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Cadwarra is successful in her training. Falco and Arabella are up to no good.
Vishra was a little jealous. He and the clerk had stayed working in the vestibule while the Jurors rode Cadwarra enthusiastically in his office. They had left the door open in case the Jurors needed something so, naturally, they heard everything.

Catches of conversation reached their ears in the vestibule as they worked. “Look at what she’s doing!” and “By Quellious! I’m going to cream in her tight pussy again!”

He was a little concerned for his Paladin-in-Training when someone said “Slow down, you’re hurting her.” Vishra was relieved to hear Cadwarra answer by saying “No, it’s fine. I can handle his big thing.”

The poor clerk had to listen to that perfect Wood Elf girl getting fucked by men whose only qualifications to use her body were that they were men of power. He imagined her breasts rolling around on her chest under each thrust of their undeserving hips. He heard the pleasure in her moans and the glootching of her glistening vagina. If only he could be allowed to fuck her, he yearned, he would make her moan and glootch, too. All night.

The foursome carried on for some time. “Just be glad you don’t need to bribe all twelve members of the Jury, Miss Cadwarra!”

“I could do it” Cadwarra protested under an unusually exuberant thrust by the youngest Juror. There was a good-natured chorus of cheers for her assertion followed by “Okay, it’s my turn to fuck her some more. Get offa her.”

Seeing how the distraction from the adjacent room was affecting the clerk’s ability to do his tasks properly, Vishra had finally sent him home. “Remember” Vishra reminded the clerk curtly “your turn comes tomorrow night with Llisanya. She’ll need a full load in her so don’t go jerking off tonight thinking about how lovely Miss Cadwarra looks.”

Without that admonition from Vishra and the promise of a good fuck with Llisanya within twenty four hours, the poor clerk would have probably been jagging off in frustration all night long. The last thing he heard as he exited the front door was Cadwarra pleading “let me suck both your cocks at once while he fucks me again.”

It was late when the Jurors finally exhausted themselves and left, hugging Cadwarra ‘thank you’ and congratulating her on her acquittal.

At last Vishra and Cadwarra were alone and ready to start training. “I trust those gentlemen did not tire you too much, Cadwarra.”

Cadwarra was pulling her chain mail jerkin down over her bare breasts assuming it was time for her training, long delayed by the legal proceedings and then the compulsory rewards due to the Jurors in thanks for reaching the wise finding of innocence.

“Thank you for asking, Marshall. I am fine.” Remembering her manners, she paused in the middle of fastening the top lace and smiled invitingly at Vishra. “You are quite welcome to also celebrate Tunare with me if you were wishing.” She slowly undid the laces she had just done up, looking at him expectantly.

Vishra had to admire Cadwarra’s endurance. This little Wood Elf was tough as a troll. It spoke well to his assessment that she was worthy of being trained by him personally.

His penis was fully erect. He saw Cadwarra’s eye flick down to admire his bulging manliness. He remembered the feel of her soft breasts in his hands that day he laid her down onto the practice mats for a nice fuck before she went to jail. How her legs had wrapped around him as she took his spewing flood of semen.

He should have put a son in her that day. He should do it now. If he asked her he was sure she would allow him to knock her up. It would be such a thrill to look into her eyes as he filled her womb. She would have such a big round tummy. He would put his hand on it to feel his boy kicking inside her.

Much as he would have liked to push Cadwarra down onto the mats and give her the attention she seemed to be begging for, he had promised his wife, after managing to get her to stop yelling, that he would limit his extramarital affairs to the agreed upon number of mistresses, plus Llisanya, and he determined to keep to his promise.

“Trust me, I would be very glad to make love to you, Cadwarra, but we need to get some training in. Of course the lesson you just learned was important, too.

“I learned a lesson?”

“Yes. Keep those in power happy. Those men will never hassle you again. They’ll be your least in some ways. Plus, we got that silliness about your rape charge sorted out.”

“It’s nice to have that done with” Cadwarra agreed.

