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I assist young University girls with their studies
“We need you for an initiation,” said the young sorority girl. She was pretty, with an ivory face and long dark curly hair trailing loose down her back, held in place by an earth-tone bandanna. She was thin, with round wire-rim glasses, and dressed semi waif-like, in a chocolate brown dress and a green vest.

“Why me?”

“It has to be someone old,” she said.


“Over 30.”

“Well, yes,” I said.

“And you are a guy aren’t you? A man, I mean.”

I glanced down at my lap. “Last I checked.”

The girl with her had long blond hair, and was of a more robust body type, bronzed skin, wide shoulders and full breasts.

“Is he OK?” the waif with curly hair asked the buxom blonde.

“Um, sure, I guess.” was the reply.

“Thanks for the overwhelming enthusiasm,” I commented.

“She had the choice between two options,” said the waiflike girl. “Either perform garbage cleanup by the highway as an act of social service, or. . .” she paused.

“Some other act of social service?” I prompted.

“Bring an older guy to orgasm,” she almost whispered.

That woke me up. Fortunately I had finished my coffee.

“My God, I can’t believe you said it out loud here!” said the blonde, with a huge smile. “As we’re sitting here on a bench in the middle of the shopping mall!

People were walking around on all sides, but none too close by. One teenage girl with too much makeup was watching us, but I don’t think she heard the comment.

“She really wants to be in our sorority,” said the waiflike one. “Don’t judge us. It’s the rules.”

“Which sorority?” I asked.

“I Phelta Thi.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Those aren’t greek letters,” I pointed out.

“It’s a kind of a new sorority. The other names were all taken.”

“Well, I suppose I could be persuaded to help you out,” I said. “What do you need from me?”

“Meet us at our sorority house,” said Waiflike, handing me a slip of paper with a handwritten address. “When you come in the front, ask for the sex room.”

“The sex room? Do I just barge right in?” I said. “I don’t want to meet another guy in there.”

“I guess you should knock. A lot of times the girls like to eat each other out in there, so ordinarily guys aren’t allowed, except for initiations. But this time all of the new girls except one opted for picking up garbage. Climate change and all that.”

“And this is the one?” I asked. “What is your name, if I may be so bold?”

“Bold,” muttered the buxom bronzed blonde, laughing. “Just so long as you’re not Italic. I’m Desiree.”

“And I’m Sarah,” said the waif. “How about you? What’s your name?”

“You can call me ‘V,’ I said mysteriously.

“V. Like ‘Vagina?’ quipped Desiree.

I laughed. “Verily, vivacious, vivid, and voluptuous!” I replied.

“So,” said Sarah, “Can we see you in, maybe a half an hour? There’s plenty of parking out front.”

I was there in twenty minutes, but of course there was no parking out front, or anywhere near. Plus, of course, the one-way streets in that part of town are impossible - you see a parking spot, but by the time you go around the block to get there someone in a red Tesla has slipped into it, because of course they’re better than the rest of us.

Finally I did find a spot in front of a dubious looking tenement multiplex beneath giant cypress trees, but the spot was legal, and if someone stole my ancient rusted out Toyota, it would probably be a blessing all around. Besides, it seemed like it kinda belonged there.

By the time I made it back to the “I Phelta Thi” dormitory, I had rehearsed several times the speech scolding the young ladies about not promising parking when there isn’t any, a beautifully worded collection of verbiage which unfortunately was never employed.

Neither waiflike Sarah nor bronze, blonde, and buxom Desiree were anywhere in sight, but around five or six other girls were hanging out on and around the front porch, chattering with a certain gleeful giddiness. Each one of them was gorgeous, and they knew it.

I hesitated to break from the traffic on the sidewalk to single myself out by revealing my intent to visit their dorm, but I shrugged and turned up the walk. The girls on the porch began to chatter noticeably faster.

It was a beautiful spring day, and lush green lawns stretched like velvet carpets all around. The flower beds were well attended and in full bloom.

The dormitory was in a historic (or pseudo-historic) New England style, the base dark green but with the trim painted in wild psychedelic colors, by the girls themselves I imagine. It was three floors tall with an attic under the sloped rooftops.

“Hi—” I began as I approached.

“Looking for something, big boy?” quipped a thin blonde.

“Some kind of. . . ‘room,’ in this building, perhaps?” chimed in girl with a sensuous waterfall of curly red hair.

“Oh god, Liz. Too shy to say the word ‘sex?’” replied a dark Indian girl wearing an embroidered flowery blouse with little round mirrors sewn into it, and a long dress with elephants.

“What if he’s not—” replied the redhead. “Where are those two, anyway?”

