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Jenny at boarding school before she moved to her beloved Phoenix
A Flashback (School Daze)

Jenny had been away at a boarding school since kindergarten. When she turned sixteen she discovered she was not like the other girls. While she had long brown hair, curvy hips and a nice set of ‘D’s’, instead of a pussy she had a nice eight inch cock dangling between her legs. None of the other girls knew her secret and before long Jenny had begun spending her nights under her covers stroking her gorgeous she cock until she sprayed a load of cum onto her soft flat belly then licking up the mess, savoring the sweet taste and swallowing every creamy drop.

Jenny had also recently discovered the fetish of getting wet and sloppy especially when dressed in her sexy school girl uniform. She had also discovered a way to sneak out of the dorm going off into the woods whenever it rained to sneak a joint and stroke her girl cock while the rain splashed down on her creamy body.

One late spring night a few days before summer break, a thunderstorm broke out and Jenny swiftly put on jeans and a sweat shirt over her uniform, snuck out and darted into the woods. She found her favorite spot near a small pond and quickly stripped out of her jeans and sweat shirt. She brought her backpack with her this time, with a freshly rolled joint in a plastic bag and a pair of six inch pink heels. It was hard to walk in the forest in those heels but Jenny didn’t care as she wasn’t planning on doing much walking. She found a rather comfortable rock to sit down on and she briefly admired herself as the rain pelted down her soft sexy body. Her hair was tied in a pony tail and she still had on makeup from earlier in the day. Under her freshly starched, collared school girl shirt she wore a pink lace bra and a tiny gold necklace. Hanging from the necklace was a charm in the shape of the Rebel Starbird from those silly Star Wars movies she loved so much. She wore her tiny school girl micro skirt and since the weather was warm she wore no panties. Completing her outfit was a pair of slutty fishnets and the pink heels.

Jenny lit her joint and took a large hit while one hand slid down her creamy body. The rain began coming down harder so she quickly smoked the joint, saved the ‘roach’, hung up her jeans and sweat shirt on a nearby branch and set her backpack aside. Two hands now roamed up and down her body, with one hand she pinched and squeezed her nipples while the other slid down over her skirt feeling her clit now straining. She let out a soft moan and could feel sweet pre-cum oozing. She brought both her hands up to unbutton her shirt and began fondling, twisting and running her sharp nails around her exposed breasts and nipples.

Jenny’s eyes rolled back in her head from the pleasure and soft wet moans dribbled from her lips. She lazily ran a fingernail down her fishnet covered creamy leg and gasped as she suddenly heard a voice whisper from beside her. “Hello There…”, and a soft giggle. Jenny’s eyes widened and she turned to see a sexy blond girl with plump juicy lips beside her. “I’m Gracie”, the other girl began and Jenny oozed a bit more when she looked down to see Gracie’s tiny skirt bulging. “I didn’t think I’d ever find another girl like me here but here you are!”. Gracie giggled and flipped up her skirt to show that she was also not wearing panties and a gorgeous ten inch bitch stick. She reached out her hand and Jenny grabbed it to pull her close. The held each other for a few seconds as the rain beat down on their creamy bodies then pressed their wet lips together. Jenny began oozing freely and felt Gracies tongue slip in to touch hers. Jenny’s tongue pushed back hard as her hands slid up and down Gracie’s dripping body finally grabbing her gorgeous ass and pulling her tight. Two bodies crushed against each other and Jenny could feel her rock hard clit grind against Gracie’s. Their kisses intensified and as their tongues tangled Jenny began spurting a load of sweet girl goo and as she felt it slide down the inside of her creamy thigh she let out a low wet moan. She slid her hand around Gracie’s tight ass to reach down to scoop up some of the creamy mess then slipped her gooey fingers in Gracie’s mouth letting her taste what she had done to her. Gracie moaned and pulled back from their kiss letting a line of drool and cum between their sloppy lips. Jenny gasped as Gracie opened her mouth wide letting her goo covered tongue hang out. Jenny knew what she wanted and let another line of drool, spit and cum slide down on to Gracie’s tongue adding to the creamy mess. Gracie slid her head up and let a huge line of spit down to Jenny’s wet waiting mouth and then mashed their lips together sharing a sloppy kiss with Jenny. They both moaned lustily as the spit, spunk and drool oozed and slopped between their gooey lips and tongues.

