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***Author’s note: Sections of this story and premise were taken from Downtown with No Money Part 1 by Rydeordie467 from a different site. I have added a fair amount of my own content, and any future installments will be my own original work. Please leave any feedback in the comments or ratings. Thank you. ***

All characters are 18+ and don't talk to strangers.
“Hey, Ashley said to the taxi driver she had just waved down.

Hi, where are you headed to? The man asked with a slight accent.

“Oakdale” The young brunette replied, as she set her shopping bags down and closed the door to the cab.

“That’s going to run you about 17 bucks” The man replied.

Ashley fumbled through her purse looking for some money. She quickly realized that she had spent all her money at the mall, leaving none left for the ride home.

“I spent all my money Sir; if you take me home, I promise I’ll pay you when I get there” Ashley said.

“If I had a dollar for every time someone has said that to me, I’d be rich. It doesn’t work like that honey” He replied.

“Please, I promise I’ll pay you” She pleaded.

“Sorry Honey, you can’t trust anyone nowadays” he said.

With that Ashley opened the door and swung her smooth legs out of the cab. The cool wind tickled her inner thighs as it sailed up her summer dress which came down just above her knees. She closed the door to the cab and walked down the sidewalk thinking of how she’d get home. Deciding it’s best to just call someone to pick her up, she reached for her cellphone. While trying to turn it on, she realized she forgot to charge it before leaving. She came across a payphone, she rummaged through her purse to look for some spare change. She didn’t find any and was kicking herself for not remembering to save money for a cab. Thinking of that, she suddenly remembered that she had left her shopping items in the cab. She quickly looked up and down the street but saw no cab. Ashley knew it was long gone and that she’d never find it now.

Not only am I stranded downtown, but the 200 dollars I spent on clothes is wasted, she thought to herself.

Ashley got herself together and decided to ask someone for some spare change. But just the thought of asking for spare change was so degrading to Ashley. Her family was pretty wealthy; she never thought she would have to resort to this.

She began walking through a nearby park. Her high heels clicked against the rough pavement of the park path as she walked. Ashley was an attractive young female. She was already coming along nicely. Her hips had begun to fill out, giving her nice, sensual curves which were brought out well by her tight, flower-plated summer dress. The dress was low-cut, which furthered the emergence of her blossoming B-cup bust. But her legs were probably her best feature. From beneath the dress, extended two long, creamy legs capped off by a tender butt which swung as she walked. Her 5’7” figure made them easy to notice. Her tan skin glowed in the late-afternoon sun as she searched for someone to ask.

Ashley walked through the park, looking for someone that looked nice, perhaps an old lady or something. As time progressed, she became impatient and decided to just ask someone. She saw two middle-aged men sitting on a bench and approached them.

"Hi, I spent all my money shopping and don’t have any left for a cab, do you think I could borrow some change to make a phone call?” She asked.

“Well sure” One of the men said and looked through his wallet.

“What’s your name?” The other man asked.

“Ashley, what yours?”

“I’m Scott and this is Richard” Scott said, introducing his friend.

“Well, I’m sorry, I don’t have any change and my smallest bill is a hundred” Richard said.

“I only carry credit cards sweetie, sorry” Scott said.

“That’s ok, thanks anyways” Ashley asked.

“Hey wait, we could give you a lift” Richard said as she started walking away. “Where do you live?”

“I live in Oakdale” She replied.

“We could give her a lift, right Scott?” Said Richard as he nudged Scott.

“We sure could” Scott said with a smirk.

“Follow us, we’ll take you to the van” Richard said.

Scott and Richard seemed like nice enough guys, so Ashley followed them through the park and into the parking lot where they stopped at a blue van. Richard hopped in the driver’s seat and told Ashley she could sit up front. Ashley got in, crossed her luscious legs, and buckled up. Scott got in back and they took off. As they rode, Ashley told the two men her story. The men sympathized and made small talk as they drove on.

“So what college are you going to?” Richard asked.

“I’m not in college, I’m in high school” Ashley replied.

“Are you kidding me? Wow, you could pass for 20 or 22” He replied.

“You think so?” Ashley asked with a smile.

“Of course, you definitely could” He added.

“Have you ever thought about modelling?” asked Scott.

“Sure, I would love to, but my parents would never allow it” Ashley replied.

“That’s too bad because Scott and I are photographers looking for a test model to help us with our new photography set-up. The pay would be good, enough to make up for what you lost today,” said Richard.

