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*** Author’s Note: The characters were created by Rydeordie467 for Downtown with No Money Part 1 for another site. Everything in this and future chapters going forward is completely my own work. I am a new writer and would love feedback, good or bad. Thank you.***
Ashley’s Awakening Part 2 (The Bargain)

It had been over a month since Ashley went downtown alone and ran out of money. Forced to ask for change, she met two men who offered her money in exchange for modelling work. Things spiraled from there ending with her losing her virginity but gaining a sense of freedom and confidence she didn’t know she had.

Back at home, Ashley’s parents resumed their helicopter ways. Overly protecting her and rarely letting her go out on her own. The most she could do was stay at a friend’s house or go to cheer practice. She desperately wanted to escape their clutches to meet up with those guys again, even if it was only for a day.

Ashley kept in contact with both Scott and Richard, whom she now called Rick. They’d text and they kept a private chat where they would talk about what they were working on. The guys had done a few high paying advertising contracts since they last were together. They shared photos from their shoots with her, telling her what they were going for with each of the campaign photos. They even shared some secret photos they took of some of the models naked when they were getting ready. Ashley enjoyed the insight into photography and really enjoyed the nude pictures. It was exciting to see something no one else was supposed to see, and they trusted her with them.

When Ashley asked what they were going to do with the money, they just said she would have to come down and see for herself. They all tried to come up with ways Ashley could escape her parents for the day. Ashley would finger herself regularly looking at the pictures of her from that day. It turned her on so much seeing herself sucking and being fucked. She was going crazy, she needed real release and one day opportunity struck.

It was a Saturday and Ashley was scheduled to have cheerleading practice all day. She woke up early and horny that morning, showered and played with herself while under the jets of water. She didn’t have enough time to finish though. She quickly changed into her gym attire, packed her uniform, and grabbed the lunch her mom made her for later. Her parents dropped her off at the school and watched her go inside to change. They knew this would be all day, so they planned to go into the city to run a bunch of errands.

Ashley went into the change room and undressed. She looked around the locker room and saw all the girls in various stages of undressing. She must be extra turned on today to be eyeing up the other girls on her team. She knew Scott and Rick would love to get their cameras in here, she laughed to herself. She then noticed her best friend, Nikki. Ashley and Nikki were friends since grade school. They grew up together and told each other everything, at least until recently. Nikki knew Ashley was completely controlled by her parents. Nikki knew something had been up with her friend but couldn’t get Ashley to spill it.

“Ready for this improved routine today, Ash?” asked Nikki.

“Yeah, hopefully it isn’t too difficult,” replied Ashley, “we don’t want a repeat of last year’s pyramid collapse and the State Finals are so close.”

“Oh, believe me, I was nearly killed in that disaster,” said Nikki, “I don’t want to learn a whole new routine with just over a month before the Finals.”

“I know. Any plans after practice Nik?”

“Parents are gone until 7:00 tonight visiting Grandma, so dinner alone and read more than likely,” Nikki lamented.

“At least your parents trust you to make your own food, my mom made my lunch today so I would eat healthy. I’m not trusted to make my own damned lunches.” Ashley snorted, not meaning to sound rude to her friend.

The girls put on their uniforms and headed outside to the field. There were mats and other gear around the area as the team slowly came together to start warming up. The cheer captain led the stretches, and everyone waited for the coach to arrive. She was unusually late. Everything had been set up by the Junior Varsity squad, as was tradition but the coach was usually one of the first on site.

The coach finally arrived 20 minutes later but looked green. She was going to try to work through it and teach the new routine. The opening was standard but as they we positioned to the tumbling work; the coach puked on the sidelines and nearly collapsed. There was a medic on staff and took her to the hospital. The cheer captain didn’t even know the new routine, so they decided to cancel the rest of practice for the day. It would be made up during the week with extra practice when the coach got better.

Ashley called her parents to let them know about what had happened. By this point they were already in the city, so they told her to go stay with Nikki’s family until they were back around 5:00pm. Ashley said OK and said goodbye. She immediately knew this was her chance and messaged Scott and Rick.

