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A young virgin woman loves tormenting the old twins next door when her Daddy catches her masturbating in the kitchen. He teaches her to be his slave, like he did her Mama / Sister.
My Daddy's pool.

I sat looking over the fields of hay reminiscing, thinking of all the happy times my brother and I had spent playing. There were woods in the distance, lovely, lush, green woods. I had spent many happy hours running through the hay, the trees, and the woodland, trying to catch the beautiful coloured butterflies while listening to all the bird songs, the long grass tickling my legs. Then laughing, I would jump in the puddles of water with my daddy and brother Ian. Playing in the pool, the water came just below my knees, giggling as I splashed them.

Daddy laid a blanket on the ground, spreading food and drink for us all, laughing as he watched us. Daddy called for us to go and eat, as we were eating Daddy said to Ian, "How about we teach Tia how to swim Son," he said grinning at him.

"Oh Daddy, noooo" I squeaked, "You know I tried when I was at school, but it scared the crap out of me. I may try when I am ready," I said to them.

"Oh Tia, you’re over twenty-one now and everyone should learn how to swim, it will only be the three of us, and you know we would never let any harm come to you."

I looked at him frowning then nodded, "OK Daddy, I will try, but only you and Ian, no one else, please, promise, and only in the pool at home."

"Ok, I promise honey," smiling at her.

As I lay naked on the blanket, thinking about times gone past, I realised, that was over ten years ago, I was now twenty-one, but I was still scared to death of the water.

I took as much warmth from the sun as I could. Without thinking, I let my legs splay open, my fingers caressing my body. I began to wonder if I was unconsciously tormenting them, but no one ever said anything, so I thought it was the natural thing to do.

My fingers were squeezing hard on my nipples, as I relaxed by the pool; naked as I always was when I was alone, enjoying the hot sun caressing my tender body. An occasional breeze excited me, caressing my skin, making my nipples stand more erect and teasing my clit. I opened my petal lips wider as I lay on the lounger, gazing at the sparkling pool twinkling as the sun's rays bounced off the top of the water.

My fingertips caressed my nipples, then pulled the hood of my clit back, the breeze making me tingle, causing me to start juicing. My fingers found the lips of my wet pussy. As I caressed myself, my fingers were drenched with moisture. Licking my fingers, I found I liked the taste of my pussy juice.

I looked over the fence and could see the twins, the old fucking perverts, their heads bobbing up and down. ‘I wondered what they are doing, would they be watching me?’ I saw one of them lift his head and wipe his brow, then saw him nudge his brother, and they put their arms on the fence watching me, both grinning. Their arms moved faster and faster. I pretended not to see them, I lifted my knees to my chest, opening my tiny cunt and butt letting them have a good look. My fingers scooping juices then licking it all from my fingers, 'Mmmmmm.' I opened my eyes looking directly at them and I said “You can look all you want, but you will never touch,” and started laughing.

“Fuck Tia, what would your Daddy say if we told him what you get up to, we're sure he would give you a good spanking. Wank yourself for us girl and show us how you cum and we will wank for you and show you how we spurt our cream .”

“You’re a pair of old wankers but did as they asked. After a while, I was dripping wet, “I’m going to Fucking cum and pee,” and I did.

“Yeah Tia that’s a girl, you have one beautiful twat and ass hole just begging to be used and filled with spunk,” his brother disappeared when I heard “Fuck my man cunt brother.” I decided to leave them to it, but then thought, ”Would Daddy be cross with me if he knew what I was doing and how I teased the old men or saw that I was naked, legs spread wide and masturbating, would he spank me?' I thought to myself.

The pool was around the back of the house and more or less secluded. Only the neighbours could see into our back garden, and they were twins and old men, they looked to be older than my Daddy. I heard one of the old men from next door say, "Fuck Tia, you have a beautiful ass and twat, ahhhhh fuck baby you're making us cum, just like your Mama used to, harder brother, fuck me harder."

I just had to make sure I put my panties on before Daddy or Ian came home. But I loved the sensations I felt when the heat of the sun beamed down on my naked body; when the breeze caressed my nipples and between my thighs, my fingers circling my hardening nipples, my other hand wanking my clit. My fingers opened my pussy lips wider as my clit started to protrude, the more I tormented it the more I enjoyed it and I wanted to torment the old men next door, even more so I carried on.

The sensations I felt made me tremble all over, especially when I pulled on my nipples, sending shivers down to my tight virgin pussy. I loved how it made me feel, my hips automatically jerking, causing me to moan, and then I squirted at them. "Ahhhh fucking hell," I lay there bucking and panting "Soo good."

After a few minutes, I got up and went to the kitchen for a cool drink, smiling to myself. I could feel my thighs wet with moisture; feeling it trickling down my inner legs. I didn't bother putting anything on as I was the only one home. Anyway, I had another hour or so before Daddy or Ian were due home.

Taking a cold shandy out of the fridge, I placed it to my lips, chugging half the bottle in one go. Drips from the bottle fell on my nipples, making them react to the coldness, causing me to shudder. I could feel my inner thighs were more than moist. I placed my open hand on my pussy, not realizing just how wet I was.

I perched myself on the edge of the table spreading my thighs wide, I put a mirror between my legs, my fingers slapping my clit and the wetness it was causing. Scooping more juice onto my fingers, I lifted them to my mouth tasting myself again. My fingers held my pussy lips wide, which made my clit protrude even more, I could see my pussy was all pink and juicy, and my clit was red and looked hard.

So deep in thought of how my pussy looked as I was exploring myself and continuing to wank my clit, the more excited I was getting. I could see my pussy lips pulsating. So deep in thought, I didn't see or hear Daddy walk in. When he realized what I was doing and looking at, he continued to watch me wanking myself.

How long he had been standing by the door I had no idea but said in a sharp voice; "What the fuck do you think are you doing Tia and why are you wanking?"

Hearing his voice made me jump, the mirror clunking on the table. I quickly closed my legs. "Oh Daddy, you made me jump. Why are you home so early? I wasn't expecting you for a while yet," I replied, flushing beetroot red, feeling my nipples extend with his gaze, I tried to keep my eyes averted. Also knowing I was still naked and my clit red and swollen; Daddy could see everything.

"I've just asked you a question Tia, what are you doing sitting on the kitchen table, naked with your legs spread wide open wanking yourself; you have been tormenting the old men next door again with your masturbating haven’t you?"

I could feel his eyes roaming over my body and had to think of something to say quickly, "I-I, I'm not sure if something has bitten my inner leg, so I was checking, sorry, Daddy."

Putting his briefcase on a chair, he walked around the table to face me. Lifting my chin with his fingertips he looked into my eyes, taking the mirror off me, he placed it on the countertop behind him.

"Here, let Daddy see where you have been bitten, then maybe I can soothe it for you," never once did he take his eyes from mine. "Show me where you think you have been bitten baby girl," glancing down my whole body, noticing my tiny perky breasts, and how my nipples were hardening at his gaze, my small waist, my rounded hips. Holding my hands, he held them out, but could not see anything like a bite. Although, he could see my swollen pussy and protruding clit.

"No Daddy, I've not been bitten on my body; on my thigh," parting my legs so I could show him the inner part of my thigh, "Somewhere round here" I said pointing to the part of my thigh, I couldn't see.

