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Marcus returns home and finds a surprise guest.
Thursday, 8:51 pm

The SUV drove away, leaving Emily and me in front of the doors of the building I now lived in - what I’d learned was called the Liberty Elite. It was occupied by a diverse collection of residential and commercial tenants. The first floor was a prime spot for high-end shopping and dining. Several stories above that were reserved for parking. More commercial space and some government offices took up the next twenty to thirty floors, with the remainder used as residential spaces, including my apartment, which took up the top remaining floors.

As we approached the ostentatious glass and black marble entry, a concierge opened held the door for us, and said, “Have a good evening, Mr. Upton!” He looked to be in his early twenties, unlike the older gentleman I had met when first arriving. I did a double take, then gave him a nod and a smile; I was surprised he knew who I was. Whoever managed the operations of this location was doing a hell of a job.

“Your own doorman?” Emily asked after we passed into the lobby.

“Well, it’s the building’s doorman, but yeah.”

She spun around, taking in the beautiful design of the massive lobby as we headed toward the elevators. “Oh my god, Marcus!”

“This is just the lobby, Em. Wait till you see the actual apartment.”

The elevator ride to the top was faster than anyone had a right to expect from a sixty-story journey. The first time, I had Danielle and Erin to keep my company and had been too busy checking the new girl out to notice how long it had taken to get to the top. This time, it was just me and Emily. Not to say Emily wasn’t distracting. I’m sure she turned the heads of every man she came across. She was a tall, fit woman with captivating looks, a kind smile, and a lovely personality, but she was my sister and one of my best friends. At sixteen years old, when I was nothing but a bag of boiling chemicals ready to explode at anything resembling curvature, it was impossible to ignore how her jeans molded to her ass, but I was a little more in control of my penis these days. A little. Besides, I had a foursome with three impossibly gorgeous angels only a few hours ago. My libido was mostly in check.

The doors eventually opened and Emily stepped into the impressive open-floor living room complete with balconies, rich furniture, and a breathtaking view of New York’s city skyline on the opposite end from where we stood. The sun had already set, so approaching the window revealed the twinkling cosmos of The Big Apple’s vibrant nightlife. The apartment was illuminated by sconces on walls and columns, and an inferno was blazing inside the fireplace, giving the apartment a sense of coziness.

There were two people other than Emily and me currently in the apartment - one I had expected, and another I hadn’t. Erin was currently roaming the kitchen and taking stock of the current situation. After recovering from the foursome, I took the time to make sure she was alright. After things heated up at the pool, Danni and I moved to the master bedroom while Erin was occupied eating out Helen. They joined us a little later, and I’d taken Erin’s compact ass with her consent and Helen’s insistent and enthusiastic urging. My assistant swore she was fine, and after enough interrogation, I believed her, but that didn’t stop me from feeling at least a little guilty about the entire thing. I was growing attached to Erin, and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt her or give her cause to leave. The other two women had stayed in bed while Erin and I had our heart-to-heart downstairs. By the time I left, Erin was going through resumes for bodyguards and we heard moaning from upstairs; the other two hadn’t had their fill yet.

That was hours ago, and I suspected those Danni and Helen were long gone. It made sense that Erin would still be here, but what didn’t make sense was the other person in the room. Ashlee VanCamp had been sitting on my new couch and scrolling through her phone. As soon as the elevator door opened and we stepped out into the lobby, she looked up from her device and over the back of the couch toward us. She had a large, warm smile for me and looked like she was about to say something. Then she noticed Emily and her smile faded.

“Marcus! Your new home is lovely,” Ashlee said, ending the sentence in a tiny frown. She recovered quickly enough and banished it, standing up and coming around the couch.

“Thanks,” I said, more than a little confused. I glanced at Erin, who was rummaging through one of the drawers at the kitchen island. I looked back at Ashlee. “It’s good to see you. What brings you here?”