“They went to prepare the room.”

I offered: “Uh, I’m looking for Sarah? Desiree?”

“Right this way, sir,” said the thin blonde. “I hope you’re not too loud, since I’m in the next room and I have to study Chemistry.”

“Chemistry,” I echoed.

“Maybe you can go next door and study biology instead,” quipped someone.

I followed as directed through the bouquet of warm enticing aromas produced by girls getting turned on. Electricity filled the air, with meaningful looks and knowing smiles, a kind of chirrupy irritable impatience.

They didn’t exactly move out of the way, so I had to nudge through, and a few of them pushed gently back. Nipples brushed my shoulderblades through sensuously soft silky fabric, and hands caressed my buns and thighs, and so on.

We ascended a tidy carpeted staircase to the higher realm, the very top, where we turned down a hall.

“These are the attic rooms,” said the thin blonde.

“And what was your name again?” I asked.

She grinned. “Kelly. Remember that, now! So many girls’ names, how will you ever keep track?” She gently opened the door to a cozy room filled with pillows. The entire floor was a foam mattress, covered with soft fabric. The outer ceiling sloped down over a gabled window with a stellar view of the city.

Desiree and Sarah were bent intently over a laptop.

“Oh, hi,” said Desiree. “I wasn’t sure what the best way is to bring a guy to orgasm, so we were looking it up.”

“Thoughtful of you,” I said. “I might be able to supply some ideas.”

“It says here that some guys like prostate stimulation, but others get freaked out.”

“Well,” I began.

“That’s like sticking my finger in your asshole. I’ve got gloves, of course.”

Sarah was wide-eyed and silent. I’m guessing the possibility that someone might actually choose this form of initiation had not occurred to her until recently.

“Sure, I think I would like that,” I said.

“I’ll have to watch, to verify the orgasm,” said Sarah. “It’s in the rules. Maybe I can learn something. I’ve never had sex. With a girl, even.”

“Then how will you know it’s an orgasm?” I said.

Sarah was turning bright red. “Well, doesn’t this stuff come out of your wee-wee? I mean your penis? I don’t know.”

“Well, let’s get started,” said Desiree. “I’ve never had sex with a guy either, so there.” She deftly removed her shirt and bra to reveal full breasts, her beautiful blonde hair cascading across raised nipples. She threw herself down on her back. “Just slap that willy between these two, they’ll make you cum.” She jiggled them in a reclining shimmy that made me laugh. She slathered lubricant between them.

“Do you mind if I’m gentle with them first?” I asked.

“Suit yourself, Romeo.”

“Would you mind unfastening my pants?” I said.

Desiree glanced up at Sarah, who was huddled in the corner, knees up, long dress pulled over her legs.

“I’m lying down,” said Desiree. “Would you mind doing the honors?”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “It counts against you, you know. You’re supposed to do it by yourself.”

“Sure. This is just a practice run, anyway. You can’t expect me to get it right on the first try.”

Sarah crawled over to where I was standing. “Get down on your knees,” she said. I did, and she fidgeted with my belt and trouser button, swaddling my sexual organs pleasantly. Finally, she got my pants open and pulled them down, eyes bulging at the growing mound inside my underpants.

Sarah looked frantically over at Desiree, unsure what to do.

“All the way,” said Desiree. “It’s good practice for you, girl.”

Sarah gingerly reached between by body and the elastic and pulled my underpants down, causing my organ to spring out almost in her face as she bent over to undress me.

She sat up abruptly. Taking in the faint smell of latent sperm ready to be released, she gave a twisted little smile, and impulsively planted a tiny kiss on the shaft, giggling.

“Here, pull my pants the rest of the way off, please!” I requested, lying down with my legs in the air so she could do so.

Naked from the waist down, I knelt and leaned over Desiree, gently kissing her left breast.

She gave a little shiver. “Ooh. Tingles.”

Gently cupping her left breast, I switched my mouth to her right, lovingly kissing.

Sarah was still on her hands and knees, mesmerised, but she shuffled back to her crouched position, knees up, in the corner. Only this time, her dress didn’t quite come down all the way, and I could discern a little wet patch in the middle of her white panties. She apparently hadn’t noticed, as she didn’t pull the dress down. She watched us sullenly.

I straddled Desiree.

“Off with the shirt,” she said. “I want skin.”

I obeyed her command, and also complied with her suggestion to place my penis between her breasts. She squeezed them closed on it, and I involuntarily gave out a moan.

She watched as the tip emerged and retracted from the soft fleshy mass.

If I came right that second - and it was tough not to - the gooey white fluid would land on her chest, maybe her face.