The sight of looking at her and the way she was sat made my cock twitch and start to harden. "Ok sweetcheeks lay back, and let me have a look.” As I lay back he spread my legs wide open, his fingers folded around my clit and carried on wanking me, "Fucking beautiful," I heard him murmur. He could hear my breath coming in short pants but then he just stopped. “Just let me get some cream to rub on; and while I am getting it cover yourself," tossing me a hand towel to cover myself. While he went for the cream, I saw him adjusting his pants as he went, hoping I hadn't noticed the effect I was having on him.

Tia brought back so many memories of when her Mama was still with us, for she had passed over a few years ago now, and Tia looked the spitting image of her, both in looks and body shape, "Ohhh fuckkk, how I would love to dominate her, like I had done with her Mama." After getting the cream and taking a deep calming breath I went back to the kitchen where my daughter was waiting for me.

I was laying on the kitchen table with a hand towel Daddy had thrown to me, which barely covered me, Daddy could see my nipples poking up, as the towel wasn't anywhere near big enough to cover anything.

When he came back he parted my legs wide again. "Which leg do you think you've been bitten on," Daddy asked, raising both his eyebrows. He placed the cream by the side of me. Looking up at him, I pointed to my left leg.

"OK, lift your knees for me baby and let Daddy take a look."

As I lifted my knees, the towel shimmied between my breasts, exposing my more than moist cunt. I didn't bother covering myself, as Daddy had already seen me naked and wanking when he had walked into the kitchen.

Trying to ignore what he was seeing; he scanned my leg as he lifted my legs by my ankles.

"I don't see anything that looks like a bite, are you sure you've been bitten baby?"

"Yes Daddy, but it's nearer to my butt," pushing my legs farther apart for him to look, which opened my pussy lips more. I knew I was oozing juice; I could feel it trickling down, pooling at my star. Daddy could also see it.

"Ok," he said, pushing both my legs up further to the sides of my chest, this lifted my butt off the table slightly, and this made my legs fall wider apart, not only showing Daddy my pussy, but my protruding clit and star. Audibly gulping, I flushed crimson, knowing my Daddy could see how open and wet I was; was he looking at my clit, open cunt or my ass or was he simply just looking for the bite I said I'd got, I wasn't sure.

"Daddy, can you see anything?"

"Oh yeah, I can see plenty baby, but there is no bite mark at all, but you look very red around your cunt, have you been letting the twins play with you?" he asked opening my cunt lips wide. I shook my head vigorously. “No Daddy,” I squeaked. "Just checking you haven't been bitten inside your cunt, or ass," feeling him push two fingers inside my dripping cunt, then my butt, this made me oomph; glancing at me he raised his eyebrows. "Never mind, stay as you are while I put some of this cream on you, and hold your legs open wide and keep still, you are not to move until I say you can, okay."

I couldn't answer him, I simply nodded my head. Picking up the cream, he squirted some on his fingers, then massaged it into my teats and my pussy slit and around my swollen clit which started to harden again making me tingle. As he was doing this, Ian walked in the back door laughing and joking with his friend Jed, a look of surprise on both their faces, when they thought they saw what was happening.

"Dad, what the fuck are you doing? And you Tia, you're fucking naked."

"It's not what you think Ian, Tia was looking for a bite mark when I came in, but she couldn't find it, so I've tried to find it for her. No, she hasn't been bitten, but she looks very red and swollen around her cunt and protruding clit, and she has been tormenting the old twins again, so I have rubbed some cream on her. Take a look for yourself.

"Don't need to Dad, I can see from here, yes, her clit looks very red, what have you been doing Tia, wanking yourself;" was his simple reply, smiling, as he glanced at his Dad, then his friend Jed.

A gasp came from my mouth, my hands shooting down my body, as I tried to cover myself and close my legs, "Daddy," I cried.

"Keep still sweetcheeks till this cream needs to soak in," he said, as he kept hold of my ankles, stopping me from closing my legs, allowing them all a full view of my pussy and ass. They could see my maiden pussy lips swelling and getting more than moist, as my juices were dripping down to my ass; they could see my nipples hardening as he had rubbed some cream on them too, the towel my daddy had given me, covered nothing.

"Ian, just hold her legs open for me, while I wash my hands and don't let her play with herself." Ian looked at his Dad, said nothing, but did as was asked of him, and he couldn't help looking at my clit and pussy, seeing my juices run down my valley as it pooled around my ass.

Feeling a stirring in his pants, he glanced at Jed who was standing by the door, taking in everything that he was seeing, he was also adjusting his lengthening cock. Both noticed my fingers pinching my nipples and Ian slapped my fingers away from my tits, then slapped my teats hard, 'No playing, Dad said, Tia." Jed coughed as he looked towards Ian, "I'll wait outside for you mate, ok?" slipping quickly through the open door. We could see him looking through the kitchen window, his cock out and wanking.

"Ok Jed, I'll be with you as soon as Dad comes back." A few minutes later Daddy came back into the kitchen. "Has Jed gone," he asked Ian.

"No Dad, he is waiting outside for me," glancing at him then said, "What the fuck did you expect, I just had to punish her for disobeying you Dad?

"Ah, I thought I heard something, what did she do to get herself in this state?"

“She was tormenting the old twins next door again, showing them her twat and wanking.”

Ian was pulling and twisting my titties, “Just look how hard they are getting now Dad, can I have a suck?"

"Yes son, we both can, hold one of her legs, suckle and bite away, let's see how hard we can get them. The cream I rubbed on her will help her to cum more."

They held my legs wide open, suckled and bit hard on my now hot and burning teats, sending electrical pulses down to my cunt. Daddy pulled off at the same time Ian did, my teats had elongated to about an inch. "Good work son, let's have a look at you now Tia," taking hold of my ankles; allowing Ian to lower his head and suckle on my clit. After a few minutes of his suckling, I was cumming and squirting in his mouth, then he disappeared in the same direction as Jed went.

"See you later Dad, she tastes fucking great" Daddy heard, seeing the kitchen door close.

"Ok, son!" Looking back at me he asked, "Now tell me, Tia, what have

you been doing exactly, your cunt looks very red, wet, and swollen, and your clit is getting bigger too, do you want Daddy to help you with anything you may need?" leaving the question hanging in the air. Checking the cream had soaked in properly, his fingers tenderly touched my pussy lips, opening them with his fingers.

"Wank my clitty for me Daddy, I need to cum."

He could see I looked small and virginial, "There you go baby mine, all done, you should be okay now," still caressing my pussy as his fingers tenderly touched my protruding clit and wanking it hard made me gasp. "Oh, fuck Daddy I'm going to cum" we both heard my juices squelching the more he wanked me. He saw me cumming hard then let go of my ankles and stepped back licking his lips.

Snapping my legs together, blushing from the tip of my head to the tips of my toes I sat bolt up, sliding off the table I ran to my room, slamming the door behind me; but the door didn't latch properly, and it slowly and silently swung open, so whoever was walking past, would be able to look in. Falling onto my bed, I felt mortified that both my Daddy, my brother and his friend Jed had seen my open pussy and butt, and how wet I was, with Daddy and Ian suckling on my nipples and clit, then they left me high and dry.