I was suddenly very nervous. This was the first time Ashlee had been around any of the other women in my life other than Helen. I was starting to suspect that the young paralegal was chasing after a wealthy, eligible bachelor. How was she going to react around someone like Erin? Or Danni? Would she cause some sort of scene if she felt slighted? Were Danni and Helen still actually here? I mentally kicked myself for not checking in with Erin before coming back to the house, especially with my sister.

Emily was my other concern. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with my sister finding out that I’d been fucking every good-looking woman I’d come across lately. I also didn’t want her to bear witness to any drama that Ashlee might bring with her. If things went poorly here, I would probably never hear the end of it.

“Helen returned to the office to work with insurance and get the appropriate things taken care of on your behalf. Something came up for her, so Roger had me finish everything and bring it over for you to sign.”

Roger. She must have meant Roger VanCamp. Also known as Ashlee’s father and Helen’s husband. Every time his name came up, I remembered this was the man that not only knew I was screwing his wife but had given his blessing. Had Richard kept Helen from completing the due diligence on my apartment? What kind of situation had come up to keep Helen away? Did it have something to do with our arrangement?

“Thanks,” I said, “but couldn’t you have just emailed it over?”

“Eh… Daddy’s a little old-fashioned,” Ashlee said, “besides, I heard about the new purchase and had to see it for myself! Marcus, this is amazing!” As Ashlee approached and interacted with me, her body language and stance made it clear that she was trying to exclude Emily from the conversation.

“Thanks, Ashlee,” I said, growing more uncomfortable with things by the minute. “This is my sister Emily. She showed up at my apartment and decided to tag along so she could see the house”

As soon as I said the word ‘sister’, Ashlee’s entire demeanor shifted. That full, genuine smile she’d first displayed returned, and her eyes shined with genuine interest. “Oh my god! It’s so good to meet you!” she exclaimed and reached out to take one of Emily’s hands in both of hers.

Emily, who looked confused at first, mirrored Ashlee’s warmth and returned the handshake. “Thank you, Ashlee! Same! How do you know my brother?”

“Ashlee works at my law firm,” I explained.

“Oh cool! So you’ll be working with Marcus pretty regularly,” Emily said.

“I hope so,” Ashlee returned with a giggle. “God, you’re so tall, Emily! And gorgeous! Where do you get your makeup?”

That was my cue. I backed out of the conversation about makeup and approached Erin, who had quit rummaging through the cabinets and was watching the situation unfold between the other two women. I leaned against the island next to her.

“Are you guys the only ones here?” I asked quietly so our conversation wouldn’t disturb them.

Erin slowly rubbed her palms together, studying the other pair of women as she said, “Yep. Danni and Helen kept it up for about another twenty minutes. Then I decided I’d had enough of resumes and jumped back between them for a while. Danni got the brunt of it, then she had a thing. Helen stuck around long enough to kiss everything better, then headed back to her office. No one here to make it weird for your sister.” Her eyes still fixed on the ladies, he leaned close and whispered, “No one except Ashlee, anyway.”

I snorted. “Thanks.”

So the girls had continued without me? The images her few words left in my mind were enough to get my cock stirring in my pants again, and I wanted to ask for more details, but before I could, Erin decided to change the subject.

“Is there something going on with you guys?”

Something about her tone seemed slightly off, and my concern about what happened earlier bubbled to the surface again. I studied her, trying to gauge why she would ask me about Ashlee like that. Was Erin harboring a little bit of jealousy, or was there something about Ashlee that she didn’t like? I recalled Helen mentioning that Ashlee and Erin knew each other.

“If she had her way,” I replied. “She offered, but I said no.”

Erin studied them for a moment longer then finally looked at me for the first time. Usually nothing but grins and mischief, this look was more subdued. Her dark eyes were penetrating, and there was a note of caution in her expression. It was a little unsettling. A closed-lip smile finally crept onto her lips. “Okay.”

“Okay?” I asked.

“Erin!” Ashlee said, “Emily’s dying to see the apartment! Do you think you could show her around while I get Mr. Upton to go ahead and get those papers filled out, so I can get out of your way?”

