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Derek gets a surprise (Saturday Morning)
I wake up the next day and figure I should probably just go about my day per usual. I may have guests in the house, but if I were to learn anything from yesterday, it was that nobody would care if I'm not wearing pants. So, I put on a T-shirt and forgo pants. I head downstairs, letting my pecker remain uncovered. I get to the kitchen expecting to find at least someone having breakfast or something, but I find no one. I look outside to see if they are in the pool or hot tub, but again, no one. I guess they are all in their rooms still. They must have stayed up late. I get myself some breakfast, sit at the outside dining table, and start sating my complaining stomach.


Just then, Mary comes rushing into the kitchen. I get up to see what the fuss is about.


“What’s up, honey?”


Mary is quickly getting something to eat as she replies, “I forgot I had a meeting this morning and I have some errands to run.” She then rushes over, kisses me on the cheek, and then says “Bye daddy,” as she rushes out the door.


I turn to go back to my breakfast when Seth and Sonja come into the kitchen. I turn to greet them and notice that as soon as I turn around, Sonja’s eyes dart down at my package and then up to meet my eyes; then she gets a mischievous look on her face.


“Are you two hungry? Shall I make you something for breakfast?” I ask them while trying to distract myself so that I don’t pop a boner in front of them.


“Thanks, dad, but we are meeting Jason Miller for breakfast.”


“Oh, tell him hi from me. It’s been a while since he’s been around.”


“Will do,” Seth says as he and Sonja turn to leave.


Now home alone, I return to the patio where I finish my breakfast while enjoying a cool morning breeze. I clean up after myself and decide to go relax in the sauna. I head back up to my room, take my shirt off, grab a towel, and then head to the sauna, which is by the pool. I turn on the sauna then swim around a bit while I wait for the sauna to warm up. I check the sauna periodically until I feel like the temperature is just right. I grab my towel and head inside. I place my towel down on the bench and then pour some water over the now piping-hot rocks. Once the room has become thick with steam, I sit down on my towel, put my head back, close my eyes, and begin to relax.


After a while, I hear the door to the sauna open. Startled, I snap my head up and look to see who could possibly be coming in. All at once, the realization hits me. Tabitha is still here, and she is now getting into the sauna with me. I quickly fold the ends of my towel over my lap to cover myself up as best I can.


Tabitha closes the door behind her and is now standing there with a towel wrapped around her. “Hi Mr. J. I saw that you got the sauna ready, so I thought I would come join you. I hope that’s alright.”


“Well, Tabitha, I don’t make it a habit of being in such intimate situations with students.”


“I’m not a student, Mr. J. At least not yet.”


“Well then, I guess if you’re comfortable with it, so am I.”


“Great, thanks. I love saunas, and it’s been forever since I’ve been in one,” she says as she drops her towel revealing her naked body. Of course, she was stark naked under that towel. She places her towel on the other end of the bench and then sits down on it. The sauna isn’t very big, so we aren’t that much more than six feet away from each other. “Oh, that seam feels so good on my skin,” she says as she rubs the moisture up and down her arms and over her chest.


Trying to keep my member from getting too excited, I decide to launch into what I hope to be an innocent conversation. “So, Tabitha, what do you plan to study in college?”


“I want to become a therapist.”


Oh, good, she won’t be anywhere near my department. “Oh, really, what kind of therapist?”


“A sex therapist.”


“Beg pardon?”


“Yes, a sex therapist. Sex is such an amazing thing that it makes me sad to think that some people aren’t enjoying it in a healthy way, so I want to help them any way I can.”


Well, my plan for an innocent conversation has backfired. “I guess that’s a noble goal.”


“Oh, I think so. It’s not going to be easy either.”




“Oh, no. I have to learn all sorts of things about sex. Like all about positions, and toys, and protection, and fellatio, and…”


“Fellatio? Why would you need to know about that as a therapist?”


“Well, Mr. J., fellatio is a very important part of healthy sexuality.”


“It is, is it?”


“Of course. That and cunnilingus. A lot of problems are caused simply by people not knowing how to properly prepare each other for penetration.”


I can feel my erection forming under my towel. If this conversation continues any further, I won’t be able to conceal it very well.


“I’m sure you know all about cunnilingus. Don’t you, Mr. J.?”


“Well, I’m not sure if I know all the ins and outs, I mean, particulars of the activity, but I am familiar with it. Yes.”


“I’m sure a man like you would know exactly where to find the clitoris.”


I swallow hard as my arousal heightens. “I do believe I know where that particular organ is located, yes.”


“Good. Sadly, a lot of men don’t and, as I’ve come to understand, not a lot of them think it’s important. Do you think it’s important, Mr. J.?”


