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Fucked by her pastor since she 10, Joan knew her way around a cock.
Chapter 12:

Joan, a Stunning Angel of the Lord

I didn't get back to the boat till after dark. I poured a tumbler of scotch and retired to my cockpit to enjoy the stars, the cool evening breeze and to figure out how I was going to get my boat shipshape. It was pushing 9 p.m. but I thought it wasn't too late to call the next one on the list. Tried Joan again, hoping to not get VM. Surprisingly, she answered. I explained my situation and, although a bit hesitant, she agreed to meet with me the next morning. I finished my drink and, tired from the evening’s antics with Patty, crashed hard and fast.

The next morning, I arrived onshore to meet Joan. We had agreed to meet at 10 but she didn't appear until nearly 10:45. She was all apologetic with every excuse in the book. "Relax, Joan. I'm laid back. It's OK." Joan was unusual, not only because she was Black, but because she had a strikingly beautiful face. There aren't many Blacks involved in boating but I'm colorblind. No prejudice at all. But the shape and layout of her face was stunning. I would have taken her for a commercial model except for her body. Although her face was truly eye catching and finely sculpted, her body left something to be desired. It wasn't disfigured in any way; it was just kind of out of proportion. She had unusually long arms, and legs that didn't quit, yet her torso didn't fit. It was much too small for her 6' height and her extended arms and legs. It was as if she had been assembled by committee. But I couldn't stop staring at her gorgeous face though. It really looked like an air touched photo, perfect in every way.

"I'm so very sorry I'm late, Sir. It's not like me to be late for things. I humbly apologize, Sir." "It's really OK Joan. No need to apologize. Happens to the best of us. And you don't need to call me Sir either." "Oh, I'm sorry, Sir. Just the way my mama taught me." "How 'bout we go visit the boat and take a look?" "Oh, yes Sir. That'd be real nice." We dinghy'd to the boat and climbed aboard. You could tell she hadn't been on a boat this size before, or at least not very often. Her movements were awkward, either that she wasn't familiar with boats or as a result of her disproportionate body. "Oh, this is real nice, Sir. Just beautiful. You say you live here full-time, Sir?" "Yup. 24/7. Have for, oh, going on 6 years now. Ever since my wife died." "Oh, bless your heart, Sir. I'm sorry to hear of her passing. You must get lonely, Sir. But your boat, well, it's real nice. Cozy and comfortable, Sir." "It's turned into a bachelor pad and needs a woman's touch if you know what I mean." "Yes, Sir. I can feel it. And I've got a woman's touch, yes, Sir, I certainly do. Umhuh. I can bring my woman's touch to your beautiful boat and that'll help with your loneliness, too. Umhuh, yes, Sir it will. I can feel it already. Yes, Sir. I can feel it already."

Her face was so remarkably beautiful, and I suddenly realized that I hadn't taken my eyes off her since we got below. "I'm sorry, Joan. I've just been staring at you this whole time. You have an incredibly beautiful face, and I just can't take my eyes off you." "Well, Sir, I guess I do alright and if it eases your loneliness then praise the Lord." She smiled broadly at me and as her thick lips parted, they revealed a set of perfect, glossy white teeth. They were bright white and were so even they almost looked fake. Her gleaming white teeth were a stark contrast to her deep chocolate brown skin. The effect was electric. "Joan, I'll be honest with you. Your beauty is distracting. It draws me like a magnet. It makes it difficult for me to think clearly." "Well, Sir, if it eases your pain and suffering and loneliness then that's just God's way of helping His people. Umhuh. I do believe that. The Almighty leads us to temptation for a reason. Umhuh. Yes, Sir." "I certainly am captivated by your beauty Joan. And temptation is certainly on my mind. But I don't think that's why you're here." She parted her thick lips and flashed that electric smile at me again. "Well, Sir. I'm here because the Lord called me here. Umhuh. Yes, Sir. He called me here to do whatever I need to do. Whatever it is, you just have to lead me there."

