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Read part 1 and 2 first. My wife finds out and then there is a twist
"Ugh, ugh, oooohhh, of fuck, mmmmm yea," Bonnie moaned. She was bent over leaning on the back of my truck, her large tits bouncing back and forth even inside her bra, as I was banging her violently from behind. Ever since that first night after the party Bonnie and I have been meeting up on the regular to fuck. Tonight was outside in an empty field walking distance from her house. I was on my way back from an emergency after hours call at work.

My cock was assaulting the inside of her pussy and my thighs smacking hard on her big, round, soft ass. As the orgasm I was giving her rocked her, her muscles milked her pussy around my cock. I held on a few seconds longer then pulled my dick out of her tight wet vagina and slid it between her ass cheeks. Already wet with her natural lubricant I pumped my dick in her large ass Crack a few times until I sprayed my man juice up all up her back.

I steped back and Bonnie stood up pulling up her panties over ass leaving my cum there as a prize. Her shirt covered the rest as she slid it back down.

"Well that was fun," she said with her lustfull little crooked smile. "Let me know if you called into work again!" as she turned and headed back through the trees twards her house.

I got home and as expected the wife and kids were already in bed. I thought about a shower and decided against it as my wife would probably stay curled up on jer side of the bed anyway. I slipped into bed as have many time over the years as these late calls to work were not uncommon. Despite my efforts not to wake Lynn she stirred and rolled over as I got settled into bed.

She rolled twards me and put her arm over my chest and welcomed me home. After a minute or two her hand started rubbing my chest. This took me a little by surprise as our bedroom had been pretty cold for a couple of years. It's not that I don't love my wife or dislike sex with her, but rather she admits she just has little to no desire for sex anymore.

Her hand went under my shirt and started massaging my chest. I returned the favor the favor, running my hand over jer shirt up and down the side of her body deturing a little on jer side boob.

Normally this would start a negative response form her amd shut things down but tonight she seemed to enjoy it. Then her hand worked twards the waist of my pants. Knowing that my dick and balls are coated with Bonnie's cum I tried to change the focus by rolling over on top. Lynn wanted body part of that and braced so I couldn't roll over.

Lynne moved up and planted a passionate kiss o. My lips her tounge parting my lips. I couldn't help but wonder if she tasted Bonnie's lup treatment on my lips.

Lynn broke the kiss and moved to my chest pulling up my shirt and teased my nipples with her tounge before moving south. When she got to my belly button I again protested knowing what was under my pants.

"I'm sorry I haven't been fulfilling you needs lately" as she put her hand in the waist of my pants finding my cock still damp with Bonnie's juices. "Have you been getting your rocks off some where?" she asked me as my dick started to harden from he touch.

"Um, I, well" I stumbled not knowing how to respond. Not wanting to anger her to make her stop touching my man parts.

She pulled my pants down to my thighs and licked the hand that had just been around my dick. "Have you been fucking Bonnie she asked with a more erotic tone than an angry one.

"Why would you ask that? " i was starting to get concerned.

"Your dick smells like her pussy." She mayter of factly.

"How the hell do you know how Bonnie's pussy smells" I demanded to know.

"Um, well, er, I," it was her turn to stumble over her words. "I, uh, 'found a pair of her dirty panties at their house at the block party. I sniffed them and before I knew what came over me I found myself licking her pussy residue off the panties until they were sucked cleaned."

"What the he....." my voice trailing off wanting to her more of an explanation.

"I guess I've been unsure of my sexuality the last couple years. That's why I've been so distant in the bedroom. I think I am attracted to women more than men."

Ouch I diddnt know how to take that news from her but strangely I was also slightly relieved at the same time. Plus I diddnt know how I felt about us having unfaithful action with the same woman.

Finally with my dick super rock hard with the thought of my having sexual feelings about the woman I been cheating with, I decided it's time to come clean. "Yes it's true, Bonnie and I have been fucking. As a matter of fact I fucked her about a half hour ago out in the field near her house."

"Well I'm glad someone has been taking care of your needs since I haven't been. You must not have cum inside her cause I only smell pussy on you dick. I guess I better make sure."

