ally with them.

It took a few hours for his ship to exit the trans-warp portal. Opening up a very low frequency Risen called the huge grey planet he was approaching.

At first he got nothing, then after almost an hour of calling, he got a high-pitched whining-sounding signal. An evil smile dominated Ruisen's features.

An adjustment, then Risen called again. "This is the offling of your partner."

"The offling? It has been a long time since the partner last spoke. We will speak only to him, we..." came the gruntal voice.

"I have ended him taking his place. I have not forgotten the partner. Those that destroyed you and your ships have returned. I am here to offer you an opportunity to revenge your people, to end those that did this. Though I can see that you care not, perhaps the Vorlons and Cregons would care more." Risen with a sneer in his voice.

There were several growls and hisses that came from the speakers. " You would go to the sub-species before the actual superior race?"

"Well," Risen started. "It appeared that you had no interest in my offer. I will go since you wish to remain planet, ridden," Risen said, trying to keep the glee from his voice.

"We are more than interested," there was a sigh. "You are allowed to land, no trick or we will crush your ship."

"I say the same thing, I have far more fire power than you think I have" Risen said as he received coordinates to land. "Computer, keep all weapons trained and energized. I do not trust them. According to grandfather's notes, this is a sneaky lot."

"All weapons charged and ready, active tracking activated." the monotone voice said.

Risen nodded as he started his descent into the atmosphere. It wasn't even ten minutes when several alarms went off. "Tracking several highly explosive missiles. They have a lock on us, no firing particle beams." The computer said.

Further into the atmosphere, at least eight massive explosions went off. "Target all launch sites," a slightly pissed Risen said.

Far below on the planet there were eight huge explosions. "I have destroyed all on the continent below us."

"Good, target the capital, fire on the building next to the capital building." Risen growled.

Risen watched with sick satisfaction, as the huge building was reduced to rubble within seconds.

"The Planet is calling, Sir. They are saying they are ready to talk." The computer said.

"Tell them they have angered me. Tell them I am deciding whether or not to kill a few million more before I am calm." Risen said with a smile creeping across his features.


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