The way I felt, I couldn't ignore it. My heart was pounding. My nipples were rubbing on my duvet covers. Turning myself over, I flipped onto my back, placing my fingers on my nipples, which were still burning as they stood proud; twisting and pulling on them sent an eruption of butterflies throughout my whole body, pooling in my pussy. I needed release, especially after the way Daddy had made me cum by wanking my now large clit, he knew exactly what he was doing. "Does Daddy

know how much I love him and want him to teach me like he did Mama?” I wondered to myself.

My fingers felt like fluttering butterflies floating down my body till I reached my elongated clit, I began circling it, moaning as I did and I was humping fresh air. I could feel the tingling sensations getting stronger, my fingers circling faster, I knew I was going to cum again, my pussy and fingers were wet through, my thighs spread wide as my hips bucked, making my bed squeak as I came. Wondering if I would get the same feelings if and when my Daddy fucked me, taking my virginity.

When I had calmed down, I felt a little better, my legs still spread-eagled for all to see, and I was still playing, although thoughts of Daddy being my first and taking my cherries wouldn't leave my mind. Ohhh, there was no question about it, I loved my Daddy.

Once, I remembered I was desperate for the bathroom. Dashing in, so I didn't pee myself I bumped into Daddy, we were both naked. He was just stepping out of the shower; water dripping off his hair and down his body. We both stopped what we were doing and stared at each other. "Oh, Daddy sorry but I'm desperate, I need to pee," as I danced from one leg to the other, pressing hard on my pussy, in the hopes I wouldn't wet myself. I saw his penis bobbing around as he moved.

"Oh Daddy, please, I have to pee," not taking my eyes off his cock.

Smiling, "Go ahead baby girl," he wrapped a towel around his hips watching me. I plonked myself on the toilet, closing my legs.

"From now on when you sit on the toilet you are to keep your legs open, so your golden rain flows freely and can be seen baby, now obey Daddy, and spread your legs. You’re Eighteen now Tia, and have to obey the master of the house, or you will be punished.

I looked at Daddy as I spread my legs, wondering why I had to sit like this, then I saw his hard cock peeping out of the towel as he walked out of the bathroom, shaking his head as he went, pulling the door too, but not closing it. He heard me peeing as I sighed a sigh of relief, saying quietly to myself, but loud enough for my Daddy to hear, "Fuck, what a cock."

Hearing this, Daddy stopped in his tracks, wondering if he had heard right. Thinking to himself that he would have to try and be more careful, as I was growing into a young woman, 'I may have to make her my slave, like her Mama was." I wasn't a child any longer. Making a note of this in his head, he continued to his room tossing one off, thinking of his daughter.

When he was dressed, he again bumped into me as he left his bedroom. I had my head down, towelling my hair, with a small towel wrapped around me, that barely covered anything.

"Tia, what's got into you lately, parading around practically naked, was earlier on not enough punishment for you?"

I looked up, as I had been drying my hair with the towel as I walked to my bedroom. Stopping in front of him "Well, why not, you and Ian have already seen my clit, cunt and ass, Jed as well, come to think of it, and suckled on my nipples and clit making me cum," I replied letting the towel fall to the floor as I looked him up and down, pinching and pulling hard on my nipples knowing what was underneath Daddy's clothing, with that thought in my head, I blushed furiously, hurrying on to my room, not bothering to close the door.

A few minutes later, Daddy stood by my door watching me. He saw I had a small top and a short summer skirt on. "Did she have any panties on" he wondered!

I sat at my vanity staring into the mirror, my hands tight between my thighs, still rubbing my elongated clit, I felt so fucking horny, the slightest touch had me juicing. I saw him watching me very closely.

"Ok Tia, what's going on," Daddy asked, remembering that seeing my naked body was beginning to affect him again. He would have to do something about it, as I was growing into a beautiful young lady.

"I, I, I'm scared," I stuttered, my eyes turning into saucers, looking at him as I stroked my clit again.

"What! What are you scared of," a look of concern crossed his face. Coming to sit on my bed, he held his arms open. I turned to face him, then hopped onto his lap wrapping my arms around him, my skirt hid nothing, and my clit could clearly be seen. Daddy could feel my breasts and the hardness of my nipples pressing into his chest, as he held me tight. Holding me like this I could feel his cock twitching between my ass cheeks.

"Tia, tell Daddy what's troubling you." He could feel tears wetting his top as my shoulders shook. Wiggling on his hardening cock, so it poked at my puckered star, I could feel myself getting warm and moist again.

"I, I can't do it," was all I said.

"You can't do what sweetcheeks," holding me away from him so he could look in my eyes/

My chin quivered, "You know," nodding my head towards the window.

"No, I'm sorry, I don't know honey, tell me." His hand falling to my lap, he could feel how warm and wet I was as I moved backwards and forwards letting the friction of my protruding clit on his hard cock give me thrills. I spread my legs a little wider to get more friction then wondered if it had anything to do with what he had heard and done earlier with Ian that morning.

He put his fingers on the end of my clit, gathering the moisture then lifted his wet fingers to my breasts, I placed my fingers on top of his and started gently squeezing. "Well, there are a couple of things really," feeling my nipples hardening even more under his tender touch. This made me squirm more, feeling his hard lengthening cock between my thighs, I loved the feeling I was getting, not wanting it to stop.

"I want to know what it's like to be fucked Daddy," I said, looking into his eyes. I felt him squeeze my nipples, pulling on them, sending more thrills coursing down my body. "ohhhhhh," he heard me whimper.

"Tiana," Daddy said rather firmly, this isn’t right, you’re my fucking daughter.

"But Daddy, who can I trust if I can't trust you," wriggling my ass cheeks on his lengthening cock, which was getting harder by the second. "The boys I've dated just want to see my cunt and see how big they can get my clit and have a quick suck and feel to satisfy themselves, and they just spurt their spunk on my cunt and ass and that leaves me soooo frustrated."

"Ok, ok, I want you to tell me what else is troubling you," not taking his eyes from mine.

"I, I, I," I began stuttering.

"Tia, whatever it is, it can't be that bad surely," although he had a

pretty good idea of what was really troubling me.

Shaking my head from side to side, he felt another teardrop fall onto the back of his hand. "Oh honey, come on, tell Daddy" holding me tighter to him, "Nothing is ever as bad as you think," bending to kiss my cheek but I moved to face him at the same time, and he kissed me on my mouth. His hands gripped my shoulders as he deepened the kiss, his hips moving up to my soaking wet pussy. He could feel the heat begin to emanate through his pants.

"We really shouldn't be doing this Tia. Tell me, you haven't been fucked, have you?" he kissed and sucked my neck giving me hickeys, his other hand caressingly went up to the top of my inner thigh, making me catch my breath. He found my rigid clit; gently circling and pinching it as it protruded making it grow more. He could feel my pussy all hot and moist. Looking up at him, my breath getting more ragged, my legs widened of their own accord.

"Well, no, not really."

"What do you mean, well no, not really. I know you’re still a virgin; I could see that when I rubbed the cream on you earlier. Tell me, what you have done? Just give me a minute.” He disappeared, coming back a minute or two later with the cream in his hand. He sat on the bed again saying, “I have to rub some more cream on baby, it will make your teats fatter and longer, and your clit more visible. Now tell Daddy.”

