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It had been a while after a rough break-up and talking to my ex-girlfriend again unveiled some surprising events that occurred during my absence.
Scene guide –

Scene One – The Dreams: I keep having some weird dreams

Scene Two – The Contact: We get in touch, once again

Scene Three – The Confession: Amishi narrates how her co-worker continued to assault her

Scene Four – End of Chapter Four


After hearing the previous story with her coworker, I was not only devastated but also of the notion that I finally got the closure I had wanted. I thought I was finally done living in the past, had wrapped up this shitty phase of my life for good and ready to move on. Little did I know that I wasn’t off the hook just yet.

Scene One - The Dreams

I woke up with a jolt on my bed, eyes wide open. It was still dark so I checked the time on my phone. Just a few minutes passed 3 am. “Not those weird dreams again”, I sighed.

Since my catching up with Amishi and listening to her confessions, I started having these lewd dreams. They occurred almost regularly and I used to see my ex in compromising situations with different people. This time I saw her naked, trying to cover her privates with her hands, while her coworker sat beside her laughing.

I checked myself and indeed, I had a boner, once again. “Why am I getting aroused, I should be angered” I thought. Yet my erection didn’t subside. Maybe it was my body longing for physical intimacy with her or maybe, just maybe I had started getting turned on by her ordeals.

I tried to shake off these thoughts but soon I had opened up my messaging app to check Amishi’s display picture. There she was, wearing a tight white top, smiling at the camera. I focused on her boobs and could see the bra outlines faintly.

In no time, I was jerking off at full speed, remembering all the details of her story with a vivid imagination. I finished off sometime later but made a big mistake. While I was closing the app, I mistakenly initiated a video call. Though I was quick to cut it, the call already got registered, which means Amishi would be able to see it. Too tired to think about it, I just dozed off.


Scene Two - The Contact

The first thing I did when I woke up the next day was to check my phone. I was afraid how Amishi would react to my late-night call but to my surprise there was absolutely no message from her side.

A part of me was relieved but I was also disappointed a little. Perhaps that indeed was actually was our last meeting.

I was about to call it a day and retire when a message popped up on my screen. “There?”, it read, by Amishi.

“Hey, yes..” I started typing, about to explain the previous night’s accidental call when she messaged this instead “I thought you would contact me sooner to know the details I left out last time.”

Surprised for a moment I now recalled that she had mentioned that there were more details remaining. I wasn’t even planning to dig more into it but since opportunity presented itself, I quickly deleted my explanation and typed in “Yes, sure, shall I call?”

My phone started ringing, it was her. I took a comfortable position on my bed and picked up the call.

And thus began another one of her narratives.


Scene Three – The Confession (in her own words)

I thought things would become extremely awkward the next day at the office but Suresh behaved surprisingly normal with me. He greeted me like every day else, we chatted a little and it got me thinking that whatever happened was just a moment of passion. I even thought that he would eventually apologize to me. But I was wrong.

It was lunch time and as usual and I went with Suresh towards the lift. Finding it empty, I hesitated, considering our recent encounter.

“Come on, we’re getting late”, Suresh said in a demanding manner. I quickly hopped in and stood at a distance from him.

Suresh pressed the buttons and came closer to me. “What’s wrong? Issues with work?”, he asked, sensing my nervousness.

“No, I’m okay”, I said meekly, looking away. I took out my phone from my purse, trying to avoid any further conversation but suddenly I felt his hand on my buttocks.

Shocked at the sudden intrusion I looked towards him but was at a loss of words. Suresh simply smiled and tightened his squeeze on my right ass cheek.

“Suresh, please”, I finally muttered with pleading eyes. “Shh”, he replied and moved his hands towards my ass crack. I tried to move away but unfortunately I was standing in the corner.

I was wearing Salwar-Kurti that day. The Kurti was of thin material, offering least resistance to his prying hand. The cloth went deeper into my crevice as he pushed and squeezed further. My panties didn’t help much either.

I grabbed his hand and tried to push it but he was too strong. His fingers were already nudging my asshole, making me very uncomfortable.

Suddenly, the lift door started opening and Suresh quickly withdrew his hand. I thought of adjusting my dress but we were greeted by a big crowd so I gave up the idea of doing so. Thankfully my Salwar was a long one which completely hid my crumpled Kurti lodged into my ass crack.

Lunch went normal and it was only during my next washroom break that I was able to readjust my dress, unwary of the fact that it would soon be messed up again.