“I don’t know. If my parents ever found out, I would be in so much trouble,” said Ashley.

“The pictures aren’t going to be used or sold to anyone. They are just to test out the lighting and camera set-ups. Make sure everything is properly balanced and just give us practice in the new space. I promise, only the three of us will ever see them,” said Scott.

“We could give you copies of the pictures if you’d like, just for fun, if you like them of course,” Richard added.

“Well, if you promise it’ll just be between us; sure, I’ll do it. I’d like to earn that money back, so I don’t get in trouble” said Ashley, a little nervous but excited too.

Richard and Scott exchanged glances through his rear-view mirror. A few minutes later Ashley noticed the van going off at an unfamiliar exit. A few minutes later, they arrived at the studio which Richard and Scott shared.


“Come on in” Scott said as they got out.

Ashley again nodded and followed them inside their place. Ashley was amazed at what a nice studio building they had. It was a refurbished factory building with high ceilings and various pictures of models all over the walls. Some of the photos were risqué, with women in little to no clothing but Ashley figured that was to be expected. She’d seen fashion and advertisements like that before, they just usually had something covering up more.

“You guys must be pretty rich” She said.

“We are pretty good with our money” Scott said with a laugh.

Richard offered her lemonade while she sat on the couch and waited to be told what to do. Richard and Scott went and turned on the lighting rigs. Ashley looked around, admiring everything around her, while she sipped her lemonade. She saw racks of dresses, bathing suits, lingerie, and other outfits, arranged by size.

“How’s the lemonade?” Richard asked.

“It’s good, thank you” She replied.

“Are you ready to get started?” Richard asked.

“Sure, what would you like me to do?” Ashley asked.

“Well, right now, what don’t we just do a few basic shots with you just in what you are wearing. Just to let us all get comfortable with each other and relax, ok?” Richard said.

“Sure,” Ashley said.

Ashley got into the position pointed out to her. It was a white backdrop and soft white lighting that seemed to make her skin glow. Richard took pictures of her just standing still, rotating ninety degrees to get her from all angles. Then directing her to raise her arms up and repeat the process. Meanwhile Scott would nudge and tweak the lighting rigs to ensure clean coverage.

In the beginning Ashley was nervous and tentative. Scott and Richard kept complimenting her and encouraging her, which helped to make her more relaxed. She started to enjoy the attention and the feeling of doing something her parents would disapprove of.

Scott brought out a black open backed chair for Ashley to work with. He and Richard switched roles, with Scott taking the photos and Richard supporting. They had her sit normally in the chair, then leaning back. They then had her sit reversed in the chair. This caused her dress to rise considerably, showing off her soft, milky thighs. Her little white panties were still covered but barely.

“Richard, why don’t you get in some of the shots as well so we can cover multiple subjects” Scott called out.

“Good idea, see what the lighting dynamic would be with multiple people” replied Richard.

The photos were simple enough. Ashley in the chair with Richard standing behind, then swapping places. Everything was pretty tame until Scott suggested Ashley sit on Richard’s lap. Ashley didn’t think too much of it. She was already entranced by the experience that she was just rolling with it. So, Scott sat down and Ashley sat across his lap, demurely, like it was a family photo.

“Keep it going guys, Richard put your arms around her and Ashley, back right up against him. Get really tight together,” said Scott.

Ashley got right up between his legs, butt wiggling against his groin. Richard’s hands went around her lower waist. The softness and the thinness of the sundress against his fingers. He could feel himself getting around by this girl. Scott then directed Ashley to spread her legs on either side of Richard’s, this caused her dress to rise considerably, but she was too lost to think about it. Richard ran his hands down her sides, ending at her knees, then moved them back up along the inside of her thighs until he hit the hem of her already raised dress, pushing it up even more.

His hands and fingers felt so good against her skin. The movements were soft and delicate but confident and directed. Her panties were now exposed to Scott’s camera, and he captured everything he could. Scott decided to change the set-up to see where things could go.

“Alright, this is great! Having fun Ashley?” asked Scott.

“Yeah, this is really fun. It’s getting a little hot though” replied Ashley.

“Ok, we’ll see what we can do about that. Richard, would you please change the chair to the couch.”

Richard removed the chair and replaced it with a black leather chair that looked like something you would see in a psychiatrist’s office. Sloped up on one side and no back. Richard laid down on the couch and pulled Ashley on top of him quickly. Ashley shrieked in surprise. They playfully continued posing, Richard always keeping his hands roaming around on her body.

