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I meet a friend I've been friends with online and unlock a sexual adventure with her from start to finish while at the same time gaining a friend from a friend and sneak away with her while she starts something kinky and discreet with me.
So this little adventure started when a just when I dropped out of high school I was 16 years old not far from turning 17 and I was talking to this girl Shae at first when we started talking I thought this was just going to be a quick root and boot but it turned out to be something way more than I expected.

But lets go back to when I first met Shae it just proves that we live in a smaller world than we know.

I have this mate named Ryan who is still one of my best mates to this very day years from when I started writing this sex journal entry he always had a certain type of taste in girls I never really took interest in the girls he was involved with due to the bro code.

But to this day my friend Ryan was still a virgin until he asked me to come hangout with him one day and told me to meet him out the front of this girls house I thought nothing of it at first so when I arrived he was with this rather solid attractive girl she had a very quiet looking face with beautiful brown fuck me eyes she had a bust that was pretty big but not poking out couldn’t really tell due to the slouchy pink jumper and trackpants she was wearing so she was definitely a casual down to earth girl.

I walked around with them both didn’t know what the hell was going on I just third wheeled behind them walking around the block till we got back to her house I heard her voice for the first time in the 15 minutes I spent with them saying goodbye to Ryan her voice was soft and passionate like she was struggling to breathe but what happened next was even more surprising she gave Ryan a kiss on the lips and walked back into her house.

I walked away with Ryan giving him a manly taunt after seeing what I saw he then went on to tell me he finally lost his virginity, I pointed to that girls house being surprised it was her because by looking at her you wouldn’t take her as the sexual type she looked to innocent.

I was on the edge for more gossip I told Ryan to tell me the details he said there wasn’t much to say they were watching a movie and began kissing and said that he got on top of her and fucked her and came on her stomach and as we all know back to these times I was always a condom person I was quick to remind him he didn’t use protection but he said she didn’t care at first I was worried he might have got her pregnant but kind of hot at the same time.

A few days later me and Ryan hung out again walking around town talking about his encounter with Shae how the was wanting to fuck him again I was like wishing deep down that I had somebody wanting to constantly fuck me but every girl I usually fuck wants a relationship so out of luck there.

Later that day I ended up getting a friend request of her online of coarse I accepted and we started talking I was pretty unaware of my words around this time of my life so I was asking her what the sex was like with Ryan and stuff like that she didn’t seem as enthusiastic about it as Ryan explained.

Shae said she liked and wouldn’t mind having sex with Ryan again but was complaining that he was being very distant towards her after and was worried she might be getting used I reassured her that my friend wasn’t that kind of guy but when I think about it hes just a horny little fucker.

Shae and I started talking more and I told her if I was in Ryan’s position I wouldn’t be so cold with her complementing her on how attractive she is she then went and completely caught me of guard saying to me that me her and Ryan could have a threesome and she was not joking!

I told her I was flattered and the fact im straight and wouldn’t be able to look at my friend again the same way because we have been friends since kindergarten and seeing eachother on the job would make our friendship very awkward I told her if she wasn’t Ryan’s girl (somebody he is fucking) I would so be up for some one on one im glad she understood but sad that I cant fuck her at the same time.

As time went by me and Shae got closer intimately started talking about how much we would like to fuck eachother and even got as far as having phone calls talking about how much she liked sucking dick and how good she is at them and I was getting more and more keen on this sadly she moved out of town before we could actually do anything and Ryan seemed to already forget about her.

There was something about this girl, her sex drive was high she was very mature In her volcabulary and polite for some reason me and Ryan seem to attract them type of girls witch is kind of my type compared to them girls you see looking all plastic and curvy.

Weeks went on I now started a new semester at my local college after a week there the class started their semester across the hall I ended up running into one of my old friends passing that class heading to my own her name was Elanor I never really paid much attention to her or developed any kind of attraction to her I always saw her as a really young girl till i later found she was only 2 months younger than me.

