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Mary has a fantasy. Daniel might just help her realise it
Timestop – Subway

Mary stood nervously on the platform. She had missed her usual train, having stayed back with some friends for a post work drink, and now it was just after nine thirty, and dark. There were fewer people on the platform than usual, probably due to the late hour, she didn’t often ride this late, Jack, her husband didn’t like her to ride the subway at night, he had heard so many tales of women being molested on trains.

Mary hadn’t told him, that that had been one of her most precious fantasies. How she had searched the internet while he was snoring, after his pump and squirt performance had left her needy, looking for what the Japanese called Chikan videos. She often imagined herself in those girls’ places, being trapped between bodies, unable to move, whilst her tits were mauled, her ass fondled, her pussy fingered, all by strangers that she didn’t know and would never see again. She imagined what it would feel like to be pushed up against the train window, watching as the dark walls of the tunnels raced by while a cock, belonging to someone she had never met, plundered her before dumping its payload deep inside her.

She would scoop out Jacks cum, imagining it to be that of the stranger and use it to lubricate her fingers on her clit while she fingered herself to orgasm, all while Jack snored next to her. She could have fucked the next door neighbor in the bed next to him and Jack wouldn’t have woken.

Mary looked up and down the platform. There were a few people gathered waiting for the train, and she shivered a little in the cold air. It had been forecast sunny today, so she hadn’t brought a coat, not thinking to be out this late. She had forgotten about the leaving party for Cheryl, and now her business suit, and light jacket weren’t really up to the job of keeping out the evening chill. She could feel her nipples pushing through her bra in the cold and she glanced down, seeing them visible even through her shirt. She folded her arms to cover them, and the sensation of her arms dragging over them, even through her other clothing, sent jolts of electricity through her.

She blushed a little, looking around once more to see if anyone had noticed, and caught his eye.

He was tall and slender, with short black hair, and piercing blue eyes. He wore a dark pinstripe suit, a white shirt, and dark tie. There was a white handkerchief peeking out of his top pocket. He was standing maybe twenty feet away from her, facing the edge of the platform, but his face was turned in her direction. He seemed to have sensed her embarrassment because the corner of his mouth twitched up as their eyes met.

Mary jumped as she felt the sensation of her nipples being gently tweaked, sent another electric shock straight to her pussy. The man held her gaze, and his smile widened as her blush deepened, as if he had known what had happened. She shivered under his gaze, looking down the line to see the train approaching. She stepped forward, feeling the wetness between her legs, and wondering how she was so horny all of a sudden.

When the train had stopped at the platform, she waited for the doors to open and then stepped across the small gap, into the carriage. She must have been wetter than she thought, because as she strode, her pussy lips, which must have been stuck together with her arousal, suddenly parted, giving her a sensation almost exactly like someone had run their finger the full length of her slit, back to front. She almost moaned out loud, and shivered as she stepped onto the train, before noticing the man again.

How had he gotten on before her? He was further down the carriage, which wasn’t exactly full, but standing because there were no available seats. She would be forced to stand as well.

Once more she caught his piercing blue eyes, and found she struggled to look away. She would have liked to have turned her back to him, he unnerved her a little, but he might think she was being rude. Instead, she took hold of the pole in front of her, and let her eyes fall. She could still feel the wetness between her legs, and she gently rubbed her thighs together, trying to make herself more comfortable, but something seemed strange. Under her skirt, she felt a draught, almost like…

Her eyes widened as the thought struck her. It felt like she wasn’t wearing panties. That couldn’t be, she had definitely worn underwear, she remembered putting them on, the red lacy pair, that Jack had bought her for her last birthday. She liked them, they were comfortable. She tried surreptitiously to run her hand down her side, then back up over her butt, feeling for the line of her underwear, but couldn’t find it. It was as if they had just vanished.

She glanced once again at the man, who was still looking in her direction, although he wasn’t staring directly at her. He was busy mopping his face, as if he was sweating, although she didn’t think the train was that hot. Finished now he tucked the handkerchief back into his top pocket, not forgetting to leave a little of the red material poking out.

The lights flickered in the carriage, going out for just a second, before flickering back on again. This happened often on this line. There was one section further up where the lights would go out for almost thirty seconds at a time, at least a dozen time in a row, and then a final section just before her station where they stayed off for a full minute. she remembered the first time she had ridden this train, wondering what the problem was, but it was apparently normal, and she had gotten used to it now. There would be a couple of short periods of darkness soon though before she reached the main section.

