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Will they be able to save the twins?
The Community Part 2.

Authors note.

First, I would like to thank all those who left feedback about the first and to be honest what was going to be the only, part of this tale. There were lots of people who said that there was no retribution for Jeremy and the others in the close, and many said that the MC waited far too long to pull the trigger and that the police should have been involved after the drugging etc.

I will say this. In my mind, the MC’s prime and indeed only consideration was extracting himself and his wife from the situation. He waited until he did because he wanted Cheryl to make the decision either to accept the lifestyle of the community or to reject it. He wanted her to do so with all the information. I started the tale with the idea of each of them writing their answers on paper in my mind, but even then, I wasn’t sure which way it was going to go. My characters sometimes surprise even me.

I make no apologies for the way that story worked out. It was my story and I told it. If you didn’t or don’t like it, then I’ll refund you the money you spent on reading it and you can take your business elsewhere.

That being said, the more I read your comments, the more I thought that there was more to be told about this particular community and so I decided to write part 2.

I make no promises about the way this story works out. Even now, although I have an idea of what I want. I find that sometimes the story has its own ideas, and I can only follow along.

I would also like to say that all sexist, racist, homophobic, or bigoted comments that any of my characters may use are theirs and not mine. I got a huge amount of flack for a word used by the MC of my story ‘The Counsellor’ from people that maintained that was a reflection of my personal values. It wasn’t and isn’t.

My final comment is that if there is any sex in this story (and I am not sure if there will be) will be between adults aged at least 18. There are children in the story but they will not be taking part in, nor observing, any sexual activity of any shape or form.

And so to my story…..

The Community Part 2

It was almost midnight when the knock on the door disturbed me from my reading. As a criminal prosecutor, I often burned the midnight oil on cases, and my husband Gary had already gone to bed. From my office in what used to be a guest bedroom, I could hear him snoring gently. I found the sound soothing.

Just so we are all on the same page and to avoid, or probably, increase confusion. My name is Garry. Note the 2 r’s and yes, I am gay. Gary, my husband, spelled with 1 r is a social worker. We met about 6 years ago when I was prosecuting a case of child neglect and he was giving evidence.

Gary is very obviously gay. In fact, he couldn’t be more obvious if he ran around in a pink tutu and wore fairy wings, but he is mine and I love him, and I am his and he loves me. We are not one of those couples that fool around with others, although neither of us was innocent when we got together.

I call him my husband, although we never really took the legal step of getting married. We made promises to each other, and as a lawyer, I set up everything so that legally we each had virtually the same rights as if we were legally married. It was just something that we never really needed. We knew that we would be together forever, we didn’t need anything more. Also, Gary’s parents were very old-fashioned, religious, massive homophobes, and would have freaked out and disowned him.

Even after 6 years, they still maintained the fiction that we were just buddies co-habiting for convenience. It made them happy; Gary could maintain a relationship with his family, whom he loved dearly, and I didn’t care either way. I had met his parents several times and they were genuinely lovely people, just with a very, very warped view. As long as they thought of me as Gary’s friend rather than his lover, we could be on good terms.

So, as I said Gary and I had been together for 6 years, four of which we have lived in this house.

I loved our house. It was a four-bedroom house in a quiet, 4 home, cul-de-sac that had been turned into a gated community. We had a large back garden, in which was an outdoor pool and deck area we loved to spend time on.

The neighbours we found to be friendly if a little distant, although we were invited to a get-together every few months where there would be a barbecue and beers. I often felt at these events that the other neighbours got together far more often, but I just put it down to my natural paranoia and left it at that.

Our neighbours, Bob and Sheila had twin girls that were about 11 when we moved in, and for the first couple of years would come over and use our pool, with their mother Sheila supervising. This tailed off after the first couple of years, as teen girls obviously found more exciting things to do than swim, and now they only came over occasionally when it was our turn to host the quarterly barbeque.

The last time we had seen the girls, maybe a week ago, they were no longer little girls. Aged about 15 but dressed about 21, they were filling out and with their flaming red hair and green eyes, I knew that they would cause some poor boy, or girl, some major heartache in the not-too-distant future.

Since I am telling you about the neighbours, I’ll introduce our nearest ones, Dave and Tracey. Dave is a contractor and has done some work for us on the house. The previous owners had an office in the bedroom I was using for an office, but only by virtue of putting a desk in there. I wanted something more definitive, and he built in a desk and bookcases and turned it into a proper office. He does good work. Tracey is a stay-at-home mum, with a son, Davey, aged 2, a lively little fellow with bright red hair and a stubborn streak.

Finally, there is Jeremy and Beth. An older couple that lives in the biggest house at the closed end of the cul-de-sac. Jeremy is a tax accountant and Beth is a trophy wife. I got the impression that Jeremy viewed the community as his personal domain, as he could stand on his porch and look down on all the other, slightly smaller houses in the close. I had no interest in getting into a pissing contest with this guy. If he wanted to play Mr. I am, I would let him. My dick is plenty big enough for what Gary needs, so I’m not going to get into a measuring contest with someone who doesn’t matter to me. As long as he doesn’t start to try and pull some HOA bullshit on me, and tell me what to do, we will co-exist in comfortable peace.

To be honest though, despite my first impression of Jeremy, I didn’t have any issues with him. He was always polite and amiable if a little distant when we spoke or met at the BBQs, and I had no reason to have any other contact with him.

So, back to the knock on the door.

I sighed as I placed the case file I had been working on into my desk drawer and locked it. I never left paperwork unsecured; it was a particular pet peeve of mine.

When I opened the door, I found Bob standing on our porch. He looked terrible. He was very drunk, and he looked like he hadn’t slept in days. He was also crying.

“Bob? What happened, are you ok?” I asked, surprised.

“Help me!” he said before pitching forward and landing flat on his face, out cold.

I woke Gary up and we picked up the unconscious Bob and moved him to the bed in our second guest bedroom. I initially thought to call Sheila and find out what was going on, but, paranoia, remember, so I thought I would let him sleep off whatever it was and then speak to him in the morning.

Gary did suggest that we should undress him for bed, but I declined, saying that we didn’t want him thinking that we had taken advantage of a drunk man. If he woke up fully dressed, he would have less cause to feel we had done anything to him while he was out of it.

It was nearly 10 am the next morning when Bob emerged from the guest room. I was working from home, continuing to review my case file in preparation for an appeal later in the month. Gary was out at work.

Locking the file away again, I emerged from the office and guided him into the kitchen.

He still looked like hell; honestly, he didn’t smell much better.

I made him some coffee and sat him down at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. Meanwhile, I went into our bedroom and dug out some sweatpants and a t-shirt. I was slightly taller than Bob, but they would fit fine.

He started to speak as I walked into the kitchen, but I held up my hand.

“Bob, you look like shit, and you smell worse,” I said gently. “Since you are here, I take it that you don’t feel you can go home to clean up, so here are some clothes, there is a bathroom off the guestroom you slept in. There are new toothbrushes in the cabinet under the sink. Go get cleaned up and I’ll cook something. Then we can talk.”

I had cooked up some bacon and eggs for him by the time he returned from his shower, looking and smelling a whole lot better. He sat at the breakfast bar and dug in. I sipped my coffee and waited for him to finish.

“Do you remember much about last night?” I asked him as he finished his breakfast.

“Not really,” he said, “what happened, Did I…”

“No, Bob, we didn’t. You knocked on my door, said you needed help and the next thing you were out cold on the floor. Gary and I moved you to the guestroom to sleep it off. Did you think that we..”

He grimaced.

“Sorry, no, that came out wrong. I didn’t mean did we have sex, I meant did I say anything to you? I knew we didn’t have sex.” He said “We couldn’t have.”

I was a little surprised at his assertion.

“How are you so certain?” I asked.

He stood and without any sign of embarrassment, undid the drawcord of the sweatpants. He pulled them down at the front to reveal that he was wearing a cock cage. A male chastity device.

