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This is Taneesha, sharing my new story: I'm 5'7", with a stunning figure, 36C-28-36. My beauty is often described as breathtaking, and I catch people staring. I have a fair complexion, a well-defined facial structure, and full, attractive lips. My eyes are captivating, long hair cascades down, toned legs eye-catching, and I have a charming smile.
The next day, Rick thoroughly prepared me for the crucial meeting ahead, expressing his confidence in my abilities. He also mentioned the notable aspect of the client's company being led by a distinguished CEO of Indian descent. I suggested Rick to go for shopping as the clients are expected to arrive in the evening.

Rick agreed, and we visited a nearby mall, where we discovered a store specializing in Indian clothing. We browsed through various options, and after trying on numerous dresses, we ultimately ***********ed a captivating black and red satin saree and matching blouse, lacy lingerie, shapewear, perfume, a makeup kit, and a pair of studs for ears, as well as high heels.

After purchasing the items, we went to Sloan. I opted for a variety of services, including facials, manicures, pedicures, and a full-body wax. We then returned to the restaurant for lunch, where I began researching the art of draping a saree. After lunch, we went to our room.

As evening rolled around, I had a quick shower. After drying off, I slipped into the lingerie set. I then put on the satin blouse, which covered my bra and featured a deep neckline that showcased my cleavage. Carefully, I wrapped the shapewear around my waist below my navel, and finally, I draped the black and red satin saree around my body. The saree clung to my body, highlighting every curve of mine.

I sat down to apply my makeup, my fingers moving with precision as I painted my nails and toenails with matte black nail polish. Then, I applied makeup to my face, emphasizing my features with bold strokes. Then I applied kajal to line my lids with a subtle cat-eye effect, followed by blood-red lipstick, which made my lips look plump and inviting.

Next, I wore a pair of studs on my ears, the sparkle of the diamonds adding a touch of elegance to my overall look. I then brushed my hair, the strands falling like silk down my back as I set it over my right shoulder. Finally, I slipped on a pair of high heels, with my complete ensemble, I felt confident, empowered, and ready to take on the night, exuding a sense of sophistication and sex appeal that was impossible to ignore.

As the clock struck 8 pm, I heard the gentle knock on the door. I opened it to find Rick standing before me, his eyes widening in admiration as he took in my stunning ensemble. He then asked me to “Pose with me”, Rick said, he raised his phone, and I instinctively moved closer. Our bodies aligned, and I could feel the warmth radiating from him. His arm snaked around my waist, pulling me in. The camera clicked, capturing the moment.

We moved to the conference room of the Restaurant. I could sense everyone's eyes on me, and I ignored them, reaching the conference hall. Clients were stunned to see me in such a sexy hot dress, their eyes locking onto me like magnets as I sashayed towards them.

Rick introduced me as his secretary, and I welcomed each of them with a warm handshake and a professional smile. They were three distinguished gentlemen, each exuding the confidence and authority that comes with years of experience. Their names were Vihaan, the enigmatic CEO from India, exuded an aura of authority and confidence. Ethan and Liam, the charismatic co-founders from South Africa, brought their own unique strengths and perspectives to the table.

I began my presentation, noticing that their eyes were fixed on me, their gazes lingering on my curves and my face as I spoke. I made a point to maintain eye contact with each of them, projecting confidence and professionalism as I presented my ideas. I could feel the weight of their attention, and I used it to my advantage, making sure to convey my message clearly and effectively. After an hour or so, I finished my presentation, and Rick took charge, asking the clients for their feedback.

Vihaan: Rick, your project is good. We will really like to move further. But what we will get extra if we give this project to you?

Rick: I didn’t get you sir. I will do my best.

Ethan: That’s fine Rick. But we are looking for something extra.

Rick: Could you please clarify, sir?

Liam: We're quite taken with Taneesha's charm and grace.

Vihaan: Rick, please don’t take this the wrong way. But we’d like Taneesha to join us for the night. The decision is yours.

Rick: How can you even suggest such a thing?

Vihaan: Rick, it’s purely professional. Rest assured. The choice is yours.

Rick: I need a few minutes to discuss this with Taneesha.

