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“I ran into my old friend Kelly at the mall today. You remember her, our age, a very attractive, tallish blond woman. She invited me to have coffee with her. The first thing she said to me was, you are such a bitch Milana, such a bitch,” I told my man Eddie over dinner. “You can imagine I was rather taken aback.”
“What made you say that Kelly? What have I done to you,” I asked.

“Two of my girlfriends have had you, they told me all about it in glowing terms. My twenty-year old stepson has watched you and your man making love, fucking, while he was naked. He is still talking about it and the size of your man’s erection. And you keep on ignoring me.”

“I didn’t realise you were interested I told her, having to stop myself from asking which two girlfriends she was referring to and which one was her boy. There was real frisson as we both calmed down and she reached out for my hand.

“As soon as I realised you were bi Milana, I was very interested in having you, making love to you, tongue fucking you, wanting to have you. My secret desire, when two of our mutual girlfriends told me in wonderful detail about their respective trysts with you I was beside myself with envy.

“Then when my stepson told me he had watched you and your man making love, fucking, while he was naked, all I could think about is what a bitch you were Milana, an absolute bitch.

“I wish I had realised you were interested in me as lover Kelly, why didn’t you make it obvious to me, or at least give out some subtle hints. I would have responded, you are a drop dead gorgeous woman, I never realised you were bi, I told her as I sucked her middle finger.”

“Is that too subtle for you Milana?, she whispered as she tongue kissed the back of my hand before she licked my palm. So pleased we have resolved our differences, so pleased Milana as we lightly tongue kissed.

“Does two-thirty this Sunday, our condo work for you Kelly? With my man Eddie watching?,” I teased, wanting Kelly to have me.

“Yes, I was hoping he would be watching. Can I bring my stepson along? You know three is an uneven number.”

I am Milana, in my early forties, a still attractive business professional of Italian descent, sexually sophisticated, bilingual, fluent in both Italian and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting.

My body still attracts attention from both sexes, good legs and hips, flat stomach, modest tits with long hard nipples when aroused. My best feature to modestly paraphrase people of both sexes who have worshiped it, licked and kissed it, is my, ‘glorious, big ass’.

I am to please and be pleased sexually. A man’s size is important for me and I love being licked, teased and edged by both sexes, I lost all my inhibitions between my second and third husbands and I love having sex with an audience. And I really do enjoy some racy commentary during sex, an extra dimension.

I have a high sex drive and thrive on sexual excitement, be it dressing and undressing to please my man and our guests, male and female, flaunting my naked body to turn on people I have just met, the visual turn on of other naked bodies, the foreplay (or lack of it), to receiving and giving sexual pleasure, not to mention verbal interaction.

I was twenty years old when a man licked me to orgasm for the first time, and I was hooked. Since then I make a point of telling any potential lovers, “I love being licked and teased.” Though it was almost twenty years later before a female licked me to orgasm.

Kelly and I were both determined to dress to impress, for each other and the two men, a boy and a man actually. It’s not every day I take on a new female lover with her stepson and my man watching. My exhibitionist streak wants to impress them all.

“Hello Milana and Eddie. You both remember my stepson Avis?,” Kelly asked as she and her boy made their entrance. Eddie and I did recall Avis, a spunky, well hung, bi-sex young boy, though we hadn’t realised he was Kelly’s step son when we first met him.

“I am here today to make love to my wonderful, dear friend Milana. We both hope you two boys will be comfortable watching and enjoying,” Kelly told us as they both watched us lightly tongue kissing before we moved to our sex room.

“Wow, my boy told me all about this room with mirrors on five sides, and the special chairs, with bench seats for guests,” Kelly told us in her wonderful, soft sexy voice

A huge extra buzz for me, with the two makes watching Kelly and me slowly undressing each other while tongue kissing. Our dresses first, leaving both of us in heels, stockings and sexy black garter belts, no knickers, and cup-less bras, the garter belts highlighting our asses and beautifully trimmed, black pubes.

We were tongue kissing, grinding our pubes into each other as we reached behind to undo each others bras. Just as I had fantasised for years Kelly has larger, firmer tits than me. I do like a lover with better tits than me, I mused as we rubbed our nipples together.

