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Her student advisor and favorite teach both help her.
Jack, Pam's student advisor had been sitting next to Pam the whole time they where going over her schedule of classes for the next semester. Maybe a little too close. He had on some cologne that was really getting to her. She was still thinking about what happen with her Professor Paul. She had seen porn videos about teachers and students was never experienced such a thing until now. It still got her wet thinking about what they did together. It was about the best sex of her young life. She needed to get past it for now. More hot sex like that had to wait. Now she was her next to Jack and wishing he would seduce her.

Well Pam, it looks like you are all set for next semester. You have some of the best grades in school. You are all set to graduate on time with high honors. I have to say you are pretty, smart and sexy. Very few of the girls at the university can hold a candle to you. Thank you, but I'm not really that pretty, or that sexy. But thanks.

I have to be honest with you baby girl. Paul sent me a copy of his video of you and him. It was amazing. You, were amazing. How about we get to really know each other. Before Pam could do anything Jack leaned over and gave Pam a gentle kiss. Pam wrapped her arms around Jack and returned his kiss with all she had. Jack was running his hand up and down Pam's thigh till he reached her panties. He could not believe how wet they were. As he rubbed her wet pussy she began to moan into his mouth as they kissed. It was not long before Jack had managed to strip Pam naked. Jack slipped his head between Pam's sexy thighs and started to eat her. She was grinding yourself into his face and begging him to eat her. Pam could not believe how quickly she came just by him licking her.

Jack gave Pam no time to recover. He got her on her back and rammed his hard cock into she wet pussy. She was so wet all he could hear was the plashing sound her pussy made. After a few minutes he turned her over and started fucking her doggy style. They never noticed when Paul quietly snuck into the room. He looked around to check if the cameras the he and Jack setup where working. He was glad to see they where. He went ahead and got naked before letting Jack and Pam that he was there.

Looks like you are have a great time there. I hope have room for one more.

Paul? How did you know I would be here now? Did the two of you plan this? Jack for his part did not miss a beat. He just kept on fucking her. I hope you don't mind if I join in. With that he got down in from of Pam so that his hard cock was in her face. She knew there was no way she could say no to suck him so she just opened her mouth and let him stick his cock into her mouth.

Again feeling like the star in a porno, she was naked, on all fours taking a cock in her pussy and mouth. She had never dreamed that she would ever be in such a position, but she now knew that this was only the start of the kinds of things she would be willing to do. Having a cock moving in and out of both her pussy and mouth was making her hotter by the second. She reached down between her legs and started rubbing her hyper sensitive clit. It was not long until she climaxed again.

Pam, Jack said, I can feel your pussy squeezing my cock as you cum. Both men keep fucking her pussy and mouth. As if on que the two men withdraw and swap places. Paul was really enjoying Pam's wonderful pussy when he realized there was something else he was wanting to try. He took his cock out of her wet pussy. Pam was expecting him to shove it back in hard. But, instead she felt the head against her asshole. A wave of fear hit her as she realized what was about to happen. She was about to protest but realized Jack was holding his cock in her mouth keeping her from protesting. It did not take long before her ass was full of Paul's cock. She could not believe how much it hurt at first. He just waiting for her to get used to his cock in her ass. Jack took his cock out of her mouth long enough for Pam to tell Paul it was OK. Go ahead and fuck her ass. It was not long before Pam realized she was really loving it. She know what a slut she was becoming and just wanted to keep going. There was no going back now. She knew it and and did Jack and Paul. This was going to be far from the last time they would get together like this. As she serviced her men she fingered her self to another orgasm.

she then collapsed on the floor between them. She reached up and began to stroke both cocks till they both came on Pam. Pam was now covered with their cum. Her tits and belly had two big load on them. Pam just passed out naked on the floor covered in cum.

Pam was not sure how long she was out for. When she started to stir she heard a familiar voice. Well Pam, you look good enough to eat. Lying in naked with a tastier layer of cum for me to lick. Pam opened her eye to find her math teacher Alice. You have no idea how many nights I have laid in bed, naked using my vibrator thinking of all the hot stuff I wanted to do with you. With on finger she scooped a globe of cum from Pam's belly and put it into her mouth. Yummy. She repeated the motion but slipped in finger into Pam's mouth. Pam sucked Alice's finger clean.

Pam had no idea what was about to happen to her. But she was ready. She hoped.
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