“My practice is cancelled, and my parents are gone until 5:00. Are you guys free for the day?”

A moment or two passed until she saw the reply.

“We were planning on doing some paperwork but fuck that if you are free. Where should we get you?” asked Scott.

“I’ll come to you, I’ll meet you at the studio in 30 minutes, OK?”

“Sounds great, see you then!” replied Scott.

Ashley was excited but knew there was one thing she had to do first. She had to convince Nikki to cover for her. Nikki approached her carrying her change bag.

“Your mom called me to say they are out of town and want you to come over to my place. Your parents are insane, you can take care of yourself.” Nikki said.

“I know, that’s why I need you to do something for me. I need you to cover for me while I go into the city.” Ashley asked.

“What? Why? Where are you going? I know your parents are crazy, but you have been acting strange for a while now Ashley Thompson” Nikki responded, using Ashley’s full name always meant she was mad.

“I…please, I know this is a big ask. I’ll try to explain later, I promise. Just do this for me this one time.” Ashley pleaded.

“OK, this one time. I need you to tell me everything soon though, Ash. Promise?”

“Next Friday, why don’t you stay over, and I’ll tell you everything. We can go to practice together on Saturday morning. Deal?” Ashley asked.

“Deal! OK, I’ll cover for you. Just don’t be later than 4:30, OK?”

“Ok, see you then. Love you” Ashley added and called a cab to pick her up. She started keeping some cash on her now for cab fare. She learned from last time. She didn’t even bother changing from her cheerleader outfit. She just grabbed her bag and jumped in the waiting cab. Giving the driver the address to the studio.


Ashley arrived at the studio around 10:00am. She rang the buzzer and Rick appeared to let her in. He checked her out in her cute little uniform, he definitely wanted to get pictures of her in that outfit. She looked amazing. He led her to the main studio where Scott was rigging something up.

“Hello Scott!” she chirped. “What is that you’re working on?”

“This was the surprise we talked about. Video cameras! A high-tech video capture system that surrounds the main studio platform. You like it?” Scott asked.

“I love it! Let’s test it out.” And she immediately turned to Rick and planted a big kiss on his lips. Her hands roaming down his body to find the zipper on his pants.

“Woah, down girl!” replied Rick. “We have time, besides, don’t forget Scott.”

“Oh, I won’t” said Ashley, who walked towards Scott and planted a big kiss on him too.

“While we do have time, I’ve been desperate for this for over a month. I need someone to fuck me, and I think it should be Scott” Ashley demanded.

“Alright, well if you are impatient. I guess I’ll have to help you out,” replied Scott.

They all disrobed quickly. Scott turned on the camera system and a large monitor showed everything that they recorded. There was a bed with satin sheets in the middle of the main area. Ashley, now fully naked, laid down on it and spread her legs. Scott, climbed on top of her and kissed her. Then teased his way down her body. He wanted a taste of her nectar as well, having missed out the last time. He dove in face first causing Ashley to moan out. She loved being eaten. It felt so good. She waved Rick over to them. He was hard as a rock, and she wanted him to kiss her and work her tits. Rick obliged, kissing her deeply and pulling on her perky tits.

Ashley could feel herself building up to her first orgasm of the day. She held Scott’s face in place as he licked her clit. She did taste like sweet honey as she came all over his tongue. Rick moved back as Scott positioned himself to enter the girl. Ashley had other ideas in mind as she grabbed his penis and moved it into her mouth. Scott then entered her as deep as he could into her young cunt. Both men were enraptured by this little nymph.

Scott loved how tight and wet she was. He hadn’t been with a girl like this in more than a decade. They fucked like this for a few minutes. Not heavy pounding, just slowly building up the strokes. Rick was enjoying his blowjob when Ashley pulled off and said she wanted to try a different position. Everyone agreed, so Ashley got on her hands and knees, Rick got in front of her and Scott behind her. Scott plunged back in. Ashley took Rick back in her mouth and started bobbing her head back and forth. Ashley loved the new position, it hit in different spots inside her. She felt so full in both places. She was free again.