The rest of the day went well and it was only during the evening that Suresh came up to my desk and said softly, “Hey, I’ll drop you tonight”.

Getting tensed at the sudden proposition, I blurted out “My roommate’s there Suresh, she’s already back from office”.

Suresh simply laughed and replied, “I just wanted to drop you off till your home, what are you thinking anyway?”. Embarrassed, I simply nodded and said OK.

Wrapping up my work for the day, we headed off. The lift was crowded this time hence Suresh didn’t get any chance for further assault. We were soon downstairs and boarded an auto, sharing seats with another guy; Suresh sat in the middle. The auto took off and it wasn’t long before I felt a hand on my knees.

I immediately grabbed his hands and looked at his face. But it was dark and I couldn’t see his expressions. It was night time after all and the only source of illumination were the street lights shining on us periodically.

Suresh massaged my knees softly and no matter how much I tried to loosen the grip his hands didn’t budge; instead, he would only increase his pressure in response to my attempts.

I slowly let go and turned to look outside. “He is only touching your knees Amishi, it’s harmless”, I thought to myself. “I’ll reach home soon anyway. It’s just for a while.”

As I kept speaking to myself in my mind, his hands slowly started creeping upwards, reaching my thighs. I shuddered and grabbed his hands again, trying to stop him. He suddenly gave a very tight squeeze which made me wince.

The other passenger looked towards us quizzically, but due to lack of proper lighting he couldn’t guess what was going on, or so I thought. Even the auto driver glanced back slightly but resumed driving as if nothing happened. Suresh paused momentarily then resumed his assault.

“Why are you allowing this Amishi”, I started thinking to myself. “Whatever happened yesterday was a one-time thing. Maybe you got tempted then but this can’t continue.”

Suresh kept caressing my thighs, going up and down, nearing my crotch. My silence only encouraged him.

“Should I scream? What if they beat him? How will it affect things at the office?”, I continued to ponder while Suresh kept molesting me. Now he reached between my legs and signalled me to spread them. I resisted at first but ultimately parted my legs a little, unable to think of doing anything else. This was like a big invitation to him and he started becoming more aggressive.

“Only a few minutes now Amishi, almost reached home”, I consoled myself in my thoughts. “We shall end this once and for all; but not now, not like this”.

Suresh had almost reached my crotch now and signalled me to spread my legs even more. I simply laid back and did as commanded. I could already see my apartment building now.

“Shit”, I gasped as I felt his hands on my crotch. The auto driver turned, a little alarmed and asked, “Stopping here?”.

“Over there”, I said panting, pointing to a nearby spot.

Despite all the commotion Suresh kept his hands planted on my crotch. Sensing he didn’t have much time left now, he started rubbing my pussy over my Kurti. I arched my back and looked towards him, only to find the other guy staring towards us.

Suresh had placed his bag to block the view, but the guy knew something fishy was definitely going on. I just hoped he wasn’t someone who knew me.

I clenched my purse as Suresh rubbed my pussy with more force, closing my eyes momentarily. Regardless of such a shameful situation, I couldn’t help but realize that whatever Suresh did was giving me pleasure.

And then suddenly it stopped. Suresh withdrew his hand swiftly as the auto stopped. I opened my eyes to see the premises of my apartment building.

I hurriedly hopped down from the auto in a dazed state. “Am I relieved that it’s over, or am I disappointed?”, I thought confused, handing over my fare to the driver. He stared at me weirdly while taking the money.

As I turned towards Suresh to wave him goodbye, to my surprise I saw him exiting the auto as well. “Forgot to tell you something Amishi”, he said, paying his fare.

“Do it now Amishi”, I thought to myself. “End all of this now”.

As we started walking towards my building, I spoke up, “Listen Suresh, you have been a wonderful friend to me and helped me a lot during my tough times. Whatever happened yesterday was a mistake. But we cannot continue like this”.

Suresh was nodding but he seemed busy with his phone. “All of this has to stop now”, I continued.

He looked at me with a smile and said, “First you have to answer one thing honestly Amishi”.

“What?”, I asked, puzzled. “Did you enjoy what we did yesterday?”, he questioned.

“I told you Suresh, it was a mistake, please let go of this”, I stammered. “I said did you enjoy? Answer me honestly”, he questioned me again.

I paused for bit, looked down and said softly, “Yes, maybe a little”. “What did you enjoy Amishi?”, he asked again, nearing me.

Desperate to end this now, I replied, directly looking at him, “Yes I enjoyed yesterday when you fucked me ok?”.

