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John takes a moment to admire Sarah in her black, short dress. The fabric hugs her ass cheeks perfectly, and the low-cut neckline shows enough cleavage to be enticing.
Chapter 01: Let's go to the bar!

As they settle into the their SUV, John takes a moment to admire Sarah in her black, short dress. The fabric hugs her ass cheeks perfectly, and the low-cut neckline shows enough cleavage to be enticing. He himself is dressed in a pair of dark wash jeans and a black button-up shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The outfit is formal enough for a night out, but also not too stuffy or uncomfortable.

John starts the engine and turns to Sarah, "Well, where are we heading tonight?"

Sarah thinks for a moment, her fingers scrolling through her phone. "How about 'The Rusty Tap'? You know, that bar we used to go to a couple of years ago?" John suggests.

Sarah shakes her head, "No babe, that place closed down ages ago. But, I just found this new bar, it's called 'The Velvet Lounge'. It looks pretty awesomed. Lots of young energy," she says, showing him the website on her phone.

John glances at the website and types the name into the car's GPS. "I've never heard of it, but it looks cool," he says, trying not making a big deal about it.

Sarah's eyes light up as she scrolls through more pictures. "Look, they have a DJ and a dance floor! I hope they're playing tonight, it's been forever since I've gone out dancing," she says, her voice full of excitement.

John's heart sinks a little, as he's not much of a dancer, but he doesn't want to ruin Sarah's night. "Yeah, that could be fun," he says, forcing a smile. As he starts to drive, he glances at the GPS on the dashboard. This new bar, The Velvet Lounge, is only a few miles away from their house.

Meanwhile, Sarah expends her time on the phone chatting with her friend and John's therapist: Claire. She has a huge grin on her face as she recounts the events of the day to her friend.

"Hey, Claire! I have so much to tell you, but today was so intense that I didn't even have the time!" Sarah says, her voice bubbling with excitement. "You won't believe what happened at the supermarket today. I was totally flirting with this hot guy, right in front of John, and he didn't even say anything. He was just being all whiny and submissive, it was kind of cute of him, actually. I loved it. Hahaha."

"Hey, Sarah! Wait, what? Is he already doing that? I thought that maybe could take at least a couple of more sessions to arrive at this stage, to be honest." says Claire one her very first message.

"Wait, wait, there's more. Much more! When we arrived home, I kinda seduced him, made him hard, and then gave him the order to choose a slutty outfit for me, and made him dress me. Which he did, he even brushed my hair for me! Isn't that fucking awesome?" she types, her fingers flying across the screen.

Claire laughs on the other end of the screen. "Oh my god, Sarah, you're such a bitch. But I love it. So, where are you guys going tonight?"

"Well, we're going to this university style bar. I don't know why, but I'm feeling like dancing and celebrating tonight. Actually, I'm lying. I do know why!" she types, adding tons of laughing emoticons before hitting send.

Sarah's phone dings with a response from Claire "OMG. Can't wait to hear how it all goes down tonight."

Sarah takes a deep breath, her hands fidgeting in her lap. "I'm just a little worried about how far I can go with John right now, you know? I don't want to move too fast and screw everything up. We've been planning this for so a while now, and I don't want to ruin it."

"Listen, John is clearly giving early signs that he won't cause any major trouble. I would bet that soon he's gonna be completely broken. The way he's been so obedient and understanding lately? That's a fucking good sign! You just need to keep testing him, step by step, and see how he reacts. If he's not ready for something, you will notice. And if he is, well, then you can take things to the next level. Don't worry, Sarah. you've got this!" Claire's expression softens as she types.

"It makes sense, I guess you're right. As always." Sarah sends her a final message with a confident grin growing up on her face.

When Sarah turns off the screen of her phone, she realizes they have arrived. John even have already parked the car on the street right on the bar's street of.

"Hey, babe, wait a sec before you get out," Sarah says, her tone confident and commanding. John, who is already halfway out of the car, freezes and looks at her questioningly.