“Do I think what is important?”


“Knowing where the clitoris is.”


“Well, yes, scientifically speaking, yes, it is very important for the pleasure of a woman for the man to correctly locate and stimulate his partner's clitoris.”


“It sure is. Do you usually stay covered up like that while in the sauna? I think it’s a waste if the steam can’t reach as much skin as possible.”


“Oh, no, I am usually as you are when I’m in the sauna.”


“Oh, well, don’t feel like you need to cover up for me. It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before.” She says with the slightest wink.


Torn between keeping a modicum of decency and giving into the seduction of an eighteen your old woman, I decide to oblige, and I uncover myself to reveal my completely erect penis.


“Oh my, Mr. J., I didn’t realize you were so aroused. I hope this isn’t embarrassing for you.”


She is definitely toying with me. “Oh, I’m sorry, I can cover back up if it makes you uncomfortable,” I say as I move to do so.


“I’m comfortable with it if you are.”


I stop and allow my erection to remain openly visible.


“You are bigger than most guys I’ve seen if you don’t mind me saying.”


“I suppose that’s alright for you to say. Thank you.”


“You’re welcome. It's actually quite the specimen,” she says as she moves closer, seemingly to get a better look.


“Thank you again. I guess I really wouldn’t know.”


“Oh, well, I’m glad I’m here to tell you then.”


“Are you excited to start school soon?” I say as a feeble attempt to change the subject.


“I am. I’m sorry,” she says as she scoots closer to me, “but I just can’t get over how beautiful your cock is.”


“I am truly flattered you think so.”


Tabitha is sitting so close to me now that our shoulders are touching and she has put her hand gently on my thigh. The feeling of her touch sends a shiver down my spine and an electric pulse ripples up my cock.




“Yes, Mr. J.?”


“What are your intentions?”


“My intentions? Oh, I don’t know that I have any intentions. I’m just curious, that's all,” she replies as she moves her fingers up and down my thigh, bringing them closer and closer to my member with each pass.


“Tabitha, you are awfully close to my, um, to me.”


“Is this bothering you?”


“Well, it’s not exactly bothering me, but, well...”


Tabitha looks me right in the eyes and says, “Mr. J.?”




“I’m comfortable,” she says and, without losing eye contact with me, she brushes her fingers up my shaft and then back down again. Her fingers reach my sack and she rubs it gently before making her way back up my shaft. As she reaches the top, she ever so gently rubs her finger across the sensitive area just below my opening. “This is the frenulum. It’s said to be the most sensitive part of the penis.”


“Is that so?” I ask with shortness of breath.


“It is. Here, let me show you,” she says, and before I know it, she leans down to lick me there.


“Oh god, Tabitha. That, um, that feels like the right spot,” I say, then I feel her gently pull my whole head into her mouth as she continues to tongue my frenulum.


I close my eyes and allow the sensation to wash over me. Tabitha moves to the floor where she kneels between my legs and continues to perform the fellatio we were just discussing. I don’t know where she learned what she knows, but she is definitely performing well.


She pulls me out of her mouth and begins to stroke my now moistened erection with both hands and asks, “How does that feel? Do you like it?”


“What you are doing feels incredible.”


Tabitha gets a big grin on her face and then says, “I want to do good in school. I figured the best way to learn is to practice. Thanks for helping me with my education,” and with that, she pulls me into her mouth again and continues sucking.


I lean against the wall, close my eyes, and then reply, “I am happy to oblige.”


She continues like that for a while until I feel the urge to ejaculate come over me.


“Tabitha, I’m about the climax.”


She doesn't stop but rather increases her rhythm. I feel my back arch and my toes curl as the effects of an orgasm wash over me. The first wave of cum pours into her mouth. She quickly takes me in deeper in response. I feel her swallow each pulse down her throat. I am surprised to find myself breathing so heavily as I finish. She pulls me out of her mouth, sucking the whole way. When only my head is left, she sucks even harder as if to ensure she removes every drop. The feeling of which makes my body jerk due to how sensitive I’ve become. She pulls me out, licks her lips, and then stands up, leans forward, and kisses me on the lips. We passionately kiss for a minute before she pulls away.


“I’m really hot now. Want to join me in the pool?”


“That sounds like a great idea.”


She grabs me by the hand and leads me to the pool’s edge where we jump in.




Tabitha and I are now swimming around naked together and after what she just did to me, I am completely relaxed about it. We even get rather playful with each other. She fondles me now and again and I touch her breasts and rub her soft pussy. I feel like I’m in my twenties again and this young woman is to thank for that.