Elanor’s appearance was average like my type but gave of a super innocent vibe , very short full blonde brushed back hair chubby face big smile covered with some innocent schoolgirl glasses she looked like the type of girl that would geek over boybands but still be home in time for dinner and go to church every Sunday definitely not one sexual bone in her body.

Surprised as I was by seeing her little giggily persona we ended up chatting a little bit but we didn’t have much time as she was just going back to class after her break and I was just going to the bathroom.

Elanor and I felt like we haven’t seen eachother in centuries even tho this is the longest we have been in each others presence, we’ve only really caught glimpses of eachother on the way home from school now and then but that’s about it.

Elanor was getting called back to class she told me to text her and said goodbye to me unexpectedly kissing me on the cheek catching me of guard.

I went back into class still stunned by Elanor’s kiss really changing my outlook on her.

All throughout class we were chatting through text sending a bunch of heart emoji’s to eachother being all lovydovy till she told me she really wanted to kiss me I told her to go for it and we will do it after my class finishes because my class finishes when she goes to lunch.

Finally after what seemed like a long wait my class was over and I rushed outside to meet Elanor I could tell by the the giant grin on her face she was nervous and excited ,

Elanor introduced me to her friends and we hung out for a bit the whole time I was with Elanor and her friends we couldn’t keep our hands of eachother we were cuddling and snuggling till Elanor’s friends wanted to go for a smoke that was the opportunity Elanor and I needed to go on our own way we seemed so jittery and overprepared for a kiss I haven’t had a feeling like that since my first kiss and makeout session in the kindergarten toilets when I was was six.

We found a discreet spot behind a class building that was empty and secluded from the rest of the campus we sat and chatted for a little bit still both shaking I was the one who worked up the confidence to make the first move and lightly rub her cheek and ask her if shes ready she kept getting more and more shy I told her to close her eyes and let me do all the work.

Elanor closed her eyes I went in for the kiss and our lips softly brushed together in a slow and passionate peck on the lips Elanor opened her eyes and bit her lower lip looking at me with a bit of fierceness in her eyes I asked if I could lay another one on her she didn’t even have to answer she just brought her head closer to mine and our lips met yet again this time for longer and more harder I could feel her tongue lap at my lips while she kissed me and felt her hands grip my hips tighter

“was she getting horny by this?” I thought

After what seemed like a lifetime Elanor and I stood apart looking at eachother in a new way than before she starred at me like she was going to eat me she then looked down at my waistline and pointed at the growing errection in my pants she pointed out I was hard I couldn’t really say anything but just give her a shrug

“I guess I got turned on by kissing you” I responded

Elanor reached out to touch my erected cock over my pants setting my whole body on high alert I couldn’t believe what this once so innocent girl was doing to me

“you like that?” Elanor asked followed by moving my hand to her boobs and rubbing them making her harshly breathe feeling my touch followed by more making out.

Elanor reached her hand in my pants teasing me only rubbing my cock over my undies really making me horny.

After a while of making out Elanor broke of the kiss telling me how wet she is asking me to feel her pussy she continued to keep stunning me with how sexually active she was I looked around to make sure nobody was watching and I tucked my hand over into her pants feeling the base of her hairless pussy feeling a slight wetness hit the palm of my hand I proceeded to find the opening to slide a finger until we were interrupted by footsteps I quickly withdrew my hand and acted natural till the person walking saw us it was my teacher and asked what we were up to and reminded us that breaktime is over and I should be getting home, she was what you would call the cranky teacher.

Soon as I got home Elanor and I were talking constantly we were mad about eachother sending love hearts and heartfelt messages.

I offered to come back up to her classroom and walk her home seeing as she lived up the road from me and I wanted more of her.

Once it was time I walked back up to Elanor and walked back with her nervous as we still remained pretty shy on the walk home I knew I was going to be home alone so I asked her if she wanted to come over and cuddle witch she happily agreed to.