With that she stuck out her tounge and pressed it to the base of my cock. Slowly slowly she worked up twards the tip and worked her way around it before opening her mouth and taking as much of my member in as she could, pressing her lips and tounge tight against the shaft.

"Mmmugmmm" she moaned through my cock, the taste of Bonnie's juices on my cock turning Lynn on. She pulled my her mouth off my member with a pop "Oh that tastes so good! I bet it's even better fresh!" With that she went along my shaft and licked under and all around my balls until any evidence of me fucking Bonnie was all cleaned off my manhood.

Satisfied all the girl cum was consumed, my wife Lynn git up straddled me linning up my cock with her love hole and sat back hard, driving all of my erection all the way inside her. She was already ready so aroused from tasting Bonnie on me that there was no problem getting in. She rocked amd bounced on top of my like a woman possessed. Being committed to her for almost 20 years I have never had her fuck me with such intensity.

Although Lynn is both shorter and thinner Than Bonnie she still is pleasantly plump and had a bit of a excess in the middle but it is not that noticeable under her nice D cups that sag slightly but not as much as would be expected after 2 kids.

Lynn switched from riding me to straight up fucking me, lifting herself off me until only my cock head was inside and then slamming back down, our bodies meeting with a slap. Her D cups tits rocking back and forth occasionally grazing my chest. I reached up and steadied her breasts, her short round nipples already erect with arousal as i rolled them between my finger and thum. That was enough to send her over the edge to ecstasy. Her body tensed and her vagina clamped down on my cock trying to expell it from her insides. Lynn's response was to push down harder and grind the head of my dick against her cervix.

"Holy fuck!" She yelled loud enough it could've woke the kids. Once her orgasm subsided she collapsed onto my chest pressing her soft breast into me. Realizing I hadn't yet cum she lifter head and kissed me passionately.

"How do you normally fuck Bonnie?" She asked.

"Depends on the situation. We've done it sitting on a bench, cowgirl, missionary......." I could tell Lynn's mind was racing imagining me railing the hefty friend of ours. The wierd part was I sensed she was getting turned on again. No hint of anger surrounding the fact she just found out of my unfaithfulness.

"How did you have her tonight?" She asked a light grin spreading across her lips.

"From behind, and I shot my cum all over her ass and back."

With that, Lynn got up allowing my cock to pop out of her pussy. She moved across to the edge of the bed moved to her knees and laid her head on the bed putting her ass up in the air.

"Come on James, come fuck me like you did Bonnie."In all our years together Lynn has never even wanted to attempt such a position, now she is almost begging for it.

I diddnt need to be told twice. Me feet hit the ground and positioned myself behind my wife, lined up me dick and slammed into her pussy. The sudden incursion made her gasp and then moab. I diddnt wait and started slamming in and out her. My thighs slamming into her soft fluffy ass, making it jiggle. Her tits swing back and forth hitting the mattress when they swing forward. I bend over her Assad reach up grabbing her breasts tweaking her nipples, causing her to squeal. It wasn't long and her body stiffened up and her breath became more ragged. Her pussy tightened up again pulling on the head of my cock deep inside her. She buried her face in the mattress to stiffle her screams. Only a few more strokes and my balls started to tighten my orgam building. I gripped her hip and one final thrusting my balls busted shooting my spermless semen deep into my wife's womb.

Both of us spent we collapsed into a pile on the bed.

"I never would have thought you would have taken the news about me and Bonnie quite like that."

"I know, I diddnt think I would have either, but smelling her juices on you really woke up feelings inside me. How do you feel about me exploring these feelings?"

I thought for a second "I guess if we it's just Bonnie I wouldn't mind too much. I just don't want you licking ever slit that stand still. But I don't know if Bonnie would be open that."

"Yea I suppose that's fair," she responded eyes falling in disappointment. "Yea she probably wouldn't be interested anyway."

"Well you never know, maybe I can do something to convince her, on one condition. I keep getting sex, either from you or Bonnie, or both."

Lynn's eyes brightened. "That's the best idea I've heard. See what you can do for me." As she said this she lowered her head to my soft cock and started licking it clean of our mixed juices. We both fell asleep with her mouth on my cock.
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