Rick: Taneesha. I am not forcing you. It’s just a matter of one night and he offered me 10% to the deal.

Me: I agreed, Rick, as I’ll be receiving 10% of the deal.

Rick: Taneesha is ready guys.

Vihan: We're delighted, Taneesha. That you are with us for now.

Liam: Taneesha, darling, we've been holding back. But now, we can’t control ourselves.

Taneesha darling, we had stopped ourselves very hardly. Now we cannot stop more.

Vihan: Alright, everyone. Let's head to our suite.

Rick then asked the clients to sign the contract before they moved to the suite. Once they had signed, Rick left them.

We moved to their suite. As we entered the luxurious suite, they immediately requested that I perform a strip tease for them. They put on some alluring music, and the beat pulsed through the room, creating a sensual atmosphere. My heart raced as I prepared myself for the performance, and I could see the excitement in their eyes as they settled into the plush seating and sipped on their drinks

I obliged, my hands moving slowly and deliberately as I began to dance in the middle of the room. The music seemed to take control of my body, my hips swaying to the rhythm as I began to undress. I dropped my saree to the floor, letting it pool at my feet like a puddle of liquid gold. I teasingly removed my blouse, letting the fabric slip off my shoulders and reveal the lacy bra. My hips continued to sway as I slipped off my shapewear, leaving me dancing in my lacy bra, panties, and high heels.

I unhooked my bra, and my breasts were now exposed and jiggling with each movement. The sensation sent shivers down my spine, and I could feel the heat rising in the room as I continued to dance. I slowly slid my panties down my legs, and I was now standing before them, wearing nothing but my high heels. I could see their eyes widen and bulge at the sight of my beautiful, naked body, with my sexy curves on display. I was standing in the middle of three muscular, horny hunks who were eager and wanting to fuck me to the core.

As I continued to dance, I could see the prominent bulges in their pants, and I knew they were ready for me. They removed their clothes, and I couldn't help but gasp at the sight of their erect dicks. Vihan's measured around 8 inches, Ethan's at 10 inches, and Liam's was the thickest and largest of all at a whopping 11 inches.

I couldn’t resist looking at their dicks, and I was so excited to taste them all. I took their dicks with my hands and took turns sucking their dicks one after the other with full enthusiasm. I wanted to satisfy their lust fully, and I used my lips and tongue well. I was taking them in, spitting on them, taking them deep into my throat. It was feeling just amazing. I was literally getting choked, and my saliva was dripping all over their dicks and my boobs. For every five or six strokes, I kept switching between their dicks.

I showed off my deep-throat skills like a professional whore, taking dick after dick after dick. As soon as one dick slipped from my lips, another would immediately replace it. I had never imagined that I could handle three dicks at a time. It was an incredible experience!

They roughly pulled me up and tossed me onto the bed, their eyes filled with desire and hunger. I felt like a defenceless little lamb surrounded by a group of starving lions. I was at their mercy, completely surrounded by their strong, muscular bodies.

Vihan's lips crashed down onto mine, his tongue delving into my mouth with a kiss that was both passionate and dominant. His hands roamed my body, tracing patterns along my skin as he explored every inch of me. Ethan's mouth found its way to my breasts, his lips and teeth teasing my nipples as he sucked and bit at them. His hands were on my hips, his fingers digging into my skin as he held me in place, his grip firm and unyielding.

Liam’s lips and tongue were on my inner thighs, his stubble scratching against my sensitive skin as he kissed and licked his way up to my wet core. I grabbed him by his hair, pulling him closer, my legs falling open as I begged him with my body to taste me. And then his tongue was on my clit, licking and sucking and driving me wild. I moaned, my hips bucking as I ground myself against his face.

The three of them took turns, tasting and teasing me, their hands and mouths driving me to the brink of madness. I could feel first orgasm building, my body tensing and trembling as I reached for the peak. And then, with a cry of pleasure, I came, my juices flowing freely as I rode out the waves of pleasure.

As I spread my legs and invited Vihan, Ethan, and Liam to take me, I could feel their desire and need to be inside of me. I was ready for them, my body aching for their touch.

