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Henry and his sisters determine their new relationship. All characters are 18+
I woke up the next morning with my sister still wrapped around me. We’d inadvertently spent the whole night together. I couldn’t help but stare at her for several minutes, watching her sleep. The swell of her naked breasts as she breathed was mesmerizing, and on her face was a look of total peace and contentment. I couldn’t remember the last time she seemed so at ease.

On the one hand, I didn’t want to be the asshole who slips out without saying goodbye. On the other, I didn’t want to interrupt her rest. Ultimately, I was hoping to make it out of the apartment before Chloe and Eve were awake. I knew we’d have to address what happened with them at some point, but I wanted time for Jill and I to talk it out and decide what we would say together.

Kissing my sister on the top of her head I gently whispered that I was heading out. She mumbled something, but rolled off of me and kept sleeping. Gathering my clothes I hurriedly put them on, checking my phone to see that it was around 6:30am.

I said a silent prayer that the girls liked to sleep late.

Taking another moment to admire my sister’s perfect body, I opened her door as quietly as I could. Peering out I didn’t see any movement. On tiptoes I scurried out of Jill’s room, closing the door with as much care as I had opened it. Like some kind of incest ninja, I made my way across the living room as quietly as I could. I was feeling like I had made it out scot free as I turned into the kitchen.

Alas, I was undone.

Sitting at the table in total silence were Chloe and Eve. I froze in the doorway as they looked up at me. Chloe cracked a smile and Eve took a long sip from her coffee. In retrospect, I had been fucking their mother long enough that if I had simply walked out casually it wouldn’t have been suspicious. The fact that they caught me obviously trying to sneak out made it clear that something was different this morning.

“Hey Uncle Hank,” Eve said in a half-whisper, “You’re here early. Or late. Have a good time with Mom last night?”

I chuckled awkwardly. “Yeah.”

Chloe nodded while Eve tried to peer into my very soul. I stood like the cat caught with the canary for another moment before shrugging. Might as well accept the situation.

“Do you girls want breakfast?” I asked, not knowing what else to say.

They both nodded slowly, clearly not expecting this turn in the conversation. I swiftly grabbed a frying pan and began making an egregious amount of bacon and eggs. As the dulcet sound of sizzling pork filled the kitchen I waited for their next move.

“She told you everything, didn’t she?” asked Chloe.

“Yeah, pretty much.” I said.

“And?” Chloe prodded.

“And what?” I said turning to look at her. “I hate that it happened and I hate myself for not being able to stop it. But I love your mother. And not just the way a brother is supposed to love his sister. I know that may be hard to believe given everything that has happened in the past few weeks, and there’s a lot of trust that I’ll need to put in the work to rebuild. But that’s what it is. From now on I want to be here for her, for all of you, the way I should have been all along.”

Both girls visibly relaxed. Whereas their body language when I entered the room had been guarded and reserved, they now shifted into more open postures. I guess I said close enough to the right thing. Like their mother, I realized, they thought I was going to reject all of them knowing what I knew now. That they were the result of my father forcing himself on my sister. The inbred products of incestuous rape. Stepping away from the sizzling bacon I walked behind the girls and wrapped an arm around each of them.

“I love both of you so much, too. In ways that I probably shouldn’t. But I do want to be here for you guys, if you’ll let me.”

Chloe leaned back and rested her head on my chest. Eve rubbed her face on my arm and chuckled.

“Thank god,” she said, “I was so worried this was going to go tits up. She’s been waiting so long for this, I think. Even when we were kids, the way she talked about you, it wasn’t like other people talked about their brothers. I think she’s been hoping you’d come and rescue her this whole time. Thank Christ you finally got around to it.”

Chloe nodded in agreement. “So what will you do now?”

“I don’t know.” I said, “Obviously your mother and I, and you girls, will need to figure out what things look going forward. And I’m sure as hell not just going to sit around and let our fucking parents get away with it. But for right now, I’m going to have breakfast with my beautiful nieces and wait for their mother to wake up and come join us.”