“My boy told me all about your big ass Milana, magnificent. How do you you manage to keep it looking so good? So firm, no dimples,” she asked a hand stroking it while we continued tongue kissing.

Kelly and I were both naked apart from our heels, for me they are an absolute must have matters sexual. We both glanced at the boys sitting on the bench at the same time, both of them naked now, with impressive erections.

Kelly helped me lay back at forty-five degrees in our sex chair. “I want to make those bitches who had you before me, tongue fucked you before me, so jealous when I tell them what I did for you, and for me today. While my boy and your man watched.

“You are such a bitch Milana, today my very own sexy bitch. Now relax, go with the flow, I want to eat you out, slowly, while our boys watch.”

For me nothing quite beats being seduced by another woman, then being tongue fucked by her, with my man watching on, naked with a boner, enjoying, sharing my sexual pleasure. Even better with that woman’s twenty-year old step son watching naked with a boner, enjoying, sharing my sexual pleasure. And perhaps the boy wanting to give my man fellatio, a blow job, afterwards while my lover and I watch?

Kelly was using her whole mouth on me not just her tongue. Paying attention to my inner thighs. Licking, biting, and blowing on my many erogenous zones, my extremely sensitive areas.

Delaying me her pleasure. Pecking on my cunt lips, breathing on it until I was almost begging for her tongue. Wanting me to beg so she could penetrate me with her tongue.

Inserting a finger into me while giving me head to stimulate both my clit and my vagina. So good. with just a fingertip while she whispered, does that feel pleasurable, then working her way up.

Curling two fingers into me, shaped like a hook. Pulling towards me and straightening them again and repeating. Stimulating my g-spot.

Moving me to the day bed so we could scissor, running our pussy’s over each other, bonus foreplay. Taking control, telling me to sit on her face. Helping me to change the pressure and movement with her body while I was receiving wonderful oral sex.

“Imagine this is the last ever tongue fuck you are going to get, from a male or a female Milana. Are you my bitch? Are you Milana? Tell me?,” she whispered.

“Yes, right now, I am your bitch? And I love the way you are fucking me with your tongue. So good. I love it. Do you realise your boy is teasing my man’s erection with his fingertips while they watch? You are so good Kelly, so fucking good. Why did you make me wait so long?”

Kelly had given me a number of small orgasms before she told her boy, ‘pillow’ and lifted my ass to accomodate it. I wanted Kelly to make the intensity of my next orgasm match her imaginary, ‘last ever tongue fuck you are going to get.’

When I am incredibly aroused, as I was then, I can’t help chanting, it’s almost an automatic reflex, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt.”

“Are you my bitch Milana? Am I?,” Kelly teased. I was breathing so heavily, right on the edge, as my body tensed and I almost screamed, “Yes, yes, yes, so fucking good,” before I had an incredible, long, wet orgasm.

“You are a bitch Milana, you owe me,” Kelly told me when I didn’t go down on her.

“I know, I am going to make you wait until the next time before I return your pleasure Kelly, tongue fuck you, after I tease you, make you want me. Just you and I. No men or boys.

“In that case mommy needs you Avis, you know exactly what I want, what I need right now, do it for mommy while Milana and Eddie watch. Stand behind me Eddie, hold my naked body while you and Milana watch my boy tongue fuck me.

“That’s it baby, just like mommy taught you. Mommy is so horny after having Milana. She needs you to tongue fuck her. My boy is so good, so fucking good Milana. I think you already both know he is bi.

“That was the quickest you have ever bought mommy to orgasm Avis. Mommy was so horny.”

“Now look at what Eddie has for you Avis. He is even bigger than you, rock hard and so thick. Mommy is going to stand behind him, and rub my pussy against his ass in a fucking motion, while Milana and me watch you give him fellatio, a blow job. Show us all how good you are Avis.”

And he was good, extremely good. Eddie’s erection was like an iron bar, poking out at ninety-degrees. I always enjoy watching another person blowing my man, male or female and comparing techniques. I was fascinated to watch Avis rub the tip of my mans erection over his nipples - and my man’s positive reaction.

Avis is obviously aware, the two most sensitive places of a man’s erection are the tip and the base. While he was sucking on the tip, he used his hand to press and squeeze the base.