I sat back, a little surprised.

“Is that what you asked for help with?” I asked, “Are you being made to wear that against your will?”

He pulled up his pants.

“No. Well yes, but... Oh god, I don’t know where to start. It’s Jeremy. He wants my daughters.”

“He wants what?” I asked, but at the same time a light came on in my mind. The girls had flame red hair. Both Bob and Sheila had dark hair. Jeremy, whilst almost entirely grey, still had streaks of rust in his hair.

Bob just looked at me. I think he could see connections being made in my mind.

“I don’t know how to ask this delicately.” I said “So, I’m just going to ask. Is Jeremy the father of the twins?”

Bob looked down and nodded. Once again, I could see tears leaking from his eyes.

“So, he wants what, to adopt them now? After all this time?” I tried to clarify.

Bob laughed bitterly.

“Nothing so mundane. No, he doesn’t want to adopt them, he wants to fuck them!”

I sat there for a while stunned. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and yet I believed what Bob was saying.

“The girls are 15 now?” I asked.

He nodded.

“So how do you know that Jeremy has designs on them? Has he made any moves, has he touched or assaulted the girls in any way?”

I was texting Gary, telling him he needed to get his ass back home 911. If there was a child endangerment situation, I needed his social work expertise and I needed to act fast. I was already thinking of people I would need to contact to get emergency protection orders in place.

“He hasn’t done anything yet,” Bob replied, sensing my abrupt change in mood. “But, he is preparing. I know how he works, and I know that Sheila is going to help him.”

I contemplated this for a moment.

“Are the girls in immediate danger?” I asked, “Where are they now?”

“Sheila has taken the girls to her parents for the week,” he said. “Her father has just had hip surgery and she has gone to help her mother until she gets set up. The girls went with her. They are away from the situation just now. I don’t think that Sheila would do or say anything to the girls while they are there, in case her mother should hear. I’m certain that they are safe for now.”

“So why would Shelia even consider helping Jeremy have sex with your underage girls?” I asked.

Bob grimaced.

“To understand that.” He answered bitterly. “I would have to tell you about everything that has happened in the last 16 years. Ever since we moved into this godforsaken community.”

I heard Gary’s car in the driveway, the door slammed and he rushed into the house.

“What’s going on?” he asked, a little breathless.

“Go get your lockpicks,” I told him. He looked at me, surprised.

Gary had learned to pick locks early in his social work career. He had found a number of occasions where children were padlocked into rooms and/or chained to furniture or radiators. He found that being able to pick the locks was less stressful for the child than having the door broken in or the chains cut.

Wordlessly, he went back out to his car and came back in with a small leather pouch.

Gently, I stood Bob up and indicated he should show Gary the cage.

Gary scowled when he saw the chastity device and knelt before bob. The lock proved no match for his skills and in less than a minute he had opened the lock and removed the cage.

Gary wrinkled his nose; Bob had obviously been wearing the cage for some time and despite showering earlier, he hadn’t been able to clean effectively. He also had some sores on and around his penis where the cage had rubbed.

“Can I take some pictures?” I asked. “For legal purposes.”

Bob nodded and I snapped some pictures of the cage and then of his genitals, paying close attention to the sores.

“Go shower again,” I said. “You need to clean up down there. “

“What’s going on?” asked Gary as Bob went back to shower again.

“I have no idea, but I think Bob is going to tell us. What you need to know right now is that Bob and Sheila’s twins were fathered by Jeremy, and Jeremy has incestuous intentions toward his underage daughters. They are safe just now, but we are going to have to act fast if we want to keep them that way.”

Gary gasped.

I went into my office and grabbed a voice recorder and a legal pad.

Gary made more coffee and by the time Bob came out of the shower for the second time, we were sitting in the den.

Bob sat down on the chair opposite mine. Gary sat on the couch.

“Do you mind if I record your story?” I asked.

Bob shook his head.

I handed him his coffee and he sipped it gratefully. Hesitantly he began his tale.

“Sheila and I had been married for four years when we bought the house here.” He began. “I was working as a quantity surveyor and Sheila as a secretary in my office. That was how we met. We decided to hold off having kids until we were financially stable, and getting the house was proof that we had reached that stage.”

“The house was a new build, in a quiet cul-de-sac. We thought it would be ideal. It was not the biggest, that one was already occupied, not even the second biggest, which is now your house with the pool, but it was what we could afford, and we knew it was perfect for us. Or at least I thought so at the time. Jeremy and Beth were already moved into their house when we arrived. The two houses across the street, this one and Dave and Tracey’s were not yet completed.”

“On the day that we moved in, Jeremy and Beth came over with food for us, saying that they knew we would be busy getting our house settled. We were grateful for the food and the consideration. It felt like we were really going to be able to make a home here.”

“The week after, we were invited to Jeremy’s for a BBQ. Of course, we accepted. We were still working to get the house straight, especially as we were both working full-time and could only do house-type stuff in the evenings. The BBQ was great, and we had a good evening chatting with the couple. Jeremy told me that he was applying to get the close made into a gated community, so we could increase security and it would increase the value of our properties. I was all for it.”

“We quickly fell into a routine. We worked, we got the house set up and settled, and almost every week either we went to Jeremy and Beth’s, or they came to ours for an evening. At weekend I would play golf, and it wasn’t unusual for me to come home to find Beth and Sheila in our kitchen chatting and putting the world to rights, as women do.”

“One Saturday I came back from Golf, once again finding Sheila and Beth in our kitchen. I joined them, Sheila got me a glass of wine and we continued to chat. I noticed that Beth was dressed very provocatively and seemed to be actively flirting with me. I looked at Sheila, but she seemed not to notice. I could feel myself getting very aroused, my blood was pounding in my ears.”

“Just when I thought I was going to embarrass myself, Beth said that she should be getting back to Jeremy. She and Sheila hugged goodbye and then Beth came over to give me a hug. This was not unusual, she often did the air kisses thing, but this was not that. She pulled me to her, pressing herself into me and grinding against me. My cock was at full mast and I knew she could feel it.”

“Beth giggled and said that Sheila needed to take care of me as I seemed a little wound up. And then she left. Sheila did just that. She dragged me into the bedroom and devoured me. I could not remember her ever being so aggressive in the bedroom before, but I was also being led by my arousal and we literally spent the rest of the day in bed.”

“In the brief periods between frantic sex, I won’t call it love-making, because it most definitely wasn’t that, Sheila started asking me questions. She said that she had seen how I had been looking at Beth, how Beth had got me all fired up, how I had pressed myself into Beth, how even now when Sheila was fucking me, I was thinking of Beth. I wasn’t thinking straight. Looking back now I am almost certain that there was something in the wine that Sheila had given me. By the end of the night, Sheila had convinced me that I wanted to fuck Beth.”

“The next day, Beth came over. I was doing yard work and Sheila was pottering around the house. They came out into the yard to sit on the deck, both wearing very revealing clothing. I snatched glances at them while I worked. When I finished, I went and joined them on the deck, and once again Sheila got me a drink. I was thirsty after my work, so I downed it almost in one. The three of us chatted for a short while, but once again I started to get really, really aroused. I had been working in shorts and so my arousal became obvious. I knew I should be embarrassed, but it didn’t really seem to be such a problem.”

“Once again Beth was flirting with me, touching my arms and chest and at one stage she even put her hand on my thigh, just inches away from my cock. Then she put her hand right on it.”

“Oh My,” she said. “Someone is really wound up. Sheila, I think you need to take care of your man again.”

“Sheila looked across at me and grinned. Without saying a word, she leaned forward and undid my shorts. She fished my cock out of my pants and then, kneeling in front of me took me into her mouth. I couldn’t believe she was doing that, right in front of Beth. I wanted to object, to stop her, to say it was wrong, but I couldn’t seem to build up the resolve to do anything but lie back and enjoy what was becoming the best blowjob I ever had.”

