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This is the first story of a series and is kind of a set up story.
I diddnt mean to cheat. Neither did she. Especially not together. Here's how it happened.

It was a nice fall day there was a fairly large get together at Bonnie and Jeff's house. The house is on a multi acre lot on a quiet country road with trees lining the edges. Although near the not so busy road the trees offered priviacy especially within the row istself. Today was a family affair with kids of multiple age groups running around the way kids will.

The adults (about 12 of us) were split mostly men outside and girls indoors. Everyone just roaming around visiting and having good time while enjoying some cocktails. Nothing was uncomfortable or out of the norm.

Now Bonnie and Jeff were well liked by every one. Bonnie especially with her warm and helpfully personality.

Jeff was a little more reserved but still welcoming. He was built about average. With a bit of dad bod going on. Dark hair starting to salt and pepper a small goatee and thin glasses.

Bonnie isn't what would be commonly described as beautiful or pretty. Teenage acne was un kind to her, leaving her complexion rough although her cheeks were rosey. Her warm smile showed her slighly crooked teeth that seemed to make her smile all the more sincere and inviting. Her lips full and slighly pouty and had the apperance of being very very soft. Her eves would be the first thing noticed when you met her. Big and blue and sparkeling. She was about average height for a woman at 5'6" or5' 7". Her hair kind of dirty blonde and curly, down past her shoulders. Her weight was maybe what most would say her worst feature as she must weight in at about 210lbs. Although heavier she carried it better than most her size would as her ass had a nice round shape albeit a big round shape. Her belly stuck out a fair amount but diddnt hang down below her belt like some fat bitches do. And surprisingly she diddnt have the FUPA or that fat bulge below her waist yet above her public area. Maybe her belly diddnt seem so bad as she had spectacular rack. Her tits must have been F cups and though surely somewhat sagging she wore bras that held them up and stuck them out. She was wearing a top that had a zipper on it and her bra had lace trims and would peek out above the zipper at times giving hints of cleavage.

So after a few hours of the party and having finished several drinks, I split off from the adults under the guise of roaming around doing a kid check. When I got past the garage I ducked into the privacy of the tree row to releave myself. I was not yet finished when I heard someone else also walking in the trees. Unable to stop what I was doing I turned my head to see Bonnie also ducking through trees. Our meeting seemed to be by chance but she literally caught me with my dick in my hand....

Now I don't claim to be any type of hot guy. I also am a dad and although I am active and try to keep up myself I have a bit of dad bod at 6 feet and 200 pounds. My hair line is still up front where is should be and is light and wavy. Erect my cock is a strong 7 inches and think enough to get things done. Right now it was 5 inches and the head pale purple and you know in my hand.

"Sorry" I stammered awkwardly tying to turn and hide myself with out pissing all over myself, "Diddnt expect to meet anyone else in the trees. This is kind of embarrassing."

Just as I said this Bonnie's eyes moved down and lock on my pissing cock. Her blue eyes twinkled, her lips parted into her crooked tooth smile and then she licked the corner of her upper lip. " nothing there to be embarrassed of," she smiled as she turned off and headed back to the house as if nothing happened.

I was left alone and in shock at our interaction. I mean our families so close its like we were family. I finished my piss and zipped up. Walking through the trees to exit in a different spot to prevent any sort of misunderstanding from other people I went back to the party and got another drink.

After supper one of the kids was crying about losing some toy so most of the adults went on a recovery mission. Not too concerned about finding it I wandered downstairs to look there. The game room was totally wrecked with kids toys everywhere. This was standard when we had our get togethers. Next I wandered into the spare bedroom.

I no more than cleared the door of the bed room than I heard it swing shut and then lock. I spun around to see Bonnie standing there, eyes full of a fire I have never seen in her before. She must have been hiding in the closet just waiting for me to walk in.

She unzipped her blouse as she dropped to her knees, not letting the blouse fall completely off but off her shoulders to her elbows and dropped around her back. Her white lace trimmed bra now on full display. Her large soft tits only covered to the top of her areolas providing a generous amount of cleavage. She swiftly reached out and undid my jeans and reached in my briefs, her crooked smile more evil now than sweet like it usually was as she reached for my dick.

