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In my work as a whore, I meet clients in various places. There used to be frequent meetings, several to a dozen times a day, but time doesn't stand still and neither does my penis. Currently, as an older prostitute, I arouse desire in older people, and in people who use special types of sex, such as BDSM. This is usually done in their homes, special offices and also publicly via the Internet via video. And this is just one of many video camera meetings with Mrs. "Wet Virgin"


I am a male-female whore named Arletka, with a fat body, with a fatty belly and busty. My tits are big, long and hanging. At the top they are narrow, flat, widening at the bottom like large pears. At their tops I have large dark circles of halo rings from the center, which grow out of chubby cow nipples as long as fat fingers. Circular halos occupy almost a third of the tits. The tits grow wide and diverge to the sides, hanging to either side of her big fat belly. My organs are very small, almost like a teenager's. Dick protrudes funny like a thicker finger. But I have a perfect ass, wide, thick, plump, arched backwards excitingly with a wonderful, wiry, dark anus. I have cunt too. I'm an androgynous whore, slut. I work with my ass and throat with clients whom I find in pedal advertisements, where I post mine with photos myself. Additionally, I organize video sex shows. I meet everywhere, outdoors and in the summer, at the client's house or at my home, where I have a dedicated, special, large room full of appropriate equipment for every type of sex, which I supplement with online shopping on a regular basis. During sex on webcam shows, I never cover my face! This morning, it was probably Wednesday, as I always got up early, I did a series of six intestinal enemas. Then, with my rectum ready, I started flipping through my e-mail, reading replies to my announcements and replying to others. I am a scary whore myself and I'm interested in gentlemen 45+ and preferably 50+. The ones at the bones with bellies and shaved. I don't like overgrown underbelly, ass and organs. Once I replied everything I wanted and sent them my photos and suggestions. I put on sharp makeup for the eyes, lips and cheeks. I painted my eyebrows. I would like to add that I am quite bald, I also shave my eyebrows and eyelashes. I put large circular earrings on my ears. Earrings in the shape of large circles on the nipples, on the head of the cock and the bag. I also have an earring in the nasal septum. I wore black lingerie with red lace, a soft bra with my tits tucked into the sleeves. Stockings on the elastic waistband on the thighs. The ass and small organs were bare as usual. This time I wanted to show the viewers my new acquisition. It is something like a saddle on a wide, high toe. This device is electrically controlled with a remote control, it can move in all directions, throwing a person sitting on it or crouching over them. Of course, there are handles and places to fix the legs in different positions. There is a wide variety of latex dildos (cocks) of various sizes and shapes that can be attached to the center of this device. I was, I remember, extremely excited about this new acquisition. I felt my anus pulsating, eager to wait for the test. Next to it, I have put a number of other things that could be useful at the viewer's request. After these preparations, I looked closely in the mirrors, which my room has many. As always, I looked quite creepy, which made me an exciting fagot. Fat, fat, busty fagot in women's underwear. VERY DESIGNATIVE. I was ready. I went to one of my gay profiles and started a video chat by typing in the usual text. I sat down in an enticing position on the stool, sideways, folding my leg tightly, exposing my fat thigh in a stocking and the elastics holding it, hip and ass. Down between my thighs I stretched out as much as I could with the small organs. I straightened up, pushing out the cyc hanging in my bra. It hung from the side of the blown belly up to the thigh. I put my hand behind my back to see my qualities better. I was staring straight at the webcam. My exciting image was visible on the screen. I WAS ALWAYS CUTE AND SEXY. To the aforementioned device, a machine, I attached a large long dildo in the middle. It is over a meter long, very flexible as it goes up to the thin end. It ends with a large snake's head at its thin end. It is very thick at the bottom and has several rings and latex spikes. The dildo stuck out vertically, curving halfway up. As always, everything in my room was visible on the screen. I sat caressing excitedly with one hand and the other sensually massaging the snakeskin head of my new dildo. I watched as the audience grew. I answered questions and showed off my toys. I waited. Usually, you don't get just any suggestions. I always say public screenings are free, private screenings are paid. At one point, among the viewers, I became interested in the name "wet virgin". Interesting

- I thought.