Sarah's eyes narrow, and she leans forward in her seat, her voice dripping with authority. "Do I need to tell you how I expect you to behave tonight?" she says, her words hanging heavy in the air.

John's face turns a deep shade of red, and he stammers out a response, his voice barely above a whisper. "N-no, Sarah. I-I know what I'm expected to do. I'll be the perfect gentleman, charming and attentive to your every need. I won't complain or whine about anything. I'll make sure you have the best time tonight, I promise." He lowers his gaze, awaiting her approval.

Sarah's eyes widen in surprise at John's quick and submissive response. A sly smile spreads across her face as she realizes that Claire is right about him. "Well, well, well," she purrs, "it looks like someone has been paying attention. Since you're so eager to please, why don't you start by opening the door for your lovely wife?" she says, batting her eyelashes and putting on her best innocent voice.

John quickly gets out of the car and rushes to open the door for Sarah. She steps out, a satisfied smile playing on her lips as she takes in John's submissive behavior. He offers her his arm and she takes it, the two of them walking towards the bar together.

Sarah and John make their way toward the entrance of The Velvet Lounge, the sound of low-beat music and chatter growing louder as they approach. The bar is well-designed, with a rustic feel thanks to the wooden architecture and light decorations. It's a large space, with plenty of tables scattered around, but still leaving plenty of room for people to dance. Out front, a group of young guys are drinking and smoking, suggesting that the bar is already busy.

Sarah and John exchange a quick glance, but no words come from their mouths. As they step inside, the atmosphere is electric. The dim lighting and lively music create an energetic vibe, and the bar is packed with people from twenty to forty years old. Sarah's eyes widen as she takes it all in, a grin spreading across her face. John follows closely behind her, his eyes scanning the room for an open table.

They make their way through the crowd, weaving between groups of people laughing and dancing. The bar is even bigger than they had imagined. Finally, they spot an empty table near the back and make their way over. John pulls out a chair for Sarah, and they both take a seat.

As they settle into their seats at the bar, John looks around and realizes there are no waitresses in sight. "You know what? I'll go grab our drinks from the counter. It's going to be faster" he says to Sarah, eager to be proactive and please her. "What can I get for you?"

Sarah grins and looks him up and down before saying, "I'll have sex on the beach and... a cigarette!"

John's eyebrows furrow slightly as he hesitates for a moment. "Really? But I've never seen you smoke before," he says, his voice wavering.

Sarah leans in closer to him, her confidence growing by the second. "I'm just in the mood to try something new tonight," she purrs. "Are you going to disappoint me, John? Already?" she looks at an imaginary clock on her wrist.

John's submissive side kicks in and he quickly shakes his head. "Of course not, babe. I'll be right back with your drink AND your cigarette, okay?" He hurries off to the counter, eager to fulfill her request.

He gets up from the table and makes his way to the counter to order their drinks. As he approaches, he notices a few people ahead of him, waiting to place their orders. He takes a moment to scan the large menu written in chalk on a blackboard above the counter. He's waiting for his turn to order when he overhears the conversation of the two guys behind him.

"Fuck man, did you see that chick sitting alone over there? She's wearing this dress that barely covers her ass," one of them says.

"That one with sucking dick' lips? Yeah, I noticed before, her dress it's so tight you can practically see her pussy. I bet she's not even wearing any panties," the other one responds.

"Fuck, I'd love to get a closer look at that. I bet she's just begging for someone to come over and fuck her right here in the middle of the bar," the first guy says.

"I'd tear that dress right off of her and bend her over that table. She'd be screaming my name in no time," the second guy adds.

"I bet she's a filthy little slut who loves getting fucked in public. I'd make her cum all over my cock while everyone watches," the first guy says.

"Fuck, I'd make her choke on my cock until she's begging for more. Then I'd fuck her so hard she can't walk straight," the second guy says, laughing out loud.

John stands at the counter, waiting for his turn to order, as he listens to the explicit comments being made about his wife. His heart races with fear and humiliation, but he remains silent and still.