For the next twenty minutes my half-sisters and I chatted casually over breakfast. It was nice, made me realize how much I had missed having family over the years. I thought wistfully about how nice it would be to do this every morning. The girls were in fine spirits, laughing and joking as if I were an ordinary beloved uncle and hadn’t, mere days earlier, jammed my cock so far down their throats that they nearly passed out. There was a lot to unpack there, but none of us were interested in doing it. Instead we just enjoyed each others’ company.

Eventually, lured by the smell of coffee and fry-up, Jill emerged from her room. She still wore the dress from yesterday, obviously disheveled and spattered with cumstains. She didn’t care. She walked out of the room like it was the most normal thing in the world, greeting her daughters with a hug, then unabashedly sitting in my lap and giving me a deep, powerful kiss. We broke for air to find the girls staring at us, laughing in an earnest, friendly way. My sister and I both smiled at them as she took a seat next to me and started serving herself eggs. Below the table, her left hand rested lovingly on my thigh.

After Jill had finished her first plate of food Chloe finally broke the silence.

“So what? Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend now?” Eve grinned at us goofily with a raised eyebrow to underscore her sisters question.

Jill turned slightly red as she looked me in the eye. “I mean, we haven’t really had time to talk about…”

“Yes.” I cut her off decisively. “We love each other very much and are going to be together.”

Jill threw her arms around me and buried her face in my chest. “Well, you heard the man.” She said. Her voice was full of delight. Only I could feel the wetness of her tears.

The girls laughed again. I don’t think they expected such a blunt response. It was Eve who picked up the thread.

“So obviously we’re both, like, super happy for you. But I have to ask: does this mean we can’t fuck Uncle Hank anymore? I don’t want to make it weird, if you two want to be exclusive-exclusive we totally get it. It’s just, we both talked about it, and we’d really like to be able to take that dick again.”

Jill put her hands on my shoulders and pushed herself up. She examined my face for a moment, before coming to a decision and cracking a lopsided grin.

“Well, I certainly don’t want Henry running around with random strangers. But I know how much he loves his sisters. And what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t do everything I could to make my girls happy?”

Standing smoothly Jill took her daughters by the hand and raised them to their feet. Hooking her arms around their waists she pulled them in so all three were pressed together facing me.

“What do you think, you incestuous, sister-fucking degenerate? You think you can keep three cock-hungry whores like us happy?”

In an instant I rose to meet them, pulling their slender bodies into my arms, crushing them to my chest, and bringing my mouth down to meet theirs. All I could see were their faces as I did my best to guide them back into Jill’s room. The four of us dissolved into a mass of yearning mouths and probing tongues. As we stumbled across the apartment, three sets of hands all worked to unzip my pants and pull out my cock. Honestly, they got in each other’s way just as much as they helped one another. Maneuvering through the doorway was difficult, but once we were in my sister’s room the three women rotated me around and as one pushed me onto the bed. Taking hold of my legs, they soon had my pants off and boxers pulled all the way down. With a speed of which I’d never known women capable, three sets of clothes fell to the ground in unison.

The girls took a moment to stare lovingly at my dick. I took that moment to marvel at their bodies side-by-side. They all looked so much like each other. Were my sister not visibly older they could have passed for triplets. Then, they dove down and all began showering my cock with kisses. I could do nothing but lean back and appreciate the feeling of three soft, feminine tongues worshiping my manhood. After some jostling they settled into a stable state. Chloe and Eve each ***********ed one side of my dick to work on, making out with my meat and each other as they licked, slurped, and kissed up and down my entire length. Jill, meanwhile, squatted between my spread legs and got to work tongue-bathing my balls. As her daughters passed my cock back and forth, Jill gently massaged my sensitive nuts, not shy about slurping them into her mouth or really giving my taint a good lick. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it seemed like my sister had also reached out behind her daughters and was fingering their cunts at the same time.

I was in heaven.

But I think we all knew it couldn’t last. Soon I could feel my orgasm roiling up from my taut, well-attended testicles. The girls could see it, too. My entire body was beginning to tense, causing Chloe and Eve to raise their mouths from my throbbing rod. Pressing their faces together directly above my cock, each girl put one hand on my meat as they began jerking me in a frenzy.

