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After coming into possession of a magic ring that stops people from saying no, Fred suggests to his best friend that they play truth or dare with his twin and her friend.
Recently, something strange happened to me. I was walking to my friend Ethan's house to hang out, when a crazy looking dude sat on the sidewalk asked me if I had any change. Usually, I would have just ignored that, but for some reason I pulled my wallet out and gave him all the cash from my wallet.

"Thank you, stranger. Take this ring: whenever you wear it, nobody around you will be able to say no to you."

He handed me a metal ring, and I slipped it onto my finger while walking away. How odd. The ring was a dull black metal and didn't look anything special to me. I turned back to ask the guy a question, but he was gone.

When I got to Ethan's house, I told him the story. He laughed at me for giving all my money to a crazy person for some shitty ring. He didn't understand - I hadn't wanted to do it, I don't know what had compelled me. Maybe there was some truth to what the man had said. I decided to put it to the test.

"Is Grace in?", I asked. Grace was Ethan's twin sister. They were both 18 - same as me - and we'd all gone to school together. I'd always had a bit of a crush on her, but out off loyalty to Ethan had never made a move on her.

"Yeah, I think she's in her room with Emma." Emma was Grace's best friend - they'd met on the first day of school and had been inseparable ever since.

"We should go hang out with them", I said. Ethan stood up and opened the door to his room, heading across the hallways into his sister's room.

Grace looked up at us, annoyance on her face. "What? Do you need something?", she said. "I thought it would be fun if we played truth or dare together", I said. That way, I could test what this ring could actually do but still have plausible deniability if it failed.

Grace and Emma both smiled. "Sure, that sounds good." I sat on the floor and Ethan sat on the remaining chair, and the game begun.

"And to make it more interesting, I get to ask all the truth and dares", I said. This was the first real test of the ring - it was a weird thing to say, and not something people would usually agree to.

"Sure", said Grace, while the other two nodded.

"Ethan, truth or dare?", I said.

"Truth", he replied.

"Okay. Have you ever had a crush on anyone in this room?", I asked.

He thought for a second, and then replied. "Grace no, never. Emma, a bit a few years back but not anymore. You, definitely not!"

"Grace, truth or dare?", I said.

"Truth", came the reply.

"When's the last time you had sex and who was it with?"

Grace blushed. "I've never had sex, I'm a virgin."

Interesting! "Emma, truth or dare?"

"Dare", she said. Finally, someone had picked dare!

"Okay, I dare you to kiss Grace.", I said.

"Eww", she said, but then she leaned in and kissed her best friend. The kiss lasted several seconds and when they leaned away from each other, I could see that their cheeks were flushed.

"Grace, truth or dare?", I said.

"What? It's Ethan's turn!", she protested.

"No, it's yours", I replied.

"Okay then, truth", she said, immediately dropping her objections.

"Have you ever seen Ethan naked or has he ever seen you naked? How did it make you feel?"

She looked horrified, but began to answer. "Yeah. I saw him once running from the shower to his room. And he saw me last summer when we were at the beach and my bikini top fell down. It was very embarrassing, it's not something I ever want him to see."

"Okay now Emma, truth or dare?", I said.

"Dare!", she said, again.

I thought for a second. "I dare you to take your own and Grace's tops off."

She smiled, reached down, and pulled her top over her head. I was disappointed to see that she was wearing a bra underneath, but it was still the most of her I'd ever seen. She had quite big tits for her body, which was mostly small and skinny.

Next she reached over and started unbuttoning Grace's buttons one by one. Grace looked uncomfortable, and it became clear that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath her shirt. As Emma pulled her shirt off, Grace tried to cover her tits with her arm, but we all got a glimpse of what she was trying to hide anyway. Her tits were smaller than Emma's, and looked like they'd fit in my hand perfectly.

I looked over at Ethan, who looked embarrassed. It was time to kick it up a notch.

"Ethan, truth or dare?"

"Truth", he replied.

"Coward. Go dare next time. What are your honest opinions of your sister and Emma's tits?", I said with a grin.

"Emma's tits are really nice. I prefer small tits though so I prefer Grace's."

"Yeah, me too. Ethan, truth or dare?"

"Dare", he said.

"I dare you to play with Emma's tits, and then with Grace's."

Ethan stood up and walked over to Emma, who was sat on the bed next to Grace. He reached his hands out, gently squeezing her tits through her bra. Emma bit her lip as she let Ethan fondle her, staring into his eyes as he did it.

Then, he moved over to Grace. She reluctantly moved her arm away, and then Ethan reached down and started squeezing her boobs. They both looked away from each other, uncomfortable, before after only a couple seconds had passed, he took his hands away from her.