“Alright. Let’s get started. It’s time you learned to cast several important magic combat spells. These will be handy in a free-for-all as they will damage several enemies surrounding you at once, simultaneously.”

Cadwarra finished doing up the last of her laces then her buckles as he spoke. She smiled confidently, looking so capable and so pretty in her chain mail. “I’m ready to learn, Marshall.”

He stood behind her to show her how to stand. He put his hands on her perfect female waist. Her hips were so round; so perfectly designed to birth a baby. He lowered his hands down to them and caressed them, feeling the graceful curve of her pelvis. Cadwarra did not protest.

He remembered his promise to his wife and he raised his hands back up to her waist. He guided her into the proper stance. “Please lift your arms a little and stand with your feet like so...”

As she raised her arms, he again could not resist her perfectly proportioned curves. He slid his hands up off her waist to cup her breasts, kneading them under the chain mail, squeezing one big handful then the other. He marveled at how much boob she had. They would hold so much milk for his child.

She leaned back into his chest. “Keep those in power happy” Vishra had advised Cadwarra. She liked to keep Vishra happy. His hands felt so good on her boobs. She tilted her head and closed her eyes just as she had once done with Trandall during a similar training exercise; the time she had let him look down her top to watch her nipples rise. They were equally hard now. She wanted to watch Vishra suck on her thick, pink stems.

He was greatly tempted by Cadwarra’s willing body and the way she was pressing her ass against his cock. But he finally removed his hands from her breasts and got on with the lesson.


Falco and Arabella lurked in the shadows across the lane from Thorsona’s townhouse waiting for her to leave so Falco could break in. Arabella had confirmed he could pick a lock.

Beckah, who knew more about the habits of residents of Qeynos than Arabella or Falco did, had assured them that Thorsona always went for dinner at Fish’s and would stay for several hours. Tonight Thorsona showed no signs she was preparing to leave for the evening.

They could see Thorsona was alone inside. She was pacing back and forth in front of her window, angry about something. Arabella and Falco could hear her repeatedly yelling furiously but the angry words were indiscernible. She occasionally shook her fists in the air or punched the wall.

The two would-be burglars remained hidden quietly in a dark recess, waiting. “Whatever is making her mad now is going to be nothing compared to how she will feel when she finds out she’s been robbed” Arabella snickered.

An hour passed and Thorsona still did not leave. Arabella got impatient. Her breasts were filling back up with milk and she wanted to get this done, then get Falco to suck her mammary glands dry for her. Maybe she would get him to do that right here. She would just get him in the mood, first.

Standing close against Falco’s body, she wrapped her legs around Falco’s well muscled right leg and used it to masturbate slowly. She rubbed up and down while grinning at him. “Wanna do it right here” she offered. “Right beside the road? We might as well have fun while standing here.”

They were both wearing leather buff coats and leggings, expropriated from Sprockfuddle’s inventory. The leather was dyed black, perfect for felonious nocturnal activity; they needed to make the minimal noise leather armour made while stealing back Falco’s possessions. The black colour would eliminate the chance of being seen in the dark before or after the crime.

As Arabella’s leather-covered crotch squeakily rode Falco’s leather-clad thigh she started to quietly sing that old Teir’Dal folk song made popular by the famous Dark Elf bard Lenyn M’Kartnee:

Why don’t we do it in the road? she sang soflty

Why don’t we do it in the road?

No one will be watching us,

Why don’t we do it in the ro-oh-oh-oad!

She finished her ditty, aroused by the memory of being a naughty adolescent girl singing those same silly lyrics and becoming worked up by the naughty song. Years later she had heard it was inspired by two monkeys Lenyn M’Kartnee had seen doing the jiggy in the middle of the road on the way to Maj’Dul.

Arabella wasn’t interested in monkeys, though. She undid the catches on her jacket and pulled it open to reveal her thrusting breasts, bursting with milk and aching for the same relief that the suckling Falco had given them that afternoon as he gulped Arabella’s warm sweet nourishment down.