Her fantasy resurfaced in her mind, and she wished the train was more crowded. She had quietly backed into guys on crowded trains before, and on one occasion had actually felt one stiffen where her ass rubbed against him. She had pretended not to notice, but had come massively later that night, fantasizing about that strangers cock while she masturbated, thinking about it rubbing up against her ass, separated only by a couple of layers of material.

The memory of that made her squirm and her pussy started to tingle, she could feel herself getting wetter, and the cool air did nothing to soothe the itch that was burning there. She still wondered about her panties. Where were they, Had she really not put any on? She was sure she had, the red pair. In fact the exact same shade of red as…

Her eyes widened as she spied the small triangle of color peeking from the top pocket of the man in the suit. Hadn’t his handkerchief been white before? No, she was being ridiculous. He was over twenty feet away from her and hadn’t moved. Unless she believed in magic, there was no way…

The lights flickered out once again. A short one this time, less than five seconds. In the dark she felt a hand on her ass. Stroking and squeezing. She jumped and squeaked, but as she put her hand down to trap the pervert who was groping her in the dark, the lights came back on, and there was nobody near her. She was standing between the doors, against a post. The nearest seats were a good ten feet away.

Her fantasies were obviously getting the better of her but that had felt so real, and so good. She smiled wryly to herself, once again looking up and catching the eye of the man in the suit, who was also smiling.

Once more the lights flickered out, another short one, no more than five seconds, but this time she felt him, behind her. His trouser covered erection pushing into her rear, his hands around her front cupping her jacket covered breasts. She moaned this time and pushed back, just as the lights came back on. She almost stumbled. There was nobody behind her. She might have fallen had she not been holding onto the pole. Nobody noticed, apparently if anyone had seen they had simply put it down to her losing balance in the motion of the train.

Her pussy was soaked now. She could feel her juices starting to trickle down her leg. That had felt so real. She had felt him, and she was certain it was he, his erection had been very evident even through both their clothes, as he had ground it into her. She sneaked a look over her shoulder. Wondering if there was any chance that any of the men behind her could have got to her, but it had been too fast. No, it had to have been her imagination. But wow that had been intense.

She looked forward to the next blackout. If she remembered correctly there were two more short ones, before the longer ones hit. She looked around the car, wondering if she dared to push her hand down the front of her skirt in the longer periods of darkness. She could imagine it was someone else doing it to her. If she didn’t get carried away. She dismissed the idea. How could she be certain to stop before the lights came back on. She would be mortified to be caught masturbating on the subway. She might even get arrested.

The next darkness hit, and once again she felt him grinding his erection into her butt, groping and pinching her nipples, only this time it felt like he had taken his cock out, and was rubbing it naked against her skirt. The feeling of his hard member, rubbing against her, separated only by the material of her skirt, made her moan, fortunately the sound lost in the noise of the train. She reached behind herself wanting to feel him, take him in her hand. But the lights came on again, and there was nobody there.

She was panting now. Her head spinning with the sensations running through her body. She didn’t understand what was going on, had someone drugged her drink at the bar? She didn’t feel dizzy or sleepy, just incredibly horny, and she was having these incredibly realistic fantasies. She put her hand to her face, feeling the flush, her forehead slick with sweat. Once again her eyes met with the piercing blue gaze of the man in the suit, and he smiled reassuringly at her. For some reason that made her feel better.

In the next darkness, his cock was between her naked ass cheeks. Pumping slowly up and down. She felt his heat, and the slickness of his precum as he ground into her. One hand was cupping her breast, but the other had found its was under her skirt, and was gently stroking her clit, using her wetness to lubricate his finger as he strummed her.

It was over all too fast. Five seconds and the lights came on again. And again she was standing alone, her chest heaving. She had almost come, even in such a short time. The feeling of the cock sliding up and down between her asscheeks while he played with her clit had been indescribable. She had felt it slither across her asshole just once in the short time, but even that had been enough for her to want him to push it inside, to bugger her. She had never had anal sex, never been interested, but in that moment, she had wanted it, needed it.

