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After the exciting shakedown cruise of her Second Favorite Toy, plans for expanding the crew begin.
Illysette and the guys motored back into Last Harbor’s cove late Sunday afternoon. Dusty had Cody under his wing, coaching him with an eagle-eyed gaze on both their progress and the electronic displays as Cody crept toward the Second Favorite Toy’s berth in the marina at a sea slug’s pace.

“Good job, Cody. Just like that, slooow is smooth, Mate.”

He put a comforting hand on the young man’s shoulder as he picked up the mic.

“Deck hands, let’s get those bumpers in place, just like I showed y’all,” he instructed over the ship-wide comms.

“Skipper, do you mind keeping an eye on that evolution? I need to concentrate with Cody.”

Lysette nodded. She had taken a place out of the way on the Toy’s bridge to watch Cody lose his virginity. He had taken the boat out from its mooring several times, but this was the first time he was docking the Toy. It was warm but Cody was sweating more than the temperature demanded. His anxiety was obvious, but her boy was totally focused, listening to Dusty’s guidance as he eased the Toy toward the dock at a slow and steady pace.

She went out to supervise their temporary deck hands as they deployed the bright blue and white, fat rubber fenders over the side. Neither Pete nor Dave fell overboard during the process and the task got handled with admirable efficiency. She gave them a thumbs up with a pleased nod of her head then returned to the bridge.

Surprised to find that she was not nearly so nervous as Cody, Lysette paid just as much attention to Dusty as he coached the procedure. He was calm, confident and comfortable. That professionalism seemed to rub off on Cody. He relaxed his hunched shoulders, began breathing easier as he maneuvered the Toy into her berth.

He got the baby yacht lined up as Dusty expertly gauged their position, then softly told him to chop the throttles. Lys’s Second Favorite Toy drifted precisely into place, coming to a halt with a gentle bump of the balloon fenders against the dock. Dusty nodded at him, bumping Cody’s shoulder with one fist. Then picked up the mic again.

“Deck crew, let’s get the lines out and get the Toy tied down. Dave, you’re throwing, Pete get onto the dock to secure the mooring lines. Without getting wet, if you please.”

That was a little out of the ordinary. On any given day, it’d be Dusty waiting for the tossed lines in his role as the marina’s senior (frequently only) dock hound. He hoped Pete didn’t go swimming during the transition from ship to shore. As with the bumper deployment, the high school athletes turned temporary crewmen did a great job at it. Soon enough the Toy was snug as a bug in a rug, bobbing gently on the rolling swells.

“Shit hot, gentlemen,” he relayed over the mic. “It’s Miller time.”

He turned to Cody as Lysette came up to give her boy a high five. Dusty walked him through the shutdown procedures. Cody was trying to play it cool but as soon as they secured from the mooring evolution, he broke into the happiest smile he owned. Both Dusty and Lysette smiled back at the proud (and very relieved) young man.

“I’m going ashore. I want to make sure the guys got the lines right. I’ll catch y’all in the salon?”

Lys nodded, kissed him on the cheek. Cody was making final entries into the electronic Ship’s Log.

“Good job, Dusty. Just like you knew what you were doing,” she teased.

He stuck his tongue out at her as he turned to go below. He joined Dave and Pete, had a short, congratulatory hot wash regarding their performance then descended to the dock to inspect Pete’s work. Dusty was back aboard in no time. The kids had not let him down.


“Guys, get your gear packed up. You did good. The Skipper is taking her crew to dinner at the Pirate’s Den before you head home. By the way, thank you so much for not getting sea-sick over the weekend.”

There were some amused chuckles at that as the boys went to the cabins they had never gotten to use while aboard to gather their things. Cody said he was going to shower first, wash the fear sweat away. That got a chuckle from Lysette and Dusty, too.

“I’m impressed with you, Dusty. Your skill and ability made this trip run like clockwork. Thank you.”

“Just wait til you get the bill, Skipper.”

She hugged him then went to her cabin to change clothes. When Cody was ready, they all set off for the Den where cute Suzy, their waitress during the bikini contest, had them seated in her section. She wanted to hear all about the trip. Pete thought he might like to demonstrate a few of the friskier details of the cruise with the effervescent blonde cutie some evening. He chatted her up every time Suzy came to their table.

