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I'm starting a new story here. I hope you enjoy it.
“Michael? Michael?”

My head shot up from the desk, whirling around to find the clock on the wall. 3:05 PM. Sarah shuffled her feet back to dodge my abrupt movements but stayed crouched to be near my eye level, her hand still on my shoulder from gently shaking me awake. Apparently, the professor had finished his lecture on the corresponding angles proof and Sarah realized that I had fallen asleep when it had finished. I was sitting near the back of the lecture hall, giving me a clear view of all the empty chairs with built-in desks below us.

“Sarah!,” I said in a rush, “I just haven’t been sleeping well. What with all these midterms to study for and all.”

She stood up, brushing the wrinkles from her professional styled pencil skirt. She smiled at me and brushed her long curly auburn hair behind her ears, unveiling simple pearl ear piercings. “That’s okay, Michael,” she said offhandedly, “I am going through much the same thing as well.”

I smiled back and stood, ready to go home and study for my first midterm of the year. Physics. Sarah was a little shorter than me and wore the kind of glasses that you would always suspect a smart girl like her would wear. Her half buttoned up shirt was covered in a gray vest and tucked into her matching gray skirt. The paleness of her long legs was muffled by the black pantyhose that blended into her black high heels. She was really beautiful. I had had a crush on Sarah since we started college a couple of years ago and although she seemed like she liked me, I never could get the courage to ask her out. I sighed, thinking about how late I would have to stay up again tonight.

As if reading my mind she asked, “Are you all ready for the physics midterm tomorrow?"

I didn’t really know how to respond. I felt like telling her I was ready was a lie but also didn’t want to come off as if I hadn’t studied at all. She waited for my response, her blue eyes gazing at me through her glasses with concern. I settled for telling the majority of the truth.

“I’ll be ready after I study for it tonight,” I softly chuckled. “There are some things from the lecture last week that I couldn’t wrap my head around.”

“Oh, like what?” she inquired, genuinely hoping to help me with my struggle.

“Understanding the whole subject of light propagation I guess.” I tried to sound as smart as possible. She always portrayed a persistent attention to detail.

“Ah,” she nodded knowingly, “many are having the same trouble as you Michael. Luckily, I am hosting a study session at my apartment later this evening. Maybe you should stop by and get some last-minute pointers before tomorrow’s midterm.”

That was unexpected. I had never ever been invited to the study sessions that Sarah did. And I seemed to remember that they never really happened in her apartment. Was she trying to have a study session/date with me but invite others to make it kosher?

“Wow!” I said, hiking my backpack onto my shoulders. “I definitely will!” I made my way to move past her between the narrow space between the desks, my nervousness about the upcoming study session evident on my face. She smiled again and stepped aside, trying to give me space to pass down toward the lecture hall doors. As I walked past her, my arm brushed against her breast. I turned around to apologize quickly and nonchalantly, but when I did, she walked straight into me, apparently having not noticed the touch at all and was following me down the stairs. I tumbled backwards, wrapping my arms around her in a feeble attempt to grab something to keep me from falling. Trapped in my arms she fell down with me, shrieking in surprise. Luckily the landings between the stairs were large enough to where I only fell to the landing and not all the way down to the floor where the lecture podium was. I laid there, Sarah on top of me, her breath quickening as she looked at me, making sure I was okay. My upper back hurt like when my dad threw a baseball at me as a kid and I flinched. Even through the pain though, I couldn't help but notice how soft her body felt against mine. The scent of her perfume enveloped me, and I could feel the heat radiating off her as we both struggled to untangle ourselves. My heart was racing, not just from the fall, but from the unexpected intimacy of our position.

"Are you alright, Michael?" she asked, her voice slightly breathless.

I managed to nod, my hands still awkwardly placed on her waist. As we finally disentangled ourselves and stood up, I couldn't shake the feeling of electricity that lingered between us. Sarah adjusted her glasses, trying to compose herself.

"I'm so sorry about that," I stammered. "I didn't mean to—"

She cut me off with a laugh, a mischievous twinkle in her blue eyes. "No harm done.” She inspected the rest of her disheveled clothes, straitening her skirt and tucking her shirt back in. “Oh Damn it!” she said softly, looking at the back of her skirt. There was a large rip from the hem to the middle of her butt, obviously caused by the fall. My eyes widened as I caught a glimpse of the lacy black underwear peeking through the tear. She bit her lip, looking flustered for the first time. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

“I guess I’ll need to find something else to wear before my next class.” She was frustrated and I felt it was all my fault. I looked to her and smiled, hoping to ease the tension.

“You know, I don’t live far off campus and I’m pretty sure my sister left some clothes that would fit you at my house the last time she visited. Would you like me to go and grab it?” She could tell I was genuine in my offer.