“I’m ashamed to say I didn’t last very long. I tried to warn Sheila and pull her off, so I didn’t cum in her mouth. I knew that she didn’t like that. But Beth put her hand on the back of Sheila’s head just as I started to cum and held her in place as I emptied myself into her mouth. Sheila gulped and choked, trying to swallow everything I was pumping into her. This was also a first, on the odd occasion that she had got my cum in her mouth she had always spat it out.”

“That was so hot,” Beth said, getting to her feet. “I’ll leave you guys to your fun. I’m going to have some fun of my own with Jeremy.” We all stood, and Beth embraced Sheila. This time I saw her kiss Sheila full on the mouth. When it came to my turn, she kissed me as well. I felt her hand rubbing my cock as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my own cum on her tongue.”

“After Beth had left, Sheila and I had another amazing session of sex, interspersed with Sheila talking to me about how sexy I found Beth, how she had got me aroused and how good it would feel to fuck Beth.”

“This pattern repeated itself the next week, and the week after. Each time Beth and I went further. She had given me a number of blowjobs, and I had gone down on her a couple of times. Each time Sheila had been there whispering in my ear, telling me how good it was that Beth, and I could share, and how much doing this was improving our own life together.”

“Then came the fateful night. It was BBQ night, and we were over at Jeremy’s. We had eaten and were relaxing on his deck. Sheila brought me another beer and we sat down. Soon after I started to get aroused again. I could feel my erection in my pants, and once again my head was fuzzy. I was just horny and drunk. Sheila was sitting beside me, and she started to rub at my cock through my trousers. I knew this was inappropriate. Beth and Jeremy were just there, but it felt so good, and I just couldn’t work up the will to object.”

“The next thing I know, Beth and Jeremy were making out on the other couch. Beth was rubbing at the front of Jeremy’s trousers, just like Sheila was doing to me. It seemed strange at first but hey if they wanted to get their freak on, who was I to object, especially when we were doing what we were doing?”

“Once again Sheila started to suck me, and I noticed that although Beth had Jeremy’s cock in her hand and was wanking him slowly, both were watching us with rapt expressions on their faces. Sheila sucked me for a while until I knew I was getting close but then she backed off, leaving my cock throbbing and pulsating in the cool evening air. I groaned and closed my eyes.”

“Once again, I felt a hot mouth on my cock, and I opened my eyes and looked at Sheila. Only it wasn’t Sheila, it was Beth. She was sucking me while looking right at me. I looked across to see what Jeremy’s reaction would be to seeing his wife with her mouth around my cock, and he just smiled at me, slowly wanking his own cock.”

“He stood up, then came over and sat beside me. He offered his cock to his wife, and she released mine and began to suck his. Sheila once again started to suck me. Then she released me, and Beth took me into her mouth again. It took me a few minutes to realize that when Beth was sucking me, Sheila had started to suck on Jeremy’s cock. I knew I should be upset about this, but since his wife was currently deepthroating me, I couldn’t really complain. I could feel that I was getting close, and I tried to pull out, but this time it was Jeremy that had other ideas. Putting his hand on the back of Beth’s head he grabbed her hair and began to thrust her face onto my cock. It took less than a minute before I groaned and came. He held her with her face pushed right into my abdomen, my cock deep in her throat as I emptied my balls into his wife.”

“While I was recovering, I saw him face fucking my wife, and dumping his load down her throat.”

“Nothing else happened that night, at least not at the BBQ. Sheila and I went home and had some more amazing sex. Again, between bouts, she talked to me, telling me how much I had enjoyed using Beth as a cumdump. And how I had enjoyed seeing Jeremy using her mouth in the same way.”

“From that day onwards, we became the playthings for Jeremy and Beth. We swapped, and we shared. Jeremy and I DP’d both women and both women would double-team either of us. The girls would also put on a show for Jeremy and me. Jeremy always led the sessions. At first, I resisted, I tried to assert myself, but it was no good. Each time I started the evening being assertive, at some point, I felt that strange euphoria wash over me, and I lost the will to push it.

“I realized I had truly accepted Jeremy as the alpha one night when I was in a 69 with Beth. Jeremy was fucking her doggy style and I was on the bottom. Sheila was behind Jeremy and was busy sticking her tongue up his asshole, which he always enjoyed. I was licking at Beth’s clit as Jeremy was pounding her and then just as he reached his climax, Jeremy pulled out of Beth. I felt Sheila’s hands on me as she pulled my head back. Before I knew it, Jeremy had pushed his cock into my mouth and was cumming. Beth went wild on my cock, and I started to cum from her ministrations Sheila was whispering in my ear about what a good boy I was and how horny she found what I was doing. I swallowed everything that Jeremy pumped into my mouth and even cleaned his cock off with my tongue. Beth then turned around and kissed me hard. She had kept my own cum in her mouth and pushed it into mine, feeding me my own cum, which I also ended up swallowing.”

“My day-to-day life didn’t really change much. I got up, went to work, and came home. Sheila and I had a good sex life, but a couple of times a week the four of us would get together and play. Most of the time it was fun, and we all had a great time. Occasionally, Jeremy would feel the need to put me in my place by forcing me to swallow his cum. He didn’t fuck me though and I was grateful for that.”

“The two other houses in the street were finished. The one that is now Dave and Tracey’s house was bought by an old couple, the Stephenson’s. He was 76 and she was 68, but was suffering from dementia. We helped them as good neighbours should, but obviously, they were never part of our social activities.”

“The developer kept your house. I think he was going to use it in his retirement, but in the end, he just used it almost exclusively as a holiday let. For years, there was a procession of people coming to stay for anything up to three months and then they would be gone again.”

“It was six months later that Sheila told me she was pregnant. We had discussed having children but had not yet decided to start a family. Sheila was on the pill, but she said that she had had a stomach bug a few weeks prior and apparently that had caused her pill to fail. I was concerned because I knew that the baby could just as easily belong to Jeremy as to me. Sheila told me it didn’t matter who the sperm donor was, we would love them anyway, and since we had always planned on having a couple of children, we could be better prepared for the next one and make sure there was no doubt about the parentage.”

“I hoped against hope that it would turn out that the baby was mine, but I was in for some shocks over the next few months. The first was when we found out that Sheila was having twins. She was delighted but I was reserved. We had only planned on 2 children and if these turned out not to be mine, then what?”

“Sheila assured me that whatever happened I would have my own child. She was sure that the twins would be mine, but if not, we would try again and we would be able to have my baby.”

“The next shock was at delivery. It had been decided that the twins were going to be delivered by C-Section. I wasn’t allowed into the theatre, but Jeremy, Beth, and I waited anxiously outside. Eventually, two nurses came out each holding a little bundle. They looked around the room and spotted Jeremy. Congratulations Daddy they said handing him the first of the two, flame-red-haired girls.”

Jeremy beamed, but Beth took the second child and brought her over to me.

“Actually,” she said, “This is the daddy.”

The nurse was obviously mortified. “I am so sorry,” she said “I just thought…”

“I took the little girl from Beth and looked down. It was obvious that she was not biologically mine, but when I looked into her bright blue eyes I fell in love. From that moment on, no matter who the sperm donor was, these were my girls.”

“The final shock came hours later when Sheila told me that there had been some complications with the surgery. She would be fine, she said, but it meant that she would not be able to have any more children. I was devastated. I had lost my chance of ever becoming a father. I found out, years later, that there had been no complications. Sheila had told the doctor to tie off her tubes while he was in there. She never intended to give me a child of my own.”

“For a while, after the girls were born, the four of us didn’t get together for sex. Sheila was not able to have sex and I was still hurting from all of the shocks I had endured. About six months later, I came home to find Beth and Sheila in our kitchen, chatting away just like they used to. The outcome was predictable. Once again, I got super horny and before I knew where we were, life had fallen back into the old pattern with us having regular sessions with Jeremy and Beth.”