My assistant’s brilliant smile returned, “Of course! Emily!” She rounded the island and made her way over to the pair. “I’m Erin. Marcus’ personal assistant!” She hooked an arm through Emily’s and continued, “Let’s show you the house, while your brother finishes the boring paperwork. You can tell me all his embarrassing stories. I’m sure he has a lot of them.”

“Oh, this is going to be fun,” Emily said, flashing me a grin as the pair of them embarked for the stairs.

“Be nice, Em!” I called out, watching the pair of them climb the stairs toward the first set of balconies.

“No promises, brother dear!” Em called out. Reaching the top, they rounded the first corner they came to and disappeared. I could hear their chatter begin to fade.

I sighed, then turned to see Ashlee standing much closer to me than she had been. It wasn’t off-putting. It was hard to be put off by anything Ashlee did when she perfectly combined an innocent and naive schoolgirl with a seductive vixen. What startled me was the shift in her body language. Gone was the innocent part. The only thing left staring up at me was the vixen, with those big green eyes. Her small, pink tongue darted to lick her top lip, and she had a small, knowing smile.

“Erin put the paperwork in your office,” She said, her voice taking on a huskier tone that implied intimacy.

I found myself uncomfortable for reasons other than feeling awkward. Erin’s brief de***********ion of what transpired after I left followed by whatever Ashlee was trying to do had my heart racing. I tried my best to make sure she didn’t notice. “I have an office?”

She grinned. “Of course. Here, I’ll show you.”

Ashlee slipped her arm through mine and guided me in the opposite direction of the other ladies. It was in a wing of the apartment I hadn’t even inspected. We walked through what appeared to be a second living room, built more for entertainment than the first. There was a pool table, several more couches, a massive bookshelf loaded with books, and a few display cases littered around with what appeared to be fine art. I recognized one of the paintings hanging on the wall as the Raphael I’d noticed in the list of art in my grandfather’s estate. Had the ladies already moved some of my grandfather’s things from wherever they were being stored into this apartment? Again, I was amazed at how quickly they moved.

“This really is a beautiful place,” Ashlee said, breaking the silence as I took in the parts of my apartment I hadn’t even seen. I found that there were two more sets of balconies leading to more rooms and hallways on the second and third floors. Just how big was this place?

“It is,” I reiterated, “Erin and Dannielle did an amazing job picking out this place.”

I felt her stiffen a little next to me, but then she moved on, “Have you decided how you’re going to decorate it?”

She stopped us midway into the entertainment room and let go of me so she could open one of the two heavy wooden doors set into the wall in front of us. She walked in and turned, inviting me to follow her with a warm smile and a glint in her eye. I followed her into what I assumed was my office.

“I haven’t even seen the entire place yet. For now, I think I’ll just keep whatever’s in…”

The room I had walked into was gorgeous. It was surrounded by dark wood paneling and bookshelves that lined two entire walls, leaving enough space for a large television to sit in the middle of one wall. A balcony ran around those two walls, segmenting the bookshelves into two sets - top and bottom. A massive desk carved entirely out of ebony sat in the middle of the office with all of my computer equipment already sitting on top of it in a neat little pile. A large globe sat in a wooden frame like something you’d find in the office of a Victorian detective, and there was an empty display case sitting opposite the globe. The office chair looked like it might have cost as much as a new Honda, and there were three matching, dark leather wingback chairs sitting strategically around a beautiful round table.

The other two walls were nothing but windows, currently displaying a gorgeous view of New York City at night. Between my desk and one of the transparent walls sat a leather sofa, a sofa bed, a small bar complete with a mini fridge, and a set of workout equipment. Another standing mobile desk sat against one transparent wall with a few books stacked on it.

This was my home office.

“Jesus,” I whispered as I took it all in.

“I know,” Ashlee said, slinking up beside me. “It’s amazing.”

I looked back down at her, and she cast a very warm look back at me. Her chin was raised, lips were parted, and there was a clear invitation for me to taste them if I dared.

“The paperwork?” I asked.

