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This story was inspired by the cyberpunk genre, freeuse genre, and noir stories.
If there's any suggestions to make it better, comment or PM me. My other idea was to make the male protagonist as unidentifiable as possible with no specific race, hair color, or defining characteristic other than early middle age. In that regard inspired by stories like the Halo series Protagonist, Master Chief. These are meant to be tales in the life of an average person in a high tech low life cyberpunk story. But with more sexual liberation.


He scanned all the other passengers via his retinal implant. It was a standard implant at age 21, and glasses are given to younger humans to provide the same effect. The wonders of modern technology allowed him to once again enjoy the Sexual preferences of those who signed up to the freeuse system.

It was a glorious day in 2069. Earlier this year there was a mass rollout of nanites and cybernetic enhancements. This was the only government sanctioned welfare offered in decades since the last war between Armatech and Oorlog group. The North American and South African company fought over resources in Africa and the Rocky Mountains. Gold uranium, and chrome especially. The new tech allowed for data to be gathered, processed and all manner of advances in human society took place. Psychology diagnosis transformed, STDs and AIDS were cured, cancer dropped to only those exposed to heavy nuclear fallout. If you could pay for it, of course. Like any computer program, you have to buy it or subscribe to it.

The skyscrapers and megabuildings towered around me as I waited for the bus. I am a devout Christian. Not in the evangelical sense of the turn if 21st century. Nor am I a homophobic, anti abortion or a wait for marriage before sex kind of Christian. But I am a gun carrier. As are most who live in this…. Some say God forsaken city, others say heaven on earth. It depends if you're rich or poor. As the bus stops in front of me, my neural implant transfers the money due to the driver. She nods me along her ebony skin flawless in the morning light.

I'm a Christian in the sense of, Jesus the revolutionary, flipping the goddammit table at those who supported an empire. But I bring it up because… why would someone go to church on his day off when there is tens of thousands dying each year from gun violence, stabbings and corporate espionage? The priestess is hot and her worship orgies are worth getting out of bed for worshipping Revolutionary Jesus. The bus rides through gang territory, the modern urban wilderness. But it was all certainly worth it.

All the sexuality pouring off the women on the bus brought him back from his musings. He checked out all of their preferences. He sat in the middle back of the bus next to a beautiful middle eastern woman he recognized. He wasn't sure of she remembered him but he remem ered mo ts ago viewing her freeuse profile and wanted to get to know her better. Not just erotically, but intimately.

The woman next to him did not want to be bothered; she de- activated her free use mode. She would have enjoyed putting him into the Amazon position lifting up his legs and having his feet on her shoulders. She didn't indicate why she deactivated her freeuse but he respected her privacy. There was an indicator they had sex a few months ago which was enjoyable, and he remembered how much she took on a dominant role.

His own switch tendencies went back and forth. Thinking on that erotic moment caused his A.I. nano support to change his current freeuse preference. He was more than willing. He could feel his balls begin their arousal and his cock becoming semi flaccid.

He wore a pair of blue trousers and a green button down, along with brown sneakers, or so his PG holodisplay showed for kids, teens and adults who wanted a PG display. In reality he was naked and sat on a towel, wearing only sandals. His spiked hair matched his “green shirt” and tattoos could be seen on his arms and neck. The ink symbolized many religious and existential imagery. His dedication to what some call a cult gang, unwavering. People say it's dangerous to walk around naked in a city like this. Random gunfire might kill me. Underneath this skin, as soon as I could save for it, I purchased intra- titanium plating to be surgically implanted. A standard same day out patient procedure. I could close my eyes when I am shot at and be bulletproof….mostly. You never know what ammunition gangs, cops and would be assassins use