He knows that it's Sarah they're calling a slut and saying she has lips made for sucking cock, even without looking at them. He feels shame, but his submissive nature takes over, making him too scared to start a fight. He knows he should defend her honor, but the thought of confrontation makes him feel weak, very weak.

So he just stands there, pretending not to hear the crude remarks, hoping that the men will eventually lose interest and forget about Sarah's attributes"It's better to just ignore it and keep the peace," he tells himself, trying to justify his inaction. "I don't need to cause a scene or make things worse. I just need to focus on getting the drinks and get back to Sarah. That's it."

John finally makes his order and asks for a beer for himself and sex on the beach and a cigarette for Sarah. When he goes to pay, the clerk says, "Listen man, you can't smoke inside, ok? It's only allowed in the outdoor area."

John nods in understanding and replies, "No problem, I'll just take it outside." He grabs the drinks and heads towards Sarah.

John returns to the table and hands Sarah her drink and cigarette. "The clerk said we can't smoke inside, only on the balcony," he informs her.

Sarah lets out a little laugh and says, "Oh, you're too innocent, babe. I dare you to find someone who would actually have the guts to tell me I can't smoke one little cigarette inside. No one is going to bother me. I'd bet one million dollars on that" She winks at him and takes a sip of her drink.

Sarah turns around in her chair and places a hand gently on the shoulder of a nearby man. He's a muscular guy with tattoos peeking out from the sleeves of his shirt. With a confident and seductive smile, she leans in close to him and asks in a sultry voice, "Hey. Do you happen to have a light?"

The man looks her up and down, a smirk playing on his lips, but he doesn't hesitate to pull out a lighter and light her cigarette for her. Sarah thanks him with a flirtatious wink and takes a long drag, blowing the smoke out slowly as she turns back to face John with a triumphant look on her face. "See?" she says with a confident grin, proving her point.

Sarah takes a sip of her sex on the beach, her eyes sparkling with excitement as she looks around the bustling bar. "Isn't this place amazing, babe?" she says, her voice dripping with confidence. "Look at all these people, the energy is just electric. We should come out more often." She leans in closer to him, her voice dropping to a whisper. "And I can already tell, I'm getting some serious looks from some of these guys. It's like they can sense my "power"."

John shifts uncomfortably in his seat, feeling small and insignificant next to Sarah's bold and assertive personality. He takes a sip of his beer, avoiding her gaze. "Yeah, I know damn well about this," he mutters, not wanting to explicitly admit what he heard about her two minutes ago.

Sarah looks at John with a playful smirk, noticing the unease in his expression as she talks about other guys checking her out. She finds it kinda cute that he's trying to play along, even though it's clear he's struggling. She leans in closer to him, her voice taking on a more commanding tone. "Hey, chill out, babe. I promise after a few drinks, you'll be feeling this vibe too. And don't worry, I'm still going home with you at the end of the night, my husband. Got it?"

John lets out a nervous chuckle and nods in agreement, "Yeah, I guess you're right. I mean, it's not like I'm not used to guys looking at you all the time, but something about tonight just feels different, you know?"

Sarah grins, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "Totally! I feel it too. Maybe it's because tonight really is gonna be different, indeed. But hey, maybe that's what makes it exciting, right? Let's just go with the flow and see what happens." She takes a sip of her drink, her confident and bossy attitude on full display.

John and Sarah continue to sip on their drinks as the bar becomes more and more crowded. People are laughing and chatting all around them, and every now and then, John catches someone stealing a glance at Sarah. But for the most part, they are left alone.

After about an hour, a tall handsome man with an unshaven beard and long hair approaches their table. He has a sexy smile and a tattoo on his right arm, and wears a white shirt and his jeans shows off his toned physique. He barely even looks at John and Sarah at first, pointing to the empty chair at their table and asking, "Excuse me, is this chair taken?"

Sarah slowly looks the man up and down, taking in his rugged appearance and confident demeanor. She gives him a seductive smile and says, "Why? Do you want to sit here?" She pats the chair next to her suggestively.

