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Continuation of the saga
Whispers 3

Juliette woke the next morning before her alarm went off.

She lay in bed looking at the ceiling, trying to remember her dream. She knew it had been a really horny one, her pussy still sodden, and her nipples and clit still rigid, engorged with blood. She pulled her covers down, the feeling of them scraping over her erect nipples sending electric shocks straight to her pussy.

Her hand tracked to her pussy and was barely an inch from it, when her alarm went off. Cursing she rolled over, and silenced it, before rolling out of bed, groaning. She would have to go have another shower, her body was covered in sweat, and she stank of sex.

“If this room was haunted,” she thought to herself, “it was by one horny fucking ghost.” She just wished she could remember it. She giggled at the thought.

After brushing her teeth and putting the kettle on to boil, she went downstairs and had a quick shower. Feeling much better, but no less horny, she got back to her room and had a quick cup of tea, before heading off to breakfast.

Juliette got her contraceptive pills out of her bag, meaning to take todays dose, and saw it was already missing. Had she taken it already? She didn’t remember, but since the packet was handily labelled with the day’s doses, and todays was missing she guessed she must have.

In the breakfast hall she made her ***********ions, much more than usual, she was feeling especially hungry today, and after demolishing her breakfast, and bussing her tray, she headed off to classes.

Over the other side of the cafeteria, Mike and James were sat enjoying their breakfast when Charlie Evans came and sat by them.

“Well?” he asked, eyes flicking back and forth between the pair.

“She was a no show.” Mike said. He and James had discussed this at length and decided not to share their fortune with anyone else. Neither of them was particularly hard up for cash, and the thirty dollars a head simply wasn’t worth it. She may freak out if too many people turned up and that would be killing the golden goose.

“I don’t believe you,” Charlie said, “My brother said…”

“Look,” James said, “I don’t care what your brother said. That was four years ago, and a different girl. Maybe this one just wanted a bit of strange and managed to pick the lock on the toilet. Whatever happened we spent nearly two hours in there last night, and saw nothing.”

“I guess you had to take care of each other then,” Charlie sniggered.

“Look just fuck off,” Mike said. “The deal was if you were wrong you would leave us alone. You were wrong.”

Charlie looked from one to the other of them, then held his hands up in surrender.

“I guess my brother told me a tall tale,” he said. “He made it seem so real.”

Mike shrugged and Charlie moved away to get his own breakfast.

Charlie walked across the cafeteria and sat down at a table with a couple of his friends.

“They were lying through their teeth,” he said. “Let’s give them a couple of days, and then on Friday, we’ll get the boys together and crash their little party. Once we’re inside they can either take a turn or fuck off. Their choice.”

His friends grinned and nodded.

The day passed quickly for Juliette, she attended her classes, took notes, had lunch and then attended her afternoon classes. She was feeling much better today, thinking clearer. The horniness was still there but it was more controlled. Not once had she even considered visiting the bathroom other than to pee. And even then, she had done her business, managed to wipe herself with minimum fuss, washed her hands and left.

Juliette had been surprised at the amount of food she put away at lunchtime as well. She would have to be careful eating like that, or she would get fat, but she had been really hungry, and the lasagne had really hit the spot.

After classes Juliette decided to visit the library, and do some research on her room, and the haunting that was supposed to be happening there. She had a laptop and could easily have done it online from her room, but she didn’t want to go back there just yet. There was no problem with the room, she just didn’t want her day to just be either school or her room. She might even consider going out on Friday to a local bar. Her thoughts wandered, and she considered if she might meet up with someone who could scratch the itch that she seemed to have since she got here.

She seated herself at one of the library computers and started doing some research.

Where to start.

She googled, the name of the university, and there were hundreds of hits. The university website, lots of people on social media giving their opinions either good or bad about the place. She needed to be more specific.

She added Cavanaugh building.

Again, plenty of hits, Cavanaugh building was the female dorm, which backed onto the boys Driscoll building. Since they had two separate entrances the university had decided to give them separate names, it made it look like they had more accommodations available.

She went back to the search bar and added a third term. Ghost.

There were twenty hits, and she scrolled through them, assessing whether they had any information that might be useful. She clicked on the first.