Scott pounded her harder now. Pulling almost all the way out and then pushing fully in. Looking down, he saw her little pink asshole. He wondered how tight that might be. He brought his hand around to her front and got his fingers wet from her pussy juices. He ran his index finger around the outside of her little puckered hole. He could feel her responding to his touch there.

Ashley was busy being filled at both ends. She was loving the feeling of being fucked and used. Suddenly, she felt a finger rubbing around her asshole. She didn’t know what to make of the feeling. It was tickling and yet strange. She felt the finger stop and pressure applied to enter her backdoor. She had never even thought of that before. As the digit penetrated her up to the first knuckle, she wasn’t sure she liked it. As it hit the second, and fully entered her, she could feel it rub against the wall where her pussy was. Adding to the sensation. She came immediately. Strong pulses of pleasure radiated across her body. Scott knew she liked it.

“I’m getting pretty close Ash,” said Scott.

“Me too, Scott,” said Rick.

“I’m going to cum on her.” Said Scott.

“Let’s both cum on her! Would you like that, Ashley?” asked Rick.

Ashley could only make an affirmative sound and a slight nod. Both men neared their orgasms. When they both indicated they were close. They pulled out quickly. Ashley flipped on to her back while the guys jerked themselves off until they exploded on her. Ropes of cum splashed all over her body. It was on her face, tits, stomach, and pubic hair. Some got into her regular hair as well, but Ashley didn’t care that much. She had finally been fucked again. Hard. By two guys at the same time, no less. She was throbbing and in heaven. Scott and Ashley collapsed on the bed. Rick went over to his camera and took pictures of the tired and cum covered teen. She looked at him and smiled, took two fingers, and collected some cum from her stomach and brought it to her mouth. Seductively, she licked the cum off her fingers and swallowed it while looking directly at the camera. It nearly got Rick hard again but there would be time for more fun later. As the bliss cooled and energy began to return to the trio Ashley knew she needed to clean herself up.

“So, is there a bathroom where I can clean up a little? I’m a little drippy,” Ashley joked.

“Yeah, there’s a shower in the back you can use. We need you looking clean and innocent for our next photo session.” Replied Scott.

“Innocent, eh?” Ashley remarked with a grin. “Is this not innocent enough for you?” pointing to her nubile, yet cum covered body.

“You know what I mean, you brat,” Scott replied jokingly.

“Should I pout my lips more? Or maybe I should shave off my bush? Be as smooth as a baby’s bottom.” Ashley somewhat joked.

“If you want to shave yourself here, we do have the tools. I can photograph it too if you want.” Rick interjected.

“At this point, I’m just assuming everything I do will be caught on a camera. Yeah, why not. Let’s trim this bush” Ashley said triumphantly.

Scott led Ashley to the bathroom, it was rather spacious with a full glass shower with a metal chair inside. Scott explained that it was also used in some shoots but mainly to clean make-up and other materials off the models. The bathroom was large so they could move around if models were in large outfits or so the guys could move around the shower for pictures. The shower door was also removable for unobstructive views of the user. Water would get on the floor but the whole room was tiled and designed to drain.

Ashley first turned on the water and washed the cum and sex residue off her body. She rubbed her hair and then moved her hands down her tits and stomach. Teasing herself as she went, we rubbed her pussy briefly and ran her fingers through her pubic bush. Once she was sure all the cum was off her, she asked for the shaving tools.

Scott handed them to her through the removed door. Rick has his camera ready as Ashley sat on the chair and spread her legs wide. She first used scissors to trim as much of the hair off as possible. Running her hands up and down her pussy to ensure she got as much as she could. Then she applied shaving gel. She spread it on evenly and ensured a frothy consistency. She would look at the camera every so often, biting her lip or slipping a finger inside herself. Finally, she picked up the razer and carefully shaved the top of her pubic area. Slow, down movements were required to ensure no nicks or cuts. Just for good measure, she shaved around her vaginal lips. She usually did this anyway but wanted to make sure she was super smooth. She carefully did one side and then the other, each time running her hand over the freshly shaved region to ensure no missed spots. It was sensual to watch and both guys enjoyed the show. Finally, Ashley was satisfied with the level of smoothness and turned off the shower.