“I have an hour before my class starts. How about I go with you and see if any of her outfits are a good match for me?” I guess she wasn’t going to let me be her fashion ***********or for the day. I was ok with that. I had no idea what she liked to wear. The memory of the lacy black panties flashed through my memory, and I figured that I knew that much of what she liked. I pulled my jacket from my backpack and offered it to her.

“Here. Wear this to cover up the tear in the back.” She accepted my offer graciously, happy to have a way to shield her exposed legs from wandering eyes. She tied it around her waist and seemed to stand a little taller once it was on.

“Thank you.” she said softly, a look of gratitude evident in her eyes.

As we made our way out of the lecture hall and walked towards the parking lot, I couldn't shake the image of Sarah's ripped skirt and the glimpse of her lacy black underwear from my mind.

With each step, the faint scent of Sarah's perfume wafted towards me, a delicate and alluring aroma that lingered in the air accompanied by the gentle click of her heels as she walked. I couldn't help but steal glances at her, the way her hips swayed with each step, the way her auburn hair cascaded down her back in soft waves. I couldn't believe that just moments ago, I had been under her in a tangled heap on the stairs, and now here we were, walking side by side to my car. I opened the door for her, feeling like a gentleman from another era. She thanked me with a smile, and as she slid into the passenger seat, the front of her skirt rode up slightly, revealing more of her smooth hose covered thighs. My heart raced as I quickly looked away. I closed her door and strode around to the driver’s side.

Up until this point we hadn’t really spoken to each other since the lecture hall and the quiet hum of the engine wasn’t enough to keep the awkward silence at bay for much longer. I decided to try to get to know her more.

“So, what do you do in your spare time besides fall down stairs?” I joked, hoping to ease some of the tension. A smile crept onto her face, probably realizing for the first time what had actually happened. I liked her smile.

“Well, I don’t know. School takes up a lot of my time. I liked to go dancing on the weekends, but I am finding that going alone isn’t much fun and none of my girlfriends have much time to go with me. And getting a guy to go with me is like torture for them, so I just stopped all together.”

“Dancing!” I exclaimed, “I had no idea you liked to dance!” I was surprised that I hadn’t realized that it was such an important part of her life. It wasn’t as if I was stalking her at all, but I did try to pay attention to things that she liked so that if I ever did get the courage to ask her out, I would know what we could do on a date together. I guess I hadn’t really known her since we both started school and she was right about school taking up a lot of time. This information changed everything. I happened to be a pretty good dancer and hoped it would be enough to win her over.

“How long have you been looking for a dance partner? What kind of dancing do you like?” I asked, gently turning onto the road where I lived.

Well, long enough to know that finding a good partner in this town is like finding a unicorn," she joked, flashing me a warm smile. "As for the kind of dancing, I'm more into... country dancing," she said, her face flushing just a little. "I know it's not every guy's cup of tea, but there's something about the music and the steps that just makes me feel alive and it flows so nice."

I couldn't help but grin. "Country dancing, huh? Well, what a coincidence. I happen to know someone who is quite good at country swing…” I gave her a sideways look, doing my best to show a sarcastic looking smile. Her eyes widened in surprise along with her cute smile.

“Michael! Why is this the first time I am hearing about this from you!?” She sounded extremely happy to find out my hidden talent.

“I don’t know. I guess I have been busy with school too. Haven’t had much time to go out and have fun. But maybe after midterms we could go together and I could show off my dance moves to you.” I ended the proposition with a questioning tone, hoping beyond hope she would say yes.

“Um… Yeah!” she tried to hide her excitement behind her open smile. “You are required to take me now since you are officially my dance partner. You don’t have a say in it.” she chuckled. Her eyes were lit up with a fire I hadn’t seen before.

“Really?!” I answered back casually, doing a poor job of acting like it was a bother to me. I pulled into my driveway and put the car in park. We both got out and continued to chat about dancing, which ones she struggled with, and the ones that I hadn’t learned yet. I held open my front door for her, feeling again a gentlemen. The house was simple and I shared it with my sister who would visit often while traveling around the country. She said it was always nice to have a place to stay that already had all her things. I was just glad to share the rent with someone and not have them around all the time.

I led Sarah inside the house, feeling a mix of nerves and excitement at having her in such a personal space. She followed me, a smile imprinted on her face since hearing about our mutual hobby of dancing. I showed her to guest room where my sister had some extra clothes, hoping she could find something suitable to wear. As she browsed through the closet, I sat down on the couch, trying to calm my racing heart and collect my thoughts. The image of her lacy black underwear flashed in my mind again, igniting a fire of desire within me that I tried to suppress.