Avis has been edging my man all along, stopping himself from finishing when Eddie was right at the brink of orgasm. Giving himself a breather, teasing, repeating the process multiple times. Edging my man by building up his arousal, knowing his eventual orgasm will be stronger and more satisfying.

Avis really was good and very much in control, as he took time to look up at my man every now and then, without saying a word. Eddie is obviously turned on by being able to see his face, and build intimacy between the two of them.

My man was not going to hold out much longer as Avis stroked his erection from tip to base. Building speed, tension, and suction as he slid up and down. Eddie’s cock was throbbing, he was taking shallow, quick breaths, his muscles tensed, his thighs quivering.

“Not yet, big boy, your cock is magnificent, just fucking magnificent,” Avis teased as he edged him by running just a fingertip along his erection.

“Do you want him to swallow?,” Kelly whispered as he licked Eddie’s balls while running just a fingertip along his erection.

“Yes, yes yes.”

Kelly and I were silently counting as Eddie’s whole body quivered on the very edge of orgasm.

“So good, so fucking good,” Eddie was almost screaming as Avis dug his nails into his ass cheeks, making guttural noises as he hit the back of his throat.

After watching the men for almost twenty-minutes while Kelly and I teased each other’s cunt lips with a fingertip, she asked, “Are you my bitch? Are you Milana?”

“Yes, your sex bitch.”

“So pleased Milana, though you are a bitch, you owe me. And I want what you owe me.”

“I know, my bitchy side is going to make you wait until the next time before I give you what I gave our mutual girlfriends, so pleased they made you jealous. A tongue fuck for starters, Kelly. Just you and I. No men or boys.”

“Are you sure no men or boys Milana? When?”

“Next Sunday afternoon, we have lots of catching up to do Kelly. I want to fuck you so bad, so bad, you sexy bitch. I am not sure I can wait that long.

“I know what I owe you, my bitchy side is going to make you wait until the next time before I give you what our mutual girlfriends had, I am so pleased they made you jealous. I want to tongue fuck you for starters, a long so, sensuous tongue fuck Kelly. Just you and I. No men or boys.”

“Are you sure no men or boys Milana? Absolutely sure? When?”

“Next Sunday afternoon, we have lots of catching up to do Kelly. I want to fuck you so bad, so bad, you sexy bitch. I am not sure I can wait that long to have you,” I told her truthfully.

Kelly phoned me on the Thursday to ask what I wanted her to wear for our seduction. She also asked what I intended wearing for her. “Surprise me Kelly, and I will do the same for you. Remember less is more, and there is nothing better than an incredibly sexy, visual turn on as a lead up to a new seduction,” I told her. “I want you to fuck me so bad, so bad, you sexy bitch Milana. I am not sure I can wait until Friday,” she told me over the phone.

We did wait until the Sunday afternoon. I was determined to maximise her sexual anticipation and sexual pleasure as much as my own. Some slow sexy saxophone music to set the mood,

“I want you to fuck me so bad, so bad, you sexy bitch Milana. I am not sure I can wait one more minute,” Kelly whispered at eight on the Friday we passionately tongue kissed. She was wearing heels, stockings and a garter belt, nothing else, under her skin tight, short black dress. I do like seducing a woman in stockings and garter belt, the classic seduction attire.

“Oh fuck, you really are such a sexy bitch Milana,” Kelly told me as I stood back and let my short, silk dressing gown fall to the floor, and posed with my hands on my hips, to flaunt my body for her, naked apart from my heels and a sexy black, cup-less bra.

I want you so bad Milana, I am aching for you, so bad you bitch,” Kelly whispered as I stood with one foot on a low stool, my legs spread for her. “That beautiful black triangle between your wonderful thighs is so sexy, so fucking sexy, I want it, I am going to fuck it with my tongue, now, right now, you have teased me for far too long,” she told me as the tip of her tongue found my clit, her hands grasping my ass.

Using whole-body massage, caressing my legs, arms, and breasts. Kissing and gently touching my inner thighs, kissing her way down my body, building my desire, really turning me on.

Combining finger and palm massage. Circling my vulva with her tongue, repeating with her fingers using soft, then deep pressure, working out my preferences.