He emptied her mammary glands in twenty minutes, first the left breast, then the right. Arabella left her relieved boobs out for the sake of comfort and turned to look in the direction of Thorsona’s townhouse. Thorsona still showed no signs of leaving.

“Let’s fuck” Arabella said. “If she doesn’t leave by the time you’ve cum we should just call tonight a failure and reschedule the break-in for tomorrow night.” She reached for the buckle on his belt.

Falco stood there letting the Dark Elf slut pull his dick out.

Arabella liked his cock. Despite her cutting remarks about his size a few hours ago, she thought he had a nice one. Not too big like those over sized Human pricks. She went down on it.

The bitch can’t keep her lips off of me, Falco thought egotistically. He looked down at her. She knelt there below him, performing fellatio. He moved his hips. Too bad it was so dark. He would have liked it if the moon was shining bright so people heading to the taverns could walk by and see him face-fucking a beautiful woman as she sucked cock.

After a time, Arabella pulled his erection out of her mouth and kissed it. Then she slowly licked the shaft, letting him watch. “You like to see a slut suck your cock in the streets of Qeynos, don’t you, Falco? You like that I am willing to humiliate myself by putting your prick in my mouth just for your pleasure. You like that I do it in the ro-oh-oh-oad.”

“I like a girl to be a real whore...” he agreed and added “in the middle of the ro-oh-oh-oad.”

Arabella laughed quietly and sucked on his dick some more while looking up at him. Her beautiful almond eyes stared at him as his cock disappeared in and out of her mouth. He is quite good looking, she thought. Too bad he was such an imbecile.

It was very quiet on the dark street as the blow job continued. The only sound was Arabella’s lips as they sucked on his knob. Someone walked by headed to the tavern. “Sounds like she’s suckin’ your cock real good” he yelled over in the direction of the tell-tale sounds.

Arabella put a finger on Falco’s lips to tell him to stay quiet. She patted his dagger to indicate he would need to use it if the man came over.

The man, getting no response from the darkness, resisted the temptation to go over and see if he could get a blow job, too. He was not sure if the noise was what he thought it was or was it actually a couple of rogues trying to lure a rich victim over to slit his throat for his purse.

He wisely walked on, thinking there was a more than even chance he was right about it being cutthroats. He reminded himself there were plenty of horny girls drinking in Fish’s Ale House who would be glad to suck him off cheap. That big-eyed Half Elf Llisanya, for instance, could be talked into it for the right price, though he had not seen much of her of late.

“Busted!” Arabella whispered while the stranger’s footsteps faded into the distance. “We need to be quieter.” She started rubbing his cock on her face . The skin of his glans felt so silky on her cheek.

Knowing how close they had come to being caught, Arabella was aroused by the danger. “Slap me” she suddenly demanded.


“You heard me, Bastard. Slap me” she repeated, more emphatically. “You know you know I deserve it!”

He slapped her, albeit somewhat timidly.

“Harder, you stupid male!” She reached up and gave him a cuff, to show him how it’s done.

Her slap hurt and he got mad. He slapped back...hard. He saw her wince. That was fun. He remembered how she had sneered at the size of his cock that afternoon, just after What’ser Name left, so he slapped her again, harder. His erection swung about as he did so. He got off slapping her.

But Arabella was not satisfied by the blow. “HARDER, you stupid fucker! I guess only guys with big cocks can hit.” She gripped his stiff pecker and started to pump. She raked her impossibly sharp finger nails lightly along the shaft as she did so, just enough for Falco to feel how sharp her nails were.

“Now slap really hard!” she ordered. “Leave a bruise, Little Boy!” Her nails suddenly dug into the sensitive skin of his erection.

The Cunt! That hurt! He was sure her nails had drawn blood as they scraped his shaft. And that was the third time today she had derided the small size of his prick. When he finally got one of

big cock charms he was going to fuck her until she cried from the pain of his big pecker. That would shut her up about size.

