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I assist young University girls with their studies
Sarah had a class soon, and I had some chores that were not going to wait any longer, so we exchanged emails and cell phone numbers and got dressed to leave.

“Did I pass the test?” grinned Desiree, still naked. She rubbed her clitoris absently.

“Well. . .” said Sarah, looking at me. “Given the unusual circumstances, I would have to say ‘yes.’ But I’ll need to be sure the other girls approve.”

“If you need me to provide other demonstrations of. . .” Desiree raised her eyebrows at me “. . .bringing an older guy to orgasm, I’m anxious to comply, as I wouldn’t want there to be any shadow of a doubt. In fact. . .”

“That will be enough for now,” said Sarah. We were both fully dressed. She turned to me. “Let’s go.”

The next few days were a melted jumble of work obligations and daydreams. I had no idea whether the commitment Sarah had promised for would hold for real, but either way vivid pink, brown, and curly red-haired fantasies made it difficult to concentrate on menu hierarchies and mouse clicks for my job. Working remotely I had a lot of flexibility, but I still did need to produce useful documentation.

I half expected her to freak out, and never to hear from her again. I didn’t hear anything the next day, but the day after I got a text.

From Sarah: “u free 2nite?”

That woke me up. My heart raced. Emotions were mixed between a cringe at the spelling and a feeling that the world had become lighter around me, and I along with it was now buoyant, nearly weightless.

“Yes,” I replied.

“meet w kelly?”

I blinked and shook my head. No, I wasn’t dreaming.

“Affirmative,” I typed.

“7pm meet at secret gate combo 34969” she replied, along with a set of map coordinates.

“I will be there,” I typed.

End of conversation.

It was 10:23 in the morning when I got the text. The nearly nine hours that lay ahead loomed like nine centuries. Those hours hung like an invisible oppressive barrier between myself and the world of my dreams, my heart’s desire, and ideal contentment. Were I more literary, I would convey each microscopic millisecond in detail, explaining with glacial precision how slowly each one crawled by, like a parade of slugs gradually making their way to plunder the tomato plants.

However, my literary talents are limited, so you’ll just have to imagine, and put up with my terrible metaphors.

At 6:49 sharp, I found the gate of the secret entrance. It was on a weird side street I had never heard of before, with a giant unmonitored parking lot opposite which, as far as I could tell, was always nearly empty.

Standing before the lighted keypad was a short Asian girl, who was studying it with a sheepish smile.

She looked up as I approached. “Can I help you?”

“Er, I was supposed to meet someone here.”

She stepped away from the keypad and I punched in the code. The lock clicked and I unfastened the gate, looking at her.

“I forgot my combination,” she said. “It’s all electronic. They can add them or delete them for security.”

“Couldn’t you just go in the front entrance?”

She blushed. “You do not see me here. If you EVER see me in public, I was never ever here. OK?”

“See who?” I said.

“Thank you.”

“Do you want me to tell someone you’re here? I suppose you could probably just come on in.”

“I’m going to see Caroline. Do you know her?”

I shrugged. “No idea.” I considered. “You seem OK. I guess I can let you in with me. Actually, you can show me the way.”

“OK.” She brushed past me cozily, and I followed her down an alleyway as the door clicked shut behind us.

Then she stopped abruptly, causing a pleasant collision with the crease between her soft full buns a little below waist level. “Hey, are you that guy that’s seeing Sarah now?”

I nodded, “I’ll be seeing her very soon, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Her voice dropped to a whisper. “That sweet little girl — I’ve had a crush on her, like, forever.”

My eyebrows raised. “What would Caroline think?”

She laughed. “Never you mind that. Caroline would want to join in!”

“I can mention it to Sarah and see what she says,” I heard myself offer, unbelievably.

“Let me get your cell number. . .” she pulled out her phone.

I told her, and she sent me a text. It pinged.

“And your name is?” I said.

“You can call me Annalee,” she said. “Around here they know me like that. Sounds like ‘anally,’ huh? I like to ride along behind. Along with other things. . . I’d love to ride along behind you,” she said. “I hear it’s a lot more fun with someone who has a prostate, but I’ve never tried it before. Or I could ride along behind her while she has a massive double-penetrated orgasm around your cock. I tell you, being connected with a girl’s asshole when she cums is like nothing else. . . gives me massive orgasms every time.”

“Er, I’ll pass that along,” I said.

We continued down the alley, and reached a doorway to the cellar of the sorority building. There were two trap doors set at an angle. She opened one, lighting the flashlight of her phone, and stepped down the stairs. I got my phone out as well and did the same.

“Close the door behind you,” she said, and I did. We walked for a ways down a long narrow corridor. It was wide enough for only one person really, though two could get by each other if they squeezed. “The story goes that they put in this secret tunnel during the war with the British, but it was never used,” she said.