“How do I look? Innocent enough for both of you?” Ashley asked.

“You look incredible, Ash. You look like we should be hauled off to jail,” said Rick.

“You should, for how you’ve corrupted me,” Ashley joked. “So, what plans do you have for me?”

“Well, you decided for us when you showed up in that cute little cheerleading outfit. We definitely need a set of you in and out of that.” Scott replied. “But first, let’s get some food. That took a lot out of me.”

“Agreed” replied the other two.

They ordered some Chinese food and Scott had to get dressed when it was delivered. Everyone else stayed naked, he quickly disrobed once the driver left. After they devoured some Chow Mein and dumplings, it was time to get back to business. It was noon, but they wanted to enjoy the time they had to the fullest. Ashley put back on her cheerleader uniform, including the panties, despite her protests. Rick promised they would be back off soon enough.

The bed was pushed out of the way and replaced with a wooden bench, like that at a basketball game. They altered the backdrop to look like a football field, apparently, they’d done this before, Ashley thought. They both had their cameras out, capturing different angles. Ashley was told to start with basic cheering positions. One arm up, one leg raised and bent forward. One leg out at 90 degrees, arms spread. Basic stuff.

Things got more challenging with cartwheels, handstands, and back flips. It really showed off her athleticism and flexibility. Ashley decided to show them one thing she could do and demonstrated making a bridge by bending over backwards with her feet and hands touching. She held it for 30 seconds, then disengaged by going into a handstand, stopping in the center, and spreading her legs wide open. When she finished the maneuver, she looked over her shoulder at Rick and winked. She saw his dick twitch with possibilities.

Ashley decided she wanted to move things along, so she casually slipped her cheer panties off. It was time to step things up. Ashley started by sitting on the bench with her legs open but slightly covering the treasure underneath. Slowly opened her legs wider and wider, her smile widened as well. Scott knelt down to capture some upskirt shots while Rick focused on the whole look. It was very seductive. Ashley licked her fingers and slid them under her skirt, giving herself a quick rub. Ashley got off the bench and did some full extension high kicks. On the final kick she held her leg as high as she could, grabbing her calf. This showed off her wet pussy for the guys to see but Ashley wanted even more. She once again did her bridge back bend, spreading wider this time and went into her spread handstand. Her pussy glistened with juice and her hole was open for everyone to see. Scott moved in to get a close up and Rick got pictures of Scott sticking his camera near this girl’s vagina. Ashley flipped back upright and laid down on the bench, legs raised up. She lifted her butt and slid down the skirt of the uniform until she was able to kick it off her feet.

Now nude from the waist down, Ashley began rubbing her thighs with her hands. Sliding them up and down, going closer and closer to the moist center where they joined. When her fingers contacted her outer labia, she moaned and spread herself open further. Legs resting on the sides of the bench, her fingers running up and down her freshly shaved slit. Her other hand moved upwards towards her still covered breasts. Her hand ran over top her shirt, rubbing each of her small hidden tits. Finally, she moved her hand under her shirt which elicited another moan.

Rick and Scott watched mesmerized by the beautiful sight in front of them. She was really going for it and it looked amazing. Scott checked to make sure the video recorders were still rolling while Rick took still frames. As Ashley’s fingers entered herself, Scott gave up trying to be professional and started jerking off. He figured he could go over there and take her, but she looked like she wanted to do this one herself. A little solo therapy. Rick wished he could just jerk off too, but he thought someone needed to capture this for posterity.