Emma giggled, shocked. "I didn't think you'd actually do it!", she exclaimed.

"It was a dare, I had to", came the reply.

"Emma, truth or dare?", I asked.

"Truth", she replied.

"Okay, but only dares from now on. Did that turn you on?", I asked.

"Yes, it did", came her simple reply.

Grace shot her a dirty look, clearly not happy that her best friend had enjoyed seeing her get molested by her twin brother.

"Grace, truth or dare?"

"Truth", she replied. She sounded sulky.

"Okay, but only dares from now on. Did you enjoy being touched by Ethan?"

"Ew gross, no! He's my brother. That was really weird."

"Grace, truth or dare?

"Me again already? Fine, dare!"

"I dare you to passionately make out with Ethan for an entire minute."

She grumbled a complaint under her breath, but then grabbed Ethan's hand and pulled him down to sit next to her on the bed. Then, she leaned her face closer to his, and kissed him softly on the lips. She wrapped her hand that wasn't covering herself around his neck and pulled him in, kissing him deeply, her tongue sliding into his mouth. It was hot watching the two twins kiss, and I looked over at Emma. She was staring at them too, her cheeks red with passion. She noticed me catching her staring and looked down, embarrassed.

After about 30 seconds of kissing, Grace dropped her other arm from her tits and put that around Ethan's neck, too. They were both passionately kissing each other now in a way that no brother and sister ever should. Some more time passed, and Ethan run his hand up Grace's side, across her chest, and towards her tits. The moment he got too close, she broke the kiss and pushed him away from her.

"Emma, truth or dare?", I said.

She jumped, remembering where we were and what we were doing. She'd been so engrossed in the show in front of us!

"Um, dare", she said.

"Okay, I've got two dares for you", I said, smirking. "First, give Grace and Ethan a dare to do together."

She paused, thinking. "Okay Grace, you've been saying for a while that you want to get better at blowjobs. Now's your chance to practice. I dare you to suck your brother's cock."

Grace turned to her friend with a look of shock, before helping Ethan to his feet and starting to undo the buckle on his belt.

I spoke to Emma again. "The other part of your dare is to give me a strip tease and lap dance until you're completely naked."

She smiled at me and stood up. I moved to sit on the chair Ethan had been using, and Emma stood in front of me facing away, before bending over and stepping backwards, her butt gently swaying in my lap. It was clear she hadn't done this before, but it was still hot. As she swayed she unclasped her bra and it dropped away. She stood back up and slowly turned around to face me, revealing that she was covering her nipples with her fingers. She slowly moved her hands away, revealing more and more, until finally her tits were fully on display. She sat down on my lap and moved my hands to her hips, before leaning forwards, moving her tits close enough to my face that she could surely feel my breath on her nipples.

Finally, Grace managed to get Ethan's belt undone and she pulled down his pants, his cock spring free. "Eww, you were hard for your own sister?", Grace said, before taking his cock in her mouth and beginning to suck.

I felt one of Emma's nipples lightly brush against my cheek before she pulled back and started grinding on my lap, staring into my eyes as she did it. My cock was rock hard by this point and I was sure she must be able to feel it. As if on cue, she stepped off my lap, bent over away from me, and slowly pulled down her leggings, revealing her thong covered ass to me. She backed up again and started grinding against me again. Without the leggings, I could clearly feel the shape of her pussy against my cock. She carried on grinding up and down my cock, only making me even harder, while openly watching Grace suck her brother's cock.

By now, Grace was taking the full length of the cock into her mouth, sucking passionately and hard. She had a hand on his ass, pulling him closer to her, pushing the cock deeper down her throat. I could tell he was enjoying it. His cock was pretty big and while I could tell she was trying, she couldn't get the entire length in her mouth.

Emma stood up and slowly, teasingly, began to pull her thong down, while bending over to show me her full ass and pussy. Her thong got stuck for a second on her pussy and when it finally came loose I could see why - she was soaking wet. She now stood completely naked before us and she gave me a nervous twirl. Her body was amazing and I told her so, causing her to smile. I pulled down my now-uncomfortable shorts, leaving me in my boxers, the outline of my hard cock clearly visible. Emma stared and giggled again, before sitting down on my lap to watch Ethan and Grace, her own dare now over.

Ethan's head was back and he was softly moaning as his sister plunged his cock deep into her mouth. She was gagging as she pulled his cock repeatedly into his throat, and we could see spit dribbling down her chin. Her eyes were wild with shame and lust. She was no longer trying to cover herself, and her tits bounced as her head bobbed back and forth.