Sarah came out of the guest room holding an elegant navy dress with a low neckline. She had removed her pantyhose and high heels in preparation for trying out the dress.

“Would this be okay to borrow?” she asked.

“Sure, no problem.” I said coolly, knowing my sister would have a fit if she knew anyone had borrowed it.

“Great. Hey, could you help me for a second? The tumble we had must have also messed up the clip at the back of the skirt.”

I froze, not knowing if she wanted me to come in the guest room with her or just help her there in the living room. She answered my mental question by turning around on the spot and sweeping her hair to the front. Sitting down still, I had a perfect view through the tear in the skirt right to her black lace panties again.

My breath caught in my throat as I tried to maintain my composure. The mere sight of her delicate lace panties sent a surge of heat to my dick, igniting a fire within me that I struggled to contain. Swallowing hard, I managed to tear my gaze away from the enticing view and focused on the broken clip instead.

"Um, sure, let me take a look," I stammered, my hands trembling slightly as I sat up straighter behind her. The proximity was intoxicating, her floral perfume enveloping me in a cloud of desire. My fingers brushed lightly against the soft fabric of her skirt as I tried to fix the clip, my mind racing with forbidden thoughts.

Finally, I was able to unfasten the broken clip. With the clip undone, I noticed that the zipper in the back was all jacked up as well. I figured she may need help with that too. Without thinking to ask, I quickly pulled the two sides of the the zipper apart. This however proved to give to much slack around her supple waist and her skirt fell quickly to the ground.

Sarah gasped in surprise, not understanding what had happened, but still trying unsuccessfully to cover herself with her short button up shirt. If the small peak of her panties before was intoxicating, then revealing her lacy black underwear in all its glory was unbearable. My penis went hard almost instantly, unable to be controlled any longer.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” I exclaimed. “The zipper was all messed up too and I tried to fix it, but……” I trailed off, noticing that it all sounded very stupid.

Sarah had already grabbed my sister’s navy dress to cover herself with and was staring at me, unsure what to make of the situation that she had gotten herself into.

Her eyes spoke volumes, a mix of embarrassment, confusion, and arousal that sent my heart pounding in my chest. I felt my face flush with heat, my thoughts scattering like leaves in the wind. I tried to speak, but no words formed. For a moment, all we did was stand there in the living room, locked in a silent staredown that seemed to last an eternity. Her eyes never left me, and I could see the tension building up in her. I watched her chest rise and fall, feeling my own breathing become shallow and ragged. I wanted to stand, to make my way out of the living room, but my erection, while fading, was still proudly showing itself and being seated was helping to conceal it.

Sarah broke the silence. “Do you think I am beautiful, Michael?” Her voice was soft, but strong, pleading for an answer. I was at first confused by the question. Of course I thought she was beautiful. Only a fool wouldn’t think she was.

“Sarah,” I said “I have always thought that you were very attractive. In fact, I’ve had a crush on you since we started school. You are so beautiful.”

She smiled warmly, appreciative of the compliment. She stepped closer, nodding her head toward me in a supplication to scoot over on the couch so that she could sit next to me. After sitting, careful to keep my sister’s dress situated on her lap so as to cover herself sufficiently, she looked at me again and smiled.

“Michael, could I ask you something?”

“Of course, Sarah.” I said.

Her voice trembled slightly as she continued. “There is one particular kind of dance I haven’t practiced in a long time. I haven’t had sex with anyone in a long time, and…and just then…the way you are looking at me…it feels different. At first I wanted to be upset, but I really feel like you were trying to help and that this has all just been a happy coincidence.”

I paused, my mind racing with the implications of her words. “What do you mean?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

Sarah took a deep breath before speaking. “I’ve had a crush on you too, Michael. Do you remember what I mentioned in the car? I’ve been looking for a dance partner for a long time, but there just hasn’t been anyone who thinks I am beautiful and also would like to be in a steady relationship with me. All they want is the one time experience and I just can’t bring myself to do that.”

This was a lot to take in. She admitted to having a crush on me! She was talking about sex but I wasn’t sure if she was saying I was the one she wanted to ‘practice with’ or even what she had been saying. We hadn’t even been on a first date!

She continued, “I know this is just crazy, but I want to ask you out. I know this isn’t what usually happens before the first time, but now that this…,” she shrugged her shoulders, looking for words to describe what had all happened. “…situation has happened, maybe we have found a way to shred those inhibitions and be comfortable with each other.”

“Okay.” I couldn’t think of what else to say. I shifted my eyes from hers to the kitchen, afraid of what she would ask me, but at the same time filled with such anticipation to know what it was.