Vihan positioned himself between my thighs, his eyes filled with desire as he slowly guided his dick into my wet and waiting pussy. I could feel every inch of him as he filled me up, his thickness stretching me wide. He started off slow, his thrusts deep and deliberate as he took his time. I could feel the pleasure building inside of me, my body trembling with anticipation.

But soon, Vihan was picking up the pace, his hips moving faster and faster as he gave me deep strokes. I could feel him hitting me in all the right places, my body moving in time with his as I begged for more.

Ethan and Liam stood on either side of me, their hard cocks in my hands as I started to suck them. I could feel their desire and need to be inside of me, their cocks pulsing and throbbing in my hands.

Vihan’s thrusts grew more and more intense, his hips moving faster and faster as he drove into me. I could feel him getting close, his cock pulsing and throbbing inside of me. And then, with a loud cry, he came hard, filling me up with his hot, sticky cum.

The feeling of him cumming inside of me pushed me over the edge, and I hit my second orgasm of the night. I could feel my body shaking and trembling, my pussy clenching and pulsing around his cock as I rode out the waves of pleasure.

As Vihan pulled out and left me with Ethan and Liam, I watched as he settled into the sofa, seemingly content to watch the scene unfold. Ethan, however, had other plans. He pulled me towards him, guiding me to straddle him as he lay back on the bed.

I eagerly climbed on top of him, my legs on either side as I positioned myself above his hard cock. I reached down and guided him inside me, sinking down onto him with a moan of pleasure as I felt him fill me up.

Once he was buried deep inside me, I began to ride him, my hips moving in a steady rhythm as I ground down against him. I could feel every inch of him, the sensation of him inside me almost overwhelming as I lost myself in the moment.

As I moved on top of Ethan, I could feel the heat of our bodies, the connection between us growing stronger with each thrust. I leaned down, my hands braced on either side of his head as I kissed him deeply, our tongues dancing together in a passionate embrace.

At the same time, I continued to pleasure Liam, my lips wrapped around his cock as I sucked and licked him with a feverish intensity. The feeling of both of them driving me wild was almost too much to handle, and I could feel my orgasm building, my body tensing up as I reached for the peak.

As I approached the edge, I could sense that Ethan was close as well, his thrusts becoming more urgent as he approached his own release. I could feel the tension building between us, the heat of our bodies and the intensity of our movements reaching a fever pitch.

With a final, explosive thrust, Ethan came undone, his orgasm crashing over him in waves. I could feel him pulsing inside me, the sensation of him filling me up sending me over the edge as well. I cried out in pleasure, my body shaking with the intensity of my own release.

As we caught our breath, I could feel Liam's cock still hard in my mouth, and I knew that I wasn't done yet. I saw that Ethan had joined Vihan on the sofa, leaving me alone with Liam on the bed.

Liam looked at me with a hungry gaze and told me to kneel in a doggy position. I did as he told me, he got behind me and positioned himself, then pushed his thick cock inside my pussy. I let out a moan as I felt him fill me up, my body stretching to accommodate his size.

Liam started fucking me with a fierce intensity, his thrusts deep and powerful. I could feel every inch of him, the sensation of him inside me almost overwhelming as I lost myself in the moment. He grabbed my hair and pulled, using it as leverage to fuck me even harder.

As he moved behind me, I could feel the sound of his balls banging against my ass, filling the room with a rhythmic, erotic sound. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, letting out a moan for every thrust. Liam spanked my ass cheeks, adding to the intensity of the scene.

I could feel my orgasm building, my body tensing up as I reached for the peak. I could tell that Liam was close as well, his thrusts becoming more urgent and intense. With a final, explosive thrust, he came undone, his orgasm crashing over him in waves. I could feel him pulsing inside me, the sensation of him filling me up sending me over the edge as well.

As we caught our breath, I was exhausted from all the intense fucking and had no energy left to move. Liam pulled out of me and moved to the sofa, joining Vihan and Ethan. They all looked at me with satisfied smiles as Liam asked me to clean myself up and join them for dinner. I looked at the clock and saw that it was midnight. I moved to take a shower, wiping myself clean and stepping out of the bath, feeling refreshed and ready to join them.

To be continued….

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