The man seems confused for a moment, glancing between Sarah and John and wondering if he's misreading the situation. "Um, actually I was just wondering if I could grab the chair for my friends' table," he says.

But Sarah isn't deterred. She continues to flirt with the man, her voice low and seductive. "Sure you can," she said, "but my offer seems better. Don't you think?" She took a slow sip of her drink, never taking her eyes off the man.

John watches the interaction unfold. He knows in the deep he should probably say something, but he can't seem to find the words. Plus, a part of him is a bit turned on by Sarah's boldness and the attention she's giving to this handsome stranger.

The guy raises an eyebrow, clearly intrigued but still hesitant. He takes another quick glance at John before looking back at Sarah, his eyes scanning her up and down once again. "Yes, looking from here, the 'offer' looks great. But you guys are not together... ?" he asks, trying to gauge the situation.

Sarah had been expecting this question and didn't miss a beat. She keeps her cool and confident demeanor, holding the guy's gaze without wavering. "Yes, that's my hubby, John. But still.." she says, shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly as if to say it's not a big deal.

The guy's expression changes to one of surprise, but he quickly recovers, a sly smile spreading across his face. He can tell that Sarah is the type of girl who likes to push boundaries and take risks, and he's not one to back down from a challenge. Especially not a so sexy one. "Well, in that case, maybe I'll take you up on that offer after all. I'm Chris, by the way," he says, his voice low and seductive. The guy takes the empty chair and sits down next to Sarah.

John can't believe what he's seeing right in front of him. He knew Sarah was flirty and all, but he didn't think she would be this bold, especially with him sitting right there. But yet, here she is, openly flirting with this Chris guy as if it's no big deal.

He can clearly imagine what Chris must be thinking of him. "He's probably assuming that I am some kind of cuckold or something, totally cool with my wife being a slut and flirting with other guys".

John takes a swig of his beer, trying to act like he's not bothered, but inside he's seething. He wants to tell Chris to get the fuck away from his wife, but he knows that's not how the game works anymore. He's just gonna have to sit here and take it, like a good little bitch.

Sarah flips her hair back as she extends her hand to Chris, a seductive smile playing on her glossy lips. "Hey, I'm Sarah," she says, her voice dripping with sweetness. Chris takes her hand, his touch strong and confident, and Sarah can't help but feel a little thrill run through her.

"Nice to meet you, Sarah," Chris replies, his deep voice sending shivers down her spine. He holds onto her hand a little longer than necessary, his thumb brushing against her soft skin. Sarah doesn't mind one bit, and she even finds herself leaning in closer to him.

Chris turns his attention to John, extending his hand in a friendly gesture. "And you must be John, right?" he says, flashing a charming smile. John hesitates for a moment before taking Chris's hand in a firm handshake. "Nice to meet you, man," Chris continues, "Your wife is absolutely stunning. You're a lucky guy."

John forces a small smile, trying to play along like he's used to other men hitting on his wife. "Thanks, man," he replies, his voice slightly shaky. He can feel Sarah's eyes on him, watching his every move.

Chris can sense the tension in the air, but he's not quite sure what the dynamic is between John and Sarah. He figures the best approach is to play it cool and see where things go.

Bringing back the attention to her, Sarah runs her fingers over Chris's tattoo, feeling the ridges and contours of the intricate design on his bicep. "This is so sexy," she says, biting her lower lip as she looks up at him through her lashes. "What does it mean?"

Chris smirks at her, clearly enjoying the attention. "It's a symbol of strength and power," he says, flexing his arm slightly to make the muscles bulge.

Sarah's eyes widen at his words, and she bites her lip again. "Wow, that's so hot," she says, running her hand further up his arm. "I love a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to show it."

Chris leans in closer to her, his voice dropping to a low whisper. "And what about you, Sarah? Do you know what you want?"

Sarah smirks and meets his gaze. "Oh, I always know what I want," she says, her hand sliding down to his wrist. "And right now, I want to know more about you." She licks her lips suggestively, making it clear that she's not just interested in his tattoo.