“Then why do you want it to stop?”, Suresh immediately spoke back, sneakily putting his right hand around my waist as we walked on.

“Because, well because”, I started but was at a loss of words. Finding me preoccupied with the question, Suresh pulled me closer towards him. “Because it’s not right Suresh, we’re just friends”, I finally managed to blurt out.

“So? Friends have fun, right?”, Suresh spoke slyly, rubbing my waist.

My mind was in a conflict. On one hand, he was correct. I had already severed ties with you from my side and completely ghosted you. We weren’t together anymore, I was single. I could definitely have a little fun. But then again, the breakup was never properly done. I had kept so many things in the dark. The concept of casual physical intimacy never appealed to me either. But why was I getting drawn to this new thrill?

As I was busy making up my mind, Suresh’s hand had already reached my boobs. Not sensing any resistance from my side, he grabbed my right boob, enveloping it entirely with his huge palm. I frantically started scanning my surroundings, checking for my building watchman. It would be a big issue if he saw me in that situation. Luckily, neither he or any other person were visible.

“Suresh, please, not here”, I pleaded as softly as I could, wriggling a bit, while Suresh continued to knead my breasts. “Then let’s go upstairs, to your room”, Suresh whispered into my ear.

“No Suresh, my roommate is there”, I lied in panic as I knew going up into my room would end up in us having sex. I stopped resisting, choosing the lesser of two evils; better to let him have his fun here than up there.

We were already inside our building now, in the parking space to be more precise. In one of the far corners, there’s a small void beneath the stairs. The inside is mostly hidden from direct view and a few perpetually parked cars around it make a great secret hideout in itself. I’m sure you remember it, don’t you?

Not wanting anyone to see me like this, I started walking in that direction. I’m sure Suresh got the hint and followed my lead, releasing me momentarily.

As soon as we entered the void, Suresh crept up from behind, hugging me, both his hands massaging my tits. “You need this, Amishi. You have had lot of tough times in your life. Your asshole boyfriend treated you so badly. Things were tough at the office but I helped you overcome your all your struggles, didn’t I?”, he kept whispering into my ears. Now that I think of it, all his words were nothing but manipulation of my already troubled mind.

“Oh my God”, I gasped as I felt his fingers caress my nipples. My thin cotton bra offered no protection against his prying hands. “Just relax and enjoy Amishi, I’ll make you feel good”, Suresh whispered again, gently licking my earlobes. The sensations were making me weak. Though it was wrong and I didn’t want it to happen, Suresh was right about his actions.

He directed his attention to my nipples now, making slow circular motions on my areolas and occasionally flicking my erogenous buds. They became fully erect now, wanting more attention from his mischievous hands. “See, you’re enjoying”, Suresh whispered as he started sucking on my neck.

He wasn’t wrong. Despite not wanting it to happen, despite the fear of getting caught, I somehow started to give in and enjoy being pleasured by him. Closing my eyes, I just let him continue.

“Shit!!”, I gasped as Suresh suddenly pinched both my nipples together. Instinctively, I tilted my head backwards towards him and lowered my hands to his thighs. “Keep enjoying”, he whispered, kneading my breasts again. His fingers went back towards my nipples and I prepared myself for what was coming next.

“Ohhhhhh my godddd!!”, I winced in pain as Suresh pinched my nipples again, this time with a much higher force. Along with the alarming pain, shockwaves of pleasure coursed through my body, sending me over the edge. My back arched and I nudged his crotch with my buttocks, only to find a raging hard-on in his pants. “You make me hard Amishi”, he whispered, releasing my nipples momentarily.

By now, I was breathing very heavily, eyes closed again as Suresh resumed gently squeezing my boobs and kissing my neck. The bastard exactly when to be rough and when to let go. Not only was this driving me nuts, it was making me want it more.

Impulsively, I started rubbing my ass on his erection, gripping his thighs for support. “Ah, yes Amishi”, Suresh moaned softly and once again started zoning in on my nipples. At that point, neither was I scared, nor was I ashamed. My body had betrayed me, the sensations of pleasure had outweighed all other emotions and all I wanted was Suresh to molest me, to use me, to pinch my rock-hard nipples.

“Fuckkkkk”, I cried out in shock as Suresh pinched and twisted my nipples wildly, with almost a brute like force. I clenched his thighs in pain and dug my fingers deep into his flesh, scraping his trousers with my nails. Suresh grunted and began dry humping me, thrusting his rod on my buttocks. But unlike previously, he didn’t let go of his grip this time, maintaining the pressure and viciously kneading my buds without mercy.