Both girls slid down onto their knees, hand still sliding up and down their now soaked bodies and Gracie reached forward to completely rip Jenny’s shirt open. She knelt forward and left lines of drool and spit all over Jenny’s heaving breasts then licked up the mess, paying special attention to Jenny’s rock hard nipples. Jenny pulled Gracie’s head to her body moaning and oozing at Gracie’s laps, licks and sucks. Jenny leaned forward and drooled a line of spit down between her own tits and Gracie opened wide to let the drool onto her own sloppy tongue. Neither cared as their fishnets and skirts got splashed with mud and it was not long before both wet bodies were rolling around in the mud sharing spit kisses and moaning loudly. Mud splashed over their bodies and soon both girls had slid around to a sexy sixty-nine mud, rain drops and spit covering their bodies. Jenny lay on her back and felt Gracies mouth engulf her rock hard cocoa cock while she slurped and licked down Gracie’s pale white ten inches until she hit bottom. She gagged briefly than began tonguing Gracie’s soft balls as her cock fucked her mouth as if it were a wet pussy. Jenny choked and started face fucking Gracie’s gooey mouth both girls crying out as they deep throated each other. Jenny’s hands once again slid around Gracie’s beautiful ass and found her hole. Covered in rain and mud Jenny easily slid one, then two and finally three fingers into Gracie’s tight cunt. Her own fingers were covered in mud and soon Gracie’s pussy was full of fingers, rain and sloppy mud. Gracie let out a stifled scream as she felt Jenny’s fingers invade her sloppy hole. With each other’s rock hard sissy cocks deep down each other’s throats it was not long before each erupted sending hot spurts of faggot spunk into each others mouths. Without bothering to get up both girls rolled around on the ground to meet in a hot sloppy gooey spunk filled faggot tongue kiss and their sweet loads spilled back and forth their sissy mouths.

Both girls rolled around on the ground their bodies now soaked, covered in mud, spit, drool and cum. Without warning both girls ended up rolling down the bank into the pond. Both girls dove under water and let it clean their bodies. They both rose from the water and Gracie ripped open her own school girl shirt to expose her double D breasts to the night air and the pouring rain. Jenny drooled a line of spit over Gracie’s jiggling tits before pulling her under water for a hot wet sissy kiss. Jenny had never been able to stay underwater that long but somehow sharing succulent sissy kisses with her new sissy sister allowed her to stay submerged significantly longer. All of a sudden Jenny felt her body being heaved up out of the water and being flung face first on to the muddy river bank. Rivulets of mud and rain splattered her face and breasts and she moaned as she felt her legs being spread wide. Without warning Gracie slid the entire length of her rock hard she cock up in Jenny’s tight cunt and as she felt Gracie’s soft balls press against her muddy ass she screamed. “GRACIEEE..ohhmifuck!”. Jenny could not believe that enormous cock could fit all the way inside her yet she pushed back on it and begged Gracie, “Uhh fuck meeeee!!!”. Jenny had never wanted anything more in her life and as she spread her legs even further Gracie began to fuck her mercilessly. Jenny’s exposed tits were mashed into the mud and her head spun and she begged Gracie, “Fuck me! Fuck meee, Uhhh fuck me like the filthy whore I am!!!”. Gracie did not disappoint and began pounding Jenny’s pussy smacking her ass and pulling her hair.

Gracie let out a low wet moan and seconds later began filling Jenny’s faggot hole with an enormous load of sweet sticky girl goo. Jenny could only babble incoherently and spilled her own load of sissy spunk into the mud beneath her. Gracie held her she cock deep inside her making Jenny see stars and collapse on to the sloppy ground beneath her. Gracie slowly pulled out and began fingering her gooey cunt scooping out the creamy jizz, fed it to Jenny then pushed her face in the mud. Jenny rolled over and pulled Gracie down to share a gooey mud filled soul kiss letting spit, cum, drool and mud flow between their lips and tongues. Both girls slid back in the pond and Jenny’s entire body quivered as she felt the last of Gracie’s goo slide out of her. Their faces stayed above water and as they held each other tight they shared some of the most sloppiest spit filled kisses either of them ever had in their entire lives. They floated in the pond for a time. Thunder boomed and lightning crackled as the rain poured down even harder as each girl dripped drool on to each others tongues and kissed hard under the intense rain. Lazily they floated in the pond when suddenly the current started pulling them until they ended up in a swiftly moving yet not too deep river that pulled them deeper into the forest. They bounced over a small waterfall and after what seemed like a mile they finally ended up in a muddy sloppy swamp. Neither girl had been this deep in the forest and the rain started to let up and some stars began to shine. Upon seeing the look on Gracie’s spattered face, Jenny told her, “Don’t worry, see that faint star up there? That’s the North Star we can follow that back to campus. Jenny had been interested in Astronomy since she had started at the boarding school and knew how to find the Cardinal directions day or night.