A stranger walked into the bus and said hi to the bus driver. Her augmented reality setting was a quasi old school barbie, but latex pink body suit and fairy straight blonde hair, with slightly tanned white skin. The bus driver was a dark skinned black woman with short curly hair, barely the length of her ears. Both were hourglass shaped, the epitome of classical premotherhood beauty. Like they started their mornings in the gym and ended their evenings at a Night club or strip club as an employee. They were friends, and the bus driver did not have her free use mode activated. The stranger turned on her freeuse mode for the driver to do all manner of things. Latex barbie pulled out her tits, her nipple piercings a chrome and he wondered if they had a device in them which caused more pleasure. A vibrator or clamp? The driver licked her lips and went down to play with the stranger's tits, voraciously sucking her nipples, and then pinching and pulling them. In return this stranger grabbed the driver's tits as the driver quickly activated groping permissions. The driver's black hair transformed into a long flowing red hair, like Jessica Rabbit flowing over and around her. Whether this was some cyber tech hair with nanites or augmented reality illusion like he used to show clothing, he couldn't tell. She went from using her fingers to pull nipples to sucking and pulling using her equally red lips. Playfully they smiled at each other and then went their separate ways. The stranger went towards the back of the bus. His hard on grew a he witnessed this act. He wasn't normally turned on by lesbian activity but beautiful women and nipple play always turned him on. He was equal opportunity on breast size, tit shape, but he loved big areolas. It's why he loved pregnant women. He respected woman who breastfed publically, it was of course the norm. He always hoped to suck nipples of breastfeeding mothers who had their freeuse mode activated. He momentarily imagined his lips wrapped around an engorged and darkened nipple. Sensitive to orgasm, lacking and flicking it with his tongue, treating it like the mighty and senuous cltoris.

Some professions, for safety reasons, could not have the freeuse function turned on when performing their duties. Bus drivers, emergency personnel, actors and singers when performing, and mechanics when under heavy machinery are some examples. You get the picture. No one wants a car falling on their head because someone decides to suck your cock, whatever your sexual or erogenous zones. There was one driver, busy doing something and someone thought to indulge their foot fetish. Poor bastard didn't have time to use his other foot to hit the brakes. Sex is beautiful, but you don't want an artistic masterpiece ruined by a horny frontrunner customer if you're performing in the theater … or the cast of a musical having an orgy when performing Moulin Rouge. That's for the aftershow.

A notification appeared on his retina scanner, breaking him from his imaginary nipple and burlesque musical thoughts. It was the woman to his left who activated her freeuse mode. Past her was a window with a view of the cement, concrete and metal base of the megabuilding towering 150 stories high. The advertisement for the latest corpo scam showed as they provided propaganda for another war. They pay for the advertisement but no one in this neighborhood would join them no matter what. Who would want to leave this piece of paradise for an “affordable place” in the suburbs, read: a ghetto ass place in the middle of a color wearing gang neighborhood.

He was uncertain why she changed her mind, is it because she became horny or for whatever reason was bored? She wanted to do something specific as one of her Kinks was to also have her nipples pulled and clamped. I had a kink for nipple clamps as well and carried them with me at all times in my cyber enhanced arms and hands. The woman to his left had an interesting desire display in his scan. She wanted a child, to be bred for reasons I'm not sure but none of my business. Whoever would have sex with her is a lucky person indeed.

She wore her hair down, shoulder length and wavy. Almost after if it had extensions or blow dryer. The type of hair you expect from a sex symbol movie star from the 1980s. She was also strong, her muscles looked like she could pick up a person by their neck and toss them like a rag doll. Her face was quite beautiful, with cheek bones angled such a way that his love of geometry was formed again. Her eyes pierced as if a needle through paper, a stark contrast as her gaze was disinterested when he sat down next to her minutes prior. What it was that made her look over to me I will never know, what I do know is I will enjoy myself and hope to see her again. He could tell what he could see from her was not her true appearance. Like his alter image for those who want a PG visual, her… no Her… she was a Goddess now…Her image was a tough and sexy variant. Maybe She looked like that but without makeup or maybe She was in sweat pants and a t-shirt. Who would know from looking at Her? When he stepped on the bus and noticed Her, She had a similar PG image, in a blue summer dress with a thin light cardigan which was a neutral yellow. Upon Her freeuse activation Her body image shifted to a woman wearing a leather vest with a symbol of a gang he was unfamiliar with but will look up later. The symbol of a white crescent moon over a green mountain with rivers of blood coming down, olive trees dotted around. Her whole body underneath was covered in a red fishnet body suit, nipples covered by black tape in an X, which still didn't cover her massive areolas. They matched Her patent leather boots which were high heel shaped, the toes fifteen centimeters below the heel. Her tattoos reflected handcuffs, whips, skulls and crossbones on Her chest and a desert falcon on Her shoulders. It's head rose to Her neck visible over the vest. Her nose piercing like a bull, meant business. She oozed toughness, and Her sexuality was a dominant one. She took what She wanted when She wanted. I loved Her months ago, and fell in love with her again.