The train slowed as it took a curve, and Mary knew, this was the final stretch. She was less than fifteen minutes from her stop, but in that fifteen minutes were a dozen, twenty second blackouts followed by a full minute of darkness. Just before her stop. Her pussy was tingling the need very real, she had no idea what was going on, but she was very much looking forward to those periods of darkness.


She almost came, as she felt him enter her. His hardness slipping easily into her soaked channel, stretching her. He was big, much bigger than Jack, stretching her out. She could feel his head thrusting deeper and deeper inside of her. He went slow, and was tender, but she knew that he wouldn’t stop until he was all the way inside.


She blinked as the lights came back on. She had both hands on the pole, her ass pushed out backwards a little, confused as to where he was, why she felt so empty. She had just been getting used to his girth, relishing the heat of his cock as it slid inexorably into her.


Further he pushed into her. Stretching her out once more, she squeaked as her pussy was once again filled, her juices drooling out around him and running down her legs. She hadn’t had anyone as big as this inside her and she wondered exactly how big he was, and whether she would actually be able to fit him all in. She pushed back against him, finally feeling his belly pressing against her naked butt.


Mary stumbled again, the resistance she had been pushing against gone. She could feel her pussy although empty was gaping and aching a little, from the sudden departure. Not withdrawal, she hadn’t felt him pull out of her, he had just vanished. Mary ran her hand over her butt, feeling for her skirt, wondering where it had gone, but it was there. Aside from the apparent lack of panties she was still fully dressed. She fixed her eyes once more on the stranger in the suit. They locked eyes. And he held her with his gaze.


She felt him pull back, and in a single thrust fill her all the way up again. She gasped at the sensation of his hot meat spearing inside of her. His hands were on her hips and once more he pulled back and thrust hard forwards, his groin slapping at her ass and his balls hitting her clit. She felt her belly tighten and knew it wouldn’t be long before she…


She trembled, the sudden emptiness giving her very confusing sensations. Her pussy was still gaping and wet, but the abruptness of his disappearance, added to the cool air, which had flowed up inside her gaping hole, almost made her come by itself. She hadn’t looked away from the stranger, and their eyes were locked. He was still smiling at her, as if he knew what was going on, and somehow she found that even more arousing. Not only was her fantasy playing out, someone knew. It made it even better. She knew it was a fantasy, because she could see her reflection in the train window, her skirt was there, looking exactly as it should.


He was pounding her now, his cock pulling back until only the head was inside, before thrusting hard and deep into her. She could feel the heat, feel every ridge and vein on him as he stroked into her, feel his hands on her hips as he pulled her back to meet his thrusts. Each time their bodies met, his balls would slap into her clit, sending a bolt of pleasure up her spine, and she once again felt that inexorable climb. She just needed a little more a little longer and…


She groaned aloud. She had been almost there; another ten seconds and she would have found her release. Even now her pussy was twitching on the verge or an orgasm, purely from the cool air on her clit, and flowing up inside her again, where seconds ago his cock had been. The stranger held her gaze, his eyes boring into her and she couldn’t have looked away even if she had wanted to. She didn’t want to. Somehow this strangers gaze seemed linked to her fantasy, maybe it was hypnosis, maybe he was projecting the fantasy on her. She didn’t care, she wanted more.


Her orgasm ripped through her, his cock thrust all the way up inside her, he was holding her, pulling her back against him. One hand around her chest tweaking and teasing at her nipple and the other thrust down the front of her skirt strumming at her clit as she bucked and writhed against him. She could feel him flexing, pulling back just an inch at a time before thrusting back inside her. She bit at her hand where it was holding onto the pole in front of her face to stop herself from crying out. Her pussy clenched and released over and over and were it not for him holding her and her hands on the pole, she may well have fallen to her knees.


She was still twitching, her empty pussy still fluttering with post orgasmic sensations. Once again, the cool air playing around her clit and pussy almost too much in itself. Her body thrummed with tension and she could feel fluid running freely down her legs now. She would have looked down, but for some reason she still couldn’t tear her eyes away from the man in the suit.


He was back between her asscheeks now. His slick maleness rubbing up and down in a swift firm motion that rubbed the underside of his head across her asshole again and again. She trembled with both fear and need. Mary knew with a certainty that she couldn’t explain, what was going to happen next. She knew that he was going to fuck her ass, something she had never let Jack do, and she wanted it, needed it. She felt the head of his cock line up with her little star, and took a breath, she knew it was going to hurt, but even so, she couldn’t wait to feel him take her last virginity.


