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Girl gets revenge on abuser.
The Politician and The Avenger

By Jeymar, March 2018

While driving along the empty street to an important meeting, he saw her leaning against the lamppost. She could not be more than 18 or 19 years old. She was scantily dressed. Under her leather jacket, he could make out her corset, and from her breeches that she wore just above her loins, he saw she was sporting spandex leggings.

He stopped the car and addressed her, asking if she was in trouble.

"No," she replied, "I'm just a girl standing before a stranger, asking to be loved. If you know what I mean."

"I get what you're saying, but my code of honor does not allow me to fool around with scantily dressed young girls. Besides, I do not like picking up and paying prostitutes for sex."

"Hey, Buster, I'm no whore, and didn't I ask you for any money? You look groovy, so I thought we might enjoy each other; I've been so lonely since I left home that I figured we could have some fun. Unless you're happily married and faithful and never cheat on your wife, or is it your boyfriend or husband?"

"Nothing of the sort; I am married for too long, but you look so young; how old are you anyway?"

"I celebrated my 20th birthday a week ago. How old are you? I would say no more than 35, but surely not past 40."

Her declaration made him laugh loudly: "Young lady, I'm well past my 50th birthday. I'm 56 years old. Listen, I can drop you anywhere if you need a lift." He was hoping she was buying his innocent-sounding scheming pitch.

"Yeah, sure! Can you drop me in front of the hotel on Main Street? I might find a dirty old man there who won't be afraid of sharing a moment of tenderness and make me feel loved."

"Well, hop in, lass. I'll take you there." When she entered the car, he noticed the stirrups on her cowgirl boots. "That's weird apparel you have there on your boots. Aren't they out of place in the city?"

"Tell you the truth. I don't give a fuck about what you or anyone thinks about how I dress. I always like and wear those from morning till night."

After a short drive, they finally got to the hotel. "Here you are, sweetie. Do you have a room here?"

"Pfft, how do you think I could afford a room here? I barely have enough money to last a few days of eating and won't waste it on a hotel room. I'll slip around the back and find a hiding place to sleep tonight."

"I'll tell you what, and please don't be offended; I could get you a room; it would be a pity to see you stranded outside." Now, he was praying that she would accept his offer. Maybe if he could get her to take him up on his offer, she would let him accompany her to her room.]

"Hey, I told you I'm not in this for money or other compensation. You know, you might be one of those dirty older men that my friends warned me about. If you're not about giving and sharing a little love and fun, you best be departed." she had him swallowing line, hook, and sinker. She knew it, but he was still playing hard to get. She knew the type, but she wouldn't give in easily either. The game was on, and she knew she would soon have him where she wanted. She had known who he was, and his political friends would soon hear about this. He would pay for how he destroyed her little sister.

"Sweetie, I'll only pay for the room so you can have a good place and a warm bed to sleep in tonight. If you're OK with it, let's go in and register as father and daughter so that the clerk won't get suspicious." Now, he hoped that he had her in his grasp.

She knew he was a pervert into BDSM. She had noticed from the lump in his pants that he was already hard, just thinking about what he would do to her.

"OK, if you don't have any conditions, I'll accept it as a token of make-believe love." "Oh! How he will regret his attraction to abusing young girls. I know that he doesn't believe for a moment that I'm 20. He wouldn't go through all this if he thought I was over 16. He probably thinks I'm 15 or 16 at the most, maybe younger."

They walked indirectly to the reception desk, and she let him ask the clerk if he had any room available. He was shaking from febricity. Although he tried to control himself, he felt hot and sweaty.

"Excuse me, young man, would you have a two-night room?" He didn't notice that the girl had one finger on the counter as he asked the question.

"I'm sorry, but the only available room has a single bed." He looked at her finger, which she soon replaced with a second one, the code they had established beforehand. One finger was for one bed only, and two meant that her victim would share the room for the trap she had set.

"That's OK; the room is only for my daughter since I have to handle business. I'll ensure she's settled well enough, then be on my way."

"If you say so, I'll need some identification for the registration before allowing you to go up to the room. Security procedures, you understand. Any child abuser could pretend the girl is their daughter, while she is not."

"Young man, do you have any idea who I am? Your boss will hear about this! You better not make any trouble for me or my daughter." Being a high-ranked politician, he knew how to control people, and this young firebrand was no match.

"Please, sir, I'm only following orders; it's out of my discretion. I do need identification, at least for registering. It could be yours or hers. I suppose it doesn't matter since you'll pay for the room?"