I nervously showed Elanor around my house and showed her my single bed with starwars bed sheets it wasn’t very appealing sexually but I don’t really bring women back to my house.

Elanor sat on my bed talking till my phone rang it was probably my mum making sure I got home safe I reached in to gve Elanor a quick kiss but she pulled me in for a more longer passionate kiss before I went to the phone I could tell she was horny I was pretty horny myself but I still couldn’t shake the innocent catholic girl vision out of my head I don’t know if im going to feel bad if I do fuck her she looks like she is twelve years old when shes really my age.

Once I got of the phone I returned to Elanor and laid on the bed with her and we chatted for a bit kissed and cuddled and was staring at all the posters in my room back then I had a lot of teen pop singers posters like my wall was covered in them and we were talking about who is our favourite singer and stuff like that till sex came in the conversation and I talk about sex like it’s a normal thing I also reminded Elanor of that and told her that im not trying to have sex with her unless she wanted to

“what if I did want to?’ Elanor unexpectedly asked

Caught of guard by Elanor’s response I just asked her if she actually wants to have sex she just looked at me deep in the eyes and nodded.

My heart sank my cock sprung hard Elanor was very different to most of the girls ive fucked all I could tell her to do is get naked and get in bed.

As Elanor begun to undress I caught a quick glimpse of her perfect hairless pussy it was the neatest tightest looking pussy ive ever seen.

I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough and creeping into bed beside her caressing her body cupping her boobs flickering her nipples moving up to gently stroke the sides of her neck while our lips met and kissed passionately while our tounges danced together I moved my hand down her torso to her pussy and started massaging Elanor’s clit.

Elanor softly moaned at my touch feeling the opening of her slit slicken up with her juices I've never had a girl get so pleasured and turned on by my touch this way it just boosted my confidence even more.

Not even asking I started moving down her body between her legs and started licking up all her sweet savoury juices seeping out of her tightly packed pussy, I could hear Elanor’s moans get louder as my tongue plunged deeper in her feeling more and more juices drip out of her down my throat till her body tensed up and let out a long hard breath.

I found my way up back to Elanor’s red flustered face placing a kiss on her forehead

“woah” was all that could escape Elanor’s lips

I must of really gave her an experience she seemed to be in her own little world for a few minutes.

Elanor turned around to me asking if she could try sucking my dick, I rose the blankets up exposing my cock standing stiff waiting for her warm mouth, I watched her climb down and take the head and a couple inches of my shaft in her mouth feeling her warm mouth warm up the head of my cock I was so close to blowing already after a few seconds of sucking I reached around and grabbed a condom and watched as Elanor waited on all fours bent over for me giving me a view of her beautiful plumpy ass.

I positioned my cock at the entrance to Elanor’s pussy I still had trouble getting inside her, her pussy slit was so wet the head of my cock slid up poking her asshole causing Elanor to jump and scare her.

Elanor and I shared a relieful giggle that my cock didn’t go further and decided to flip positions with me on top of her witch worked a greater success.

I pushed my cock at the entrance to her pussy pushing further feeling the tight grip of her pussy clamp around my cock strangeling it.

I was thrusting into Elanor slowly and deeply listening to the high pitched moans filled with passion and innocence my cock couldn’t take much more I pulled out of her and ripped the condom of and attempted to blast my cum at her breasts but didn’t get as far as that and ended up filling her belly button by accident.

Elanor and I shared another lustful giggle while wiping the cum out of her belly button and concluding our fun holding eachother.

As time went on in the bed we ran our hands up and down eachothers body slowly gearing up for a round 2 till we heard the front door being unlocked my mum was home, we had such a good fuck we lost track of time and sped getting our clothes back on just in time to be fully clothed and innocent looking just as mum came in.

I introduced Elanor to my mum and told her how shes a friend from my class witch was technically true so luckily I got away with it but mum still wanted her out of the house none the less because she hated me having people over for some reason.

