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This is a complete work of fiction, my first foray into storytelling here. I'm eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions, as I know there's room for improvement. Your kindness and constructive feedback are greatly appreciated.

I grew up in North England but moved away after my time at university. I was fortunate enough to make good money working in finance and then as an IT consultant. This allowed me to move back North and buy a good house with a large plot of land, a pool, and great modern conveniences. I was also still young enough to enjoy a good social life and stay single. The idea of settling down with a family had never appealed to me. So, I revelled in a healthy dating life through my early 30s and a vibrant social life beyond that. I had a circle of friends who knew me as "the IT consultant." Most of them were coupled up, living together or married, with children ranging from around 8 to 17. I always thought my life would be complicated by my dating, not my close friend's daughters.

It had become a norm for most of the larger gatherings of friends to happen at my place. Some insisted on finding dates for me, and one had worked out quite well to the point where she and I may have been in danger of becoming serious. Amy was in her late twenties, and was one of those young women who had pursued her career at the expense of everything else. I wondered if my relaxed, carefree life and obvious financial security were giving her "baby-making" feelings. But she was still fun and not hugely demanding. The word had got around that I may be changing, and this potential shift in my life was starting to create ripples of anticipation and suspense.

Perhaps that was what allowed me to begin thinking the way I did. I would never say it started innocently, as fantasising about teenage girls cannot ever be considered innocent. Both girls may be considered "legal" in my country, but they were still under eighteen. And I was old enough to be their father. However, I am getting a little ahead of myself here.

Obviously, during our social gatherings, it was normal to bring the whole family along; it was, I think, one of the reasons my friends did their darndest to pair me up with someone. What I learned early in my relationship with Amy was that she was deemed responsible by the other couples, and they allowed her to "babysit", and the kids saw her either as an "Aunt" figure or a "big sister" figure, depending on their age. Of course, due to the pool at the rear of my house, the summer house, and the large space, Amy soon thought it would be a good idea to use my place as a place to look after the kids. It often meant that the kids, girls and boys, would be found at my house after school. Somehow, my association with Amy had also meant I was considered "responsible". It was likely because I left Amy to the kid herding and stayed away.

It is about time I introduced the girls, who would, it had to be said, bring complications to my life and a host of surprises.

Amy should come first, and the reason I add her will come later in my story; as I said, she was in her late twenties, 28 to be exact, petite everywhere, and a mix of jolly girly girls with bouts of a desire to be almost a tomboy, which I think she was in her younger days. Her skin was soft and almost honey-coloured, and her hair was always a deep chocolatey brunette. She often joked that there was a time she would leave her hair alone, but now it's long, and free curls took a lot of effort. It brought out her face and brown eyes. I have to admit Amy was a beautiful woman. A sensible man would have been content.

Philippa (or Pip as everyone called her) was 17, 5'3", with long strawberry blond hair and a cute face due to the almost perpetual smile that reached her soft hazel eyes. Pip was an outgoing, engaging young woman, at least in how she tried to present herself. There were still bursts of her younger self sometimes, and she gushed over kittens and puppies. Yet, she had a confidence that allowed her to mingle with people of various ages, enough to give concerns to her parents with some of the older boys she knew. An irony I would not soon forget.

Miranda was 16, and of course, in contrast to her friend, her long brown hair was curled and highlighted with a soft ombre at its ends. She was far taller than her friend, at 5'8", and had an athletic body due to her playing hockey for her school and the county, being a runner, and being a semi-serious tennis player. Miranda took her exercise seriously. Miranda had an unusual personality, was quiet and introverted when alone, and was often happy to be in her own company, reading, training, or baking. But she was a dynamo playing hockey, and her team loved her.

My relationship with the girls changed one summer. What drew me to them was different, but I would never have imagined where it took me.


One glorious summer day, I saw Pip arrive at the house, walking down my long driveway, wearing her school uniform; her blue blazer, white blouse and tartan blue skirt were worn to just above the knee, and the only skin showing was her lower thighs, knees and shins as the long blue socks followed, she was almost running and so one hand held the straw coloured hat she had to wear to stop if from flying off. Finished off with the typical perfectly buffed leather shoes. At first, it was just my usual response of realising I should let her know as Amy had not arrived yet. So I greeted her at the gate to the rear of the house. I stopped as her smile and body language made it obvious she was happy to see me. Then I thought she looked more than cute; she was filling out that uniform very well, and her breasts formed a wonderful shape in her blouse, especially as the material stretched as she held her hat in place. I hadn't realised how developed she had become.

"Simon," she beamed, but a mixed edge to her voice indicated she had seen my eyes linger slightly over her chest. "Am I early?" I thought the question was hopeful, though perhaps I was hearing what I wanted.

