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Barbara becomes infatuated with a new co-worker
My wife Barbara is 5’1 tall, and the most beautiful blue eyes. Her 38DD breasts are full and supple with not a hint of sag, and her nipples radiate with a vivid pinkish tone - they are luscious. Her stomach is full and hips are round and firm. She has a fine shapely butt with a sexy sway that draws a man’s eyes like a magnet.

She has the sexiest legs, made for showing off bare, or in nylons.

Men turn to stare at her.

What she can do to a bikini should to be against the law.

We carry on sexual fantasies in our love making, which has led to a healthy sex life. I am not the catch I was when we married years ago, but Barbara is even sexier now than when I first met her.

Recently Barbara has started to fantasize about a new person she works with. She says he is so “good looking” even by girl standards that he is beautiful.

She says he flirts with her during work, making subtle eye contact, winking, casually placing an arm around her or brushing against her.

She has found little notes he has written to her like "you are so beautiful” and “go away with me?” and “I want to be with you.”

She even saw on one of his lunch bags a heart with “Barbara” written in it.

After one particularly hot sex session I told her I thought she was really taken with this guy. She said he is very bright and popular at work and his attention and flirting make her feel incredibly sensual. She trembles with forbidden desire whenever he touches her. She says it’s like experiencing her first time again.

I like the sex I get because of it. I told her she should get a little daring and encourage him. “What do you mean? What kind of daring?” I said she should dress provocatively and flirt back. “Tell him you really like him, show him that you are interested. See what kind of reaction you get. Make it hot....the hotter the better”

“I can’t dress too provocatively at work. But I would like to be more daring and tell him how I feel. But then what? I am sure he will take that as a signal I am willing.” “Go with the flow. If it feels good, then go with it.”

“You would be alright with that?”

“Yes, of course....think how sexy you will feel. That’s what we are talking about here, isn’t it? Enjoying that first time feeling again,”

“Yes I want to, but I am not sure how to discretely go about it. It would be taking a chance.”

No more was spoken about it. That weekend we head to dinner at a club with live music. Barbara is dressed to lure.

She is wearing black stockings and a slinky white silk dress with spaghetti straps and a ruffled hem line that comes to just below the mid-thigh lace tops of her black stockings, and bare in the back to the crest of her round bottom!

It is cut so low and into the sides I can see the flair of her hips giving just a hint of what else can be found inside.

It has a delicate see through effect, sheer enough that I can imagine her every charm as she turns and moves for my approval!

With no bra, her breasts move freely, letting her nipples rub on the silky material making them erect, poking against the fabric. Her breasts and the blushing pink of her areola and nipples are visible through the semi-transparent piece. Her closely trimmed honey colored

pubic hair makes the opaque silk a slightly darker shade as she walks around and turns to spin the skirt. Anyone looking will know she is nude under it.

“You are pretty daring tonight, love. I can see everything....what brings this on?”

“Well, I am at my sexual peak and my desire made me brave today. I decided I wanted to take a chance,”

I am reminded of her near nakedness every time she moves.

“I wrote a note to Adrian telling him how he made me feel. I promised if he came by tonight he can see ‘more’ of me,” emphasizing in a hush the ‘more’ so there wasn’t any doubt what she meant.

“Is that OK?”

“Of course it’s OK, but do you think he will come?”

“If he wants to see me naked he will,”

About 9PM a young man comes into the club and starts mingling through the crowd.

Looking around he notices us sitting in the darkened booth. He approaches us and speaks directly to Barbara and says he is relieved to find her. It is him.

He is a perfect specimen of youth - lithe and almost girlishly beautiful with short, curly dark hair. About 5' 5" tall and 120 lbs., some would call him skinny. His skin is a dark, golden hued black. His facial features strike me as alluring.

I had not been too surprised when she told me that she had an electric feeling about her co-worker. I had even suggested that she tease and encourage him as a hot fantasy.

I loved the idea that Barbara was having fantasies about a younger man. Of course at the time I didn’t realize he was black, or that she might actually be attracted to him. I could see now why he excited Barbara and that she was undeniably attracted to him.

Barbara introduces Adrian to me. Then she asks him if he approves of her dress.

Gazing over her body with obvious longing, he tells Barbara how pretty she looks and asks her to dance with him. She looks at me for reassurance. Without hesitating I say "she is all yours, dance till your heart is content."

With that he takes her by the hand and leads her to the dance floor. She follows tentatively glancing over her shoulder to be sure I am OK with this. I just give her a wave.

Adrian turns out to be quite the dancer, and after some uncomfortable beginning steps, Barbara starts to move smoothly with him, allowing him to guide her easily about the dance floor.