After ther night I spent with Elanor lots of new feelings were coming across my mind such as love, fear and of coarse being horny after all this time I knew Elanor for I thought I wouldn’t be kinky with her.

The fun still continued hours after we fucked I received constant videos of her fucking herself with textas and moaning and making herself wet she was such a horny little slut and I was stargazed over it yet I was still in fear that she was expecting a relationship out of this as she let me fuck her and she seems like shes in love with me, I did have feelings of love in my mind for her but wasn’t to sure for a relationship I guess ill just have to see where the days take us before I make any rash decision.

The next day I caught up with Elanor again and went to the local park with her (the place where I fuck all my girls) we were there to film a video for my social media channel but we obviously had other plans as well as that.

Apart from filming we spent most of the time kissing cuddling and holding hands being a cute couple as we walked through the beautiful garden we even had a little naughty full makeout sesh while I rubbed her pussy through her pants she was so wet I could feel how damp her pants where at my touch, we really wanted to fuck that day but the usual toilet block I go to was surrounded by people so the day ended with us sending vidoes to eachother of us pleasuring ourselves witch was just as good I just felt great to have a sex life with somebody as horny as i am.

As days went on other people started to notice how cute me and Elanor were acting together her friends were sussing me out and asking us when we were going to be a couple and how cute we would be together I knew deep down Elanor was waiting for the opportunity to be mine considering we just fucked a couple days ago and being as young as we were it doesn’t take long for people in our age bracket to enter a relationship.

My thoughts on Elanor and I as a couple were mixed , she was pretty and short and horny and a very happy bright bubbly person but wasn't sure if we were the ideal match but I took the gamble and asked her to be my girlfriend and made it official I couldn’t wait to see her and fuck her as her boyfriend but the next day Elanor was distant even though I was out of town and she had class but not even a heart emoji or anything I decided to give her a call during her break and again very distant and grumpy towards me although she was down town with her friend and her brother so maybe she was just busy.

I didn’t hear from Elanor at all not until around midnight she finally had an online conversation with me saying she has developed feelings for another man now keep in mind I was still fresh in the relationship so it was a 50/50 sad and happy situation so I remained supportive with her and told her we have only been together for 24 hours its not to late to really decide who she wants to be with.

Elanor finally replied back to me with her choice telling me she wants to be with this other guy and in a way I could say I was a little disappointed but then again wasn’t to invested and glad we can become friends out of this.

A few weeks later my ex girlfriend Summer and I got back together she dumped me a year ago for another woman witch was not something good for my reputation but we made amends with eachother got to know eachother better in that time and decided to give it a second go.

Things with me and Summer were better than ever and our love was a lot stronger my young heart fell deep for her it just sucked we lived on opposite ends of our town and none of us drove or had ways to get around but we made do and managed to even go on an actual date together it was my first time witch made the bond go stronger.

As I was happy in my relationship with Summer I got a message from Elanor telling me that guy she picked over me dumped her after letting him finger her

Elanor and I still continued to hangout just as friends she ended up becoming my girl bestie or whatever the title of having a female best friend was but I she couldn’t help but give out hints saying how she would take me back in a heartbeat and telling me how often she masturbates it was tough to resist but in this day of age I was living in I was strictly against cheating for the time being.

I tend to spend more time with Elanor than I did with my actual girlfriend considering we live close to eachother but this time when we hungout my friend Ryan tagged along I haven’t really seen him since I saw him with Shae the girl that took his virginity the girl that I was keen on and almost fucked.

There was a weird streak happening with me and Ryan as I was noticing him and Elanor getting really close and all giggily and chatty together they looked like a cute couple they liked the same things and didn’t mind eachother and at the end of the day they ended it by having a big long romantic kiss I think I just became cupid due to them forming a relationship not long after that kiss.

The relationship between Ryan and Elanor was great, Elanor was getting the sex and love she craved and Ryan was getting all the sex he could ever want.

