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A young couple goes on a mini holiday, and things change by the time they return.
Bonnie had a job interview, in the city. We had dropped the dogs off, with her parents, while we went on a mini holiday. So, we booked an apartment, in a flash motel, then we drove 2-hours north. She got ready and within an hour or two, she left for the interview.

She wasn’t expected back until late.

On this day I was feeling frisky, as it’s been almost a month since I fucked Bonnie last. Then when we arrived, Bonnie had her period. So, it wasn’t looking likely we’d have a roll in the sack tonight. She normally uses every excuse in the box to escape my sexual advances anyway.

Bonnie went on her interview which coincided with a luncheon.

The moment she left, I opened my laptop and surfed Pornhub. I open a can of bourbon and log in.

Don’t ask me how or why, I was fixated on gay porn, as I’m not gay or have had gay sex before. Though lately, when I’m starved of sex, I start wondering and fantasizing about sucking cock. Pornhub is the closest thing to that ever really happening to me.

Then a pop-up flashed on my screen.

It was a gay hook-up site. I was tempted and almost closed it off. Curiosity beat common sense, so I played around with it and went on a chat page. One thing led to another, and I met some dude from the chat page, at the bowling alley not far from the motel.

I hesitate for a moment, then watch some porn, with a bunch of guys gangbanging another guy. That’s what gave me the motive to meet this guy, plus the fact Bonnie won’t be pleasuring me tonight.

From the time I quit the chatroom to watching Pornhub and getting ready, I don’t know why but I douched, while in the shower, got dressed, and then started walking to the Bowling alley. While I walked, I pondered a few thoughts, that I’d pondered a few times before. Why does Bonnie hate sucking cock, but gay guys crave it? What’s it like to have a real cock down one’s throat? Does it hurt to have a cock inside your ass, and why do gay guys go to Cloud 9, when they do?

So, I decided to go kill some time to check out the bowling alley. I ordered a beer, then I downed another, while I unwound and waited. Then some dude started chatting to me, and one thing led to another. It’s my chat screen friend, #4669.

He suggests we go to the lavatory and get to know each other. I was fine with that, as the bowling alley was noisy with music and the sounds of balls and pins crunching down the alley and being released.

As we enter, he looks around, we are alone he kisses me. Which made me freeze.

He sensed my shock, so he pulled away, and then grabbed the top of my head, and forced me downwards. Then while I’m being lowered, his cock is released. I’m mesmerized by it and willingly fall to my knees. As if hypnotized, I’m admiration his fat cock.

He was caressing my hair with his hands, before gently pushing my head towards his wobbling cock.

“You know you want it, like in the chat from. Now suck it, bitch,” he semi-orders.

I hesitate a moment, before opening my mouth, with a realization that I no longer had a choice. Either I suck it willingly or be forced to.

I felt his manly strength as he forces my open mouth down his fat cock, I gag immediately and tried to pull back. Once the tip of his cock entered my mouth, he forced it down my throat. He then motioned my head down and up his cock, in a rag doll method. I even try to open my mouth as wide as possible to accommodate his attacks from his cock, while he fucked my face.

After a few more minutes of this, I could feel a sudden warmth in my mouth. Also, the first time I tasted anyone’s cum. When he’s finished cumming he throws my head back and I fall in a splayed position on the bathroom floor. Exhausted, I’m panting like a dog, with saliva and cock juice dribbling from within my mouth, and cum over my face.

Just then someone came in and stared at me splayed in a squat on the ground, and then at #4669, who was standing over me. My heart raced in panic, and I didn’t know what to do.

He went to the urinal and shook his head at me. When he was about to leave, he stood by the door.

“You perverts better be gone, by the time I return,” he said disgusted.

#4669 then asked if I wanted round 2 and if I had a place more secure nearby.

I stupidly mention my motel, I was still horny and thinking with my cock. so, we went to my motel.

He stripped off and stared at his muscular chest and bicep muscles. I begin to strip my clothes off watching him.

Once again, he pushes me down, and succumb and feed on his cock. he once again fucks my face like a rag doll, and fills my mouth with his warm cum. This time he doesn’t toss me aside and am left to lick and slurp on his cum coated cock.

After a few minutes, we stop and he kisses me, and we start kissing with passion. We get some drinks from the bar fridge and go to the bedroom.

Once there, I feel his powerful hands grab a hold of my hips and force me to bend over the motel bed, with my ass in the air. He fingered my asshole with lube, before fucking two fingers into me. It felt so good.

That was until he started to spring his cock inside me. He tried and tried, but it felt too big. My tight hole resisted until it couldn’t, and then finally, he found a way inside. I grunted and he groaned as his cock drilled for glory. It hurt like hell, and when he slowly ground his cock inside, inch by inch, the pain was bearable.

When he slowly slid more in and out, the initial pain became nice. I was now fulfilling a few of my fantasies and wanted this. Even my cock wanted it, as it grew hard.

I was amazed at how quickly his cock and drive had recovered and was again fully erect. It would have taken me at least 30-45 minutes to become lively again, after cumming. I wasn’t complaining, I was enjoying him building up fucking my virgin ass.

