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The Goa'uld Neroth gets a new toy.
The sarcophagus grants eternal life ( through infinite resurrections ) but not eternal youth ( after 10,000 years the part that keeps the hosts mind young wears off and the host starts to feel the effects of old age, sinility and dementia ).To effectively use the sarcophagus the Goa'uld must switch Human hosts every five or six thousand years, this will grant them eternal life and eternal youth.

A Human can also achieve eternal life and eternal youth but in order to do this he or she needs a sarcophagus and a device ( like the one found in Machello's lab and the one Anubis used on Thor ) that allows him or her to transfer his or her consciousness into another Human body every 5 or 6 thousand years. If I had these devices I could keep Richter and the Woman in the secret room in my temple young and healthy forever by transferring their consciousness into new Human bodies.

My spies have given me Asgard beaming technology and the device Anubis used on Thor so now I can instantly transport any where I desire and I can keep Richter and the female alive and healthy forever. My spies have also informed me that a SG ( Stargate ) team has been spotted on a nearby planet, they're not entirely sure why the SG team is there but they told me that Samantha Carter is on that team.

I told all 10 of my personal guards to take the cargo ship ( above the arena) and to go to that planet and abduct Samantha Carter and bring her to me. I told them to use stealth when abducting her, use deadly force if necessary but most importantly don't let anyone follow them back to me.

Sitting on my throne behind the forcefield in the secret room in my temple I'm watching the Human female get brutally gang raped by the three Unas. I've watched them gang rape her hundreds of times but each time it brings me so much pleasure. Watching her bang on the forcefield, begging for my forgiveness, calling my name before being dragged away by the three Unas and gang raped.

She stopped trying to drown herself in the hygene pool, she knows I can resurrect the dead so death by drowning and starvation won't save her from one thousand years of torture. As I watch this completely bald Human female get gang raped by the three Unas one of my personal guards aboard the cargo ship contacts me and tells me that the mission was a success.

He tells me that they'll be in the room above the Arena in a few minutes, using my new Asgard beaming technology I teleport from the secret room to the room above the Arena. I watch the cargo ship land and several of my personal guards exit the ship. One of them informs me that deadly force was not necessary, Carter would often be alone so it was easy to stun her using a Zat and bring her to the cargo ship.

He told me that she's still unconcious in the ship being watched by the remaining personal guards, I congratulate them on a successful mission and tell them to bring her to my temple. Beaming from the cargo ship room to my temple I watch my guards bring Carter to me, I order my guards to return to their stations.

Sitting on my throne she wakes up and is understandibly confused, I say " it's an honor to finally meet you Samantha Carter " she asks " Who are you? Why am I hear? ". I say " Relax Samantha I'm not going to hurt you, my name is Neroth and I am a god ", she asks " Are you a Goa'uld? ", I reply " Yes, I'm the last god, I wanted to put you at ease so I'm speaking to you in my Human voice ".

She says " You're not a god ", I ask her " How do you define a god? I will be young and healthy forever, I can heal the sick, I can grant eternal life and eternal youth to anyone I choose, I can kill anyone and resurrect them and I'm worshiped by my people, does that not define a god? ". She says " You're an alien using technology that allows you to do all those things, you're not a god ", I reply " If anyone else said that to me I would kill them on the spot but I respect you Samantha, you and your team are responsible for the death of the Goa'uld System Lords ".

I say " Unlike the System Lords I have no desire to conquer other worlds, enslave the populations of those worlds, I don't even use Jaffa, my personal guards are Human ". She asks " Why am I here? What do you want from me? ", I reply " you're going to stay with me forever, my companion in Immortality, my new source for entertainment ".

She's already been hit with a Zat shot so a second Zat shot will kill her but with my sarcophagus that's not a problem, I say " But first there's something I must do ". Shooting her with a second Zat shot I kill Samantha Carter, carrying her body I enter my room and place her in my sarcophagus.

Leaving my room and entering my secret room the three Unas have finished gang raping the female and are drinking from the fresh water fountain in the back of the room. Lowering the forcefield I walk towards the female and say " You are free, your torture has ended, I forgive you ", exhausted and covered in Unas sperm she asks " Really? Am I really free? ".