A light appeared at the end of the tunnel, and I heard my sweetheart’s voice. “Someone there?” called out Sarah.

Annalee took a sharp in-breath and put her hand to her heart, glancing back at me devilishly. She grinned, then kept on walking. We were almost to the light.

“Sarah?” I said. “It’s me. Someone is showing me the way in.”

“You’re early,” she replied. “I was just about to come get you.”

The opening at into the Sorority building turned out to be a bottom panel in a hallway, so we had to get on our hands and knees to crawl through. Fortunately, it had been done often enough that someone had thoughtfully put in soft padding and carpet.

Annalee climbed through, and waved goodbye, disappearing around the corner as I was climbing through.

On my hands and knees, I found myself glancing up under Sarah’s dress for a moment, at a familiar-looking wet spot. I stood.

“You’re here!” said Sarah.

“So are you!” I replied, gathering her in my arms. Her soft warm body felt good against mine. So gentle and fragile. We kissed and caressed. “Are you nervous?” I asked.

She nodded. “A little.”

I pressed her to me. “Oh, Sarah. I’d love to lie in bed with you all night long. Do nothing else, just pass the time being together.”

She smiled. “Sounds wonderful. I should come by your house sometime.”

“I would love that,” I said.

“I confess, though,” she said. “I’m feeling pretty horny right at the moment.”

She guided my hand under her dress to her pubic arch. The panties were sopping. She gave a little yelp of pleasure as I touched her. Then smiled at me.

“So you talked to Kelly?” I asked.

She gave a little wriggle of pride. “I did. Can you believe how brave I am?”

“What did she say?”

“First I reminded her of the time she asked me if I liked other girls. You know, really liked other girls, wink wink. She said ‘yes,’ and I think she knew where I was heading. I told her you’re my boyfriend now and would she like to get together, just the three of us sometime to explore. She made all kinds of teasing objections, but I think she had decided from the beginning the answer was ‘yes.’ She was just getting back at me for saying ‘no’ the first time.”

“So she finally did say ‘yes?’”

“She did.”

“Did she say anything else I should know about? Any particular fetish she likes or doesn’t?”

Sarah thought. “No, just meet me at seven. That was it.”

I laughed. “Then what are we waiting for?!”

I followed her up the stairs. Kelly’s door was open. Indigo Girls was playing quietly in the background. Kelly was lying on her queen-sized bed, was covered in a fluffy purple quilt.

“I was wondering if you’d show,” said Kelly, smiling. “Come in, both of you, and close the door.”

We did.

Kelly was wearing turquoise yoga pants that matched her big blue eyes and a tie-dye shirt of rainbow colors. Her shoulder-length wavy blonde hair was gathered in a bright red headband. She sat up and put down the book she was reading. Dorian Gray.

I heard faint noises from the sex room, next door.

“How’s it going?” she said.

“Good as it gets,” I replied.

Sarah sat down next to Kelly, and motioned for me to sit next to Kelly on the other side.

Sarah was gazing into Kelly’s big beautiful eyes, and Kelly was gazing back. They were caressing each other’s faces, when Sarah leaned in and kissed Kelly on the lips.

The first kiss was brief, but when Kelly kissed back, it lasted longer.

The were in each other’s arms, groping all over each other obsessively, then they fell back on the bed with Kelly on top. She was pulling off Sarah’s shirt, and Sarah was pulling off hers. Neither had big enough boobs to merit wearing a bra really. Perfectly curved little bulges, four beauties in facing pairs, nipples erect on both sides.

“I’ve determined the cause of inflation,” I said.

“What?” exclaimed Kelly, glancing back at me. Both of them were shirtless now, and Kelly was sitting on Sarah’s crotch, having pinned Sarah’s arms to the bed.

“Inflation,” I said, pointing to the bulge in my pants. “It’s not the prime interest rate. It’s caused by watching my girlfriend make out with another girl.”

“Ugh!” exclaimed Kelly, covering her face with her hands. “That’s terrible!”

“I forgot to mention,” said Sarah. “About being with an an older guy: dad jokes while having sex.”

Kelly pinned Sarah again.

“Ow!” said Sarah.

“Now I need to punish you for the dad jokes.” Kelly stole another glance at me. “Or maybe I could pretend to be your daughter. That’s right, making out with her girlfriend.”

“Bad girl,” I said. “Very naughty.”

“Oh daddy,” she said. “Don’t punish me!”

The word “daddy” set off some kind of taboo fantasy sparks. Even though I had no real daughter.

“You were going to punish Sarah, weren’t you?” I commented.

Kelly grinned. “That’s right!” To Sarah, she said: “Now what should your punishment be?”

“Do I get to choose?” replied Sarah.

Kelly cackled. “That depends. What do you suggest?”