But he was not even close to getting the coin to buy one of those charms. Smarting from the knowledge that Arabella, too, thought his cock too small, and frustrated by his empty purse preventing the purchase that would take care of the issue, he vengefully brought the palm of his hand down full force on her cheek In the quiet night. The sound of the loud smack striking the side of her face seemed to echo off the nearby buildings.

Arabella reeled from the hard blow but she did not have time to enjoy how painfully lovely that slap was. It was too loud for discretion. She fearfully pulled Falco back deep into the unlit corner. “Oh, Dear” she hissed in warning. “I am sure someone could hear that...maybe you got a bit carried away with your loving...”

Thorsona angrily opened the door of her townhouse. She looked out a moment. She yelled into the night “Who, by Marr, is making all that racket?” She stepped out of her doorway and peered left and right. “Is someone being mugged?”

The light from the torch in her front hall shone out into the dark but did not extend into the niche where Falco and Arabella were huddled half naked.

Falco’s hard cock did not soften despite the danger of them being caught. It moved slightly up and down in response to his heavy breathing, sexually excited by the deserving slaps he had just given Arabella. His knob brushed against Arabella’s bare breast.

Arabella looked down at Falco’s curving dick, feeling it touch her underboob as it rose and fell. It was so lovely with that beautiful upward sweep and smooth round tip. If only Thorsona would go back inside she would suck him off quickly enough, right there. She wanted to feel his massive ejaculation fill her mouth.

Unaware of the sexual frustration going on so near, Thorsona stood there, listening for any more suspicious sounds. She knew something had made a noise.

She pulled her knife from its scabbard and stepped down off her stoop. She peered around, trying to see in the dark. Like any Human, she was blind at night and she saw nothing. Two tomcats suddenly began to fight. Their angry, challenging yowls carried a good block.

“Stupid cats” Thorsona muttered and sheathed her dagger. Another sound came from her right, down the path coming from South Qeynos. Bauer was walking toward her, holding a hand to his nose.

Thorsona forgot all about the commotion the cats had made. “You son of a bitch” Thorsona greeted him in a rage. “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting two hours for us to go for dinner.”

She stepped toward him, considering giving him a punch. She smelled booze on him. “Were you at Amber Vishra’s party?” she asked accusingly “even when I told you not to go? I’ll kick your ass if you went!”

Bauer stepped into the light shining out from Thorsona’s door. His nose was bleeding as if he had taken a punch or two. “Cupcake, no” he protested “it’s not like that...”

Thorsona saw he was hurt. She was instantly all concern. “Sugar Lips! What happened?“

“I was headed over to you when I was jumped by these thugs. Maybe half a dozen...probably more!”

“Oh, Sugar Lips.” Thorsona was now all forgiving, her anger gone. “Did they hurt you much?” She examined his injury and hugged him. “I’m sorry I yelled at you. Please forgive me.” She pulled out a handkerchief for his bloody nose. “Does it hurt?”

“It’s nothing, Baby. I kicked their butts and they ran off. They messed with the wrong guy, lemme tell ya!”

“My brave man! Come inside. I’ll clean you up. I have some soup we can heat up and some cider. We’ll stay home tonight and you can rest. Tomorrow we’ll go look for those bandits. What’s this City coming to, anyway, that thugs can terrorize our streets!”

Thorsona and Bauer went inside, now all lovey-lovey. The door slammed and the alley was pitch black again.

Having become incredibly aroused by Falco’s last slap and then being forced to stand there for ten minutes acutely aware of the lovely cock hovering so close to her, Arabella finally was able to kneel back down to continue the blow job. It took about five minutes to get him off.

Falco filled Arabella’s mouth with thick gooey cum. The stuff flowed and surged. It took several gulps for her to swallow all he had. When she felt him relax and she knew he was done for now, she buckled him back up, rose to her feet and fastened her lips on his.

He tasted his cum on her kisses. She had held some in her mouth. Unbidden, she spit it into his mouth. “Swallow it, you filthy male. Taste the humiliation I taste when you cum in my mouth.”