"That's better. Here is my driver's permit. Make it quick; I don't have all day."

After filling out the registrar and having the customer sign it, the clerk handed him the card key.

On their way up to the elevator, the clerk asked: "Do you have any luggage to bring up? I can have one of our porters bring it up for you."

"No, we'll go shopping later for my daughter so she can have a new change of clothes. Thank you."

"Well, you took care of that, didn't you? Oh! By the way, what should I call you besides father? What is your name? Mine is Angela; you can call me Angel or Angie, whatever you prefer", as they walked to their room.

"You can call me Robert or Bob or Father. Whichever you prefer."

"Can I call you Bobby?" She knew that this was what his wife called him and that he hated it.

"No, please call me Bob or Robert. I hate the name, Bobby."

"As you wish, Bobby, baby."

He twitched at her arrogance.

She burst out laughing. She found it so much fun, having annoyed this pedophile. It would be the first of his suffering. She vowed to hurt him more mentally than physically.

As soon as they got in the room, she turned around and told him she would get a shower. No more shortly had she said that she started to disrobe. She could see the tent in his trousers, even if they were loosely fit. There was no mistake; he was firmly trapped.

"Are you going to join me?" As her stirrup boots, leather jacket, breeches, corset, and brassiere hit the linoleum, she unbuckled his pants while he removed his clothes.

He was jittery, shaking with anticipation. The girl had such an exciting little body. He was afraid he'd cum before experiencing any action. It took all his self-control not to grab her here and then and fuck the life out of her. Somehow, she resembled that 14 years old he had devirginized a few months ago, same lean body type, about five feet two, around 105 pounds, dirty blond hair, green eyes, and half grapefruit-size tits. She would be a prize to add to his collection. She looked so much like her that she could effortlessly pass as her sister.

They rushed to the bathroom with both piles of clothes on the floor and jumped into the shower. Soaping each other, front and back, followed by groping and kissing.

Slowly, pretending to kneel to wash his legs, she took his seven-and-a-half-inch cock in her mouth. No sooner was she pushing it to her throat that he came. She swallowed as he hollowed his pleasure.

She licked her lips. "So soon; I'm glad you enjoyed it. But let's say the fun was short. I'm sad that it's over so quickly."

"Don't worry, little one; there's plenty more where that came from, and I can replenish fast enough to give you more loving as the night progresses."

"Yeah! Promises, promises. I heard all that before. But I never experienced a multi-orgasmic male". "And you think all the fun and pleasure will be for you, bastard."

On these words, he picked her up, pulled her legs around his neck, and started munching on her vaginal entrance, licking from anus to clit and back. She was ecstatic, feeling her orgasm invade her from head to toe. She squeezed his head so hard that he could hardly breathe. She was mad about her body betraying her.

"Don't stop. Please don't stop…aww…oooh…yessss...yesss. Lick it, you bum…oh my god...oh my god...oh…oh…oh yes…] yessss…awwwww…”

He let her down, laying her on her back. That's when she noticed he was as hard as a rock already.

He turned her around on hands and knees and, with no regard for her feeling, just rammed his dick into her cunt to the hilt in one hard trust He was going to fuck her hard, and he knew she was going to hurt, but he didn't care, he never did. She was there to pleasure him, like it or not. She would be walking bow-legged for days to come. He would fill her womb with semen till her tummy inflated with a lovely little bump. But before doing that, he had a surprise for her.

When he felt he couldn't hold it any longer, the man pulled out as she was cumming, and although she begged him not to, he climbed up on her chest and discharged his load all over her face, both to humiliate and dehumanize her. He had to show her she was just a toy to him.

To his astonishment, she smiled and licked all of what was within her tongue's reach, followed by her fingers, scraping what she could to her mouth.

"I hate it, but I've got to go through with it if I want to avenge little sis."

"I love the taste of cum, and yours is super delicious." With that, she smacked her lips. It disgusted her, but she wanted him to think he was the best and that she was into submission. She had to establish the lure without fail.

"Clean me up with your mouth and get your face washed. We have some shopping to do before going to it again. Consider this a sample of what I have in store for you."

"Does your wife enjoy this sex-making attitude of yours? She must be a fucking slut, and I can't blame her; it's quite a ride. Why do you want to go shopping? Don't we have all it takes to make it through the evening and night? I'd make it for the two days you got the room."