A small moan of disappointment sneaked out as she realised that he was no longer there. She had been so ready, willing to feel him forcing himself inside of her, but she knew, that the next time the lights went out he would take her, force himself inside of her, sodomize her. She could see it in his eyes, those piercing blue eyes that held her gaze. She knew he wanted her, and that he would have her.


She felt him press into her. There was no pain, just an amazing feeling of fullness and stretching as he pushed forward, slowly, smoothly until he was buried up to the root inside of her, his pelvis pressed tight against her cheeks, which he had pulled wide apart to get maximum penetration. He pulled her back against him and just held her there. She could feel his pulse, throbbing in his cock inside her, his heat was incredible. He closed his hand around her throat and pulled her back to him. She could feel his breath on her cheek

“What do you want?” he growled into her ear.


“Fuck me!” she moaned, then blushed furiously as she realised she has said that out loud. Fortunately the noise in the train had prevented anyone from hearing her, but the man in the suit still had his gaze locked on her. She wondered if he could lip read. Under her skirt her asshole gaped, still wide open from when his cock was buried deep inside. Slowly the sphincter started to close. And she felt cold and empty.


He began to move inside her now. Still holding her upright, his hand around her throat, he moved his pelvis back and forward in long slow strokes. She thought he was turning her inside out as he pulled back, and then pressed forward, forcing his full length back inside her over and over again. Once again he sneaked his hand down the front of her skirt. She tensed waiting for him to touch her.


Frustration made her clench her teeth. He had been so close to her clit, to starting her once again on that climb to orgasm. His cock in her ass had felt wonderful and she so wanted to feel him filling her again, to feel him pounding her, to feel him filling her ass with his seed. Her eyes widened as the thought occurred to her. She wanted his cum inside her. To feel him pulse and throb as he emptied himself into her. The man in the suit smiled again.


His hand tightened around her throat as he thrust deep inside her once more, building up his rhythm. His fingers had found her clit now and were stroking and rubbing at it, causing shivers to run up and down her spine as he plundered her from behind. He was starting to pick up speed, and the slap of his pelvis hitting her cheeks was becoming audible even over the sound of the train. She didn’t care, the feelings he was causing had pushed her past the point of worrying about the other passengers. She would have knelt naked on the floor, and allowed him to continue to pound her in front of them all.


Once again she moaned. She had been building again, and her hand left the pole and strayed toward her pussy. She didn’t care anymore she was going to take care of it herself and fuck what anyone thought. But then she saw the frown on the stranger’s face. His blue eyes that still held her gaze looked disapproving, and somehow, that made a difference, dissuaded her. She placed her hand back on the pole where it had been, and he smiled again. She felt good about that smile. His approval mattered to her.


He was pounding into her now, his hand choking her, restricting her air, heightening her pleasure as his other hand stroked and rubbed at her clit. His cock seemed to be getting bigger as he rammed it almost brutally up her once virgin ass, stretching her out in delicious, savage thrusts. Her pussy was spurting out copious amounts of her juice, every time he thrust inside of her, and her legs and shoes were coated. She was panting, dizzy both with lust and with the choking, and she loved it. She had never felt so free, so wanton and so horny. Images flashed in front of her eyes in the darkness, further fantasies, further depravities. Scenes from the movies she had watched while Jack snored beside her. She wished she had a cock to suck while this stranger plundered her from behind. She opened her mouth and began licking at her hand on the pole desperate for sensation to add to the feeling of being anally reamed.


She continued to thrust her hips back for a couple of seconds, her tongue licking at her hand on the pole. A woman down the car had noticed and was looking at her wide eyed. She blushed and tried to make out that she was just altering her stance against the movement of the train. The man in the suit looked amused. Her eyes flicked around the other passengers in the car, had anyone else noticed? It didn’t seem so. Her clit was still singing, the coolness of the air under her skirt enough stimulation to keep her climbing, albeit slower than before. Another man, further down the car caught her eye. He was standing too, and watching her. She figured he had seen her, and she thought she could see a bulge in his trousers. Unconsciously she licked her lips. The man in the suit turned his head, looked down the car, then back at her and grinned.