I wasn't quite sure how to proceed. I was captivated by her stunning beauty and wanted nothing more than to lay on top of her and stare at her pretty face as I banged the shit out of her. Yet that just didn't seem right either. She seemed so honest and holy and God fearing yet she talked of temptation and easing my loneliness, my pain, my suffering. "Joan, I'm confused. Your beauty has rattled my brain. I'm really attracted to you, tempted to hold and kiss you. Yet I'm not sure you feel the same way." "Well, Sir, I was led here to help you however you need to be helped. Umhuh. That's the truth. If you need your boat cleaned, Umhuh, if you need a woman's touch, Umhuh, if you need some holding and kissing, Umhuh. Yes, Sir. I was sent into your arms to please and help you, Sir. You just tell me what you want. Yes, Sir. Umhuh." With that I gently clutched that pretty face in both hands and pulled it towards me. Our lips touched and I swear, I felt a spark. Our lips parted and we started exploring with our tongues. Her mouth was warm and wet, and she knew how to kiss. We kept kissing for a moment, then she pulled away. "Excuse me, Sir. We need to say a short prayer to bless this, please." Without waiting for a response, she continued "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your blessings and for bringing us together. As I hold this lamb to my breast and help heal his loneliness and pain, please watch over us. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen." Without skipping a beat, she grabbed my head and started kissing me again. This time there was way more passion involved. Her kisses were wet and sloppy, just how I like them. I began to fondle her breast, eagerly squeezing and rubbing. Her breasts were firm and rather large. I could feel her now erect nipple through her bra and shirt. We continued to kiss passionately, groping each other for a few minutes.

I broke away and began undressing. She took the hint and did likewise. As we were disrobing, I said "Damn. You kiss good. I'm really looking forward to laying on you with my dick in your pussy, staring at your pretty face. If you fuck anywhere near as good you kiss, we're in for a real treat." "Oh, yes, Sir. I guess I do OK. I do love the feelings that go on down there. Umhuh. Yes, I do." Now undressed, she lay down on the bed, her long legs hanging over the edge. My cock was hard with anticipation, and I stroked it as I got into position. She parted her ebony thighs and I eagerly mounted her. This was straight up missionary position and once I guided my now throbbing dick into her pussy I gazed at her pretty face. I was mesmerized and began stroking it into her wet cunt. Her legs were long, and she raised them up putting one over each of my shoulders. This was unique for me. It allowed me to wrap my arms around her legs and get a better view of her face as I started stroking harder and deeper. Her pussy was warm and wet and had swelled up inside. It seemed a perfect fit for my cock. "God, I love looking at you as I fuck your swollen cunt. You've got a nice pussy. It's just right and it feels so nice. It's tight like a little whore’s pussy, it's grabbing my cock like it doesn't want to let go. What a sweet fuck you are Joan."

"Eyeza been doin' this since I was 10 years old, Sir. My pastor taught me how to do this, how to hook my legs over his shoulders and let him take me till he was done. Sometimes it be goin’ on for hours. First, he'd be doin’ me like this. Then he'd get me on all fours, just like a doggy, he said, and he'd do the same thing with my back hole, ya know, the one you poop out of. He also taught me how to kiss his divining rod he called it. He'd let me kiss it, lick it and suck on it, like a popsicle. When I'd do that, he'd often give me a little gift he called it. A little something extra for being such a good student. He'd tell me to suck it in real good and deep, then he'd squirt some cream in there. Tasted kinda salty but he said it was a bonus for being so good. And sometimes he'd just hold it in front of my face and stroke it till this white creamy stuff came shooting out on my face. He'd make me lick it up. He'd teach me about God's way in the choir room or in his office. Sometimes we'd have this class in the basement. When I go to church on Sunday and prayer meetins on Tuesday and Thursday, Pastor always asks me to stay after for more of learning about God's ways. I didn't want to say nuthin before but that's why I was late this mornin.’ Pastor called me in early, said he had a special time for some extra credit he called it. Funny but the church secretary wasn't there today. Had a doctor appointment or something. Anyway, that's why I was late. Yes, Sir."