She didn’t respond. Instead, she just stared up at me, open hunger written all over her face. I had to look away from her eyes and drop my gaze lower. That was a mistake; the top two buttons of her dress had been unfastened, exposing a considerable amount of the valley between her breasts. I quickly averted my eyes back up to hers and caught her smirking, clearly able to see the effect she had on me. She clasped her hands behind her back and made her chest stick out a little more, and though I wasn’t looking directly at it, I could see the top fastened button strain a little in my bottom peripheral vision.

“Under the laptop,” she said.

My gaze fell to her lips, and I noticed once more that they were parted, inviting me to take whatever I wanted. However, something was preventing me from acting on every hormonal impulse I had with this young woman, and considering how I hadn’t hesitated with anyone else, I couldn’t figure out why. Was it because she was a VanCamp?

Helen had given me an off-handed warning about her in the bathroom that day I’d officially reached an agreement with YPV. Had she meant anything by it? Why hadn’t she told me of their connection sooner? Did she care if anything happened between me and what was likely her stepdaughter? On the off chance that she did, I couldn’t afford to make Helen my enemy. She was too valuable to me. My hesitation could also have to do with the fact that this girl was clearly looking for something long-term, and if I still had room for someone like that in my life, Ashlee wasn’t that person.

No. Ashlee wasn’t worth the possible drama, especially with Emily in the house.

“Cool,” I said as I whirled on my heels and made my way over to the desk. I found the papers where Ashlee had told me they would be and dropped into the chair to sign them. Someone had enough foresight to leave a pen on my desk within plain sight, so I unlocked my phone to see if I had any messages as I laid it down on the desktop, grabbed the pen, and started leafing through the papers to get them signed and initialed.

Ashlee didn’t move at first. She simply stood where I’d abandoned her as I scribbled away at the documents, and I did my best to ignore her presence. After a few moments, I heard her approach and pretended that I wasn’t aware. She placed a hand on my shoulder and simply stood there, giving me the impression that she was simply watching to make sure I was signing in all the appropriate spaces. For the remaining few minutes, we continued like that: me signing away while she stood next to me. No matter how much I tried to concentrate on what I was doing though, I was acutely aware of how her fingers were tracing little patterns on my shoulder.

When the last line was signed, I looked up at her. “Is that everything?”

The smile she gave me was hard to read as she leaned forward and placed her hand on the paperwork, her eyes never leaving mine. She leaned forward a little further, her blouse falling open to give me a perfect view of her perfect, lightly tanned breasts cradled in a pink, frilly bra. Her face was much closer to mine than necessary.

“Is it?” she husked and glanced down at my lips.

After a rejection at the coffee shop and me playing hard to get here, it was clear she was desperate to get something from me. She was trying so hard that it was hard not to notice… it almost felt like we were in a bad movie.


There was no doubt I wanted this woman. I know I’ve probably said this about most of the ladies that crossed my path lately, but Ashlee was among one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Her combination of cute and seductive kept driving me crazy. The hint of taboo that came with her being Roger VanCamp’s daughter made her even more intriguing.

And she smelled nice, like herbal shampoo and flowers.

My gaze dropped down to her lips once more and I seriously considered kissing those lips. Why couldn’t things be as simple as they’d been this afternoon? It felt like Danielle had never kept a secret in her life. Erin felt like an open book since we met, except for tonight while Ashlee was here. Even Helen, the mysterious temptress that always seemed to be withholding things from me seemed open and frank today. It had been refreshing. Ashlee’s presence seemed to shatter that.

I stood up quickly, our faces nearly bumping, and Ashlee straightened, looking slightly startled.

“What do you want, Ashlee?” I demanded.

She simply looked up at me with wide, expressive eyes. Her breathing became a little more rapid, plump lips still parted.

When she didn’t answer, I asked her again, “What do you want?”

She looked confused, her brow furrowing as she glanced around the room briefly seeming to look for an answer among the bookshelves. “Isn’t it obvious?” she asked, looking back at me, “I want you.”

“I got that much,” I said dryly. “Why? Are you just looking for a good time? Do you want more? Would you have been interested in me at all if I wasn’t rich?”