"You're not early; something must have delayed Amy from returning with Miranda," I told her. "I am sure they'll be here soon."

Her smile grew, "Oh, no problem, I will get the pool all to myself ", she laughed.

"Well, you know where to change", I said as she ran to the summer house.

I should have gone straight in, but I didn't. I lingered around the back of the house, finding chores to do. I wasn't yet committed enough to follow her, but it crossed my mind. Besides, Amy would be back soon. I knew that. Yet it was long enough. A short time later, Pip exited the summer house wearing a soft pink one-piece bathing suit. Her rosed-toned skin looked perfectly smooth, and she saw me looking. She smiled, stretched, and dived in. I couldn't deny it now; as I watched her tiny body enter the water, my cock grew straining against my pants. She swam a few lengths of the pool and pulled herself out; I had now drifted closer.

"Simon, could you towel me?" She said, pointing to the summer house where she had left the towel. I was eager to oblige, but I took it cool. I collected the towel and passed it to her when she stretched back and presented herself, inviting me to wrap it around her. I didn't need any further encouragement and wrapped the towel around her. She stood back, dried off a little, looked me in the eyes and then let the towel drop to the floor. She smiled again, then took herself to a nearby recliner, stretched out, lay down, took a nearby bottle of sunscreen, and rubbed it into each arm. She raised a leg and was about to rub it when she looked at me again; she was about to say something else. I was sure she would ask me to rub it in for her when we heard the gate open, followed by Amy and Miranda's voices.

"Oh well, perhaps tomorrow," she said.

"Amy isn't here tomorrow," I told her; my disappointment was obvious.

"Oh, definitely tomorrow then", she said quietly, almost to herself.

The rest of the day passed far too slowly for my liking, and later, Amy commented that she felt truly ravished after sex and joked that my passion that night would be difficult to beat. Although I knew Amy was beautiful, a spark inside me lit a fire that imagined what could happen the next day when I was alone with Philippa. I was like an eager schoolboy.

The next day, I threw myself into all the work I could find for all my clients. A busy day goes by much faster. So it did not seem long before I waited at the upstairs window to see Pip walk down my driveway. I was not let down; I let her get closer and met her at the gate. For a moment, I could only see the cute young school girl because of her uniform, but I was not going to deny my desire for her, at least to myself; I would still play it cool with Pip. At least, I thought I would.

Pip went straight to the summer house, probably planning on changing into her bathing suit again, but I had other plans. My desire had risen to the point where it needed satisfaction, and I wanted to take control now. Once at the summer house, she turned and saw me, a little surprised. She was about to say something, but I was right next to her, one hand on her right hip, the other holding her hat in place; I leaned in and kissed her. She responded immediately, telling me this was not her first kiss, and based on how our tongues met, and her arms closed around me, not her first passionate kiss. There was some anticipation as my hand slid up under her blazer and cupped her breast. But there she was on tiptoes, holding herself up, and leaning back a little, taking my deep, passionate kiss, doing her best not to seem too inexperienced. We broke from the kiss; I pushed her into a wicker chair behind her, and she fell back into it, leaning back slightly, her skirt bunched up, exposing her inner thighs and light blue panties.

"I had a plan," she breathed. "I thought." I placed a finger on her mouth.

"Just go with it; I know you want more," I told her. She sighed, and a little whimper of excitement followed.

I kissed her again, on my knees but upright so I could lean in; she was still in her uniform. The idea was to take the foreplay slowly but with one leg up, exposing her smooth rose-toned legs pushed me onwards. My hands slipped under her dress and caressed her inner thighs as we kissed. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues entwined and danced together. I then slipped my hands around her waist and pulled her panties down, slipping them off and throwing them aside. She was surprised as I broke from the kiss, and she wanted to say something again. I responded by kissing around her neck and pulling up her legs so they were both on the wicker chair, her skirt ridden upwards. I splayed her knees out. I broke from kissing her neck and looked into her eyes, and then immediately, my head was between her legs. She was 17 and developed but already keeping herself tidy; her pussy scent was obvious, and I was rewarded with her sweet-tasting juices as I took my first taste of her teenage pussy. I then licked around her outer lips, teasing her; she was whimpering softly, lying back and enjoying my attention. I took my tongue and explored her inner thighs, then returned to her pussy, a place I decided to stay for quite some time. I licked, sucked, and probed inside her and enjoyed the honey liquid of her increasingly wet pussy, it was heavenly, but then I am a man who enjoys tasting pussy. I decided she needed warming up, so my tongue found her clit and flicked over it, followed by my mouth closing around it and sucking hard; it had the desired effect, and her soft whimpers turned into a loud moan.

"Oh yes, please, I wanted this for so long", between her heavy breathing and moans, spurring me to give her more pleasure.