As if she read my thoughts, she said “Cum to me baby, splatter it all over my cleavage. I’ll go out and show the girls so everyone can see it. That way they’ll know I’m truly initiated. And they can lick it off!”

Sarah unconsciously moaned, and spread her legs further, so I could see the growing spot of moisture.

Next door, I heard a buzzing sound, from Kelly’s room. It did not sound like someone studying chemistry.

My loving thrusts continued, but the sex felt incomplete. My attraction to Sarah was driving me crazy. In these tough conditions, one has to problem-solve rapidly.

“You know,” I said, “Male excitement is often rendered more intense by visual stimulus.” When I looked meaningfully at Sarah she gasped.

“I can dial up some porn. . .” she began, reaching for the laptop.

“But why?” I countered. “When there is a beautiful body right here?”

“You mean mine?”

“None other.”

“You want me to take my clothes off.”

I nodded.

“Do it!” said Desiree. “You’re not having sex, after all. He’s just looking. Though I’m disappointed that he doesn’t find my body to be adequate. . .”

“That’s not what I said,” I protested. Desiree chortled.

Sarah hesitated, then tore off her blouse and bra. “Is that better?” she demanded.

“There’s a beautiful most spot in the middle of your underwear,” I said.

“Oh, you want to see my undies? Fine, I’ll take off the dress.” She did, and resumed her position in the corner, boobs out, now dressed in only her round glasses and white panties with a spot in the middle.

“I’m a bit nearsighted,” I said. “Could you come a little closer?”

She made a sound of exasperation, and made her way closer, directly in front of me, leaning back on her elbows with the most spot clearly in view.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” I said to her. “I just want to kiss you on the lips, and all over.”

She laughed. “Well, you kinda have your cock between another girl’s breasts,” she replied.

Impulsively, I dove a little farther on the next thrust and kissed the moist spot. That put my cock at mouth level for Desiree, and she grabbed me and slipped it in. Her rough tongue felt my opening, tasting the little drops already emerging.

I kissed Sarah’s flower through the soaked cotton, and instinctively she spread her legs, at once drawn by desire and resisting.

“You really turn him on,” said Desiree. “He’s getting much harder now.”

“Oh!” shouted Sarah. “I never thought it would be like this.”

I reached my hands to pull down her underwear, and she stopped me. “Really? You want to see this hairy ugly old thing?”

Gently I pushed her hands away and slowly drew down the elastic of her panties to reveal the gem inside. A little drop leaked out of her vagina onto the cushion.

“Why yes, I do,” I said, looking at her wonderful open crotch, vulnerable and eager before me. “Whatever you may see, I see a work of art. This is the masterpiece of evolution, God’s perfect design for ensuring that men and women can take pleasure together.”

I plunged with my mouth, and found her growing clitoris. Desiree was still nibbling and tonguing.

Sarah threw her head back in surrender and reached down, this time to pull my head into her vagina. She came almost immediately with powerful surges, then again a few seconds later. Four orgasms in all. My face was dripping from her juice.

“Damn, girl, you must be repressed,” said Desiree, releasing my cock. “You need some girl loving,” She said. “Let me show you how to kiss a pussy.”

I smiled. “I have an idea,” I said to Desiree. “You and me can fuck, while Sarah rides your face.”

“This is so against the rules,” said Sarah, white skin of her body flush.

“Don’t get me pregnant,” said Desiree.

“Not possible. I had the operation,” I said. “I can cum inside you all night long and you won’t get pregnant.”

Desiree gave a little wag of delight. Sarah was thinking about it too, I could tell. Desiree slipped off her tights. Nothing was underneath. “Come get it, big boy! Virgin pussy! No maidenhead, though. Too many dildos. And double dildos.”

The stiffness of my shaft was off the charts. I easily plunged into her sopping pussy, and made gentle love, while Sarah watched, uncertain.

“Oh, that’s nice,” said Desiree. “Maybe I’ll try it again sometime. Those plastic ones are getting pretty good, but this is totally better.”

“It’s good to know that I rate better than a plastic toy,” I said.

“We have a guy toy here somewhere,” said Sarah. “A fleshlight, I think it’s called.”

“If I use that to make him cum, does it count?” said Desiree.

Sarah shrugged. “Sure, I guess.”

“Then wouldn’t it also count if I made him cum with a real vagina?”

“You already are, aren’t you?”

Desiree gave a sly smile. “Turn around now,” she said to Sarah, “so you can sit on my face.”

“Can’t I do it the other way? I don’t know.”

“Sure, you could. Facing him on top of me. Then the two of you can kiss while you’re both enjoying me.”