Ashley needed to be naked, now. She pulled her fingers from herself and took off her shirt. She was free again to be who she wanted to be and do what she wanted to do. She lay back down and went back to fingering herself. In and out they went, occasionally rubbing up against her clit. She wanted this to last a little while longer. She looked over at Scott jerking himself to her and saw Rick trying to maintain his composure, but his 7-inch penis said otherwise. She motioned him over with her free hand. He obeyed and stood beside her, she grabbed ahold of his cock and lowered him to her waiting mouth and started sucking him. She continued her own self-ministrations. Scott was feeling left out until she motioned for him to join her on the other side where she began to stroke him with her free hand.

Rick tried to keep taking pictures but gave up and put his camera down on the floor. He then started massaging Ashley’s perky tits. Ashley picked up the pace on herself. Her fingers became a whir primarily on her clit. Ashley could tell Rick was close to cumming so she started flicking her tongue on the tip of his dick. This feeling caused him to grunt loudly and empty his balls into her mouth. Ashley, now knowing what to expect, swallowed all of it. She let Rick slip from her mouth and immediately moaned, getting closer to her own climax. But she knew she had to help Scott as well, so she turned her head to his side and sucked him into her mouth. He was getting there but Ashley couldn’t hold out any longer and came hard on her own hands. Her body tightened up and spasmed, her pussy leaked all over the bench. Tired but knowing she wasn’t done, Ashley got off the bench and kneeled in front of Scott.

“Fuck my mouth hard till you cum, Scott.” Ashley demanded.

Surprised at her command, Scott simply nodded and proceeded to grab the back of her head and ram his dick in and out of her mouth. His 6-inch cock hit the back of her throat repeatedly, causing tears to streak down her face. Scott was close and started groaning, Ashley knew what she wanted to do. As he was about to cum, Ashley pulled his cock out of her throat and let the cum fill her mouth till he was done squirting. She pointed to Rick’s camera and Rick knew what she wanted. As Scott pulled his deflating cock from her mouth, Ashley turned to the camera and showed all the cum she had collected. Then, with a gulp, she swallowed it all and showed her now empty mouth. She licked her lips and winked a happy but tear-stained eye at the camera.

“How did you get to be so nasty, so quickly Ash?” asked a bemused Scott.

“I had good teachers who made sure I felt safe to try things and be myself” Ashley replied, “I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me.”

“I think we should be the ones thank you, Ash.” Said Rick, putting his camera down. “You’ve changed us too. Just the thought of you brightens up my day. I wish we could do this more often.”

“Believe me, so do I. But my parents guard me like a hawk. I need this sanctuary of freedom for my own sanity.” Ashley said, “but first I need to free my bladder. I haven’t peed since this morning,” she laughed and headed towards to bathroom.

Scott picked up his camera and started to follow her, Rick looked puzzled.


“Um, why are you following me to the bathroom?”

“As you said before, everything you do here might be filmed.” Scott replied.

“You…you want pictures of me peeing? Really?” Ashley asked, confused.

“Of course, you can pee in the shower. Just sit on the edge of the chair and spread yourself open, is that ok?” asked Scott.

“It’s a little weird but I really need to go and fuck it, why not!” Ashley said, “Follow me to the bathroom whoever wants a show.”

Rick got up and followed the other two to the bathroom. He was reluctant but slightly curious, it wasn’t something he’d really been interested in before but since it was happening right here, might as well watch. Ashley got in the shower and sat on the edge of the chair. She spread her legs wide apart and then used her hands to open her outer lips further so Scott could get a good shot. Despite her reticence, she always wanted to give them the best show possible. Scott had his camera aimed directly at her open slit. Ashley attempted to relax and gave a slight push. After a few seconds, a golden stream emerged from her body. Due to her sitting angle, it arced up slightly before hitting the floor and going down the drain. Ashley enjoyed the release of several hours of pent-up urine. Rick was somewhat excited by what he saw. Scott took as many pictures as possible until the stream slowed down to a dribble.

“Ok, that wasn’t so bad. But how am I supposed to wipe myself?” Ashley asked.

“Here, you can use the shower wand to clean yourself up.” Rick suggested, “then you can dry yourself with a towel.”