"Well, your Pastor has certainly taught you well, Joan. You learned to fuck just right." "Well, Sir, you feel good in there too. See, Pastor's divining rod is longer than yours. Umhuh. A good 2 or 3 inches longer, yes, Sir. And sometimes it almost hurts when the Spirit moves him. He feels the Spirit you know, and it makes him so feverish he pushes it in very hard and very deep. Umhuh. But it never hurts when I'm his doggy and he's teaching me in my back side, you know, where the poop comes out. But when the Spirit moves YOU, Sir, it doesn't hurt at all. Thank the Lord. Umhuh. Yes, Sir. You be doing fine, Sir." I had been pumping this whore’s cunt for quite some time now. As she told me about fucking her pastor I'd go faster and deeper, eventually pounding her sweet cunt hard as I watched her pretty face explain how her pastor had been raping her. "You 'bout ready for me to be your doggy so you can have my backside, you know, where the poop comes out, Sir? Pastor always goes there next. Umhuh. He usually ends by letting me suck his divining rod, like a popsicle. Yes, Sir. That's how he teaches me about God's ways." "Sure, Joan. If that's what you want, roll over." I had climbed off her now and she sat up. "Oh, Sir! It's not what I want. It's what you need that's important. I'm just here to fulfill God's wishes and do whatever you need. Umhuh. Yes, Sir." "Fine. Then roll over and get on your hands and knees, Joan. I'll get some lube." "Oh, no Sir. Pastor never allows anything to adulterate our training sessions. He says God made spit for a reason. When he trains me in my backside, he always licks it first, spits there and gets it wet. I like it when he licks back there. It tickles and I giggle. It feels really good when he tries to get it wet inside the hole with his tongue. He pushes and pushes but his tongue doesn't go in very far. It's kinda funny but it feels good. Then he pushes his divining rod in there. It feels so good when it stretches that little hole big. Umhuh. Yes, Sir. Feels real good. I can feel him pushing it in. He pushes until it goes all the way in, but it never hurts like it does up front sometimes. Sometimes when he pushes it all the way in my backside, you know, where the poop comes out, he has me reach my arm between my legs and hold his crown jewels. He says it's a real honor to be able to hold his crown jewels while he's using his divining rod in my backside. He says I'm the only one of his students who can do that. But it gets hard to hold on to them when the Spirit starts to move him. Umhuh. He seems to go into a wild trance and begins pushing it in and out of my tiny hole back there very fast. He grabs hold of my hips to steady himself from the force of the Spirit. The Spirit takes over and he moans some. It makes him push it in and out of my tiny hole very fast and hard. Sometimes I can hear and feel his crown jewels slapping against my backside. Umhuh. Yes, Sir it's the truth. That's why when he lets me suck his divining rod like a popsicle, he lets me hold his crown jewels. Yes, Sir, he does. He's even let me lick and kiss his crown jewels. When I got older, like 14 or 15, he taught me how to suck his crown jewels into my mouth. Umhuh. Yes, Sir. He really did. Said it would bestow divine forgiveness upon any who did so. Yes, Sir. Umhuh."