“We continued like that for about 6 or 7 years. The girls grew like weeds and were real daddy’s girls. They followed me around like puppies when I was at home and would always want me to tuck them into bed and read them a story. Sheila never said anything, but I think it hurt her sometimes when they chose me over her. I took a perverse pleasure in knowing that even though they were not biologically mine, they preferred me over their mother.”

“Then, old Mrs Stephenson died. I would guess she was in her late 80’s and when they came to take her away, they found that Mr Stephenson was not able to take care of himself. They had kids, but they lived a long way away, so he was shipped off to a nursing home and the house was cleaned out, redecorated and sold. That was when Dave and Tracey moved in.”

“Dave was the contractor brought in to fix up and redecorate the house. He liked it so much that he brought his wife to see it and she fell in love with it, and the surroundings. They moved in a couple of months later.”

“About a week after they moved in, Jeremy and Beth came over to our house. Jeremy told us that he thought that our new neighbours would be a great addition to our little club and tasked me with sounding out Dave. “

“Don’t be pushy.” He said, “Just see how the land lies. See if he might be interested in playing with Sheila and Beth.” He then turned to Sheila “You can work on Tracey. I’m sure you know the drill by now.” He handed her a small bottle, with some clear fluid in it. She nodded and smiled.

“That weekend I took Dave to the driving range. He said he didn’t really play golf, but he wanted to learn. I said I would be happy to teach him. While we were at the range, Tracey went over to our house to keep company with Sheila and the girls.”

“So how are you finding living in the community?” I asked Dave as I lined up to take my first shot.

“It’s nice there. You have all been so welcoming.” He replied.

I took my shot, slicing it a little, and winced.

Dave moved up to take his turn and I helped him with his stance and his grip.

“What’s the deal with Jeremy and Beth?” He asked after he had made a great shot, far better than my own effort.

“What do you mean?” I asked, lining up for my next shot.

“Beth seems a little too friendly if you get my drift. Jeremy seems oblivious.” He said. I sliced my shot again.

“Jeremy and Beth have an arrangement.” I said, “They sometimes like to play with others.”

He whistled. “You and Sheila?” he asked, a little wide eyed.

He set up for his next shot and once again delivered a great stroke.

I smiled at him. “Sometimes.”

“Damn.” He said, “You lucky bastard. Tracey would never go for that.”

“You mean you would?” I asked him.

“I couldn’t do that to Tracey,” he said. “She already got cheated on once. It would destroy her if it happened again.”

“But if she were onboard?” I asked, lining up for another shot. This time I made a half-decent drive and was pleased with myself.

“Hell yes.” He said, “I love Tracey with all my heart and would never cheat on her, but if she was up for us experimenting, I would be interested.”

“We played for another couple of hours. It became clear that he was a natural and would be a far better player than I. When we got home, we found Tracey, Sheila and the girls over at what is now your house. I had spoken to the developer who owned it and had arranged that we could use the pool when the house was unoccupied. In return, I would keep the pool maintained and do any yard work that was necessary.”

“The girls were in the pool and Sheila and Tracey were sat on the deck. Tracey looked a little spaced and she was flushed. I would have taken bets on what would happen next. Within 15 minutes of us arriving Tracey dragged Dave off to their house and I know he was in for some amazing sex. Sheila had a self-satisfied look on her face.”

“What did Dave say?” she asked me once they had left.

“He said he would be up for it if Tracey was, but he wouldn’t cheat on her. She had been cheated on before and he couldn’t do that to her again. But if she is onboard then so is he.” I returned.

“Sheila smiled and picked up her phone. I knew she was calling Jeremy. When he answered she simply said, ‘It’s on’”.

“It was strange watching as an outsider, seeing Sheila manipulate Dave and Tracey. I was often asked to take Dave off to do something, play golf or go to get something. Anything to separate him from his wife. During such times Sheila would work on Tracey.”

“The week after, Dave was working away. Sheila sent the girls to stay with her parents for a few days, as she wanted a clear run at Tracey. On Monday, I came home to find Sheila and Tracey in our kitchen in much the same way I had found Sheila and Beth. Tracey already looked flushed and a little spaced, but after a few minutes I could feel the drug that she had slipped into my drink taking effect.”

“You could reasonably ask why I kept letting her drug me like this. I don’t have an answer to that. I guess by the time I had realised what was going on, I was simply conditioned to do as I was bid, drink that drink, lick that pussy, suck that cock, it was almost pavlovian. I guess any time that they thought I might start to put up any resistance they slipped me something to destroy my will. I could never build up enough motivation to fight after that.”

“As usual I started to feel aroused, and within a few minutes my cock was hard. It was obvious and Sheila sat beside me and stroked it through my trousers. Tracey couldn’t take her eyes from it and I could see her almost salivating as she checked it out. Eventually Sheila took my cock out of my trousers and began to stroke it. She invited Tracey to come take a closer look and she sat beside me while Sheila played with me, all the time talking to Tracey.”

“After a short time, Sheila suggested that since Tracey was so wound up, she might like to play with herself a little. It was OK, we were all friends and soon Tracey’s hand was down the front of her shorts busily working at her sex. All the time this was going on, Sheila was stroking me and talking to her. Sheila watched Tracey carefully and could see she was getting close to her orgasm. She knew my body well and could play me like a fiddle. She sped up her stroking and I felt my own orgasm approaching.”

“Just as Tracey was about to cum, Sheila finished me off, pointing my cock at Tracey so some of my cum landed on her arms and her shirt. The sight of me cumming and the sensation of cum hitting her skin seemed to send her over the edge and she came hard. I could see the front of her shorts darkening; she must have squirted as there was a lot of fluid leaking down her legs.”

“The following days were more of the same, I would come home to find Sheila and Tracey in our kitchen. Each time Tracey would be flushed and spaced out and each time we would be walked through some sex act. By the end of the week, she had swallowed more than one load of my spunk and I had licked her to multiple orgasms. On the Friday that Dave was due home we pulled back a little, got her incredibly wound up, and then sent her home. I knew that when Dave returned, she would fuck his brains out.”

“The next BBQ followed almost exactly the same *********** as my introduction. Dave and Tracey came over to ours, Beth and Jeremy were already there. For this first time, both Dave and Tracey would have something slipped into their drink, although Sheila was of the opinion that Tracey was probably good to go without. I knew that Dave was up for it but the shock of seeing his wife with another man for the first time might be too much for him.”

“By the end of the night, Tracey had swallowed the cum of all 3 guys and had in turn been eaten out by Sheila, Beth, and me. Dave had also dumped a load of cum down Beth’s throat. We sent them home to finish the night by themselves.”

“And so our gang of four, became a gang of six. It seemed that Dave didn’t pose any threat to Jeremy, as Jeremy never saw the need to force Dave to swallow his cum. I still ended up doing so every so often, just so Jeremy could make his point. I also noticed that the twins were starting to drift away from me, and more to their mother. I put it down to them getting older and needing more of a female influence in their lives, but it hurt all the same.”

“About 3 months later, the developer finally decided to sell your house. Gerald and Stephanie Sykes bought it. He was in the military, and she had a job in the town. I’m not sure what. Jeremy almost came in his pants when he saw Stephanie and I think that is why they screwed up so badly with her. That and a little bad luck.”

“Gerald was due to muster out in a few months, but typical of the forces, for his last 3 months they sent him on deployment. Not overseas, just somewhere over the other side of the country. Stephanie had apparently always followed him, living on whatever bases he had been at since he never went into a combat area. But this time, since they had bought the house, and she had a job, they decided for her to stay here and him to go and live on the base alone.”

“Jeremy instantly tasked Sheila with working on Stephanie. Sheila used the twins, getting them to go over and ask if they could continue to use the pool, as they had been doing with the developer. Stephanie said it would be OK, but there must always be an adult to supervise. Sheila volunteered and when the girls came home from school, she and they would go over and spend time in the pool. To be honest, I think Stephanie was glad for the company.”

