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Frank's dad moves in temporarily. Vickie has always liked her father-in-law, but once she gets a glimpse of his cock, things change.
The day had finally arrived. Frank's dad Phillip was temporarily moving in until his new home could be completed. Vicki and Frank did not mind at all. They had plenty of room in their large home. Even with two k**s at home, they had several bedrooms available. Phil decided on the guest bedroom on the main level, just down the hall from Vicki and Frank's master suite. He easily got settled and they enjoyed having him around.

It was early in the morning. Frank had already left for work and the k**s were already at school. Vickie decided to workout and take a quick jog since she did not have to be at work until later that morning. She entered the home and headed towards her bedroom for a quick shower. That is when she heard moaning noises from the den. She was unsure and approached quietly in the direction of the sounds. When she peered around the corner, she saw her father-in-law, naked at the desk watching porn on the computer. He must have thought everyone was gone for the day and he had the house to himself.

She was startled at first and knew she should leave, but kept watching. Even at this age, he was in really good shape. She always thought he was attractive for an older man, tall, stocky, salt and pepper hair, broad shoulders. If there was a chance to check out his package, she would. She moved a little closer and caught a glimpse of his impressive tool as he stroked it up and down. Her pussy became moist and she slipped her hand down her running shorts to rub it.

Vicki's eyes shifted from Phil's cock to the image he was watching on the computer screen. He was looking at images of her nude and videos of her fucking Frank that they took in the privacy of their bedroom. She realized Frank had given his dad the password to access the computer, but forgot to lock the folder with all their personal images. Instead of being angry, it was totally turning her on watching her husband's dad jack off to her nude pics. Suddenly Phil let out a deep gruntal moan and began shooting thick spurts of cum all over his hairy chest, legs and the floor. Vicki's fingers triggered her own orgasm as she drove them deep in her sweaty, hairy snatch. She quietly backed down the hallway and headed to her room. The rest of the day Vickie kept thinking about watching her father-in-law stroke his cock and shoot his load.

Later that evening, Vickie and Frank turned in for the night. Vickie snuggled up to Frank in bed and thought it was a perfect opportunity to share with him what she caught his dad doing earlier that morning. She was a little nervous to snitch on Phil. Maybe she should just let it go. How would Frank react to find out his Dad had not only accessed their most personal images/videos, but masturbated to them. Would he be mad and confront his dad in anger or would he joke it off and lock the folder on the computer. Maybe he would continue to let him get off to viewing the images. She was lost on how to discussed it with him.

Vickie wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big hug. Her hand ran through his thick chest hair and worked down to his belly button. She playfully took her finger circled the hole. She gave him a soft kiss on his lips and nervously said "I need to talk to you about something". Frank could tell she was serious by her tone. It made him a little worried at first. Was she pregnant? Did she wreck the car? What possibly could it be? She looked at him directly in the eyes and said "it's about your dad". He actually felt a sigh of relief. It couldn't be too bad. He thought maybe she is mad at him for leaving the toilet seat raised or not putting his dishes in the sink. In an attempt to just get it out, she said "please do not get mad at him, but I came home from my exercise class early and caught Phil completely naked and jacking off at the computer in the den".

After being worried about the serious tone of her conversation, hearing her say she caught his dad jerking off seemed kind of funny to him. He did not want to upset her by laughing. He tried to play down the situation and let her know he would talk to him. Then she told him that Phil was jerking off to images of her. Frank's dick began to stir thinking about another man looking at his hot wife. Still trying to be sensitive of the situation, Frank told her he would lock the files on the computer. His dad would not be able to access the nude pictures any more. He would leave it at that and not even mention Vickie saw him jerking off. Frank wasn't so worried that his dad would be embarrassed, but more worried that he would get off on Vickie watching him and do it again and again.

Vickie reached between Frank's legs and wrapped her hands around his growing shaft. He jokingly said "maybe next time you could give the old man a hand if you know what I mean". They both laughed. Even though Frank said it slightly joking, deep down he meant it. Vickie could tell Frank was turned on by the rock-hard cock she had a firm grasp. She kept the playfulness going be saying "I might just take you up on that offer and show your dad a good time". She then dropped her mouth over the head of his dick and sank down the shaft. Frank said "what would you do to him"? Vickie said "he has a nice cock. I would let him do what he wants". It pushed Frank over the edge hearing Vickie and he began shooting ropes of sperm down her throat.