“So,” she said, seeming to take more control, “how about we break down those barriers even more and we see where it leads?”

“How would we do that?” I asked, not trusting myself to suggest any one particular way and mess up the intimate moment.

Her voice turned luscious, seductive even. “Since you have seen some of me, how about you show me some of you?” Her hand was suddenly on my leg, rubbing it gently. I looked at her and noticed that she was biting her bottom lip, her eyes flicking lustfully between me and my lap. I looked down and found out that even while sitting down, my shaft was clearly outlined in the left leg of my jeans and twitching to each of my heartbeats.

Instinctively I covered up with my hands, quite embarrassed. Sarah smile widened while turning her torso more towards me, bringing her bare feet up to my lap, her back now resting on the arm of the couch. Her fingers trailed along the navy dress covering her lap, reaching for the end, and then gradually removing the makeshift shield to give my eyes an unfettered view again of her delicious figure and the black lace panties. I glanced up to see her eyes once again looking lustfully into mine.

I was in heaven, not truly believing the beautiful scene before me. Her feet brushed aside my hands revealing the outline of my dick once again. She traced the outline with her toe a few times, biting her lower lip and then lifting her right leg to my left shoulder and behind my neck. I placed my hands on her left leg still in my lap, not knowing where else to put them and found myself rubbing her calf and foot instinctively. She tilted her neck back approvingly, slowly feeling her hands up her own body to rest at her own breasts, still covered by her gray vest and white button up shirt. She gave them both a simultaneous squeeze while smiling deeper, more for herself than for me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I was entranced by her every move, her dazzling spectacle of a body and even more blown away by her choice of letting me experience it. Her left hand moved down towards her panties and my eyes followed, riveted in awe. Her eyes returned to mine and her left foot began drawing small circles around my erect pole. She smiled loving my reaction and squeezed her breast again with her right hand. Finally reaching its destination, she used the first two fingers of her left hand to slide the fabric of her panties to one side, unveiling her delicate pink flower. It glistened with a wetness that matched the state of her arousal. Her vaginal lips were engorged and flushed, a way of greeting me with their own sort of smile. The pale skin that surrounded those lips was free of hair, making the breathtaking sight before my eyes all the more succulent. She stuck the first two fingers of her right hand into her mouth, coating them in her natural lube and hurriedly brought them down to engage with what the left hand had revealed. By the ease at which those petite fingers entered her darling pussy, she had hardly needed any lube at all.

“Now that you have seen me,” she breathed, pumping her fingers in and out of her with a resolute rhythm, “I want to see you, Michael.” Despite her shallowed breathing, I could tell that this was a version of Sarah that didn’t come out to play often and her commanding voice would be extremely difficult to not obey.

“What about your class?” I asked, already endeavoring to unbuckle my belt, but still wanting to make sure we had time.

“Fuck class” she moaned, parting away with the piston insertion of her fingers and now slowly rubbing her clit with her juices. She brought her head up more, craning with her eyes to see the prize she had won.

My belt yielded quickly to my fumbling fingers and I could already feel the restriction of my jeans being lifted from my engorged member. As my zipper descended, Sarah's eyes never left my lap, the hunger in them more intense than anything I'd ever seen. I pulled my erection fully free and groaned softly at the relief of the confinement. I watched as Sarah’s eyes widened even further and a slight gasp left her slightly open lips. I grasped the base of my cock with two fingers and a thumb, wiggling it for her entertainment but also to keep it from falling away to the left.

"Michael, you're so…big," she whispered, her eyes flickering between mine and my dick.

Her hand began swirling over her clit faster, the sight of my large shaft sending her to new heights of arousal. I stroked myself out of habit, my pride swelling at the compliment she gave about my size. She brought her foot up again, yearning to touch my magnificent pole in any way that she could. I moved my hand, allowing her access. The smooth skin of her foot pressed my member onto my stomach, then stroked me up and down its length. I arched my head back, gleeful at the sensation and dreamily closed my eyes, focusing on all the wonderful sensations I was experiencing. I took along inhale when I noticed I had been holding my breath in an effort to hear her moans more intently. Suddenly she stopped stroking me with her foot and the pressure of her other foot behind my neck vanished. I brought my head and eyes back to face her. She was smiling at me still, but with more abandon, lost in the moment. She had stopped stroking me to reveal more of herself, her pussy hidden again by a black lacy pattern. She was unbuttoning her shirt, her vest already on the floor next to us. The middle of her matching lacy black bra was now exposed along with her flat toned stomach. She contorted both her shoulders back and her white shirt was whipped back over them, revealing the entirety of her front, an exquisite sight to see. Her breasts were comfortably fit into her bra. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, her hard nipples visible through the lace fabric. Blue veins ran under her pale skin, disappearing into the lacy cups that held her generous breasts. A small mole lay right below her left breast, a tiny beauty mark that added an extra charm to her already flawless body. Her breasts heaved with every breath she took, drawing my gaze on their rhythmic rise and fall.