After a couple songs they seem to be perfectly synchronized as if they had been dancing together for years.

Soon I find myself staring at them and realize that what is drawing my attention is the fact that I can see right through Barbara's dress. I have a good imagination, but I don’t need it.

Her dress is much more translucent in the lights on the dance floor than it is sitting at the table, or for that matter in natural light. I also find this does not bother me.

In fact, my small penis is getting hard and excited by the fact that Adrian, unless he is blind, can see her nakedness too. Although I didn’t know about it beforehand, she is certainly revealing her body to him. Silently I applauded her boldness.

A slow song starts and without hesitation, Barbara moves into Adrian's arms naturally. She is slightly shorter than him, but their bodies fit together and their movements become a graceful, fluid flirtation to the music. As her dress is backless, his black hand is on her fair skin, drawing a stark contrast.

As they move he slowly rubs her back. Soon his hand is resting on the small of her back just above the waist of her dress.

Then I see his hand slide slightly down, under the material as he is obviously feeling the moment, and she makes no attempt to stop him or prevent it.

Since he must have felt he had her 'permission' his hand takes liberty to caress her bottom and pull her against him. Together they grind their bodies as if alone.

I see her kiss his check and whisper into his ear, at which point he brushes a kiss across her lips as the song ends, and the music set ends as well.

When they get back to the table Adrian sits next to Barbara, still holding her hand. Her dress slides up as she climbs into the booth, but she makes no attempt to pull it down. I am able to see the light hairs protecting her sex!

Barbara crosses her legs to the sound of nylon rubbing as her thighs meet. She reaches to pull the skirt down to cover the stocking top and Adrian says “please....don’t.”

She hesitates then drops her hand. He stares at her exposed thighs above the sheer nylon.

He then looks into her eyes and says “you are so beautiful and graceful. I am honored you would let me dance with you. Will you let me be with you tonight?"

I am startled out of my trance, and my first response is one of surprise that he would so brazenly ask her this in front me. Does he mean what I think? I have butterflies in my stomach, blood is pounding in my ears.

I look at Barbara, and wonder if she will dare to have sex with this young black man?

Why not! How much hotter will this make her?

I finally resolve in my mind, she almost certainly won’t take this chance. I wait for her answer.

Adrian then releases her hand and lifts up her face to look him in the eye. He leans forward and gently kisses her lips.

He doesn’t try to force his tongue in her mouth but his lips are firmly planted on hers.

He is trying to seduce her.

Suddenly her mouth opens and her tongue gently plays across his mouth. He responds by opening his mouth and touching her tongue with his. He holds the kiss a few moments before breaking it.

Adrian then says “I want to make love to you.”

Dazed by how swiftly this was brought this on, I look at Barbara to see her reaction.

“I’m not sure we can take this that far, Adrian. I am a married woman,” she says looking at me.

I say nothing as her eyes plead for some sign one way or the other. Finally Barbara says “If my husband doesn’t object, I will sleep with you.”

Torn with what to say, I just sit there. She is willing to have sex with him! She looks down at her hand then slowly removes her wedding ring, laying it on the table. Glancing at me she quietly says to Adrian “A husband might object.”

Adrian takes her hand and they head for the door, with me following, wondering what I have gotten into.

Will she really go that far?

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Once at the house Adrian pulls Barbara to him. He doesn’t say a word just starts to act. He draws her close to him and turns her to face me. He puts his hands at her bare back, caressing her exposed hips, pulling her to him.

Then slowly he moves his hands around under her dress until I can see his fingers through the silky material spread across her stomach. Little by little he brings his hands up until they are just under the edge of her breasts.

She is only a few feet away from me, and I watch nervously as she easily sways from side to side, undulating her hips and lifting the hem of her dress grinding against the hardening bulge in his pants. Barbara keeps her eyes on me the whole time, watching for a reaction.

He deliberately moves his hands higher until the swell of her soft breasts fills his dark hands. He squeezes her nipples making her moan and gasp as he plies her silky soft skin.

My penis is aching; barbara is shaking with anticipation.

He fondles her, touching her, stimulating her. She is trembling under the teasing of his fingers making her nipples strain for release. She tilts her head back to him, shivering, and kisses him gently on the lips. He presses his mouth to her eager lips. He doesn’t try to touch her other than stroke her breasts.

Slowly she quits shaking and opens her mouth to his. His tongue works its way around her lips and inside to find her tongue pressing against his. He continues the deep kissing until she is answering him back.

I can tell by her breathing that she is extremely aroused and without my interference will make love to him for real this night. Her actions leave little doubt that stopping this is going to be my decision.