I was just standing there looking at this world class beauty describe having sex with her pastor, since she was ten. She was now in her late 30s, maybe even 40. So, figure 25 years, 52 weeks a year, 3 times a week. He had gotten to fuck this stunning girl/woman nearly 4,000 times. And he had other "students", don't know how many. This guy was a sex addict for sure. I was captivated by her beauty and got to stare at her pretty face while I ploughed her cunt. Stuff of dreams. But my dick had gone limp. "So, Sir. Looks like you need me to suck your divining rod like a popsicle before I can be your doggy. Are you ready to let the Spirit take you to my tiny backside hole where the poop comes out? Pastor always goes there next. Umhuh. Yes, Sir he does." “Fine, Joan. Take my cock into your pretty face and suck me up. Get my dick hard again so I can fuck your tight asshole.” “Umhuh. Yes, Sir. Just come stand a bit closer to me now.” I stepped closer and she took my flaccid penis in between her large, fat lips, slurping and sucking. She started bobbing her head as she took my cock in her mouth. She was slow and deliberate, and she knew how to use her tongue on my clit. She held my cock in one hand and stroked her mouth up and down on my now hard shaft. Her technique was quite effective and she got my juices flowing again in no time. Her mouth was sloppy wet and she made slurping sounds as she continued to suck my cock. I soon started to pump my dick deeper into her mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head and began pushing my dick toward the back of her throat. My cock was now sliding most of the way in so she let go of it with her hand. She reached her hand around behind me and clutched my ass, pulling me toward her sloppy mouth. I stepped up my thrusting and found the back of her throat. I pushed my dick in and out, knocking on her deepthroat door. She slurped and slobbered, spit drooling down her chin. I kept looking down at her stunningly beautiful face, with my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. The sight of this gorgeous woman sucking me off was erotic and spurred me on. I grabbed her head with both hands and began fucking her mouth with abandon. Eventually, I forced my cock all the way in, past the deepthroat door. What an amazing feeling. My cock was now going in balls deep, her wide nose flat against my belly with each stroke. I pumped it in and out over and over as I watched from above. Just seeing my cock go balls deep into that beautiful face gave me shivers. I could feel that I either had to just power fuck her mouth until I came down her throat or stop now and have a go at her ass. I slowed down a bit, then pulled my dick out of her mouth. She sucked in all the spit and drool that was streaming down her chin. I asked her “Joan, do you like me fucking your mouth or would you rather have me fuck your ass?” “Well, Sir, I like doing God’s work healing your pain and suffering any which way, umhuh, yes, I do. It's easier on me to have you get your inspiration from my back side, where the poop comes out, umhuh, and then I can reach through and help with your crown jewels. Umhuh, yes, Sir I can. But you’re the one guiding me; you’re the one who needs to find relief from your pain and suffering. Umhuh. Yes, Sir.” “OK then Joan. Get on your hands and knees, just like a doggy.”

Since she wouldn’t allow any lube, I slathered my cock with more spit and found her tiny, puckered asshole. I pushed and pushed and finally got it to pop into her tight little ass. I grabbed her hips and began stroking my dick in and out of her asshole, going deeper with each thrust. Her ass was tight but even without lube I soon was able to get my whole cock fully inside her. As I began to start pounding harder and deeper, she suddenly reached her long arm between our legs and started fondling my balls. This woman had been well trained. She had just the right touch with everything, knowing just what to do, how hard or soft. Her technique was perfect and, as she played with my balls, I lost control. I slammed my dick in hard a few times with fast short strokes. Her hand on my balls, her exquisite beauty, her impeccable technique, her tight asshole, the thought of her pastor fucking all three holes for years brought me to a climax in no time. I pulled her hips toward me hard as I thrust my cock deep inside and exploded up her ass. My cum came in 3 or 4 spasms causing me to jerk with each squirt.

“Oh, Mr. Captain! That was nice, much nicer than when pastor gets his inspiration back there, umhuh. Yes, Sir. That was mighty nice and felt real good. Only thing is, you went through our lesson in the wrong order. Yes, Sir you did. With pastor, he always ends with our lollipop time, when he gives me his special treat at the end. Umhuh. You know, the taste of his salty cream in my mouth. It’s a special present for being such a good student you know. Umhuh. Yes, he does. It’s the truth.” “Well, Joan. I’m sorry if I confused you by getting things out of order.” “Oh, that’s OK Mr. Captain. Umhuh. I’m hoping that I can come back again and maybe help you some more get over your pain and suffering. When God leads me back here, maybe you can give me my salty cream present then. Umhuh, Yes, Sir. But not on Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday you know. Those are my days when I have class with pastor. Umhuh. Yes, Sir I do.” "Fine, Joan. Thank you for being so understanding. And I really thank the Lord for the joy you brought into my life today. Let's get you back to shore now."
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