Our meeting started in writing first. I mean, she wrote and I spoke aloud.

- How old are you, fagot? - she asked.

- 51. - I said.

- What sex do you like? Or just the ass? - she asked.

- Any kind of sex and wherever it is needed. - I explained.

- You are fat and belly fat. Very sexy. How much you weigh? - she asked.

- Yes, fat, I like him. I weigh 110 kg. - I replied.

- Do you have a lot of takers? - she asked.

- Very. - I replied stroking the flexible dildo on the saddle.

- I see you have a lot of interesting toys. They are great. Do you use them for sex or are they too big to enter your ass? - She said.

- Not. I use them all. They go into my ass without any problems. - I replied.

- What, are you stroking the fagots so long? - She became interested.

- My new purchase. I haven't tried yet. - I replied.

- What is it and how do you use it? - She asked.

I explained to her and the viewers exactly what it is and showed how it works. The machine growled, the saddle bounced and the long question cock flew writhing like a snake.

- Plus, there's a whole set of different cocks that can be attached to the machine. - I said.

- Show. - She ordered

I showed them all exactly under the webcam. She liked it very much.

- Cool, have you tried? - she asked.

- I haven't been on this yet. - I said.

- And you want to go? Are you excited about a fagot? - she asked.

- I want to go so badly. I am very horny. - I replied.

- Well, let's go, get your ass ready, but show yourself first. - She said.

- Can we get naked? - I asked.

- Not yet show the eggs and anus. - She recommended.

I got up and walked closer, demonstrating the tiny hanging organs, then unhooked my ass and parted my buttocks, showing a huge anal hole. I had to tense up which caused my rectum to pop out and open the entrance.

- You have eggs and a dick, but you have a small anus, big, wonderful and full of hemorrhoids, the way I like it. Does it hurt to fuck your ass? ”I heard.

- It hurts so much? - I replied.

- One more thing. Do you promise to obey me in all that he commands without exception? - she asked.

- Yes, lady. I swear. - I replied loudly.

- It's great. Get ready and let's begin. Take off your stockings. Let me know when you're ready. - She said.

I quickly smeared the olive with the long, snake dildo on the saddle and pressed the cream into my ass. I took off my stockings and belt. I was bare at the bottom.

- I'm ready, Lady. - I announced standing at the machine.

- Okay. You have to call me "Lady Wet Virgin" fagot. - She ordered.

Now her voice turned sharp, dominant.

- That's how I understood Lady Wet Maiden. - I replied in a trembling voice.

- You'll be the front first. Move it closer so I can know everything exactly. - I heard the order.

- Yes, Lady Wet Maiden does. - I replied by setting up the machine appropriately.

- Approx. I see and record. Sit down. - She said.

I straddled the saddle and, holding the serpent's head of the dildos in my hand, slowly began to shove it into me. It wasn't easy. I groaned and groaned as I moved my ass. The long monster was slowly entering the intestines.

- Approx. Enough for now, set it in motion now. First, a little vibration. - She ordered when I was stuffed with my ass halfway.

- Carries on, Lady Wet Virgin. I replied and put it into small gear.

- Oh, oh ummm. Oh - I let out a squeak. Feeling like a snake's head, snarling and vibrating, it shakes my intestines.

- And how do you. - she asked.

- Cu..Cuuu goodbye. Thank you, Lady Wet Virgin! - I screamed.

- Good, faster now! - She ordered.

I increased machine movements and vibrations.

"Ohh, kuuuuu ohhhh!" - I screamed seeing my belly stick out in different directions, my ass and thighs are undulating.

- Faster, more, more. Ours to do so until I say enough. - She ordered.