“It didn’t take long for Sheila to start her campaign with Stephanie and within a couple of weeks Stephanie was already starting to do stuff she had never done before. She would video call Gerald nightly, but these sessions turned into heated videophone sex sessions. When he came home for the weekend at the end of his first month, I think she just about wore him out. They had a big row though during his stay because Stephanie revealed that she had been discussing her sex life with Sheila and he got upset. He returned to his base early.”

“Over the next couple of weeks, Sheila continued, convincing Stephanie that to resolve her issues with Gerald, she needed to be more adventurous in the bedroom. Specifically, she needed to give him her ass, something she had previously not done. She gave Stephanie some toys for her to use on herself to prepare her, and almost every day she would go over and sit with her while the girls were in the pool. God knows how many times she drugged that poor girl.”

“The screw up happened when Sheila got complacent. She was over with Stephanie while the girls used the pool, and she convinced Stephanie that in order to be fully prepared to give Gerald her ass, she needed to practice with something more realistic, and it just so happened that Sheila had a dildo that would be perfect.”

“After Sheila brought the girls home and got them ready for bed, they no longer wanted me to do that anymore, she left me in charge and went back over to Stephanie’s. Apparently, she was busily ramming ‘Ramone’, her dildo, up Stephanie’s ass when Gerald arrived home unexpectedly. Then the shit hit the fan.”

“He threw Stephanie out, I think she went to stay with her parents, and put the house up for sale. He was gone in less than a month. Jeremy was furious. I couldn’t quite work out how it ended up being my fault, but it was. As a penance I ended up getting fucked. ‘You need to do better,’ he told me as he emptied himself into me, almost choking me out at the same time. Sheila just looked on smiling. I was in a mess. I was confused, hurt, sore, but also incredibly aroused. I couldn’t figure out what had happened. I guessed later that once again I had been drugged. I just couldn’t bring myself to care anymore.”

“Soon after Cheryl and Alan Griffin bought your house. Alan was an electronics tech. I think he owned his own business. Cheryl worked for him but from home. Once again, Jeremy was on the hunt, and once again he tasked Sheila to work on Cheryl. He didn’t trust me to approach Alan, but since Cheryl was going to be at home alone all day, he figured Sheila could get the job done.”

“Once again Sheila used the girls, getting them to ask to use the pool as they had with Stephanie and Gerald, and once again, being the kind people they were, Alan and Cheryl said yes with the proviso that there would always be adult supervision. So, the trap was laid.”

“Jeremy wanted to keep a much closer eye on what was going on this time, since they had struck out with Stephanie and Gerald, and so he had almost nightly phone conversations with Sheila about her progress. She told him how she was working on Cheryl’s insecurities about being a good wife, and good enough in the bedroom. She drugged that poor girl almost daily, getting her worked up and letting her loose on her husband when he got home.”

“Like Gerald, when he found out that Cheryl was discussing their private life with Sheila, he was not happy and although he didn’t say it, it became clear that he wasn’t happy for Sheila to be there when he wasn’t. So, they started sneaking around. I found out later that he was far more clever than we gave him credit for, but I’ll tell you about that further on.”

“Sheila used the same line as she had with Stephanie about giving everything to Alan in the bedroom and encouraging her towards anal sex. Primarily this was because Jeremy loved to fuck asses, so she needed to be ready for him, but Cheryl didn’t need to know that yet. Once again, she supplied toys for Cheryl to use to prepare herself to take a cock up her ass. She was almost ready.”

“On the Wednesday night Jeremy and Beth came over, I think Jeremy was starting to get impatient, because things seemed to be taking too long. He wanted to know how things were progressing. They told us that they were going to bring Alan and Cheryl on board that weekend. Beth told Sheila to make sure that Alan was already horny when he got to the BBQ. Dave would give him a dosed beer and then Beth would take him into the Den and get things going. Sheila would then bring in Cheryl and bingo. Sheila was so certain of Cheryl that she felt there was no need to drug her that night, but she was going to take ‘Ramone’ over the next day so she would need something to get that session underway. Jeremy had brought some with him and handed it over.”

“The next day, Sheila took ‘Ramone’ over Cheryl’s and was just about to give her the spiked drink when fate, or God, or probably just Alan intervened. Like I said, he knew far more than we gave him credit for, .”

“As Sheila was handing Cheryl the spiked drink, Alan called. They were being audited by the IRS and he was on his way home, as they had only a few days to get everything ready. Sheila was furious but had no choice other than to dump the drugged wine and get the hell out of Dodge.”

“Since Alan was home for the rest of the week, there was no further opportunity for Sheila to use ‘Ramone’. She stayed away from them until the Saturday of the BBQ, when she took the girls over once again to use the pool. They didn’t stay more than a couple of hours, but as she was leaving, she gave Cheryl her instruction to get Alan as horny as she could, but leave him hanging, before that night.”

“When Alan and Cheryl arrived at the party, Dave was waiting for him with a spiked beer. I had to laugh. H e couldn’t have made it more obvious if he had put a label on the bottle saying ‘Drugged Beer’. Alan didn’t seem to notice though and took a long drink. I felt sorry for him, I knew what was coming and I was rooting for him to get away.”

“Alan finished the beer and took another. I guess he must have felt the effects of the drug though, because after that he switched to soft drinks. Sadly, for him, I thought it was too late. Throughout the evening, all 3 girls kept teasing him. Cheryl, Sheila, and Beth took it in turns to rub up against him or flash their cleavages or ass as he was passing. I could see he was eating it up, and although he didn’t seem as flushed as I would have expected, he certainly was aroused. I could see his erection through his trousers. I remember wondering idly how big his cock was and if I would end up having to swallow his cum, too.”

“Then it was time for the hammer to drop. Beth took his arm and under some pretext got him to go with her into their den. The plan was that Sheila would take Cheryl in and find Beth sucking Alan’s cock. Cheryl would join in, kissing him to show she was good with it, and then the real party would begin. I looked across at Cheryl as Alan went into the house and the look on her face told me that she was not as on board with this plan as Sheila thought. I wondered what would happen.”

“After a couple of minutes, Sheila took Cheryl’s arm and led her into the house. Dave, Jeremy, and I followed a few minutes later, but I was surprised at what I found. Beth was on her knees on the floor, Cheryl and Sheila were standing looking stunned, and Alan was standing, well, back, behind the couch looking angry. When we came in, he looked even angrier and then picked up the baseball bat that Jeremy kept on display on his sideboard. I think he thought we were going to attack him. He seemed ready for a fight.”

“Jeremy told us to all leave, and he and Beth would talk to Alan and Cheryl and explain. He seemed to think that he had the chance to talk Alan into going along with his plan. I think he was still convinced that Cheryl was on board and so he would only have to convince Alan.”

“Not long after, Alan and Cheryl left and went home. When Jeremy came out, he was annoyed but not too angry. He quizzed Dave about the beer he had given Alan, as Alan had seemed far too controlled to have been drugged, but we all saw him drink the beer. Jeremy told us that Alan had calmed down after we had left and after Jeremy had explained everything, he had asked questions. He seemed to be open to it.”

“Jeremy said that Alan had stated that he needed to go and speak with Cheryl alone and that he would speak to us after they had made their decision. Being sure of Cheryl’s desire to join, he was confident that they would be on board. Once they were partying with us, he would then begin the process of subjugating Alan, as they had with me. They didn’t even bother to hide this anymore. They were convinced, and probably rightly, that I was a broken and subservient Cuckold.”

“Sheila texted Cheryl the next day to ask how she was and if she wanted her to go and speak to Alan. Cheryl texted back to say that they were OK, Alan was a little shocked, but they were talking it through. She said she would call Sheila the following day.”

