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Every character in this short is 18+. I contains brother-sister incest. The brother may appear hesitant at first because of the stigma of incest, but he loves it.
“Elias, we’re live in five!” Melanie accompanied her call with some banging on the wall she shared with her brother’s room.

The boy grunted as he sat up on his bed. There was no point looking at the time; it was either time to stream or time to rest. Apparently, it was already stream-o-clock. His sister was in charge of the schedule and, wanting as little responsibility as possible, that suited Elias just fine. “I’m just a prop. I’m just a prop,” he grumbled as a motivational mantra.

In the next room, his sister was bent over by her bed, taking off her panties. Her round peach of an ass was pointed right at the door as Elias came in. Though it was as perfect as a butt could get, his first instinct was to quickly glance away because of whom it belonged to. But, after a deep breath, he forced himself to watch the rest of the show: plump, juicy breasts slipping out of a lacy, black bra, a shameless slit squished between athletic thighs... if he couldn’t get used to looking at her body, what chance did he have adjusting to the warm, silky soft skin rubbing against his own?

“You still have your boxers on? Hurry up!” Melanie said, bent over again, this time against her desk to double-check her makeup.

Elias shook his head in low spirits but obeyed. “A couple weeks ago, you could hardly stand me for the length of a dinner, but since you’ve learned that I have a larger than average penis, you’re fine with me spending twelve hours a day in your room. What does that say about you?” The answer he was fishing for was that his sister was a size-queen internet whore who would happily suck her own brother’s cock for money… but then what would that make the guy who whored himself for only a five-percent share.

“Larger than average? Bro, you’re like if three porn stars taped their dicks together. And you would be easier to take seriously if you didn’t have a hard-on before I even started playing with it.”

Elias turned away red-face, his engorging cock following in a large arc. “My penis doesn’t realize how wrong this is. It’s just a prop that the rest of my body is unfortunately attached to.”

“Sorry, but until you find a way to detach it, I need your whole body to not be a prude little bitch” Melanie’s arms appeared around her brother’s waist, her breasts pressed against his back, and her hands wrapped around his cock, completing the erection in full. Was he that much of a freak? In her tiny hands, the penis did look like the king of salami.

“Come on, let’s make some money.” And with a hand squeezing his cock, Melanie guided her brother to the bed, where he assumed the usual position. His face was at the opposite end of the camera, which suited him just fine.

“Ahh, ah, gentle, gentle,” Elias hissed.

“I think I know what your cock likes more than you do by now. By the way, how are my boobs looking today?” Melanie squeezed her grapefruits together inches from her brother’s face.

“They’re fine, just stop messing with me and do your thing.” Elias was working very hard to convince Melanie and himself that he took no pleasure in feeling his sister crawl all over him until her thighs were between his ears and her smooth crotch resting on his chest. That’s the position she ran the show from.

His view was either a bare ceiling or the extreme close-up of a tight, bubbly ass. With no one to see where his eyes were pointing, he always chose the ass.

On the other side of the bed, Melania was busy with the near-impossible task of getting her perky boobs, her pretty face, and the entirety of her brother’s cock visible on the preview screen while lazily stroking the latter to keep it hard and ready. Occasionally, she would give it a few loud sucks like a sip of bubble tea. With her pussy in his face, Elias could tell it wasn’t just for his cock’s sake; it turned her on just as much. Her brother’s cock... Gross.

“Can you get me going a little bit? You know how the first hour always is,” Melanie asked.

Elias sighed, looking away from his sister’s ass for a moment to ask the heavens ‘why me,’ then parted the girl’s buttcheek, fully exposing two hungry holes. He only had to bend his neck slightly for his tongue to reach. A few licks across the entire length of the crack from clit to coccyx was enough to prime the engine. To her credit, Melania kept a tight and clean ship. Even from an inch away, both young holes were hairless, pink, and clean.

Without warning, one mouseclick sent the cocksucking feed to hundreds of horny people’s homes, and Melanie became Mistress_Mel: “Oh, you’re awake? I hope my blowjob didn’t wake you up. When I watch you sleep, I can’t resist taking your fat, meaty cock in my hands. No matter how often I hold it, I never get over how big it is. Look, it’s bigger than my arm!”

Elias felt the soft skin of a breast brush against his cock before his sister’s arm pressed against it.

“And once it’s nice and hard in my hands, I get so horny... and so hungry.” Melanie stuffed the head of the cock in her mouth and resumed her sucking while caressing the shaft, embellishing the lewd, wet sounds so they registered on the microphone. She addressed her audience as if this was a private show; men around the world were pretending to wake up to a cute, horny girlfriend while equipped with a much bigger cock than the one in their hand. When Melanie became Mistress_Mel, even Elias couldn’t resist her entrancing voice.

Mistress_Mel hadn’t even finished her intro when the first donation came in. Providing his dick as a prop wasn’t Elias’s only job. Behind the scenes, whenever he heard that kaching, he had to make his sister cum. Viewers spent their hard-earned money to listen to a young girl scream their first name while cumming. And no one could ever accuse Mistress Mel of faking her orgasm (Elias’ drenched chin could attest to that).

The girl came easy with the proper technique. Their first rehearsal had been the most awkward hour of his life, but now it was as simple as eating a pie with your fingers.