I reply " Yes, I forgive you for doubting my powers, for doubting me, wash yourself in the hygene pool and then come to me ". She thanks me before jumping into the hygene pool and continues to thank me while the pool removes the sweat and Unas sperm from her body. Now out of the pool she walks towards me, smiling and happy she thanks me again.

Using my new beaming technology I teleport both her and myself to the ( empty ) Arena, she asks " The Arena? Why are we here my Lord? I'm free, can't I return to my Family? ". I reply " You will but you can't return to your Family naked, that's why we're here, step into the cage, I'll transport you to a room with the finest clothes and jewelry, once your dressed then you can return to your Family ".

Entering the cage she steps in the middle of the transport rings, my eyes glow orange and speaking in my Goa'uld voice I say " Now you have my permission to die ". I activate the rings and the female is transported into Hell, once the rings leave she's spotted by the Unas. She tries to run but there's no escape from Hell so the Unas swarm her, they kill her and rip her body to pieces, roasting her body parts over the huge fire pitt before eating her and throwing her broken bones into the fire pitt.

Now back in my room the sarcophagus opens and a resurrected Samantha Carter sees my waiting for her, I say " I removed all of your clothing before placing you in my sarcophagus, you won't be needing them ".she says " Do your worst you won't break me ". My eyes glow orange and speaking in my Goa'uld voice I say " Oh I'm not going to do anything to you ", then I say " It will so much better if you follow me, I really don't want to carry you ".

She asks " You're not going to hurt me? ", I reply " If you follow me then no but if you resist I'll be forced to carry you to your destination ". She says " Fine I'll follow you but whatever it is you have planned for me you won't break me ", stepping out of the sarcophagus she follows me as we leave my room.

We walk to the entrance of my secret room and after opening the door I tell her to walk in. Now in my secret room I push her towards the 3 Unas and then sit on my throne and raise the forcefield. To her credit, knowing she can't pass the forcefield and with the three Unas moving towards her she actually prepares herself for combat.

My eyes glow orange and I'm filled with excitement, one of the Unas tries to grab her and she punches the Unas. She bravely tries to fight the three Unas as they drag her away but they're much too strong for her and it isn't long before the spit roast her ( one Unas in front of her with his giant cock in her mouth and another Unas is behind her with his giant cock in her pussy ), the third Unas is holding her arms so she can't fight.

I'm filled with excitement and pleasure watching the Unas brutally gang rape her, the Unas raping her pussy cums deep inside her and keeps his cock in her before finally pulling it out but as soon as he does the third Unas takes his place and rams every inch of his giant cock inside her pussy. Amazingly she's still trying to fight but the Unas that came in her pussy grabs her arms,.

The Unas raping her mouth cums huge loads down her throat, he's holding her head with his huge hands so she can't move away and she forced to swallow all that Unas cum. He pulls his cock out of her mouth and between moans she's screaming " NO, NO, NO MORE ", the Unas that came in her pussy moves in front of her and puts his limp cock in her mouth to stop her screaming, it's limp but still very big.

She's punching the Unas but due to their size and strength her attacks cause no harm to them, the Unas raping her pussy cums deep inside her and he keeps his cock inside her filling her womb with his cum as if trying to breed her. He finally pulls his cock out of her pussy and then holds her arms to stop her attacks, the Unas pulls his cock out of her mouth and she falls on the ground as the three Unas move towards the fresh water fountain.

She gets up, looks at me and screams " IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? THAT WAS NOTHING, YOU WON'T BREAK ME YOU SON OF A BITCH ". My eyes glow orange and speaking in my Goa'uld voice I say " That's the spirit, keep fighting but let's see how tough you are after one thousand years of this, no one knows you're here, no one is coming to save you, you belong to me and the Unas forever ".

She screams " I DON'T CARE IF IT'S 10,000 YEARS YOU WON'T BREAK ME ", I laugh and say " We shall see Samantha Carter, we shall see ". I am the Goa'uld Neroth, I am a god and I will live forever.
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