Chris flashes a confident smile at Sarah, his blue eyes sparkling with pride as he says, "Well, I'm a fireman, actually I'm a captain at my station. I've been in the department for almost ten years now and worked my way up the ranks. It's a tough job, but I like it.

Sarah's eyes light up as Chris reveals that he's a fireman. "Are you serious? Oh my god, that's so hot! I've always had a thing for firemen." she gushes, interrupting him mid-sentence. She places her hand on his arm again, her fingers gently squeezing his muscular bicep. "I mean, seriously, firemen are like, the epitome of manliness. Risking your lives to save others, running into burning buildings while everyone else is running out... it's just so... sexy."

Sarah's voice has taken on a breathy quality, and she leans in closer to Chris, her cleavage prominently displayed. Her touch lingers on his arm, and she bats her eyelashes at him as she speaks. "I mean, don't you just love the feeling of power and control you have in a situation like that? Knowing that people are counting on you to save them, and you have the skills and the strength to do it?"

Chris grins at her, clearly enjoying the attention and the admiration. "Well, it's not always easy," he says, "but yeah, there's definitely a rush that comes with it. And it's a good feeling to know that you're making a difference."

Sarah's hand slides down to Chris's wrist, her fingers tracing small circles on his skin. "I bet you're amazing at what you do," she says, her tone suggestive, like a teenage girl flirting for the first time in her life. "I mean, just look at you. You exude confidence and strength. I can't even imagine how good you must be with your hands." She winks at him, leaving no doubt as to what she's insinuating.

Sarah's fingers continue to trace patterns on Chris's muscular arm as she turns her attention to John. "And what about you, sweetheart?" she asks, her voice sweet and innocent. "Tell Chris what you do for a living."

John shifts uncomfortably in his seat, looking down at his drink before finally meeting Chris's gaze. "Um, I'm an architect," he mutters, his voice barely audible over the music.

Sarah gives him a playful scolding look, her hand still resting on Chris's arm. "Come on, John, you can do better than that. We're all friends here. Tell Chris what you really do."

John takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh, looking up at Sarah with a pleading expression. But she just smiles sweetly at him, encouraging him to go on. "Well, I'm an architect, but my main job is as an interior designer," he admits, his voice still low.

Sarah giggles and rolls her eyes playfully. "See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" she says, patting John's knee. Then she turns back to Chris again, her hand one more time exploring his muscular arm. "Isn't that adorable? My husband picks out the colors of the rugs and the curtains. He even chooses the perfect shade of throw pillows to match the sofa." says Sarah, giggling and mocking John while looking at Chris.

Sarah giggles as Chris raises an eyebrow in surprise at John's profession. "Really? I didn't know guys did that," he says, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Sarah leans forward, her hand still resting on Chris's arm, her eyes sparkling with mischief. "Oh, usually they don't," she says, her tone playful. "But my husband is an exception. He's great at it like he was born for it."

Chris chuckles, taking a sip of his beer. "So he doesn't save people's lives every day, but he knows the difference between nude and pastel colors?"

Sarah throws her head back and laughs, her long hair cascading down her back. "Exactly!" she says, her eyes shining with amusement. "He can walk into a room and immediately know what shade of white would look best on the walls. It's a special kind of talent, really."

John shifts uncomfortably in his seat, clearly embarrassed by the attention on his profession. But Sarah doesn't seem to notice, or maybe she just doesn't care. She's too busy flirting with Chris, her hand now moving up and down his arm in a slow, sensual motion.

"I mean, don't get me wrong, I love what he does," she continues, her voice taking on a more serious tone. "He has an eye for beauty and detail that I could never have. And he makes people's homes look amazing. But sometimes I just wish I had a man a little more...manly, you know?"

Chris raises an eyebrow, smirking at Sarah. "So you're saying you wish he was more like... me?"

Sarah looks at Chris, her lips curling into a seductive smile. "Maybe I am," she says, her voice barely above a whisper. "There's just something about a man who knows how to handle a hose, you know?"