Elias began making his best impression of a jackhammer with his index and middle finger smashing the g-spot inside his sister’s pussy while wagging his tongue as deep as it could go up her butt. Within seconds, she was moaning the name of some Trevor guy. Kaching. Kaching. Kaching. The donation train had left the station early as Melanie predicted. He kept the orgasms rolling until his wrist hurt, and his tongue was numb; she tried to stay sane enough to occasionally pop the cock out of her mouth to scream some dude’s name before stuffing it back in.

When donations finally started slowing down, Melanie was able to dedicate herself to cocksucking for longer periods of time. It was like she was trying to return the favor of the hundred orgasms she received. Elias wondered if he would feel better about the whole incest thing if his sister wasn’t so damn good at it.

“Cum for me, Michael. I want to taste your jizz so bad. I want to use your thick sperm as mouthwash, then swallow it all in one gulp so I can feel it slime down my throat.” That kind of dirty talk was reserved for big donors who purchased the cum package. It was music to Elias’ ears, who spent most of the stream struggling not to blow his load down his sister’s throat. He imagined someone else’s mouth on his cock and let himself go.

Melanie licked it all up; her face, her hands, the cock... especially the cock. She would deepthroat the monster just to suck up the cum that had oozed all the way down the shaft. Her diligence and worship definitely made it easier to stay hard between ejaculation. She was still siphoning the last drop of cum out of Elias’ balls with a throat massage when an unfamiliar melody filled the room. Do-do-do-do do-do. The ‘Charge’ fanfare.

Elias’ mind was at its bluntest when his cock was entirely engulfed in his sister’s throat, so it took him a moment to remember what this sound effect was about: they had reached their donation goal. The one he hoped they never would. Cream pie.

Mistress Mel plopped the wet, slimy cock out of her throat to gasp exaggeratedly loud. “You want to fuck my tight pussy with your giant cock?I’ve... I’ve never done it with anyone before...” she told the men in response to the accomplished goal. “But my pussy is so wet right now. I want it so bad. Even if it’s my first time, I don’t want you to hold back. I want you to pound my little cunt as hard as you can, even if it hurts me.”

She took an imaginary answer. “You say it’s going to hurt a little bit, but then it’s going to feel really good? I can’t wait to feel you deep inside me. You don’t care that I’m not on the pill? You want to put a baby in me?”

Elias was only half listening to keep himself from ruining the creampie early, but those words caught him off-guard. “Wait, you’re just saying that, right? Mel, tell me you’re on the pill.”

The ‘shut up’ from an ass crack in his face was the only answer he received.

Suffocating her brother’s nose in her buttcheeks, Melanie hyped up the cream pie event for so long enough that Elias was almost relieved when the time came for her to drag her wet pussy across his chest toward the erect baby-maker.

Melanie did another one of her loud gasps once the cock was against her belly. “Look how deep it’s going to go,” she said, and her brother could feel the dip of her belly button against the side of his glans.

Kaching. Kaching. Kaching. Donations kept coming, and there was nothing Elias could do but watch his sister’s slender, naked back and her butt squished on his navel. Mistress_Mel was getting behind on her orgasms, but she didn’t seem worried at all, as if she knew from the throbbing cock in her hands that she would soon catch up.

Elias looked away. He couldn’t watch his sister on her knees, lining up the head of his cock, stretching her tight pussy lips with her body weight. Was it Mistress_Mel or Melanie herself who was moaning like a bitch as she lowered herself on the large member? Elias wasn’t so sure it was an act anymore. And from the vaginal contraction, his sister had started orgasming halfway down the shaft.

Melanie’s knees were suddenly too weak to support her weight, and she plopped down the rest of the cock, landing her round buttocks on her brother’s crotch. She traced the cock outline on her navel, driving her brother crazy. “It’s all the way inside me... You can see the bulge on my skin.”

The next half hour was pure, guilty, incestuous pleasure for both siblings. Mistress_Mel was practically twerking on her prop, making the tip kiss her cervix at every pump. She was having orgasms after orgasms, getting through the list with ease, but if someone didn’t purchase the cum package soon, Elias might accidentally rip the sheets off the bed with his clenched fists.

“Oh my God, you feel so good, Elias. I want you to come inside me. I’m your bitch, Elias. Breed me. Breed me. I’m cumming so hard. Fuuuck.” As he felt Melanie’s biggest convulsions on his cock, Elias wondered what the odds were that a big donor with the same name as him had hit the button just as he couldn’t hold back ejaculating his milky seed straight into his sister’s womb.

Melanie couldn’t get off her brother’s dick after that. The only time she extracted the cock out of her birth canal was to rotate and face him. Out of sight of the camera, Elias’ hands found her breasts as his sister continued to milk him dry. Hours later, Melanie finally collapsed on her brother’s sweaty body and lay there, still impaled, breasts squished against his chest. As exhausted as they both were, Melanie’s hips still moved on their own; Elias’ hands still unconsciously dug into her buttocks. When two mouths are panting so close to each other, it’s not unusual for an accidental kiss to take place.

With tongues entwined, Elias and Melanie made love for several hours, Both pretending not to have noticed that the screen behind them had gone black a while ago.


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Well done... VERY well done!!

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