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You knew it was coming. You knew it was bigger than your previous tails. But, you didn't know I could be so dastardly.
“Come to me."

I raise my right hand, palm extended, and beckon you. You are never sure how long you will stand in front of me while I sit in that plush chair, looking at your nakedness. Watching your body tremble as you fidget with the fox tail plug I bought you.

Yes, Daddy can be a bit sadistic at times, I know. You’ve had it for weeks, been allowed to marvel at its size and wonder how it would ever fit in your bottom. Sometimes when I’ve joked about it splitting you open, I see real concern on your lips and little flashes of fear in your eyes. You must have often caressed its swell with your fingers and wondered how something so cold, unyieldingly hard, and immense could fit in your tight ring of muscles back there.

I hold my hand out, you take a few uncertain steps in the high, high heels you are wearing, place the plug into my hand, and attempt to crawl into my lap. Any other day I might have let you put your knees on either side, slid an arm around your back, and sucked your pretty little nipples into my mouth, but not today. No, as soon as I see what you have in mind, I grab the back of your neck and haul you over my knee, knocking the breath out of you a little bit as you suddenly found your face inches from the floor and your bottom in the air.

With the plug in my hand, you draped over my knees, I stroke up your legs, grabbing and massaging your ass. I continue to hold the plug in my hand as I launch a series of smacks on your ass with my other hand, each harder than the previous. I know your eyes are squeezed tight against the pain and your lips are drawn into a tight little line as you struggle to deny me the sounds you will soon make for me.

My little brat, you are. You writhe in an attempt to lessen the pain, yet you only intensify the pleasure I receive as I continue to redden your sweet bottom with each landing of my palm on your cheeks. I watch as your tush jiggles with each blow, hearing the whimpers and moans from your closed mouth.

You feel me pause, pushing your legs apart slightly, and spreading your derriere cheeks. You know how much I love your pretty little hole, and I know how completely exposed and vulnerable you feel when I gaze at your hidden cave. You feel my fingertip caress and slowly press into you, and I hear the little mewling sounds, the muttered “No,” you mouth as you cover your face with your hands.

I remember the first time you begged me not to do this, that you couldn’t bear it. I remember those begging whimpers turning to gasps. I remember you cumming without either of us ever touching your dripping wet cunt, and I know you do too. Yes, I know your shame now, and I know what you feel. I know you love this.

Trying to wriggle away from the desires building inside, you play up the embarrassment when submitting to our pastime. Though truth be told, it is all a welcome diversion from our day-to-day existence. I chuckle silently at the silly games you evoke, then take the plug and slide it into your mouth. We do not need to dwell on the humiliation of having a butt plug in your mouth while the man who owns you spreads your bottom, looking at where it will soon go, do we?

Oh, the little sounds you make anew as I lean forward over the glowing red cheeks. You feel my beard against the soft skin and nexus of your globes, pushing between them. I kiss you right there on that most elusive feature with tender little kisses, then deeper probing kisses. I know you felt the hot, strong point of my tongue pressing into you. Wet and burning hot, right there in your secret place.

Yes, I know how this makes you feel. I know how much you crave this. I know you lie awake at night craving this very thing I’m doing here and now. Even as you struggle, my arms hold you tight, my hands spread you wide, and my tongue circles your clenching tightness.

As I take the plug from your mouth, you almost bolt when I place the wet, cool, unyielding metal of the plug where my tongue was just. Even then, the fur of the tail is so pretty against the skin of your legs. I am watching, fascinated, as the very beginning of the plug begins to open your flower. I press it into you, just a smidgeon, though I know it feels as if a soda can is penetrating that most delicate of openings. Silly girl, it’s not such a big thing. I continue to hold it in place and watch as your bottom opens to it. No, it really is no bigger than my fingertip, is it?

I press it in a bit more, and even more, watching your star opening wider, seeing your hips shift, though I cannot be sure if it was the desperate need or a little fear. I do know you feel yourself stretch, and I hear your warning whimper. I stop advancing the plug, maybe you don’t know and hold it right there. Right at your limit, and then I relax. I see you tighten. Yes, kitten, Daddy sees everything, and I see you strain to push it out, hear your gasp of pleasure as you feel the hardness slide out. Yet, my hand is there to prevent it and gently I push it back to where it was. Right to that same place where your blossom is only open about halfway. I hold it there a moment and then allow your ass to tighten and push it back out. You would be more than a little scared if you knew how much more waited to go inside you.

We go back and forth with you pushing and my blocking for a while, and I press even more into you. I sense your hands clenching my legs, your body instinctively pulling away, no longer a woman, but now a little animal afraid of being damaged. I shush you and stroke you but do not let up on the pressure.

I tell you it is okay. I whisper to you to be a good girl and give your bottom to Daddy. Yes, that’s right. Good girl. Just like that. Relax… breathe. Good girl. Let it in. That’s my good girl, just like that. I hold it right there, and then again allow you to try to press it out.