“That’s right Uncle Hank; that’s right big brother.” They said in unison, “Give us your fucking cum. We want to feel you splatter all over out faces.”

Jill didn’t try to intrude on this upcoming facial action. Instead, she pulled both of my balls into her warm, wet mouth and redoubled her efforts to lick every inch of them. The stimulation was too much. My vision went blank as I pumped load after load of hot white jizz onto the girls’ faces and chests. As I came back to my self my nieces were laughing giddily, plastered with my ejaculate, happily licking the spend off of each other as they ran their hands over one another. I inhaled deeply and watched this display of sisterly love with delight.

Jill let my balls fall from her mouth and slid up the bed so she was lying next to me. We kissed deeply then she joined me in watching as her daughters played with one another’s semen-soaked bodies.

“God, aren’t my girls beautiful?” She mused.

“Of course they are, they look just like their mother.” I replied.

“So,” Jill asked, lazily reaching out to stroke my somewhat softened member “Which of them are you going to take first?”

The question hadn’t occurred to me. Apparently it hadn’t occurred to the girls either, because as soon as my sister posed it the pulled away from one another. There was a competitive glint in their eyes. They stood frozen like that for a moment, then with surprising alacrity began playing rock-paper-scissors. Jill and I had to chuckle as they used one of the time-honored methods of sibling conflict resolution to determine who would be the first one to take my cock. Their uncle’s cock. Their brother’s cock.

Chloe won, in the end. Eve shot me a look that said “you better still have a load for me once she’s done” but handled her loss with grace. Chloe straddled my lap as her sister reached between us, fingering Chloe and slathering the resulting juices over both of our genitals. Jill scooted further up the bed, assuming a kneeling position and resting my head in her lap. She massaged my shoulders lovingly as she watched her daughters hardened me up in preparation for fucking them.

As you might imagine, having one beautiful twin fluff me as her sister moaned how ready she was to take my dick got me hard in no time. Chloe raised her pelvis as Eve took hold of my dick and held it upright, pointing it directly at her sister’s snatch. Jill just moaned, I could feel her flexing her thighs as I rested against them. Placing a hand in the center of my chest to steady herself, Chloe slowly lowered her hips until my glans was resting on her vulva. Eve slid it against her sister’s clit once, eliciting a gasp, then guided it to Chloe’s waiting hole. Once it was firmly nestled against the opening, Eve grasped her sister by the hips and guided her all the way down. Chloe and I moaned in unison as she took me, not stopping until she had me all the way inside of her.

“Fuck, you’re so big Uncle Hank.” Chloe said huskily.

Eve placed a hand between her sister’s hips and pressed. “I can feel you inside her, big brother!” she said in awe.

I could feel Eve pressing me through her sister’s abdomen and groaned. Grabbing Chloe’s hips, I began pumping. Chloe moved to assist me, and soon was riding me at a brisk yet sustainable pace. Our world’s narrowed until we were the only one’s in it. Even though Eve was right there beside her sister egging her on. Even though Jill was moaning sexily and encouraging her daughter. In that moment of pure connection the only person in the entire universe as far as I was concerned was my niece, perfect breasts bouncing with each movement, her velvet insides grasping my cock as she had orgasm after orgasm on it.

“He’s about to cum!” I heard Eve say. To my surprise, she was right. Slamming Chloe down onto me as hard as I could I held in her place as I shot inside of her. Chloe threw back her head and screamed. She was inarticulate, incoherent, but the strength of her grasping cunt as it milked every last drop from me spoke more than any words could. Finally, both of us were spent. Chloe collapsed onto my chest, limp and satisfied. I held her too me, burying my face in her aromatic hair and showering her with kisses. Even so I never slipped out of her. Jill reached down and put her arms around both of us. Eve fell by sister’s side and joined in the embrace.

“That was so fucking beautiful.” Jill said tenderly.

“Yeah, it’s almost a shame you guys couldn’t see it.” Eve opined, “I fucking love this family.”