Making eye contact and rolling my eyes, "Well I play a little, you know, I pinch hard on my nipples and rub and slap my clit till I make myself cum, just like you're doing now, but you doing it, makes it feel so much nicer Daddy," closing my eyes as I splayed my thighs a little more open for him. "Oh Daddy, that feels sooo good," I could feel his rock-hard cock throbbing between my ass cheeks, my hips moving backwards and forwards with the sensations I was getting.

Laying me back on my bed, Daddy pulled my top over my head and my skirt down passed my knees, letting it fall to the floor as he spread my thighs wide. Kneeling by the side of the bed Daddy pulled me towards him, his fingers cupping my ass cheeks, his thumbs penetrating my ass slightly as he fucked my butt with them making me yelp. His tongue found my pussy lips, circling around and around and biting, this made me moan. Looking up at me, "You like that sweetcheeks?”

"Oh yes Daddy, please don't stop."

My fingers found my nipples, which were now so hard and hot, making me pull and pinch them harder. He went back to sucking and circling my cunt, his tongue lapping at my juices, then on down to my star, pushing his tongue in and out then back up to my clit. When he reached my clit he suckled hard, then kept flicking and biting the end of it. This sent thrilling sensations rippling through my body, his fingers splayed open on my stomach keeping me still. As he sucked on my clit his finger gently circled the inside of my pussy, slowly moving down to my star, pressing his wet fingers firmly so the tips entered my butt gently pumping in and out, and at the same time pushing his tongue inside my cunt, again and again he did this.

He looked up at me and saw I was playing with my nipples. "Stop playing with your fucking nipples and cum for me Tia, I want to see your lovely virgin pussy pulsate for your Daddy," he said with a deep commanding voice. A voice I had to obey.

My eyes closed, as I felt a sensation I had never felt before rip through me, my hips trying to buck up towards your mouth for more. Little did I know then but, you had your hard cock out of your pants, and you were wanking yourself, as you were pleasuring me. You watched as my cunt pulsated for you, my clit also red and burning. You lifted yourself to your knees, saying to me, "Tia, open your eyes and look at me, I want you to see what you have made me do, you will cum for your Daddy while I cum all over your pert tits and Twat."

He could see how I was reacting to his voice. My virgin body responded to what he was doing to me. I opened my eyes to see your hand pumping your cock furiously, your fingers circling and pressing hard on my clit.

"Fuck Tia, cum now for Daddy you bitch."

My hips moved up and down of their own accord, "Daddy I'm cumming," I shouted. The intensity of my orgasm made me feel as though I was floating on air, and I began to squirt and ejaculate as my pussy pulsated.

You watched my cunt quivering for you, just as your cock gushed rope after rope of spunk all over my tits and cunt. My fingers found the warm wet cream that you had just ejected, lifting them to my lips, longing to know what you tasted like.

"Mmm Daddy, you taste really good," finding all that I could and lapping it all off my fingers.

Daddy walked to my side, his cock showing signs of his release. "Open your mouth for me and suck my cock clean my bitch." As I opened my mouth, you pushed your cock in, I could feel you filling my mouth and hitting the back of my throat, making me gag and my eyes water, which made me suck eagerly and greedily, completely emptying you.

"Daddy, I thought you were going to fuck me?"

"Oh, I am Tia, I am, but not here, we are going down to the pool, and if you are a good girl and do as you are told, I will fuck you so hard, you won't want anyone else. You will be mine and only mine unless I say so." You pull out of my mouth, holding your hand out for me to take.

"Come Tia, time for your first lesson."

My mouth hung open and I held back, looking from your hand to your cock, then your face. I lean forward smiling up at you, wanting to take your cock in my mouth again.

"Oh no you don't, I know what you are trying to do you fucking cock tease, but it won't work."

"Yes Daddy, you liked me sucking your cock, didn't you?" I said, looking into your eyes, innocence in mine, as I licked my lips.

"Are you going to take my hand or not?" I shake my head, trepidation now flowing through me. You look at my nakedness, you close my legs as you pull me into a sitting position. "Now take hold of my hand Tiana, or I am going to give you a good spanking, so stop testing my patience." You waited for no more than a minute. "Ok, young lady, you asked for it," you pulled me into a standing position, keeping a tight hold on me, you could see my clit quite clearly as I continued to leak juices. You sat down, pulling me over your lap and spreading my legs wide, never did I think you would spank me and here I was, about to get my first-ever spanking.

"Daddy, please don't spank me."

"Don't Daddy me, you have been flaunting your naked body in front of

us for a long time now and you need to be taught a lesson." Hearing me whimper, Daddy brought his hand down and paddled my butt and cunt, caressing my pussy and ass in between swats. I was dripping wet, my butt stinging and burning hot. I felt the sting, but it slowly turned from pain to pleasure. Daddy stood up holding me to him. Bending down he lifted me over his shoulder, still spanking my butt making me yelp. You strode out of the bedroom and down to the pool, both of us naked, you didn't stop till you was knee-deep in the water.

"I am going to lower you into the water, it will help your spanked butt and cunt cool down, stay calm and don't panic. Now take some deep breaths, I won't let you go."

The twins were watching, a smile on their faces, "Yeah, punish the fucking bitch, you should see her when she is by herself, showing her fucking twat and asshole thinking no one can see her and squirting her juices," he called out. His arm moving furiously, it was obvious he was wanking. "One day we could see her twat and ass, and the way she was juicing I very nearly brought Brutus in. "Oh fuck," you could see him look down, "Brutus you dirty fucker, suck my cock till I cum, then you can fuck my ass, one of the twins said loudly bringing his brother out."

The sun was shining, warm and bright as Daddy lowered me into the water, he kept a tight hold of me, not letting me go. I flung my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, this made my pussy open wider. His hard cock bobbed up and down in the water, as though it was asking permission to enter my pussy or ass. I couldn't help but enjoy the feelings Daddy was giving me, nevertheless, my voice was shaking with fear.

"Oh Daddy, don't let go of me, please don't let go."

"No, I won't let go, sweetcheeks, I have you tight, I can feel your nipples pressing into my chest and your clit's rubbing on my cock." Talking quietly, you seemed to relax me some. I felt your thumb penetrate my ass again, gently pumping in and out, after a few minutes you pulled out, gently unfastening my legs from around your waist, and my arms from around your neck, but you didn't let me go, but glided through the water.

"Do you still want me to take your cherries, Tia?"

"Yes, Daddy I do, I trust you, I love you," as I looked into your eyes, I could see something in them that I couldn't figure out. "Please Daddy, take your little girl and make me your woman."

"Oh, fuck Tiana, what are you doing to me."

We could both hear and see the Brutus shagging one of his master's man cunt next door. He then said excitedly, fuck me hard boy," Brutus heard the old man moaning as he growled, knotting him. We could see them, and we heard everything, and for some unknown reason, this excited me more.

Smiling I looked up into Daddy's eyes, "Fucking me hopefully," I finally said wiggling my butt in the water wanting more. Not realizing I was floating in the water.

"There's my girl," he gently walked over to the side of the pool, placing both my hands on the safety bar. "Now don't let go of the bar sweetcheeks, and what sweetcheeks they are too, I am right here with you."