John clears his throat, looking down at his drink. He knows he should say something, defend his profession or his masculinity. But he can't seem to find the words, and besides, he doesn't want to ruin the moment for Sarah. She seems to be enjoying herself, and he doesn't know if this is the right moment to put a stop to it. So he just sits there, silently sipping his beer, as Sarah continues to flirt with the fireman in front of him.

Sarah and Chris are totally lost in their flirty conversation, touching and laughing like they're the only two people in the room. Sarah can't help but feel a thrill every time Chris puts his hand on her leg or brushes her hair out of her face. John is sitting awkwardly on the other side of her, occasionally trying to interject, but Sarah barely even notices him.

After a while, Sarah leans in even closer to Chris, her hand resting on his thigh and her fingers playing with the hem of his shorts. "Listen, John," she says, turning to her husband with a sweet smile, "don't you need to go to the bathroom? Or maybe grab us another round of drinks?" She winks at him, making it clear that she wants him to leave them alone.

John looks at her, a confused and hurt expression on his face, but Sarah doesn't even care. Chris takes this opportunity to make his move, turning to John with a confident grin. "You know what, John," he says, pointing out to the street, "there's a nice park just across the street. Why don't you go for a little walk and take some pictures of the trees or something? Give us some time to get to know each other better."

Sarah can barely contain her excitement as John hesitates for a moment, looking between her and Chris. She gives him a little push, still smiling sweetly but with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "Go on, honey," she says, dismissively. "We'll be fine here." John reluctantly gets up and leaves, and Sarah immediately turns back to Chris, her hand moving higher up his thigh.

"Take pictures of the trees?" John says out loud, a bit surprised and stupid at the same time.

John can't believe what's happening right in front of him. He's sitting right there, but Sarah and Chris are acting like he's not even present. His mind races as he thinks, "It's like I'm the one who's bothering them, not the opposite!" He tries to interject a comment or two, but they're completely absorbed in their own little world, laughing and touching each other like love-struck teenagers.

Sarah rolls her eyes at John's question, clearly annoyed that he's still there. "Yes, John, pictures of the trees. Isn't that what all the cool kids do these days?" she says, her voice full with sarcasm.

Chris looks at John with some impatience, his eyes saying "Really, dude?" He leans back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest. "Man, c'mon, just trying to be polite here. We're just having a little fun, no need to ruin it. Just spend some time outta here. Check your email, take pictures of the trees, lock yourself in the bathroom, no one cares ok? Just give us some space."

John looks between Sarah and Chris, feeling humiliated and ashamed. He can't believe they're treating him like this like he's some kind of nuisance. He opens his mouth to say something, but Sarah interrupts him. "Seriously, John, just go. We'll be fine here. You can come back in a little while." Her tone is dismissive, and it's clear that she's not interested in hearing any protests.

Feeling defeated, John gets up from his chair and walks out of the room without no more words. As he leaves, he can hear Sarah and Chris returning to their flirtatious conversation, their laughter echoing behind him. "Stop it! You're so mean, Chris! Hahaha!".

John sulks away from the bar, feeling like a total loser as he heads towards the park. He can't believe he's actually going to take pictures of trees like some kind of lame nerd. But whatever, he guesses it's better than sitting around and watching Sarah and Chris flirt all night.

As he walks through the park, John can't help but feel like the biggest wimp on the planet. Why did he even listen to Chris and Sarah? It's like they were talking to him like he was some kind of obedient dog or something. And what's worse, he actually did what they said!

He finds a bench and plops down, pulling out his phone to check his email as Chris suggested. What a joke. But as he's scrolling through his inbox, he remembers what Claire said to him a couple of days earlier: "Just make Sarah happy, and you'll be happy too." "Maybe she was right. Maybe I just need to suck it up and play the good husband, even if that means letting Sarah have her fun with that fucking tall handsome fireman."

But as the minutes tick by, John's anger starts to fade, replaced by a resigned sadness. He loves Sarah, and he knows he'll never leave her. He's always known that she's out of his league, that he's lucky to have her at all.