There was a lot of coincidencs happening lately as Shae was coming back to our town for a week then going to another town then coming back again for another it was like the amazing Shae tour on the doubtful side this would’ve been the time I was hooking up with her like we planned but my relationship happened so we scratched it.

Both Shae Ryan, Elanor and I agreed to meet up at the local reserve near the toilet block where I had most of my sex life and now where Ryan and Elanor fuck on almost a daily basis.

The meet was going good we were all sitting around chatting hearing about Ryan and Elanor’s sex and love life making me feel a little jealous because I wanted that kind of relationship with my girlfriend but im only getting to see her every 2 weeks minimum.

My chain of thought and doubt was suprsingly interrupted by Elanor flashing everyone her B cup boobs I don’t know why she did it I don’t care im just happy I saw boobs and I get turned on when girls are openly unshy about being sexual out in the open.

As the night ended Elanor had to go to a family function leaving just a few minutes before we all did but as Elanor left Ryan looked at Shae just before she left and asked if both me and him could kiss her I was stunned by the surpassing remark Ryan made he truly does think with his dick I knew Shae would’ve said no but she went for it giving him a peck on the lips and they both looked at me and I thought what the hell he cant tell my girlfriend cause I can just tell his but we trusted eachother enough that this stays just between the three of us so I nervously gave Shae a quick peck on the lips it didn’t even last a second.

Later that night Shae and I were talking and she asked if just me and her could meetup at the same place tomorrow morning full knowing that deep down we wanted eachother bad really bad.

The next morning I woke up and made my way up to the reserve to meet Shae with intentions of just hanging out or at least trying to hangout.

my breath was heavy and I felt pins and needles run through my body and feeling cock twitch as I made my way through the reserve to meet Shae.

Shae was standing waiting for me rugged up from the weist up and having short shorts that exposed her smooth long legs my mind was telling me to fuck her right now the resistant was high we tried making a lot of small talk and finding excuses to walk around till Shae wanted to sit down and beckoned me to sit next to her I could smell the scent of her perfume getting stronger as I came close to her and sat with her we made as much small talk as possible getting to the topic of my relationship and how its not fair on me that I don’t get to see Summer often or have a sex life with her.

I could hear Shae breathe harder as our conversation got more sexual and moved closer to each other to the point where we are cuddling up to each other this couldn’t be cheating right?

It was no use as soon as me and Shae locked eyes we brought ourselves into a tender kiss Shae cuddled up closer looking down at my growing bulge her breathing and heartrate getting faster she told me she was getting really turned on and she knew how turned on I was.

Being a genuine person like Shae is she wouldn’t make any further moves without my permission and I really wanted her bad, I had an idea I told her to come with me to the girls bathroom and we can masterbate together in separate stalls that way we both get pleasured and we don’t see anything or do anything.

Shae Hugged up to me nodding before slowly moving brushing lightly against my bulge.

I found my stall had my cock in my hand thinking about all the things I could do with Shae right now I was interrupted by the soft whimpers and splashing noises coming Shae fingering her pussy in the stall next to me I could even smell her it was to much for me I pulled my pants up and left the stall and knocked on her stall.

Shae let me into the stall exposing herself sitting on the toilet with her pants around her ankles and her slightly unshaven twat covered by the finger that’s inside her no words were spoken I just dived into kissing her with my finger swiping up and down her pussy lips and her hand around my cock jerking me of she then knelt down taking my cock in her mouth bobbing her head up and down getting faster tightening the squeee around the head of my cock with her warm lips switching back and forth till my cock began to shoot cum all over her hand and onto her jumper sleeve Shae and I came down from the naughty thing we did I felt nothing but guilt and just couldn’t get it out of my mind worrying we would get caught ive never felt so bad yet so good about doing something in my life I even had nightmares about Summer finding out about what me and Shae did I was even to nervous to hangout with Shae for the remaining time she was here.

Trying to get over my guilt I still continued loving Summer exactly the same as I did before I cheated on her.