“We never saw them again.”

“At some point during the day, they simply left. Sheila tried to call Cheryl the next day and found that her number had been discontinued. Sometime later a moving company came and packed up their house and took everything away. When we quizzed the guys loading the truck, they said they had been contracted to put all the items in storage.”

“It was after they left that I found this.” He held out a DVD. “I don’t know if he left it on purpose, or it just fell out of a packing case, but it has hours of video surveillance in the house. You can see a couple of the times that Sheila drugged Cheryl, and you can hear their conversations. There is also some audio that apparently was taken in our house. The clever, sneaky bastard had installed a bug in the games console he repaired for the twins. As I said, he was far more clever than we gave him credit for.”

“I know that the video in his house would be admissible in court, since it was his house. But as of now, I am prepared to swear to say that I gave him permission to install the bug in my house. In fact, I asked him to do it.”

Gary looked at me and I just shrugged.

“As you can imagine, “ Bob continued his story. ” Jeremy was livid. When he found out they had left, and he didn’t even know where they had gone, he hit the roof. Sheila said we should go looking for them, but Beth calmed them both down, saying that they were now beyond reach and we should just wait. There would be another set of people in the house soon enough and until then we still had each other.”

“Again, I bore the brunt of Jeremy’s ire. And within a few days, I had been fucked three times, twice by Jeremy and once by Dave, just to remind me of my place. I was no longer involved in the sex games, I was simply a clean up man. I was allowed, if I behaved, to suck the boys cum out of whichever hole of whichever women they had dumped it in. I woke up one morning a week later wearing a cock cage and although I get to take it off every couple of weeks for cleaning, I haven’t been allowed to cum for over 4 years.”

“Well, I say that, I cum from being fucked, when Jeremy or Dave wants to cement their authority over me, but its degrading and humiliating to be forced to cum in that way. Sheila relishes pointing it out when it happens, saying I’m nothing but a cuck faggot sissy boy enjoying having real men pump their cum into me. And that’s why I cum when it happens. She, of all of them, Jeremy included, seems to get off most from my humiliation.”

“When you guys bought the house, I was pleased. I thought that finally Karma had played its hand. I knew that despite him fucking me on a regular basis, Jeremy was rabidly homophobic. It’s hypocritical I know, but I know he sees what he does to me as asserting dominance, not having sex, and so he doesn’t see himself as gay.”

“Almost out of habit, the girls came over to ask to use your pool, and like the others, you acceded. I am always surprised at the generosity of people. As you saw however, the twins were starting to develop other interests and since Sheila didn’t need them to be here to give her an excuse to come over, she didn’t insist. By this time, I was nothing more than dirt in the Twins’ eyes. They saw how their mother treated me and they treated me the same.”

“Don’t get me wrong, there was never any sexual contact between Sheila and the girls or myself and the girls. They just treated me with contempt and saw me as the lowest of the low. I was fine at work, but at home I was shit.”

“That is how I have been living my life ever since you arrived. I go to work, I come home, I serve as a clean-up and occasional cumdump at their parties. I cannot tell you how many times I have thought of killing myself. Each time the only thing that stops me is my girls. I know they hate me and think I am lower than shit, but I cannot bear to leave them.”

“I know that I am still being dosed occasionally. Every now and then, I get that feeling. I get really aroused and fuzzy-headed. It’s worse now though because when I get aroused, it hurts. The cage doesn’t have room for me to get an erection, so when it happens, it’s painful. The pain doesn’t make the erection go away though and I suffer for hours until whatever it was they gave me wears off. Sheila thinks it is hilarious.”

“In a rare moment of rebellion, while I was at work, I took a leaf out of Alan Griffin’s book and bought a voice-activated recorder. I knew that Jeremy was having conversations with Sheila while I was at work, and I needed to know what was going on. I had seen the way that he was starting to look at the girls and it was making me anxious. Last night I listened to a recording of a conversation they had had just before Sheila had taken the girls to her parents.”

“When I heard it, I was horrified. I was sickened. I wanted to die. I am ashamed to say that once again I decided I had had enough and would kill myself. I must have drunk almost a full bottle of whisky. It was the expensive stuff that is usually reserved for Jeremy. Normally, I daren’t even look at that, but I didn’t care anymore. I had a bottle of sleeping pills in my hand, the top off, and I was about to take them all. I knew that I wouldn’t be found until Sheila came back from her mother’s, and by that time, I would have been dead for days.”

“But then I got angry. Angrier than I had ever been. For a few moments, I was so angry that I became what I hadn’t been for many years. I became a man and a father. I knew that I needed to stay alive to protect my girls, no matter what they thought of me. I had one thought in my head, I needed help, and the only people that I thought could help me were you guys.”

I sat for a moment, assimilating everything he had said.

When he had finished his tale, Bob had put his head in his hands and was weeping quietly. Gary was standing beside him, his arms around him trying to comfort him.

“Bob?” I said. “Do you have the recording you mentioned? You said you listened to a recording?”

“He nodded. It’s in the pocket of the trousers I was wearing last night,“ he said.

I went into the guest bathroom and picked up the trousers. They were none too clean and smelled bad. I rummaged in the pocket and extracted a USB stick. Picking up the rest of his dirty clothes, I took them into the laundry room, threw them in the washer, and turned it on.

On the way back to the den, I went into my office and collected my laptop.

Out of habit, I scanned the USB stick for viruses and other nasties as soon as I plugged it into my laptop. Once it came back clear, I opened my file management program and accessed the stick. There was just one file there, an .mp4 file. I clicked on it to play.

I heard something that sounded like slurping and gagging. I frowned at Bob, and he explained.

“Sheila is just finishing off the blowjob. He comes over most days for one.” He said.

I heard grunting and then “Take it Bitch.” Then a loud swallow.

There were sounds of rustling, presumably clothes being rearranged and then,“Where are the girls?” It was a man’s voice that Bob identified as Jeremy.

“They are at Mollie’s. They will be back in an hour. We have to get ready to go to Mom’s.”

“Sheila,” said Bob.

“How long are you going to be there?” Jeremy asked.

“A week. Dad had his surgery two days ago and will be coming home tomorrow. The Doc says he will be able to walk around with a frame after a few days, but she will need my help until then.”

“What’s cuck going to do while you are gone?”

“Fuck knows. He’ll have to look after himself. Is there something you need him for?”

“Nah. I just wondered. The girls are filling out nicely I see.”

“They are. They will break someone’s heart some day?”

“Not for a while yet. Have they started their periods yet?”

Sheila laughed “About 4 years ago. It was how I started to get them away from Bob. Once they needed me to help them, I could start to show them how worthless he is.”

Jeremy laughed.

“I take it they are still virgins?”

“Of course, I’m sure they are aware of boys, but I’m certain that they have not been with any yet.”

“We wouldn’t want their first times to be disappointing for them,” He said. “Perhaps it would be better if we were to take them under our wing and teach them what they need to know. Then when they are ready, they will be much better prepared.”

There was a long pause as Sheila digested this. I was waiting for her to shout out in disgust or say something against this, but I knew she wouldn’t, not after what Bob had told me.

“That’s not a bad idea,” she said finally.

“I can’t really do anything when I’m at Moms.” She continued, “But once we are back, I can start laying the groundwork for you. Will your stuff be safe for them at their age?” she asked.

“I’ll mix up a weaker batch. How long do you think you will need to prepare them?” he queried.

“Couple of weeks.” Then she laughed. “How hot would it be to make Bob clean them out after? Make him lick up your cum and their virginal blood after you deflower them. It will really mess with him.”

Jeremy laughed. Then his phone rang.

He answered it and then told Sheila he had to go. The recording ended at that point. I presumed that Bob had just copied the relevant portion from a bigger file.

After hearing the recording again, Bob once again put his head in his hands. He was no longer weeping. He was just a tired, broken man.

I picked up my phone.