“Do I need to be jealous, Pete?”

He gave Lysette a startled look before registering her grin and sparkling sea green eyes.

“I don’t know,” he whispered, “do you think she might be better in bed?”

Lysette’s jaw dropped before she began laughing so hard tiny tears leaked from the corners of her eyes.

“Y’all have gotten sassy. Have a care young man, it’s not too late to have you walk the plank.”

Once again, Lysette thanked her lucky stars for these guys. What a wonderful time they had together. Their food came and Suzy refilled their drinks before leaving them for other guests as more dinner time customers began to arrive. No one got dessert. They just sat awhile after the table had been cleared shooting the breeze. Dusty excused himself during a lull in the conversation.

“I should get over to the Office, Skipper. Let Harry and Veronica know I’m back.”

“We need to be going too, Illysette. Mom and Dad may already be planning to rent out my room.”

“There’s always room for you aboard the Toy, Pete.” She winked.

They shared hugs and fist bumps then he and Dave went back to the Toy to get their gear. Lysette sighed and settled back into her seat. Cody put his elbows on the table across from her, chin resting on his intertwined fingers.

“Well, that didn’t suck.”

Lysette feigned shock. She kicked her boy’s shin under the table.

“How quickly they forget!”

Cody and Lys returned to the Toy after settling the bill, leaving Suzy what was probably going to be her best tip of the day. Cody took his deck shoes off, laid on one of the sofas in the salon and patted the cushion in front of himself. Lysette wiggled in next to him, holding his arms where they crossed over her tummy. He breathed softly near her ear for some time before asking her what was on his mind.

“As the potential co-owner of this fine vessel, I’m asking officially, Skipper. Are we going to offer Dusty a position as crew?”

She strained a little to look back over one shoulder at him. The thought had been on her mind but was very much reinforced as she watched him coach Cody during the docking procedure. She turned back to rest her head again. They had briefly discussed the path the future could take during some quiet time at sea. Lysette had plans, none firm yet, about how to monetize the Toy and their new situation. Cody as a business partner made a great deal of sense to her.

“Could you live with that? Taking orders from one of your employees? Because the position I would offer Dusty is being the de facto Captain of the Toy, Cody.”

“Mom, there’s no one I can think of who’s better suited for that job. Yeah, I would welcome it, actually. That dude is serious about boats and he’s a hell of an instructor. We could do worse.”

She didn’t reply and Cody didn’t pursue it. They fell into a light sleep together as the two of them considered it.

At some point they found their way to Lysette’s stateroom where they could sleep more comfortably. Although they found themselves cuddling in the same position. Lysette sighed, then scooted closer as Cody flattened one of his warm palms against her flat tummy before cupping a breast with the other while gently teasing its nipple stony with his thumb. He began leaving a trail of soft kisses from the spot between her shoulder and neck to the small indentation under her ear.

“Let’s not get all worked up, Lys. I just want to fall asleep inside of you,” Cody said softly.

The warmth of that delicious suggestion made her leak. She let a small, hungry mew escape, not sure if she could resist getting ‘...all worked up…’ as Lys felt Cody saw his hardening dick back and forth across her rapidly dampening puss. She was trying, though. A quiet squeak slipped out as the plump head of her boy’s cock pierced her. Lysette rotated her hips some, then pushed, sinking Cody into her warm, slightly pulsing kitty. Both of them put more effort into it for a short time but before the fire engines arrived, he sank most of his wonderful cock into her, filling Lys to the brim. He kissed the corner of her mouth, wrapped his arms around her tummy again as he whispered, “Sweet dreams, Illysette.”

Lysette woke early, needing the restroom. She still refused to call it the head but had to smile as she thought waking up needing head was not the worst way to greet the new day. Easing out without waking Cody, there was time yet before he needed to get ready for school, she padded barefoot to pee and wash up some. After making coffee, she went on deck to watch the sun scale the mountains.

Her mind was busy, working through any number of thoughts and details. It was a little frustrating. On the spur of the moment she decided to do what she usually did when she was unsettled (often after another knock down-drag out fight with Jake). Lysette went below, washed her mug then went to wake Cody.