I held her knees apart and began kissing her pussy as I would the lips of her mouth, alternately dipping my tongue deep inside her to flick over and on over her clit and then sucking on it. I was content to stay here for hours, but I was having the right effect as her breathing got deeper and her moans louder. It seemed Pip was a vocal girl when her pleasure took over, which greatly pleased me. All the while, my cock had hardened to the point where it pushed against my jeans, and for the first time in many years, I was worried that my excitement might make me cum before she even saw it. I had to continue, though, as I could tell she was on the verge; I knew what would help; I stopped licking her and took my middle finger and rubbed up and down her soaking pussy, and she responded loudly.

"Oh fuck, yes." I knew then I had done what was needed

My finger pushed in and out of her quickly. Soon I realised she was happy for the second one; I pushed her right back in the chair, her skirt now completely up around her waist her knees splayed out, and her tiny trimmed pussy completely exposed. I was on one knee now, holding myself upright and fucking her with my fingers as fast and hard as I could. Her hands held her legs apart, and she was alternately trying to catch my eye and watch my fingers fuck her hard. Her moans were fast, loud and repetitive. She wanted to speak but could only mumble or moan through it, but her eyes showed her enjoyment. I saw her face begin to flush, and just as her moans became panting, I leant down and sucked hard on her clit, followed by pressing it with my tongue and pushing my fingers into her hard. I was rewarded with a yelping scream and her legs shaking in spasm; I withdrew my fingers and drank up as much of her pussy juice as I could as she experienced her orgasm. I then leaned over her and kissed her on her lips as she calmed, allowing her to taste her juices. I finished the kiss by licking her lips, and then looked into her eyes.

"Oh, you are so lovely and sexy, Pip,", I told her; she didn't say anything, but those eyes lit up even more.

I stood up, pulled my shirt over my head, undid my jeans, and let them fall to the floor. I was now naked.

"What, no pants?" she laughed.

I looked straight into her eyes; all the while, she still had her hands on her knees and her wet pussy exposed but still mostly in her uniform. "Of course now, I knew if you were here, we would enjoy each other today".

Although she had just cum from my tongue and fingers, she blushed; for some reason, it caused my cock to flick up in reaction. It was hard as a rock, and she settled on it.

"Oh, I like that. I want to hold it" She was about to move, but I moved first and pushed her back into the chair.

"Not yet," I told her, as I rubbed my hard cock up and down her pussy, "I want to do this first" I continued rubbing up and down her pussy, she was already excited, and her pussy showed she was ready for me.

"I am not even out of my uniform," she said.

"I know," I told her as my cock slid inside her, and though she was wet, tight and young, she took it in such a way that I now knew she was no virgin. She was not experienced, but I was not her first. It did not bother me;, in some ways, it spurred me on. Pip had decided she wanted me at some point, so now I would ensure she enjoyed every second. I gave her pussy a good workout, starting by slowly pushing in and out; in the position I had, she could watch my hard cock slip deep inside her and out to almost its tip. Her eyes proved she had never done it this way, never seen someone just enjoy her pussy and use it. It excited her, and she began to breath in short sharp breaths as I speeded up, fucking her fast, deep and hard. I knew I couldn't keep this up, so I picked her up and held her close, her skirt falling, and so now here I was, holding this school girl close to me, still in her full uniform, as I fucked her slow and deep. Oh damn I nearly burst then and there. I knew I had to stop. I slowed, let my cock slip out and stepped back.

"No..." she said, "don't stop".

"Strip," I told her ", I want you naked now."

She didn't need to be told twice and knew to take it slow. She saw I had my hand on my cock as I slowly masturbated, just to keep myself at a steady level of excitement. Her blouse was first; she unbuttoned it slowly, slipped it off her shoulders, and dropped it to the floor. She tried to be sophisticated but couldn't help but become a little giggly. I laughed with her and smiled, showing her relaxed nature and enthusiasm for doing this was appreciated. She removed her shoes, undid her dress, and let it slowly slip. She was now in her panties, bra, and socks; her skin was perfect and smooth, and she almost glowed in her youth. I could see by her bra that although she was small, her breasts were a good size; if I were any judge, I would say a nice C cup. They, like the rest of her, were smooth, her areolas slightly darker, her nipples stood firmly erect, showing she was still extremely aroused.

"Yeah, Pip, that is perfect; the more I see, the more turned on I am; you are so beautiful."

I knew she liked this; I was rewarded with her turning around and bending over as she removed her panties, letting them drop to the floor. She stepped away from them and turned to face me. I took in her young, budding, sexy body, her smooth rose skin. I could not see a blemish on her anywhere, her trimmed pubic hair, her curves from the swell of her breast to her slim waist and then back to her thicker but well-proportioned thighs. Pip cared for herself; she was neither too thin nor overweight. To me, he was teen perfection.