"Don't stop touching yourself, Michael," she instructed, her eyes flicking down to my now neglected member. Taking my cue from her, I grasped my erection and began to stroke myself slowly. Sarah curled up and she placed her knees underneath her, our eyes now level. Hungrily watching me stroke my rod, she grasped the hem of my shirt and started pulling it over my head, causing a brief break in my view of her hungry eyes. My hand had to leave my dick to get the shirt of, but as I tried to return to my stroking, I noticed with delight that she had taken over, her small delicate hands bobbling up and down my erect shaft. Her fingers were gentle yet firm, and I couldn't stop the groan that escaped my lips. Her touch was electric, sparking a warmth through me that only intensified my need for her. I glanced down, watching as her eyes hungrily took in the sight of my throbbing member in her hands. Her thumb and forefinger started to slowly explore the girth of my cock, making me hiss with pleasure. She then cautiously stroked from base to tip, passing over the sensitive head that jerked under her firm grasp.

With my shirt discarded, she leaned in to get a better look at my naked chest. She traced her fingers over the defined muscles of my torso, her blue eyes full of admiration and desire. She let go of my member, moving her hands to my pants and briefs giving me a look that left no doubt to mean that it was time for them to come off. It was a tantalizing game of teasing and yearning, a delicate dance between pleasure and restraint, and the tension between their bodies was palpable, aching for release and surrender. I bucked up my hips in response, happy to add the rest of my clothes to the growing pile on the floor. She climbed onto me, straddling my hips and causing a surge of heat to course through my body. My hardened member pressed against her pussy, separated only by the delicate fabric of her black lace panties. I could feel her warmth seeping through to my own skin. The anticipation of finally being inside her was almost unbearable.

She brought her lips to my ear. "You're beautiful, Michael," she whispered, her voice barely audible.

My hands instinctively sought her, moving to unclasp her bra. She watched me with an amused smile, biting her lip as I fumbled nervously with the hooks. Finally, the fabric gave way and was promptly discarded to join my shirt on the floor. Her perky breasts now released from their confinement, I stretched my mouth up to envelope her stiff nipples, my tongue drinking in her desire.

"Do you like what you see?" Sarah asked me.

"Very much so," I replied, my voice choked with lust. My hands cupped her breasts, my thumbs teasing her hardened nipples. She gasped at the sensation, leaning into my touch, resting her forehead on mine. Her chestnut hair fell like a curtain around us, her blue eyes piercing into mine, full of longing and desire.

Sarah’s body pressed against mine as she continued to explore me physically. Her movements became more purposeful, her hips grinding against mine, the heat between us building with every motion. Her hands found their way back to my chest, her fingers tracing the lines of muscle with a delicate yet urgent touch. With every move, she seemed to become part of me, her body like a puzzle piece that fit into mine flawlessly, creating a sensual and seamless connection between us. I could feel the heat radiating from her skin, beckoning me to explore every inch of her with my own. Our bodies seemed to dance together, their movements in sync and filled with a raw and passionate energy. With every touch, I felt myself becoming more consumed by her, drawn deeper into the fire of desire that she ignited within me. The thin fabric of her panties felt like too much of a barrier between us.

I couldn't bear the wait any longer. My lips parted from her breast with an audible pop, the rush of air matching the pounding of my heart. "Sarah," I gasped, my voice rough with desire. "I need to be inside you, feel you around me. Please."

Sarah's eyes flashed with both lust and mischief as she pressed her hips down harder against mine, teasing me with the delicious friction. "Well, Michael," she purred, her voice thick with desire, "I guess you'll just have to earn it." She leaned in, her lips millimeters from mine as she continued, "Show me how much you want me, how badly you need to feel my pussy around your cock."

I moaned at her suggestive words, my arousal growing even more painful in response. Determined to earn the prize, I flipped her over onto her back, causing her to gasp in surprise but she quickly adjusted, giggling playfully. I hungrily kissed her neck, trailing hot, wet kisses down her collarbone to the valley between her breasts. Her skin tasted like a hot desire, threatening to jump out at any moment and burn me. Reverently I kissed each hardened nipple before moving lower down her abdomen, heading straight for the edge of her panties. I could smell her wetness, the freshness of it tantalizing and irresistible. My cock throbbed as I breathed in her scent. I gently hooked my fingers into the delicate lace of her panties, feeling the intricate patterns beneath my touch. Slowly, I began to slide them down the smooth curve of her thighs, unveiling the glistening evidence of her arousal. Sarah pulled her legs back to her chest to aid the journey of those panties to her perfect ankles and past her white painted toes. The sheer fabric whispered against her skin, heightening the anticipation that hung thick in the air.