Moving to my side, you looked into my eyes telling me. "Now lift your

legs up, I promise I won't let you go." You placed your open hands on my butt, lifting me a little out of the water, my small pert tits floating on the surface, my nipples hardening and inviting. Bending down you took one look at my nipples, lowering your head, your mouth suckling, flicking, and biting vigorously, making me moan and my hips bounce.

"Yes baby, open for Daddy to see." You opened my legs wide, staring at my cunt and butt holes. "You sure you're ready for this?" you asked as you kept eye contact, Cause once it’s done, there is no going back, you will become Daddy’s slave whore.”

Nodding my head, "Yes Daddy I'm sure, I want you to make me yours, just like you did with Mama. I used to watch and hear you all fucking Mama, saying to her, who did she want in her butt, and who in her twat, then made her beg for you to let her cum." I saw you put a collar and leash on her making her crawl around the back garden naked, saying to your friends, my slave is in heat, she wants all her holes filling, then letting the dogs in to fuck her as well. I want to be like Mama was to you."

"Fuck Tia," I could feel the head of your cock as you gently pushed into my tight little opening, “This may hurt a little at first, but it won't last." I could feel you stretching me, making me tense a little.

"The more you can relax baby, the better it will be," you gently push in and pull out. You felt me relax a little as you held my butt open, you pulled your thumb out of my ass, replacing it with two fingers, gently pushing into my star again. You heard me moaning, then pushed in with a sharp thrust, my hymen well and truely broken, and you stilled for a minute or two not moving, but I could feel your fingers gently pumping in out, in out of my butt. My hips began moving of their own accord, which gave you the go-ahead to fuck me hard.

"Is this what you need baby girl, for Daddy to make you mine and let everyone fuck you like the whore you will become, and believe me you will become my slave/whore, especially with the size your teats will get and a clit the size yours will get, just like your Mama was?"

"Oh, yesss Daddy, make me your slutty slave whore like mama was."

Lifting me so you could see your hard cock pumping my cunt, two fingers continued fucking my butt, you could feel me tightening around you, you looked into my eyes saying, "Don't you dare fucking cum till I give you permission to, do you understand me, or Daddy will publicly humiliate you?"

Nodding my head, I felt the sensations pulsing throughout my body as I began to shake. "ohh Daddy, I cumming, I can't stop it" I squealed. My body shuddered uncontrollably, and I came long and hard. "Sorry Daddy, I tried to hold back," I whimpered.

Daddy was fucking me hard, looking into my blue eyes, "I see I am going to have to teach you how to behave for me."

When I heard this I smiled, "Yes please Daddy."

When Daddy heard this he fucked me harder, slipping another finger into my ass as the water splashed around us. It felt like he was splitting me in two he was that big. But the feelings he was giving me were sensational.

"Get ready for Daddy to fill you, full baby." He pulled his fingers out of my ass, holding me as wide open as he could get. "Here it comes baby," I felt him swell deep in my womb then started to ejaculate.

"Yes, yes, cum again for Daddy, cum now my slave," he thrust so deep I

couldn't help but squeal, then fall apart again.

After a few minutes, he pulled out watching his spunk and my juices flow out of me into the pool, it was coated with blood, my blood. I could feel myself floating with all the delicious sensations Daddy had given me. "We're not finished yet, baby." I smiled at him simply saying, "More please Daddy."

He turned me over telling me to put my elbows on the sidebar. When I did, he lifted my ass out of the water, spreading them wide. My puckered star winked at him as he guided his still throbbing cock and gently pushed in. He heard me yelp and he caressed my back and spine to calm me, "It's okay baby, you'll get used to this and enjoy everything we do." My legs were on each of his arms which he kept wide open to him, his fingers found my nipples as he started to pummel and pull on them hard.

"Ohh fuck Daddy, yes, yes, yes, don't stop. I want to be your true slave."

"Oh, that you will be baby, believe me. "Now, are you ready for me to fill your ass with my baby batter," I nodded my head, unable to speak? He thrust long, hard, and deeper till he again was shooting his cream deep into my anus.

When he had finished and we had calmed some, he pulled me back bodily into his arms, his cock still buried in my butt, his fingers finding my nipples again, and he carried me out of the pool like this and walked towards the fence.

The old man was still getting fucked by Brutus, we saw Brutus give one

almighty thrust, knotting the old man, "Ahhh fuck Brutus."

"Afternoon Tom," Daddy said still holding me wide as he continued to fuck my ass. Panting old Tom managed, "Afternoon Eli, you ready to bitch the cunt now?"

Daddy stopped by the fence, my clit practically bumping on Tom’s lips, but Daddy didn't stop fucking me, my clit standing straight out and harder than it had ever been before, "Give her a good suckling Tom and she just may ejaculate in your mouth, even if she begs you to stop, don't, then Sam can suckle on her clit."

Tom suckled my clit to the back of his mouth, as he was suckling Brutus yelped, and we knew was cumming full force into the old man's ass. After a few minutes, he pulled out of his ass going to lie down to clean himself.

I could feel myself beginning to get excited again, my titties burning hot and my clit about to burst again. Tom pulled his mouth off me but continued to wank me hard, "Cum on my face pretty maid, feed old Tom here while your Daddy fucks your ass.” And I couldn’t help but cum again.

They saw Sam come out and grin from ear to ear, “Over here Sam, Eli is giving us a treat.” Sam came over hearing Daddy saying to him, Suck and bite her clit Sam, you deserve it after the way she has tormented you both.” No sooner than Daddy said this Sam was on me full force. After about fifteen minutes I was almost there again, when Daddy said “Fuck Tia I’m going to shoot deep in your fucking ass.”

Sam also pulled off, "Fuck lad, just look at her clit, a bit more work and there's a cock in the making; and she will be better than her Mama was, cream her good lad."

Daddy's cock was now softening but he still pumped me, telling me, that I was to always be ready to get fucked by whomever, wherever, whenever and however he said as he walked me to the kitchen. He sat me on the table and pulled a large dog basket out of the cupboard with a pot of cream, "You are to sit in this basket with your legs on either side, I want to always see your open twat and ass, and you are not to move till I say otherwise or you will be punished, for I am now your dominant Daddy, and you will obey me, always.” He fingered more cream out of the pot rubbing it in my clit.

The way Daddy sat me on the kitchen table spreading my legs wide I was dripping Daddy's spunk from both holes, and I loved it. Daddy stood by me and suckled hard on my nipples when he was satisfied they were good and hard, he scooped more creamy gel out of the pot and rubbed it in again, then put nipples pumps on, he also put an open ended pump on my clit, smiling at me he said, "Now get in your basket and stay slave, don't move or cover yourself, no matter who may come or go you are to stay as you are now, do you hear me, if you disobey me you will be punished." I then sat in the dog basket. I nodded my head. "Do you understand?" Again, I nodded my head. “Don’t nod your head, answer me.” “Yes, Daddy I understand you.”

I sat with my legs on either side of the basket, my naked body was open to whoever came in. He disappeared upstairs, coming back down a few minutes later with a long narrow box in his hands, he saw I was still in the same position. "Good slave. Now, you will wear this collar and never take it off."

What neither of us saw was Ian, he had come home early and was going to take a swim when he saw Daddy taking both my cherries and how daddy let the twins suck my clit till I came for them both. He stood by the side of the pool seeing Daddy's spunk covered with my blood floating on top of the water.