- Performed by Lady Wet Virgin. I squealed groaning and increased the machine's movements.

I began to gradually increase the work of the machine.

- Ojejuuuu !!! Ohhhh! Ooooooo! Wet virgin lady, oohooo! I can't take it anymore !! Mercy! - I cried out with the body undulating, tossed and jerked from the inside.

- Sit down deeper. - She ordered.

- Siissddddammmm Laaadyy Weeettt Virginooooooo! - I was screaming.

Torn by a vibrating snake tiara, I lowered my ass, slowly screaming.

- Okay, that's enough for now. Do not turn off the machine. - She ordered.

I stopped planting my ass. I was already at the base of the dildos where the rings and spikes begin. The whole body was wet. The whole body trembled. I felt my dick stiffen and go completely numb. Big tits in her bra were shaking. My thighs hurt because I was in a semi-squat the whole time.

- You like that fagot? - she asked.

- Yes, Lady Wet Virgin. I like it very much, but I can't stand it anymore. - I screamed.

- That's good, very good. My ass hurts well. She laughed derisively.

- It hurts so much, it hurts great. I groaned, twitching.

- Now take off your bra and show your tits to people. I can see that your penis has stiffened. Is he numb? - He said asking.

- Yaaakkkk Laaadyyy Weteeet Maaiideen! Stiffsww werrryy! - I screamed taking off my bra.

- Oh, your tits are wonderful. What nipples. Lovely. We are now well done planting the fagot ass. Come on to the end. - She ordered.

- Yes, Lady Weett Virginnn! I squealed as my ass dropped.

Howling and groaning, I slowly fell back into the saddle. I felt the thick base of the dildos full of spikes and lumps stretching my ass hole. It took a long time, but finally, panting and sweaty, I sat down with my fat ass on the saddle. I sat crying.

- Good fag. Are you already sitting? - she asked.

- Yes, Lady Wet Maiden, I am sitting completely. I replied groaningly.

I felt the snake's head vibrate in me and the whole dildo flexed and straightened.

- Okay, now turn off the machine. Fix your legs so that you do not touch the floor and sit with your full body weight. - She ordered.

- Okay, Lady Wet Maiden is doing. - I said.

I took the chain from the next table and fastened it around my waist. Then I bent my knees backwards. I fastened my ankles with a short chain to the chain at the waist crosswise. Ie. right foot to the left side and left foot to the right side. Now my legs were bent and pulled high back. I sat with my whole body unfolded, not touching the floor.

- I'm already sitting Lady Wet Maiden. - I said.

- Good to see. Now turn the machine on to vibrate and jump. - She ordered.

I carried out the order. Soon my body was shaking up and down, the dildo vibrating within me. My tits flew up and down as did the stiff, numb organs that turned blue.

- Oh, ooochhhh, aaahhhyyyyyymmmmm !!! - I screamed.

- Good, very good. More more. What a view. - I heard the voice of the Wet Maiden.

- Niiie wwyyytrrzymmmaaaaaaa Paaaaniai !!!! Paaaaniii !!! - I screamed.

- Okay stop for now. - She ordered.

I hung like a sack on a horse. My ass pulsed rhythmically. I didn't feel the cock and the eggs anymore, I just felt that they were cold, stiff and numb.

- Okay, come on now. Maybe you have something that can be fastened with chaps, some clasps, weights or something similar. - she asked.

- Yes, I have Lady Wet Maiden. Clips alone or with weights, nipple sleeves, mammals. - I spoke showing them one by one.

- Great. Now take off your bra. You will put on the nipple sleeves and tighten it tightly. When your nipples harden and squeeze out, you will put on these metal clasps with weights. You said that this machine can run on different programs automatically. - She said.

- Yes, it is possible. - I replied.

- That's wonderful. First the bra, then the sleeves and nipple clips, then start the program with a delay of vibration and saddle movements in different directions freely. Then quickly pin the hands at the wrists to the ankles. - She said.