"How about another look at what you showed me earlier? "

Too shocked to say anything I just stood there stammering, in shock at the events unfolding, staring, mesmerized at the view of her chest, something I only imagined before now.

Her touch was soft as she had one hand on my rod and pulled down my pants with her other. Her hands were soft and warm, her touch gental yet erotic. She studied it for a second like she was have a staring contest with a one eyed snake.

Then almost like it surprised her as much as it did me her mouth slowly opened, almost as if involuntary, as she leaned closer to my groin, her tongue extended in anticipation. Then one hand still around the base of my shaft, she leaned closer and took the tip in her mouth and closed those ever so soft lips around it.

I have never experienced such a warm softness anywhere before. It was like moist warm silk touching my most sensitive spot. She paused for a moment there eyes closed in a strange state of bliss having my cock head in her mouth. All I could do was stare as nature took over and my cock began to harden. Sensing this change her eyes shot open and looked up at me, never releasing her mouth on my head or her hand at the base. Her eyes were now clearly filled with desire.

Slowly she started teasing my head with her tongue, slow and soft at first then more rapid and with growing pressure. Then she started to take more of me pushing those soft lips down along the shaft. A small amount of suction pulled her tongue up tight to my member inside her mouth and it too worked back and forth on my rod. Her left hand went from the base of shaft to my balls fondling them while she picked up speed bobbing her head up and down, her mouth full of my 7 inches. Her right hand was slipped into her pants rubbing her crotch with fever as her mouth continued its assault on my cock.

The sensations were undescribable. I mean it's been over a month since my wife had given any attention to dick, much less this kind of attention. Hell, even at her nastiest my wife never came close to this kind of cock craved obsession.

What a visual this was for me. This plump friend of ours, on her knees, shirt off exposing her bra and cleavage, ravaging my cock with her mouth and her clit with her fingers at the same time. Even though her bra was substantial and supportive, the size of her breasts would not allow them to be held still. With every stroke her mouth made on my cock her breast bounce and jiggle inside the bra like jello.

As much vigor as she was using on my cock she was surprisingly silent in the act as very few small slurps were audible to me and some very faint moans. Maybe she was intentional in this for fear of bringing attention to our double affair happening in her own home, with both our spouses in the house. I fortunately enough was unable to make any kind of sound a s I was still in shock at this plus size woman with gorgeous tits basicly face fucking herself on my cock.

After about a minute she took both hands on my shaft and with her spit and my precum as lube gripped my shaft and run her hands the length of shaft as she pulled my ridged member from her mouth. She leaned back a little and smiled her crooked tooth smile at me, clearly proud of the reaction she was having on me. Then she took me back in her mouth as deep as she could still working my manhood with her hand and her mouth. As I opened my mouth to warn her I was about cum she lowered her body a little further, tilted her head up towards me, straightening her throat out and locking eyes with me.

Sensing my pending orgasm she reached her arms around my thighs and pulled her face violently into my crotch impaling her throat with my raging hard on. That cute little pointed nose she has pressed tight into my pubis, my balls resting square on her chin. The combination of the sensation of her throat spasming and visual of the violation of her face was too much for me and my oragasm peaked sending waves of cum straight down her throat to her large belly. Her eyes grew large with surprise and I could tell this was the first time she had a cock down her throat and possibly the first load of cum to coat her insides like this.

Despite her apparent inexperience with deep throating, she held tight and took evey spurt of my semen before pulled her head back and letting my cock fall from her soft lips. She leaned back and dropped her head to catch her breath and a mixture of my cum and her drool dripped from her mouth into her plentiful cleavage and also onto her chubby protruding belly. Once she regained her breath she once more took my cock into her soft lips and very gently cleaned it off before tucking it back into my fruit of the looms. At that she reached next to her pick up the missing toy stood back up and pulled her blouse back up onto her shoulders and zipped it back up hiding all that fabulous cleavage. As she did this I noticed she left the spots of the drool cum mixture on her bra and tits and just hid them with her blouse. Then toy in hand she silently turned, unlocked the door, and steped out, announcing to the entire house she found the missing toy in the spare bedroom. I was still so dumbstruck and in shock I could hardly fix my jeans and slowly wander back outside where I could not let on I had just had most amazing sexual experience of my life.

To be contiued........
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