A look at the clock showed it was 1:30, Ashley needed to be in a cab by 4:00 at the latest. Ashley hoped the guys had one last good one in them because she wanted a big one for the road. Something to tide her over until she could return. She had an idea, but it would have to wait till they recovered.

Ashley walked around the studio naked, again admiring all their large prints on the walls. The guys were looking over some paperwork they neglected when Ashley called. It gave them a respite from the sexual chaos of the day, even if they were still naked too. Scott noticed Ashley stopping in front of one print, a woman standing in a long gown looking off in the distance.

“That’s from a perfume ad we did a couple years back,” Scott mentioned, approaching Ashley.

“What does it have to do with perfume?” she inquired.

“Who knows, they all seem to be like that. Hard to convey scent in a picture, just elegance.” He replied.

“Well, she is beautiful. Such an amazing dress too.” Ashley added.

“It should be, it was a designer outfit that cost $10,000. And her? Miserable bitch. Rude and arrogant. Plus, she has nothing on you Ash.” Scott smiled and put his arm around her.

“You’re only saying that because I’m naked and I let you fuck me,” she joked, playfully pushing him.

“No, I’m serious. We’d take that down in a second and replace it with any of your images if you let us. Right Rick?” he asked his half listening partner, who was looking at expense forms.

“Huh, what was that? Oh yeah. We talked about that when reviewing the sets from your first visit. But you asked us not to, so we respected that choice.” Rick responded.

“You really think so?” she inquired. “Alright, you can put one up, but it doesn’t leave this building and I get final approval which image.” She beamed.

“Deal!” said Rick “Now Scott, help me with these forms.”

“Why don’t you guys get an assistant?” she asked.

“We had one once; ripped us off and left us with all this mess,” said Scott angrily.

Scott and Ashley joined him and looked over the paperwork. Ashley actually knew how to manage some of the forms. Her parents were lawyers and she had to help manage their expenses for their firm, their assistants were too busy with case files. Besides, they wanted her to become them by becoming a lawyer too. It was a rite of passage, they said, working your way up from the mailroom.

Ashley got them sorted for most of their expenses and even helped get them ready for the upcoming week by organizing their schedules for clients. They were quite impressed. They offered her a job, but she had to refuse since that would be too suspicious for her parents. Plus, she’d have her own income which they couldn’t control, which they would hate.

Ashley noticed the clock, it was after 3:00. She didn’t have a lot of time left. She walked over to Scott and started kissing his neck. Scott looked up and smiled. He leaned over and pulled her in for a kiss. Their tongues intertwined and his hands moved to her breasts. Rick looked on and enjoyed the view. Ashley broke the kiss.

“Let’s get the bed back on the mainstage. Fire up those cameras too. I want us all to remember this one because I don’t know when I’ll be back. But I will be back.” Ashley declared.

Rick quickly removed the bench and reset the background to a white screen. All the lights were turned on, and the bed moved into place. It was like a rock concert at an orgy.


Ashley moved onto the bed, slowly and seductively, almost cat-like walking on all fours. She eyed her prey, the two hardening cocks on her two lovers. She motioned for Scott to join her first. She first took him in her mouth, sucking and licking him like a lollipop. Rick picked up his camera, might as well take some pictures while he waited his turn. Ashley release Scott’s dick from her mouth and positioned him behind her. He took his cue and pushed in to her soaking pussy. He thrusted slowly a few times before Ashley pulled away. Scott was confused.

“That was good, but I want you somewhere else. Put it where you put your finger earlier,” Ashley said it a husky tone.

“You mean?” Scott pointed at her butt.

“Yes, Rick got my cherry, so I’m giving you by virgin ass. Just be gentle at first, OK?” she asked, breaking her sexy character.

“I’m honored. Of course I’ll be gentle. I think we’ll need some lube though, you’re wet but I don’t want to risk it. Rick?” Scott turned to his friend.