“Turn around Amishi”, Suresh suddenly commanded and spun me. He took out his phone, pointed towards me and said, “Lift your Kurti”, he continued, “Just some snaps for me, don’t worry, won’t show your face”.

I was definitely shocked but guess too far gone in desire. Holding the bottom edges of my Kurti, I started lifting it up, looking towards Suresh. “You want me to see them, don’t you?”, Suresh said panting, his phone pointed at me. “Yes, I replied’, shyly. “What do you want me to see Amishi?”, he asked again. I understood what he wanted and continued pulling my dress upwards.

Once my Kurti went above my boobs, I stopped, looking at him and said slowly, “I want you see these Suresh”. I protruded my chest outwards and said again, “I want you see my boobs”.

Suresh stared hungrily at my bra clad globes for a while and then commanded, “Then show them, open your bra”.

Holding my Kurti in place with one hand, I lowered my other hand to unclasp my bra. I didn’t even object or hesitate. It was like I was in a lustful trance. All I longed for at that moment was his hands on my boobs.

And before you know it, I was standing bare chested in front of my colleague, my white cotton bra dangling loosely below my round melons. “My God”, Suresh exclaimed lifting his left hand towards my breasts.

“You’ve got perfect boobs Amishi”, Suresh said, massaging my right tit and then my left, occasionally stopping to lightly pinch and pull my nipples. I simply closed my eyes and let him pleasure me. His right hand still held his phone; I wondered how many snaps he was planning to take.

As I started getting more excited again, I slipped my free hand downwards and slowly started rubbing his crotch. He was still hard and somehow this made me feel proud about myself. Suresh, simply let out a small moan and started mauling my breasts more roughly. I’m sure if it wasn’t for his phone, one of his hands would’ve been inside my panties already.

Thinking about his hands touching my pussy made me wilder than I already was and I simply undid his zipper and started pulling out his erect cock. Suresh mildly groaned and pointed his phone down towards his crotch. He was surprised, but elated at my unexpected move.

It might sound stupid, but at that time, I thought finishing him off was the best way to end this. I was enjoying it I won’t lie but getting caught engaging in such degrading acts in public or things escalating to sex was something I wanted to avoid at all costs.

Once his penis was out, it stood in full attention. I slowly trailed my hand across it, as it throbbed rhythmically. My fair hand with red nail polish made a striking contrast against his thick black member. It was already leaking pre cum and I started stroking it, pulling and pushing it against his body.

I saw Suresh close his eyes, reducing his grip on my boobs as his hands trembled. “Oh yes baby, just like that”, he moaned in pleasure as I pulled back his foreskin, revealing the pink wet bulbous head of his dick. I rubbed it with my palm softly, collecting his precum. Then I started jerking him off again, now with a lubricated hand as Suresh groaned in delight.

Suresh was breathing heavily and started moved his hand all over my body. Lost in ecstasy, he was confused where to place his grip. I steadily increased my speed and pressure; I had to finish him off before he decides to invade my pussy again; not that I didn’t want him to but like I said, wasn’t a very good outcome.

“Oh my God!!”, I exclaimed as Suresh started ejaculating jets of sperm in the air, much of it landing straight onto my bare stomach and my Salwar. “Fuck Amishi”, Suresh finally groaned after being silent for a while now. I immediately stopped stroking him and cupped my hand below his penis to collect his remaining semen; he kept leaking for a while and I didn’t want the watchman finding stains on the floor.

Thinking it was finally over, I hurriedly released my Kurti and frantically started scanning the area to discard his juice and wipe my hands. I heard Suresh silently zipping up his pants.

“Wipe it on you Amishi”, Suresh suddenly spoke up. I looked at him in disgust, only to see him holding his phone towards me. “Wipe my cum on your sexy boobs Amishi, do it now and I’ll leave”, he demanded.

I looked around one last time before I lifted my hands to wipe it off on my dress. “No, not there, on your boobs”, Suresh stopped me, inching closer with his device still pointed at me.

What could I do. I lifted my Kurti once again, letting him feast on my snow-white globes with his eyes. As soon as my breasts came into view, a smile appeared on his face. “Now wipe my cream on you”, Suresh commanded again, slyly.

Not able to think any further, I started rubbing his semen on my breasts. They were already sore from his assault and somehow, smearing the disgusting liquid on my chest felt a bit soothing. It was still warm, giving me the sensation of my moisturizer.