"Oh God, Michael," she moaned, arching her hips upwards in invitation. "I want this so bad."

The short reprieve from Sarah’s hips during the straddle had cooled my erection, but the sight of her pussy, wet and ready to receive me was too much to ignore. I started to shift my hips closer to her, but a look from her told me that I hadn’t earned it yet. She laid there, biting her lip, slowly circling her fingers over all her juices then bringing them to her mouth. Her blue eyes never left mine as she pulled them out, made a ‘V’ with them and placed her tongue between. I got the message loud and clear. Without needed to be told a second time, I scooted my hips back and dropped my knees to the floor. I lustily grabbed behind her hips and brought her closer to me, nose diving into the sweet smelling vortex of her pleasure. Without warning, I slathered my tongue across her entire vulva, making sure to put as much pressure as I could. She wasn’t expecting it, and I felt her hands grip the hair at the back of my head in reaction. She was ready to pull me off when I continued in a softer fashion, gently sweeping my tongue in and out of the newly awakened folds of her shimmering slit. Her fingers on my hair eased and rather than threatening to pull me away, she pressed my head into her, eager for more of the sensations. She moaned loudly, quickly losing all inhibitions as my tongue explored her sex. I reached my thumb up to her mouth, and felt her engulf it and cover it in her natural lube, my face still between her thighs. I brought the wet thumb back down to her entrance, mixing the lube from her saliva with the lube from her pussy, then began circling her clit with it. A new set of movements from Sarah’s hips threatened the grip of my one arm still wrapped around her hip. They bucked up, working together with her hands on the back of my head to act like fleshy pincers.

“Fuck Michael, oh fuck, fuck, fuck!!”

We entered into a desperate rhythm, me not willing to stop until she was satisfied and she unwilling to have me leave. My tongue slithered from side to side, then up and down, then in fast circles, my thumb on her clit acting like a metronome. Her moans were like sensual music to my ears, the results of my talented tongue playing her pussy like a magic xylophone. Sarah's moans and the wet, slick noises of my tongue lapping at her pussy filled the room, only interrupted by her gasps for air. She was close, I could tell, her hips bucking so hard my head was bouncing off her pelvis with every downward thrust. Her legs were trembling, and she dug her nails into my head as if she were hanging on for dear life. I wasn't finished with her yet. I slipped a finger inside her wetness alongside my tongue, eliciting a high-pitched cry from her lips. Her walls clenched around my invading digit, and I knew she was almost there. I started to move my finger in tandem with my thumb, licking and fucking her with an intensity that surprised even me.

"Don't stop, Michael... don't you dare stop," Sarah panted, her fingers tangled in my hair, her nails digging into my scalp as she ground her hips against my face. The taste of her combined with the sound of her pleasure was enough to send me reeling, but I held on, determined to give her every ounce of pleasure she deserved. My tongue and thumb continued their dance on her aching bud and sensitive folds, each pass around the other edge soliciting a new moan or groan from deep inside her chest. Her scent, sweet and musky, filled my nostrils, driving me even wilder with lust.

"Oh God, Michael!" she screamed, her hips bucking wildly as she climaxed around my tongue and finger. Her juices gushed onto my chin and chest, the scent of her arousal mingling with our sweat-soaked bodies. Her pussy convulsed, spasming around my finger in waves of pleasure that went on for what felt like minutes but was likely mere seconds. I didn't stop until she relaxed her grip on my head, signaling me to stop. I looked up at her flushed face, shining with perspiration and a look of pure bliss etched into every pore.

"That... was... unbelievable," she panted between heavy breaths. "Damn, I needed that."

Sarah's eyes slowly regained focus, and she looked down at me, her chest heaving with exertion. "Holy shit... I've never... Wow." She struggled to catch her breath as she sat up.

I pulled away, moving from my knees on the floor to sitting on the couch, slightly dizzy from the intensity of the situation but grinning like an idiot. "I'm glad you liked it," I said between heaving breaths. My cock was still rock hard, and the sight of her shining pussy only made things worse.

"Liked it?" she purred, "That was... that was the best orgasm I've ever had." She looked me up and down, eyes lingering on my straining erection. "Now, it's your turn."