I took a few steps forward, my hands caressing her body; I enjoyed the sensation of the young, smooth skin beneath my hands. I couldn't help myself and settled on her breasts, squeezing them; as I did so, I leaned in, and she immediately held onto me and stood on tiptoes again, and we kissed. This time though, one hand of hers dropped, and I felt it grip my cock, and begin to slide up and down its shaft. When we broke from the kiss, I could see she was so happy, as if she had gained a prize.

"You like that?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, I wanted to get my hands on it for a while now" she replied

"You have?" the surprise in my voice prompted a reply that she seemed to cut off before she went too far.

"Yeah, ever since I first..." She stopped then and kissed me again, and before I could speak, she slipped down to her knees, and I was rewarded with feeling her tongue lick the shaft of my cock, finishing off with a tentative lick of my strained bell end. It was my turn to moan from enjoyment; Pip was full of surprises.

"Oh, this is a pleasant surprise," I told her.

"I thought you'd be happy I am no timid virgin."

"To be honest, you look so fine. I would have been fine if you were."

As I said this, I watched and felt my cock be taken into her mouth as she devoured me, her tongue swirling around it as she did so. She didn't take me too deep, which did not surprise me, but she knew how to work my cock enough to build up my tension. After a few minutes of attention, I knew I had to stop. As she withdrew, I nudged her up; she stood.

"As good as that is, I don't want to cum quite yet" I whispered.

"Oh, why?" she almost sighed the words

"Because I am going give you the fucking you deserve," I told her.

His eyes widened. The words surprised and excited her. I manoeuvred her into one of the sun loungers inside the summer house. It was large enough for two people to explore each other. Her body was as soft and beautiful and so heavenly as I hoped for, so when my cock entered her, I realised the word fucking was the wrong word; I was making love to this girl. I took my time and made sure both of us enjoyed the moment. Treating her as a sex object had passed, and now I wanted her to remember this time for the rest of her life. My cock slipped in and out deep and slow as I held her body close; I kissed over her face, around her neck and then sucked on each breast; oh, how wonderful they were. I was lost in the moment, enjoying the bliss of our sex. I was soon aware of her moans building up into yelps, then cries of joy, and the odd yes, and a surprising "oh my" followed by heavy breathing ", I'm gonna cum" The very thought of cumming from my cock surprised her, whereas it made me feel like a king. Luckily I came to my senses as I realised I was also nearing my orgasm. I couldn't cum in her. I focused, listened to her, and as she got to the point of no return, I was careful to slowly ride through her cum. It was similar to her first one; her face flushed red, her body spasmed, and her legs shook. I could tell this would bring me off, and I pulled out and grunted. My orgasm rippled through my body.

"Oh Pip, yes", I managed to shout it "so fucking good."

A stream of cum erupted from my cock and landed on her stomach and breasts; I was amazed at how much I had in me. I thought it was never going to stop. I held myself up long enough and then gently lowered onto her and then slid off to her side. Our bodies were entwined as we looked at each other; my hand caressed her hair, and I planted soft kisses on her nose, cheeks and lips.

"Pip, that was amazing. You are beautiful, and I hope this will be a fun-filled summer."

"I have wanted this for so long; I feel so good", she replied, "and trust me, you won't believe the fun you will have this summer."

The tone suggested there was more than the obvious in what she meant, but at that point, I didn't know what was to follow. I just settled into enjoying our post-organism after play, enjoying the soft, smooth skin and realising that she was happy to stay with me. Eventually, she got up, collected her uniform, and dressed. I smiled as she did, and she caught me doing so.

"I am laughing because I am a bad bad man", I told her.

"You are a good good man", she replied, "that was the best sex I have ever had."

"Well, I am bad because it's just as arousing watching you get back into that uniform as watching you get out of it."

"But not as much as fucking me whilst I was in it?" she gave him a cheeky smile.

"Oh damn, you are not the innocent girl you appear," I said, "but no, that was hot and needed to be done."

She was fully dressed now, and she looked at me, still naked on the lounger; my cock was semi-erect already.

"As much as I want to experience that again, I can't stay", she told me, but she couldn't stop herself from griping it and giving me a few strokes.

With that, she left. "Bye, see you in a few days. I am sure you'll have lots to talk about by then."

I wondered what she meant, but I lay there in my afterglow for not long. What an afternoon; damn, Pip was good. I realised then that my aim may have been for her never to forget this day, but I knew I never would.


I do have part 2 as there is an encounter with Miranda to come, and eventually, the full "plan" from the girls will be revealed. I think I can get four parts out of this based on where this could go.

I aim to describe everything differently from what I have been used to reading here, but please tell me where I can improve.

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