"And why do you think I got it for two days? We go shopping because it is the only time you'll leave this room before I'm through and fed up with you."

"As you did with." she stopped herself in time before she would say, "… my little sister."

"Did it with who? What were you going to say?" He smelled a rat here. "Who are you, little one? What's on your mind?"

"Nothing. I'm so overwhelmed that I got lost in my thoughts and mistook you for someone else momentarily; sorry." She hoped he would buy it, but now she was scared that she might have blown her plan to smithereens.

He knew he would have to be on his guard from now on with this little slut. She had something on her mind, and he didn't believe her explanation about mistaking him for someone else. "What have I got myself into this time? What was she going to say?".

He could read the relief on her face of having stopped before continuing with what she had started to say. Maybe there was nothing to worry about, but he would be careful. Being a seasoned politician, he knew he would be OK if there were no witnesses, plus his lawyers could quickly discredit this little nobody.

He didn't know that hidden cameras were installed in every nick and nook of their room and that every move and word would be recorded. The clerk was her brother, and the owner was her dear uncle. They had obtained the route he would be traveling from a scandalized secretary from his office who cooperated to bring this abuser down.

"So, are we ready to do some shopping?"

"If you insist, but it's not necessary." Now, she was afraid that he had detected her mistake and that he could try to get rid of her in any manner before her plan came to its conclusion. She knew he was powerful enough to kill her and get away with it.

They found a shopping mall where they could get all he had planned to purchase. He took out a credit card from his wallet and handed it over to buy two sets of dress wear and lingerie to her liking and next to go to a shoe store to get matching platform heels to whatever she'd accept.

That he would get the other stuff they needed for their two-day tryst.

"Are you sure? It could be costly. I could probably live a whole year on the cost of just one outfit." She wanted nothing from him except to get revenge for her sister. She decided that whatever happened, she would destroy everything she got when the plan finally came to pass or maybe give it to charity. She would never want to have anything that came from him.

"If you insist, I'll tell you what. Limit your purchases to $5,000. Give or take $500. Will that reassure you? Don't forget to get some very sexy lingerie."

"Hey! What about that important special meeting you were on your way to attend? Aren't the people going to worry if you don't show up?"

"That's not your concern; I'll call to report it later. They have no say in the matter. I run the show, so no one has any reason to complain." It is essential, but now this affair has taken precedence for me. That's the beauty of my position."

"What do you do for a living," she asked, as though she didn't know he was a U.S. Senator and his post was up for election in November of that year.

"I'm a U.S. Senator, and my meeting concerned the strategy for the coming election in a year. Everything, for now, is preliminary. There's no rush at this moment. Besides, I'm not very threatened since my adversary is not qualified for the post. My electorate has fate in what I did for them, and they know I can do more than he could ever accomplish in a hundred years."

"Wait till after my plan is over, buddy. You'll see how your electorate will think of you once it all goes public", she thought.

She went to Victoria's Secret and bought two sets of lingerie. Next, she went to Macy's to buy the fashion wear needed to fill the order of dress apparel and finished with two beautiful pairs of shoes. She vowed to herself she would only wear these today. As she did her shopping, she wondered if he had proceeded likely with her sister. Probably not, since she was more into jeans and cardigans or shirts. Once done, her spending totaled $4,758.

She saw him leaving a sex shop, wondering what he had bought there. When she asked, he only told her it was a surprise and that she would enjoy it. In his world, this was how a man showed a woman his love for her.

She knew they were only words, and she would see him in court after the two days had passed.

"Unless we stop to eat something, I'm hungry; the shopping took a lot of energy out of me, and my stomach is grumbling."

"We'll order room service back at the hotel if you don't mind. We're only 15 minutes away, and I hope their service is fast enough to satisfy your hunger in record time. If you want, I can call them and order from here, so you won't have to wait too long for your meal."

"Please do that; I'm starving." "The bastard is making sure not to be seen in public with me. He wants as few witnesses as possible."

He didn't want to be seen with her for too long a time, just in case his worries about her mishap occurred.

No sooner had they entered that room-service knocked at the door. The waiter set everything on the table and waited for his tip. Annoyed, the senator dismissed him, saying: "You put the bill on my tab. I'll settle when we leave," he told the employee.

The waiter went directly to the front desk, as per the instructions given to him by the desk clerk, to tell him he had just brought food to the room, so the clients were back.

The clerk, her brother, went to the backroom, flipped a few switches, returned, and thanked the waiter.