“Student claims seeing ghostly apparition in her room.” the headline read, it was dated ten years ago.

“Student Sally Feilding, quit her university today, after claiming that her dorm room was haunted. Sally claimed that she had woken in the middle of the night, to see a bright figure, of a young girl standing by her bed. She had screamed, and the figure had vanished into thin air. Other students in the building, who had heard the scream had gone to her room, and found her inconsolable, in the corridor outside. She refused to return to her room, and when the university denied her request for a change of accommodation, saying they had nothing available, Sally decided to quit her studies and return home. The university declined to comment on this story.”

There were various comments on the story, some supporting the girl and other saying she was probably tripping on something. Juliette moved on to the next one.

“Student claims ghost is spirit of Jenna Hamson, a girl who died in a tragic accident in Cavanagh bathroom.”

“Student Hilary Smythe, claims that she saw the ghost of a former student who had died two years previously, in the fourth floor bathroom of Cavanagh Building. Miss Hamson, had apparently slipped on a wet floor in the bathroom and fallen, hitting her head on the commode, and had been found dead later that day, when a friend had gone looking for her after she hadn’t attended classes.

“Miss Smythe, who claims she had seen Miss Hamson around the campus, had been moved into the fourth floor room of Cavanagh house a year after the death of Miss Hamson, following a water burst that had made her room uninhabitable.

“’It was the only room available’ she told our reporter, ‘and so I said I would take it until my room was ready again. But the first night I was in there, I saw her. She just appeared, like a beam of light and then there she was, stood looking at me. She looked so sad. I tried talking to her, but she didn’t seem to hear me, and then she just faded away.’

“The university declined to comment on the story.”

There other stories were very similar. Some girl claimed to have seen a ghostly figure in the room and been scared enough to want to leave.

Juliette thought about that for a moment. She didn’t believe in ghosts, she was a scientist. But as a scientist, if she was presented with evidence, that was repeatable and verifiable, then she was prepared to believe.

She mulled this over as she walked back to her room. How could she test it, could she maybe communicate with the ghost? Talk to her?

Her best friend at school had been a ‘born-again-Christian’ who had never failed to take an opportunity to talk about her faith. According to her, ghosts existed, but were not what they claimed to be. They were ‘devil spirits’ masquerading as departed souls in order to deceive people away from Christ.

Juliette grinned. She had actually heard her friends impassioned voice then, saying the words.

“Jesus Christ the Hope of Glory!”

Juliette was a scientist and an atheist. This was all new territory to her. What was she even basing this on? Being horny since she moved in?

The likelihood is that there was some other, more rational explanation for that. Being young, single and away from home amongst a raft of other young fit people, was probably a more believable reason for her horniniess. Maybe she just needed to get laid. She determined she would go out on Friday night and see if she couldn’t find someone to scratch that itch. She was no slut, but was certain she could find a nice boy, who would help her.

The moonlight was flooding into her room, through the rooflights, when she opened the door. For a moment she really did think she could see a figure standing by her bed. Her breath caught but as she approached the figure she thought she had seen turned out to be nothing more than particularly bright beam of moonlight that had somehow been refracted away from the others, probably by some imperfection in the glass of the windows.

She laughed at her own jumpiness.

“Well Jenna,” she said, mocking herself. “If you are not busy, maybe you could drop by for a chat sometime? I would really love to meet you.”

She was getting undressed as she said this, not bothering to turn the light on, there was plenty of light from the moon.

She didn’t notice that particular beam of moonlight once again coalesce into the diminutive figure. It was behind her.

The ghost, Jenna, reached out a hand toward Juliette, almost brushing her fingers across the other girls back, before Juliette walked over to the sink and began brushing her teeth ready for bed.

By the time she turned around, Jenna was nothing more than a moonbeam.

Juliette was asleep when Jenna next appeared in her room. For a long moment, she stood gazing down at the other girl, an expression of sorrow and loss on her face. She reached out her hand to touch the sleeping girl’s face, but then seemed to change her mind. Her face set, and once more she began to whisper.

Mike and James were already in their stalls when she entered the middle one. They had been there for quite some time and were just thinking about giving it up when they heard the door open. Both of them were instantly hard. James, ever the optimist had brought condoms too.