Each girl was now only wearing a bra and fishnets and as they pushed forward into the mud and goop they felt a new sense of sluttiness as their bodies were now covered once again in mud. Jenny found Gracie’s hole and began fingering her making her moan and brought her girl cock up against Gracie’s sloppy hole under the muck. She teased it briefly before plunging her own rock hard cock deep inside Gracie. The mud flowed over their bodies as Jenny began fucking Gracie’s sloppy cunt. Jenny pushed Gracie’s face into the mud and held her hands behind her. Gracie let out a muffled scream as she felt Jenny’s hardness hit bottom. Gracie pulled up out of the mud and turned back to share yet another mud, spit and drool filled kiss with Jenny. As drops of mud dripped down their faces, their kisses became harder while Jenny pounded Gracie’s hole. Lines of mud, spit and drool flowed between their lips and Jenny’s cock thrust even deeper into Gracie’s pussy and erupted inside her as their lips and tongues mashed even tighter together. Gracie wailed and could feel her own girl cock explode under the mud.

They held each other tightly occasionally dunking fully under the gooey mess of the swamp not at all caring how much mud they ate. Their bodies were entirely covered with the mud from the swamp and as the slop slid down their hair over their faces they kissed even harder. Gracie suddenly got a wicked gleam in her eye and suddenly Jenny found her head pushed entirely down in the muck. Gracie pushed her deeper and deeper with both hands until Jenny’s mouth found her she cock under the mud. Jenny could not help herself and began sucking and slobbering Gracie’s mud covered cock. She began sucking with all abandon surprised she could hold her breath under the mud while still being able to suck Gracie who began face fucking her until Jenny once again felt those ten inches at the back of her throat. Harder and deeper Gracie fucked Jenny’s mouth like a gooey pussy and when Gracie erupted inside Jenny’s muddy mouth, Jenny came hard from the pleasure of feeling fresh, creamy girl cum fill her sloppy mouth and she felt herself cum hard under the mud. Gasping and choking Jenny burst up from the mud and immediately pulled Gracie close to share the sloppiest, muddiest, creamiest kiss in her entire life. Jenny’s legs buckled from the most pleasurable kiss and held on to Gracie for dear life. Ropes of mud filled spit dribbled back and forth between their spattered lips and both girls moaned as the kiss became sloppier and sloppier neither of them wanting to stop the intense kiss.

Finally they pulled apart a long line of mud and drool stretched between their tongues. Gracie reached up to wrap her fingers around and around the lines and ropes of goo and shoved her covered fingers into Jenny’s mouth and kissed her hard again letting her fingers slide around Jenny’s lips and tongue. Soft wet moans echoed through the forest as the girls devoured each other. Finally they hauled their bodies to the other side of the swamp and collapsed against a rotting log and caught their breath. Jenny slowly turned to Gracie and watched the mud and mess dribbling down her heaving breasts. “I…I don’t even know what to say but I can’t wait to do that again sometime. I’m staying over summer break, I hope you are too!”. Gracie could only nod in acknowledgement and the two girls just leaned back and held hands. The rain had stopped completely and the stars shone brightly in the sky. The girls were able to scramble up and followed the river back to the pond where it all started. Surprisingly both girls school girl shirts were still on the ground and both girls put them on before crawling back into the pond to clean themselves off as best they could. Luckily Jenny had packed an extra pair of sweats in her pack and offered them to Gracie so they wouldn’t look like two drowned rats in case anyone was up at the boarding school when they returned. Jenny also found the half smoked joint in her pack which was amazingly still dry despite the thunderstorm. The girls shared a few puffs before walking back hand in hand to the dorms. They shared a lingering kiss before heading off to their rooms and passed out blissfully dreaming of gooey, spit filled mud spattered kisses…
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