Rick shot off to the bathroom and returned with some baby oil. It was the best they had. Rick resumed his post with the camera, he wasn’t going to miss this. Scott spread it over his dick and poured some down her ass crack, causing her to giggle. He moved his finger to her backdoor and pushed in. She was tight but the lube helped, it slowly pushed in all the way. He pulled it out again a dripped a bit more oil inside her slightly open rosebud. It was time. He moved into position and placed his member against her chute. She nodded approval and he applied pressure. It took a bit, but the head worked its way inside. The sensation was strange for the girl but not unpleasant either. Inch after inch penetrated her ass till finally, he bottomed out.

“Are you ok? We can stop whenever you want.” He asked her.

She answered but slowly fucking him back and forth. Gritting her teeth and clenching the sheets, she lightly rocked her hips. There was some pain and discomfort, but she knew it would get better, she had a plan. She asked Scott to pull out of her. He complied; his dick made a noticeable pop as it exited her. She had him lay down near the end of the bed and climbed on top of him, in reverse. Positioned him back into her ass and dropped down. Maybe a bit too hard, as she whimpered when it entered her. She slowly fucked him in that position until she signaled Rick over to her.

“I want you to fuck my pussy as he fucks my ass.” The words hung in the air for a second before they hit Rick’s brain.

“Are you sure? That might hurt a lot” he questioned.

“Fuck me hard, Rick! I want you both to use me before I go back to being a good girl. Please! Do this for me.” She practically begged.

Rick smiled and nodded, lined up his target and slammed it into her.

Ashley screamed in both pain and pleasure. This was what she wanted, and she was going to get it. Her body, her choice. She was choosing to be a slut in this moment. None of them would forget this day.

Rick started to push in and out which caused Scott to move as well. Ashley was practically in the bridge position between these two men, her holes being filled like she wanted. A tear of happiness ran down her cheek, then she knew snapped out of it to give them the ride of their lives. Ashley looked up and kissed Rick.

Ashley began rocking and swiveling her hips on Scott’s cock. Rick fucked her pussy at a steady pace. Pleasure returned to Ashley’s body as she overcame the initial discomfort of being stretched in two places at once. She moaned and pussy juice dripped from her box, coating Rick’s cock and running down her ass to Scott’s. The guys could feel each other through the thin membranes that divided the two slots. The feeling was incredible for both and Ashley too.

Ashley had her first orgasm. It shot through her body, rippled of pleasure washed over her. Her anal ring milked Scott’s dick, trying to coax out his cum but he managed to hold off. Rick was in the same boat, her pussy contracted teasing for his seed. They both slowed down in tandem, wanting to keep this going as long as possible. Her body relaxed and her breathing returned to normal, well, as normal as it can be with two cocks in you. They started thrusting again. This time finding a rhythm where one would pull out while the other pushed in. Ashley was in ecstasy again, it hit every sensitive spot in her body. Everyone was moaning and grunting, sweaty and wet.

“I’m almost there!” shouted Scott.

“Me too!” yelled Rick.

“Then take me [moans]! I want [moans] both of you [grunts] to cum [groans] in me!” she said out of breath.

“But what about…” Scott tried to say before being cut off.

“DO IT!” That’s all she got out before he was hit with the biggest orgasm of her young life. Her body shook and all her muscles contracted and released nearly instantaneously. She sprayed her cum all over Rick, hitting him in face and chest, soaking the bed. She screamed at full volume. Both Rick and Scott, overcome by the sight and sensations rippling from Ashley’s being, plunged deep into whatever hole they were in and came, hard. Flooding her cavities with their liquid essences.

In the madness, Ashley passed out from the sensations of her orgasm and subsequent fillings by the two penises within her. Rick nearly collapsed on top of both her and Scott but managed to find an empty spot on the bed. Scott guided Ashley’s unconscious body down to the bed between himself and Rick. He was concerned until he saw the smile on her face. The bed was soaked in all kinds of juices and oil, Ashley leaked more from her gaping orifices, but they were all happy in that moment. Even the one unconscious.

A few minutes later, Ashley awoke to the wet sensation around her and the feeling of being between two sets of hands stroking her body and hair. She turned towards Scott and kissed him, then turned and kissed Rick.

“Mmmmm, thank you both for that.” She mewed.

