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Surprise at the bar.
This is part 2 of a post that I wrote a while ago, Cumming in Party and I think I should call this part Cumming in Party for Rex. Just to give you an idea of what it was about, here’s some info about me. First when given the chance I love to suck cock and swallow, also I really enjoy being fuck in the ass & pumped full of cum. Now on to the story.

I met John on one of a sex site and we chatted a few times, we hit it off and seem to enjoy the same thing. He then invited me to stop by a local private bar that he went to. This is where we start in the first story. When I was there the first time, I took care of the guys that were in the bar at the time. The second time I serviced 16 guys that time. After that I had to take a break for a while, haven’t been there in 9 months. But I left very puzzled by what had happened this time, confused to say the least.t

John called me at the cabin that I go to on some weekends to fish or ski, we chatted a while and he asked me to stop by, he told me that Sunday evenings are quiet. I said that I could drive by on my way home and check and see. Just before I left, I decided to play it safe like a good fuck and put my anal plug in for the ride down just in case. When I got there, 2 cars were in the lot, so I took out the plug and went in.

When I walked in there were 2 guys at the bar and the bartender, said HI to them. Knew them all from other times. John was sitting at a table, so I went and sat with him. We sat and chatted, the bartender sent me over a beer and a little later he sent over another beer & a shot of jack. While we were chatting John would rub his couch and after the beers & shot it was having its effect on me. I was horny any way so went down on my knee, unzipped his pants and got his cock in my mouth. Buried his cock in my mouth and throat, danm it felt good to have a cock in my mouth.

Just then one of the guys from the bar rubbed my ass and told me that him and the other guy would love to fuck my ass. Never wanting to pass u a hard cock in my ass, I stood up and took off my jeans. Knelt back down and let him take my ass.

Had a cock in my mouth and a nice piece of man meat in my ass, I was in heaven. The two guys worked on putting their loads in my ass and John filled my mouth with load. John got up and said he had to go & the two guys thanked me and left with John, the bartender came over unzipped his pant and gave me another cock to take care of, yum.

As I was sucking the Tom the bartender someone walk in. I went to get up, Tom told me not to worry, it was Bill, the guy who took care of the place when closed. He laughed and said Bill will be happy because he has not been here since I was the last 2 times. Out of the corner of eye I see him walk to the back, just then is when Tom started cumming hard in my mouth. I just went back to joying & swallowing the load being pumped in my mouth.

Tom got up & zipped up, but Bill was right there and drop his pants. He sat down in the chair and when I saw his cock my mouth started to water. He had a nice size cock, but the head was large & beautiful. Couldn’t wait to suck on that head and have it in my throat. When right to work sucking on that head I also had to suck on his balls. Wanted to have him remember this blow job. Was working on his cock and trying to get that head in my throat. Bill grabbed my head and started to help me to swallow more. This is where it gets a little crazy.

I was bent over with my ass in the air try to get more of Bill in my throat suddenly, I felt something rough across my ass. At the same time Bill started pumping his load in my mouth and I didn’t want to miss a is cock but felt fur and then a pair of legs grab my waist. His cock started poking me 4 or 5 times, on the next time about 5 inches of cock got buried in my ass. Pull my mouth off Bill cock and tried see what happened, turn my head and was greeted teeth and a tongue. Just then Bill opened his eyes, he jumped up and grabbed for the dog that was burying his cock in me. “Rex get off” and the dog growled and snapped at him. Rex was a Shepherd-mix and was big in size, not just his cock which I was soon to find out how big. Rex went back to bury his cock into me, with each time he rammed his cock into me it felt like it was growing thicker & longer. Just then I remembered about the knot, and I thought Holy shit!! I was not prepared for something like that, I started to tighten my ass hoping that he couldn’t get it in. What I was greeted with was a nasty growl & more teeth. I relaxed and Rex went back to fucking my ass. Then I knew that Rex was determined get his knot in me, bred & make me his bitch. Felt like I had 9-10 inches in me, and I didn’t have the knot, just then I felt the knot hit my asshole. Felt like it as the size of a baseball so I tried to relax. I think Rex knew he was close, so he tightened his grip on my waist and really started to ram me. After pushing into me for 3-4 times I felt about half of the knot going in my ass, hurt like hell just half!!! I felt him pull back and push hard, I felt a pop and my asshole burned like hell. When he had it in me, he kept pushing it in further, the burn stopped, and I felt really stuffed. He kept pushing it in, the more he pushed the better it felt.

After he pushed it in 3-4 times, he locked against my ass, I felt him start to pump his hot cum in my ass, at the same time my cock starts to pump out an amazing cum. I came so hard that when the orgasm stopped my face was on the floor & I was loving the feel of the hot cum that Rex was still pumping in my ass. My cock was twitching with each shot of hot cum in my ass. The way I just came so hard, I couldn’t lift my head off the floor. Rex was panting in my ear & was drooling on my face and mouth, I didn’t care!! I was panting & drooling too. He started to lick my face & mouth, I had to laugh at myself because all I thought about was that at least he kissed me, and I know his name. I started to get my face off the floor when he pushed and started to spin around. Once he was around, he starts to pull the knot, pulling the knot stared me cumming again, OMFG!!! Amazing feeling!! My face was back on the floor, more drooling & panting.

He started to pull the knot again, luckily, I was by a support pole, or he would have dragged me around the bar floor. And again, I wouldn’t have care because of the orgasm that I was having from Rex’s knot in my ass. I was cumming again, never have I cum that much & that soon the second time.

We were tied for about 10 minutes, have to admit I tried to keep it in longer, but Rex gave a quick pull and it popped. That did hurt a lot and I felt empty. Then I knew I wasn’t empty when Rex’s cum came running down my ass & legs. I laid there with my face resting on the floor till I came down for the orgasms that I had from Rex. Finally, I got up and put on my jeans not caring about the dog cum dripping out of my ass. Bill apologized that he had put Rex in the bathroom and was trying to help me. Walk out of the bar and got into the back seat of my truck and went to sleep.

Bill called often to apologize and left messages to call him, I just couldn’t. I knew that if I did, I would be begging him to let Rex fuck me again or even a better idea, give him to me for a weekend at my cabin. And so, I digress into my fantasy.

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