The thought makes John feel sick to his stomach, but he can't deny that there's some truth to it. He loves Sarah, and if this is what she needs to be happy, then who is he to stand in her way? With a resigned sigh, he starts snapping pictures of the trees, feeling like the world's biggest loser but trying to convince himself that he's doing the right thing.

Forty mintues later, John returns to the bar after spending what feels like an eternity in the park. As he approaches the table, he sees Sarah and Chris standing close together, both on their feet. Sarah is busy touching up her red lipstick using her phone as a mirror, while Chris is saying something that makes her laugh.

As John gets closer, Chris claps him on the shoulder and says, "Well, if it isn't the man of the hour! Your wife here has been keeping me entertained all night. We were just saying how much we missed you.

You're a lucky man, my friend. You should really keep her on a tighter leash, though. Who knows what kind of trouble she could get into without you around."

Sarah chuckles and gives Chris a playful swat on the arm. "Be nice, Chris," she says, but there's a gleam in her eye that suggests she's enjoying the attention. John stands there, feeling like a complete idiot.

Chris leans in to give Sarah a hug, whispering something in her ear that makes her giggle even more. "I'll call you during the week to arrange the details," he says, loud enough for John to hear. Sarah nods eagerly, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "I can't wait," she says, her voice brimming with girly desire.

Chris turns to John, a smug grin spreading across his face. He claps John on the shoulder, squeezing it tightly. "Take care, man," he says. ohn forces a smile, trying to ignore the lump in his throat.

With a final wink at Sarah, Chris struts out of the bar, leaving John feeling like a total loser. He still can't believe he just stood there like an idiot while some other guy hit on his wife right in front of him.

As John takes his seat in front of Sarah, she looks at him with an excited face. "So, how was your little walk?" she asks. John sketches a couple of complaining words, but Sarah quickly silences him with a single raised finger. "Don't even start," she says, her eyes narrowing and her voice cold and commanding. He begins to protest, but Sarah cuts him off again, launching into a speech that she has clearly been rehearsing in her head.

"You know, John, you were the perfect husband today. You did everything I asked, you played your hubby role perfectly. So don't come back here and try to ruin everything now." Sarah's voice is harsh, and John can't help but flinch at her words.

"You stayed there like a good little boy while I introduced you as my brother to that cute guy at the supermarket. You didn't say a word when I made you dress me up and brush my hair, even though I could see how much it turned you on. And you didn't even put up a fight when Chris told you to fuck off and leave us alone for a while. So don't come back here and act like you're suddenly uncomfortable about this."

Sarah's words are like a knife, cutting deep into John's insecurities. He tries to interject, to explain himself, but Sarah won't let him get a word in edgewise.

"I know you think you're some kind of victim here, but let's be real, John. You're just one more guy who can't satisfy his own wife in bed properly. And that's fine! I totally get it. But just don't come crying to me about how this isn't what you want, because I won't buy it for a second."

John's shoulders slump, and he looks down at the table, unable to meet Sarah's gaze. He feels like a complete and utter failure like he'll never be able to live up to Sarah's expectations.

Sarah continues her speech, her voice dripping with a mix of authority and seduction. "So, you have two options, John. You can either keep whining and be a buzzkill for the rest of the night, which will make me mad and disappointed in you. Or, you can go to the bathroom, calm down, grab me another cigarette, pay the bill, and come back with the cutest smile on your face. If you choose the second option, we can go home and you can eat me out all night long like the good husband you are."

John's face is still frozen in shock, but Sarah's words are starting to have an effect on him. He can feel a familiar stirring in his pants as he imagines burying his face between her thighs and making her scream his name.

John swallows hard, feeling his resolve crumble under Sarah's gaze. He knows he should be standing up for himself, but the thought of making her happy is too tempting to resist. With a quiet "Okay, Sarah, excuse me for a moment" he gets up from his seat and heads to the bathroom, hoping that no one can tell just how much he's been whipped.

"That's better." says Sarah, while she crosses her arms over her chest, a triumphant grin spreading across her face as she watches John get up from the table and head to the bathroom. Her eyes follow him until he disappears from view.

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