“Reveille, you layabout. Get up and get ready for school. I’ll drop you off. I need to go be tortured for awhile.”

“Arrghh, you are a stern and unforgiving slave driver. Okay, okay, I’m up.”


The Body Shop was an upscale fitness facility catering to many of the successful types found in the various businesses and firms downtown. Lysette had discovered a Hot Yoga class there run by a former member of a pair of National Championship Cheer Squad competition teams. Winning ones. Which might explain her enthusiastic but rugged and challenging classes. Lys had to admit, the closet Royal Torturer got results for her abused and exhausted-afterwards clients. It was a terrific place to clear her head. Not to mention buffing and modifying her own body.

She changed into painted on, comfy workout shorts and a loose, hot pink tank top over a sports bra, took her rolled up exercise mat under one arm to get a bottle of water from the juice bar near the lobby while waiting for the next class to begin.

Abigail, the Great and Terrible, opened the doors to the studio. About a dozen buff, attractive women filed in to claim their spots along with Lysette. The warm-up was short and intense then the tiny, athletic Amazon began putting her charges through their paces. It did not take long before Illysette’s mind cleared, only able to concentrate on self preservation. She smiled as Abigail got them sweating and straining. When she noticed that, the sweetly abusive instructor took it as a personal affront and challenge so she upped the intensity of the workout.

Illysette heard groans of anguish from her fellow classmates. She felt slightly guilty.

When the forty-five minutes of effective abuse were over, exhausted women high-fived one another as they left the studio. Not in any form of greeting but as survivors of a shared misery that left them with burning muscles, glistening bodies and exceptional results.

There were things she needed to accomplish before picking Cody up later in the afternoon so Illysette showered and changed at the studio. The showers were communal and Lys found an exquisite woman of about her own age standing, head down as the powerful flow eased some of the stiff and sore muscles of her upper back.

Lysette took a spot that left one nozzle between them. As she washed the sweat and discomfort away she noticed that the woman looked at her from time to time. Catching her eye, she gave her a warm smile.

“Hi, I’m Illysette Ames. I don’t remember seeing you here before.”

The woman turned to fully face her, returning the smile with one every bit as bright and engaging.

“Now, that’s a name. Were your parents criminals?”

That made Lys’s smile grow bigger. As did the full frontal view of the incomparable woman sluicing sweat away from her fantasy inducing body. Lys herself was often described in similar ways. A reasonably modest woman, she usually dismissed those compliments as hyperbole. Now she understood where those admirers were coming from.

“No, but Dad was a big fan of true crime stories on TV. I suppose I come by the name..ummm, honestly.”

The exotic looking, onyx-haired doll grinned. She began washing in earnest. Lysette was not certain but the way the woman soaped herself, taking her time with it as they chatted, felt suggestive.

“I’m Lyric Darden. I hope this isn’t too weird but you are an astonishingly beautiful woman. This class must work.”

“You’re pretty captivating yourself but I can promise you that if you survive Abigail’s sweetly abusive enthusiasms you’ll be even more impressive for it. She is a taskmaster extraordinaire who can mold a girl into someone capable of bringing even the Vatican to a breathless halt, Bishops and Cardinals prostrating themselves at your feet.”

“What do you do for a living, Miz Ames?” Lyric asked when her chuckling subsided.

“Please, Illysette or some variation on that theme is fine. I rarely feel like a ‘Miz’.I suppose it’s easiest to say that I’m independently wealthy. But that’s all relative, isn’t it? And you?”

“I’m an attorney. I’ve just opened an office here in town. I hope I survive long enough to see it thrive. Since it’s likely we will continue to suffer Mistress Abigail’s tender mercies together, feel free to call me Lyric.”

Lysette finished her shower, admiring her new acquaintance. She dried herself as the woman turned her face into the forceful spray.

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Lyric. I have a number of things on the agenda today. I should get cracking. Have a great day.”

The stunner waved from behind a curtain of water as Lysette returned to the locker room to get dressed. Lys was not bi but sometimes she could hum the tune. Should the opportunity present itself, she really hoped the temptress with the inky black hair was around and feeling much the same. With that arousing picture in mind, Illysette left the Body Shop.