"Before we eat, why don't you put on one of the outfits you bought today?" He told her. It wasn't a question. She could tell by his tone that it was more of a command.

She started walking to the bathroom to change, but he stopped her.

"Where do you think you're going? Change right here so I can watch the show."

Fuming inside, she stripped before him and put on a set of sexy lingerie before donning a fashion dress and complementary shoes.

He opened one of his bags and took out a small box, tending her an expensive pair of earrings. He was surprised at her lack of exclamation. It was as though she was used to this luxury. Of course, he couldn't know she was the daughter of a very influential candidate to become a Supreme Court judge of the USA.

After dinner, he ordered her without further ado to strip down to her sexy lingerie. When she hesitated momentarily, he approached her and asked if he had stuttered. Without warning, he grabbed the dress and shredded it off her.

She had expected that and started imploring him to stop, to please not hurt her, that she would do anything he wanted, but to be gentle. He didn't have to rough her up. She had to muster all the coaching she had received to play the part and hoped she had succeeded.

He took an admiring look at her lingerie-clad body, ogling her. "Show me some sexy moves. Act like the cheap stripper you are. Be my slut for today," he commanded. "You don't know it yet, sweetie, but this excites me the most: making an ordinary girl become a low-life sex object for me. I will use you whichever I want and enjoy hurting you."

On these words, he tore her lingerie off. "Now get on your knees, fish my tool out, and start sucking on it."

"Please, sir, she implored, please don't force me to do that; you're scaring me. Please don't hurt me." That was part of the plan she, her father and mother, brother, uncle, and the prosecutor had designed. If they were right, he would commit to his animalistic behavior as he had with Carole, Angela's sister.

Poor Carole was now but a shadow of her former happy girl days. She was shattered, both physically and mentally. They had vowed to destroy her aggressor. It had taken a while to discover who he was, but they had him where they wanted.

As Angie was taking out his penis from his pants, he leaned back and grabbed one of his bags, dumping its content on the bed for her to see first a flogger, three pairs of handcuffs, nipple clips, a monstrous black dildo, plus a mouth gag and what looked like a butt plug. She hoped she wouldn't have to go through experimenting with all of those. Some seem inoffensive enough, but others would bring a lot of pain.

She was sucking him when he grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved his body forward, lodging his instrument deep in her throat.

She couldn't breathe at that point. She was fighting to dislodge him, but he was stronger than she was. He proceeded to strip, first kicking his shoes, hitting her thighs by the same token, and removing his shirt, which he threw over her head. He backed off long enough to remove his pants and underwear. Now completely naked and free to move, he shoved his prick back in her mouth, pulling her head to penetrate her throat again.

She couldn't see what he was doing, but she heard the clicking of the manacles and felt the cold steel around one wrist, and then that arm was pulled behind her. He grabbed her other arm and almost broke it as he brought it back to lock the handcuffs.

He lifted her, turned her around, her back to the bed, and threw her like a rag doll. He then shackled each ankle to her wrists. She was now on her back, legs above her head, her most intimate parts fully exposed.

"Beautiful rear entrance, my sweetie Angie. It shall be mine for the next two days."

"No, no, please don't. No one has ever attempted that, and I know it will hurt too much. Please don't do it, oh, sir. Mmff…mmmfff…mmfff….” As she was protesting, he had forced the gag in her mouth, grabbed the dildo, and unceremoniously inserted it into her vagina. She was now at his complete disposal. She was scared, hoping that the others would intervene before this abomination would happen. It hurt so much she was sure he had injured the inner walls of her cunt and probably ripped her cervix entrance.

"This, my sweet darling, is all in preparation for deflowering your anus with my one-eyed monster while you feel your vagina expand to accommodate the dildo. Moving back and forth as I fuck your poop chute, hitting your cervix hard as I push it in. My prick will reach that sensitive spot in your rectum to inflict even more pain. I'm sure you'll become addicted to this pain/pleasure exercise. I might keep you if you fill my most sadistic fantasies."

That's when the television switched on.

"What the fuck is that? Who put the tv on?" He looked back and saw all the actions that had taken place since their return unfold on screen. Nowhere was it visible that she had been a willing partner. He quickly removed the dildo, shoved it on the bed, ripped the gag from her mouth, and unshackled both wrists and ankles. He told her to put her undergarments on so she wouldn't be naked and still look like a willing partner.

In shock, he realized she had set him up.

