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Part 2. Best if part one is read first.
We just got home from the get together at Bonnie and Jeffs house and were putting the kids to bed.... My wife and i both a little tipsy and ready for bed. Once the kids were all in bed, I strpied down to my breifs and was crawling into bed when my wife come into the bedroom while brushing her teeth and showed me a text from Bonnie saying one of the kids left somthing at her house and she thought the kids would need it in the morning.

'Fine' I grumbled crawling back out of bed. "I'll go get it." I pulled on a pair of windbraker pants and a hoodie and set off on the 3 mineut drive.

The party was over and it appeared everyone in the house was asleep as i pulled up to Bonnie and Jeffs detached garage. Bonnie was just coming out of the house along the walk to the garage.

Her hair looked wet like she had just got out of the shower. she was wearing a bath robe that came down to just above her knee. Her large F cups held the front out past her belly and out far enough her knees never touvhed it while she walked. The robe was tied high up, almost right under her breasts wich made them even more pronounced.

"It's in here," she informed me as i got out of the car and she opened the walk in door to the garage. I follwed her in almost dazed from the drink and late hour. As soon as i cleared the door, once again the door slamed shut and locked. I spun around to see Bonnie locking the door with that more wicked than sweet smile again.

Once the door was locked she turned twards me and untied the robe dropping to the floor. she was wearing a skimpy silk nightie that barely came down the the bottom of her substancial round ass. Its built in support held her large tits up and out, althought the thin straps over her shoulders were visibly straining to hold up the weight of those fabulous mellons. The neckline plunged low, to inbetween her tits barely covering her areoulas, and her nipples were poking through the thin silky material.

I could see creases in the looser sections of the material. Almost like it was new and had never been unfolded from the packaging. made me wonder if it had sitting in her dresser, maybe for years waiting for the right occasion. The occasion that apperantly never came for her husband.

She reached up and put her hand behind my head, and pulled me to her chest, burying my face inbetween her large soft tits. I started kissing at the sides of her tits and even motorboated a little. She took two steps back, into her husbands work bech and worked her ass up onto the work bench.

I was still too suprised be all of her agressive actions that i still hadn't put up any protest yet, and she took that as a sign of compliance. Bonnie was now seated on the workbench and reached down to the hem of the nightie and pulled the front up as she spread her thick thighs, exposing her sex to the light of the garage.

I was dumbstruck at the sight. Her pussy looked liked it had just been shaven as there was not a hair to been seen. the outer lips slighly puffy and the inner lips protuding jsut slightly and the clitoris hidden with inthe folds. A slight dampsness was visibly building inbetween the lips.

"I think you owe me after this after noon," she stated so mater of fact. as she said this she run her hands down the outside of pussy and down her thighs and back up her index fingers passed through her slit spreading the lips slightly.

For the first time in out affair, i was able to take some inetitive for my self and dropped to my knees and leaned tward her crotch. I paused when i got close, to take it in visually and to take in its aroma. I slowly leaned closer touching her thigh with my check. it was warm, her skin soft. The sensation was electric.

I slid my cheek along her thigh working closer twards her treasures. When i got close i planted soft small kissed on her innermost thighs, and finally on the lips of her pussy. the Frist one near her entrance, the next a little higher up. These made her inhale a little sharper than normal, then third landed right atop her hidden clit.

The contact with her clit made her gasp deep and jagged, almost like it suprised her. Now I stuck my tounge out and worked it back and forth working inbetween her lips. Once inbetween the lips i worked my touge over her hole all the way along her slit up until i found her clit. I circled the clit with my tounge, and could feel it grow with the stimulation. As i teased the clit with my tounge Bonnie started to moan softly and I could feel her fingers in my hair.

Once her clit was well stimulated i upped the pressure by starting to suck on it. She moved her knees over my shoulders and clamped my head in between her large thighs. She gasped and her whole body tensed up as I gentley took the tip of her Clitoris in my teeth and at the same time push pushed my right index finger into her pussy.