I began to move my hand up the inside of Emma's leg, teasing her. She spread her legs a little and I moved my hand up the inside of her other leg, before running my fingers over her pussy and starting to finger her. She softly moaned into my ear and pushed her pussy against my fingers. I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them, enjoying the taste, before returning them to Emma's pussy, starting by running her clit slowly but beginning to speed up. She moaned again and bit her lip, before reaching her head down and kissing me deeply on the lips.

I turned my eyes back to Ethan and Grace. Grace was taking his cock in and out of her mouth faster now, and I could tell from the look on his face that he was close to cumming. Suddenly, he loudly exclaimed "I'm going to cum!" and Grace took his cock out of her mouth, jerking him off while aiming his cock at her tits.

"Grace, I dare you to take his cum into your mouth and then swap it with Emma", I said.

Grace glared at me for a second before taking her brother's cock back into her mouth and sucking hard while still jerking him off. Almost immediately, he began to cum, and she held his cock in her mouth, receiving rope after rope of his cum.

Finally, he finished cumming, and Grace came over and sat on my lap with Emma. She kissed Emma again, but this time it was a lot sloppier, their tongues pushing Ethan's cum into each other's mouths. Then, Grace sucked all her brother's cum out of Emma's mouth and pulled Emma's hair to move her head below Grace's. She opened her mouth and released Ethan's cum, a long rope of it dropping down into Emma's open mouth below. Emma moved her head above Grace's and did the same thing, holding Grace's hair and spitting the last bit straight into Grace's mouth.

Finally, they went back to kissing, cum and spit dripping from their mouths and landing on their tits. After a few more seconds of this, they both swallowed, before taking turns to lick the spilled cum off the other's tits and face and swallow that too.

Finally, they were done, and Grace returned to the bed, sitting next to her brother.

I looked at Emma. "I dare you to fuck either Ethan or me. Grace has to fuck the other."

Grace looked at Emma, her eyes pleading. "Please fuck Ethan and let me fuck Fred. I don't want to lose my virginity to my own brother."

Emma reached down to free my cock from my boxers, straddled me, and lowered herself onto my cock. My cock buried deep inside her wet pussy, she whispered into my ear: "I wish I had a brother as hot as you" and started to ride me.

"Bitch!", exclaimed Grace, before turning to Ethan and pulling off her skirt and underwear. He got up and lay her down on the bed, reaching down and stroking her pussy, before lining his cock up and slowly starting to push his way in. I could see her tense up as he reached her hymen, and then he pushed through, taking her virginity. Grace let out a small yelp of pain and the two of them lay still for a second, his cock buried deep inside her, while they waited for the pain to stop. He kissed her gently on the lips for a few seconds, and then he started moving his hips backwards and forwards, thrusting his cock out and then back in to her pussy. She bit her lip and moaned, enjoying the feeling of her first cock - her brother's cock.

Emma moaned as she rode my cock while we watched the incestuous scene in front of us. Her pussy felt amazing - I was glad she had chosen too fuck me, not Ethan. Emma's tits bounced in my face, and I learned forwards slightly to kiss them. She moaned gently, and then moved her head down to kiss me. We shared our first kiss, then turned our attention back to the twins.

Grace was lying beneath Ethan, moaning with pleasure as he pushed his cock deep into her, and back out again. They were kissing as they fucked, and holding each other right. It was a cute sight, made one thousand times dirtier but the fact that they were twins!

After only a few minutes, Ethan's moaning began to teach a climax, and he said "I'm going to cum!" He started to pull out, but I interjected: "I dare you to cum inside her"

"But… I'm not on the pill", said Grace.

"I dare you!", I said.

With that, Ethan pushed his cock back inside Grace and started fucking her hard. Her objections dissolved into moans of pleasure as she arched her back, pushing him deeper into her.

With one last thrust, Ethan buried his cock deep inside his sister, and began to cum. Both of them moaned loudly, loving the feeling of the climax of their incestuous coupling. I felt Emma's pussy begin to spasm around my cock as she began to cum too, and I knew that it would be my turn soon.

Once Emma had finished cumming, I stood up, throwing her on top of Grace on the bed, facing downwards. They kissed, and I pushed my cock back into Emma's pussy, fucking her hard from behind.

Soon, I felt the familiar pressure begin to build inside me, and then I felt a rope of cum splurt into Emma's pussy, followed by another, then another. Emma moaned loudly at the feeling of me cumming inside her and I felt her pussy contract, squeezing my cock for everything it could get.

After what felt like an age, I'd finished cumming. I pulled out, and cum dripped out of her pussy and landed on Grace.

"I dare you girls to lick the cum out of each other's pussies, and eat each other out until you've both came", I said. Ethan looked up at me with a grin. This was going to be fun to watch.


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