Sarah turned up her nose at that idea, and walked around on hands and knees, shoving her butt in my face as Desiree went to work on her pleasure zone. I kissed the small of her back. Sarah moaned again, louder now, and repeatedly. The moans were echoed faintly in the next room, synchronized with a melodic rise and fall of the vibrator noise.

After a while, Desiree gave Sarah a rest, and grinning up at me, gestured to my cock and Sarah’s butt. I raised my eyebrows in question, and she nodded in the affirmative.

Slowly I pulled out and walked forward on my knees, my stiff penis, covered with scented fluids from Desiree’s pussy, pressing up against Sarah’s pubic arch. Sarah gasped.

“Ready?” Desiree asked Sarah.

“No! Wait!”

We all froze, breathing heavily.

I felt Sarah’s soft moist lower lips against my glans.

“It’s not right!” said Sarah, confused. “You were fucking him, so now you’re like his girlfriend. I can’t let him cheat with me! I’m monogamous!”

“I won’t tell anyone,” said Desiree. “Doesn’t it turn you on to break the rules? You’re his secret mistress now. You’re cheating on me with him and I’m right here watching you do it. Kissing your beautiful clitoris while he fills you with his loving.”

Sarah resisted a tiny bit longer, but all at once she acquiesced. “Oh God! OK! Yes! I can’t take it any longer. I can’t follow these dumb rules. I need you inside me. Shove it in already!”

And carefully I did. I felt some resistance from her maidenhead as I pushed, gently, until there was a little “snap!”

Sarah gave a little gasp. I began making deliberately slow loving thrusts, in and out.

Sarah’s orgasms twitched around me as I gently moved in and out. I felt Desiree’s tongue on my shaft and balls, and her hand gently fondling.

“I’m a virgin, you know!” said Sarah.

“You were,” I corrected, shoving into her again and again. How had my desire for her blossomed so quickly? It was obsessive, compulsive almost, fanned by the flames of her denied longing for me. I felt a love and tenderness that I never had before, a desire to whisk her off to a beautiful European château and spend every moment of the day with her in warm sunlight of luxury.

It was when Desiree deftly slid a gloved lubricated finger in my rectum that I felt myself slipping. Squeezed between the finger inside me and the vagina around me, I let go with a long full series of pulses. I could feel the drops surging out the end inside of Sarah.

“You have my stuff in you now,” I whispered in her ear. Her bandanna had nearly fallen from her full locks of long curly black hair.

She gave another hard twitch, stiffening as she pressed herself against me, around me, then collapsed onto her folded arms, with me still inside her, hovering over Desiree’s face.

When I pulled out, thick white drops fell onto Desiree’s nose and eyes. She reached up and lapped up a drop with her tongue.

“I like the taste of that,” she said. “Spicy. Next time I eat you out, you need to have a guy cum inside you first.”

“What is this next time?” protested Sarah. “I was only supposed to watch.”

“So does that count? For my initiation?”

Meanwhile, the buzzer next door crescendoed with a series of “Aah— Aah— Aah! Oh my God!” and fell silent.

“No, it does not,” said Sarah. “You’re supposed to make him cum by yourself. Without my help.”

“You agree, I did make him cum.”

Sarah looked back at me. “Did you?”

I laughed, seeing the white juice on Desiree’s face. “I believe that’s a ‘Yes,’” I said.

Sarah crawled back towards her clothes, but sat on them instead of putting them on. Drops were still leaking from her cunt.

“I think you should get someone else to provide visual stimulation,” said Sarah.

“Just a second,” called out Desiree, leaping up, topless still, and flinging open the door. The redhead and the Indian girl were in each others’ arms. Fleeing footsteps retreated down the hall.

The two in the hall saw the decoration on Desiree’s face and gave sounds of approval.

“Pretty cool, huh?” said Desiree. “Hey Kelly!” she called out.

“What,” replied an exhausted sounding voice.

“Come check this out!”

After a while, there were footsteps behind Kelly’s door, and she stepped into the hallway, sloppily dressed, hair tousled.

“What? Oh wow! You made him cum?”

“Of course. Didn’t you say you wanted to taste?”

“Like, lick your face?”

“There’s some still dripping out of Sarah,” said Desiree.

“Oh wow. You mean he came inside of sweet little Sarah?”

“Hey!” called out Sarah, who had by this point surrendered to nudity.

“Really?” said Kelly.

Desiree smiled, closing her eyes, and leaning over so her face was near Kelly’s lips. Kelly took her head gently to steady it while she licked the drops delicately and carefully from Desiree. “Wow, it’s kind of mixed in with your sweat, too. Man, I love that taste. That’s awesome.”
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