My left hand work up her body and found her large supple breast, flicking at the nipple through the silk, it protruding even more now than before. She moaned louder and deeper, her legs tightening around my head as my left hand twisted and pulled at her nipple, my finger stroking inside her pussy and still sucking her clit like i wanted to suck it right out from between her pussy lips.

I addea another finger insde her and now with two fingers started masaging the front wall of her pussy and could tell i hit the most sensitve spot. Her moans turn to a scream as her body convulsed, her hips bucking, her legs and arms pulling my head tight against her crotch, almost smothering me. As the orgasm rocked through her body, her girl cum sprayed over me and i released her clit to move so i could taste her juices and lap up all i could.

As her orgasm passed, her body relaxed and she slowly slumped all the way onto the bench now laying completely flat on her back, legs over the side of bench, me still on my knees inbetween her legs.

I was now aware of my own arousal as I had just noticed my cock was rock hard and pushing out against the front of my wind pants. I pushed my pants down and slowly stood up still between her spread legs. Bonnie was oblivous to what i was doing still disorentented from the powerfull orgasm she just experienced.

I pointed my cock at her pussy and leaned in. When the purple head of cock touched the entreance of her pussy, she snapped back to reality instantly.

"No no no no" she shiekd as plunged my hard 7 inch cock deep into her pussy, the tip of my cock hitting her cervix and my balls slapping her large round ass. "I wasn't planning on taking any things that far. Blowjobs and pussy licking are not exactly cheating, but this is full blown cheating."

"Well," I said, as I pressed tight againt her sex and started to gyrate my hips, once again stimulating her clit, " I guess i missed that memo."

"Uuhhh," she moaned "Jeff never hits that spot. Ohhh, Mmmmm, OK just dont cum inside me, I cant risk you getting me pregnant." With that approval i reached up and pulled the straps of her nightie down off her shoulders releasing her her awesome F cup tits.

Her tits bounced back and forth after being releaved from the pressure of the her. I couldnet resist and bent down to take a nipple in mouth. Bending like this pressed my cock harder against her cervix causing her groan in pleasure.

For the first time i got to take in all the beauty of her tits. Her areaolus smaller than you would expect for tits this size, but nipples thinck and standing out hard. I alernated sucking each nipple into mouth while grinding her clit with the base of my cock. The bonnie wrapped her legs around me again and i stood back up and began slow stroking my cock in and out of her love tunnel.

"Ugh Ugh, Oh Oh," she moaned as i picked up the pace. "Dont stop now! Oh this feels so good!"

I changed the angle of my thrusts so the head of my cock bounced off the front wall inside her, causing her to body tense up and rock her with another orgasm.

"Oh fuck!!" she cried, lound enough I was glad the garage was not attached to the house, as someone surly would have heard. With that her pussy clamped down on my dick as I plunged it again right up tight to her cervix as my orgasm hit and pumped her pussy full of my cum.

Feeling my cum hit her cervix, she tried to pull away from me scooting her bare ass on the work bench, but I had a strong hold, my arms wrapped around her thighs. I held tight against her until my orgasm was through, and i had pumped wave after wave of my seed into her.

As I released my grip and pulled away, my cock deflating, pulled out with a flop. "You bastard!" She yelled at me. "I told you not to cum inside me! I'm not on the pill!"

I started to chuckle, a mischevious grin spreading on my face. "There in is the benefit of cheating with a married man, I've had the snip snip, I've been shooting blanks now for years!"

Bonnies angy expression melted away and that lustfull, evil grin spead across her face as her outlook on the situation changed. She slid off the bench infront of me and dropped to her knees in front of me grasping my now soft cock at the base and taking the head gently into her mouth. She pulled back and then went for more a little aprehensivley. I could tell that this was the first time she was tasting herself on my dick. Satesfied with the taste of our combined juices, she gentely clean my dick with her mouth and stood up and fixed her nightie.

She then handed me the forgoten toy, unlocked the door and made her way for the house. As I watched her walking away, she lifted the back of the nightie for a quick flash of her ass before disapearing into the dark house, my cum visible dripping down her tighs, leaving me to head for home.
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