Dusty kept a running list of things the Toy needed or could use during the shakedown cruise. Lysette added her own items to it. She had a copy of all that in her phone as she went shopping. In a couple hours the car was full enough she couldn’t use the rear-view mirror. Illysette decided to break for an early lunch. She felt like something ethnic today. There was a Cuban restaurant Lysette liked not far from the Body Shop so she backtracked to go there.

She found a small table under a red and white umbrella on the patio in front of the eaterie. Lys ordered one of the strong, thick coffees sweetened with cane sugar that she liked after the pretty waitress took her lunch order. The coffees were wonderful but potent. Lys loved them but could drink only one. More than that and her nerves would be thrumming for hours. It was the perfect choice to restore some of the vim and vigor Abigail sucked out of her clients like some sort of buff Vampirella.

Rolling the small, thick ceramic cup between her palms Lysette relaxed, killing time before needing to go pick Cody up later on. She was surprised to see Lyric the Lawyer come out of the restaurant with a well-dressed man. They stood out of the way discussing something before shaking hands. The man took his leave while the attorney used her phone to record notes or something before turning toward her own destination.

When the preoccupied woman passed near where Lysette sat while waiting for her food, Lys called out.

“We have to stop meeting like this, Counselor.”

Lyric gave her a startled look before breaking into a wide, bright smile when she recognized Lysette.

“Or start doing that more often,” she teased. “All finished with your to-do list?”

“A never ending task, I’m afraid. Are you busy? Care to join me? The food here is wonderful.”

“I’d like that. Thank you, Illysette. I have some notes to be transcribed but it isn’t pressing.”

Lyric came to her table, took a seat. She waved off the attentive waitress that was coming toward them with a smile and a gesture.

“I like the food here, too. The owner is a friend of my grandparents. I use it as a satellite office pretty often. I’m surprised to see you. Do you live nearby?”

“At the Last Harbor Marina, yes. My ward and I share my Second Favorite Toy there,” Lys told her with a sly, suggestive grin and a twinkle in her eyes challenging the attorney to pursue that line of questioning.

Lyric laughed, her arresting black eyes shining.

“I’m guessing that’s the name of a boat? Hoping, to be more precise.”

“One hell of a boat. Want to see her?”

After an enthusiastic nod, Lys scrolled through the gallery on her phone before handing it to the woman. A momentary burst of panic shot through her. Lysette crossed her fingers. She hoped the woman would not discover the video of the antics she and the boys had shared. It was still on her phone, mostly because Lysette loved seeing it. She had watched the video any number of times since they recorded it.

“Oh mercy. Helluva boat, indeed. Wow.”

“Thanks. The Toy is a forty-five footer. Folks say she looks military but the Toy is deceptive. Sleeps twelve, with additional quarters for a crew of three, five-star amenities throughout. There are more shots of the interior and such.”

Lys was gushing over her pride and joy but wanted to give herself a face palm. Why was she encouraging the lawyer to prowl through her phone!? She crossed her fingers and ankles this time but it worked out. Lyric was impressed and said as much before handing the cell phone back across the table.

“I’m suitably jealous, Lysette. It’s beautiful. I’m such a water baby, living aboard a dream like that must be one step this side of Heaven.”

“You should see the Toy in person. Photos don’t do her justice. If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, come by for a visit. Just ask at the marina office. They’ll get you to us.”

“Ohhh, be careful what you wish for. You could end up with a stowaway.”

The waitress brought Illysette’s order and Lyric stood up.

“I’ll get out of your way. Enjoy your lunch, Illysette.”

Before she could leave, Lys asked for a business card while shaking hands across the small table.

“Never know when the services of an attorney-at-law might be necessary.”

Though she knew the answer very well. It was another item to be checked off her to-do list. Lys watched her go for a moment then dug in. When she finished eating, she still had a few hours to kill before getting Cody. She headed back to the marina.

Leaving the car in the public lot, she made her way to the office where she gave Victoria a list of the things they could provide on her shopping list. After chatting briefly, Lys went home. The Toy’s gangway was deployed which got her heart beating faster. Either she was being pirated or Dusty was aboard doing God knows what.