Elanor and Ryan were going really well with their relationship but that’s what I was thinking till Elanor messaged me telling me she was thinking of breaking things of with Ryan explaining his thirst for sex is getting to much for her so Elanor called things of with Ryan friendzoning him I could tell this rocked him but for my sake they tried their best to remain friends as they are both in my little friendship group.

The breakup bug was going around it started nibbiling at my relationship getting a unsuspected message from Summer saying it wasn’t working due to the lack of time together even tho I was tryin way more than her to be more involved with her.

A few weeks later after getting heartbroken Summer already had another boyfriend that lived even further from her than I did and even after a month she dumped him for some guy who lived even further from her and was ready for that guy to take her virginity even tho she hasn’t met him so I saw a pattern develop with her soon as somebody better comes along she turfs of the current guy shes with for the next one and it’s a shame I did fall hard for her and couldn’t get over her for a while.

Over the next couple days I was in a depressive state I was so grateful to have Shae comforting me I started letting myself become more vulnerable to her over the time we have got to know each other.

I knew Shae was returning back to my town on in a couple days and was up for hanging with me and my friends again I was hesitant at first but I felt safe and happy being around them its exactly what was needed.

Shae arrived into town this morning and first priority she had was coming to see me I was fortunate enough to be home alone for a short while but on the downside my timing is terrible as Shae was on her period and she dosent have sex on her period even tho she admitted she masturbates on her period witch sounded so hot in a kinky way.

Both Shae and I found ourselves home alone we barely talked she wass always the quiet type we were just sitting on the bed in silence over and over I could hear Shae’s breathing she seemed like she was out of breath till she broke her silence saying to me she feels really turned on around me and and struggling to control herself

“then don’t control yourself” I instantly replied

With that moment Shae jumped on top of me deeply making out with me ripping the top half of her clothes of like a bandaid revealing her perfect sized boobs right in my face while feeding her hands into my pants pulling my cock out pumping it up and down.

Shae and I were only minutes in till I heard my mum again trying to get through the front door I seriously thought I had the worst luck bringing girls over to my house first this happened with Elanor now with Shae but luckily this time mum actually let this girl stayed they actually got along really well together mum and Shae witch is a first for mum considering she hated Elanor for being sexually actve I could just imagine how she would react knowing what ive been up to.

Later that night Shae and I went to rejoin Elanor and another mate of ours who was in town for the weekend at the park.

Shae and I just couldnt keep our hands of each other the whole time lots of rubbing and deep makeouts the whole way down if we had enough time we would’ve snuck something intimate before we met up with them.

We progressed from the park to town to pickup my mate Ryan we were a little worried about having him and Elanor in the same area together considering they recently broke up but they managed to act like the last month didn’t happen actually quite to my surprise he went straight to Shae grasping her elbows softly whispering

“hey you wanna do something”

like there was no hey how are you just straight to being sexual I got to give the man some credit for his confdidence.

Ryan finally got to get Shae to himself for a minute around the corner from, us wanting to see how far he would get, I couldn’t really say much as much as I did like her she is single and she was his girl first but from what Shae told me after saying that she kissed him to make sure he didn’t go home empty handed but she said it felt wrong to do so for some reason I was a tad worried because I had strong feelings begin to develop for Shae

As we progressed through town mine and Shaes same affection just got more crazier when we had an audience she had her hand in my pants and was deeply making out with me not giving a dahm that our friends were surrounding us it was just getting to nuts for me I had to cum I told everyone we would be back soon and I led Shae to a nearby public toilet witch was pretty secluded.

There wasn’t much Shae and I could do as she was on her period and wasn’t comfortable letting me near her pussy while she was on it so it was down to me getting all the pleasure she unbuckled my pants and took my cock in her hand jerkin it up and down and locking her warm lips over my head and sucking down the shaft up and down really slowly followed by the grip of her finger leading down my shaft squeezing my cock tighter and bobbing her head up and down faster causing me to lay back in such pleasure I couldn’t keep my hands to myself I reached for her boobs trying to cup them, Shae helped me by pulling her bra shirt and jumper up exposing her rather large boobs letting me play with them as she continued to suck my cock.