Frank was not surprised his dad would jack off to images of his daughter-in-law. It reminded him of the time when he was younger and lived with his dad after his parents' divorce. Phil did not waste any time after the divorce. He was definitely a ladies' man and always had women around. It was like there was a constant revolving door of women. Phil wanted his son to become a man, so he sent one of his lovers down to Frank's bedroom one night. After that night, it was a regular event for Frank to fuck his dad's girlfriends. He learned a lot about how to please women from these ladies that were much older than him. The women were also happy to have a nice young cock serving their horny holes. The two definitely kept these women loaded up with their seed. They were more like best buddies instead of father and son.

Several days past and Frank still had not mentioned to incident to his dad. He felt like it would die down and the likelihood of Vickie catching his dad jerking off again was slim with her work schedule. He told Vickie that he locked to file with all their private images, but he did not. Deep down he knew that Phil would still access the files to pleasure himself. He almost felt like the tables had turned and instead of his dad giving his girlfriends to Frank, Frank was allowing his dad to check out Vickie for his own pleasure.

One day Vickie decided to take a day off from work. She decided to catch up on her rest and sleep until around 10:00am. Frank had fucked her the night before, but she was still feeling extra horny when she woke. Her hand moved down between her legs through her hairy bush to her clit. She began to rub her finger in circles around it, then probing a finger deep in her hole. It wasn't enough, so she took the brush on the nightstand with the thick handle and inserted it into her vagina.

Suddenly she heard a crashing noise coming from the living room. Everyone should be out of the house by this time of the day. She grabbed her robe and crept down the hall to investigate the sound. To her surprise, she saw Phil walking towards the computer completely naked. His dick was flaccid hanging low and swinging between his legs as he turned on the computer and logged on. She admired his body as he stood there. He was a slightly bigger version of her husband, but there were differences in the two men.

Phil logged on to the computer and sat down in the chair. Vickie noticed he was chatting with a young woman online. She was naked and they started talking dirty to each other. Her hand went directly down to her pussy and she sank a finger in her hole. It was really hot for her to hear Phil talking to this woman. He was a sexual b**st and had the woman online fucking her hole with a big vibrator. It was not long before Vickie was creaming all over her fingers. She tried to be quiet, but it was hard to conceal her breathing. The soft sounds caught Phil's attention. He glanced up at the picture above the computer and saw Vickie's reflection in the glass as she stood in the hallway.

At first, Phil's heart sank as he knew he was busted. Then he realized his daughter-in-law was watching him and masturbating. This made his dick swell as he thought of her being so close and naked. He decided to test the waters. He jumped out of the chair and yelled at her "what are you doing"? Vickie was startled and closed her robe immediately. She looked at him directly in the eyes and said "I am so sorry Phil. I do not know what came over me". He noticed as her eyes broke his and started traveling down to the rock hard log between his legs.

He smiled and said "you shouldn't be spying on me while I am trying to relive myself, that is unless you plan on helping me". He followed her eyes and looked down between his legs. He did not try and cover himself and just stood there naked and proud. He said "I noticed you were having some fun and could use some relief too. Maybe we could help each other". She looked up at him and he gave her a wink.

Vickie smiled and walked over to him. She looked at him and said "I told Frank I caught you jerking off one day. He told me I should give you a hand next time. So, I guess I will". Phil smiled and said "my son is a good man". He sat back down in the chair and spread his legs and said "I would be happy to let you help this old man find some relief".

Vickie knelt down in front of him and sized up the situation. She had seen his cock from a distance, but now it was inches from her face. He was about as big as Frank, but there were enough subtle differences between the two men that there was no doubt she was going to experience a new cock. His shaft was fat and met his body at a patch of thick wiry pubic hair. She thought her husband had huge balls, but Phil's appeared even larger hanging low in his hairy nut sack. Phil put his hands on his hips as he was almost offering his cock to Vickie. She reached out and wrapped her hand around it and gave it a few strokes. He was throbbing as she firmly grasped it and inspected his tool. He was hot and a little sweaty. She moved closer, breathing in his manly stink. He smelled distinctly different from Frank. This added to her excitement. There was no way around how surreal this was. She actually had her husband’s father’s dick in her hand.