Initially we took Bob to the hospital. We needed to get the sores on his genitals treated, and also get him examined by a doctor, blood drawn, a rape kit done, and also get him assessed by a psychiatrist.

I then phoned a friend of mine who was a defence attorney.

While Bob was undergoing his examinations, I met with my friend.

I told him I needed him to represent Bob and told him the story.

He immediately told me that none of what Bob had told me would be admissible in court and that I had illegally obtained a confession from a man without reading him his Miranda rights. I grinned at him. He asked that Bob be released into his custody. I told him that Bob was currently at the hospital. We shook hands and parted company.

I saw Bob later that afternoon in the DA’s office. He was looking a lot better and he had my friend, his lawyer, with him.

I was sitting opposite him with the DA.

I had told the DA the full story, and even played him the tape of Bob’s confession. He eyed the pair.

Bob’s attorney spoke.“I want to make it clear that we are here voluntarily, that no charges have been brought against my client, and that we are able to leave at any time. My client admits to no wrongdoing and any and all statements or confessions he made were obtained without legal counsel and without my client being read his Miranda rights.”

“Cut the crap counsellor.” the DA growled. “This is a shit show, and you know it. Right now, we have the welfare of two young girls to consider. I am prepared to obtain warrants for the arrest of everyone that lives in that damn commune.”

I cleared my throat

“Ok. Nearly everyone that lives in that damn commune, the DA corrected, along with search warrants for all the properties, except yours,” he added to me. “That recording gives me probable cause for that at least.”

“Not without my client’s corroboration it doesn’t. All you hear on that tape is some sick fantasy about deflowering some virgins. There is no indication as to who they are or that they are underage. The only name mentioned is Bob, and there are quite a few of those living in the US. You need more and you know it.”

The DA appeared to get angry.“You are prepared to risk two young girls’ safety…” he began raising his voice slightly.

“No,” said Bob’s attorney “Their safety is my prime concern. This is why my client is prepared to come forward and make a statement, for the right consideration.”

“And that would be?”

“Immunity from prosecution for all crimes outlined in his statement,” he said. “He has been an unwilling participant, drugged, and sexually abused. His participation was forced. I have spoken to the psychiatrist who assessed my client earlier today. He feels he needs far more time for a full assessment, but his first impressions are that my client has been subjected to a prolonged and extensive period of behavioural modification using drugs, deprivation, and other techniques. Effectively he was brainwashed.”

The DA looked at me and I at him. “Anything else?” he asked

“My client wants assurances that his daughters will be placed with his parents, until such times as he can take care of them again. He doesn’t want them going into the system.”

“And do his parents have the capacity to look after two teenage girls?” the DA asked. “And would they be willing, especially given they are not blood relatives?”

“I have spoken to the parents. They are willing. They had suspicions, but weren’t certain that Bob wasn’t the biological father to the twins, but the girls have grown up as their grandchildren. It has only been the last couple of years that they have grown apart. Apparently, their mother influenced them to reject their grandparents.”

“The girls will need counselling” I said. “It’s going to be a massive shock and upheaval for them.”

Everyone nodded at that.

The DA looked at me. “Is there any value in contacting the previous owners of your house? The Sykes or the Griffins?”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “They seem to be the ones that got away. I did some checking, the Sykes stayed married, and the Griffins are doing well by all accounts. Dragging this all up again might cause more problems for them. We have more than enough to get things rolling, and I don’t doubt that if we execute search warrants on the properties, we will find enough evidence to corroborate Bob’s story.”

“Dave and Tracey Heron’s baby has red hair also. I’ll bet if we get DNA from him, we will find that Jeremy is the father. Perhaps either or both might be persuaded to testify, with some consideration on sentence. Tracey seems to have been a victim as well, although Dave seems to have been on board from the start.”

The DA nodded.“Counsellor” he said “You have a deal. In return for his full and frank confession, your client will receive full immunity from prosecution with regards to any crimes he may have been associated with in the events to which his confession related, up to but not including Murder. If anyone died the deal is off the table.” Bob looked shocked.

“In addition,”, the DA continued. “His daughters will be placed with his parents until such times as they either reach the age of majority, or until your client is able to resume parental responsibility. I will also ask that the court give sole parental responsibility to Bob at that time.”

He looked at Bob. “I presume you wish to get divorced?”

Bob looked stunned. I don’t think divorce had even occurred to him. “I ...” he began. His solicitor stepped in. “I will advise my client on his matrimonial status. I suspect that once things settle down, he will be filing for divorce on the grounds of adultery and mental cruelty. I also expect there will be civil suits to follow.” He smiled like a shark. “Your deal is acceptable. My client denies knowledge of any illegal actions that have resulted in the death of anyone.” He went on.

The DA turned to me. “Write it up, then go get warrants. I want search warrants for each of the houses, cars, and other properties owned by any of those perverts. I want arrest warrants for all of them. I want a protection order for those girls. If those perverts get bail, I don’t want them within 100 miles of those girls, nor to be able to contact them. I also want a protection order on Bob. I don’t want them within 5 miles of him. That will mean that they will all have to find accommodation away from their homes. I also want you to rigorously oppose bail on the grounds that they are a clear and present danger to society, they are a flight risk, and anything else you can think of. Keep those fuckers off the streets.”

I grinned at him. “My pleasure.”

My first priority was the girls. I went with Gary in his role as a social worker. We thought it would be less scary for them to be taken into care by someone they knew and maybe even trusted.

We arrived at Sheila’s parent’s house with two officers.

Sheila answered the door. I gestured for one of the officers to make the arrest.

“Sheila Strickland?” he said.

“Yes?” she said looking at me in some confusion.

“Ma’am I have a warrant for your arrest on Suspicion of Rape in the first degree, Suspicion of S exual Assault, Suspicion of Endangering a Minor…. He read a laundry list of charges. He finished with, “Please turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

By this time, the twins and her mother had come to the door.

“What is going on?” her mother said.

The officer was leading a stunned Sheila away to his cruiser.

One of the girls, I could never tell them apart, went after them, but Gary stepped in her way. “Sophie,” he said, apparently, he could tell them apart. “You and Jessica need to come with me.”

“They are not going anywhere!“ Sheila’s mother said bristling and moving forward.

The other officer intercepted her.

“Ma’am, we have a protection order placing Sophie and Jessica Strickland into the care of social services pending an investigation. Please step back or you may be arrested.”

The girls were loaded into Gary’s car. Gary went along and sat in the back seat with them. I could see him talking to them, probably trying to explain to them what was going on. I didn’t envy him that task. A female social worker had come along as a chaperone and was sitting up front.

I went into the house with Sheila’s mother and with her help got the girls’ stuff together.

“I know your husband is just out of surgery.” I said, “Do you have anyone you can call to help you now that Sheila is in custody?”

She nodded “I’ll call my youngest daughter. I’m sure she will come over. Can you tell me what this is all about?”

I shook my head. “I’m sorry I can’t discuss an ongoing investigation. I’m sure Sheila will be able to bring you up to speed when you next talk.”

I took the gear out and put it in the trunk of Gary’s car. I could see the girls in the back seat were crying now. He looked at me through the window and nodded thanks. After a moment he got out of the back seat, and the female got in. Gary got in the driver’s seat, and they drove away, bound for Bob’s Parent’s house.

We decided that we should take Jeremy next. I was certain that a search of his house would turn up far more than that of Dave and Tracey’s. I wanted to catch him unawares and not give him any opportunity to get rid of or destroy any evidence.

I drove into our community with a couple of plain clothes officers tagging along behind. We walked up to his door and the officers took position on either side. I rang the bell.

Beth came to the door and smiled at me. She didn’t notice the two officers who were stood back from the door against the wall. “Garry.” She said “How nice to see you. Would you like to come in?”

I smiled at her. “I need a word with Jeremy, Is he around?”

“Certainly.” She turned her head “Jeremy?”