As I consider pushing even more inside, I comfort you, professing my love for you, and voicing how thrilled I am with the progress we’ve made today. Hearing whimpering and crying, seeing your tears fall to the floor, I begin playing with your hair, caressing your back, and whispering what a good girl you are. I know you are scared, but I also know how much you want to please me. We’ve been here before with your cat tail, which is one size smaller and we both were delighted with the results from that episode.

Knowing the plug will shortly be inside, you grip my ankle tightly while trying to lift your bottom from my lap. While not stopping the pressure, you feel your inner passage swell to almost impossibly full. I press and press and press even further. I feel your strain but being trapped on my lap… nowhere to go… what else is there left but to succumb to the inevitable.

I watch as your hungry little rosebud swallows the plug and quickly tightens behind it on the narrow neck, now with a gorgeous little tail hanging from such a beautiful and pert bottom. I pet you for a few moments, stroking your back and shoulders, your legs, your ass. Spreading your legs and teasing your pussy. Whilst playing tenderly with the tail, I’m telling you what a very good girl you are, how enormously proud I am of you.

For the next few minutes, allowing for time for your passage to adjust, I use both hands to rub your thighs and back. It is incredible how this new toy has suddenly found its home with only a modicum of angst on your part. Yes, you were scared, but you were also enthusiastic about showing me how much you desired it.

Without warning, I spank you again to let you get used to something new. You feel your ass clench around the plug as I strike over and over, just hard enough to draw new tears to your eyes. The tears are not from pain but from the joy of discovering the limit you have just exceeded so willingly.

There would have been a time I would ask what kind of girl not only gets wet from a spanking like this but orgasms. Now there is no need. We both know the answer to that. You are that rare class of girl, but I stop before you do.

Just when the pain, and the pleasure of grinding your pussy into my leg (yes, I know exactly what you do, girl) bring you to the edge, I stand up and dump you unceremoniously onto the floor. I grab your hair and half drag, half walk you on all fours, to the bed. As I lift you onto your feet, I turn your head to the mirror and you almost cum again.

“Such a charming sight,” I whisper in your ear.

You blush, with both the embarrassment and craving you desire, seeing the curve of the tail flowing out of your bottom, the glow of your ass cheeks. Watching yourself moving somehow yet with feline grace in the awkwardness of high heels brings a smile to your lovely features. You never expected to see yourself so erotic, sensual, and spicy.

“I’ve never seen you look so good, my dear,” I breathe quietly, “nor so beguiling.”

I toss you on the bed, ass in the air, and unfastened my pants. I know you long to reach back between your legs and caress my balls as I slide into you, but this is not really about what you want, is it? No, not at all, my new little kit. Not at all.

I lift your tail so I can see your dripping wet pussy and the mess you’ve made down your legs. I whisper, “Touch yourself. Play with your dripping pussy; edge until you are about to explode. Whatever you do, do not cum. If you cum, you will not have me inside you. Tease. Touch. Edge.”

I watched as you started to comply, always slowly, dazed as in a dream in these moments. You reached back between your legs and touched your legs, very close to your pussy, but that was not what I told you to do.

I held your tail up with one hand, and with no warning at all cuff you full on the wet cunt from behind with my other open hand. I hit you much harder than I usually do and waited for a second for the pain to fully register in your cloudy little brain. I can physically see the pain rippling through your legs and back, and when it does, I batter you again.

And again.

And again.

Maybe half a dozen hard spanks right to your wet pussy, until you jump away, scream, and started begging for me to stop. I am ready, though, and grab a fistful of hair to hold you there. I hold your hair and lean down to your face from behind. You feel my beard against your cheek as I growl with a warning into your ear.

“That’s not what I said to do. I said touch my cunt, not your leg. Touch my cunt but do not cum.”

You nod through the tears in your eyes and I release you, stepping back to watch you so slowly tease your clit. I wonder how long you will last, feeling that tail falling between your legs. Feeling me lift it so I can see. Knowing that I see it pressing into your bottom, with the pretty skin between your ass and pussy stretched and exposed to me.

I know how badly you want me inside you. I know how much you want this cock pressing into the core of your body, up inside you, filling you and making you whole.

You better not look back. I’m sure if you could see it throb, the precum dripping from my head to the floor as I stand behind you, ready to fuck, my desire for you, burning and visible, I concede you will cum instantly.

If you do, you won’t feel it inside you. You won’t feel that yearning emptiness full as only the heat and size and hardness of me can fill you. You want to feel your insides moving around as you make room to take Daddy inside you.

I wonder how long you can last, and can you last when I wrap my fist around the shaft of my cock, and press the head against the entrance to your pussy, teasing with long, slow strokes, pressing just the head into you as I tease your sopping wet pussy?

You hear me sadly tsking behind you as you go over the edge, your body spasming as you can’t help yourself, abandoning yourself to your need and pleasure. I smile as I step back, denying us both the pleasure of me inside you. No, you will not get that emptiness filled tonight.

“No, that isn’t fair, is it?” I lecture. “I suppose not, but there are no appeals, no second chances, and, tonight, you will not get your little pussy filled with Daddy’s cum.”

As I walk away, closing my pants and cinching my belts, you whimper. You know you’ve made a dreadful misstep, from which there is no recovery. You agonize about what is to happen next.

Tonight, I now have other plans.
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