Cock in hand, he too was wanking when he said, "About fucking time Dad, about fucking time." He walked into the kitchen his fingers wrapped around his cock. When I saw the size of his cock it made me juice, sending thrilling electrical currents running right through my body.

Just as Ian moaned, "Fuck Tia, you've tormented us long enough," I saw him wanking by the doorway.

As I was watching Ian in the doorway cock in his hand. Daddy saw my eyes looking at Ian. He turned around when he saw him, he simply said "Come and join us, Son."

Ian came to the side of the basket still wanking, smiling at Daddy, "I was wondering how long it would take you, looks fucking good doesn't she, what have you done to her clit Dad, it must be double the size."

Daddy knelt by my basket, "Yes, she's fucking fabulous, tight as a fucking drum, just like your Mama used to be. That cream works wonders I used it on herlast night and again this morning. Sit and beg like the bitch you are." I sat up on my knees, knees spread, and my clit hanging down, my hands pawing Daddy's crotch.

"Fucking hell," Ian said, "I so want to shag the bitch," as he pulled and twisted my nipples hard, pinching the end of my clit making me scream with ecstasy. "She looks just like Mama, although her clit isn't as big as Mama's was yet, but still fucking good to use.

"That we will Son, that we will, she's going to get her first spit roasting." He picked the leash up off the table, attaching it to the ring in my collar, pulling on it. He looked at me saying "No talking, just do as you're told, and accept what you are now; now crawl like the slave/bitch you are."

I crawled between Ian and Daddy; they were taking me into the back garden. Daddy stopped in the middle of the lawn both their cocks were hard and huge. "Fuck her hard Son, while I deep-throat her she needs stretching." They stood at each end of me, both leaking precum. Ian opened my butt cheeks, and his cock twitched, then pushed as far as he could into my cunt hitting my cervix. "Fucking open for me you cunt, I want my spunk filling you full," he pressed my lower back down and shagged me mercilessly.

"Look at me slave," I looked up at Daddy, my mouth making an ‘O’ every time Ian pushed further in and when my mouth opened wide Daddy pushed his cock down my throat and fucked my face hard.

He saw the twins watching us as I was spit-roasted hard, as well as everyone that had come over. "Come and join us, my daughter Tia is my new slave, and she will do everything I order her to, so come and fill her with all your spunk."

The twins didn't need to be told twice, they were naked and wanking, their cocks different sizes. One of the twins said, "Can we fuck her like we did with your Sister?"

When I heard this, I looked at Daddy, I didn't know my Mama was Daddy's sister. I was to find out later that Daddy had been training Mama for a while. I heard the old men grunting as they shot their spunk all over me. By the time they had all finished, apart from Daddy and Ian, who were about to blow their balls inside me, I was covered in spunk.

All the old men were sitting around watching Daddy and Ian fill me full, their spunk dripping from me, I never felt more satisfied or desired. I wanted much, much more. I sucked and swallowed all of Daddy's spunk and took all of Ian's. But I couldn't get out of my mind that Daddy and Mama were brother and sister, what had caused them to be so incestuous?

Daddy brought a shallow bowl and placed it underneath me, push all the cum out of your twat and ass sweetcheeks, we want to see you drink it all down." Two old men held me wide open feeling me push everything that I had taken into the shallow bowl, as they suckled and bit my tits. I also noticed they were all getting hard again and somehow I knew I was in for a good night of being shagged by them all, and I was.

When I woke the next morning, I was lying between Daddy and Ian, my fingers automatically pinching my nipples hard, this made me want to pee. I tried to climb over Daddy without waking him, my clit gently brushing his lips, but he was already awake, and he was caressing his cock. "Where do you think you're going Tia?"

'I need to pee Daddy; I can't hold it in much longer."

Daddy smiled grabbing my hips and pulling me to him, my clit still protruding, and he began suckling on it, when he pulled off, he could see the concentration on my face, and slapped my ass. "Bathroom now,

I looked at him, wondering what he meant as there was only one way

you could pee. We went to the bathroom; he again attached my leash to my collar telling me to crawl. I crawled to the bathroom and went to sit on the toilet, but Daddy pulled me off. "From now on you will sit as I tell you to sit, feet on the seat and squat, your twat is to always be on full show, and you will show whoever brings you to the bathroom, your golden rain and poop. Now get on the seat and show me your golden rain."

I got on the seat as Daddy told me but struggled to pee. I looked at Daddy as he was watching me closely. "Daddy I can't pee like this as I need to poop too,"

'You will do as you're fucking well-told you cunt, now do your business.” He got hold of my teats and pulled hard on them, then went over to one of the drawers bringing out three pumps and turned the tap on wetting the ends; he left the tap running as he came back to me and hearing the running water set me off peeing.

Daddy got hold of one of my nipples placing the pump over it that he had covered in that cream again, doing the same with my other nipple, then pumped hard till my nipples were hard and pointy. When he was satisfied, he knelt and began to wank my clit, then attached the last pump to my clit he again smothered the pump with the cream and pumped hard, making both my nipples and clit grow to a size I had never seen, he looked at me saying, "You want to be like your Mama, well sweetcheeks this is the start of your training."

"Oh Daddy look how big they are getting, but not as big as Mama's were, how am I supposed to get dressed with these on?"

"You don't my darling daughter, this is your dress attire from now on, naked for all to see and enjoy, just like your Mama was. Now Daddy wants to see your open twat, push your hips forward and offer me your hole, and beg me to fuck and cream in you."

I pushed my hips forward, "Please Daddy fuck your slave's my cunt and ass hard." Just then a knock came to the door and one of the servants entered, a broad smile on his face.

"Master Eli you have a job for me,"

"Yes I do Saul, my slave needs cleaning out, every day from now on you will give her an enema. I have some people coming to attend to her today, one being the doctor to inject her and another person to attach some bells and rings to her. I will leave you to it, if her nipples and clit start to shrink pump them up as far as you can. I want her hard, hot, wet and on the verge of cumming for when they arrive, but I am going to fuck her first." He looked to see me still squatting with my feet on the seat holding my cunt lips wide open for him.

"Yes sir, will do, you know you can rely on me."

“Fucking hell Tia you look so fucking horny," with that said he pushed full length into my cunt and shagged me hard, when he was about to

cum he pulled out and sprayed my body with all his seed.

"Get on your hands and knees bitch, ass in the air and suck me clean." I did as he told me, my ass facing the door, "keep those fucking knees wide, and hold your ass cheeks wide" and I took the full length of his cock down my throat sucking him clean.

Ian came into the bathroom yawning and scratching his head, my puckered star winking at him, he walked over to us, and slapped my cunt and ass several times, as he thrust his cock deep into my burning butt. "What a way to wake up Dad. What's Saul doing here," he asked as he spread my butt cheeks wider so he could get deeper into me.

"He's here to clean our slave’s ass and twat, as we are having a couple of visitors soon and they need to be clean. He pulled his cock out of my throat, "Good slave," this made me smile up at him as he patted my head, as he left he said to me, "Obey Saul, Tiana."

It didn't take long for Ian to fill me full of his baby batter, I could feel spurt after spurt. "Oh, fuck Ian wank my clit hard and make me fucking cum for you" I screamed.