I witnessed an entire plethora of emotions play across her features as she looked around the room once again for an answer. “I want you to give me a chance!”

“To do what? Do you want to be my girlfriend? What?”

“I could be,” she said. She took a half step closer, her breasts brushing against my chest. “Please. I could be amazing for you. I could be the best thing that ever happened to you.” Her voice was barely more than a whisper. She gently grabbed one of my hands in both of her more delicate ones and slowly brought it up to her lips. She kissed my knuckles as she gazed at me with those green gemstones she had for eyes.

“I’ve had a lot of really great things happen to me lately,” I whispered back. “It’s hard to imagine anything better.”

“That’s because you don’t know what you’re missing, Marcus. Please…” She lifted the index finger of the hand she held and pressed her lips to it in a soft, wet kiss. I felt her increase the pressure until the tip of my finger slowly began to slide between her pouty, pink lips, and I could feel something between a kiss and a suckle as we continued to stare at each other in silence. One of her hands slid to my shoulder and snaked up to the back of my neck. She let my finger fall from her lips and lifted her head another inch as she applied just enough pressure to encourage my lips to meet hers for a kiss. “Just give me a chance. I would be so good to you.”

My head lowered a fraction, the temptation to press my lips to hers growing by the moment. I felt her gently massage my palm, which she still held. “Ashlee, I’ve had sex with your mother.”

“Step,” she hummed, stretching her neck out a little more. “And I don’t care. Daddy wants to put a stop to it anyway.”

I had so many questions, but at the moment, only one mattered.

“And he has no problem with me doing it with his little girl?”

“He does,” she whispered, bringing my head down another half inch so that I could feel my lips brush lightly against hers. At the same time, I felt her other hand release mine as she pressed her palm against my belt, then slid it down over the fabric of my pants until it covered most of the length of my swollen cock. She ground against it, eliciting a small groan from me.

She swallowed, adopted a look of extreme vulnerability, and said, “He wouldn’t like it, but that doesn’t matter. I’m a big girl. I can do what I want. Besides… that doesn’t turn you on? Taking a man’s wife and his daughter?”

Fuck. The thought of that was a turn-on. As far as I knew, Roger VanCamp had never done a damn thing to me, but the idea of taking both the women in his life against his wishes was an aphrodisiac almost as strong as his daughter. I wanted her even more. I wanted to shove all the stuff off my desk like we were in a bad drama and take her right there. I wanted to rip those other buttons loose and stick my cock in the little minx until I coated the walls of her vagina with my seed.

Our lips brushed each other for a full ten seconds, and then I threw caution to the wind. Fuck Roger VanCamp. Who gave a shit if Helen had a problem with it. They worked for me, and if I wanted Ashlee, I could have her. Our lips touched.

And then I heard laughter.

It came from somewhere just outside the office and completely shattered the hypnotic trance Ashlee had put me in. I reflexively backed away from the young woman’s lips as if they were hot coals. Her arm around my neck briefly resisted, but then Ashlee released me so I could back away. I immediately felt embarrassed that I’d backed away so quickly, and ashamed at my embarrassment. Ashlee could tell that I didn’t want the others catching us kissing, and I suddenly felt like I was fourteen and about to be discovered by my mother. I was mentally kicking myself that I’d allowed the moment to be ruined. Why was I having such a hard time remembering who was supposed to be holding the reigns here?

“Is that everything?” I asked again and cleared my throat. Ashlee was smoothing out her dress and gave me an unreadable stare for a long moment before finally answering.

“Yes, sir.”

“Then I should probably find my sister and see what they’re doing.”

She stared a bit longer, then finally broke eye contact and walked over to the desk to pick up the paperwork. “Yes, sir. I’ll get these filed at the office tonight.”

“Thanks,” I said and made my way to the door, emerging into the entertainment room.

“There you are!” Emily said next to the pool table.

“She was just telling me about some of your cartoon crushes,” Erin said with a little wave. “Daphne? Really?”

