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Zeta meets Steve
Themes: mast, lez, ws, light scat

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-11) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba

Chapter 12-6 Zeta's Preparations

by Stack of Books

(1705 words)

Lynette came into breakfast one day, naked from the waist down, her long semi-open pussy cleft at the front, a squirrel's tail sticking out the back passage.

Steve, I think I'm ready for another try. Sven, I'm sorry, I know you already did Ally-Pally up the rear, but I'd like Steve to be my first. No offence. But if you have time after we've eaten, you can poke your red beacon periscope up my pussy.

Aww, Lynny-Pynny, I'd love to, really I  would, but I have an important lecture to go to. So I'll take a rain check on that offer. (Is that the right phrase? It's American, I think.) Anyway, Big Bird here doesn't have the same stamina as this Swede. Fuck, he can't even fire as much spunk as me!

Even Sassy-Sandy thought this below the belt and said so. Then added: Anyway, what the hell are you talking about, Mr Turnip?

Sven realised immediately he had misspoken but there was no backtracking. We had to come clean about or unplanned unscheduled inadvertent pissing/wanking session the other day.

Fuck me. During my final sass exams, Her Majesty told me that you, Steve, had come close to the Dark Side a few times. There was an incident with Dean too. But to have it happen right under our noses at Non Pee Stain Farm - well, I'll be doggone.

(Me to myself: Is that what these girls talk to each about all the time when they're in the toilet together?)

Thankfully, Margey stopped our banter and we ate the rest of our breakfast in relative silence.

Sure enough, after a decent pause following a nice lunch (ooh, I do like a nice Scotch egg with some piccalilli!)*, Lyn came into the lounge and we three went to our room. Margey said she would observe. (She was always concerned about the danger of rectal damage, esp if the person was liable to pretend everything was alright.) We tried her on her back, legs raised high, doggy style, cowboy and reverse cowboy, on both of her sides. No go!! Then I realised I'd forgotten to give her muscle relaxant drops in some OJ.

*It's a vegetable pickle/relish, similar to chutney (like Branston), but yellow because of a tangy sweetish mustard/turmeric sauce. Common ingredients are cauliflower/broccoli florets, diced courgette & 1cm green/string/runner beans. Easy to make at home. Goes well with sausages, pork pie, burgers, cold cuts...almost anything really.

An hour later, two pillows under her buttocks, Margey holding her knees to her shoulders, a bit more lube and - hey, presto. A few pumps to widen her out and her hole was extremely dilated when I pulled out. She turned over, and the angle was much better. 

Spunk in me Steve, so I can feel those spurts. Have a break, then piss up there too. Hope you have some towels here.

We did. She was well satisfied and it seemed a great milestone for her. From her refusing John for sex all that time ago, to this today, was a great accomplishment.


Sal and Zeta set about thinking about how to meet girls and take their knickers away from them without causing a stink (double meaning pun intended).

She went through with Zeta what her dad had taught her about cruising: the right words to say to people, to smile, never to force or coerce someone into doing something, just persuade or cajole gently, a safe word to say if either she or her wanted to abort the mission, what to wear (braless and/or knickerless) etc. A new one Sal introduced was having a rape spray on one of them in a secret hidden pocket in case things got heavy. Obviously, with her dad and Ryan, this was unnecessary, but with two dark-skinned petite young girls? Anything could happen. But they were really only targeting women, not men or couples.

They also discussed the sexual limits each were prepared to do: 

masturbate a male or female - yes, 

to be masturbated - yes, 

piss on and be pissed on - yes,

anywhere on body? - yes 

shit and be shat upon - probably yes, but depends, 

eat, lick or smear shit - deffo no-no. 

And other such minutiae.

Regarding penetration in both holes, Sally was OK, but Zeta was still a double virgin. She'd taken the strap on with no difficulty, but a real life dick was different. 

Sal resolved to pay another visit to Steve to fuck first her then her friend but omitting to tell him their cruising plans as he was a bit of a goody goody and might nix them.


Without me knowing this conversation of course, Sal called me the next day and said she missed sex with me, but wanted to bring Zeta to watch as she was was a bit inexperienced. As a carrot incentive, she promised to get me first revved up by her fucking the girl with the strap on.

Whether she knew that Margey and the lodgers were all away for most of day, whether she'd told them to scarper, or if it was just total coincidence, I'll never know.

They arrived about 11, and received a Breezer each, me beer. We gravitated towards the tub and they both asked me to disrobe them. It was like all my birthdays and Christmases come at once. I took Sal first, and her black skin beneath her underwear beckoned to me in a primitive way. I picked her up and carried her down into the water so she wouldn't get cold standing in the air. 

Zeta, do you mind if I kiss every part of your body as I reveal it?

Please do, I've been hoping all morning for that. And when you get to my pussy, I'll open it up for you so you can savour my natural internal aroma. I also heard from a certain cooking person we both know that you have a thing for long straight Asian hair. Feel free to do what you want with it.

So I proceeded to do all that until she started shivering and I carried her in my arms into the tub.

They told me about their meeting in the changing room, and the continuation back at the flat, but not about the knicker venture.

We chatted about a few other things, then Sal said they were ready to do their thing with the strap on to get me ready for the main event. We dried off, and went to our room, hidden cameras in position and recording. 

The two coloured girls 69ed at first, then Zeta fitted the device and tightened the buckles. She entered her friend's pussy first, and I saw the black thighs open up and the pinkness between appear. An even better view as she turned over to doggy style. A quick wipe, and the plastic dick went into her rectum. Now onto her back, feet by her head, and her lovely arsehole opened up like a flower. Many orgasms she had.

Another Breezer break, and a sanitisation of the dildo as Zeta took her turn on her back as receiver in her cootie  She implored me to suck on her nipples as Sal pushed and grunted their way to togetherness climaxes. Same position, straight in the poop chute. Even bigger and louder orgasms which produced a massive amount of lubricated juices to be produced. The taste was incredible, as Sal and I shared the licking and sucking duties.

We sat on the patio for 20 minutes, admiring the view and talking about current affairs.

Steve, Zeta thinks she's ready to take you and wants to go first and to feel your jism in whichever hole you choose. Me, we've known each other a long time and if you don't have anything in reserve for me afterwards, that's fine.

But can we do it outside on a blanket as I'd like to pee on her as she cums? Also when you anal her.

Zeta, it would be an honour to take your cherries. Thank you for allowing me. I will do my best to make it a pleasurable experience. Sure, here on the patio is good and you know I love pee on pee girls. Back in a min. Quickly got the very thick washable blanket, and took a camera from the bedroom, discreetly placed it inside the adjacent window. (Video and audio came out slightly less than perfect, but OK.)

Zeta laid back on bed covering.

We lubed up both me and her pussy, and as I'm about the same size as that Mr Plastic, I expected no problem. Sal squatted over her and I pumped her for 10-15 mins as Sal peed about 100ml. She got on her hands and knees and I filled her back passage with ease. Sal again pissed at the conjunction of our two private parts. Zeta stayed like that, I wiped, and re-entered her cunt and we went to the summit together as Sal pushed her hair out of the way and voided herself completely over her friend's back.

As a finale, Sal laid down as Zeta sprayed her very light yellow pee everywhere over every part of her body and her black skin glistened in the sunlight. I just had to taste one more time before it fizzled out.

They rinsed under the outside shower, dried and got dressed. Hugged and kissed me and left. I went to have a nap I was so exhausted.

On their way home:

Yes! Mission accomplished. Action stations to collect as many knickers as possible!

And high-fived.

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