He swallowed. She liked to see an obedient male humiliate himself. She held Falco close for a few minutes and considered masturbating to satisfaction against his thigh but decided there was every reason to not hang around and risk being discovered. “This is a no-go tonight” she sighed. “Let’s head to your place and fuck properly. We’ll try again tomorrow night...Cup Cake.”

“Alright...Sugar Lips...let’s go home and fuck.”


Cadwarra’s training had gone very well. Vishra was impressed by his student. She had learned half a dozen combat spells. To complete the lesson, Vishra reviewed what Cadwarra had been taught by asking her to cast each spell one after the other.

“This time, do the spells full blast, Cadwarra. Ready?”

Cadwarra nodded.

“Good. Show me ‘Hammer Ground’.”

Cadwarra brought the handle of her mace down as hard as she could onto the floor mats. Magic sparks flew from where she struck the ground and emanated throughout the room.

“Excellent! Now, show me ‘Decree’.”

Cadwarra spun around. Waves of light flowed out from her in concentric rings. As the waves reached the walls of Vishra’s office several small explosions burst from under the wallpaper. There were two larger ones down near the floorboards.

“What was that?” she asked looking at the walls, puzzled by those mysterious crackles.

“I think this old building had a few termites that are now dead” Vishra conjectured. “Your ‘Hammer Ground’ spell would have mercifully knocked them senseless, then ‘Decree’ fried them. Those larger flashes might be mice, poor things.”

Vishra gave a few seconds’ silence for the deceased rodents then joked.”If you get bored of being a Paladin, you could always try your hand as an exterminator.”

“But, why do the spells not hurt you?” Cadwarra asked, too earnest in her lessons to acknowledge the joke.

“The magic will not affect your allies. You can pop these spells off and lay attacking Gnolls or Orcs flat on their asses while the damage sweeps over your groupmates with no effect.”

Vishra resumed the lesson. “Alright, then. Show me ‘Castigate’...Good! me ‘Divine Wrath’...’Holy Circle’...’Judgment’...”

Cadwarra dutifully performed each Paladin spell perfectly as she had just been taught. Sparks, lightning bolts, energy waves and electrical balls danced around her as she cast each spell in rapid succession. Vishra was pleased. He had never seen a student grasp the casting of those spells so easily.

Too bad she was still weak on those heal spells, he admitted. They would need to work on them next but tonight was all about offensive spells. “Excellent work, Paladin. Now, please do ‘Hammer Ground’ several times in a row.”

Vishra watched intently as Cadwarra performed several ‘Hammer Ground’ spells in quick succession, bringing her mace down onto the practice mats so many times she was afraid she was damaging the floor underneath.

When she paused, Vishra instructed her to do a few more. She was unsure why she needed to repeat ‘Hammer Ground’ so much. “Am I not doing it right, Marshall?”

“Yes you are.” the Marshall replied candidly. “Perfectly. I just like to see the way your tits jiggle as you pound that mace handle down.”

Cadwarra obligingly did ‘Hammer Ground’ three more times for the Marshall’s voyeuristic pleasure. She made sure her boobs really bounced. When she stopped she gave Vishra an inviting look. “If you like my tits bouncing so much, why not come play with them?”

When he hesitated, she shimmied in front of him. Her tits swung provacatively back and forth under the mail. “I know you want to, Lord...”

Vishra’s conviction to stay within the terms of his agreement with his wife was about to fail.

Fortunately for Lady Vishra the front door suddenly opened in the vestibule. Llisanya came through the front door for the first time in her relationship with Vishra.

It was hardly the elegant entrance she envisioned with a half naked, bare butt girl on her shoulder but at least she was allowed to enter by the front like a lady. She marched into the office and unceremoniously dumped Amber in front of Vishra on the practice mats, exactly the way Vishra had told her to.

There seems to be any number of surprising guests tonight, Cadwarra reflected, a little disappointed she would not be enjoying Vishra’s big cock. She saw Diamander arrive behind Llisanya and comforted herself with the knowledge that she would be in bed with Diamander’s hard cock soon enough.