"Oh no, you don't," Ian answered, "You will more than cum by the time Saul has finished with you," smiling as he pulled out and walked over to the shower. Leaving my ass wide and dripping cum and poop. By this time Saul was buck naked, he noticed my teats and clit were deflating a little, so he pumped them and by the time he had finished, they were burning hot and more than hard and getting fatter. Saul's cock and balls were bigger than Daddy's and Ian's put together and I thought they were big.

"Now girly, your lady regions need a good stretching," as he got the enema and hose ready. "Now lay in the tub on your hands and knees." I did as I was told, he then pushed his cock inside me. I felt my cunt being stretched till he was deep inside me. He fucked my cunt for at least Twenty minutes, then pulled out. He stretched my cunt to see how big I now was, “Not quite there yet girly, you have to take all my cock and rammed home, making me scream. “Ahh, yes,” again he pulled out, fisting me fully, as he pushed his huge cock in my ass, shagging me just as hard. I felt myself sagging, so he put his arm around my waist hoisting me higher, doing this made him go deeper. It was as though he was pumping up inside my tummy, then I felt him spurt his cum deep in my ass. “Ah, fuck missy, you’re gunna make master Eli very happy.”

I then felt warm soapy liquid filling my ass full. I was puffing and panting begging him to stop, but he didn't. When he had finished filling me, he said, "Don't you dare let any water escape or I shall have to start again, so hold it in, no matter what I do, hold it in."

He gripped my chin pulling my mouth open and looking at my throat, and pushed his enormous cock into my mouth and down my throat, face fucking me hard and fast. I could feel him swelling even bigger. "Take it all slut," and I felt him push his whole cock down my neck making me gag. He was so big he was stopping me from breathing. After a few more thrusts he pulled out telling me to get on my hands and knees on the floor and hold myself wide open. Again, I did as he asked holding my ass cheeks tightly together so nothing would leak out of me.

"Now I am going to fuck your little twat hard," he looked at my titties and clit, and again he had to give them a good pumping. Never had I seen them so hard and so fat. I saw Ian walk out of the shower, his cock hard and leaking pre cum.

"You going to fuck her ass or twat Saul," he asked grinning.

"Twat Ian sir."

'Good, I shall have her mouth then."

Tia was now squirming and struggling, as she started cramping, she even started to beg. They both looked at her, Saul then told her, "Go empty yourself slave." I practically ran to sit on the toilet, forgetting how I should always sit with my feet on the toilet seat, as I just wanted to let everything out and stop the cramping. When I had finished, I cleaned myself up and crawled back to the two men.

Ian looked at me, telling me I was going to be punished for disobeying the orders I had been given when they have finished fucking me. I looked at him wondering why, then realized I had just plonked myself on the toilet. I held my head down feeling shame as I heard Ian, “Present yourself, Tia, We both need satisfaction, and we haven't much time. Now, be the slave you learning to be, just like Mama was.”

I kept my eyes averted from theirs, as they fucked me hard. When they had finished, they kept my legs wide watching all their spunk leak from me. Ian looked closely at my clit and began to masturbate me, just as Saul began to pull hard on my nipples when they all heard the doorbell ring.

"Ah they're here, you best get down to Dad, he will be waiting for you."

I was still leaking spunk when I entered the kitchen, Daddy smiled at me, telling me who these men were. One had blonde hair and had a white coat on, he was preparing three needles; the other two looked like ruffians, their hair all shaggy and were preparing the table. I heard Daddy say to them, I want both her nipples and clit injected, just as her Mama was, but I want bells attaching to her nipples and clit rings put in her outer labia lips.

The men looked at him but were being very well paid, so they did as he asked. The Doctor remembers his Daddy inject Tia's Mama, cause he was playing with Tia at the time, he was tickling my tiny titties and slit, I would open my legs for him to see me, even at that young age and I would tell him to get his willy out, and when he did I would suck it in my mouth like a lollipop.

I was remembering all these things as Daddy took me to the table and fastened me down. I was spread-eagled, and the doctor was beginning

to tent as he examined me. "You look great Tia, and your nipples are good and hard, so let's get started. Eli, have you applied that cream I gave you?”

“Yes, doctor I have, three times.”

“Good, good now wank her clit for me I need her to be on the verge of cumming.” He produced the needles and injected both my nipples, making me screech. “I need someone to massage her tits and pull hard on her nipples, while I do her clit."

Eli was busy wanking my clit when the doctor went and stood by his

side, "Can she get any harder Eli?"

"Daddy I'm going to cum," I shouted. Daddy looked at the doctor, as he injected the base of her clit, making her yowl and cum at the same time. Both men smiled, "She's going to be a fucking stunner. I remember us playing with each other when we were younger," the doctor said as he was now wanking my clit. He looked at Eli's cock, then into his eyes, you want a bigger cock, Eli?"

Eli looked at him, "Can you do that,” he asked still looking at his daughter's naked form on the table.

"Oh yes, look at this," he fished his cock out to show Eli, "I have fucked several women and then measured their cunts at their deepest and widest, a woman's cunt walls will stretch quite deep, and the man's penis needs to be bigger so he will constantly be rubbing her sweet spots, making her cum constantly until you’re satisfied. There is no danger whatsoever to either person. My girth when erect is now four inches, and my length has increased as you will see," he looked at Eli again and knew he was thinking about it.

"Here, with your permission I will use Tia and show you," Eli nodded his head as they both stepped forward. They could see just how much Tia was juicing, the doctor looked into Tia's eyes, "You want to cum don't you Tia?"

Nodding my head, “Yes, I need to cum badly, please master,” she looked at her Daddy, who looked back at her, then said, “You want the doctor to fuck you.” I again nodded my head. “Very well but you must wank him first.”

Tia took hold of the doctor’s cock, sucking and slurping and poking her

tongue down the slit in his helmet; this made him moan as he grew bigger and harder. Eli was amazed when the doctor pulled out of Tia’s mouth seeing just how big he had grown.

Eli asked the doc how long could he now last before cumming, and he answered, "Could be anything from an hour or two or even longer and believe me when I say she will cum many times, she will. I have the solution in my bag if you wish me to do it for you." Eli looked at his daughter laying spread-eagled on the table, knowing he could fuck her till the cows came home and still want more. He again nodded his head stroking his cock hard.

"Okay, let's do it now while you’re hard, you will get better results, you too Ian." He went and rummaged in his medical bag, again bringing two syringes out, "lay on the table next to Tia both of you," they did as was asked of them watching what the doctor was doing.

Both their cocks were standing straight, their fingers finding Tia's teats which were burning hot. He felt the doctor inject both sides at the base of their cocks, making them hiss with discomfort and squeezed Tia's nipples so hard making her yelp.

"Now keep wanking, while I inject her nipples and clit, but don't fucking

cum." He looked at her nipples they were begging for attention. Getting

hold of each one he injected right in the centre. "Ian, massage her tits, Tia suck your brother's cock, deep throat him," He stood between her open legs, wanking her clit, then injected her, making her squeal, this opened her throat for Ian to push the full length of his cock down her throat. "Eli, let's fuck your daughter." Eli stood next to the doctor pushing his cock deep into her cunt as the doctor penetrated her ass. Both men pushed in and pulled out at the same time, stretching her like she had never been stretched before, trying to hump both men at the same time.