After moments what seemed like forever of Shae sucking and jerking my cock twisting her as she sucks my head I could feel myself ready to blow I warned her and watched as she took her warm mouth of my cock and jerked the top of my cock up and down furiously till my cock erupted all over her boobs making her smile and moan softly every time a hot splash impacted her and dribbled down towards her stomach.

The love that was burning between us fueld our passion and just deeply madeout after without saying a word.

Shae and I returned to the group like nothing happened but Ryan could read me like a book explaining I had a spring in my step well I guess I did I was happy sexually satisfied and in love.

Coming towards the end of the night we all drifted home as a grouip and depatched one by one till it was just me and Shae walking her to her spot where her aunt was going to pick her up, the sad thing is shes going home tomorrow and we both don’t know how long it will be till we see eachother again.

Shae held me tight and said how much she misses me I just was so amazed and consumed by love and told her

“I love you” just out of the bleu

Shae smile and kissed me then gave me a big hug telling me she loves me to sounding like she was about to cry before walking of to her aunts car.

Shae and I continued to be romantic over phonecalls and text throughout the time we stayed apart but we both couldn’t just save ourselves for eachother when there is about eight hours of distance between us.

A few weeks later Elanor and I were back at college and since having her experience with me and her dating experience with ryan she has been experiencing her sexual side a lot more now.

Elanor ditched me for sex a lot telling me she is horny Elanor went on like this with her getting her pussy cummed in whether she was on her period or not she still kept fucking around with guys she talks to online I even stalked her as she fucked a random guy in a public toilet I listened in hearing her restrained moans and soft splashing noises I really missed fucking her she was such a horny little slut when she was in the mood to be but for some reason she just constantly picked over me maybe because she knew I was always there and kept me as a last resort or if she was randomly horny kind of like the recent time she came over where all I had to do was play porn around her and she started masterbating on my bed till she was begging me to fuck her but it was still the same as last time but it was the best root I had in a while.

Another time Elanor and i were just hanging out in my bedroom I think deep down we both knew we were horny after both losing in the battle of love but we just seemed to shy or to worried to make a move it wasn’t until Elanor started dropping hints making noises then just started fingering herself on my bed this was may opportunity I went in to help her pulling down her pants and rubbing her clit as she fucked herself with her fingers and slid on top of her deeply kissing her getting in-between her legs feeling her reach for my cock and guiding it in-between her legs at the entrance of her pussy not even worrying about a condom sliding it pushing myself deep inside her feeling her tight pussy warm up my cock I thrusted and thrusted feeling her legs wrap around my back hugging me into her our tongues dancing in each others mouths moving my head to the side hearing the whimper of her moans as I come closer to a climax.

After a minute or 2 of fucking I was ready to blow, Elanor didn’t seem fussed if I didn’t pull out she was obviously use to having her ex blow in her all the time without worrying about being pregnant I wasn’t ready to take that risk I pulled my cock out of her and squatted further over the top half of her body and aimed the head of my cock in her mouth and shot rope after rope of cum into her waiting mouth she kept all my cum inside her mouth after I pulled out and swallowed one giant gulp with a smile.

We never fucked for a long time after that time but we still remained really good friends over the years even when we both got into relationships we both still remained friends and hangout frequently.

A few years later my family and I moved houses in the same area still close by to Elanor, Elanor helped me move stuff from my old house to the new house while my family stayed at the old house for one more night we were sorting my new room out and talking about old times and how we use to be active and sharing a few laughs as we always do and joked about her boobs saying how perky they have gotten over the years so she decided to flop them out and smile at me I was stunned and surprised considering she knows im in a one sided relationship now and have tried fucking her again for ages and not to mention her sex drive has died down since all that time ago so it definitely was the last thing I’ve expected.