Amber sat up angrily with her skirts up around her waist and looked around. For a long moment, everyone could see her pretty slit. Her nice thick pubic curls were neatly trimmed and shaved into a thin strip.

It took her half a moment to realize she was sitting in front of her Father like that. Embarrassed, she pulled her skirts down then folded her arms across her chest to hide her perky little not-yet-fully-developed titties.

Llisanya thought about explaining to Amber how crossing your arms can lead to sexual assault but instead pulled the blouse out of her pocket and tossed it at Amber. “Here’s your top.”

Amber was nothing but unappreciative of the gesture. “This is not my top, you stupid Elf. I think this is Arleena’s”

Vishra showed no patience. “That’s a Half Elf, Amber. Now, put the top on! She was kind enough to bring it for you.”

Scared by her father’s outburst, Amber obeyed and resentfully put on the top. She had to re-expose her titties as she did. Vishra turned his head away, not wanting to see his daughter’s exposed chest. Llisanya and Cadwarra likewise kindly looked away.

Only Diamander stared. He stared in a way a cousin should not be staring. How sexy his pretty cousin had looked with her legs open like that; she had awakened his lust. Her pussy had looked so inviting, it no doubt would feel as nice as Cadwarra’s or Llisanya’s if he ever had the chance...

He instantly felt guilty for such incestuous thoughts and finally averted his eyes, too, but he could not deny he wanted to fuck her. He was glad everyone else had looked away so that no one had noticed how he had stared at his own cousin’s immodesty.

Once dressed, and with her father to protect her, Amber became demanding. She waved a fist angrily at Llisanya. “Papa, this bitch punched me in the mouth. Give her a talking to!”

“I sure will, Honey” Vishra looked at Llisanya in mock anger. “I never said for you to punch her in the mouth...I told you to punch her in the nose!”

Papa!...” Amber sobbed.

Vishra was fed up with wasting time coddling his kid. “Amber, this Half Elf is Llisanya and this Wood Elf is Cadwarra. I am sure you know your cousin, Diamander; he’s serving the Queen’s Guard while you are spending your allowance on rich friends who could not even stop a queer and a little Half Elf from abducting you out of their midst tonight. It’s become obvious to me that you need new friends, Young Lady.”

Amber seemed to recognize the names ‘Llisanya’ and ‘Cadwarra’. She rudely ignored her Papa’s words and huffed at them. “My Mama says you two have been screwing my Papa. I hope you’re both pregnant. I bet your babies are going to be as ugly as you.”

Amber was not really upset with the two of them for fucking her Papa; her Mama had matter-of-factly explained to her that he was a lot of man to enjoy and that’s why he needed several mistresses.

What Amber was actually upset at them for was that all her friends were begging for her to introduce them to her handsome father. There were rumours about his size. Fixing two or three of them up as Papa’s mistresses would be big points for her in her circle of friends. Instead, Papa was messing up her chances for social advancement by screwing these two low-life Elves instead of her rich friends.

Vishra sighed at his daughter’s rudeness toward Cadwarra and Llisanya. “I don’t make ugly children, Amber. And be nice to everybody. You’re all going to be great friends out in Antonica tomorrow.”

“Papa!” she protested “I’m not interested in being friends with your leg-spreaders and my butt-banging cousin. And why am I going to Antonica? It’s full of wild animals and bugs.”

Vishra was now visibly angry with his daughter. “You’re going to Antonica because it is clear no one is looking after you and you haven’t enough common sense to look after yourself. Anybody could have kidnapped you tonight. You’re partying with that group of so-called friends and they were useless at protecting you. You need to learn to protect yourself. You’ll learn to do that quick enough out in Antonica.”

Vishra took a deep breath. In the angry silence, everyone kept quiet, even Amber.

