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Okay, so perhaps no one is this gullible, but I wanted to continue this "naivete" project inspired from meme's or captioned gifs. Welcome to the flip side.
The other day my brother told me something I found hard to believe. He claimed that sperm are like warriors and that they will kill other men’s sperm. Basically stating that if a man ejaculates in a woman and then another man ejaculates in her, a sperm battle royale would ensue. According to him, even the shape of the penis is such that during sex, it will pull out any existing semen in the vagina as it moves in and out. All of this based on the Darwinian idea of survival of the fittest.

So what did I do? I did a bit of searching on the internet and found bits and pieces supporting his claim. Enough to give his off the cuff statements some validity. Not sure why, but I think he was a bit offended when I told him what I did. Still, my doubt was not completely unwarranted as he would often twist the information to fit his own claims.

Then one day he came to my room with a serious face and asked if we could talk about sex. At first I thought he was looking for insight. My mistake as it quickly became him trying to find out if I was having sex. At first I went along with it. He seemed sincere and I was intrigued as to why he would want to know. That is until we landed on birth control. There was no way I was going to ask mom for birth control pills, so I was completely dependent on condoms. As effective as they may be, so many of my friends said that it feels so much better without them. Called it riding bareback.

That’s when my brother offered his solution. Perhaps it was a bit of guilt at play from the previous interaction we had about his warrior sperm, or just my desire to finally ditch using latex. Either way I was listening.

He said that sperm are sensitive to familial genetic codes and that they function to protect the women of the family. Not only that, but rather than seek out the egg, they actually form a barrier around the egg preventing impregnation from unwanted sperm. He went on claiming that his new research also stated that familial genetics in sperm have evolved to prevent in-breeding where the egg will not permit the familial sperm to breach the barrier.

Ultimately his proposal centered on my enjoyment and for my protection. The plan was to use his sperm as birth control allowing me to have sex without a condom.

“You can’t be serious?” I understood the science of it, I was just a bit lost on how we would accomplish this. Would he simply masturbate into a glass and then use some sort of suppository?

His argument against this was the viability of sperm outside the body. He calmly suggested that he would deposit the sperm inside of me directly from the source.

“Wait, you mean you would put your penis inside of me?” That was the only “directly from the source” that I could imagine.

“Yes.” A brief response, followed by silence.

“So um, you would masturbate until you were ready to orgasm and then put it inside of me?” Amazingly I was fine with that approach.

“Um, no, that could contaminate the cum, I mean semen. Can’t use hands, would have to start and finish the process inside your pussy.”

“Pussy?” I paused.

“Sorry, figured you’d like a more casual reference. Inside your vagina, the closer to the cervix the more effective it will be.

“Ahh, got it. That makes more sense. And sure, you can use more casual references.”

“Great, so according to the internet it takes a while to build up the barrier and once established needs regular reinforcement. When did you want to start?”

Mom and dad were not home so I suggested that we could start right then and there. He seemed pretty excited about that idea and quite literally jumped out of his clothes. I wasn’t as eager and moved to the bed before removing mine.

I had an oversized Victoria Secrets shirt and a pair of VS pink panties. I looked down and decided on the shirt first. The momentary blindness that removing a shirt causes was enough for my brother to jump onto the bed, spread my legs and situate himself on his knees.

“Bruh, take a step back.” I scooted back against my pillows.

“Can I take off your panties?” It almost sounded like a plea as he sat there like a puppy waiting for his treat. I didn’t question his excitement, but I definitely didn’t share it with him.

“Um, sure.” I shifted back down towards him. As expected, less than a second later his fingers had hooked the sides and already sliding them off. Something happened right at that moment, everything slowed, at least it seemed to. He gently shimmied the sides down, peeling my panties away from my body, slowly revealing more and more of me until the last bit kind of adhered to my pussy. Both he and I watched as it pulled at my labia before gently releasing them and exposing them to the cool air. It was quite cinematic if I am being honest.

“Whoa.” He gasped, amazed at what he saw. He continued to slide my panties down my legs, but his gaze fixated on the single point between my legs, my privates, my pussy.

“Take a pic, it lasts longer.” I teased.

“You’d let me?” Surprised by what I said he looked up at me.

“No! It’s just a saying.” He looked a bit disappointed and at that moment I actually thought about it. Never before had someone wanted a pic and never before had I considered even pointing the lens in that direction.

“Here, lift your bum.” He had grabbed a pillow and shoved it under me and situated it in the small of my lower back. “This should help.”

My boy did do his research. What other surprises would surface? Between my legs his cock bounced each time he moved. It wasn’t a new site, per se, but one that typically included a little nub at the tip followed by a latex sheath that stretched is way down the shaft. This one was naked and drooling from the tip. Now that was new.

“Ready?” For the first time I sensed a bit of nerves as his voice cracked. He pulled himself to me using my legs and pressed his thighs against my bum. The pillow tilted my hips up, giving him a direct line of sight, but for the moment his cock came to rest on my lower belly. This was my one and only opportunity to back out. But the thought of not having to use a condom was too enticing.

I nodded my approval and watched as he slid his cock back, grabbed it and rubbed the tip through my folds. I was surprisingly wet and ready for him. He took a deep breath and centered himself just before pushing it into me. He quickly gasped as he let go and watched it slide all the way in.

“Oh god. You feel so good.” He wrapped his arms around my legs to balance himself.

“Um, thanks?!” Was he up for this? “Wait! Is this your first time?” I blurted.

Without an response he began thrusting his hips. And as much as I wanted an answer, it did feel good. Long strong strokes with a pause at each end of the motion was something I had not experienced. Some boys may start slow, but all eventually speed up and just go for it. Porn seems to have influenced real life these days, which means hard pounding, fast thrusts and often position changes typically necessitating doggy-style for the finish if they can last that long. This was nice, allowing me to feel his entire length entering and leaving.

Without thinking, my fingers round their way to my clit. I guess this was a pleasure ride afterall and the way this was progressing, I would surely achieve my orgasm. I thought for sure he would speed up and at this point kind of wanted something a bit more urgent. Was he waiting for me to tell him?

“Goodness you are good. Now how about a little faster?”

He smiled and picked up speed. However, it became quite clear why he was going slow. It was his was way to last longer. Not much later did he start to display the tell tale sign of his own orgasm. I was fine with it, mine was already close as well and when he suddenly froze up, I knew.”

“Oh shit, I’m . . . “ He thrust into me. “ . . . cumming!” I closed my eyes and rubbed myself the rest of the way.

“Yes, oh yes.” I came as well.

For a moment, I had forgotten the whole point of this. I mean, this was good, and according to him, it was safe. Who needed other guys anyways? Still, this was the first step and from what he stated, I needed at least a week of this before I could completely ditch the condoms. I guess we shall see what happens in a week.
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