- Yes, Lady Wet Maiden. - It does.

I took off my bra, releasing my tits, which fell freely down like empty balloons.

- What a beautiful sackcloth, and how sexy it is rich. - I heard the Lady's voice.

- Fuck, but perverted fagotness. - I read a text from one of the viewers.

I put the sleeves on and squeezed my nipples groaning, which immediately stretched painfully and began to harden. I groaned and groaned as I felt them to see if they were hard enough. I fastened the metal clasps with the nipple weights. Sharp teeth digged into my nipples. I groaned. The nipples stretched, pulling her tits down painfully. I set the machine into a vending machine. I was a bit tired of pinning my wrists to my ankles at the back. However, I managed to get the machine started. Now I was sitting bent back, spread out, boobs blown out and organs stiff. In doing so, the pilot dropped from his hand and flew far away. I gasped, horny. The fat belly was undulating.

- I'm ready. It will start soon - I said.

- Great, let's see what happens. - She said.

Suddenly I felt the saddle begin to move. First, I felt a strong injection into my ass. It was the machine that pumped the lubricant into the anus. Then My hips and ass began to move back and forth like a horse. Getting faster and faster. The oily flesh began to heave. The thighs, stomach, folds at the sides and tits began to move faster and faster.

- Aaaa, aaaaahhh ojjjjeeee aaahhh mmm! I squealed louder and louder.

Sideways movement and tosses were added to the reciprocating movement. Take turns and all together. My fat body was jumping and bending sexy. Ass, anus hurt. In its intestines, the serpentine monster shrank, flexed, and swelled.

- It hurts, it hurts aaaa jjejjjaaa! Ladyyy Weeett Viiirgiin! - Break out.

My tits flew in different directions like crazy. The socks hurt terribly. The little cock turned blue and stiffened terribly. In the end I felt an amazing orgasm and a thin stream of sperm gushed far away and after a while the pee flew. Screaming and screeching, I rode an incredibly long time, as if on a mad bull or on a horse. Three times I squirted thin sperm and piss flooding the saddle. The ass was sliding on him.

- One more fagot, a little more. - I heard the voice of the wet Virgin as if from far away.

At one point, just as I thought I was going to pass out, the devices suddenly slowed down and shut down. I hung on it like a sack. Ass and rectum hurt. Tits and blue nipples hurt and stung.

- It was something. You are good! Now we will take a break. You can come down, but don't go away. Take off this long tool and show what else you have for it. - She said.

By tiring and groaning, I managed to free myself from my chains. My whole ass and thighs were like wood, so instead of getting down I just fell to the floor. I lay panting and crying. My ass with an anus dislodged was unintentionally stretched out towards the audience. I felt something leaking out of him. Moaning, I walked on my lap, I took off the serpentine dildo from the machine and, on my knees, I showed you the other toys. She chose a thick, long dildo made like balls on top of each other. On the four sides of this terrible toy, along its entire length, there were like horizontal teeth or a grater. At the very top of that creepy dick there was something like a brush hair. Terrible.

- This, then mount it on the seat. - I heard when She saw this terrible thing.

- Lady, this is great, terrible, I do not know if I can stand it. I am begging you, please choose something else. - I squealed

- Be quiet, fagot. It's supposed to be that dick and that's it. - I heard the cry of the Wet Maiden. I felt how excited she was. Ready to fuck me!

- Yes, Mrs. Wet virgin is already fastening. Is what is supposed to be on the boobs? - I asked.

- This is how it is supposed to stay. Do you have something to tighten your boobs? - she asked.

- Yes, Lady Wet Maiden. - I replied.

I showed her a metal and leather bra with interchangeable boob clamps and a plain cord.

- You will take this rope well. You will twist very tightly around each boob. Then around both tits together so that they are pressed tightly together. Then you tie your tits high to the collar. Perform. - She ordered.