I nodded, aching for release. She reached for the base of my shaft, her soft hand giving me goosebumps. Slowly, she stroked me to full attention, her eyes never leaving mine. Her touch was feather-light yet firm at the same time, as if she knew exactly what I needed. We both leaned in for a kiss, her hand continuing to stroke me. Her tongue flitted in and out of my mouth as she tasted her own pussy on my lips and tongue, urging us into a more lustful kiss. My hands roamed her back and front, squeezing her breasts with a wild need to have more of her.

She pulled away from me, her eyes lost in passion. "Lie back," she commanded in a sultry voice, and I obeyed without hesitation. My shoulders rested on the couch arm while my head went further back, following the curve of the round shape of the couch. I shut my eyes to better feel the sensation of her. I spread my legs apart, giving her ample room to maneuver. I felt the weight of her in the couch depress close to my hips. One of her hands sailed across my thigh while the other cradled my balls in a curious sort of way, then it moved to straighten my twitching shaft. A wave of warmth glided through me as I felt her wet mouth swathe the head of my cock, my glutes tightening involuntarily. She teased me, her tongue swirling around my tip before she plunged lower, taking more of me into her mouth. Her hand continued to pump the base of my shaft in time with her mouth's movements, and I knew I wouldn't last long. My hips bucked involuntarily, but her hand on my thigh held me in place. Her lips were soft and wet, and I could feel every ridge of her tongue as she explored every inch of my length.

Her other hand cupped my balls, massaging them gently as she took me deeper into her throat. My eyes flew open, my cock twitching in response to the intense pleasure coursing through my body. I brought my head up and Sarah's blue eyes met mine, the hunger in them dancing like flames. The thought that she was enjoying this as much as I was only made it hotter. Her delicate hand contrasted against my own body, small yet strong as she took control of my pleasure. The sight only fueled my desire even more.

"God, Sarah," I groaned, "You... you're so good at this."

She removed her mouth from my cock long enough to smile up at me, a strand of her auburn hair falling across her face. "Bet you never thought your future dance partner could be such a naughty girl," she said in a bad girl tone before diving back down onto me with renewed vigor. My moans mixed with her soft gasps as she took me deeper into her throat. The wet sounds of her mouth and the occasional slurp only added to the intense erotic moment.

Her sensual ministrations were driving me wild. Each time her lips slid over my shaft, I felt my climax inching closer. She sucked harder, her tongue swirling around the tip of my hard length as her hand continued its relentless pumping. I could feel my release building deep inside me, a pressure that threatened to explode any second. My hips arched off the couch, seeking more of her warmth, more of her wetness. Sarah sensed my change in demeanor and eased up, not wanting to end our adventure prematurely. She popped her mouth off the head of my engorged dick, smiling at me again with that fire in her eyes, her hand slowing to a pace that matched her goal.

“You can’t cum yet baby,” she giggled, “the party is just getting started.” She giggled again, rising up from her knees to kiss my lips. The slight taste of my precum accompanied her invading tongue, turning me on even more. She broke from the kiss, trailing her nose on mine in a sensual pattern. “Let’s take this party to the bed, shall we?” she breathed, the scent of her breath a sweet invitation to an unknown pleasure.

I nodded in agreement, my throat too tight for words. Sarah tilted her head, her eyes sparking with playful devilment as she peeled her body off of me, the warmth of her skin leaving mine. She stood and while waiting for me to get up, shook her boobies playfully, letting out a small giggle. The sight of her naked body against the dim light was breathtaking, reminding me of the raw, insatiable passion between us. I stood up and she grabbed me by my still fully erect member, using it like a leash to lead me helplessly wherever she wanted. Walking backward towards my room, she expertly craned her neck and began kissing me softly, deftly stroking my cock simultaneously. I closed my eyes, her pillow lips felt spectacular on mine, but opened them briefly again, realizing that I had to guide her. Not wanting to break from the kiss but still wanting to get to the bedroom, I surprised her by lifting her under her shoulders, carrying her the rest of the way. A soft yelp of surprise was followed by a quick laugh of glee. She rested her head on my shoulder and nibbled on my neck and ears as I made the rest of the distance to the bed. My pulsating dick throbbed against her, eager for the task ahead.

I carried her over to my bed, laid her down gently, and hovered over her. Her bare body splayed out on the sheets looked like a painting from the Renaissance era, all perfect curves and soft skin against smooth cotton. The sight alone made me even harder, if that was even possible. I looked into her sparkling blue eyes and saw a reflection of my lust mirrored back. Still panting slightly, we ravenously locked lips again, enjoying the feeling of intimacy that it brought. Somehow we both stopped and moved at the same time, as if we knew what each other wanted. She rolled over to her elbows and knees, her perfect ass facing toward me with a still wet pussy peeking out. She scooted toward the edge of the bed while I stood on the floor, rubbing spit onto my dick. She looked back toward me with an open mouth, waiting impatiently for the feel of me inside her.

