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Pam ends up in a very compromised postion
All the teachers knew Pam. All her teachers would agree she was one of the best students. She always got As on everything she did. She was committed to graduating at the top of her class. They would also say that she needed to take time out and have some fun. She only had a few friends and as far as anyone knew the did not have a boyfriend for a long time. Too long. All her teachers agreed (even her female teachers) Pam needed to get laid.

She had been putting in some extra hard work on a paper. She felt it was one of her best papers she ever wrote. But she had spent too much time on it and it was going to be late. Not acceptable in her mind.

She ran down to her teacher's office hoping to there before him. She was going to pick the lock on the professors door (something a friend of her showed her how to do). She found the stack of reports from her class and stuffed her report in the middle. He will never know how close she came to being late.

It was at that moment she heard the door to the office start to open. She dropped down and crawled under his desk to hide. She realized just what a stupid idea that was. Now she was trapped. The sound of him locking his door was all she heard. She was hoping he was not going to stay long. Next thing she knew he was sitting down. She thought to herself "great how can this get worse" It was then that she heard his computer turn on. She heard him typing on his computer on and off for a few minutes. Before she knew what was happening she heard what could only be a porn movie being played on his laptop. FUCK!!! He is going to sit there and watch porn. Shit. Shit. Shit. Just how big a pervert is he. She was about to find out. He undid his belt pulled down his fly and took out his big hard cock. Pam was sitting under this perverts desk, his hard dick in had. He was stroking it while watching porn. She had no idea what he was watching. She never saw a guy jerk off in front of her.

She was grossed out watching her rubbing his dick. She could not believe how fucking turned on she was getting. It had been a very, very long time since she had been with a guy. That cock was looking better all the time. Pam was wearing a short skirt. She suddenly became aware of the fact that she was rubbing her pussy. She was amazed at how wet she was.

Pam was sitting there under the teacher desk rubbing her pussy while his porn watching perv of a teacher was jerking off about 6 inches from her. It was just too much for her cock starved pussy. She must have touched her sensitive clit. She let out a moan because it felt soooo good. Well her teacher heard it and looked under his desk and could not believe what he saw. The student he wanted to fuck the most. He was watching teacher student porn thinking of her. Now here she was mouth open, hand between her legs staring at his hard cock.

Well Pam, what are you waiting for? Come on over and put my cock in your mouth and suck it for me. She did want it in her mouth. She was just too stunned to move. He took her head in both hands and moved her head forward. She took it willingly. She started sucking it and moaning on it. Damn she missed sucking cock. She really loved to suck cock. It felt so very good. Her teach for his part felt like he was in heaven. Damn he thought, she is amazing.

He pulled away from her and looked down at her. She looked disappointed not to have his cock in her mouth any more. He pulled her from under his desk and onto her feet. He leaned forward and gave her a pepsinate kiss. He reached down with both hands and pulled my panties to the floor. He picked me up and me on his desk. After bending over and picking up my panties he put them to his face and sniffed them. They smell so good just like you.

Well you got to taste my cock it is only fair I get to taste your pussy now. With that he proceeded to start licking my pussy. Oh god, professor please lick my pussy, I need this, I need you to make me cum. Please don't stop eating me professor. Pam leaned back onto his desk, legs as spread as she could to give him full access to herself. It only took a couple of minutes before she came so hard she passed out for a few seconds. Oh professor I so needed that. Well my hot little Pam first off I think you have earned the right to call me Paul. Secondly we have only started. Pam realized he was about to fuck her while she laid there on his desk. She felt the tip of his cock start pushing it way into her. Yes Paul, I'm yours, fuck me good and hard. Pam pulled her legs up to give her better access to herself. With her legs behind him she was able to thrust herself to great each of his thrust. The fucked like wild animals. It was the most amazing fuck of her life. She has been so consumed by the fucking nothing else mattered. She lost track of time as she came twice while Paul fucked her in a way she never fucked before. Finally he pulled out of her and positioned himself so he could stick his wet cock into her open mouth. It did not take long before he shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could. Just a couple drops escaped her.

Paul pulled up his pants, picked up her wet panties from the floor and placed them in a small plastic bag and proceeded to seal it up. You know I'm keeping these don't you? He smiled down at Pam who could not help but smile back up at him. She would never see him the same again. She knew they would be close from now on. She also knew she would want him again.

Pam was sitting on Paul's lap as the kissed, Paul letting his hand caressed her hot body. There is something I have to tell you. I hope you don't get mad at me. You see I know your report is late. I was expecting you to try to sneak it into my office before I got in hoping I would never know. I made a point of leaving my office door open so you could get in. Your grade would have suffered and I knew there was no way you could handle that. I was going to blackmail you into fucking me to keep your GPA high.

But Paul, how could you prove I got it in late. He had a huge shit eating grind on his face. You see Pam, Have like 3 hidden camera in my office. I had a friend who got charged for sexual harassment once. He did not do it but could not prove it. It was then I put my first camera in. For protection if you will. When I got in and did not see you I started my computer up. I then checked my hidden video so see if I had caught you coming into my office office placing your report into the stack and leaving. To my surprise I saw you ducking down and heard the door of my office open. I knew then where you were. I wanted to see what would happen if I stroked my cock while watching porn. I was about to turn off the movie, put my cock back and leave when I heard you moaning under my desk. The sight of your hand between you legs and the look on your face at being discovered was something I'll never forget.

So what about my grade? Pam, I have no idea your report will be the best I will be reading and probably the best I'll ever read. I expect you will be getting an A+ on it. The fact we just fucked our brains out will not affect your grade at all. We all know what a great student you are.

Pam you are so hot that every male teacher would kill to have done with you what we just did. I also know a few of the female teachers who want to do the same thing with you. I will be keeping the video of what we did, but I will never show it to anyone. I'll give you a copy if your into that kind of stuff.

Pam leaned over and kissed Paul hard on the lips. Maybe I should get a few hidden camera hidden in my dorm room. You know just incase someone wearing all black and a mask hiding his face found his way into my dorm room that I forgot to lock. I mean he could tie me up and fuck me.

After Pam left Paul was checking the video streams. One caught all the action clearly and with sound. I'll have to just do some editing and it will be ready to upload to my favorite porn site. It will be a big hit. A very big hit.
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