Her lips were made for kissing and I would be honored to have them on my cock, on my lips or even if they were denied to me. Within arms reach, She simply breathed. How could her breath snell like flowers. Her lips were naturally plump, as if She were out of a harem, the epitome of middle eastern beauty. Her desire grew, why She chose me was something maybe my AI would discover in time. This Woman, this Amazon to my left was all about direct conversation. She did not play games sexually… well not at this moment. She was the Predator and I was Her prey. She enjoyed clear conciseness, directness and orderly rules. She was a disciplinarian. The bus continued its journey as the last passenger got on. It slowly went back onto the road gently rocking.

I am highly extroverted but this scan technology was an introverts best friend. She was heavily introverted. Sometimes introverts wouldn't want to express themselves or there were shy people and this technology allowed for boundaries to be established between the neural AI. Without verbal communication. So I may not know why this Amazon queen was interested in me but I didn't need to because this tech provided certainty. I know Her AI and my AI worked their digital algorithms to ensure consent and compatibility. I don't know consciously but She could be my dream woman. Or maybe She was also interested in polyamory and we could form our love polygon. Or maybe Her seeing the two women sucking nipples moments ago triggered her nipple kink? What I do know is She didn't want to talk, She wanted unspoken passion and desire. This was something I was happy to indulge. She wanted mystery. It was a technological illusion, but She got what She needed. I was happy to provide as my member grew with excitement.

I asked my AI, Guru, in my brain or specifically my neural enhancement about this Woman. He said, “ no worries the AI agreed to the no pegging limits, no forced bi limits and no cum eating”. She took control of the situation and as a switch, I was happy to be used as her fucktoy. I was happy to breed her. I don't know why she wanted me to father her child. Maybe she liked the color of my skin and wanted that for her child. Maybe she had wanted to wait for this moment in her life. It's not like she needed to hold off on her career to have a child, it was too easy to be a career woman and a mother in this day and age. Well if you have a cushy corpo gig. Maybe there is a deeper reason which I cannot fathom.

Her leather vest, fishnet, tattoos and piercings I found quite sexy as She placed her right hand on my leg. Her smooth caramel skin requiring worship from me. Her hand shifted slowly towards my ever growing cock, she then grasped the base of my shaft. I remember last time how she was surprised by my girth, the AI enhanced imagery can create senses, for example she may not be wearing fishnets but I can feel the ripple of the material on her hand just the same as if it were there. Last time she was surprised when she realized I was naked and not wearing clothing, but this time I shared with her my true image. As much as I enjoy being naked, I only share my nude image with those I have feelings for and I admit I have a schoolboy crush on this Goddess incarnate. She stroked me firmly but gently, her pussy glistening as her fishnet body suit was crotchless, I could tell. She leaned her head over to me, pressing her lips to mind as she kissed me. Her lips parted and her tongue entered my mouth and mine entered hers. They swirled and danced and I could feel my election getting firmer. Her F cup tits pressed up against my arm, her nipples as erect as my cock, poking my arm through the net.

She then got onto her feet, her right hand shifting to grasp my balls. Her eyes locking with mine, Her authority established. She moved in front of me facing me, Her round bouncy ass leaning on the seat in front of me. Her thumb and index finger wrapping around the balls and Her fingers grasping the sack. She tightened her grip, pleasurably not painfully. With Her left hand she grabbed my right hand and raised it to Her left tit. She moved my fingers to Her nipples. My AI reminded me She likes clamps so I took my left hand and grabbed my two clamps from my right arm, a “pocket” containing a few sex toys like clamps. I placed them on Her divine nipples. I was tall at 1.85m and She was 1.8m, Her body at 66cm waist, 96cm chest and 115 inch ass made Her the perfect woman for me. Appearance isn't permanent, but I appreciate the view all the same.