Ian was deep-throating her hard, feeling her moan. "Fuck Dad she is something else, and look at her teats now," he watched as his Dad and the doctor fucked her relentlessly. The doctor managed to say, "This fucking bitch is ready to cum," as he said that Tia came like she had never cum before, spraying both men with her ejaculate. When Ian saw this he couldn't help but shoot his spunk deep in her throat, squeezing her tits so hard that milk shot out of both nipples.

"Daddy, daddy I'm cumming again, and she did. She must have cum six or seven times before both men released their cum deep inside her.

When they pulled out, the doctor leaned over and sucked Eli's cock clean, the doctor was on his hands and knees, allowing Eli to face fuck him as he held his ass cheeks open, his Great Dane came in mounting the doctor with his huge cock. Eli couldn't help but cum again, and then Ian took over, he too face fucked the doctor.

When they had finished they unfastened Tia from the table, telling her to make them all a drink; she went to pick her panties up, but Daddy told her to stay naked. She did as she was told, feeling her juices and cum running down her inner thighs.

The doctor slowly caressed me from clit to ass and back, he did this two or three times, "Now relax for me, honey. Ian let her clean your cock while you play with her nipples and don't be gentle, make her feel it."

Slowly he placed his cock at the entrance of my ass penetrating just a little letting me get used to the feeling I was receiving, then a little further, his fingers pressing on my clit which made my pussy really juice. He could see how I was sucking Ian, my brother's cock; my nipples were deep rosy red and very swollen. Ian pulled out of my mouth putting his mouth to both my nipples. The excitement I was feeling, I couldn't describe, I just knew I loved what they were doing, and I wanted more. I wanted to learn everything they could teach me.

I then felt Daddy push his cock all the way in, this made me cry out, as a sudden sharp pain ripped through me. “ohhh Daddy,” was all I could manage, feeling Ian's fingers circling and pulling on my nipples, as Daddy's grip on my hips held me still.

I never thought I would enjoy being fucked the way I was, the overwhelming feelings I was now getting made me realize how Mama must have felt. I then felt them both shoot their cum deep into my body. When they pulled out of me, my Daddy wrapped me in his arms, “My darling daughter, your Mama would be so pleased you have accepted our way of life.”

I looked at him, “Daddy, why didn’t you tell me you and Mama were brother and sister; does Ian know?”

“Yes he does know, and he acceptedour way of life as well. She often allowed him to fuck her and experiment on her.”

“But how did it come to be Daddy,” I asked wanting to understand their

incestuous relationship.

When we were young, we often played together, not wanting others to spoil our happiness,” he smiled at the memories I had invoked. “One day we were playing in the fields, showing each other are privates, we decided to go over the barn at the far end of our property, when we heard, screaming and shouting. We both peeked through one of the windows, and we saw your Grandma, our Mama naked and tied up, her wrists were bound together and hooked over a large hook overhead, and her feet were fastened wide apart, we could see everything, but we

made sure no one could see us.

Your Grandpa, our Daddy was also naked, he was standing in front of her, pulling and squeezing her nipples, he was pushing his cock between her open legs and smiling at her when we heard her whimper, “For fuck sake brother, shag me hard with your beautiful cock, fucking use me.” We didn’t understand then that brothers and sisters shouldn’t have sex. We kept looking to see what they would do when your Grandpa pulled his cock from between her legs, there was blood. “Oh sister mine you’re monthly bleed,” he took her out of the bonds, putting her in a position where her legs were then fastened to her wrists above her head she was wide open as he laid her on top of him pushing his cock deep into her ass, and began to fuck her hard. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing, Grandpa pulled and twisted her nipples. I looked at your Mama and she was wanking her clit, I could see her juices dripping, and I was wanking as well, but we couldn’t stop watching, we had to know what happened. Grandpa said, “Fuck sister, I am going to fill you full, shooting his spunk inside her ass. When he pulled out, we could see her ass was gaping wide open, as all Grandpa's spunk leaked out of her.

He then suckled and bit both nipples, as she begged Grandpa for more.

Grandpa smiled at her, telling her she was one fucking horny bitch and

that she would get fucked more than once every day and that she would allow whoever he said to use her, however they wished. We heard her whimper again, “Yes master, whoever you say, whenever you say, however, you say, all my holes will always be ready for you, I love you so much, my brother.

We smiled at each other and snuck off, back to the fields. Where we knew we wouldn’t be seen, I told your Mama to lay down and open her legs for me, she did as I asked and giggled at me, but then humphed and squirted pee out. I saw her virgin hole contracting and laid down between her legs, pulling her petals as wide as I could and stuck my tongue inside her wiggling it around, I could feel my cock hurting and I decided to push it up her cunt, she started howling so I kissed her, and she kissed me back, and from then on, whenever we could we always went to hide near the barn when we saw them walking down there. They were always naked, one day there were several of their friends were also with them, and your Grandpa told them all, “My sister is now my slave bitch, she will always do my bidding,” when he saw tufts of hay falling from above. We didn’t know he knew we were there fucking like rabbits, when he shouted, “Eli stop fucking your sister and come down here,” we had no choice but to obey your Grandpa. We were both naked, your Mama clinging to my arm her titties hard and pointy, as I twisted them hard, we stood in front of your Grandpa. Everyone around us was smiling, as he pulled on your Mama's nipples, hearing her moan, then pushed two fingers in her cunt, then held my cock wanking me furiously. “How long have you been shagging your sister?” I told him about twelve months sir, when we saw you shagging Mama.”

“Ok, well seeing as you have watched me and your Mama, it’s only fair we watch you two. Mia, do you like Eli shagging you?” She nodded her head, “Yes, Daddy I do, he makes me all tingly and nice.”

“Mia lay down, Eli fuck your sister hard we all want to see your spunk dripping from her, if you impregnate her all the better.” We fucked like crazy in front of everyone and since then we didn’t need to hide anymore.”

“Oh Daddy, what a lovely story,” I had been masturbating the whole time, my nipples burning hot and leaking milk, and because I had been wanking for a while my clit had grown. Ian walked up to us, “She’s our slave bitch now Dad.”

“Now to breed her.” I saw the size of his cock. “Get in the back garden slave, my cock will open your cervix and I am going to impregnate you.”

When I went into the garden, I noticed a few of our friends were waiting for us, all were naked, when I heard Daddy's commanding voice, “On your hands and knees slave, your body is mine to command, now suck every cock in welcome and if there are any twats, suck their clits to welcome them.” He came behind me and lifted me up so my ass was high in the air, then slammed his cock deep in my twat and I felt him penetrating my cervix. Ian came and stood at my head, holding some of my hair in his hands and pushing his now bigger cock down my throat. Two men were on their backs suckling hard on my now-milking titties and were wanking at the same time. Both Daddy and Ian lasted about an hour, Ian pulled out, allowing someone else to take his place; but Daddy kept his cock inside me, making sure his sperm would invade my eggs. Everyone fucked me in every position you could think of well through the night.

The Dawn was breaking when the last of them went home and Ian carried me up to bed and proceeded to shag me hard again. Daddy followed us up and twenty minutes later, he began suckling my teats drinking as much milk as he could. Shortly after we all into a deep sleep, the last thing I heard was, She’s going to make a good slave Dad.”

“She sure is son and I have impregnated her.”
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