Vishra continued. “Cadwarra, please head out to Antonica tomorrow morning and practice your new combat spells on the rats beside the moat. Don’t stray anywhere near any Gnolls until you fully understand those spells you just learned. Diamander, please go with her to make sure you guys do not run into any trouble. Amber...YOU, too, will go with them to start learning how to fight. Just watch them for a while then when your older cousin tells you to...kill a couple moat rats to get used to using a dagger...and to please your Papa. Wear that armour you got from your Mother and I last Frostfell. I’ll lend you one of my best daggers. It’s expensive, so don’t lose it. Cadwarra, Amber will spend the night at your apartment so you get an early start.”

Amber was still sitting on the floor where Llisanya had dropped her. “Papa!... Why!!??” she sobbed anew but Vishra ignored her. He turned to Llisanya “we have that other thing tomorrow. Are you ready?”

Llisanya nodded. It would not be too hard a job to perform, just rather unpleasant and quite humiliating.

“Okay” Vishra summed up. “Good night’s work all around, everybody. Let’s get some sleep.”

He suddenly remembered his daughter. “Amber! Stop crying and go put on some panties!”


Cadwarra and Diamander walked home. Amber was with them but she was walking well behind, not wanting to have anything to do with them and sullen at the thought of the birthday party she was going to miss tomorrow because she had to go kill rodents with her fag cousin and Papa’s floozy.

Cadwarra was wondering if she should have told Vishra that she knew something about Gnolls. He seemed to think she had never met one before. She had not said anything about her experience with Gnolls because it would have sounded like boasting, and maybe it would have been. It was all moot, she supposed, because with Amber with them they had best not tempt fate by straying too far out into Antonica, anyway.

“Did my uncle screw you too hard tonight” Diamander asked Cadwarra, breaking into her thoughts. “You are walking slow.”

“Oh, we didn’t fuck tonight. I offered but he wanted to catch up on my training. He felt me up a little, was all.”

They walked on a bit and she added “but before training some Jurors were present and we had a sort of trial to address my rape charge. I had to promise to fuck them all in exchange for a vote for an acquittal.”

Diamander said nothing. He let her continue.

“So that business is at last done” Cadwarra concluded, worried about Diamander’s silence.

“Yes, I suppose that’s good.” Diamander was quiet again as they walked on then said guiltily “I hope those Jurors treated you okay. I feel responsible that my boyfriend caused such trouble that you had to do that.”

“It was alright. They had nice cocks and Tunare was honoured. I’m just a bit sore from the fucking. They all had me several times.” She started to get horny at the memory of the youngest Juror lying on top of her and grunting hard, emptying his loins deep inside her while the other two came in her mouth. He had the best looking cock of the three and she couldn’t help remembering the feel of it as he thrust hard into her, in and out as he penetrated deep. His thick shaft had shone from her wetness. The impressive girth had filled her in a most satisfying way.

Diamander said no more to intrude on her lustful thoughts, but he envied Cadwarra enjoying all those beautiful, hard cocks. He loved fucking Cadwarra but he wanted some cock, too. Long, thick cocks with a beautiful upward curve, uncircumcised. He suddenly stopped her in the middle of the street. Hidden by the privacy of the dark night and with their backs to Amber, she let him reach down into her chain mail leggings. He felt her vadge oozing with other men’s cum. He scooped up some on his fingers then raised his hand to his tongue to taste it.

His fingers still slick with sperm, Diamander let Cadwarra have a taste, too. He was aroused at the thought of all that cock that Cadwarra had enjoyed but simultaneously resentful that other men had had her. He smeared the last bit of cum on her lips. They kissed hard and he ate the cum back off her.

Amber had caught up to them, pretending she had not seen anything. The trio walked on in silence as Cadwarra licked the cum from her lips. She was concerned by Diamander’s faggy behaviour. He had been so enthusiastic about normal sex with his big cock penetrating her and then Llisanya but he seemed to now be relapsing back into perversion. Tunare wanted women to swallow all that lovely male jizz, not other men.

She had best fuck him when they got home, she decided. It would be awkward since it would be rude to ask Amber to wait in the hall while they made love. Amber would just have to be open-minded.
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