"What the fuck have you done. You were agreeable to our sexual encounter; do you think you stand a chance of having me criminally accused and found guilty of my influence? You're just a nobody, a slut off the street. Who do you think the authorities will believe? You, the slum of society, or me, a respectable senator of the United States of America. I'm an influential member of the Senate, and my peers respect and envy me. Good luck whore, with your low-life scheme to discredit or blackmail me."

"No, I might not be able to do it alone, but do you remember Carole, a sweet fourteen-year-old from a few months back? She's my sister, and you destroyed her. What will your constituents and electors think of you once this goes public, you bastard?"

A voice from the T.V. came on and told Angie to pick up all the clothes and bags and put them in the bathroom. The entrance door opened, and four cops came in, preceded by Carole. The senator, now naked, tried to recover his composure. He tore the bedsheet from the bed to cover himself and sat down.

"I can explain everything," he told the policemen. She was willing to go through our sexual pleasure; she wanted it. When the T.V. came on, and she realized we were caught, she played the victim but was a willing participant. She probably enjoyed it more than I did. I only played along with her fantasy.

"Like you did mine," said Carole.

Unbeknown to all, Angie had made an extra purchase at the shopping mall. When she heard him pronounce these words, she went ballistic. She took the hunting knife from her bag, rushed through the four cops, and tried to stab him.

"You, you're a sick animal. You'll never hurt another girl again, you filthy irresponsible lying pedophile." When he saw her coming at him, he saw the hunting knife; he quickly took it away from her, and now the weapon was aimed towards Angie's abdomen. Tumbling, she fell towards him, and the blade perforated her stomach. She fumbled to the floor, bleeding profusely. Still watching from downstairs, her brother immediately sent the medics standing by in case of such an emergency up to the room to the rescue. They attended to her wound and decided to bring her to the hospital.

She had to be revived twice on the way to the emergency ward. Luckily, the transport unit was fully equipped to tend to any situation. She desperately needed medical attention; she rushed to an operating room, where surgeons proceeded to take care of her.

The officer in charge questioned the senator for his version of the events.

"Tell me, sir, were you drunk? Are you on drugs? What happened here?"

The only declaration I will make is that we were having consensual sex. I even bought some high-fashion apparel, sexy lingerie, shoes, and jewels today. Look at the tapes; you'll see the girl was the one who attacked me; she was aiming that hunting knife at my chest. I had to defend myself, and my former training as a Marine kicked in just in time to save my life. I would never deliberately hurt a woman unless she implored me to let her experience her deeply hidden fantasies. I will bring her to justice and make sure she gets a proper sentence."

The cops were prepared and willing to end this cruel pedophile's career and were conniving accomplices of the team assembled for this operation.

"Unfortunately for you, senator, we happened to be looking the other way when she rushed at you; we never saw her sporting a hunting knife. We only saw that weapon when you aimed it at her stomach. You were armed and, from what ensued, dangerous. You better hope she doesn't die. I would hate to see an American Senator sitting on an electric chair or spending the rest of his living year as the senator of a prison wing."

"That's OK, and the tapes will reveal the truth since every movement and word were to be monitored through some cameras, probably hidden all over the room. My staff will make sure to find and dismantle all of them."]

Angie's brother, Tommy, walked in to inquire about her wound and heard what the not-so-gentleman said.

"Too bad for you scum, a portion of the last part of the tapes was damaged and irrecuperable. It's impossible to screen it, while the last part where you knifed my sister is clear and witness to an act of savagery. We can even see the dildo sitting in the middle of the bed, like a black exclamation point to your embarrassment."

The senator was arrested and brought to jail. The following day, the court judge denied him bond. Upon his violent reaction, he was finally condemned to 90 days of jail for contempt of court.

The medical staff at the hospital saved Angie, but unfortunately, she would never conceive a child since her womb and ovaries were damaged beyond repair.

She declared that it was all worth it to the newspaper people to see that her sister's attacker went to jail. For the remainder of her life, she maintained she had never consented to have sex with that man and that he had picked her up like he had her sister Carole.

Standing at her side, Carole sobbed and repeated: "Thank you, Angie. With your sacrifice, I think I can overcome my pain. Maybe one day I might even give you a beautiful niece to cherish, and maybe a nephew too."

They both hugged and cried on each other shoulders.

To protect the persons involved, the family names of all implicated in this story will remain undivulged so that they will live anonymously.

This story is fictional, and any resemblance to past or present circumstances or people is coincidental.
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