“Let’s see. How about you sit on my face until you cum, while. . .”

Kelly reacted with joyous shock. “Who would have thought? Sweet little Sarah! Go on.”

“While he cums inside of me.”

“A cock and a pussy at the same time! What fun!” Kelly hopped up and tore off her turquoise yoga pants, tossing them aside to reveal her skinny legs and cute little blonde pussy, the sight of which gave me new reasons to be alive. Now that she was standing, I could see how tall and thin she was.

Kelly saw me getting off on her, and leaned over, tapping the bulge of my cock. “Need some help with that?” she offered.

“Some wardrobe adjustment is in order,” I mumbled, unfastening my pants. Kelly helped me pull them down and off, and knelt, fully naked face to face with my sex as I sat up on the bed. Sarah, still with her dress on, propped herself up to watch.

I was pretty stiff and long by that point. Kelly cupped under my balls and took my tip into her mouth, circling her tongue a few times, tasting the drops that had emerged.

“Spicy,” she said, then plunged her mouth over me, deep. I must have been hitting her tonsils back there.

I turned to gaze at Sarah, and our eyes locked.

“Kelly’s saliva as lube,” Sarah murmured, ”all up inside me.” She gave a little tremor, absently stroking her clit.

Kelly continued for a while. Drops of her drool crept down to my testicles.

Then she withdrew abruptly, and pulled off her bright red headband, deftly wrapping it around my cock and balls. The gentle pressure from the elastic was pleasant. “Now you can fuck her through my headband. Is that hot, or what? I’ll put it on in public and you’ll know where it’s been. Now go over and get on top of her. Must I show you everything?” She gave a little chortle.

I complied, and Sarah spread her legs so I could pull her panties off.

“Take off the dress?” I asked.

“Nah, leave it. It’s due for washing anyway.”

Taking the arrow of my cock between thumb and index fingers, Kelly guided me to Sarah’s opening. Her warm, soft, squishy love grip surrounded me, as I pushed in easily, greased by Kelly’s slime.

Sarah fell back with a sigh of gratitude as I sunk myself gradually into her. We made love for a bit, Sarah’s juices soaking into Kelly’s headband. I almost felt like I was fucking Kelly’s head at the same time.

Kelly sat up at Sarah’s head, facing the two of us as our rhythm continued. Kelly spread her legs. “Hey Daddy! How you like to taste your daughter’s little pee-pee hole? While you’re fucking my best friend?”

The nice thing about being taller than Sarah is that I can reach over her head while I’m inside her to kiss another girl’s pussy. Sarah’s eyes were closed anyway, as she was lost in her own pleasure dome.

I lapped at Kelly’s pink pearl with my pointed tongue, tasting her sweet pussy while I thrust into Sarah. Kelly moaned. Sarah moaned back.

After a bit, I had to come up for air. Sarah noticed, and reaching behind my back, forced me to bend down and kiss her.

“Mm, mm. Do love that taste!” she said, licking Kelly’s pussy juice off my lips.

“Two pussies at once,” I murmured. “Amazing.”

“That’s my theory: trick for hanging onto a man is to make sure he has enough other pussies to play with so he doesn’t get bored.”

I laughed. “Or maybe is it so that you don’t get bored?”

Sarah smiled. “Well, that too. It’s a nascent theory. We’re still working out the details.”

By now, Kelly had got up on her hands and knees facing us still, and began lowering her pussy down to Sarah’s mouth. I had to angle diagonally to get out of the way. I planted little kisses on Kelly’s abdomen.

Kelly gave a big “Yesssss!” of approval once she set down onto Sarah’s lips. I could see Sarah’s tongue working where mine had recently been. She put a pillow under her head to reach better.

I straightened out so I was face to face with Kelly and her big blue eyes. We stared at each other as I fucked my girlfriend through her red headband, and she sat on my girlfriend’s face.

Kelly’s face was haloed by her blonde hair, out loose now. She was indeed as beautiful and charming a young lady as ever there could be. So cute I could simply devour her.

Gradually, our lips approached, and we kissed delicately and lovingly, arms wrapped around each other for support.

“Yes, daddy,” she whispered in my ear, “Our first kiss! While your hard cock is penetrating another girl! So romantic!”

“Who said chivalry was dead?” I whispered back.

“Pump up my best friend with your seed, Daddy! She’s been a bad girl, tonguing other girls’ pussies and all — uh, uh, uh. . . giving them org. . . OMG! Ahhh!”

And with Kelly’s orgasms, I felt and heard Sarah cum around me in chain reaction. It wasn’t long before I became part of the chain, pumping sweet cream into Sarah’s sacred love channel, leaving slimy secretions deep within her for her body to cherish, while Kelly’s love juices were oozing all over her face.

And the night was just beginning.
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