The cock in her mouth was hot, and tasted salty and musky. He wasn’t that big, maybe six or seven inches, but he had a big mushroom head that filled her mouth deliciously. His hands were on the back of her head. At first he was hesitant, she heard a voice above her swear, but then as she slurped at him he groaned and began to push himself down her throat. Somehow she was now bent over, her asshole still being plundered, in long hard thrusts, but now her fantasy had expanded to include another cock in her mouth, just as she had wanted. She moaned around him, forcing her own hand down the front of her skirt to strum at her clit, now that the man buggering her was using both his hands to hold onto her hips and pull her back onto him with increasing force and speed. The cock in her mouth was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and she slurped at it greedily, loving the taste and the feeling of the thick fluid on her tongue and in her throat as she swallowed it down.


She was stood again, both her hands on the pole in front of her as before. Her head spun with confusion and sensation. Her asshole was twitching with need and her pussy and clit were throbbing with an almost desperate need for another release. Down the car she could see the man she had notice earlier staggered, his erection more obvious and his eyes wide as he looked around. Their eyes met, and she knew, without doubt, that his had been the cock in her mouth. She licked her lips and even from where she stood, saw his cock twitch in his pants. She looked to the stranger and he smiled at her once more.


The man in her mouth was fucking her throat now, long hard thrusts, matching the one up her ass, they were pacing against each other, pushing in together, pulling out together. Mary was almost delirious as the sensations of the two cocks synchronized to create a dizzying array of sensations. The feeling of the cock rubbing across her tongue, constantly drooling thick salty precum, before pushing deep in her throat, causing her to gag and choke, added to the feeling of the huge thick slab of meat that was pulling completely out of her, before slamming back through her closing asshole and burying itself to the hilt inside her as she strummed and flicked at her clit, had her right on the edge. She knew she was close, and that it would be monumental.


She wanted to scream. She had been almost there. Now she was standing, Once again her hands on the pole in front of her, her skirt once more back in position. Her asshole still gaped though, and she still had the salty tang of cum on her tongue. Her pussy was still dripping with need. She knew that the next darkness was longer, the one that lasted for a minute, the one just before her stop. She had to get off, before she had to get off. She looked down the car once again at the man whose cock she was sure she had been sucking. He was staring at her, his face flushed. The man in the suit also was looking at her, his smile wide now. He was nodding gently.


Their orgasms came all at the same time. Hers hit her the instant the lights went out, She would have screamed in release had she not had a cock jumping and throbbing in her mouth as he shot wad after wad of thick creamy cum down her throat. She gulped and sucked desperately trying to swallow it all down, the thought of drinking a complete strangers jizz heightening her pleasure as her own body twitched and writhed in release. The cock in her asshole was also pulsing and throbbing, injecting ropes of thick spunk deep into her bowels. She could feel it as her asshole also clenched and released milking him of his man cream. Her pussy was gushing her juices coating his balls and thighs as he rammed deep inside of her, delivering the promised cum deep into her guts. The sensation of his spunking inside her, and the thought of a second load being pumped inside of her prolonged her orgasm well beyond the norm, and she was still twitching and moaning when the lights came back on. She sank to her knees as the train drew to a halt at her stop, the taste of cum strong in her mouth, and the feeling of the spunk gushing out of her still gaping asshole to be caught by her panties before bathing over her cuntlips sent further post orgasmic shocks through her.

“Are you all right?” the man in the suit was stood over her, holding his hand out to help her to her feet.

She looked up at him, there was concern in his eyes. Other passengers had also come to check on her, but he had taken charge.

“Here,” he said. “Let me help you.”

She allowed him to help her back to her feet, and steady her as she got off the train. She took some deep breaths, the cool evening air helping to clear her head.

“Would you like some water?” he asked, offering her an unopened bottle, “It’s fresh, I haven’t touched it.”

She accepted gratefully and took a drink, washing the salty taste of cum from her mouth. She could still feel the cum in her panties though. At least it felt like cum. But then she had thought the had lost her panties too. She glanced at the man’s handkerchief in his pocket - white.

“Do you have far to go?” he asked, “I can drop you if you like?”

“No, it’s fine,” she said. “My husband will be waiting outside.”

“Okay then, if you’re sure,” he said, “have a good evening.”

“You too, Mr…”

He smiled at her.

“Just call me Daniel.”
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