“Happy?”, I shot at Suresh, as I wiped the last bit of his bodily cream on myself. He simply nodded, finally putting away his phone into his pocket. “What a mess”, I spoke to myself, rearranging my dresses.

“So, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at the office?”, Suresh asked, slowly exiting our hideout. “Yes”, I replied, following him, heading towards the lift. “Ok bye then. I’m going to finish off today watching you”, Suresh said, winking at me and walked off outside our building. I felt my pussy tinge at the thought of him jerking off to me. “What’s wrong with you Amishi”, I thought to myself as I entered the lift.

“Whatever happened has happened Amishi”, I continued speaking to myself in my mind. “You can’t change it anyway. But this has to stop. Build up your courage and put an end to this”. The lift started moving upwards as I stared blankly. “Let’s do it today. Just freshen up, tidy your clothes and we’ll break it off tonight”.

By the time I arrived at my floor I was sure about calling Suresh and ending this ordeal. I exited the lift and as I made my way towards my room, I saw our watchman uncle walking towards me. “Yadav Sir had called me”, he stated with a smile. Though I was always in good terms with him and we always greeted each other, somehow, something felt off about him that day. He was eyeing me strangely. “Seems you had a rough day”, he said as he passed me by. “Nothing much uncle, just the usual”, I replied back with a smile, quickening my steps. I couldn’t let him get the stench of semen smeared all over my body.

I sneakily glanced back as I unlocked my door and saw him inside the lift waving me with a sly smile on his face. I waved back and hurriedly entered my room, shutting the door behind me.

As soon I was in, I threw my purse on the couch, grabbed my towel and ran inside the bathroom. I started undressing myself, dumping each bit of my clothing into the wash bucket. When I opened the final bit of clothing, which were my red panties, I noticed a big stain in the middle. Not only did I get wet, but there were white deposits in it as well. “Did I fucking cum?”, I wondered.

Before long, I was all done tidying myself and my clothes. I made some dinner and got ready for my call with Suresh. “You have to be firm Amishi”, I said to myself as I dialled his number.

The phone rang for a while before Suresh answered, “Yo Amishi, wassup baby?”.

Mustering courage I started speaking, “Listen Suresh, whatever has happened between us was a huge mistake. Let’s not ruin this further. I’m stopping all this now and if you don’t comply, I might have to stop talking with you completely”.

Suresh waited for a while before answering, “I don’t think that’s going to happen Amishi”.

“I’m serious Suresh, I’ll cut you off”, I spoke furiously. Suresh waited again a bit and said, “Before I say anything, just check your phone”. The call dropped.

I viewed my phone and saw a few notifications popping up on my media messaging app. I opened them up and gaped in shock. Suresh was never taking pictures of me; he was recording me! And the naïve me thought he would be kind enough to not reveal my face!

I hadn’t even gathered my thoughts together when Suresh called me back. “This doesn’t change anything Suresh. I was forced by you!”, I lashed out at him furiously. “Your words and actions say otherwise Amishi”, he calmly replied. He was right. Not only had I not struggled in the recordings, I had in fact stated to like it. My heart sank.

“What do you want Suresh?”, I shouted at him, almost sobbing. He was laughing at the other end. “First of all, Amishi”, he began, “First of all, I want this to continue. Secondly, I’ll be giving you orders randomly. You deny any order and these videos go viral. And lastly, wear that sexy business skirt of yours tomorrow”.

Not only was I crying by now, my body was shaking in fear. “Do you understand Amishi?”, Suresh spoke again, sternly. “Ya, yes, yes Suresh”, I muttered softly. The call disconnected abruptly.

The realization slowly hit me. Moments ago, I was hoping to end my ordeal and now, I had gotten myself entangled into a much worse situation. I was his bitch now, completely at his mercy.

Nothing else happened that night. I skipped dinner and dozed off crying.

Are you there? Are you still there?


Scene Four – Back to reality

“Yes, yes Amishi, I’m here”, I blurted out on the call. I had gotten so engrossed listening to her story and imagining it that I had forgotten I was having a phone conversation.

“What happened next?”, I asked. “Well, things got worse”, she replied with a sigh, “Let’s discuss it tomorrow, I’ve got to go now”.

“No problem, Amishi, take care”, I agreed and hung up the call. As I stood up, I realized that I had a full-length boner, forming a huge tent in my pants.

It was safe to say now that these confessions were turning me on. Not that I didn’t feel bad for her. I did, I got angered as well. But there was something so enticing about hearing it from her that I kept wanting to hear more. Lucky for me, that would be tomorrow!
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