“What’s wrong with Daphne?” I said, walking over to them and trying to compose myself a little more. I briefly glanced over my shoulder and noticed that Ashlee hadn’t followed me out.

Erin studied me for a pregnant moment, clearly noticing that something was slightly off with me. Her brown eyes searched mine, looking for some sort of answer that would have been visible in my expression. My poker face needed some work.

Then the moment passed and she gave me a pitying smile. “It’s just so basic. Clearly, Velma is the way to go… or Shaggy if you’re so inclined.”

“Shaggy!” Emily protested with a giggle. “Not Fred?”

“Don’t tell me you’re basic too!” Erin rolled her eyes but grinned. “Of course not! Fred’s a workaholic. He’s the get-in-get-it-get-out type. He probably wouldn’t even get you to the finish line before he has to go back to work. Also basic as fuck.”

She looked back at me and nodded once in a final decision that brooked no argument. “Nope… Shaggy and Velma are the good ones.”

“You’re nuts,” Emily tittered.

“Agreed,” I said.

“Also agreed,” Ashlee called out as she slipped out of my office and shut the door behind her.

Erin craned her neck to the side to look past me and asked, “You get lost in there?”

“No,” Ashlee smiled sweetly, “I just wanted to double-check that everything was signed properly. Didn’t want to have to come back.”

“You’re leaving?” Emily asked.

“Yes,” Ashlee replied as she closed the distance between herself and the rest of us, “I have to get this stuff finalized tonight, but it was so good to meet you, Emily. We should do coffee or dinner sometime!”

“I’d like that,” Emily said, “I’ll walk you to the elevator, and we can set a date.

The pair slowly walked away from Erin and me, chattering about where to meet, and Ashlee threw a glance over her shoulder and gave me one more sweet smile before turning her attention back to my sister. I returned it half-heartedly. Then I felt my assistant approach my side.

“Everything good?” she asked in a low voice.

“Yeah,” I said.

“You sure? It looks like your pants shrunk a size in the past ten minutes.”

I looked down to see her giving me a smirk that didn’t quite reach her eyes. “What’s your problem with her?”

“She’s trouble,” Erin said.

“Isn’t she your friend?”

“That’s how I know she’s trouble. For one thing, she’s the one who recommended me to Helen.”

That confused the hell out of me. “Isn’t that a good thing?”

Erin shook her head and said, “Not if she knows I’m not looking for a relationship.”


“Yep,” Erin said. “You saw the other two Helen had picked out for you. They would have tried to bag you in a heartbeat. Pure competition, and the princess can’t have that. Since she has her eye on you, she needs someone safe, but it can’t be some boomer who remembers the Regan era or someone who’s more beef jerky than a woman. You’re too male to go for something like that, so she suggested the only option she thought could work.”

“So she doesn’t see you as a threat?” I asked.

“She didn’t.”

“She didn’t?” I repeated. “What happened?”

“We just talked a little,” she said, leaning against the pool table. “Look, I can tell something went on in there. I told you in my interview, I need transparency. I’m not disappointed. I’m not jealous. I’m sincerely looking for your best interest.”

Erin was right. She had been nothing short of a miracle worker and my own personal angel. She deserved nothing less than complete honesty.

“We almost kissed,” I admitted. I slid my hands in my pockets and something felt off. My phone wasn’t there. I must have left it on the desk where I was signing the papers. “Come on. I need to get my phone. I’ll tell you about it.”

Erin followed me into the office while I gave her a brief recap of the entire set of events that led up to us almost kissing. I included the visit to the coffee shop where she first suggested a tryst and the bathroom where we officially met before being interrupted by Helen. Erin echoed my sentiment that it was strange how Helen never clarified the relationship between her and Ashlee.

I found my phone on the desk. Next to it was a wad of frilly pink fabric that hadn’t been there earlier. Erin picked it up gingerly between two fingers as I retrieved my phone; the small ball of fabric unfurled as she held them in front of us, revealing it to be a thong. The patch of fabric meant to cover the crotch was much darker than the rest of the garment, and there was a strong odor of arousal in the air.