One of his hands moved up to one of the straps on her dress and casually moved it down. Then he slowly did the same on the other side. Ashley barely noticed. Her dress slowly lowered down to her bra-covered breasts before she noticed.

“Hold on, I’m not sure about this” Ashley said, a little concern in her voice.

“You are doing great Ashley! You look amazing, don’t worry about it. Just think of it like you are in your bathing suit. When you think about it, there really isn’t much difference, is there?” said Scott.

“That’s true but are you sure no one else will see these pictures?” asked Ashley.

“No one but the three of us in this room,” said Richard.

“Richard and I will both be in our underwear if you don’t want to feel awkward. We can also double the pay to $400 since you are being such a big help,” said Scott.

“$400? Really? I suppose I could do that. You’re right, it is just like a bikini,” said Ashley.

Scott and Richard both stripped down to their boxers. They decided to switch roles again, so Richard grabbed his camera while Scott moved behind Ashley to remove her dress. Ashley felt his hands on her shoulders as he lowered the straps down one by one. Kissing her collar bone as he went. When both sides were down, his hands slid along her sides brushing briefly over her breasts. It continued down over her hips until he released it onto the floor. Ashley standing in nothing but her white bra and panties. The crumpled dress around her feet.

After a few profile shots of Ashley from different angles, Richard told Ashley to sit down on the couch to continue the shoot. He had her sit down first, then lay down across it. Next, he had her lie on her back on the couch with her legs spread as far apart as possible. Richard’s mouth went dry when Ashley did the full splits in front of him. He zoomed in close to see her panties stretched to their limits. He noticed a light pink heart on the top of her panties and a little wet spot between her legs.

“Your flexibility is impressive Ashley; how did you do that?” asked Richard.

“I’m one of the top cheerleaders at my school,” replied Ashley.

“I could imagine, must have your pick of the boys,” said Scott, enjoying the view.

“I would if my parents would let me date. I can’t do anything without their approval. They would die if they could see me now” replied Ashley.

“Don’t worry, this can be your safe space. Just let yourself go and be free of those restrictions,” said Richard.

“Thank you, you guys are the best. I feel so free here,” said a smiling Ashley, getting onto her hands and knees and striking a seductive pose.

“Scott, why don’t you get in there with Ashley. Get behind her and run your hands along her back,” said Richard.

Scott didn’t have to be told twice. His hands roaming from her shoulders, along her back and down to her ass. He leaned over her and planted a trail of kisses from the back of her neck down her back to her panties. Ashley could feel herself getting turned on by all this. Her skin was sensitive and could feel every hair tingle with each kiss. Ashley moved into an upright position.

Getting bolder, Scott ran his hands along her ass and around to the front of her stomach. Moving his hands up to pass over her bra covered tits to her neck. Ashley didn’t protest but did stiffen up a bit. He proceeded to reverse the action, going from her neck to her tits, lingering briefly before lowering his hands down along her stomach to rest above her panties. Richard loved everything he was capturing with the camera. Scott’s hands returned to her shoulders by way of her chest and tried to lower the straps of her bra. This snapped Ashley out of her trance.

“Woah, I don’t think I can do that. Underwear is one thing but being naked is another thing entirely,” Ashley said.

“I understand. I just thought we were having fun. It looked like you were enjoying yourself and figured we could take it to the next level.” Said Scott.

“And what’s the next level?” asked Ashley.

“Nude photography. As you can see from some of our work on the wall, we do a fair amount of that as well. It’s artistic work, not that smut online.” Said Richard.

“Plus, it pays better,” laughed Scott. Richard nodded in agreement.

“I’m scared to ask, but how much better?” asked Ashley.

“$1000, think about this Ashley” Scott said.

Ashley paused and looked to be in deep thought.

“All I have to do is take off my underwear?” She asked.

“And, you know, let us touch you a little. Mostly the same as what we’ve been doing” Scott said.

“No, I can’t” Ashley said.

“Ashley, I think you might actually enjoy it. There’s nothing more freeing than being naked. $1,500, my final offer. Just think of what you can do with that money” Richard said.

“I….um. What’s going to happen to these pictures?” asked Ashley.

“Same as the others. Stay with Scott and me. You can have a set if you’d like, just like the other ones,” replied Richard.

“And what about you two? Are you both going to be naked with me?” Ashley asked, noticing their obvious excitement in their boxer shorts.