I can not understand nor fight the strange, thrilling urge that beckons to him ‘strip her in front of me’.

His hands caress the slopes of her shoulders sliding the thin straps of her dress down. With a slight swish the slinky material teases her bare skin as it falls exposing her to the waist.

The heavy scent of sex is seducing Barbara's inhibitions and luring her into an ache for ecstasy that drives her to comply.

Her own hands then push the slight dress off her arms. It slips lightly to the floor at her feet. Dressed only in her nylons now, I stand there watching.

He runs his hands gently over her body and delights in the sensuous glow overcoming her.

Her nipples are standing firm as her body anticipates the coming events.

His hands reach down to the soft honey blond pubic hair and part her feminine lips.

His black hands on Barbara’s exposed flesh, and not mine, are sending shivers down my spine.

My mind no longer listens to my own words.

This is so far over the line now. I am a walking need for relief. My penis is as hard as it can possibly be.

Barbara’s naked body and this young man’s exploitation have somehow taken over my thoughts.

I am here only for witnessing the sexual union to come, and wanting it!

Barbara turns to him and begins to unbutton his shirt and I notice that his boyish chest is a deep black, free of hair.

Throwing his shirt off his body and on the floor, she kisses his neck and lets her hand roam down to his stomach.

His head arches back and his legs open slightly.

She moves her fingers to undo his pants, dropping them to the floor, and then over his underwear sliding them to the floor.

His cock is the darkest part of his body, baby smooth, glistening black. His cock, not yet fully erect, is at least three times the length and girth the size of mine. I hear him moan.

Adrian whispers, "I don't want you to be disappointed. I'm......."

Barbara, quivering and breathing in short breaths says, "you make me feel so sensual, so desired. I want to please you."

She grabs him with her shaking hand, holds his cock there, and leads him to our bedroom.

Laying him down on the comforter, eyes locked on his, she kisses him tenderly.

She puts her arm under his neck and cradles his head to her breast.

His lips discover her nipple and hands move carefully to explore her breast as she nurses him like a baby.

I can tell that she feels an electric shock as her lips tremble and she gives him a weak smile, as she lays naked by his side.

She is whispering to him, her breathing is ragged, the scent of sex is rich and thick, and the aroma fills my nose.

“Tell me how I can pleasure you,”

His tongue traces the outline of her dark pink nipple and then moves towards the lower regions of her breast.

She reaches down and touches his cock for the first time.

Her hand is so soft that he barely can feel it as she pulls him to her.

With her fingers touching his hardening, black cock, he lets her hand slowly go over every inch, rubbing her fingers over his dark head, running her nails lightly over him gently teasing his soft skin.

My heartbeat thumps wildly and I can feel the heat coming off of them.

His face is buried deep into her breast, I can see his warm, short breaths, his moans getting louder.

Adrian moves his lips to kiss each beautiful breast. One by one he moves over the nipples suckling on them as he nurses from her.

She likes it when I play with her nipples and Adrian is doing everything right, clearly much more experienced than his years would suggest.

Adrian kisses down her body until his tongue moves through the lips of her sex, as she whimpers and lifts to meet him.

He works his tongue in her until he can taste the fluid as it comes from her body.

I can tell that she is now ready for him and that she is past stopping.

She wants him badly.

Adrian has moved from caressing her breasts to a slight tugging at her nipples.

His fingers rise up the sides of them, stimulating them to even higher, harder points. He cautiously moves his body up over her, his cock is within inches of her wet opening.

His cock closes on, and then touches her. The pressure of his cock at her sex increases and I can see a sudden slipping as the head slides

slightly between her soaked lips.

She arches her back up to help him enter her.

She is being sexually penetrated by a black cock for the first time, and I watch. She cries as she tries to express her hunger for him.

“I want you in me, Adrian, I want to feel your black cock in my married white pussy”

I feel compelled to say something…. "protection, she must have protection.”

“Please...don’t...I want to feel the inside of your pussy... I want you to feel my bare cock in you!” Adrian pleads to her.

I had listened to her whispers.

I knew she was not going to deny him.

There would be no protection.

I watch as his erection grows in length and thickness. I can not help but wonder what I will feel like once he is inside her body, pressed against her receptive womb. Is she going to take this kind of risk? I was wondering what was happening to me.

She guides him as he enters her hot pussy. Inch by inch he is taking her. The expansion and stretching of her is the most incredibly arousing sight I have ever dreamed.

My hands go to my hard penis.

Her mouth is open and her eyes are wide as Barbara’s body accepts this BLACK COCK into her deeper and deeper.