Dusty, it was. She found him head and shoulders deep in an access panel on the topmost deck where the various antennae overlooked a small sunning area. Lysette enjoyed the view for a moment before announcing herself. She felt her puss tingle. Such a cutie.

Dusty backed out, getting to his feet with that charming smile of his making her heart beat faster still.

“Hiya, Skipper. Harry chased down some of the goodies the Toy will need to make it more livable for you and Cody. The Wi-Fi stuff came in. I hope you don’t mind me invading your space to get it installed. I’m almost finished.”

Illysette pulled him behind the antenna mast where she could give him a toe curling kiss out of sight of spectators. An audience did not bother her at all, or Dusty either, but no use beginning the scandal that was sure to break any sooner than necessary.

“As if, Number One. Feel free to invade any space of mine you wish whenever you get the urge.” She pecked him on the nose. “You’re almost done, you said?”

“Yep. Was just double checking connections. I’ll button this up then go below to make sure everything is working. Another fifteen minutes or so and I’ll get out of your hair.”

“Great. I’m going to go change before picking Cody up in a little while. Come find me when you’re done.”

“Aye aye, Skipper. Can do.”

Illysette was very happy -and she did, in fact, have sweet dreams – with the way she and Cody had gone to sleep last night. She idly wondered if they could make that a bedtime ritual. It was comfortable and satisfying. On the other hand, it was in her nature lately to want more. She tossed on a pair of hip hugging black panties, took some teeny cutoffs and a different tank top with her to the breakfast nook just off the galley.

Leaving them on the small dinette, she mixed up a pitcher of Arnold Palmers, sat at one of the four chairs while waiting for Dusty to find her. More than one way to feed a hungry kitty. She sipped, thinking about Lyric the Lawyer. Not so much as a sexual fantasy (oh god, the guys were going to bust their zippers when they met her) but in an official capacity.

That got interrupted when Dusty came in. His eyebrows lifted into cute arches as he blinked a time or two.

Lysette winked, “Coffee, tea or me? Forgive the plagiarism.”

He took on a grave expression. “Let me think…”

This time it was Lys sticking her tongue out at him. She used it to lick her lips damp as she reached for the buttons of his 501s.

“Take your time. I can amuse myself, darlin.”

Turning one of the chairs, she sat as she finished getting Dusty’s drawers down. Her cheek was resting against his waking penis. Illysette’s talented tongue woke it faster as he tangled his fingers in her soft, thick hair. She purred her appreciation as her lips sipped at the head, tickled Dusty with the tip of her tongue in his navel before raining light, damp kisses over his muscled torso as he considered her offer.

“Good boy,” Lys murmurred as he encouraged her to move south. Opening wide, she took all of him into her mouth, enjoying the feel of it growing there. She played with the fat muscle underneath, using the flat of her tongue to lap it from the base to the sweet spot under the squishy, bullet shaped head. He hardened so much Lys could not fit all of him in just her mouth anymore so she swallowed Dusty’s sweet meat, taking him into her throat. His quiet moan was delicious.

“Dusty honey, please take me. I want it so very much,” as she fixed her pale green eyes on his face while stroking him slowly, keeping him stiff.

He bent to put one arm around her back, put the other under her knees and lifted Illysette onto the table’s edge. Lys put one foot on the chair, left the other dangling as Dusty’s warm breath made her puss tingle. He licked his own lips before surrounding her entire pussy with them right through her panties. A moment later Dusty was pulling them aside, teasing the lips of her starving kitty apart until he could put his tongue as far into her dripping snatch as possible. He caused juices to leak from it that left a cool trail on the way to teasing over her puckered butt hole. Lys moaned, lifting her knees, leaning back on her hands.

“Ohhhh..don’t torture me, sweetheart. Please, baby.”

He lifted her legs, put her ankles on his shoulders and Lysette laid all the way back on the dinette. Dusty’s strong cock entered her after he tugged the undies out of their way and Lys immediately spasmed around it, squeezing him with her Kegel (and Abigail) trained vaginal muscles.