After coming back to reality I asked her if she was horny she just looked to the ground with a smirk”Yes”

I got to my knees in front of Elanor asking her if she wants to fuck she just repeated “Yes” in that smirky innocent tone and with that confirmation I began making out with her and pressing my hands on her slightly larger tits firmly laying her back down on the ground feeling her pull her shorts and panties down I reach down and rub her clit feeling it drip against the palm of my hand hearing Elanor moan softly in my ear.

Once Elanor was wet enough I slipped my cock inside her easily went straight in arching her whole body feeling my cock reach all the way inside her I pumped her little pussy hard hearing her moan louder and louder ohhh how I’ve missed her sweet slutty moans I fucked her harder than I ever had till I was ready to blow I almost couldn’t control myself I pulled out just as the first load was about to come out of me I ended up spraying her wrist with my cum by accident but it was better there than inside her.

Elanor gave me a funny award look while raising her arm covered in cum we both shared a giggle with eachother and wiped the cum stained arm on a nearby jumper I found.

After fucking Elanor again I realised maybe there was still some traces of the old Slutty side of Elanor was in there.

One time Elanor and I were alone together I tried an old way on her and watched porn around her like I did in the past and peaked her interest and she asked me to take her to my bedroom.

I laid Elanor down on the bed and makeout with her and kissed my way down her naked body to her pussy and licked around her clit till she came all over my tongue I reached up on top of her and slid my cock inside her and kissed her deeply letting her taste her pussy on my lips and fucked her slowly and intensely while trying to remain quiet so my mum didn’t hear across the hall.

After thrusting away inside her I warned her I was going to cum and asked what she wanted to do with it

“Ill Swallow it” Elanor Replied while trying to catch her breath

I laid on my back and Elanor climbed on top taking my cock in her mouth bobbing up and down till my cock erupted in her mouth swallowing ropes and ropes of cum as quick as they entered into her mouth and down her tiny throat.

As I lay there cuddling Elanor I often wondered to myself would it have worked out between us if I did try a second time to date her I knew the sex was good and we had a great friendship but I knew our interests were very against one another but I guess ill never know how we really would turn out…

The final time we ever fucked was just at the peak of her getting slightly back into her slutty side she was starting to meet and hook up with guys online again her only flaw was that she was filled with hope of a relationship of some sorts after every fuck I remember she was playing around with this one guy and that she has only been fingered by him and was trying to do more with him but played hard to get witch is rare for a guy to do.

Elanor started going to this youth thing at a local club and managed to drag me along with her this other guy also went there and we hungout together including another couple of friends of ours we socialised and played games together it was a nice night I could tell Elanor was getting all hot for this guy unfortunately for her he left with his friends and Elanor left with me.

Disappointed by her loss with that guy Elanor and I still happily came home and played games together till she didn’t wanna play anymore and walked of into my bedroom and just laid there I followed her and she was acting all childish and looked like she was up to something.

I sat next to Eleanor and asked what’s up she told me she was really wet and started rubbing herself over her panties I asked her if she needed to be fucked I didn’t even wait for an answer I just got my clothes of as she got hers of and went to go for her pussy unfortunately she didn’t let me go down on her as she just finished her period.

As I did all the other times I got inside Elanor and thrusted into her she wasn’t as tight as she normally was but still got me close to summing pretty quickly I warned her I was going to cum she just said “ok” I was waiting for her to say cum in my mouth or somewhere else she was willing to let me cum inside her as she believed she was infertile and again I was not going to take a risk I pulled out of Eleanor’s soggy wet pussy and blew all up her chest and over her boobs covering her in torrents of cum.

Another jumper was used in the cleanup process but im sure my mum was happy to wash that defiled jumper.

I always did enjoy our rare opportunities of having sex as it had meaning because we were really good friends unfortunately over the years we grew to hate each other both influenced by other people and that’s just how it is friends, lovers and fuck buddies eventually somebody always gets involved somehow to break up a good thing I still miss her to this day for what she use to be to me as a friend as well as a lover.

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