“I think this confirms how she feels about you,” Erin said with another smirk.

“Have you guys…” I started to ask, then noticed a scrap of paper that had sat under my phone. Hastily scrawled across it were the words ‘look in your photos’.

“Are you asking if we’ve ever done it?” Erin said and bunched the panties up and held them to her nose. She inhaled deeply and then dropped her hand from her face. “I’m afraid I haven’t had the pleasure. She’s strictly about the dick. She’s also the jealous type.” She eyed me meaningfully, “It’s a lot to deal with.”

I unlocked my phone and opened my photos app. The first four photographs were a collection of Ashlee standing in my office. The first showed her from an upward angle as if holding my phone just above her head, her top completely undone and her tits on full display. She had breasts a little smaller than her mother’s capped with dusky brown, erect nipples. The next one showed the same scene, but at a lower angle, as if she were holding my phone near her waist. With the closer view, I could tell that there was just a hint of sag to her twenty-year-old breasts, suggesting that they were completely natural.

The next shot was taken from a slightly lower angle with her skirt hiked around her waist to reveal a pantiless crotch. A neat thatch of pubic hair demonstrated that the dark brown hair on her head was her natural color. The fourth was a closeup of her pussy with two of her fingers poised just below; they were covered in juices that still clung to the lips of her pussy, creating little strands of fluid that clung between her digits as well as the organ from which they’d secreted. I hadn’t been able to see all of her, but what I’d seen of Ashlee was astonishing, and I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

Erin gave a low whistle of appreciation as she glanced past me at the photos, and I felt her reach around my waist and place her fingers over my rock-hard member. It reminded me of how Ashlee had fondled me only moments ago.

“She certainly is a beautiful woman,” Erin admitted. We looked at each other and a slow grin spread across her lips. “You need me to stay here tonight and take care of what she started?”

“You’d be up for it? After what happened earlier?”

Erin snorted. “My ass wouldn’t be, but the rest of me…”

She grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me toward her and delivered a searing kiss to my lips, devouring them with her own. I returned it just as enthusiastically, finally glad to get some action after being teased mercilessly by Ashlee and having that close call with Phoebe at the old apartment.

Before all this happened, my relationship with Jessica had been long-distance. There had been entire months where I wasn’t getting the physical intimacy I craved from my then-girlfriend. Now, I was constantly fucking multiple women, and my libido was getting used to the easy supply of gratification. Just a few hours ago, I’d fucked three women at the same time, and now after a little attention from a woman in distress and Ashlee’s little stunt, I felt like someone had poured lava down my urethra. I was turning into a massive horndog.

“I would love it if you could,” I said, finally breaking the kiss, “But it’s late and I think my sister is probably going to stay here for the night. I don’t know if it’s the best idea.”

“It’s a big house, Marcus,” Erin whispered. “Show her to a room far enough away, then come find me.” She kneaded my crotch with her dainty fingers. “My ass is sore, boss. I need you to kiss it, and lick it, and make it feel better.”

“Marcus?” Emily’s voice called out from just outside the door, and Erin backed off. She turned, flipped open the laptop, and started typing away.

“So now that’s taken care of, we should start looking into security, a groundskeeper, some maid services…”

“I wanted to talk to the owner about buying the building,” I said, shoving my hands in my pockets to hide the bulge in my pants as much as I could.

Erin looked up. “What? Why?”

I shrugged, and movement at the door caught my eye as Emily poked her head in.

“I just like the idea of owning the entire building.”

Erin also caught sight of Emily. “Hey, girl! Is Ashlee gone?”

Emily slipped into the office. “Yeah. She seems… sweet.”

“She can be when she feels like it. Most of the time, she’s just high-maintenance,” Erin said.

“I can see that,” Emily said.

“So, what do you think of the house?” I asked, not wanting to talk about Ashlee.

“Oh my god, Marcus! It’s gorgeous! I didn’t get to see much though. Erin had to cut it short.”