She was confident and experienced enough, to build anticipation for me. No rush I learnt long ago anticipation is not the precursor to pleasure; anticipation is pleasure itself.

Alternately using the tip of her tongue, then the flat of it, and her lips as she explored my vulva, all three wonderful sensations a little different, providing subtly different sensations for us both.

Using the tip of her tongue to tease just the underside of her clitoral shaft, using light, intermittent little licks.

Spreading my labia, focusing on licking the area of the front commissure, just above my clit, using her index finger, interspersing horizontal finger strokes across my glans with vertical tongue strokes.

Increasing my arousal by inserting a single finger, using her tongue to enhance my arousal, then her finger to complement and push my arousal further. Pressing her finger upwards into my G-spot, while applying persistent licks.

Touching my breasts, gently squeezing my nipples, continually applying persistent licks. Under my hood, licking my clitoral hood, the fold of skin covering the glans of my clit, so sensitive, so good. Gently sliding it back, licking it, licking my clit directly, slow and gentle.

Kissing all around my thighs, Licking around my Venus mound. Taking her time to draw awareness and circulation to the region before she started licking, kissing and sucking. Awakening all my nerve endings with gentle kisses, using warm, gentle breath. Using her lips, tongue, and fingertips to pique my interest. Edging me, taking her time. building anticipation, then more anticipation, creating more pleasure.

Bringing me close to orgasm, so close, then backing off a little, teasing me edging me, delaying my climax, my orgasm. Wanting Kelly to make me orgasm for her at the end of our love making, with an incredibly powerful orgasm.

Grinding her crotch against mine. Slowly and gently, our hips thrusting, using primal hip movements to guide pressure and speed, increasing the intensity for both of us.

Using her fingers, fingering me while licking my clit, wanting to provide intense, explosive sexual pleasure as her finger brushed against my g-spot inside my wet vagina.

So pleased I am bi, sex with a man is nothing at all like this. Playing with my thighs, lips, clit while kissing, breathing and sucking.

Talking to me, a conversation. “I love to tongue fuck another woman, you are a real woman, such an exciting woman Milana, so good.

“Tell me what you want Milana? Slow and sensual, rougher, harder, faster? Tell me and will give you what you want.”

Demonstrating just what an accomplished lesbian lover she is, writing some of the alphabet with her tongue on my clit. Capital U first, then capital T, my favourite letter,

I love mouth suction on my clit while my lover uses her tongue, creating suction and using the technique without losing the seal takes practice. Kelly has had lots of practice. She is so good.

Kelly put a pillow on the bed, told me to lay on it face down, my ass pointing to the ceiling. “You have been such a bitch to me Milana, making me wait so long to have you, your magnificent big ass is for too beautiful to spank. But I am going to spank it anyway,” she told me as I clenched my ass cheeks for her, signalling my consent.

I do enjoy an occasional spanking, this time while my new lover has me so close to orgasm, promised to be incredibly exciting. And it was for both of us, dragging her rolled up garter belt over my ass, teasing my clenched ass cheeks with it before I heard it swish a moment before it hit my ass. After the fifth lot of pain and pleasure, Kelly asked,“You like that don’t you, you perverse, sexy bitch?,” as she kissed me, so passionately. One more, harder this time?,” she asked. “Tell me yes.”

“Yes please, really hard, I love it from you Kelly,” clenched my ass even harder for her. Almost before I said the words, sexy, exciting pleasure and pain on my big ass.

Moments later I was on my back, my ass on the pillow, my legs over her shoulders, her arms wrapped around them, as she whispered, “Such a bitch, but what a wonderful lover, what an absolutely magnificent fuck you are,” a finger in me, licking me as I exploded, almost screaming for her as I orgasmed and squirted for her simultaneously.

Later while we showered together, kissing and touching each other, Kelly rubbing cream into the red welts on my ass the clips of her garter belt had left, she asked me, “You are such a bitch, a magnificent bitch Milana, Would you like me and one of our bitchy bi women friends to share you, make love you, a bi three-way? A bi woman we have both had now, I think you know the one I mean?”

“Yes I would very much, organise it for us soon,” I told her as we kissed even more passionately.

Perhaps I will tell my readers all about it soon?
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