Then he stopped, I looked at the reflection in the large bedroom mirror, to see he was just staring at me, with his cock buried deep inside my ass.

I was so horny by now I needed him to fuck me. No matter what. He still held his cook deep in my ass.

“Please fuck me, please fuck me with that big cock of yours,” I begged to be fucked. Still nothing.

“Oh, go on, you know you want to, bust my ass with that fat cock of yours,” I pleaded.

That did the trick, he started grinding and bucking into me. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back into him, and off he went, fucking me hard.

After a couple of minutes of moaning with pleasure, I spewed cum into the side of the bed.

“Oh God, your cock feels so good in my ass,” #4669 kept fucking me, as I lay there moaning and taking it like a bitch.

“Oh God, oh God, fuck me, fuck me harder, oh God,” I moaned.

While I moaned, with each of his thrusts, he fucked me good and proper. I sensed he was cumming soon, with all the grunting. I begged him to cum in my ass.

It was then I raised my head and looked up at the mirror. What I saw was #4669 thumping into me, but then I noticed, we weren’t alone.

It was Bonnie standing by the doorway with her arms crossed, and not looking happy. #4669 had no idea.

At first, I tried to break free, instead, he put a big mitt over the back of my neck and forced me into the bed to stop me from wriggling.

I knew there was no breaking from of him, so I lay there taking it, and trying my best in vain to not moan. By looking at Bonnie, she knew I was trapped too, that’s when began to smile and was on the verge of laughter.

#4669 was a machine, he kept fucking, and fucking me. I cum another two times. Bonnie poured herself a glass of wine, and watched, with a sick grin on her face.

By now I was getting a good fucking and at times, I forgot Bonnie was there.

He was giving me a good pounding, as he grunted and slammed into me. I moaned the whole time.

“Oh God, feels so good,” I moaned, as once again I cum.

“Oh God, cum in me, shoot your cum in me, fill me up, give me all your cum,” I moaned and pleaded.

“We’d be here all night if I was to do that,” he smugly announced. He fucked me for another few minutes before he pulled me tight into him. That when he started to cum, he held me around my waist as I felt his cock flex and finally cum inside me.

After a minute of grinding his balls into my ass, he finally pulled out. Without a pause, he turned me around then forced my head down his cock and began to face-fuck me like crazy.

He still didn’t know Bonnie was there until she broke out in laughter.

It startled him and he let out a groan, and his cock let go too, and he cum in my mouth. As he exited, he squirted over my face. Bonnie was in hysterics, laughing at me, at him, at the whole situation.

“You can go now,” Bonnie said and pointed to the door. The dude saw Bonnie’s expression, and quickly gathered his clothes and made his escape, leaving me to take the heat. Bonnie slammed the door as he left.

I was so busted, with cum over my face, down my chin, inside my ass. How long was Bonnie standing there before I noticed?

I was left kneeling on the floor, as if praying to God, exhausted, with cum dribbling from my cock, out of my ass, and down my face in dangles.

Bonnie had busted me big time. I wasn’t busted wanking to porn or watching gay porn. I was busted taking a cock up my ass, by a stud I hooked up with from the bowling alley.

Why did it happen the very first time I tried gay sex? Why did I hook up with him, as well? Was it bad luck, or destiny, that she came back earlier than expected?

“Well, I guess I won’t be pestered to suck your cock anymore, your better at it anyway,” he smugly said.

You see, Bonnie hated sucking my cock, or any cock anyway. That was one of the first words to come from her mouth, as she glared laser beams at me.

I showered and cleaned up and went into the bedroom, where she waited for me.

She had a grim look on her face.

“Well, (she paused), well, I guess I know the only way you’re going to get laid from now on, is by someone with a big cock,” she calmly said. There was silence in the room.

“I don’t think or have felt like having sex with you anytime soon,” she said. I was expecting a lot of pot being tossed or screaming, but she was calm.

“As long as you’re only being fucked by guys and keep it private, I don’t care,” she said.

“Somehow your usefulness outweighs my disgust, so we’re not splitting,” She said, with a smile.

“But, but, if I find out your fucking other women, I will cut your nuts off,” she said, looking into my eyes.

“Suck all the cock you want, no more pussy but mine, ok” I nodded a yes.

“Why don’t you go find your boyfriend, to take care of that?” she said, pointing at the bulge in my shorts.

“He’s not into that,” I said.

“I don’t care,” she said.

“Ok, then go find him to fuck your face or ass, invite friends over, and have a gangbang, I’m going clubbing,” she said.

She showered, dressed slutty, and left the motel. I didn’t see her again until about lunchtime the next day.

So, I went back online and contacted #4669, and explained what happened.

We hooked up again later that night, back in my motel, we locked the bedroom door this time. He fucked me and fucked my face several times before daylight. His real name was Rodney. I was left with several hickeys on my neck by him.

From that day, what happened hasn’t been mentioned. Whenever I tried to have sex with her, she responded by saying, “Ring your boyfriend to fuck you!” She didn’t mind that she was turning me into a full-on gay faggot, as long as I’m her pet.
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