The two second time lovers had on-lookers; those who wanted a PG view saw two of us talking closely; others who wanted the NSFW view saw them in their sexual prime. She sighed pleasure as he tightened the clamps, She in some way a switch as well, but today and most days she wanted to be dominant. She took her left hand and grabbed his right leg, moving it up onto her torso, his foot resting on her shoulder. He moved his left leg to follow, his foot resting on her right shoulder. His sandals remained on the ground, his torso sliding towards her, slightly off the chair, the towel under him shifting with him. Her right hand tugged on his balls slightly, reminding him who was in charge. Her eyes never left his. She lowered her wet pussy onto his cock head, just the tip. The other great thing about cybertech, bio-nanites and modern tech, She can choose to have lube within Her be used, and She did. Guru indicated she needed to leave in three stops, it's all the time I needed. She lowered Herself centimeter by centimeter until my 20cm cock with 15cm of girth. Our hips touched and she moaned and I moaned,both into each other's mouth. Then She starts to raise and lower Herself, raise and lower Herself. The rhythm as expected, disciplined and into a beat. I could feel Her tight wet pussy gliding it's way up and down all the while gripping it. I was usually one to last for hours but this erotic moment meant he was not going to last for long. Her nipple poked him and the clamps rested on his chest as she rose her tits slightly rose and fell, her hips jiggling with each impact their hips made. She had one stop left to go.

She spoke for the first time, her Persian accent sexy, scintillating and the embodiment of authority and temptation. “3”.... she picked up the pace, my pre-cum leaking into her, my will to hold on a moment longer eroding as I wanted to fill her with my seed… “2”.. her breath smelled like roses, softly caressing my face, as she stopped going up and down and now grinding against my cock, rotating her hips… “1”.... I could feel my balls tighten the pending orgasm being shared by Her and me. I couldn't help but moan “Goddess” She smirked as she then proceeded to pick me up and throw me against the window, all the while my cock never left her.

His cum shot into Her womb, Her nanites ensuring every drop of him milked into her, ensuring that the strongest and healthiest semen would reach her ovaries. She slumped against the wall, his flexibility being tested as his load continued to empty into Her, Her pussy throbbed in orgasm. Their lips met and slowly she let his legs return to the ground, his cock still in her. The bus driver smirked, knowing it was the Goddess’s stop and letting the two finish. Not something she would do for everyone but the Neural AIs came to an understanding faster than you can say Bus stop.

As the vehicle with 80 souls slowed to a halt, their AIs exchanged contact information. Last time it was a nice one time thing but circumstances have changed, and they didn't know it but they were set up by their AI. She straightened up and let go of his cock from her pussy, every milliliter drained. They winked at each other and smirked. She grabbed her bag which miraculously wasn't stepped on and She proceeded to exit the bus. She smiled at him and stepped out. The bus driver closed the door behind Her and the bus continued its journey, the cycle continued. As he looked at Her through the window, She looked at him again and let him see Her true self.

Before him for a moment, enough to take a clear mental picture, she showed herself. She was indeed as beautiful, tall and curvy as she was before but her clothing was entirely different. She wore a neo-chador, a full length cloth which wrapped around her body. Neon blue in color, but inlaid with microchip patterns in neon yellow. In conservative cultures it would only leave the face to be seen in an oval. She wore it so that her chests between her breasts we're exposed, as well her stomach and you get a hint of her pelvic area. Her full face could be seen but her hair was covered. As such you can see her borg enhancement, a framework which provides her strength and reflexes. She actually does have a red fishnet. She raised her dress to reveal her legs. The suit actually gave her an extra 30cm of height, essentially she was wearing platform shoes 30 cms tall. In other words she is extra thick, short, but uses her cyberware to be powerful. She is still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and now she is working on being pregnant with his child. Or maybe twins. Or quadrupled.

He trusted his AI and her AI. There's bound to be more in the future and I can't wait to tell Priestess Rodriguez all about this at the worship orgy. Church was going to be fun today. Yet he must admit, it was no sex filled room with arched gothic ceilings, no mass orgy with cyberchrome MetalRap echoing from its walls She took him to church. Or maybe a mosque. He is happy to be committed to the gang but take an interfaith approach. After all revolutionary Jesus and subsequent Christianity borrowed from Greek, Rome, Egyptian, Zorastrian Babylonian and Israelite practices. Why he couldn't he have two goddesses in his life. Twenty minutes before I arrive, the rain starts to fall gently. He was glad his other arm had his lead pipe, machete and umbrella.. he dreamed of Her to sitting on his face while She was pregnant.
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