It felt like a little hand squeezing him hard. Dusty stroked into her, building into faster, deeper penetrations that made her whisper, “oh oh ohhh,” in time with his thrusts. He played with that, trying to see how many different ‘ohhhs’ he could coax out of the gorgeous woman giving herself to him with sensual abandon. When her fingernails dug hard into his ass cheeks, Dusty let her guide the action.

With her head thrashing from side to side, her eyes half closed in ecstasy, Illysette made Dusty fuck her just the way she needed it. He must have been just as excited. Dusty’s wonderful dick was stone hard. It built to a crescendo as she sank every wonderful inch of his cock between her thighs.

“Ohh, so nice. Dusty baby..Oooo, Dusty, I’m cummmminggg…” she moaned softly as her body shuddered under him. He eased out of Lysette, stood at the side of the table beating off with long strokes from the base until his fist wrapped the head entirely. She adjusted, moving her face closer to it, watched his face for the expression Lysette was waiting for. When it came she closed her lips around the head and the first inch or two as she sucked hard. Her inner cheeks surrounded him as Lys let Dusty lengthen his strokes until he was flooding her mouth with his tasty semen. One of her hands pushed fingers deep inside her soaked center as Illysette swallowed. A baby orgasm tickled her belly at the same time his cum splashed into it.

She felt rejuvenated. Lys lapped and nibbled Dusty clean, then went limp on the small table top, her eyes closed, a tiny smile formed on her lips.

He got a dish towel, let the water in the sink warm up then cleaned her, taking his time, showing her the care and affection he felt for her before rinsing it then cleaning himself. Dusty added a bit of dish soap, washed the towel thoroughly before folding it in half and hanging it on the tiny dish strainer on the counter.

He got his own clothing in order first then helped Illysette dress. She was almost passive as he slid the tiny, snug cutoffs up her long legs. She put her feet against his belly for leverage, lifting her tush so he could get them the rest of the way over her hips and tush. Dusty waited for her to fasten them before pulling Lys into a sitting position so he could help her into the tank top. When he was finished Lysette wrapped her arms around him, laying her cheek against his chest, listening to Dusty’s heart beat in her ear.

“Oh god, Dusty. How long have we known one another? Why, oh why did we wait so long, baby?”

He kissed the top of her head, hands on Lysette’s shoulders.

“Go get your kid, sugar. I’ll come by later on.”

Lysette looked into his face, grateful. “You are the ‘World’s Best Caretaker’, Dusty.” Standing on shaky legs, she gave him a loving kiss. A few seconds later he was gone.

Illysette was still feeling dreamy as she drove to Cody’s school to get him. She realized that was both dangerous and irresponsible, so she fired up the sound system in the sleek SUV. Jake had his faults, obviously, but his taste in music was something they shared. She called up a playlist of 80’s hair band rockers, Lys let the music fire her up as she sang along, dancing in her seat.

She got to the school early enough to be near the head of the line of folks picking up their own kids. Lys got out, leaning against the front fender as the car ticked and cooled behind her. Her tan had really bloomed during the weekend trip. The tiny cutoffs and her well-filled tank top, short enough to expose some of her flat tummy, made her look years younger.

Soon enough, high schoolers began spilling out of the front doors, descending the wide steps then splitting off into every direction as the kids made their way to their rides, or their own cars or the buses idling in their pickup areas. Dusty, Pete and Dave came out together. Lys noticed a small clutch of girls eyeballing the boys as they followed them out.

All three guys broke into big smiles as they spotted Lysette. They came over and she almost leapt into Cody’s arms. Dusty had really wound her up. She gave him a kiss that was on the ragged edge of scandalous.

“Yikes! How’d Cody end up with a girlfriend like that?” asked Lilibet.

Her friends, who both knew Illysette from her attendance at Cody’s games answered.

“Uh uhhhh, that’s not his girl. That’s Cody’s moms.”

“What!? Are the two of’em fuckin’ or something?”

“Jealous, Lili?”

Lilibet’s eyes got rounder as his mom greeted Dave and Pete in a way not much less reserved.

“Omigod. Is she fucking all three of them?” she asked in a less shocked and more interested whispery voice.

The girls kicked that around as they headed for the parking lot and Lilibet’s car.

(End Book 2 Chapter 1)
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