I looked back at Erin, and she stared back at me and didn’t miss a beat. “I left my phone downstairs and my watch notified me that I had a message from Danni. Didn’t want to miss anything important.”

I had a feeling that wasn’t what had brought them back downstairs, but I wasn’t going to push it. Erin probably did me a favor. I needed to talk to Helen about Ashlee. I probably needed to get them to keep her away from me.

Hell… I probably needed a restraining order.

“No problem,” I said. “I know it’s getting late. Do you want to stay the night? I have some things to do, but I can give you a tour in the morning, and you’re more than welcome to stay for a while and relax.”

“I have an audition tomorrow afternoon, but nothing else. I could take the morning.” Emily said with a smile.

“Perfect!” Erin said then looked at me. “Boss, while you get her settled in, I’m going to finish up here and call it a night. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Sounds good,” I said. “See you tomorrow. Come on, Em. Let’s get you settled in.”

“Emily, it was great meeting you!” Erin followed me and hugged Emily. My sister returned it and the sentiment, then we left Erin to her own devices as my sister and I headed through the main living room, past the kitchen, and up the first flight of stairs.

“So, Erin’s really nice,” Emily said.

“Yeah,” I said, checking some of the rooms for a bedroom. I’d only toured half the apartment once, so I didn’t have everything memorized yet.

“She’s gorgeous too,” Emily continued.

I didn’t respond to that comment as I opened up another room and found a bedroom relatively far away from the master bedroom. “Here we go. You can use this one,” I said as I flipped on the light. It was a fully-furnished bedroom complete with a queen-sized bed, full-length mirror, chairs, dresser, end tables, and other things to fill it out. Emily gazed around as she made her way over to the window and opened the curtains, reminding me of earlier when Erin and I had fooled around before she took me to the pool.

Emily turned and leaned back against the wall next to the window, also reminding me of what Erin had done earlier. Instead of stretching out cat-like, she crossed her arms over her chest and stared at me with her piercing light grey eyes. “So, anything going on between you guys?”

“No,” I said, trying to put on my best poker face.

“No?” she said, studying me. I kept my gaze on her, daring me to call her a liar. Finally, her lips twisted into a smirk. “Liar.”

I told you my poker face needed some work.

“Okay. There might be a little flirting going on,” I admitted.

“A little flirting? Bro… you gotta get on that,” she said, slapping a hand into her palm. “I love you, but you move too slow on these things and you end up with women like Jessica!”

“You didn’t like Jessica?”

“She was fine,” Emily admitted, “But that’s all. Kind of lazy… no impulse control… and she dumped you.”

That was hard to argue against.

“Erin though…” Emily continued.

“You barely know her!” I countered.

“I know enough. You better move fast on that one.”

“I’ll think about it, Em,” I said. “Look, I’m going to turn in. Make yourself at home. There’s a bathroom…” I hesitated, pointing in random directions. “Somewhere. I know I saw at least three, and one of them isn’t too far from here.”

“I’ll manage,” Emily said, holding up her cell phone. “I’ll just use GPS. The place is big enough.”

I nodded and turned to go.


“Yeah?” I asked, halting to look at my big sister.

“Thanks again. For everything. I know you probably don’t need anything right now, but I’m always here if you do.”

“Thanks, sis,” I said, giving her a genuine smile.

I left her alone and headed back to my room, my mind reeling as I went over the events of the day. I recalled kissing Danielle for the first time, and those sweet moments with her on the bed. Helen stared at me in pure lust as I slowly penetrated Erin’s ass for the first time. Tasting my small assistant’s juices directly from the source. I remembered the brief kiss I’d just shared with Ashlee and pulled out my phone to go through her pictures as I made my way back to my bedroom. By the time I got there, I was going a little crazy with how turned on I was.

I opened the door and walked into my dimly lit master bedroom, glancing at the bed to see there was no sign of Erin anywhere. Surely she hadn’t left.

“Hey, Erin,” I said, turning to look around. “Are-”

The wind was knocked out of me as a tiny body tackled and drove me to the ground.

Nope. Erin was still here.


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