I watch as Adrian gently inserts his thickening COCK into Barbara, fully penetrating her, opening her sheath to his cock.

Still he slips within her until I can see his rock hard cock nudge her belly upward.

I remember thinking, "She is going to fuck him bare."

Once he is in she throws her arms around his neck and pulls him down to kiss her.

He strokes into her once, twice, and then again; it is the first time I've ever seen her fuck.

I feel guilty because it is tender, loving and shameless. A wrench of envy comes over me to see Adrian’s glistening black shaft glide in and out of her crimson sex, his black hands fondling her silky white breasts, and his lips nursing upon her nipples.

Adrian moves in and out of her for what seems like an eternity as I watch his black cock fucking Barbara’s white cunt.

He makes only slow soft movements; nothing hard; nothing fast. Just slow gentle fucking motions into her, then out of her, then back in filling her, stretching her, violating her with my tacit permission.

I had not said 'No.' I had not even thought 'No.'

I look into the mirror on the wall, and can clearly see how her pink lips are spread, how his black cock rests comfortably inside her.

Her soft folds have been shoved apart and she has taken him like he belongs in her. I watch his ebony body move in unison with her pale body in the mirror.

The two, black and white, bound in a mating embrace from primal time. I can see her sex suckling his black cock as it fucks in and out of her.

Her legs lock around her lover as she digs her heels into his buttocks, pulling him into her, forcing his black cock to fill her need until there is nothing left outside.

Her hips begin to rock as he withdraws his hardness from within her.

His muscles tense as he begins to drive harder into her. She arches her back and heaves her hips meeting his thrusts.

"Adrian, I am so in love with you. Tell me how I can please you.” she cries, tears in her eyes.

Adrian lifts up and stares into her blue eyes and asks, “Will you have my baby?”

“Yes my love, make your baby in me."

Oh god she said it! She has chosen to mate with him. I am watching her impregnation.

There is no life for me outside this fucking. I know she is fertile. She knew her egg had begun its trip down her tubes, she said she was ready at the club.

All he has to do is provide her egg with one tiny sperm to fulfill his desire.

And he has buried deep within her the very means that will.

His cock begins to stir again. Her body responds to his sexuality without prompting. She holds her legs straight up in the air as he is driving his cock buried deep within her hard and fast, right in front of me. His strokes grow longer within her as her body quivers again in a freshly awakened need.

Barbara is having one climax after another. She holds her legs high on his back so she can feel his seed when it seeks her egg. She starts bucking again uncontrollably. He reaches both hands under her and pulls her up as tight to him as he can get to ram his young black cock deep into her hot cunt.

He is going to make Barbara pregnant.

I can sense his sperm erupting from his cock within her, and I scream ‘Nooooooooooo!!!’

It is too late. Her legs are fastened around him to ensure his sperm will stay deep inside her. She gasps in orgasm as she feels his cock spilling his seed.

Barbara is feeling his cock swelling even larger as his baby-making cum is pulsing deep in her cervix.

I shake, mesmerized, watching the joining of their two bodies as he places his black seed within my wife’s waiting womb, bonded together to start the life of her love baby.

Adrian keeps his cock in Barbara, not withdrawing, but letting his still hard cock marinate his cum in her, and act as a kind of plug to prevent any leakage.

They are kissing and whispering 'sweet nothings' in their ears, reveling in the moment of impregnation.

“I am so happy to make love to you, and soon you will be the mother to our child. I want to keep making love to you, I want to keep fucking your married white cunt, cuming in you, until we have confirmation of your pregnancy.

You will become addicted to my black cock, how it fills your pussy, and you will want and need more black cocks... you will not feel Dean's small penis in you.

Once you are confirmed pregnant, there are some other black men at work, who would love to fuck you with their big black cocks.... and you will willingly accept them in your cunt.

We all know the old saying, and how truthful it is in fact:

'Once you go never go back!'

You will never want a white penis in you, only BLACK COCKS will satisfy you...all of your future children will be black!”

Barbara looked over at me, and with a smile, is true...I didn't exactly plan on going quite this far, but what Adrian is saying is how I truly feel now. I still, and will always, love you and need you in my life.

Adrian has shown me how wonderful it is to be fucked by his Black Cock, and I look forward to taking many more. Perhaps you will join me in coming to love and worship big black cocks, sucking them to hardness, getting them ready to fuck me, and then cleaning me and them after cuming in me.

Perhaps, too, after you see the enjoyment I get from having those big black cocks in my pussy, you will want to feel the same in your ass.... I would love for you to become a true cuckold, and a sissy, bottom faggot for Black Cock!”
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