“Yes?” I heard him shout, from within the house somewhere.

“Garry needs a word.” She said, “Can you come out please?”

Jeremy appeared in the hall smiling.

“Hi Garry. What can I do for you?” he asked.

I nodded and the two officers swooped. Both Jeremy and Beth were arrested. Jeremy resisted and had to be taken to the floor, but Beth just stood there stunned.

While this was going on I sent a text and four cruisers entered the street, two coming to the front of Jeremy’s house and two stopping outside Dave and Tracey’s.

Jeremy and Beth were loaded into separate cruisers, and when I looked down the street, I could see that the two officers had already arrested Dave and Tracey and were loading them into separate cars. The whole operation took less than 10 minutes. As they were leaving, several more cars pulled in. These were the officers that would execute the search warrants.


The search of Jeremy’s house revealed a treasure trove of evidence.

Not only did he have a virtual lab in his basement, he had stocks of Fentanyl, Ketamine, GHB and Viagra. He had detailed notes of what combinations and concentrations he used for different purposes. Bob had regularly been dosed with a cocktail of Ketamine, GHB and Viagra. This, according to our expert, would keep him compliant, dissociated and horny. He kept detailed notes of which drugs had been given to whom, and their effects. It became clear he was a very clever man. He could easily have overdosed and killed his victims combining these drugs, but he was careful and methodical and luckily, nobody died.

It also transpired that he had begun covertly videoing his get togethers. There was hours of footage of a drugged Bob being forced to perform and being orally and anally raped by both Jeremy and latterly, by Dave. At most of the get-togethers, it was clear that Tracey was also under the influence of something. There was no evidence that any of the others involved were drugged.

Also on Jeremy’s computer were pictures of the twins, taken by Sheila. She had taken them while they were bathing or getting changed. Some were clothed or partially clothed and others were naked. They spanned years, the earliest being when the girls looked to be about 7 or 8.

Under interrogation, Jeremy refused to say anything at all, claiming the 5th to every question.

Beth was more forthcoming. She described how she had come to be with Jeremy after a failed marriage, how she had fallen for his charm, and finally got involved with his lifestyle. It was completely possible that she had been drugged initially, but it was also clear that this was no longer the case, and she was a full and willing participant in all of his machinations.

She eventually confirmed the majority of Bob’s story, telling of how she had been the one to recruit Sheila, although Sheila had required little persuasion and had been almost eager to join. She corroborated Bob’s account of how he had been brought on board, using a mixture of drugs and seduction. Apparently, there was more to it than even Bob realised, as in the beginning, Sheila was dosing his food with drugs daily to keep him compliant and horny. The poor guy never stood a chance.

Dave’s interrogation was more confrontational. Initially, he also refused to answer questions, but later on, as the implications of the charges being brought against him started to sink in, he began to co-operate more. He was surprised to find that he had initially been drugged and confessed that he would have gone along with it in any case. He had long had a fantasy of being a swinger with his wife. When Bob had mentioned it to him, he had been eager to hear more. He had known that Tracey was being drugged, but rather than making him angry it had excited him. He wanted her to join the group and was happy that it would go ahead, even if it was against her will.

When he was quizzed about the treatment of Bob, he was more reticent. When the interrogator suggested that he might have some homosexual tendencies, he became angry and aggressive. When it was pointed out that putting his penis into another man’s mouth and/or anus would suggest that he did actually have those tendencies, he took great pains to point out that he wasn’t, in fact, a faggot, and his fucking Bob was merely to show that he was superior and to put him in his place. He knew Bob was being drugged and it made him feel powerful to do that to him. He didn’t seem to realize that he had confessed to repeatedly raping both Bob while he was drugged and incapable both of consent and of defending himself, and his own wife while she was equally drugged and incapable of consent and defending herself. That would come back to haunt him later.

Tracy was a mess.

She, like Bob, had been drugged and coerced by Sheila, Beth and her husband. She made a deal with the DA to give evidence against Jeremy and the rest of the cabal. She didn’t get immunity, but she did get a much-reduced sentence, basically time served plus 4 years’ probation. Davey, her son, had been placed with Tracey’s mother during her incarceration, but she would be able to regain custody of him on her release. She also filed for divorce from Dave on the grounds of adultery and mental cruelty.

Sheila was unrepentant.

As far as she was concerned Bob was a worthless piece of shit and deserved everything he got. If he had been more of a man, like Jeremy, he would have stood up to him and kept her and her kids safe. She treated Jeremy like the leader of a sex cult, which I guess was what he was. She had a psych assessment and was deemed to have capacity, but to be a sociopath, and to be dangerous.

At trial the jury returned guilty verdicts on all defendants.

Jeremy was found guilty of a myriad of drugs crimes and multiple counts of rape against both Bob and Tracey. He was also found guilty of possessing indecent images of a minor.

Beth was also convicted of having indecent pictures of a minor, since it was a shared computer and the computer techs had determined that some of the pictures had been saved to the computer by her. All this, along with her convictions for multiple counts of aiding and abetting in the drugging, rape, and sexual assault of Bob and Tracy.

Dave was convicted of multiple counts of rape of both Bob and Tracey, since there was video evidence of him raping Bob on at least four occasions and over a dozen showing him having sex with an obviously impaired Tracey.

Sheila was convicted of various drugs offences and multiple counts of aiding and abetting the rapes of both Bob and Tracey. As with Dave, there was video evidence of her taking part in the rapes of both Bob and Tracey. She was also convicted of taking indecent images of children for distribution.

None of them would set foot outside of prison again.

According to the deal that Tracey had made with the DA for her testifying, and due to the fact that she was, drugged and coerced, like Bob, she was sentenced to time served and released on probation. She spent a total of 8 months in a minimum-security prison whilst waiting to go to trial.

Bob spent six months as a self-referred patient in a psychiatric hospital. He had drug withdrawal problems and PTSD.

He returned home and was joined three months later by his daughters. He had divorced Sheila and got full custody of the girls. He and Tracey also sued Jeremy and Beth, Dave, and Sheila. It took two years to work through, but the outcome was that virtually all the remaining assets of the three had been divided between them. They each owned their own homes outright, along with Jeremy’s house. Jeremy and Beth had not been poor either, so there was a sizable amount of cash in the settlement, also.

Jessica and Sophie also spent a long time in therapy. They had been in court for a lot of the trial, although they had been excluded when anything particularly graphic was discussed. They had been horrified to learn of their parentage, and how Bob had been treated. Their counsellor had managed to show them how they had been manipulated by their mother and how their love for him had been turned into contempt.

When they met up with Bob for the first time after he was discharged from the psychiatric hospital, it was done under supervision. Nobody knew what to expect. Gary, being the case worker for the girls, was present. Bob also asked if I would be there to answer any questions the girls had.

I could tell that all Bob wanted to do was to take his now 16-year-old daughters into his arms and tell them everything would be OK, but he was scared. The last time he had seen his daughters face to face like this, they had held him in contempt.

In the end it was Sophie that broke the ice. “Gary?” she said in a small voice, looking at him. “Can I ask a question?”

“Sure sweetheart,” Gary said warmly. “Who did you want to ask?”

Hesitantly, she indicated Bob. He looked at her waiting. Both the girls were looking at him now.

“We were told that Jeremy is our biological father,” she began, a tremor in her voice. “But is there any way that we could go back to having you as our daddy?”

After that there were a lot of hugs and crying and tears and snot – lots of snot.

I suppose it was inevitable that Tracey and Bob would get together. Tracey was also struggling with PTSD, and her therapist had said that sharing her memories of the experience with someone who had also been there, might help. So, they started attending joint counselling sessions. These sessions morphed into them spending time together outside of counselling, which morphed into dating. The twins were happy to babysit Tracey’s son, who was in fact their half-brother, after all.

A year later they moved in together. Seven months after that, Tracey gave birth to another baby boy.
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