I moved up behind her, my eyes feasting on the sight of her bare skin glowing in the ambient light. Beads of sweat glistened down her back, accentuating the arch of her spine as she arched her back in anticipation. My cock twitched with excitement as I reached forward to run a hand down her side, savoring the warmth of her flesh under my fingertips. I carefully positioned myself at her entrance, my hand resting on one of her firm buttocks.

"Ready?" I asked, needing to hear her say it.

"Fuck me already!," she breathed out urgently, pushing back against me hard.

I started to push into her slowly, testing the waters. Her hot, tight walls clenched around me and instinctively I withdrew slightly before pushing deeper into her. She moaned from deep within her throat and pressed back against me, needing to feel more of me. We quickly found a rhythm that matched our urgency and desire. Each thrust drove me deeper into her, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. With one hand on her hip for leverage and the other gently stroking the curve of her waist, we moved together in sync. She moaned with each thrust, loving how each one filled her more than the last. Her breath quickened as I matched each stroke with an equally forceful thrust. I could tell she was close by the way she tried to keep herself steady against my forceful motions. She moaned louder as I angled myself deeper inside her, hitting that sweet spot that made us both see stars.

I felt her hand slide back to grip my thigh, her nails digging into my skin as she pushed herself back against me, her soft cries echoing around the room. I wound a strong hand into her hair, tugging the strands gently as I continued to pound into her relentlessly. Her gasps became shrill, higher in frequency and intensity as she neared climax.

"Michael!" she cried out. "Oh god, Michael!"

The tight clenching of her pussy around my cock was my undoing. I could feel my own climax approaching rapidly, a surge of pleasure that made my whole body tense up. My rhythmic thrusts became more forceful, harder and faster.

"Shit..Fuck!" I managed to shout out as I felt myself hit the edge.

A guttural growl of satisfaction rose from within me as I felt the first wave of pleasure hit me hard. Sarah’s cry echoed mine, a short shriek that pierced the night and probably alarmed a few neighbors.

The heat of her release washed over me, the pulsating of her inner walls milking my own climax to a mind-shattering explosion. I held her hips, my fingers digging into her soft flesh as I came with a rush of intensity that left me panting and shaking. Sarah collapsed on the sheets, her body shuddering from the force of our combined orgasm. I collapsed on her, my dick growing limp inside her sopping pussy, feeling the warm trickle of our mixed juices flowing down our thighs. I traced tender fingers down her arms and then rested them on her breasts, slightly flattened on the mattress. She shivered under my touch. Her eyes were closed, her breathing still heavy, but there was a satisfied smile playing on her lips that was more intoxicating than any drug.

We both shifted on the bed to our sides, and I spooned her lovingly with my limp member fitting easily into the groove between her thighs. She was so beautiful. I took a moment to move her hair aside so as to not pull it unintentionally, then traced patterns of circles on her bare stomach, her skin gleaming from the light perspirations under the soft glow of the room. My hand trailed downward, testing the sensitivity of her clit playfully, Sarah breathing in quickly when I found a nerve that hadn’t fired yet. She gently placed her hand on mine, indicating that she was still too sensitive for me to continue, but I could feel her smile all the same.

I was overcome with a feeling of warmth and contentment that made me want to bask in this moment forever. I've always admired Sarah, her radiant personality, her vibrant soul. But this... this raw intimacy was so much more than I had ever imagined it would be. I carefully pulled out of her, eliciting a soft sigh from her lips. She turned onto her back, pulling me down beside her. She ran a delicate finger across my chest, tracing circles over my heart as she looked into my eyes. Her hair was disheveled, much like after her tumble on the stairs just a little over an hour ago.

"Michael," she whispered, her voice barely audible. Her finger paused over my chest, our eyes remained locked as if sharing silent secrets.

"Hmm?" I responded, staring back at her, equally engrossed in the intimate moment.

"That was amazing," she said softly. Her statement wasn't a question but rather an affirmation of what we both felt. My heart fluttered at her sincerity, and a gentle smile crept onto my face. Her hand came up to brush a lock of hair from my forehead, her touch generating sparks in my skin.

"It was," I agreed, my hand reaching out to stroke her cheek gently. "You are amazing."

Sarah let out a soft chuckle and blushed at my compliment. She leaned into my touch, her eyes closing as she reveled in the warmth of my palm against her skin. Then she turned towards me and snuggled into my chest; her soft breaths tickling the sensitive skin there. A sense of peace settled around us as we lay entangled on the small bed. Neither of us said anything for a long time, letting the emotions of the moment take over us. We both soon drifted off into a deep sleep.
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