Mike lost no time in pushing his cock through the hole, and Juliette bent at the waist and engulfed him in one swallow. Her tongue lapped at his root as she took him easily all the way to the back of her throat.

She was about to kneel down, to get more comfortable when she felt two cold fingers sliding into her pussy, the chill creating amazing sensations. She moaned around the dick in her mouth.

She stayed standing as the fingers began to pump inside of her, at the same time guiding her ass around until she was bent double, facing the wall, Mike’s cock deep in her throat. He started to gently thrust into her.

Her ass was now wedged against the opposite wall, her pussy lined up perfectly with the hole into James’ stall and he took over the fingering, slipping two fingers inside, initially feeling a chill, but finding her pussy to welcoming, soaking wet, and heating up quickly.

Juliette moaned again as she felt James’ fingers working in and out of her. Mike was picking up the pace in her mouth, starting long strokes, which pulled the head of his cock to just inside her mouth, where she could feel it drooling its precum onto her tongue, and then pushing in a languorous thrust, all the way to the back of her throat, propelling her saliva and his precum into her throat, where she swallowed it down with relish. The feeling of her throat constricting around the head of his cock only increased his pre production and started him on his climb to orgasm.

James, had rolled a condom onto himself, one-handed, while he continued to finger her, adding an extra digit to open her up wider, not that it was needed.

Once it was on, he lined himself up and slid his wrapped cock deep inside her welcoming warmth in a single almost brutal thrust.

Juliette squeaked around Mikes cock as she felt herself being penetrated, loving the sensation of six inches of hot fuckstick bullying its way inside of her. She tried pressing backwards to get him even deeper, but her ass was already tight against the wall, and there was no room to move.

James, the thought of his cock inside a young woman, had already started a quick climb to his orgasm, so wasted no time. Putting his hands against the wall he began to pound her, driving his hips forward, ramming himself inside her over and over.

Mike, hearing the pounding, knew what was happening, knew that his buddy was fucking this girl who had his cock down her throat. That thought increased his own climb. He also began to thrust harder, using her mouth only for his pleasure, fucking her throat.

Both men knew that they were not going to last long.

Juliette, trapped in the middle, wedged between the walls, her face mashed up against one and her ass against the other, was in heaven. She could feel both cocks pounding into her, and her only disappointment was that she knew the guy inside her was wearing a condom. She would have loved to feel his naked cock inside her, feel his spunk pumping and squirting into her. She grabbed her nipples and began tweaking and pulling at them, increasing her pleasure. Cold fingers started strumming at her clit, and she groaned as she felt her orgasm approaching. Her belly tightening and her pussy beginning to clench on the cock within.

Mike was the first to go. He shoved his cock deep into her throat and held it there as he shot wad after wad of thick, creamy spunk directly into her stomach. He didn’t care if she could breathe or not, if he was choking her. His only thought was emptying his balls of his load, and she was going to swallow it all.

Juliette felt the cock in her mouth jump and throb as it delivered it’s payload down her throat and she started to come. The feeling of the scalding liquid jetting from the end of his meat, giving her no choice but to drink this stranger’s load made her head spin. The lack of oxygen as he choked her with his cock, heightening the sensations of her own hands mauling her tits. And the fingers that were savaging her clit.

Her cunt clamped down on James’ cock and began to pulse as she came, effectively sucking the spunk out of his thrusting meat, He yelped at the sudden sensation and then thrust forward, burying himself as deeply as he could inside her, to ride out the rest of his orgasm.

Mike pulled his softening cock from Juliette’s throat, and she took her first gasp of air, the oxygen rush sending her off on another blistering orgasm, intensifying the remainder of James’ cum, but then spitting his cock out of her cunt with a pop.

The condom slid out, filled with his cream and he held onto it, making sure it didn’t slip off.

Once again, her orgasms done, Juliette stood and left the stall, returning to her room and climbing into bed.

Jenna moved to Juliette’s bag, and once more disposed of the next day’s birth control before moving back to the bed, and drawing the covers up over the now-sleeping girl.

Juliette stirred in her sleep, rolling over to face the ghost, but didn’t open her eyes. In her sleep, she sighed and then spoke.

“That was wonderful, Jenna. Thank you.”
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