“We can be if you want us to be, we are already showing off what we have at the moment. What would make you the most comfortable?” asked Scott.

“If I agree with this, we’ll see how it goes” replied Ashley.

“So, what do you think? Are you in?” asked Richard.


Ashley nodded in approval. She reached back and unhooked her bra, cautiously holding it against her chest. She looked at Richard who was once again behind the camera. He gave her a comforting smile and a nod. She pulled the bra down and dropped it on the floor. Her firm, perky B cup breasts, were topped with small, light pink nipples that stood out in both excitement and fear. Her thumbs then when to the sides of her panties. Taking a deep breath, she slowly pulled them down and stepped out of them. Now fully naked and on display for two men she only met a few hours earlier. She had a small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair above her vagina. It ended right above her outer vaginal lips which looked like a soft peach.

Ashley did a slow 360-degree turn, stopping every 90-degrees for more pictures. She felt so exposed, so vulnerable, yet strangely it was freeing. She felt alive, rebellious, womanly, and really turned on. She didn’t know what was going to happen next, where this was going but was not sure she cared. She was finally living in the moment, without her parents telling her what to do.

She was positioned back on the couch. First laying on her side, then on her hands and knees. Richards moved around her. Snapping from all angles. Close ups on her perky breasts and smooth vagina, wet with excitement.

Ashley looked over at Richard, who was snapping pictures and giving her instructions. Move your hand here, bend this way, look that way. Then she looked at Scott, who was standing off to the side, a massive bulge in his boxers. She decided she didn’t want to be the only naked one on display for the camera to see. With the sultriest look she had, she pointed at him and motioned him over with her index finger. Surprised, he obliged. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a long lingering kiss, then slid down his body. Repeating the same process he had done to her earlier, finally resting her hands on the sides of his boxer shorts. She was at face level with his boxers as she pulled them down his legs. His penis bent down until it was freed from its confines, nearly hitting her in the face. This was the first penis she’d ever seen. It was fascinating to her. It was 6-inches long, surrounded but dark hair around his balls. She reached out and touched it. It was hard, yet soft. Spongy and thick. Scott looked down at her and smiled. She looked up at him and smirked.

He helped her stand up and then lay down on the couch. She climbed up on top of him and started kissing him. His hands roamed freely now. Massaging her tits and rubbing her ass. Her hands found their way back down to his penis and started stroking it. Scott moaned, which excited her more. She kissed her way down his body until his penis in front of her face again. She then kissed the tip, tasting her first cock in her life. It excited her and she wanted more. She opened her mouth and took as much of it in as she could. Maybe a bit too much as she had to pull off before gagging.

Scott encouraged her as she when back and took it in her mouth again. She bobbed her head up and down. Feeling the contours of it in her mouth. She could feel it jerk every so often, hear him gasp and lightly put his hands on her head to guide her pace. She was fully in the ecstasy of someone else’s sexual experience. She was having this effect on him.

Scott suddenly cried out he was close, and his cock began to swell up. She didn’t know what exactly would happen, but she just kept going. Suddenly, he moaned loudly, and her mouth was flooded with a salty liquid. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but his jerking cock popped free of her mouth and sprayed some on her face and tits. Richard snapped shot after shot of her face with cum on it, dripping from her nose, lips, and chin.

When the scene settled down, Scott got up and embraced Ashley. Thanking her for such a wonderful blowjob. He got up and got her a towel to clean the cum off. Ashley thanked him for being her first blowjob and that it was a lot of fun.

“That was your first blowjob? You said you weren’t allowed to date but I figured you would have messed around with someone.” Said Scott.

“Yes, that was my first time doing anything with someone. I hadn’t even kissed anyone till today. I was a full, innocent virgin. My parents keep me on a tight leash.” Replied Ashley.

“Why were you alone today then?” asked Richard.

“A neighbor had an emergency and I complained that I needed new clothes. My parents didn’t think I was responsible enough to go to the city alone. They may have been right” Ashley laughed.

“Lucky for us, right Richard?” said Scott.

“Very lucky, we have some great shots here and memories for a lifetime” smiled Richard.

“Awwww, are we done? I don’t think so. One of us still has his boxers on and that’s not fair. Scott, get your camera.” She said with a wicked grin.

“Yes, my lady,” Scott joked and picked up his camera.