A years ago, this would have been too weird to even image, and yet there she was on my knees about to blow him for the first time. She looked up at him and they made eye contact as her lips open and his dick head went into her mouth. His head rolled back as she lowered herself more and more on his shaft. He could not believe his son's beautiful wife was sucking his dick.

Vickie said “do you like that?” Phil replied "fuck yea, young lady! Frank is one lucky son of a bitch to have a hot wife like you”. She continued pleasuring him orally for the next few minutes then stood up and dropped her robe. Phil stared at her perky breast for the first time and reached out to fondle them. Many times, he had fantasized about them when she was around him at the pool or beach. Now was feeling her out. He leaned forward and licked her left nipple, sucking on it and taking it into his mouth. He released his hand from her right breast and slid it down her chest, then to her belly button to it destination of her hairy snatch. She was soaking wet as his thick finger penetrated her pink hole. Her body tingled at his touch. Phil could smell her womanly sent as his finger opened up her hole sending her aroma into the room. He took a deep breath filling his nostril and lungs with her scent that was making his blood boil. He had to taste her before his dick exploded. "Let's get move comfortable" he said as he led her to the large, plush rug in the middle of the room.

Phil helped her down as she laid on her back, spreading her legs as he took his place between them. Her pussy was glistening and her dark black pubic hair was soaked. He moved closer and stuck his tongue out, licking up and down along her slit. Her juice on his tongue for the first time was almost numbing. He thought to himself that she had the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted and he had tasted many women over his lifetime. It did not take long for him to bring her over the edge. She rewarded him with an intense orgasm that flooded his mouth with her nectar. Phil had to control himself from cumming as he lapped up every delicious drop. Being the true gentleman he was, Phil gave all his women at least one orgasm before having his own.

Phil let Vickie recover from her orgasm as he looked down over her naked body. He thought to himself that they have crossed a major line. He knew touching, feeling and oral was one thing, but actually fucking was another. Would she let him fuck her? Phil leaned down and started kissing his way up from her pubic region, to stomach to her breasts. He gently laid on top of her and brought his lips to hers. For the first time they embraced in a kiss. Their tongues swirled in each other's mouth. It was not a kiss between a daughter-in-law and father-in-law, but a deep sexual kiss like one between lovers. Phil moved up a little more and his dick head came into contact with Vickie's pussy. The touch gave her a slight jolt. He looked at her and asked "if it was ok". She nodded her head, giving him approval. They both knew they were about to fuck and their relationship would forever be changed.

“Should I go find a condom?” he asked as he began to rub his cock up and down her slit.

“I’d prefer your raw cock inside me” she said. “That’s good, because I don’t think I have any condoms anyway. I have not used them for years” he said.

Vickie spread her legs a little more to accommodate Phil's large frame. Her breath rushed out of my lungs when her father-in-law entered her for the very first time. She became light headed as the soft ridge of his cockhead penetrated her hole and brushed along her inner walls. She felt the sense of his girth stretching her wide. He inserted his entire manhood in one steady push. His heavy balls pressed against her ass at the deepest point as he fully penetrated her. They laid there for a moment enjoying being connected as man and woman. Vickie loved the way her father-in-law filled her pussy with his cock. It felt like no other cock had felt inside her pussy.

Vickie thought it was so taboo to realize the same cock that created her husband was now buried balls deep in her cunt. Phil began pumping his hips up and down, sawing into her. She was getting close and he was too. They were both so worked up that it was a short fuck.

Phil announced “I’m cumming!” He tried to pull his dick out of Vickie before he shot his load, but she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him tight into her forcing his cock to be buried at its deepest point inside her. “Don't stop. I am about to cum. Cum inside me, Phil. Plant your seed in your son’s wife’s pussy.” Just as the words came out and she gave her father-in-law permission to blow his load in her, he began doing just that. His body jerked and he groaned as he started shooting rope after rope of his cum into his son's wife's pussy as deep as he could. Her orgasm hit her like a truck and her juices flooded over his cock. They laid on the floor enjoying the incredible sex they just shared. They both knew it was the first time together, but definitely would not be the last.

To be continued...
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