I don’t know how long we lay like that. But presently, as it sat soaking in Chloe’s warm, wet guts my dick began to grow hard again. A sudden catch in her breathing told me Chloe had noticed. She gave it a few gentle squeezes, but then with visible regret rolled off so it came loose. She lay on her back, still flushed and worn-out. “I think he’s ready for you, Eve.”

Eve looked down to my burgeoning meat and laughed. “Yeah, I guess he is. You know, for an old man you have pretty impressive vitality, Uncle Hank.”

I laughed with her as I rose and caught her up in my arms. “You haven’t seen anything yet, little girl.” I said, showering her neck, collarbones, and breast with kisses.

“Then why don’t you fucking show me?” Eve teased.

I didn’t need to be told twice. Throwing her to the bed I swiftly flipped my niece onto her front then pulled up her hips so she was resting on her knees. This left her exposed, sopping wet pussy at the ideal level. Chloe shifter slightly so her face was under her sister’s chest. The noises suggested she had latched on, sucking Eve’s breast like it was going out of fashion. My sister watched with amusement. As I lined up my manhood with her daughter’s snatch I caught her eyes.

“Open your legs.” I commanded Jill. She obeyed. “Now grab your daughter’s head between them and don’t let her go.”

Eve yelped in surprise as her mother wrapped her legs around her, pressing her face against the hole she had been born from. With the girl firmly secured I plunged in, groaning aggressively as I felt her take my entire length. Grabbing her around her narrow waist (my finger’s could nearly touch as they encircled her) I began pounding Eve forcefully. I’d been making a lot of love over the past 12 hours, it was time to remind these women that I was not a naturally gentle man. Eve’s frenzied moans, muffled by her own mother’s cunt, were music to my ears.

Eve clearly loved it. At least at first. I had her cumming in no time, her juices soaking her thighs, my balls, the entire bed below us. The frantic spasming of her cunt elicited appreciative groans from me as I drilled her. Chloe never stopped suckling at Eve’s sensitive teats, and Jill made sure to let me know how well her daughter was devouring her cunt.

But then reality set in. I’d already cum twice today, which meant my orgasm was taking much longer than normal. I was able to maintain a relentless pace. The girl would not stop cumming. Her happy moans started taking on a pained tone. She began shuddering in discomfort every time my hefty nuts slapped her clit. The orgasms didn’t stop, but she had been driven to a point of sensitivity past the pleasurable and into pain. Still, I maintained a firm grasp on her waist and her mother kept her legs locked around her head. Eve simply couldn’t move. She would endure this erotic torture until I was finished, regardless of what she wanted.

“Oh fuck, Hank, she’s fucking crying.” Jill said suddenly, her own orgasm shuddering through her. I could see Eve attempt to nod as she whimpered into the pussy she was servicing. Her legs gave out. I drove her into the bed with my thrusts as she collapsed down onto her sister. Then, her entire body began seizing as a next-level orgasm ripped through her. I had already been impressed with the strength of her pussy. That was nothing compared to the frenetic, vice-like grip my manhood was now subjected to. It was finally enough to push me over the edge. Pressing all my weight down on her I had my hardest orgasm of the morning. After the previous rounds I was worried I’d only have a paltry deposit to offer her, but this otherworldly vaginal massage pulled reserves of cum I didn’t know I had to fill her cunt with more seed than I knew I possessed.

In a moment the tables were turned. As I screamed through my orgasm I could feel my glans grow more and more sensitive until her cuntal contractions were actively agonizing. Still, more ejaculate was pumping from my balls and I would be damned if I was going to pull out before the last drop fell. Eve thrashed so hard she escaped her mother’s grasp, her own screams now becoming fully audible and mixing with mine. A pair of shouting, rutting, orgasmic, agonized monkeys we rode it out together until finally both of us collapsed in a heap on the bed. Her pussy finally expelled my flaccid member, a blast of cum along with it.

Eve curled up into a ball shuddering. I lay as I fell, chest heaving. Jill and Chloe held each other and looked on in amazement. Finally, Eve pulled herself together enough to speak.

“God damn, Uncle Hank. Why couldn’t you have done that to me years ago?”
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