Ashley moved towards Richard and planted a big kiss on his lips. She moved behind him and ran her hands over his chest, feeling his muscles. She moved her hands down his stomach and inside his boxers where she felt his 7-inch dick in her hands. It was longer but a little thinner than Scott’s. She laughed in her own head thinking herself an expert now. She removed his boxers and smacked him on the ass. She was in charge now. She lay on the couch and motioned for him to join her. He climbed up on top of her and began kissing her. Moving down to her neck, kissing both sides, and going lower to her tits.

Her body was on fire. She felt him take a nipple in her mouth and suck on it, then move to the other breast and repeat. She held his head to her chest as he worked her tits. It felt like fireworks in her brain. Her body was just humming with pleasure. She wanted more but she knew there was something else she wanted. She pushed his head down, getting the hint, Richard obeyed. He kissed and nibbed his way down her stomach. Stopping briefly at her navel, giving it a quick lick. Then teasingly made his way towards his prize. Nose buried in her pubic hair; he could smell her virginal scent. Just before he reached it, Scott spoke up.

“Wait, just before you get in there. Ashley, can I get a few pictures of you spread open like before? A fresh, untouched virgin?”

“Uh, yeah sure. Why not.” Replied Ashley.

Richard, slightly annoyed but understanding, removes himself from the shot as Ashley spreads her legs wide open. Now, with no clothes in the way, her wet pink pussy is open for full display. Scott moves in close to take pictures. He asks her to use her hands to spread herself open even more. There inside her tight little hole is her hymen. It’s still intact despite all the cheerleading. It is a sight to behold, and Scott is happy he was able to capture it. He then apologizes and backs away so they can continue.

Richard kisses Ashley again and quickly moves back down her body. He is now facing the most delicious pussy he’s ever seen. It is light pink, with barely any inner lips, and soaked. The girl fluid drips down to her asshole, which is also light pink with no hair around it. He looks up at her and she nods. He dives in.

The feeling is like nothing Ashley’s ever experienced. She moans and squeaks with pleasure. Richard licks her clitoris and tongues the outside of her hole. She tastes like honey and sugar. He uses his fingers to spread her apart more so he can get in deeper. He sees her hymen and pushes his tongue against it but careful not to break it. Ashley loves the feeling of his tongue in her. She is ecstatic and in a constant moan, breaking only to breathe before moaning again. She runs her hands through his hair, holding him in place, not that he had any intention of leaving. Deciding to get all her juices, Richard licked from her asshole to her clit. That maneuver caused the dam to break, and she exploded on his face. He lapped up everything he could.

Ashley lay still for a moment before guiding Richard back up to her face and kissing him passionately. She tasted herself on his lips and thought she tasted pretty good. Their kiss persisted as Ashley reached down and massaged his still hard penis. She knew what she wanted and spread her legs as wide as she could and aimed it at her dripping hole. Richard looked at her questioningly, but she just smiled and nodded. Scott, still taking pictures, realized what was going to happen and moved into a position to capture the first penetration.

Ashley rested Richard’s cock right against her pussy and moved it up and down to get it wet. She knew this was going to hurt already and didn’t want it to be too dry. Once it was sufficiently wet, she placed it at her opening. He kissed her once more and slowly pushed into her. Inch by inch he entered her until he felt her hymen.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked.

She replied by wrapping her legs around him and forcing him deep inside her. Tearing through her maidenhood. There was a sharp pain and a feeling of discomfort. But there was also a feeling of fullness and warmth. She cried out and clenched her teeth when he entered her, Richard didn’t want to move until he got a sign from her that it was ok. Slowly, she opened her eyes and kissed him again. He began to move slowly, in and out. As he pulled out, Scott could see traces of blood on Richard’s cock and around Ashley’s now filled hole.

The feeling of fucking this girl was incredible. She was so tight and so wet that he wasn’t sure how long he would last. He continued to kiss her and massage her tits. She kept her legs wrapped around him and could feel him deep inside her. Fucking felt different than when he was eating her. Different sensations running up and down her spine. As he played with her tits, more fireworks started going off. Her whole body was throbbing. She needed more; she wanted it all. He increased his pace, and she vibrated all over.

“You’re amazing Ashley!” Richard said, between grunts.

“So are you! [moans] I can’t believe this is happening! [moans] I love it!” replied Ashley, almost out of breath.

Ashley was rocked by another orgasm that rippled through her body. She dug her nails into Richard’s back, clawing at him. It took Richard every ounce of self-control for not to cum right then. The feeling was amazing. But he really wanted her to enjoy this, so he did his best to try to focus on other things. He slowed down and kissed her hungrily again, she returned the passion.