“Well, well, well, you two have certainly broken the ice.”


I look up and see Mary standing there at the edge of the pool. I swim over to greet her and say “Oh, hi honey. Yeah, I guess you could say that.”


“I gave your dad a blowjob,” Tabitha blurts out from across the pool.


“Oh, really?”


A little embarrassed, I say, “Well, yeah, that did happen. I hope that’s OK with you.”


“Hell, I wish it’d happened sooner,” Mary replies as she strips down and jumps in with us.


We go back to playing in the pool, me showing them how to dive and them teasing me. I don’t refrain from being handsy with Tabitha in front of Mary and Tabitha does the same. Mary just laughs and pokes fun at us. I was surprised that Mary even got a little handsy with me a couple of times. Nothing crazy, but definitely more than nothing. I didn't respond in kind to Mary, but I let both the girls have their fun.


After a while, I get out of the pool and head to get my towel out of the sauna.


“Where are you going?” Mary calls to me.


“I need to go. I’m meeting Mark Spinelli at the gym today,” I yell back as I go into the sauna. I grab mine and Tabitha’s towel. I put Tabitha’s towel by the pool for her then say, “I’ll be back later today. I also need to stop by the college to take care of a thing or two. If you girls will still be home, I can pick up some pizzas.”


“We’re actually going out with some friends tonight, so we probably won’t be home,” Mary replies.


“OK, see you girls later then.” 


“Bye Mr. J.,” Tabitha says, then blows me a kiss which makes the two girls giggle.


I head inside, get ready, and then leave for the gym. That was a rather unexpected morning.




I get to the gym and find Mark Spinelli on one of the machines. We greet each other and get to work. Mark and I met at the gym a few years back and we became gym buddies. He is way more into bodybuilding than I am so he helps me out as a kind of unofficial trainer. It’s thanks to him that I am in as good of shape as I am.


Mark and I finish up our workout and head to the locker room. We get undressed and hit the showers together. There are only a few guys in there, so we are able to find two free showers next to each other. I turn on my shower, close my eyes, and step into the stream. The steam from the hot water reminds me of my encounter with Tabitha in the sauna this morning. I feel myself start to harden, so I reach down and grab hold of my tightening member.


“What’s with the stupid grin?” Mark asks me.


I open my eyes and look over at Mark who is lathering up and say, “You are never going to believe what happened to me this morning.”


“Oh, you’ve got a story for me this time? It’s been a while. Did you finally hook up with someone?”


“Yes, no, kind of. It was an eighteen-year-old my daughter met this past week. She is staying with us over the weekend until her parents get home. She found me in our sauna this morning and gave me a blowjob.”


Mark turns to me with wide eyes and says, “You’ve got to be shitting me? Really? That really happened?”


“Yes, that happened this morning.”


“Fuck man, that’s wild. You said she’s staying with you?”


“She is. Well, she’s staying with Mary,” I say as I start to wash myself.


“Does Mary know about it?”


“Tabitha and I were swimming in the pool naked when Mary got home and Tabitha, the young woman, just blurted it out that she gave me head.”


“What did Mary say?”


“She said good and then got in with us.”


“Do you think you’ll go any further?”


“I don’t know. I’m not opposed to it, but I just really don’t know. And get this, apparently, Seth’s girlfriend, or whatever she is to him, wants me to join them in a threesome.”


“OK, now you’re just fucking with me,” Marks responds, then turns back to showering.


“Mark, you know me. Have I ever fucked with you?”


“No, no you have not. Damn. Are you going to do it?”


“I think so. I don’t know. Seth just brought it up to me last night.”


“Do you think he’s fucking with you?”


“I don’t think so. Sonja, his, whatever she is, was topless for dinner and then went skinny-dipping with the girls afterward.”


Mark turns back around to face me. I can see the conversation is getting him hard. “Damn dude, can I come over for dinner?”


“Sure. From the sounds of it, she’s a real freak. That’s what Seth says anyway. Do you want to come over tonight, see if anything happens? I can’t make any guarantees, but it would actually make me feel a lot more comfortable if you were there if anything does.”


“To be honest, I had something else planned this evening, but let me see if I can take care of it sooner and then I’ll head over,” Mark says, then turns back to the shower and starts absentmindedly pumping his cock.


I start stroking mine as well. I look over and see the guy next to me has a pretty good rhythm going on with his massive hard-on. He looks at me and says, “Can I come over too?”


I just smile, then turn back to Mark and say, “I was going to pick up some pizzas for dinner, so maybe be over by eight if you want some?”


“You got it, man. I’ll be there.”


I then turn off my shower and head for my locker. I get changed and then leave for the college.
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