“Thank us? I think we should be thanking you for that” Rick responded, “that was the most incredible time of my life.”

“Same here,” said Scott, recovering. “Woooo, you are a firecracker.”

“Can anyone see what time it is?” asked Ashley, realizing she needed to get back to Nikki’s.

“It’s 3:45, you still have time if you want to wash up and I can take you home” offered Rick.

“Thanks, I’ll jump in the shower as soon as I get my legs to hold me up” Ashley said. As she tried to stand up, her legs buckled a bit before she caught herself.

She grabbed her bag of gym clothes and went to the shower, leaving a dripping trail of cum as she walked. For once, the guys didn’t follow. They started cleaning up, collecting the pieces of her scattered cheerleading uniform and straightening things out. Ashley walked in the shower, her body sore and turned on the hot water. Her holes stung, especially her ass. She moved her hands down to her abused pussy and felt it still open. Same thing when she touched her asshole, gaping wide open. She tried to clean herself up as much as possible, quickly. Just a five-minute shower to hide the smell of sweat and sex.

Satisfied with the best she could do, she dressed, pulled her hair back in a ponytail. Hopefully that would hide how wet and messy her hair truly was. She walked back to meet the guys to say goodbye to Scott.

“Goodbye Scott, thank you for the wonderful time. I hope to see you again soon.” Ashley said, hugging and kissing him.

“See you later Ash, I’ll send you the picture we would like to use for the wall. Pending your approval of course.” He joked. “Also don’t forget to buy another pill, you got filled pretty good there.”

“Oh, I’m good. I tricked my mom into taking me to the doctor for regular birth control, for my cramps” she laughed, “you boys can fill me up with as much cum as you’d like, wherever you like.”

“Oh, almost forgot, this is for you.” As he hands her a bundle of cash worth $2000.

“What’s this for? I didn’t ask for any money.” She asked, her tone concerned.

“I know, but you helped us so much with the paperwork and for the fun cheerleader set. Take it and save it, please. Use it get away from your parents.” Scott pleaded.

“Ok, if that’s only what this is for. I don’t fuck you guys for money, I do that for free and for me.” Ashley stated.

[Clearing throat] “Sorry Ash, we have to get going if you want to make it in time.” Rick interjected.

Ashley took the money and put it in her bag, along with her cheer clothes, waved a final goodbye to Scott and followed Rick towards his car. She didn’t see the van around, but Rick led her to a parked sports car. A silver Porsche 911. He opened her side first and then got in the driver’s seat. They set off towards Nikki’s place.


Rick asked how much Nikki knew about what Ashley had been up to. Ashley said she hadn’t told her anything but might have to. She didn’t know how much to disclose or what she would think of her if she knew the whole thing. Rick said they would support her no matter what. They cared for her, she brought them light and happiness. An openness that is hard to find now. He also said to live her own life, her way. Not her parents. She thanked him for everything as they arrived at Nikki’s, with 2 minutes to spare. A quick hug and a peck were all she could give as she got out of the car and walked to the door. Rick drove away as she approached the door.

Nikki flung open the door just as Ashley reached for the doorbell.

“Get in here! You mom called, they finished early, they’ll be here in a few minutes.” Nikki yelled.

“What? Why didn’t they call me? What did you say?” Ashley replied nervously.

“I don’t know, your parents are crazy. I said you were in the shower from a workout so you couldn’t come to the phone. You owe me big for this and a damned explanation.” Nikki chided.

“You’ll get one, just as I promised, on Friday night. Thank you so much though!” Ashley said as she put down her bag, it fell over, the roll of money fell out.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?” Nikki yelled again.

“I’ll explain on… [Ashley sees her parents pull up] Shit! Ok, just be cool. Are we cool?” Ashley asked pleading, as she put the money back in her bag.

“We’re cool for now. It had better be one hell of a story!”

“It is [Her mom enters] Hi Mom, just grabbing my stuff to go. Bye Nikki, we’ll talk soon.” As Ashley runs out the door followed by her whiplashed mother.


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