He rubbed her body until he was ready to resume his thrusts. Moving in and out with increasing speed. Ashley had recovered from her last cum and was thrusting right back at him. Both of them were covered in sweat. Neither one of them cared. Richard was getting close.

“I’m going to cum soon! What do you want me to do?” he asked the girl.

“Ugh! [moans] Fuck me hard! [moans] Take me!” she replied.

She moaned his name as he continued to fuck her. Richard spread her legs wider and began fucking her harder as she moaned. Within minutes, Ashley came again; this time her body went into spasms until she came back down. Her vagina contracted wildly around Richard’s cock, causing him to cum harder than he ever had before. Richard groaned and sent his sperm spewing into her womb.

“Cum in me! Cum in me!” She screamed as the warm cum filled up her abused pussy.

Richard finished cumming and lay atop Ashley as they both caught their breath.

Scott took pictures of the resting pair. He could see Richard’s cum leaking out from her enflamed pussy. It ran down her ass and made a small pool on the couch. Who cares, easy to clean up, thought Scott. This was the hottest thing he had seen. Richard finally got off Ashley and Scott took the last pictures of the day. Ashley’s legs wide open. Her pussy hole gaping open with white cum with little red flecks of blood mixed in.

Ashley finally started to stir, she looked at the two men with a grin. She had difficulty standing as her legs felt like Jell-O. Cum ran down the inside of her legs. She grabbed the towel from earlier and cleaned herself up as much as possible. Her pussy was sore but still throbbed when padded down with the towel. They stayed naked for a few minutes; Scott grabbed everyone more lemonade as they all looked thirsty. Finally, they proceeded to put on their clothes and end the day’s fun.


Scott gave Ashley their business card and took her information so they could send her the link to the pictures. Richard gave Ashley the money they promised for the photo work and offered to drive her home. Ashley agreed. Scott decided to stay back and get to work uploading all the pictures to their private server. Ashley kissed Scott goodbye and left with Richard. The ride home was relatively quiet as both were tired from their activities. As they approached her home, Richard suddenly realized something.

“Oh wait, Ash. Spend some of that money on some birth control pills. I don’t want little illegitimate children running around this town” Richard said.

“Oh my god, thanks for reminding me. I wouldn’t even have remembered” Ashley said.

“Ok, see you” Richard said.

“Yeah, maybe I’ll see you around, thanks for the ride” she said with a grin.

Ashley watched the van pull out of her driveway and head down the street. She then walked inside, surprised to see her mom in the doorway. Her mother pounded her with questions when she got in the door.

“Who was that man who dropped you off?” Her mother asked suspiciously.

“Oh, that was my Uber driver” Ashley lied.

“Why is your dress all wrinkled up?” she followed up.

“Umm, I was trying on clothes all day. It just got like that” she replied.

“You didn’t get anything?” Her mother asked.

“No, I am going to go back tomorrow to buy stuff. I just looked around today” Ashley said.

Her mother nodded and allowed Ashley to go up to her room. When Ashley got up to her bedroom, she hid the money under her mattress until she could find a safer place for it. She then took off her dress and examined her damp panties. Her panties were soaked with cum, and so was her pussy after she peeled off her underwear. Her young bush was damp with streaks of white around her hole. She decided to take a shower to wash off the smell of sex. While washing, she relived the day’s events and couldn’t believe what she had done. She was a model, posed nude, gave a blowjob, and lost her virginity to another guy all while being photographed. She thought she must have been crazy.

Getting out of the shower, she looked at herself in the mirror and thought. I started today as a nice little virgin. Pure and chaste, I always did what my parents wanted. Her phone, now charging, buzzed. It was a message from Scott. “Hope you enjoy them as much as we do” It was the link to the pictures. She went to her computer and clicked on the link.

There were the pictures. Her in her dress. Looking up her dress. Her in her underwear. Her naked. Her blowing Scott. Her spread wide open. And her fucking Richard. The pictures made it more real. And it made her want more. She started today as a virgin and is ending it as a sex craved slut. She responded to Scott “I hope we can do this again, soon”.


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I'm glad people seem to be enjoying this. It's the first story I've written and put up, I submit a new story or chapter every Friday night so it just depends when it get's published.

- ghostwritten


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good story, keep it cumming!


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good story, keep it cumming!

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