Groaning and crying, I did what she said. When the result was not as expected, I started all over again. After all, my tits were taut like never before, stiff and sticking out horizontally. Swollen like balloons and turned livid. On the tops there were black bras with sleeves and weights.

- Okay. Great. Now fasten the buckle with the weight on the tassel. - She said.

- I'm going to fasten the weight on the foreskin or elsewhere. - I asked unaware that I was making a mistake.

- Hang the weight on the frenulum. It is as skin, under the head, as you suck it tight. - She explained.

Haven't seen it yet. I sucked my cock hard. There was a tight, tight crust under the head. I fastened it with a buckle and let go of the weight freely.

- O ratuunkuuu oooochhhhh Painn! Very painful! ”I howled inhumanly.

- Okay. It's supposed to hurt. This is sex, not fun. Now let's practice the spinning puppet. Legs together, handles to the ass. Jump up, handles up, legs wide. Jump right turn, jump left turn, Jump your feet together, hands next to your ass. Starting position. We practice. Stand up straight. - I heard.

Crying and squealing, I took the stance. At the command, I started doing the exercise. The lady gave the rhythm. What I felt was terrible and indescribable. My tits and prick were thrashing like crazy in different directions. The weights flew, causing pain that was difficult to control. I broke inhumanly. Eventually, the gymnastics was over. I stood shivering and panting.

- What are your long dicks? - she asked.

I showed her a collection of long latex cocks. The cock she chose was very long, quite thick. He had a lot of warts on his head. She told me to hang it above the machine at such a height that I would have it almost to my tits when I was sitting.

- Sit on your dick. Make you front, legs in the air, open, straight to the sides. Hands at the wrists attached to the back of the collar. The machine is to make strong jumps and movements forwards and backwards. - I heard.

Moaning painfully, I stuffed my ass on a big, black, toothed dick. I chained my legs as ordered.

- Good to put that dangling dick down your throat now. - She said.

Hurry up, choking and drooling, stuffed my cock down my throat. My eyes popped out. I was making strange noises. How terribly I have been. Only once did the head of the cock go down the throat. My tits were drenched in saliva and vomit.

My hands fastened behind my head. I waited taut, sitting upright and sticking out my stiff, blue tits and cock. I was panting my nose. The fat belly was undulating spasmodically. I saw myself on the computer screen. WHAT A SEXY VIEW!

- Okay go ahead! - I heard the voice of the Wet Maiden.

As soon as the machine started to dance, I screamed a gurgling sound. Shaken by the movements of the machine, I was throwing my tits and dick like crazy. Fat folds were flying. The stiff, stretched legs moved in an attempt to free themselves. Pain, sore boobs, dick! In my ass I felt as if someone had put a saw in there and in the bowel as if someone were brushing it. Tossed upwards, I throat at my cock. It quickly entered my esophagus all the way. I felt his nipple rub against my esophagus. Believe it or not it was HORRIBLE! Cascades of saliva and veins flooded my struggling tits and stomach. Snarling and farting terrible. I was thrashing on the sex machine. I don't know how long this sex lasted. After all, I was barely alive when it was over. The Lady Wet Maiden allowed me to be free of everything. There were blue traces of sex on her body and her rectum hung full of swollen veins. My ass was throbbing and aching. My throat swollen and I spoke hoarsely. I had to kneel and thank the Lady Wet Maiden for having sex. She made an appointment with me for another sex. I had to give her the mail address out loud. Now, before each meeting on the webcam, he gets instructions on how to prepare. I had to send her photos of my sex room and all devices and devices. Sessions are held at least twice a month. He also has my phone. I have to tell her what I did between sessions.

Let me tell you that I always have a huge audience and I get a lot of "credits", I have a "Gold VIP Status" on this site. I will not write about the comments I receive. Not worth it. I would like to add that the term "perverted fagot" is the weakest, but there are also other positive ones. I'm blowing it up as usual. If people react like that, it means that with what I do, I reach my goal.

® Arlette
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